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Equal Suffrage Clubs
in Lincoln County:

From the Lincoln Beacon, May 10, 1894
The following shows the number recently enrolled as supporters of the equal suffrage amendment at the places indicated, together with the names of the president, secretary and treasurer of each club:

Lincoln: 128 members enrolled. President, H. Truman; secretary, Mrs. M.M. Smith; treasurer, N.A. Stull.

Sylvan Grove: 42 members. President, Miss Nellie A. Simpson; secretary, Miss Maud Frans; treasurer, Frank Holway.

Margaret: 19 members. President: Charles Andrus; secretary, Miss Mary Mickley; treasurer, Miss Cora Mickley.

Spring Valley: 20 members. President, Mrs. Rosa L. Walters; secretary, William Leinhardt (Lienhard); treasurer, Mrs. T. Nelson.

Pleasant Valley: 5 members. President, Fred. Nicholson; secretary, Mrs. M. Marsh; treasurer, Mrs. C.C. Bishop.

Dry Creek: 44 members. President, Mrs. S. Hickle; secretary, Mrs. Anna Mesick; treasurer, Arthur Doyle.

Salt Creek: 29 members. President, Mrs. D. Swank; secretary, T.J. McCurry; treasurer, Mrs. Sanders.

Rocky Point: 34 members enrolled; President, T.M. Strange, secretary, Fred. Volkel; treasurer, Miss Nettie Craft.

Prairie Grove: 7 members. President, B. Brewer; secretary, Miss Pfaff; treasurer, Mrs. Eliza Montgomery.

Pottersburg: 47 members. President, Mrs. H. Leaf; secretary, Mrs Minnie Smith; treasurer, Ed. Miller.

Donley: 14 members. President, Mrs. Della Hammond; secretary, Miss Minnie Smith; treasurer, George Talley.

Freedom: 34 members. President, Mrs. Capper; secretary, Miss Laura Anderson; treasurer, Ed. Ancell.

Beverly: 61 members. President, J.A. Schofield; secretary, Mrs. Sarah M. Skinner; treasurer, J.G. Painter.

Tescott: 67 members. President, Miss Cora L. Kershner; secretary, L. B. Snider; treasurer, Charles Stevens.

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