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Oct. 29, 1942

Bob MAHER, who has been employed in Wichita in a defense plant, enlisted in the army air force and came Saturday evening to spend a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul MAHER. Bob left Tuesday for Fort Riley where he was inducted into the service.
Ivan USHER, formerly of Lincoln, has been advanced to the rank of third aviation mechanics mate in the U.S. navy. He has been at the Navy Pier in Chicago the past seven months attending a special school from which he expects to be graduated Oct. 31. Ivan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. USHER, live at Minneapolis.
Fred OTTE of Beverly will leave from Toepka Friday, Oct. 30, for Ft. Worth, Texas, where he has enlisted in the aviation mechanics ground crew of the army air force. Mr. Otte has been employed by John Urban of Westfall for the past 20 years.
Charles Emerson AHRING, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will AHRING, is stationed in Ireland with the A.E.F., having arrived there recently. Emerson has been in the army since August of 1941 and is in the Infantry.
Mr. and Mrs. John LEWICK have learned that their son Paul has been transferred from Australia to New Guinea. Paul volunteered for service and left here in February 1941. He is in the Infantry and had been in Australia since April.
LaVerne HOLL, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry HOLL, arrived last Wednesday for a visit with relatives and friends. LaVerne is a second class seaman in the navy and reports back to duty Thursday at the Naval Mine Deopt, Yorktown, Va., where he has been stationed for some time. LaVerne spent a few days last week in Denver, visiting his brother, Royal Holl and Miss Marjorie Walters at the Wheatridge Sanitarium. He returned to Lincoln Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Obermueller now have three sons in the service, the third boy Gerhard having been inducted into the army at Fort Leavenworth last week. He is now at home on post induction furlough. Paul Obermueller, who volunteered for the air force as a mechanic, is stationed at Pendleton Field, Ore., and has been advanced to the rating of sergeant. At present he is working on propellors with the ground crew. Arnold Obermueller, his parents have learned, sailed last Tuesday from an eastern port for an unknown destination. He is the army signal corps and received his basic training at Camp Crowder. He is also a mechanic assigned to the truck department of his group.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. James PARKER, Waynesville, Mo., formerly of Lincoln, will be interested to learn that four of their sons are in the armed forces, two in the army, two in the navy. James Parker Jr. is at the naval training station in Chicago where he will soon complete his "boot" training period. Robert Parker is a military police at Ft. Riley but expects to be moved from there this week for an unknown destination. George Franklin Parker is in the army and since September has been with the forces in Alaska. Dennis Parker has been in the navy for the past year and was aboard the U.S. cruiser sunk in the Solomon Islands battle early in August. Following the sinking of his ship, Dennis was confined to a hospital for some time, although his parents have not learned the cause of his being hospitalized. He also wrote his parents that he had been awarded a medal for some part of his action in the Solomon Islands battle. Dennis is again aboard ship, having been assigned to the U.S.S. West Virginia.
Harold WALTERS came Saturday night on eight-day leave from the navy. He has been attending a special naval training school at Wahpeton, North Dakota, and upon completion of the course was advanced to the rating of fireman first class. He expects to fly back to North Dakota this weekend.
James BIRD, who has been a sergeant in the army, assigned to cooking at Camp Cook, Calif., vounteered to become a paratrooper and is again a private to receive his special training. He has been transferred to Ft. Benning, Ga.
Pvt. Harold AUFDEMBERGE has been home on furlough this week from Camp Hood, Texas. He returned Tuesday.
Pvt. Richard HEINZE, Camp Wolters, Texas, is driving a truck in his unit of the infantry.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert BREAZIER received word from their son, Louis, that he has been transferred to Maryland.
Sgt. Dale MURRAY visited Lincoln friends Tuesday afternoon. He came Saturday to spend a week's furlough with his parents at Wilson. Sgt. Murray has been stationed in California for the past few months and is now enroute to Camp Pickett, Va. He is a radio technician in an armored division.
Pfc. Walter BENIEN was home on furlough from Camp Hood, Texas, last week. Walter greatly enjoys the letters, cards, and gifts from friends who have remembered him since he went in the army and states a civilian has no idea how much these things mean to the boys in the armed forces.
Through coincidence, two Lincoln boys are now serving in the same squadron of the army air force, located at the Oklahoma City Air Depot. The boys are Cpl. Wilbur Powers and Clayton Lewick. Wilbur had been at the Air Depot for several months and Clayton was transferred to Wilbur's squadron only last week, from Maryland.
Lafe H. REES, Fourth Class Technician, came Tuesday to spend five days furlough with Mrs. Rees, other relatives and friends. Sgt. Rees is stationed at Camp Hood, Texas, where he is a radio technician in the Tank Destroyer Battalion.
Raphael Rankin, who has recently received his medical discharge from the Ordnance division of the U.S. Army, stopped in Lincoln Tuesday evening for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. R.C. RANKIN and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Rankin are on their way to Salem, S.D., where they expect to make their home.
Russell WOLFORD, who volunteered for the navy construction battalion, was given temporary rejection when he appeared for induction last week. At the time Russell was suffering from a severe cold. He expects to be called in about eight weeks.
Cpl. Vernon MILLER, Camp McQuade, Monterey, Calif., came last Tuesday to spend his furlough with relatives and friends. Vernon is in the coast artillery and will leave this Saturday evening to return to his duties.
Cpl. Alvin Lewick Jr. is home on furlough this week from Ft. Knox, Ky. Alvin arrived in Salina Saturday evening where he was met by his brother, Hugh Lewick. The two boys went from Salina to Oklahoma City for a short visit with Pvt. and Mrs. Clayton Lewick, returning to Lincoln Monday night. Alvin will be here until Saturday. He is in the Eighth armored division and recently completed special schooling. He now works as mechanic in the company shop.
Harrison LONG, Salina, son-in-law of Mr. and Ms. H.D. GRAVES, enlisted in the U.S. army air force some time ago and has received his call for active duty. He will report at Santa Ana, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 1.
Cpl. Harold SCHROEDER, Camp Hood, Texas, came Thursday evening and visited until Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schroeder. Harold plans to enter mechanics school in Camp Hood and will compete the course in three weeks.

Nov. 5, 1942
George B. MURRAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.L. MURRAY, Wilson, has been sent to Kerns, Utah, where he is assigned ground clerk in the army air force.
Mrs. F.V. CANNON, Goodland, had a pleasant surprise last week when her brother, T.A. "Bud" BEST, E.M. 2nd class, U.S. navy, came for a 15-day furlough. Bud went to Concordia last Monday evening and visited his mother, Mrs. Ed NELSON, and Mr. Nelson, Thursday, he and Mrs. Nelson went to Goodland. Bud is being transferred to a new destroyer, the U.S.S. McKenzie. He had been on the U.S.S. Maury 401, a destroyer, the past four years. He is wearing many stripes and medals which signify his rating and also show his actual service under fire. Major battles included Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Midway, Marshall, Coral Sea and Solomon Islands, from which he recently returned.
Roland WEBB, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee WEBB, went Thursday to Kansas City where he passed the examination for naval aviation. He returned home Friday to await his call to report for duty.
Pfc. Virgil MICHELSEN and Mrs. Michelsen came Friday evening to spend a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Michelsen. Virgil is in the 41st Field Artillery Bn. at Camp Pickett, Va.
Pvt. Sherell ECKHART, Ft. Lewis, Wash., came Monday night to spent two weeks furlough his his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olen Eckhart. Sherrel has been in the army for more than a year, having enlisted in March of 1941. He is in the Quartermasters division gas and oil supply department.
Mr. and Mrs. F.A. WALTERS received a telegram from their son, Harold, that he arrived in Wahpeton, N.D., Sunday evening. Harold is a fireman first class in the U.S. navy.
Mervin TIEMANN who was recently inducted into the U.S. army, has been stationed at Kearns, Utah.
Frank PEDROJA Jr., private first class, and his father, Frank Pedroja of Salina, visited Lincoln friends a short time Tuesday morning. Frank Jr. is home on a 10-day furlough from Camp Leonard Wood, Mo., where he has been stationed for the past 18 months. He is in the engineers, headquarters company.
Pfc. Jay CRAWFORD had been home on furlough from Camp Hood, Texas, where is in the tank destroyer battalion. He returned to Camp Hood Saturday night.
Frank and Lloyd WALKER, who are in the signal corps technical training school at Chicago, have returned to Chicago after attending the funeral of their sister, Mrs. Benj. Dohe. Lloyd has just completed his course and is to be commissioned a second lieutenant.
Pvt. John CLEAVER, Portsmouth, Va., came Tuesday to spend his furlough with Mrs. Cleaver and their two children. He is in the coast guard artillery.
Cpl. Wilbur POWERS and Clayton LEWICK, who had been stationed at the Oklahoma City Air Depot, have been transferred from there but relatives have not yet learned their new location.
Arthur J. MEIER, son of Mr. and Mrs. August MEIER, writes his parents that he is stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., in the air forces ground crew. He arrived there last Wednesday night.
Bill HOLMES passed scholastic and physical examiniations for the army air forces and has enlisted as an aviation cadet. Bill was inducted at Ft. Riley Aug. 24, and returned to his work at Cessna in Wichita where he is awaiting call for active duty. Bill is the son of Mrs. John MAHER.
Wilson MARSHALL, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed MARSHALL, Barnard, and Richard ATWOOD, Lincoln, have enlisted in the U.S. navy and are awaiting their call to report for training. Wilson has been accepted as a machinist's mate and expects to be called in 6 to 8 weeks. Atwood will be in the Naval Construction Battalion.
Pvt. Sam CRAWFORD, Camp Leonard Wood, Mo., left Tuesday evening to return to his duties after a five-day furlough spent with relatives and friends. Sam is in the medical corps supply department, having recently been transferred from one of the Fort's 12 fire stations.
Loren LeeRoy TEACH graduated from the Navy Pier advanced Diesel school at Chicago, Friday, Oct. 30, as a motor machinists' mate, Second Class, He is now a petty officer. LeeRoy is hoping to be transferred to some station on the southern coast. Mrs. Teach, who has been in Chicago the past six weeks with her husband, plans to accompany him as long as he remains in the United States.
Junior MORRISON has voluntered for the navy and left this Wendesday from his home at Enid, Okla., to report for boot training at the Great Lakes training station, near Chicago. Junior visited here during the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence OWEN.

Nov. 12, 1942
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. SONGER are nicely located in Little Rock, Ark., they write Lincoln relatives. Dr. Songer is receiving preliminary training in the U.S. army medical corps at Camp Robinson, Ark.
Harold VonFANGE and Elmer SUELTER came last Tuesday afternoon from Camp Hood, Texas, and remained until Saturday afternoon visiting relatives. Harold spent most of his time in the home of his mother, Mrs. Ernest VonFange, while Elmer visited at Westfall with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Suelter. Both boys are in Company A of the 803 T.D. Bn.
Pvt. Wright McREYNOLDS, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. McREYNOLDS, has been advanced to the position of glider instructor at Wittenberg, Ariz., where he is now stationed. Wright has been in the air force for the past three months, having volunteered for service in California, where he was employed. Before joining the army air force he held a private pilot's license.
Fenton BERTHELSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Berthelson, enlisted Saturday in the U.S. navy and will go next week to Kansas City for his final physical examination. He graduated from Lincoln high school last spring.
Sgt. James KERR, Ft. Bliss, Texas, came Sunday night to spend 10 days furlough with his father, Henry Kerr, other relatives and friends. James has been in the army signal corps for the past two years and is now working as radio operator.
Ray HOLMAN, who recently joined the Naval Construction Battalion, is now at Norfolk, Va., where he is receiving his "boot" training.
Earl LYNN Jr. writes his parents from Australia where he has been since October 15. He wrote that the country where he is stationed is especially fine and he also greatly enjoyed the 19-day ocean voyage which took him to Australia.
Edward HOBB, recently inducted into the U.S. army, is now at Camp Crowder, Mo., where he has been assigned to the signal corps. He writes his mother, Mrs. Lou Hobb, that he is to be a radio field man.
Lt. Loyd WALKER has been sent from Chicago to Philadelphia after completing his specialists course in the army radio signal corps where he was commissioned second lieutenant recently. In Philadelphia he is working in a laboratory but writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John WALKER, that he is not at liberty to divulge the nature of his work.
Mrs. Albert RIPPIE received word from her husband the past week that he had landed at an English port with an American convoy.
Cpl. and Mrs. Dale BARINGER, Lubbock Field, Texas, came Sunday night to spend 10 days furlough with Lincoln relatives and friends. Cpl. Baringer is in the army air force as a ground crew mechanic.
Arnie WATKINS has completed a tank mechanics course of training at Fort Knox, Ky.
Wilbert REDIKER, who joined the navy last February and completed his training at Navy Pier, Chicago, Oct. 30, is now stationed at Lakehurst, N.J.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike KILCOYNE received an interesting letter from their son, Pfc. Alvin KILCOYNE, who is now in Australia. Alvin sent a number of interesting pictures taken in Australia and his parents were especially happy to receive these. Alvin has been in Australia since May.
Adolph HANNEMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed HANNEMAN, is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.
Pvt. Robert L. CHARD has been stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

Nov. 19, 1942
Tech. Cpl. Delbert E. WALLACE, son of J.A. Wallace, has been enrolled in a special course of instruction at the Signal Corps' school at Camp Murphy, Fla. Cpl.Wallace was selected for this specialized training on the basis of his aptitude.
George VEITENGRUBER Jr., an instructor in the army air forces at Lowry Field near Denver, came Monday morning to spend 10 days furlough with Mrs. Veitengruber, other relatives and friends.
Having completed his recruit training at the U.S. Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Ill., Elden Herman PAUTSCH, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Pautsch, arrived home on a nine-day furlough last Wednesday.
Eugene DILL, who has been in the army since August, is now at Bradley Field, Conn., where he has been assgined to repairing airplanes. Gene writes Lincoln relatives that he hopes to enter chemical school next month.
George B. MURRAY has been sent to Chicago now where he will attend radio school.
Robert LOY has been give a Medical discharge from the navy, according to word received by relatives here.
2nd Lt. Irl H. STREET came Sunday morning for a 10-day visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Street, other relatives and friends. Lt. Street is stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga., where he was commissioned last week.
Of interest here is a note from Mrs. C.O. LYLE, Maryville, Mo., telling that their eldest son, Jack Lyle, received his "wings" at Midland, Texas, Sept. 24, and then spent a few days with his parents and other relatives. Mrs. Lyle will be remembered here as Miss Rhoda MASON. Jack is the oldest of four children in the Lyle family.
William E. WILSON (Ted) has been assigned to the U. S. army medical detachment and at present is working in the station hospital, Ft. Benning, Ga.
Sgt. Paul JENSEN, Camp Leonard Wood, Mo., is home this week on furlough.
Darrel BERGMAN has written friends that he is now a School Sergeant in the 43rd Bomber Crew, 4th squadron, at Gigger Field, Washington.
Pfc. Benjamin W. WILSON recently completed his schooling at Memphis, Tenn., and has been assigned to Camp Murphey, Fla., for advaned training. Ben is in the army signal service regiment.
Jack BURT and Lester SAENGER, Sylvan Grove, who recently joined the army, have been sent from Fort Leavenworth to Miami Beach, Fla., for basic training. They are assigned to a technical school squadron in the army air forces and after 23 days will be sent to school one to six months.
Mr. and Mrs. Art ROSE received word that their son, Arthur, has safely reached his destination overseas. He is with the U.S. Marine Corps.
It's now Sgt. William J. GWINNER, Camp Hood, Texas, Jack writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. GWINNER.
Charles GARNER, who is in the U.S. merchant marine service, writes his morther, Mrs. L.D. Garner, that he was married the latter part of October. Charles is now stationed at Hoffman Island, where he is taking an engineer's course. He plans to bring his bride to Lincoln for Christmas or New Year's.
Cpl. Andrew WHITE, Camp Hood, Texas, is home on furlough this week. Mrs. White came with him to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HENDRICKSON.
Kenneth MARKLEY, who has been teaching school at Plainville, left from Plainville Sunday for Santa [?], Calif., where he was called to report for basic training in the army air forces.
Elmer HANNEMAN has been give the rank of corporal. He is stationed at Chicago at the present time.
Home on furlough this week were Weldia HUNT and Leonard WIEBKE.
Harold WALTERS, fireman in the U.S. Navy, has been transferred to San Francisco where he is assigned to the U.S. cruiser St. Louis.

Nov. 26, 1942
Robert I. CHARD, who recently entered military service, has arrived at the Engineer Replacement Training center, Fort Loenard Wood, Mo., for intensive training in preparation for combat engineer duty.
Mrs. E.F. RUBY has received word that her son Ralph Ruby has been made a corporal since returning to Lincoln Air Base at Lincoln, Neb.
Dean BISHOP and Louis J. FISCHER Jr., of Sylvan Grove, have been sent to Camp Campbell, Ky., for basic training in the U.S. army.
Hugh FARQUHARSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Farquharson of Lincoln, has accepted a commission as Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Lt. Farquharson was professor of education in the Garden City Junior College.
Raymond SHAFFSTALL has written his sister, Mrs. Alfred PETERSON, that he is leaving the Hawaiian Islands, where he has been stationed for the past two years, and expects to be back in the States very shortly. Raymond, formerly a sergeant in the Coast Artillery, is now an Aviation Cadet and is returning to the United States for training.
Lt. Paul BROWN spent from Monday till Thursday last week visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown. Paul is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.
Aviation Cadet Harrison LONG, who underwent at appendicitis operation at the Santa Ana army base hospital, Santa Ana, Calif., last Tuesday, is recovering satisfactorily, according to word received by Mrs. Long, Salina. Mrs. Long is the former Miss Opal GRAVES of Lincoln.
Sgt. Everton T. SCHROEDER came Thursday to spend 15 days furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Schroeder at Beverly. Sgt. Schroeder is in the Marines and is stationed at North Islands, San Diego, Calif.
Pft. Calyton POWERS, Hobbs, N.M., is spending his furlough in Lincoln visiting relatives and friends. Clayton is in the army air forces and is stationed at the Hobbs air base.
Kenneth HUNT, Miltonvale, has enlisted in the U.S. marines and expects to leave from Kansas City Friday for assignment to basic training. Kenneth is a nephew of Dr. and Mrs. T.L. PHILBRICK and attended Lincoln high school one term.
Tom KING received a letter Tuesday from his brother, Acie KING, who is in the U.S. navy, somewhere in the Pacific area. The letter was written Nov. 12 and was the first message Acie had written since Oct. 26. The first letter arrived here only last week. Although he had been on the Aircraft Carrier Hornet, Acie's latest letter indicated that he has been transferred and is now aboard a smaller vessel.
Russell WOLFORD, who enlisted some time ago in the navy, was received last Friday at the Kansas City receiving station. Russell left Friday from Kansas City for Norfolk, Va., where he will receive his recruit training.

Dec. 3, 1942
Pvt. Eldor J. WITTE completed his training in the radio signal corps Nov. 21, and has been transferred to the radio communications school at Ft. Sill, Okla.
Herbert A TRAUGOTT, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Traugott, has been granted a second lieutenant's commission in the U.S. army, being commissioned last week, at the close of the Armored Force Officer Candidate School at Ft. Knox, Ky.
Mervin and Delbert TIEMANN, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Armin TIEMANN, are both in the army air forces and are located near famous winter resorts. Mervin has recently been transferred from Utah to Santa Monica, Calif., where he is attending airplane mechanics school. Delbert is at Miami Beach, Fla., as a member of the army air forces ground crew.
Eldon BREAZIER, student at Kansas State College, Emporia, has enlisted in the army air forces reserves and is awaiting his call to report for training.
Pfc. Richard HEINZE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew HEINZE, is home on a 10-day furlough from Camp Wolters, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike KILCOYNE are the proud and happy owners of a large new photograph of their sailor son, Chester KILCOYNE, who is serving in the U.S. navy. In the photograph Chester is wearing his navy white uniform.
Alvin LOHMANN is now addressed as Sgt. Lohmann, having received his higher rating recently. Sgt. Lohmann is in the army air forces, located at Victorville, Calif.
Ivan USHER, third-class machinist's mate in the U.S. Naval air corps, came Friday for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Henry MEILI and family. Ivan is serving as a gunner on naval aircraft and at present is stationed at the Philadelphia navy yard awaiting assignment to a new aircraft carrier.
Russell WOLFORD now writes his parents from Camp Bradford, Va., where he is in training for the U.S. navy CBs.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry SNYDER have received this week an interesting clipping from the Honolulu Advertiser, dated Nov. 8, picturing the General Hospital Band of which their son, Stf. Sgt. Richard Snyder, is a member, playing saxophone.
Pvt. Arthur J. MEIER, who is in the army air force, has been transferred from Jefferson Barracks, Mo., to the Lincoln, Neb., air base.
Visitors in Lincoln this week are Chief Petty Officer G.W. HARRIS and Mrs. Harris, Corpus Christi, Texas, who came Friday evening to spend several days with Mrs. Harris' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl CASE. Harris is in the naval aviation corps.
Warren FELDKAMP, son or Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Feldkamp, has been accepted for service in the U.S. Navy.
Tech. Sgt. Lafe H. REES, Camp Hood, Texas, came Saturday to spend 10 days furlough with Mrs. Rees, other relatives and friends.
Pfc. Clayton POWERS left Monday morning to return to the Hobbs Air Base, Hobbs, N.M., after spending 15 days furlough with Lincoln relatives and friends. Clayton is a member of the ground crew.
Relatives here have received word that Jack Burt has been transferred from Miami Beach, Fla., to Ft. Logan, Colo. Jack is assigned to the army air forces.
Pvt. Paul POWERS, who recently entered the army, is now stationed at Shepard Field, Texas. Pvt. Arthur DILL, who went at the same time with Paul, is somewhere in Mississippi.
Donald E.KERR, who is serving in the army dental corps, has been advanced to the rank of Captain. He is stationed at Ogden, Utah, with the army unit located there.

April 13, 1944
---Lt. Robert Chard, Camp Howze, Texas, came Sunday night and visited until Monday in Lincoln with Mrs. Chard and their daughter Vicki.
---Virgil Michelsen wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Michelsen, that he was released from the hospital in Italy March 16 and has again joined his unit after being in the hospital for treatment of [wounds] received in action early in February. Virgil also wrote that he has been advanced from the rank of private first class to that of corporal. He is in a tank destroyer battalion.
---Pfc. Albert Peterson has been transferred from Newport, Rhode Island, to Cherry Point, North Carolina, for advanced training in the U.S. Marine Corps.
---Noble Daniel Matheson, son of Mrs. May Matheson of Lincoln, was sent from Ellsworth county to Fort Leavenworth last week for pre-induction physical examination. He has been working at Carneiro. Noble was accepted and will be inducted into the army Monday, April 24.
---Dale Hogg, who enlisted in the army air forces several months ago, left Tuesday morning for Amarillo, Texas, where he has reported for training this Wednesday.
---Word was received from Robert Kessler, S 2/c, that he has been constantly on the move since leaving the States. He spent some time in Kujalein and is now in Guadalcanal.
---Pvt. Rolland Hilgendorf, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Hilgendorf, has been assigned to the Walker Army Air Field near Russell for duty in the army air forces. He had previously been at a replacement center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pvt. Hilgendorf came Saturday evening and remained over Sunday visiting his parents.
---Bob Lewick, who is in the navy, has been transferred from San Diego to Shoemaker, Calif., where he will attend radar school.
---Aviation Student Edgar Pinnick is at present in training at Santa Ana, Calif., but expects to be moved soon to take advanced training. Mrs. Pinnick is making her home at Santa Ana and expects to accompany her husband to his new field.
---Pfc. Ralph Long, Jr., Camp Carson, Colo., came Saturday and is spending 10 days furlough with his parents, other relatives and friends. Ralph is in the infantry.
---Pfc. Bob Sheets came last Wednesday from Camp Robinson, Ark., to spent 10 days furlough with relatives and friends. He will leave Thursday to return to Camp Robinson.
---Ensign Charles Ryan writes his mother, Mrs. Harriet Ryan, that he flew more than 100 hours during the month of March. Ens. Ryan is in the Naval Air Corps and receives his mail through the Fleet Post Office, New York.
---Pfc. Hervel C. Jones has been assigned to a new company in the 568th Signal Air Warning Battalion at Drew Field, Tampa, Florida. The Battalion, he writes, formerly consisted of one headquarters company and First and Second Reporting Companies but is now made up of five new companies and is entering a combat basis.
---Sgt. Frank W. Lewis, who has been at Will Rogers Field, Okla., has been transferred for duty overseas, getting his mail from the postmaster at New York. He is in a Photo Reconnaissance squadron.
---Lt. Alvin H. Rector has been assigned to the equipment branch in the office of chief signal officer, Washington, D.C. He is in the army signal corps.
---S/Sgt. Jack Bunch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bunch, has been home on furlough from the U.S. Marine Corps the past week. Sgt. Bunch is a Marine Guard aboard a battle ship and has been on active duty in the Pacific for the past two years. He wears five stars, indicating five major engagements. Sgt. Bunch has been in the Marine Corps four years.
---Cadet Hugh Lewick came Tuesday after completing his training at St. Mary's College, California, and will remain until the 19th visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lewick. Hugh will report to Norman, Oklahoma, for school and training at the end of his leave.

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