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Sun Dial

Barnard Bee, 1 September 1927

John Black visited this office Monday and while here he told us that one of his nieces who lives in the east recently married and took a trip to England and Scotland. While in Scotland she visited Linlithgowshire, Mr. Black’s birthplace, and found a sundial which Mr. Black made when he was 15 years old. The sundial, according to Mr. Black’s niece, was still giving excellent service after more than 50 years, a fact of which Mr. Black is justly proud. Of course the younger generation and maybe some of the older ones have never seen a sundial and probably don’t appreciate the amount of work that is necessary to make one that will give service especially for a half century of time. The sundial was used to tell time by the sun before clocks and watches came into existence and expert workmanship was so necessary on a sundial as it is on a watch if the dial was to give satisfaction.


Bill and Diana Sowers, Lincoln County Coordinators
Tracee Hamilton, Lincoln County Coordinator

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