Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

[no surname] Elizabeth fr 398a ln 32
[unreadable] fr 467a ln 1
[unreadable] Andrew J fr 467a ln 4
[unreadable] Elizabethfr 481b ln 28
[unreadable] Florance(?) fr 467a ln 6
[unreadable] Hellen H fr 467a ln 5
[unreadable] Henry fr 459b ln 13
[unreadable] Ida fr 467a ln 8
[unreadable] Jas fr 463b ln 36
[unreadable] Jennie(?)fr 484b ln 33
[unreadable] John fr 415b ln 29
[unreadable] M[unreadable] fr 467a ln 7
[unreadable] Martha H fr 467a ln 3
[unreadable] Mary E fr 467a ln 2
[unreadable] Mary M fr 467b ln 1
[unreadable] Nancy fr 463b ln 37
Abbott Andrew J fr 527a ln 11
Abbott John W fr 527a ln 14
Abbott Luella F fr 527a ln 15
Abbott Mary C fr 527a ln 13
Abbott Virlinda fr 527a ln 12
Abner Daniel fr 415a ln 36
Adair Adie E fr 454a ln 10
Adair Charles S fr 454a ln 9
Adair Samuel fr 454a ln 8
Adams Aaronfr 486a ln 3
Adams Andersonfr 486a ln 6
Adams Barbery S fr 512a ln 27
Adams Cynthiafr 481b ln 31
Adams David(?) fr 473b ln 9
Adams Edmond fr 512a ln 22
Adams Elizafr 485b ln 40
Adams Elizabeth fr 511a ln 37
Adams Emmafr 481b ln 32
Adams Henryfr 486a ln 4
Adams James fr 526a ln 12
Adams Jane(?) fr 473b ln 10
Adams Janefr 486a ln 2
Adams John K fr 511a ln 38
Adams John W fr 512a ln 25
Adams Josephfr 481b ln 30
Adams Lora M fr 512a ln 28
Adams Lorella fr 473b ln 11
Adams Lucy M fr 512a ln 26
Adams Margaret fr 419b ln 3
Adams Martha fr 419b ln 2
Adams Martha fr 511a ln 40
Adams Martha fr 512a ln 24
Adams Mary J fr 512a ln 23
Adams Moses fr 511a ln 36
Adams Parks(?)fr 486a ln 1
Adams Rebecca F fr 526a ln 11
Adams Sarah fr 449a ln 37
Adams Stephen H fr 523a ln 26
Adams Stephens fr 419b ln 1
Adams Walter fr 511a ln 39
Adams William M fr 526a ln 10
Addleman Sanfordfr 479b ln 25
Agan Alice fr 435a ln 25
Agan Catherine fr 435a ln 28
Agan John fr 435a ln 27
Agan Mary fr 435a ln 26
Agan Michael fr 435a ln 24
Agan Michael fr 435a ln 29
Agert John fr 404b ln 25
Aheron David fr 553a ln 17
Aheron John fr 553a ln 19
Aheron Margaret fr 553a ln 18
Akers Arthur B fr 553b ln 17
Akers Catharine Rfr 488a ln 31
Akers Corriefr 488a ln 34
Akers Emma Jfr 488a ln 32
Akers George W fr 553b ln 14
Akers Larkin N fr 553b ln 16
Akers Maggie M fr 553b ln 15
Akers Mary A fr 469b ln 28
Akers Mattie Mfr 488a ln 33
Akers Merit fr 507b ln 5
Akers Thomas fr 469b ln 27
Akers Thomas A fr 553b ln 18
Akers Thos Jfr 488a ln 30
Albin Jennie fr 549a ln 7
Albin Mark fr 549a ln 5
Albin Mattie fr 549a ln 6
Albright David E fr 461b ln 12
Albright Eliza fr 461b ln 10
Albright Henry fr 461b ln 9
Albright Henry H fr 461b ln 11
Albro Chas Bfr 489a ln 38
Albro Samuelfr 489a ln 37
Aldinger John fr 461a ln 5
Aldinger Joseph fr 461a ln 8
Aldinger Mary fr 461a ln 6
Aldinger William fr 461a ln 7
Aldridge Edwin fr 474b ln 28
Aldridge Harriett fr 474b ln 31
Aldridge John fr 474b ln 30
Aldridge Julia fr 474b ln 29
Alexander Adaline fr 457a ln 4
Alexander Alice fr 474a ln 39
Alexander Andrew fr 418b ln 25
Alexander Arthur fr 474b ln 1
Alexander Geo fr 505b ln 29
Alexander James fr 457a ln 3
Alexander John fr 437a ln 40
Alexander John H fr 545b ln 11
Alexander John W fr 457a ln 5
Alexander Louisa fr 474a ln 40
Alexander Marshal fr 457a ln 6
Alexander Milo fr 545b ln 9
Alexander Priscilla fr 545b ln 10
Alexander Richard fr 403a ln 12
Alexander Smith fr 453a ln 32
Alexander Worth fr 474a ln 38
Alfrey Albertine fr 525b ln 10
Alfrey Amanda J fr 525a ln 33
Alfrey Caroline fr 525b ln 8
Alfrey Elizabeth fr 525a ln 30
Alfrey George fr 525a ln 29
Alfrey George F fr 525b ln 12
Alfrey Ida fr 525a ln 37
Alfrey James T fr 525a ln 32
Alfrey John fr 525b ln 7
Alfrey Josephus fr 525a ln 35
Alfrey Louis C fr 525b ln 11
Alfrey Mary E fr 525a ln 36
Alfrey Nancy J fr 525b ln 9
Alfrey Talitha fr 525a ln 31
Alfrey Vyella(?) C fr 525a ln 34
Allen Alice fr 402b ln 2
Allen Alva fr 402b ln 3
Allen Anna fr 430b ln 19
Allen Anna fr 430b ln 23
Allen Anne E fr 545b ln 26
Allen Bridget fr 442a ln 18
Allen Catharine fr 415a ln 19
Allen Catharine fr 415a ln 23
Allen Charles C fr 425b ln 14
Allen Charles H fr 513b ln 18
Allen Elijah F fr 545b ln 22
Allen Elizabeth fr 513b ln 19
Allen Ellen fr 442a ln 21
Allen Ennice fr 447b ln 34
Allen Frank M fr 513b ln 21
Allen Geo. W. fr 425b ln 11
Allen Hannah fr 425b ln 12
Allen Hannah fr 545b ln 23
Allen Harriet A fr 513b ln 22
Allen Henry fr 430b ln 18
Allen Henry fr 442a ln 20
Allen James fr 415a ln 15
Allen James fr 513b ln 24
Allen James D fr 545b ln 24
Allen James M fr 545b ln 19
Allen John fr 415a ln 20
Allen John L fr 513b ln 20
Allen Margaret fr 415a ln 17
Allen Mary fr 415a ln 21
Allen Mary F fr 449a ln 14
Allen Mary J fr 430b ln 21
Allen Michael fr 442a ln 17
Allen Minnona fr 513b ln 23
Allen Nicholas fr 415a ln 18
Allen Patrick fr 430b ln 20
Allen Rebecca fr 545b ln 20
Allen Richard fr 442a ln 19
Allen Robert fr 442a ln 22
Allen Sarah fr 415a ln 16
Allen Sarah fr 415a ln 22
Allen Sarah E fr 545b ln 27
Allen Sarah J fr 545b ln 21
Allen Thomas E fr 545b ln 25
Allen Wilburn fr 425b ln 13
Allen William H fr 430b ln 22
Allison Ira fr 535b ln 32
Allison James fr 535b ln 37
Allison John fr 535b ln 30
Allison Mary fr 535b ln 33
Allison Milton fr 535b ln 34
Allison Rachel fr 535b ln 31
Allison Sarah fr 535b ln 35
Allison William fr 535b ln 36
Ameslay jennie fr 474a ln 29
Ameslay M fr 474a ln 27
Ameslay Sarah H. fr 474a ln 28
Amos Celian fr 542a ln 38
Amos Elizabeth fr 542a ln 36
Amos George fr 542a ln 39
Amos Hannah fr 542a ln 35
Amos Joshua fr 542a ln 33
Amos Louisa fr 542a ln 40
Amos Rachael fr 542a ln 34
Amos William fr 542a ln 37
Anders Ginellfr 487a ln 6
Anders Katyfr 487a ln 7
Anders Martinfr 487a ln 5
Anders Martinfr 487a ln 8
Andersen Cyrus fr 474b ln 20
Andersen David fr 474b ln 18
Andersen Elizabeth fr 474b ln 19
Andersen Mary fr 474b ln 21
Anderson Addiefr 489b ln 38
Anderson Allen W fr 450a ln 2
Anderson Almafr 490a ln 1
Anderson Cora A fr 449b ln 39
Anderson Dadric(?)fr 489b ln 39
Anderson Edward fr 449b ln 37
Anderson Elisabeth fr 497b ln 17
Anderson Eliza fr 450a ln 3
Anderson Eliza C fr 497b ln 18
Anderson Emily fr 450a ln 4
Anderson Geo. Sfr 489b ln 36
Anderson Jennette fr 522b ln 1
Anderson John Efr 485a ln 2
Anderson John Rfr 483b ln 1
Anderson Lucinda fr 449b ln 40
Anderson Martha fr 456a ln 19
Anderson Mary A fr 449b ln 36
Anderson Mary Bell fr 449b ln 38
Anderson R. F. fr 449b ln 35
Anderson Rebeca Mfr 489b ln 37
Anderson Robert H fr 450a ln 1
Anderson William fr 445b ln 27
Anderson Williamfr 489b ln 40
Anderson(?) Annafr 483b ln 20
Anderson(?) Geofr 483b ln 19
Anderson(?) M Cfr 483b ln 17
Anderson(?) Sarahfr 483b ln 18
Angels Mary C fr 519a ln 12
Angels William H fr 519a ln 11
Angels William P fr 519a ln 13
Anglen Charles C. fr 533a ln 38
Anglen Hannah D. fr 533a ln 35
Anglen Ida fr 533a ln 37
Anglen James S. fr 533a ln 36
Anglen Mary N fr 533a ln 39
Anglen William B fr 533a ln 34
Arbogast Eldridge W fr 433b ln 31
Arbogast Joel A fr 433b ln 30
Arbogast Margaret fr 433b ln 29
Ardley Emma L fr 421b ln 5
Ardley Wm H fr 421b ln 4
Armfelter(?) Lizzie fr 469b ln 6
Armfield Eliza J fr 553b ln 19
Armfield Johanna fr 553b ln 20
Armstrong Wmfr 488b ln 30
Arnett Perthina D fr 522d ln 17
Arnett William H fr 522d ln 16
Arnold Caroline fr 471b ln 11
Arnold Elizabeth fr 552b ln 2
Arnold Laura fr 552b ln 4
Arnold Luemma fr 552b ln 3
Arnold Martha fr 471b ln 13
Arnold Mary J fr 552b ln 5
Arnold William fr 471b ln 12
Arnold William A fr 552b ln 1
Arnold William L fr 552b ln 6
Artzberger Caty fr 474b ln 40
Artzberger Cris fr 474b ln 39
Ashburn Albert fr 504a ln 12
Ashburn Ellen fr 504a ln 11
Ashburn Lewis fr 504a ln 10
Ashenfeller Susan fr 454a ln 7
Asher Emily fr 537a ln 40
Asher Frank E fr 537b ln 1
Asher James H fr 537b ln 2
Asher Luke fr 537a ln 39
Ashinfelter Ansinetta fr 452a ln 35
Ashinfelter Barbary J fr 452a ln 34
Ashinfelter Caroline fr 452a ln 29
Ashinfelter Daniel fr 452a ln 28
Ashinfelter Franklin fr 452a ln 36
Ashinfelter Henry fr 452a ln 30
Ashinfelter John fr 452a ln 33
Ashinfelter Katy fr 452a ln 37
Ashinfelter Lydia Ann fr 452a ln 31
Ashinfelter Mary E fr 452a ln 32
Assoray William fr 459b ln 39
Atchinson Aaron fr 538b ln 29
Atchinson Abigail fr 538b ln 28
Atchinson Andrew J. fr 538b ln 31
Atchinson Eliza fr 538b ln 24
Atchinson Eliza fr 538b ln 26
Atchinson George W fr 538b ln 30
Atchinson Joseph M fr 538b ln 32
Atchinson Mahala fr 538b ln 25
Atchinson Sarah E fr 538b ln 27
Atkinson Elizabeth fr 516b ln 9
Atkinson John D fr 516b ln 8
Atkinson Josiah fr 516b ln 11
Atkinson Mathew fr 516b ln 7
Atkinson Thomas fr 516b ln 10
Atkinson(?) Johnfr 487b ln 25
Atkinson(?) Mary Efr 487b ln 28
Atkinson(?) Mattie Afr 487b ln 27
Atkinson(?) Sarahfr 487b ln 26
Atteberry Anne L fr 496a ln 5
Atteberry Michael fr 496a ln 1
Atteberry Ruth C fr 496a ln 2
Atteberry Ruth E fr 496a ln 6
Atteberry Sarah M fr 496a ln 3
Atteberry William M fr 496a ln 4
Averill Charles N fr 424a ln 2
Averill Martha fr 424a ln 1
Averill Martha E fr 423b ln 39
Averill N C fr 423b ln 38
Averill P. B fr 424a ln 3
Averill Quincy fr 423b ln 40
Avery Andrew J fr 449a ln 24
Ayer John A fr 434b ln 32
Ayers Abigail fr 435b ln 26
Ayers Adaline fr 539a ln 14
Ayers Arron fr 437a ln 6
Ayers Cahewe(?) fr 539a ln 13
Ayers Eliza fr 435b ln 29
Ayers Ellas fr 435b ln 27
Ayers Ellen A fr 539a ln 16
Ayers Ellenfr 481b ln 34
Ayers Emeline fr 539a ln 17
Ayers Frankfr 481b ln 35
Ayers John C fr 539a ln 18
Ayers Marshall(?)fr 481b ln 33
Ayers Nancy E fr 437a ln 7
Ayers Nelson fr 435b ln 28
Ayers William H fr 539a ln 15
Ayes Emma F fr 467a ln 24
Ayes Ephram fr 467a ln 22
Ayes Frederic fr 467a ln 25
Ayes Katy fr 467a ln 23
Ayres Arney fr 523a ln 32
Ayres Bueneas(?) J fr 523a ln 30
Ayres Eliza fr 465b ln 32
Ayres Eliza fr 523a ln 21
Ayres Eliza A fr 496b ln 11
Ayres Emeline fr 465b ln 33
Ayres Emma fr 496b ln 14
Ayres George H fr 496b ln 12
Ayres Hannah E fr 496b ln 6
Ayres Harriet fr 496b ln 9
Ayres John C fr 523a ln 25
Ayres John H fr 496b ln 5
Ayres John N fr 496b ln 13
Ayres Joseph fr 465b ln 31
Ayres Josephine fr 523a ln 23
Ayres Lewis D fr 496b ln 15
Ayres Mary E fr 496b ln 7
Ayres McCreary fr 523a ln 27
Ayres McCreary fr 523a ln 29
Ayres Robert fr 465b ln 30
Ayres Sarah fr 523a ln 28
Ayres Sarah J fr 496b ln 10
Ayres Thomas J fr 523a ln 22
Ayres Thomas W fr 523a ln 20
Ayres William fr 496b ln 8
Ayres William fr 523a ln 31
Ayres William J fr 523a ln 24
Babb Dilion D fr 423b ln 29
Babb Emily fr 424a ln 12
Babb George fr 424a ln 14
Babb Jonathan fr 424a ln 9
Babb Laura A fr 423b ln 30
Babb Lavina K fr 424a ln 15
Babb Levi fr 423b ln 27
Babb Luanna fr 424a ln 10
Babb Margaret fr 423b ln 28
Babb Mary Bell fr 423b ln 31
Babb Salvana fr 424a ln 11
Bache Anna fr 470a ln 31
Bache John fr 470a ln 29
Bache Loddia fr 470a ln 30
Bacon Lottiefr 483b ln 37
Bailey John W fr 440a ln 34
Bair Barty fr 441b ln 23
Bair Jennie fr 441b ln 24
Bair Mariah fr 441b ln 21
Bair Rosa fr 441b ln 22
Bair William fr 441b ln 20
Baird Bettie fr 419a ln 1
Baird Eliza fr 418b ln 39
Baird Jenny fr 543b ln 13
Baird John A fr 418b ln 38
Baird William fr 419a ln 2
Baird(?) Cornelia(?) fr 465b ln 5
Baker Anne fr 497a ln 19
Baker Biddie fr 456b ln 11
Baker Charles fr 461a ln 25
Baker Cloise B fr 456a ln 18
Baker Cora Bell fr 456a ln 17
Baker Daniel fr 456b ln 4
Baker Frank E fr 497a ln 22
Baker James fr 497a ln 20
Baker James F fr 456b ln 8
Baker Jane fr 456b ln 9
Baker John fr 445b ln 29
Baker Lucinda fr 456b ln 5
Baker Lucy N fr 497a ln 24
Baker Margaret fr 456b ln 7
Baker Mary fr 456b ln 10
Baker Nelson J fr 456a ln 15
Baker Raymer fr 497a ln 21
Baker Rebeca fr 461a ln 34
Baker Sarah fr 445b ln 28
Baker Sarah fr 456a ln 16
Baker Sarah N fr 497a ln 23
Baker Speeny fr 468b ln 35
Baker Telistaff fr 456b ln 6
Baker William fr 497a ln 18
Baker(?) Maryfr 488a ln 9
Balden Louis fr 413a ln 29
Baldry Arthur Sfr 480a ln 14
Baldry Evafr 480a ln 12
Baldry Herbert Jfr 480a ln 13
Baldry Mariahfr 480a ln 11
Baldry Samuelfr 480a ln 10
Baldwin John M fr 504a ln 38
Balerd(?) Susan fr 403a ln 15
Bales James H fr 426b ln 8
Bales Lucinda E fr 426b ln 9
Bales Martha E fr 426b ln 6
Bales May S fr 426b ln 7
Bales Oliver fr 426b ln 10
Bales William fr 426b ln 5
Ball Ira D fr 427a ln 6
Ball Isabella fr 427a ln 7
Ball James F fr 427a ln 4
Ball Jane G fr 427a ln 2
Ball John J fr 508a ln 37
Ball Missouri A fr 508a ln 36
Ball Nancy fr 427a ln 3
Ball Nancy fr 508a ln 38
Ball Samuel fr 427a ln 1
Ball Walter E fr 427a ln 5
Ballard Ezra fr 539a ln 32
Ballard Ruth fr 447a ln 35
Ballerd Henrietta fr 403a ln 9
Bama(?) Hovrd(?) fr 477a ln 8
Bambler Marcellas fr 409b ln 12
Bangrover John fr 429a ln 24
Banister Frances fr 472b ln 30
Banister Frank fr 472b ln 31
Banister I J fr 472b ln 29
Banta David H fr 556b ln 37
Baqha(?) Theodore fr 428b ln 19
Barcossey Edward fr 534a ln 40
Bard Williamfr 488b ln 26
Barden(?) Elizabeth fr 463a ln 19
Barden(?) Emma E fr 463a ln 23
Barden(?) George R fr 463a ln 20
Barden(?) Milo fr 463a ln 18
Barden(?) Parella fr 463a ln 22
Barden(?) William G fr 463a ln 21
Barker Caroline fr 557a ln 14
Barker Charlie fr 557a ln 19
Barker Clarance fr 557a ln 17
Barker Cora fr 557a ln 18
Barker Gertrude fr 557a ln 16
Barker John fr 557a ln 13
Barker Lansing fr 557a ln 15
Barker Laura fr 420a ln 9
Barker Perry T fr 420a ln 11
Barker William J fr 420a ln 10
Barman(?) Edward Afr 486a ln 40
Barman(?) Jamesfr 486a ln 38
Barman(?) Martin Jfr 486a ln 36
Barman(?) Sarahfr 486a ln 37
Barman(?) Sethfr 486a ln 39
Barnard Adisin(?) L fr 447a ln 38
Barnard Calvin fr 447a ln 36
Barnard Horace T fr 447a ln 39
Barnard Lucinda fr 447a ln 37
Barr Clara fr 506b ln 13
Barr Cora fr 506b ln 12
Barr Elizabeth fr 506a ln 27
Barr Franklin fr 506b ln 14
Barr Hugh fr 506b ln 10
Barr Jacob fr 463b ln 32
Barr Lucinda fr 506a ln 28
Barr Mary S fr 506b ln 11
Barr Nancy E fr 550b ln 39
Barr Robert fr 506a ln 26
Barrett Benjamin fr 420a ln 19
Barrett Charles fr 420a ln 27
Barrett Joel fr 420a ln 16
Barrett Jonas fr 420a ln 17
Barrett Mary fr 420a ln 18
Barry Ann A fr 525a ln 16
Barry Charles fr 525a ln 14
Barry Jantha fr 525a ln 15
Barry Sarah M fr 525a ln 17
Barry William L fr 525a ln 18
Basley Addie fr 548a ln 18
Bass John fr 471b ln 14
Bastian Emma fr 524b ln 31
Bastian John C fr 524b ln 30
Bastian Martha E fr 524b ln 29
Bastian Thomas G fr 524b ln 28
Bastian(?) Ida M fr 523b ln 5
Bastian(?) James A fr 523b ln 3
Bastian(?) Mary A fr 523b ln 4
Basueld(?) Charles fr 495a ln 12
Bates Frederick fr 454b ln 22
Bates Henry M fr 423a ln 15
Bates Joseph fr 460a ln 33
Bates Mary E fr 423a ln 17
Bates Mira F fr 454b ln 21
Bates Otis W fr 454b ln 20
Bates Richard fr 464b ln 15
Bates Sarah J fr 423a ln 16
Baylor Albert S fr 460b ln 11
Baylor Oliver E fr 460b ln 13
Baylor Sarah L fr 460b ln 12
Beals(?) Jessie fr 423a ln 19
Beals(?) Julia E fr 423a ln 22
Beals(?) Mary A fr 423a ln 20
Beals(?) Merilda A fr 423a ln 21
Bear Abram G fr 432b ln 23
Bear Charles E fr 432b ln 24
Bear Conrad fr 432b ln 18
Bear Dora H fr 432b ln 21
Bear Harry M fr 461a ln 28
Bear Jacob A. P. fr 461a ln 26
Bear Laura J fr 432b ln 22
Bear Lovina J fr 461a ln 27
Bear Mary F fr 432b ln 19
Bear Rosetta C fr 432b ln 20
Beatty Alexander fr 524b ln 23
Beatty Ann fr 524b ln 22
Beatty John fr 524b ln 21
Beaty Archer M fr 511a ln 1
Beaty John W fr 510b ln 39
Beaty Mary E fr 511a ln 3
Beaty Sarah A fr 510b ln 40
Beaty Sarah E fr 511a ln 2
Beaty William W fr 511a ln 4
Beavev(?) Alise fr 455b ln 12
Beavev(?) George fr 455b ln 11
Beavev(?) John fr 455b ln 8
Beavev(?) Mary A fr 455b ln 7
Beavev(?) Mayery(?) fr 455b ln 9
Beavev(?) William fr 455b ln 10
Beavev(?) William fr 455b ln 6
Bebbens Colin L fr 493b ln 34
Bebbens Darsthuselia(?) fr 493b ln 28
Bebbens Elijah fr 493b ln 29
Bebbens George H fr 493b ln 31
Bebbens Jeremiah fr 493b ln 30
Bebbens Jerimah fr 493b ln 26
Bebbens Julianna A fr 493b ln 32
Bebbens Mary J fr 493b ln 27
Bebbens Nancy L fr 493b ln 33
Bebbens William W fr 493b ln 35
Beckley Margaret fr 446a ln 16
Beckley Wesley fr 446a ln 15
Beckman Andrew fr 398b ln 27
Beckman Blanch M fr 474b ln 35
Beckman Caroline fr 398b ln 24
Beckman Chas fr 398b ln 26
Beckman Delight fr 438b ln 14
Beckman Frank fr 398b ln 28
Beckman Fred fr 438b ln 13
Beckman George fr 398b ln 21
Beckman Hellen B fr 474b ln 34
Beckman hellen L fr 474b ln 37
Beckman Henry fr 398b ln 18
Beckman Henry fr 438b ln 16
Beckman Jno H fr 438b ln 20
Beckman Jno S. fr 474b ln 33
Beckman John fr 398b ln 22
Beckman John fr 438b ln 17
Beckman John C fr 474b ln 36
Beckman Lewis fr 398b ln 20
Beckman Margaret fr 438b ln 18
Beckman Martha fr 438b ln 19
Beckman Mary fr 398b ln 19
Beckman Mary A fr 398b ln 23
Beckman Rebecca fr 438b ln 15
Beckman Rebecca fr 438b ln 21
Beckman Sarah fr 398b ln 25
Bedwell Anderson fr 498a ln 1
Bedwell Elizabeth fr 498a ln 2
Bedwell Flora J fr 498a ln 5
Bedwell Ida fr 498a ln 6
Bedwell Warren fr 498a ln 3
Bedwell William N fr 498a ln 4
Beeks Charles fr 429a ln 17
Beeks Clorinda fr 429a ln 21
Beeks Elizabeth fr 429a ln 15
Beeks Henry D fr 429a ln 14
Beeks John fr 429a ln 23
Beeks Mary C fr 429a ln 16
Beeks Olive fr 429a ln 22
Beeks William fr 429a ln 20
Beeler Albert C fr 450b ln 22
Beeler Lucy fr 450b ln 24
Beeler Samuel fr 450b ln 23
Beerds(?) Martin fr 509b ln 8
Beeson Albert C fr 445b ln 15
Beeson Amasa fr 445b ln 13
Beeson Austin fr 445b ln 18
Beeson Challie(?) fr 468a ln 26
Beeson Cyntha A fr 445b ln 14
Beeson Dorindafr 482b ln 12
Beeson Edward R fr 454a ln 24
Beeson Harmon(?) fr 468a ln 23
Beeson James E fr 445b ln 17
Beeson Jesse D fr 468a ln 25
Beeson John Bfr 482b ln 13
Beeson John Sfr 482b ln 11
Beeson Rachel fr 468a ln 24
Beeson William H S fr 445b ln 16
Beess Anna L fr 425a ln 29
Beess Charles E fr 425a ln 31
Beess Esther A fr 425a ln 28
Beess Geo W. fr 425a ln 27
Beess John W fr 425a ln 30
Beess Mary A fr 425a ln 32
Beets Eliza J. fr 529b ln 8
Beets Flora fr 527b ln 33
Beets Henry P. fr 529b ln 10
Beets John fr 527b ln 30
Beets John fr 527b ln 37
Beets Joseph fr 529b ln 6
Beets Louisa D. fr 529b ln 7
Beets Lowry B fr 527b ln 39
Beets Lydia A. fr 529b ln 12
Beets Manora(?) fr 527b ln 32
Beets Martha E fr 527b ln 38
Beets Mary fr 527b ln 31
Beets Mary fr 527b ln 36
Beets Permelia F fr 529b ln 11
Beets Peter L. fr 529b ln 9
Beets Thomas fr 527b ln 35
Beets William K fr 527b ln 34
Bell Catharine fr 408a ln 25
Bell Daniel fr 408a ln 21
Bell David fr 408a ln 30
Bell Edward B fr 505b ln 17
Bell Elisabeth fr 408a ln 29
Bell Elizabeth fr 456b ln 28
Bell Florance V fr 505b ln 14
Bell Francis M fr 456b ln 26
Bell Harry fr 408a ln 31
Bell Henry fr 555b ln 23
Bell Horace fr 551b ln 16
Bell James F fr 505b ln 12
Bell James H fr 462a ln 29
Bell John fr 408a ln 23
Bell Louisa fr 555b ln 24
Bell Lovina J fr 462a ln 30
Bell Luckindafr 484a ln 36
Bell Mary fr 408a ln 22
Bell Mary fr 408a ln 27
Bell Mary A fr 505b ln 13
Bell Pauline(?) fr 462a ln 31
Bell Sarah E fr 505b ln 15
Bell Sarah j fr 456b ln 27
Bell Thomas fr 408a ln 24
Bell William fr 408a ln 26
Bell William S fr 505b ln 16
Bell Willis(?) fr 408a ln 28
Beller Stephen fr 500a ln 22
Bendorf Albert fr 557b ln 16
Bendorf Caroline fr 557b ln 20
Bendorf Francis fr 557b ln 18
Bendorf Margaret fr 557b ln 17
Bendorf Richard fr 557b ln 19

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