Marion County Cemetery List  


D No.

Name Cemetery


Sec. Twp. Rge.
 1. Alexanderfeld Cemetery; a/k/a Church of God  in Christ Cemetery Liberty 20S  2E 
 2. Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church Cemetery Menno 33  20S 1E
 3. Allison Cemetery    (No longer in use) Fairplay 13 21S  4E
 4. John Banman Cemetery Menno  19  20S 1E
 5. Beltz Cemetery; a/k/a (Early) Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery Logan 34  17S 1E
 6. Brunk Cemetery   (No longer in use) Gale 31 19S 3E
 7. Burns Catholic Church Cemetery Milton 33 22S 1E
 8. Canada Cemetery Gale 28  19S 3E
 9. Cedar Rest Cemetery; a/k/a Marion County Home  Cemetery Wilson 16  20S 3E
10. Claney Cemetery Center South 19  20S 4E
11. Doyle Valley Cemetery; a/k/a Doyle Creek Cemetery East Branch 20 21S 2E
12. Dunkard Cemetery; a/k/a Church of the Brethren (Records no longer available) East Branch 13 21S 2E
13. Durham Baptist Church Cemetery Moore 3 18S 1E
14. Durham Park Cemetery Durham Park 21 18S 2E
15. Ebenfeld Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery Liberty 25 20S 2E
16.  Elm Springs Bible Hall Cemetery Logan 17 17S 1E
17. Emmethal Community Cemetery West Branch 29 29S 1E
18. Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery;  a/k/a Lincolnville Cemetery Clear Creek West 1 18S  4E
19. First Mennonite Church Cemetery - Burns Milton 29 22S 1E
20. Florence City Cemetery; a/k/a Hillcrest Cemetery Doyle 6 21S 5E
21. Heinrich Franzen Cemetery Menno 17  20S 1E
22. French Creek Cemetery Risley 16 19S 2E
23.  Frick Cemetery Durham Park 15 18S 2E
24.  Friedesthal Cemetery; a/k/a Central Heights & Peace Valley Cemetery Logan 21 17S 1E
25. Gard Cemetery Liberty 24 20S 2E
26. General Conference of Mennonite Church of North America Cemetery West Branch 27 21S 1E
27. Gnadenau Church Cemetery #1  (There are no stones; records are in Library at Tabor College) Liberty 11 20S 2E
28. Gnadenau Church Cemetery. #2; a/k/a Parkview &  Grace Meadow Cemetery Liberty 9 20S 2E
29. Gnadenfeld Community Cemetery; a/k/a Schroeder Cemetery Menno 16 20S 1E
30. Goessel Cemetery - (1 blk S. of Main St. on Cedar St.) West Branch 5 21S 1E
31. Goessel Mennonite Brethren Cemetery West Branch 8 21S 1E
32. Grant Township Cemetery; a/k/a Youngtown United Methodist Church Cemetery Grant South 33 19S 5E
33.  Greenfield Cemetery; a/k/a Greunfeld Cemetery West Branch 16 21S 1E
34. Harter Cemetery Centre North 26 19S 4E
35. Haven of Rest Cemetery- (incl. Ebenezer of Bruderthal & First Mennonite Sections) Liberty 2 20S 2E
36. Highland Cemetery; a/k/a Marion City Cemetery Centre South 32 20S 4E
37. Hope Valley Cemetery Liberty 17 20S 2E
38. Johannesthal Cemetery Risley 8 19S 2E
39. Jost Cemetery Liberty 5 20S 2E
40. Kaiser Cemetery; a/k/a (Early) Congregational Ch Cemetery Logan 36 17S 1E
41. Lehigh Mennonite Cemetery Lehigh 27 19S 1E
42. Lehigh Township Cemetery; a/k/a Dalke Cemetery Lehigh 21 19S 1E
43. Lewis Cemetery Colfax 2 17S 3E
44. Lincolnville Cemetery; a/k/a Evangelical Luther Ch. Cemetery Clear Creek West 11 18S 4E
45. Logan Cemetery; a/k/a Morning Star Cemetery Logan 13 17S 1E
46. Lost Springs Cemetery Lost Springs 23 17S 4E
47. Lost Springs Station Cemetery (Records no longer available, cemetery no longer exists) Lost Springs 20 17S 4E
48. Lutheran Church Cemetery (Early) Menno 11 20S 1E
49. Marion City Cemetery; f/k/a Highland Cemetery Centre South 32 20S 4E
50. Mennonite Brethren Church Cemetery - Lehigh Lehigh 27 19S 1E
51. Mennonite Brethren Ch. Cemetery; a/k/a Beltz Cemetery Logan 34 17S 1E
52. Mennonite Brethren Ch. Cemetery of Hillsboro Liberty 3 20S 2E
53. Mennonite Church Ebenezer of Bruderthal Cemetery (Moved to Haven of Rest in 1965 when Marion Res. was built) Gale 19 19S 3E
54. Mohn Cemetery; a/k/a Tampa Mennonite Cemetery Colfax 32 17S  3E
55. Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery; a/k/a St. Patrick's Fairplay 14 21S 4E
56. St. Johns Lutheran Ch. Cemetery; a/k/a North Tampa  Cemetery Colfax 6 17S 3E
57. Old Mennonite Church Cemetery Catlin 17 21S 3E
58. Pilsen Cemetery; a/k/a St. John Nepomocene Catholic Church Cemetery Clear Creek West 19 18S 4E
59. Pleasant Hill Cemetery Lost Springs 32 17S 4E
60. Prairie Lawn Cemetery; a/k/a Brookdell Cemetery Catlin 34 21S 3E
61. Richert Cemetery Menno 22 20S 1E
62. Salem Orphan's Home Cemetery Liberty 2 20S 2E
63. Schoenthal Cemetery West Branch 35 21S 1E
64. Andrew Schmidt Cemetery Menno 19 20S 1E
65. Peter Schmidt Cemetery Menno  29  20S 1E
66. Lutheran Church Cemetery - Tampa Colfax 19 17S 3E
67. St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery - Tampa Colfax 19 17S 3E
68. St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery - Tampa Lost Springs 6 17S 4E
69. Silberfeld Community Cemetery (no longer in use) Lehigh 1 19S 1E
70. Spring Branch Catholic Cemetery Wilson 21 20S 3E
71. Springfeld/Springfield K. M. B. Cemetery Menno 8 20S 1E
72. Steinbach Community Cemetery Menno 14 20S 1E
73. Strassburg Cemetery Gale 14 19S 3E
74. Tabor Mennonite Cemetery West Branch 21 21S 1E
75. Hackler Cemetery - a/k/a Tampa Cemetery Blaine 24 17S 2E
76. Tharp Cemetery Catlin 21S 3E
77. Summit Twp. Cemetery - a/k/a United Brethren Cemetery Summit 23 22S 4E
78. Unknown Cemetery - #1 (no longer in use) Grant North 13 19S 5E
79. Unknown Cemetery - #2 (no longer in use) West Branch 36 21S 1E
80. Peter Unrau Cemetery Menno 29 20S 1E
81. Wedel Cemetery - a/k/a Blumenfeld Cemetery Menno 31 20S 1E
82. Whitewater Center Cemetery - a/k/a Stone Church Cemetery Summit 28 22S 4E
83. Wiebe Cemetery, P.A. - a/k/a North Springfield Cemetery Menno  7 20S 1E
84. Youngtown Unitted Methodist Ch. Cemetery - a/k/a Grant Twp. Cemetery Grant North 20 19S 5E
85. Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery - @ Hillsboro Risley 34 19S 2E
86. Green Valley Cemetery - a/k/a Quiring Cemetery & West Branch Gravesite West Branch 11 21S 1E
87. Schroeder/Hochfeld Cemetery Menno 20 20S 1E
88. Burns City Cemetery Milton 33 22S 5E
89. St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery - a/k/a Mount Calvary Cemetery Doyle 7 21S 5E
90. Blumfeld Cemetery - a/k/a Wedel Cemetery Menno 31 20S 1E
91. Heibert Farm Cemetery West Branch 27 21S 1E
92. College Hill Cemetery - Dickinson Co. (Boundary of Blaine Twp & Dickinson Co. line
93.  Pankratz Cemetery Moore 3 18S 1E
94. Voth Cemetery West Branch 1 21S 1E
95. Duerksen Cemetery Menno 14 20S 1E
96. Eden Mennonite Church Cemetery - Butler Co. - S. of Milton Twp.
97. Spring Valley Mennonite Church Cemetery McPherson Co - W. of Menno Twp.
98. Clifford Cemetery - a/k/a Pleasant Center Cemetery Pleasant Center - Butler Co.
99. Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery - Butler Co - S. of Milton Twp.

This list of Cemeteries and Gravesite locations has been posted with the permission of Marion Co. Cemetery Project.

Last Updated: Monday, 05 January 2004 21:35:18

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