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1870 Census
What was transcribed

The information presented in the electronic version of the 1870 census records for these Miami County provides an almost identical record but is not an exact duplicate of what was shown in the original census records.

Whenever the compiler was unsure of a name you will see a (?) beside the name. The names shown are spelled the way the census taker recorded them. Although the census taker usually only entered a surname for the first member of the household, surname have been added for all family members listed under the head of the family to facilitate searching and indexing. No corrections to names misspelled by the census taker were or will be made in this record. If the reader finds an error made by the compiler of the electronic record, please send an email note so that corrections can be made.

In cases where an initial in the name of the individual could not be identified, the initial was dropped and no notation to its absence was made due to space considerations. If this is important to you, you need to go back to the microfilm records to check them for initals.

Where the census taker did not include items which were supposed to be included (i.e., such as month of birth during the previous 12 months) or appeared to have included duplicate records for families, comments are included within brackets.

In general, the words were capitalized in the same way that they were entered in the original record but in some cases the transcriber altered the capitalization to create consistentancy in the entries.

The reader should refer back to the microfilm records to be sure that the transcription of the records is accurate.

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