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Marion County, Kansas Surnames A - D

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Please Note:  All surnames posted on this page MUST have a Marion County, Kansas connection

To enter surnames of your ancestors in Marion County, send your surnames to me, with the new Marion County Query / Surname Entry Form!!

Note: Users of a web-based email program such as some users of AOL, WebTV, Juno, CompuServe and users of MSN that have opted to use MSN Explorer's web-based email. Please use the link directly below to send your queries and/or surnames.  I have found that this form by it's very nature does not work unless there is an email program  resident on your computer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I am working to find coding to enable this form to be used by all. - Kenny

Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

You may also want to register your Kansas surnames with the Kansas Surnames List. (Note that the Kansas Surnames List is part of the Kansas Interactive Genealogy and not part of The KSGenWeb Project. Therefore, any questions regarding the surnames appearing below should be directed to either the researcher associated with the surname or to myself, NOT the wonderful folks at the Kansas Interactive Genealogy who maintain the Kansas Surnames List.)

Surname Contact Person
ADRIAN Edwin Gaede (gaede@lodinet.com)
AKERS Claudia Glass (glasss2001@hotmail.com)
ALLEN Ron Walters (ron_walters@mailexcite.com)
Carole Gardner (carole.gardner@comcast.net)
AMMETER Angela Bunger (angelabunger@yahoo.com)
Shannon Hoverson (slh101@cox.net)
Lanny Fellers (lannyfellers@adelphia.net)
AVERILL Dorothy Brown (dotbrn@softcom.net)
AWICK Carole Gardner (carole.gardner@comcast.net)
BABBES Marcia Sebree (sebree73@hughes.net)
BAGBY Pat Williams (pat.williams1@cox.net)
BAILEY Sandra Bailey (skbail@aol.com)
BAKER John Baker (okiepinokie@yahoo.com)
Carole Gardner (carole.gardner@comcast.net)
BALAU David Martin (djfm49@comcast.net)
BALES Jason Ayres (jayres@up.net)
BALL Judy Bresch (breschs@hotmail.com)
BALLINGER jmichaelkel@comcast.net
BALTZER Jarrod Flaming (jflaming@gmail.com)
BALZER Kathy Sperling (ksperling@juno.com)
BARCALOW Mark Brown (4rmb@worldnet.att.net)
BARKMAN Charles Singer (csinger@bellsouth.net)
BARRIE Allan Barrie (barrieal@his.com)
Kendel Klein (klklein@pwsmd.com)
Helen Cromar (cromar2001@yahoo.com)
BASS Lena Bass (lena@valu-line.net)
BAUSLIN Terry Bullock (reereebop@yahoo.com)
BAUSTAIN Lorraine Taylor (ladylari@ccountry.net)
BAXTER Richard Baxter (rbaxter@cfl.rr.com)
BECK David Criger (cride785@yahoo.com)
BECKER Jim St. John (jbstjohn68@comcast.net)
BEETCH LaVona Wilson (lh6039@aol.com)
BEISEL Nick Venechuk (venechuk@chartermi.net)
BELTON Judy Bresch (breschs@hotmail.com)
BELTZ Dick Kraus (patrak@attbi.com)
BENEFIELDT Leland Riffel (lrriffel@worldnet.att.net)
BENKULA Kris Kohr (kris.kohr@norcraftcompanies.com)
BENWARD Frances Benward Clark (rclark1935@msn.com)
BERG LaVaughn Klose (lklose@wwwebservice.net)
BERGER Leland Riffel (lrriffel@worldnet.att.net)
BERNHARDT Gary Martens (gpmartgen@gmail.com)
Ann Weber (genealogy_grannie@yahoo.com)
BEZDEK Jayne Steiner (mhjhchshjh@aol.com)
BIBLER Janelle Martin (janellemartin@charter.net)
BILLINGS Laraine Clark (clarkrn@msn.com)
BIVANS Irene Rice (irene.rice@ccci.org)
BLAKE Jean Laws (ivyshire@cs.com)
Frederrick Richard (frichard01@sprynet.com)
BLOCK Janet Williams (flashjw@aol.com)
Edwin Gaede (gaede@lodinet.com)
BLOOMER Marcia Sebree (sebree73@hughes.net)
BOELEN Tom Boelen (tomboelen@gmail.com)
Janine Chambers (janicham@comcast.net)
BOLTON Ken Cook (kcook72@kc.rr.com)
BOUGHAN Carole Gardner (carole.gardner@comcast.net)
BOWEN Donna Bowen (donnagirl911@yahoo.com)
BOWER Judy Bresch (breschs@hotmail.com)
Keith Bower (at_home_online@msn.com)
BRADLEY Lori Wilson (lwils@hotmail.com)
BRAKE Jeff Pierce (nehemiah57@yahoo.com)
BRANCH Erin Jamieson (erin@workopportunities.org)
BRANDON Guy Willibey (gwillibey@aol.com)
BRANDT Jarrod Flaming (jflaming@gmail.com)
BRANSON Debbie Bascom (ldbascom@pcisys.net)
BREDENGERD Peggy Aoki (peggy@peggyaoki.com)
BREHM Steve Zimmerman (szimm@penn.com)
BREJSEK Brenda Gaskill (childofgod006@yahoo.com)
Albert Klippenstine (albert.bk@mts.net)
BRINDLEY J Brown (jbrownpv@aol.com)
BROCK Guy Willibey (gwillibey@aol.com)
BROOKER Suzanne Lamontine (bobsuz@plateautel.net)
BROOKS LaRue Pryse (larue_pryse_39@hotmail.com)
Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen (waughtel@oz.net)
BROTHERTON Charles Stamp (charlesestamp@yahoo.com)
BRUBAKER Beth McCall (bpooh@lvnworth.com)
BRUMBAUGH Jerry Brumbaugh (jbrumbaugh@cox.net)
BRUNNER Judy Riffel (j.a.riffel@worldnet.att.net)
Leland Riffel (lrriffel@worldnet.att.net)
BUEHLER Michelle McGlathery (chelle1668@aol.com)
BUHL D. Phillips (dphillips31@cox.net)
BULLER Chardy527@aol.com
Jarrod Flaming (jflaming@gmail.com)
BURKHOLDER Joyce Bethune (joybeth@optonline.net)
BURNS Sue Weissinger (allenw@ptsi.net)
Vicky Drake (dvicky@cox.net)
BUSSARD Suzanne Reaume (ReaumeS@resa.net)
BYRAM Charles Hosler (charliemiraflor@hotmail.com)
CAMPBELL Dorothy Brown (dotbrn@softcom.net)
Barbara Catchings (bjc320@sbcglobal.net)
CARNEY Mike Monninger (mdmoger@netscape.net)
CARPENTER Karla Duran (kduran@southwind.net)
CARSON Fred Skinner (skinner06@aol.com)
CASNER AnnL7777@aol.com
CHAPMAN Carol Taulbee (sweetthangtx@hotmail.com)
CHRISTENSEN LaVaughn Klose (lklose@wwwebservice.net)
CHRISTIE Ouida Naylor (mron1928@iowatelecom.net)
Kathleen Brown (kathleen.brown77@btinternet.com)
CHRISTNER Sheri Krichbaum (sher@maplenet.net)
Paula Bicket (paulabicket@yahoo.com)
Rober Piper (rpiperclan@sbcglobal.net)
CLINE Glen Myers (glen_myers@yahoo.com)
Sheryl Cline Wiley (towileys@msn.com)

Cherylin Norton (chellenorton@mac.com)
Arlene (astrunk@tds.net)
CLOUTIER Dona (donabrwn@aol.com)
COCKLEY Doug King (fuzzydoug@hotmail.com)
COFFMAN nanasstuff@aol.com
COGGESHALL Charles Hosler (charliemiraflor@hotmail.com)
COLE Nicki Scheid (nickiatncw@yahoo.com)
COLLIER Donna Dietrich (dietricd@fyi.net)
COLLINS Janelle Martin (janellemartin@charter.net)
Paula Smith (pmmagnani@comcast.net)
COMSTOCK Judy Soule (jessoule@aol.com)
CONYERS Terry Conyers (tconyers@etex.net)
COOK Ken Cook (kcook72@kc.rr.com)
COOPER Bettye Lowry (chashlow@email.msn.com)
CORN Leon Fundenberger (kntemplar@yahoo.com)
CORONA coro6fran@aol.com
COYNE Kimberly Catron (thecatronfamily@earthlink.net)
CRAGAN Genevieve Leavitt (gleavitt@prodigy.net)
CRANEY Angela Bunger (angelabunger@yahoo.com)
CRAVENS Claudia Glass (glasss2001@hotmail.com)
CREACH Jock Creach (jcreach@iamawlocal1351.org)
CRIGER David Criger (cride785@yahoo.com)
CRITSER Ken Dee (kendee45@hotmail.com)
CROWE Annette Ward (annetteward@insightbb.com)
CUBBAGE Vicky Drake (dvicky@cox.net)
CULLEN Charles Cullen (cullen+@pitt.edu)
CUSTER Denny Custer (dennycuster@comcast.net)
DAHLINGER Nola Ochs (grenhill@pld.com)
Dick Kraus (patrak@attbi.com)
DALKE Kathy Sperling (ksperling@juno.com)
DANIELS Denise Pollard (pollarddenise@hotmail.com)
DANNER Cari Nansen (mamamoose@olypen.com)
DAPPEN Lois Campers (lcamp60@yahoo.com)
DAVID Ken Stromquist (ken.stromquist@juno.com)
DAVIS Dana Myers (dmyers430@aol.com)
Janet Nicholas (auniejanie@yahoo.com)
Nicki Scheid (nickiatncw@yahoo.com)
DEAL Mary Chapman (m_chapman80@hotmail.com)
DEE Ken Dee (kendee45@hotmail.com)
Howard Deel (hrtrucking550@yahoo.com)
DEINES Leland Riffel (lrriffel@worldnet.att.net)
DeLONG D. J. Camden (djtc@centurytel.net)
DERBY Diane Breitkreutz (jeffb@micrord.com)
Jo Gottman (kgottman1@cox.net)
DEVLIN Michelle Hileman (michellehileman3@hotmail.com)
DeWITT James Holloway (oldbueb17@sbcglobal.net)
DIES Deb Dies DeWeese (deweese@albemarlenet.com)
Pearl Ellis (ellis@giantcomm.net)
Susan Knauff (elias.meder@gmail.com)
DITTMAR Kelly Barnett (buckhead@mail.com)
DIXON Janet Nicholas (auniejanie@yahoo.com)
DODGE Leon Fundenberger (kntemplar@yahoo.com)
DODY Judy Hunt (wasahunt@hotmail.com)
Rae Woodruff (rae.woodruff@cox.net)
DORMAN Mark Brown (4rmb@worldnet.att.net)
DOROTHY Diane Breitkreutz (jeffb@micrord.com)
DOUT Thomas Dout (mot@nts-online.net)
DOYLE Joan Doyle (k_jdoyle@hotmail.com)
DRAKE Susan Curtis (susancurtis123@hotmail.com)
DRURY Judy Bresch (breschs@hotmail.com)
DUERKSEN Shirley Groening (gsgroening@marionco.net)
Cyndy Morton (sdmorton@tctelco.net)
Reno Shaffer (bnrshaff@fairpoint.net)
DUNHAM John Dunham (jdunham@twcny.rr.com)
DUNKIN Patty Ramsey (pramze@wyoming.com)
DUNLAP Pat Reel (nibbler060@sbcglobal.net)
Susan Moller (rogsuem@frontiernet.net)
DUNN Judy Lutt (judyl105@aol.com)
DYCK Janet Williams (flashjw@aol.com)
DYE Michelle Martin (michellem@fortscott.edu)

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

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