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Marion County, Kansas Surnames V - Z

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Please Note:  All surnames posted on this page MUST have a Marion County, Kansas connection

To enter surnames of your ancestors in Marion County, send your surnames to me, with the new Marion County Query / Surname Entry Form!!

Note: Users of a web-based email program such as some users of AOL, WebTV, Juno, CompuServe and users of MSN that have opted to use MSN Explorer's web-based email. Please use the link directly below to send your queries and/or surnames.  I have found that this form by it's very nature does not work unless there is an email program  resident on your computer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I am working to find coding to enable this form to be used by all. - Kenny

Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

You may also want to register your Kansas surnames with the Kansas Surnames List. (Note that the Kansas Surnames List is part of the Kansas Interactive Genealogy and not part of The KSGenWeb Project. Therefore, any questions regarding the surnames appearing below should be directed to either the researcher associated with the surname or to myself, NOT the wonderful folks at the Kansas Interactive Genealogy who maintain the Kansas Surnames List.)

Surname Contact Person
VADAKIN Julia Lambert (coverlet@bright.net)
VAN BIBBER Pat Weaver (pweaver@arn.net)
Carolyn VanPelt (cvpinfl@aol.com)
VAN TREESE Dorothy Brown (dotbrn@softcom.net)
VANEATON Susan Crow (crowsnest@sktc.net)
VAUGHN LaVaughn Klose (lklose@wwwebservice.net)
VIAN Tim Vian (tvian@sps.lane.edu)
VINDUSKA Jayne Steiner (mhjhchshjh@aol.com)
VOGEL Tracy Trego (ttrego@aol.com)
Connie Jo Mitchel (changa1951@cox.net)
VOLTZ Allan Barrie (barrieal@his.com)
WAGNER David Cole (dlcole@cox.net)
WALKER leecanfly@aol.com
WALLACE Paula Smith (pmmagnani@comcast.net)
WALTERS Jo Gottman (kgottman1@cox.net)
WANER Beth McCall (bpooh@lvnworth.com)
WARD William Ward (wward2300@msn.com)
WARING Jay Buehler (okku@oz.sunflower.org)
WARKENTIN Cyndy Morton (sdmorton@tctelco.net)
WARNER John Porter (armyeso1@aol.com)
WARREN Jean Laws (ivyshire@cs.com)
Rosie Young (rosie.l.young@iibltd.com)
WATERMAN Edward & Denise (dsgrnhs2007@charter.net)
WEBER Beverly (heiki@webtv.net)
WEDDLE Becky West (misgiggles_1@yahoo.com)
WEIDENBENER Mary Sargentini (favant@d-web.com)
WEIGAND Connie Jo Mitchel (changa1951@cox.net)
WEIS Shirley King (yentoi@aol.com)
Robert Weis (rd.weis@comcast.net)
Bob R Anderson (bobbie.r.anderson@conus.army.mil)
WELLS Sharon Oestreich (sharon@agritel.net)
WELSH Gene Ewert (genee@cobaltboats.com)
WENDLER Karen Dehdari (karen75028@yahoo.com)
WEST Laraine Clark (clarkrn@msn.com)
WHARTON Paula Smith (pmmagnani@comcast.net)
WHEELOCK LaVona Wilson (lh6039@aol.com)
WHISLER Nicki Scheid (nickiatncw@yahoo.com)
WHITE Susan Curtis (susancurtis123@hotmail.com)
Jo Gottman (kgottman1@cox.net)
WIGHT Barbara Catchings (bjc320@sbcglobal.net)
WILBER Janet Angell (angellj@yahoo.com)
WILKINSON Shirley Edillon (swe@cox.net)
WILLIAMS Cherylin Norton (chellenorton@mac.com)
Vicki Matacchiera (vickimat@prodigy.net)
WILLIBEY Linda Willibey (lindawillibey@yahoo.com)
Guy Willibey (gwillibey@aol.com)
WILLOUGHBY Marcia Dumler (mdumler_66073@yahoo.com)
WILSON Clara Moore (dcmoore@pldi.net)
Susan Moller (rogsuem@frontiernet.net)
WINCHESTER Jo Gottman (kgottman1@cox.net)
WINEY Doug King (fuzzydoug@hotmail.com)
WINGATE Bettye Wingate (ohibette@yahoo.com)
WINKLEY Darren Winkley (winkley@bigfoot.com)
WINTER Mary Smith (redhd4str8@aol.com)
Shirley Groening (gsgroening@marionco.net)
WINTERS/WINTER Kay Minor (kminor2002@hotmail.com)
WISE Dorothy Brown (dotbrn@softcom.net)
WISMER Pat Williams (pat.williams1@cox.net)
WOELK Kenneth Franz (kfranz1@cox.net)
Jen Adkison (j_adkison@email.msn.com)
Dal McCusker (dal25@hotmail.com)
WOLFERSPERGER Allan Leslie (allan@tularosa.net)
WORSTER Gary Martens (gpmartgen@gmail.com)
YAUCK Lorraine Kellner (lkellner@usd271.k12.ks.us)
YEARIAN Ilga Ross (ilgaross@yahoo.com)
YOUNG Walter Williams III (wedw3@mbusa.net)
John Dunham (jdunham@twcny.rr.com)
Andrea Sindt (bunnyden@santel.net)
ZWETZIG Lorraine Kellner (lkellner@usd271.k12.ks.us)

For Comments and/or Suggestions please contact Kenneth Thomas

Last update: Sunday, November 09, 2008 00:55:43

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