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The Kansas State Historical Society was established by the state's newspaper editors in 1875. A virtually complete collection of all Kansas newspapers published from 1875 to the present is available on microfilm or in original form. The Society solicited copies of Kansas newspapers published before 1875 and received a significant number that are now on microfilm. Newspapers on microfilm also are available to local libraries through the interlibrary loan program.

A listing of Lyon County newspapers on microfilm can be obtained by going to Kansas Newspapers, and searching for Lyon County. These films are held by the Kansas State Historical Society Library. Most microfilm circulates through interlibrary loan.


  1. Use your browser's FIND or SEARCH function to search for the town or newspaper name.
  2. Several newspapers (by name anyway) for the outlying towns are found under the listings for Emporia. Look carefully, the information you need may be found in an unexpected place.

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