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Wilbeck Family
Lincoln County

submitted by Tom Wilbeck

Andrew Jensen WILBECK, (Andreas Jensen Velbek), came to the U S from Denmark approximately 1876. He is believed to have entered through New Jersey and moved west. He applied for his U S citizenship on 2 April 1877 in Livingston Co., Illinois. It is believed that "A J" came to Lincoln Co., Kansas in about 1878. He met and married a neighbor girl, Ane Marie JOHANSEN in 1882. Ane Marie had recently come to the U S from Denmark.
The majority of this information was obtained from Ane Marie Wilbeck Barber. She devoted many years to unraveling some of the mysteries of our family history. I have omitted names of living persons, noting them with "Living", and birth or marriage dates. I have expanded the Alexander Thomas Wilbeck line to include marriage dates because that is my line of the family.

  • Andrew Jensen WILBECK, b1849 DEN, d1929 Lincoln Co. KS
  • -m1882 Ane Marie JOHANSEN, b1857 DEN, d1939 Lincoln Co. KS
  • -----Bodil Christiane WILBECK, b1883 Lincoln Co. KS , d1953 KS
  • ------m1904 Charles Leroy HERMAN, b1884, d1969 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------Helen Marie HERMAN, b1905 Lincoln Co. KS , d1991
  • ---------------Wendell Robert HERMAN, b1909 Lincoln Co. KS , d1989 Saline Co. KS
  • ---------------Duane Andrew HERMAN, b1913 Lincoln Co. KS , d1968 Ford Co. KS
  • -----Elizabeth Madine WILBECK, b1884 Lincoln Co. KS , d1971 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ------m1901 William Edmund HOBBS, b1881 Lincoln Co. KS , d1966 KS
  • ---------------Nellie Ann HOBBS, b1906 Lincoln Co. KS , d1947 CO
  • -----James Robert WILBECK, b1886 KS , d1936 KS
  • ------m1915 Frieda Friedericka OETTING, b1892 MO, d1945 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------Henry John WILBECK, b1915 Lincoln Co. KS , d1980 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------"Living" , b1917
  • ---------------Robert Andrew WILBECK, b1919 Lincoln Co. KS , d1998 Reno Co. KS
  • ---------------"Living" , b1922
  • -----Dagmar Dorthea WILBECK, b1888 Lincoln Co. KS , d1937 Rush Co. KS
  • ------m1908 Mads M CHRISTIANSEN, b1886 DEN, d1927 KS
  • ---------------Ina Bedina Mortina CHRISTIANSEN, b1909 Lincoln Co. KS , d1980 CA
  • ---------------Margaret Ann CHRISTIANSEN, b1911 Rush Co. KS , d1992 CA
  • -----Rasmina Amala WILBECK, b1890 KS , d1976 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ------m1914 Whilhelm Albert ZEMKE, b1883 , d1963
  • ---------------Nellie Ann ZEMKE, b1915, d1915
  • ---------------"Living", b1916
  • ---------------"Living", b1924
  • -----Alexander Thomas WILBECK, b1891 Lincoln Co. KS , d1967 Montgomery Co. KS
  • ------m1915 Agnes Johanna FRICKER, b1889 Shawnee Co. KS , d1941 Benton Co. AR
  • ---------------Marlon Hope WILBECK, b1916 Lincoln Co. KS , d1998 Sedgwick Co. KS
  • ----------------m1949 Frieda L CARTWRIGHT, b1925 Butler Co. KS , d1986 Sedgwick Co KS
  • ---------------Merton Hope WILBECK, b1916 Lincoln Co. KS , d1932 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------Dorothy Emma WILBECK, b1918 Lincoln Co. KS , d1961 Los Angeles Co. CA
  • ----------------m1941 Robert Junior GILLEN, b1911 Rice Co. KS , d1968 Los Angeles Co. CA
  • ---------------"Living", b1920
  • -----------------m1947
  • ---------------"Living", b1922
  • ----------------m1944
  • ---------------Floyd Harry WILBECK, b1925 Lincoln Co. KS , d1999 Sedgwick Co. KS
  • ----------------m1949 Lorene Belle LOONEY, b1921 Reno Co. KS , d2007 Sedgwick Co. KS
  • ---------------John Hugh WILBECK, b1927 Lincoln Co. KS , d2001 Riverside Co. CA
  • ----------------m1954 Ada Gene LAMA, b1922 OK , d2001 Riverside Co. CA
  • ---------------Thomas Alexander WILBECK, b1929 Lincoln Co. KS , d1964 Pratt Co. KS
  • ----------------m1952 "Living"
  • ---------------"Baby" WILBECK, b1931 Lincoln Co. KS , d1931 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------Ane Marie WILBECK, b1933 Lincoln Co. KS , d1996 MI
  • ----------------m19?? Virgil Ray THOMAS
  • ----------------m1957 Billy Neal BARBER
  • -----Victoria Catherina WILBECK, b1893 KS , d1980 Saline Co. KS
  • ------m1917 Clyde Ray MONTGOMERY b1889, d1965
  • ---------------"Living"
  • ---------------"Living"
  • ---------------"Living"
  • -----Gertrude Marie WILBECK, b1894 KS , d1980 Saline Co. KS
  • ------m1921 Henry Ernest OETTING, b1893 MO , d1984 Mitchell Co. KS
  • ---------------Wilbur Henry OETTING, b1922 Lincoln Co. KS , d1984 Mitchell Co. KS
  • ---------------Harold David OETTING, b1926 Lincoln Co. KS , d1986 Lincoln Co. KS
  • ---------------Loren Herbert OETTING, b1928 Lincoln Co. KS , d1993
  • ---------------"Living", b1931
  • ---------------"Living", b1933
  • -----Johnny Peter WILBECK, b1897 KS , d1963 Jewell Co. KS
  • ------m1928 Beryle Cecil HUTCHINSON, b1897, d1978 Mitchell Co. KS
  • ---------------"Living", b1930
  • -----Harry Louis WILBECK, b1900 KS , d1976 Jewell Co. KS
  • ------m1927 Ola Carrie LOUDER, b1907, d1992 Jewell Co. KS
  • ---------------Elmer Leroy WILBECK, b1929
  • ---------------"Living", b1931
    Submitted by Tom Wilbeck, Longview, Texas, revised 2007

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