Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Losh John fr 441a ln 32
Losh Laura J fr 441a ln 34
Losh Martha fr 441a ln 33
Losh Nelley fr 441a ln 35
Losh Stephen A fr 441a ln 36
Losher(?) Cornelia S fr 419b ln 31
Losher(?) Mary C fr 419b ln 33
Losher(?) William G fr 419b ln 32
Losher(?) Wm H fr 419b ln 30
Loton Andrew fr 505b ln 30
Loton Eliza J fr 505b ln 31
Loton Geo H fr 505b ln 33
Loton Soloman A fr 505b ln 32
Lotsey(?) Carolinefr 488a ln 26
Lotsey(?) Henryfr 488a ln 25
Loudenback Allis fr 405b ln 28
Loudenback Anna fr 405b ln 27
Loudenback David fr 405b ln 25
Loudenback Jacob fr 405b ln 23
Loudenback James fr 405b ln 29
Loudenback Mary A fr 405b ln 24
Loudenback Sarah J fr 405b ln 26
Loudin John W fr 409a ln 37
Louks Edith fr 544b ln 6
Louks Shelton fr 544b ln 5
Louthrisem(?) Chas fr 403a ln 24
Love Alfus fr 536c ln 5
Love Archibald fr 536c ln 1
Love Elizabeth fr 536c ln 2
Love Garland fr 536c ln 6
Love James fr 536c ln 4
Love William fr 536c ln 3
Lovelace Isaac fr 529a ln 14
Lovelace Maria J fr 529a ln 15
Lovelace Ulyssus L fr 529a ln 16
Lovell Edmonia F fr 545a ln 12
Lovell Jerome C fr 545a ln 11
Lovell Sallie fr 545a ln 14
Lovell Virginia fr 545a ln 13
Lovett Austin B fr 545a ln 16
Lovett Nancy O fr 545a ln 15
Lower(?) Susan fr 407a ln 1
Lowery Emmafr 486a ln 13
Lowery Frankfr 486a ln 14
Lowery Samuelfr 486a ln 12
Lowery Wm Gfr 486a ln 15
Lucas Emeline fr 444a ln 8
Lucas Julia Ette fr 444a ln 9
Lucas N W fr 444a ln 7
Lucas Sarah fr 444a ln 6
Lucas Sylvester fr 444a ln 5
Lucas William fr 444a ln 10
Luce B Catharinefr 487b ln 39
Luce Benj(?) Gfr 487b ln 40
Luce Benjfr 488a ln 6
Luce Johnfr 487b ln 38
Luce Mary Kfr 488a ln 7
Lucken(?) Henry C fr 519b ln 27
Lucken(?) Jacob fr 519b ln 25
Lucken(?) Mary M fr 519b ln 26
Lummis Frank J fr 425b ln 8
Lummis Hannah fr 425b ln 6
Lummis James M fr 425b ln 5
Lummis Lewis S fr 425b ln 7
Lydick Samuel fr 551a ln 5
Lykins James fr 465a ln 31
Lykins Joseph fr 465a ln 29
Lykins Maria fr 465a ln 30
Lyons Alta(?) fr 533b ln 11
Lyons Charles T fr 533b ln 5
Lyons Eli B fr 533b ln 7
Lyons Fanny fr 533b ln 2
Lyons George B. fr 533b ln 8
Lyons Henry L fr 527b ln 24
Lyons James E fr 527b ln 26
Lyons James V. fr 533b ln 1
Lyons John T fr 533b ln 6
Lyons Louisa M fr 527b ln 27
Lyons Lycarduss fr 533b ln 4
Lyons Mary E. fr 533b ln 3
Lyons Nettie fr 533b ln 10
Lyons Sarah A fr 527b ln 25
Lyons William P fr 533b ln 9
Lysayht(?) Edward H fr 450b ln 20
Macho Charles fr 434a ln 32
Mackinnor Charles fr 434a ln 39
Maconer(?) Adam C fr 522b ln 2
Maconer(?) Lavina fr 522b ln 3
Maden Alice fr 461a ln 4
Maden Jeremiah fr 461a ln 3
Maden(?) Lydia fr 467b ln 29
Madison Adalade fr 514a ln 23
Madison Bell fr 412a ln 38
Madison Elvira fr 412a ln 36
Madison Frances M fr 514a ln 24
Madison George H fr 514a ln 22
Madison George W fr 514a ln 25
Madison Mary fr 412a ln 39
Madison Ola(?) fr 412a ln 37
Magers(?) Angeline fr 463b ln 17
Magers(?) James F fr 463b ln 20
Magers(?) Joe P fr 463b ln 19
Magers(?) John W fr 463b ln 18
Magers(?) Susan A fr 463b ln 21
Magers(?) William fr 463b ln 16
Magill Abbie fr 517a ln 18
Magill Guilford Mc fr 552a ln 5
Magill Jacob fr 517a ln 16
Magill James W fr 552a ln 7
Magill Laura fr 552a ln 8
Magill Martha R fr 552a ln 4
Magill Robert E fr 552a ln 6
Magill Sarah E fr 517a ln 17
Magill Thomas fr 552a ln 3
MaKenrson(?) Christian(?) fr 494b ln 37
MaKenrson(?) John A fr 494b ln 36
MaKenrson(?) Lalitha fr 494b ln 40
MaKenrson(?) Margaret fr 494b ln 39
MaKenrson(?) Sarah J fr 494b ln 38
MaKenrson(?) Stephen fr 495a ln 1
Malden Augustine fr 431a ln 29
Malinquest(?) Gustavius(?) fr 468b ln 22
Mallston Sarah L fr 542b ln 16
Malone Charles D fr 435a ln 5
Malone Della M fr 435a ln 4
Malone Elizabeth fr 435a ln 2
Malone James C fr 435a ln 3
Malone Nelson S fr 435a ln 1
Maloney(?) Anna fr 475b ln 8
Maloney(?) James fr 475b ln 10
Maloney(?) John fr 475b ln 13
Maloney(?) Margret J fr 475b ln 12
Maloney(?) Mary fr 475b ln 7
Maloney(?) Mary E fr 475b ln 11
Maloney(?) Patrick fr 475b ln 6
Maloney(?) William fr 475b ln 9
Malony Patrick fr 434b ln 3
Malson Lorenzo fr 544b ln 27
Mamkin Caud(?) fr 438b ln 12
Mandio John S fr 525b ln 36
Maneon Eliza fr 449a ln 10
Manges(?) John Mfr 482b ln 15
Manley Albert fr 431b ln 37
Manley Benj fr 432a ln 1
Manley Libbi fr 431b ln 39
Manley Mary fr 431b ln 38
Manley William C fr 431b ln 40
Mannen Alise fr 510a ln 39
Mannen Anna L fr 510a ln 31
Mannen Elizabeth fr 428b ln 38
Mannen Ellen fr 510a ln 29
Mannen Ida Mary fr 510a ln 23
Mannen James fr 428b ln 37
Mannen Jennie D fr 510a ln 22
Mannen Leona M fr 510a ln 32
Mannen Marcissus fr 510a ln 38
Mannen Mariah C fr 510a ln 36
Mannen Melvin fr 510a ln 37
Mannen Orean W fr 510a ln 30
Mannen Thomas fr 510a ln 28
Mannen William E fr 510a ln 21
Mannen William R fr 510a ln 35
Manning Delilah fr 530b ln 8
Manning Isaac Mfr 479b ln 24
Manning Jamesfr 479b ln 22
Manning Joseph fr 530b ln 7
ManningHarriettfr 479b ln 23
Marcellus Julia A fr 512a ln 33
Marcellus Levi fr 512a ln 31
Marcellus Margaret A fr 512a ln 34
Marcellus Mary J fr 512a ln 32
Marcellus Sarah E fr 512a ln 35
March Clement fr 516b ln 12
March Flora fr 516b ln 16
March John fr 516b ln 15
March Lewis B fr 516b ln 17
March Margret fr 516b ln 18
March Mary fr 516b ln 13
March Sallie fr 516b ln 14
March Stephen fr 516b ln 19
Marcus Fitch fr 401a ln 6
Marcus Ida fr 401a ln 7
Marcus Israel fr 401a ln 12
Marcus Lavina fr 401a ln 8
Marcus Margie(?) fr 401a ln 9
Marcus Samuel fr 401a ln 4
Marcus Sarah fr 401a ln 5
Marden Lyman fr 450a ln 25
Marifield Emeline fr 545b ln 15
Marifield George H fr 545b ln 16
Marifield james C fr 545b ln 18
Marifield John fr 545b ln 14
Marifield Jsoeph F fr 545b ln 17
Marig(?) Christopher fr 494a ln 1
Marig(?) Doris B fr 494a ln 2
Marill Powell(?) fr 533b ln 18
Markel James fr 411a ln 20
Markel Jane fr 411a ln 16
Markel John fr 411a ln 17
Markel Mary fr 411a ln 19
Markel Mikel fr 411a ln 15
Markel Richard fr 411a ln 18
Markel(?) Josephfr 487b ln 33
Markel(?) Sarah Afr 487b ln 34
Markel(?) Sarah Mfr 487b ln 35
Markum Mary fr 434b ln 17
Marley Alice fr 471a ln 25
Marquess Benjamin fr 501a ln 4
Marquess Eveline fr 501a ln 3
Marquess Jasper N fr 501a ln 7
Marquess John C W fr 501a ln 6
Marquess Marion W fr 501a ln 2
Marquess William P fr 501a ln 5
Marrow Jane fr 499b ln 39
Marrow William fr 499b ln 38
Marrs David A fr 553b ln 29
Marrs Hugh G fr 553b ln 30
Marsam David fr 447b ln 33
Marsam Jos P fr 447b ln 31
Marsam Phebe H fr 447b ln 32
Martey Joseph fr 399a ln 39
Martin Alfred fr 409b ln 13
Martin Amanda fr 554a ln 25
Martin Anna L fr 447b ln 4
Martin Anne fr 552b ln 38
Martin Benj F fr 447b ln 2
Martin Charles B fr 540b ln 4
Martin Charles E fr 553a ln 39
Martin Charles K fr 421a ln 35
Martin Chasfr 484a ln 33
Martin Cora A fr 540b ln 6
Martin Cora B fr 399a ln 17
Martin Daniel fr 451b ln 38
Martin Daniel fr 554a ln 24
Martin Didama fr 447b ln 1
Martin Edwin fr 461a ln 15
Martin Elijah A fr 540a ln 40
Martin Ellen fr 553a ln 38
Martin Elsephus fr 540b ln 1
Martin Ethsena fr 540a ln 38
Martin Eugenna W fr 554a ln 26
Martin Eunice fr 553b ln 1
Martin Fannie fr 467a ln 9
Martin Fanny S fr 447b ln 3
Martin Felix W fr 495b ln 25
Martin Florance fr 451b ln 40
Martin Fredrick fr 448a ln 4
Martin George fr 452a ln 1
Martin Graciefr 484a ln 35
Martin Harry Lfr 490b ln 28
Martin Hattiefr 490b ln 29
Martin Henry B fr 448a ln 3
Martin Henry T fr 499b ln 2
Martin Horatio S fr 540b ln 2
Martin Hortense Bfr 484a ln 34
Martin Ida M fr 421b ln 1
Martin James fr 421a ln 33
Martin James fr 421a ln 39
Martin James fr 540b ln 7
Martin James G fr 540a ln 34
Martin James G fr 540a ln 39
Martin John fr 505a ln 37
Martin John fr 552b ln 37
Martin John fr 553b ln 2
Martin John W fr 399a ln 14
Martin Joseph C fr 553a ln 40
Martin Juliana fr 540a ln 37
Martin Katurah A fr 451b ln 39
Martin Leroy fr 551a ln 3
Martin Louisa fr 399a ln 16
Martin Louisa fr 552b ln 40
Martin Margret fr 399a ln 15
Martin Martha E fr 499b ln 3
Martin Mary A fr 540a ln 35
Martin Mary Afr 490b ln 27
Martin Mary E fr 421a ln 40
Martin Mary E fr 495b ln 26
Martin Mary J fr 540a ln 36
Martin Mary J fr 540b ln 5
Martin Maude M fr 499b ln 4
Martin Molliefr 489b ln 8
Martin Oliva fr 552b ln 39
Martin Peter fr 553b ln 3
Martin Rebecca A fr 551a ln 4
Martin Rebecca S fr 451b ln 37
Martin Richard L fr 554a ln 27
Martin Robert P fr 399a ln 18
Martin Sarah fr 421a ln 34
Martin Sarah J fr 421b ln 2
Martin Stella fr 448a ln 2
Martin Viola fr 421a ln 36
Martin William fr 543b ln 9
Martin William fr 553a ln 37
Martin William M fr 451b ln 36
Martin Wm Cfr 490b ln 26
Martz Charles fr 408b ln 5
Martz Dora fr 408b ln 7
Martz Rachel fr 408b ln 6
Mary Phillis fr 428b ln 36
Marys Kora fr 476a ln 20
Marys Lincoln fr 476a ln 25
Marys Sarah fr 476a ln 23
Marys William fr 476a ln 24
Mason Abraham fr 404b ln 36
Mason Ellenor fr 404b ln 38
Mason George W fr 405a ln 1
Mason Harriett fr 405a ln 4
Mason James M fr 405a ln 6
Mason Jeferson fr 404b ln 37
Mason John H fr 405a ln 7
Mason John S fr 404b ln 39
Mason Laura B fr 405a ln 8
Mason Lilie fr 405a ln 9
Mason Mary E fr 405a ln 5
Mason Sarah A fr 404b ln 40
Mason Sarah E fr 405a ln 3
Mason Thomas fr 405a ln 2
Masoner Adam C. fr 529a ln 5
Masoner Andrew fr 529a ln 13
Masoner David fr 529a ln 6
Masoner Dotty J fr 529a ln 9
Masoner Elizabeth fr 529a ln 8
Masoner George G fr 529a ln 4
Masoner Hiram fr 529a ln 1
Masoner Hiram fr 529a ln 11
Masoner John N. fr 529a ln 7
Masoner Margaret fr 529a ln 2
Masoner Napoleon B. fr 529a ln 3
Masoner Phoebe E fr 529a ln 10
Masoner William K fr 529a ln 12
Massey [unreadable] E fr 459a ln 5
Massey Charles H fr 536b ln 17
Massey Fancy C fr 536b ln 16
Massey John fr 536b ln 14
Massey John G fr 536b ln 19
Massey Johnfr 488b ln 29
Massey Lydia T fr 536b ln 15
Massey Major B. K. (?) fr 459a ln 7
Massey Mary fr 459a ln 6
Massey Richard W fr 459a ln 4
Massey Samuel fr 536b ln 20
Massey William fr 536b ln 18
Masters Alva fr 519a ln 3
Masters Elisabeth M fr 518b ln 11
Masters Ellen fr 519a ln 2
Masters Franklin fr 399b ln 26
Masters Gabriel J fr 518b ln 13
Masters Hendrick fr 518b ln 16
Masters James S fr 518b ln 17
Masters John fr 518b ln 10
Masters Joseph T fr 519a ln 1
Masters Mary J fr 518b ln 15
Masters Susannah fr 518b ln 18
Masters William h fr 518b ln 12
Masters Woodson M fr 518b ln 14
Mater Adolph fr 435a ln 40
Mathews Amanda fr 507a ln 7
Mathews Ann fr 436a ln 14
Mathews Caroline fr 430b ln 33
Mathews Chinton fr 507a ln 8
Mathews Clara M fr 430b ln 35
Mathews Ella fr 436a ln 18
Mathews Fanny fr 430b ln 38
Mathews Flora fr 436a ln 17
Mathews Francis(?) fr 430b ln 32
Mathews Frederick fr 430b ln 37
Mathews Fremont fr 436a ln 16
Mathews George fr 430b ln 34
Mathews Gilbert L fr 430b ln 36
Mathews Harrison fr 436a ln 7
Mathews Hudsom fr 534a ln 36
Mathews Jennie E. fr 534a ln 37
Mathews Joel E. fr 534a ln 38
Mathews Leander fr 436a ln 15
Mathews Martha fr 436a ln 9
Mathews Mary A fr 436a ln 8
Mathews Obediah fr 436a ln 13
Mathews Robert fr 507a ln 6
Mathews William S fr 430b ln 39
Mathews(?) chasfr 485a ln 23
Mathews(?) Danielfr 485a ln 21
Mathews(?) Geofr 485a ln 24
Mathews(?) Maryfr 485a ln 22
Maupin Henry E fr 511b ln 17
May Annie fr 455a ln 19
May Elizabeth fr 512b ln 34
May John E fr 512b ln 37
May Martha fr 455a ln 29
May Minnie A fr 512b ln 36
May Nelly fr 455a ln 28
May Samuelfr 489a ln 24
May Sidney fr 512b ln 38
May William fr 512b ln 33
May William W fr 512b ln 35
Mayberry Amanda fr 532b ln 25
Mayberry John W fr 532b ln 26
Mayberry William L fr 532b ln 24
Mayer Charlie fr 545b ln 7
Mayer E. C. fr 461a ln 29
Mayer Frederick fr 545b ln 8
Mayer Idora fr 545b ln 5
Mayer John fr 461a ln 31
Mayer John M fr 545b ln 3
Mayer Nancy J. fr 461a ln 30
Mayer Sylvia A fr 545b ln 4
Mayer William P fr 545b ln 6
Mayfield Anna L fr 535a ln 40
Mayfield Elisia fr 535a ln 34
Mayfield Emma fr 535a ln 36
Mayfield Joseph L fr 535a ln 39
Mayfield Leander fr 535a ln 37
Mayfield Mary E fr 535a ln 38
Mayfield Siles fr 535a ln 35
Mayo Edmund fr 518b ln 1
Mayo Emeline fr 518b ln 2
Mayo Ferdinand fr 518b ln 4
Mayo James fr 518b ln 3
Mayo John fr 518b ln 7
Mayo Lamoine(?) fr 518b ln 8
Mayo Prios fr 518b ln 5
Mayo Tipton fr 518b ln 6
Mayors(?) August fr 462b ln 13
Mc[unreadable]holland Ellenfr 491a ln 2
Mc[unreadable]holland Francesfr 491a ln 6
Mc[unreadable]holland James Wfr 491a ln 4
Mc[unreadable]holland Thomas Jfr 491a ln 5
Mc[unreadable]holland Thosfr 491a ln 1
Mc[unreadable]holland Williamfr 491a ln 3
McAdams Wm fr 437b ln 16
McBride Ann fr 440a ln 28
McBride Curtis fr 539a ln 11
McBride Edward Rfr 480a ln 39
McBride Erwin fr 539a ln 12
McBride Geo W fr 539a ln 10
McBride Hellen Mfr 480a ln 40
McBride James H. fr 539a ln 7
McBride John fr 440a ln 25
McBride John A fr 539a ln 6
McBride Lucinda fr 539a ln 5
McBride Nancy fr 440a ln 26
McBride Neilson(?) fr 440a ln 27
McBride Perry A fr 539a ln 9
McBride Robert fr 440a ln 29
McBride Sarah fr 468b ln 1
McBride thomas fr 539a ln 4
McBride William T fr 539a ln 8
McCain Albert B fr 511b ln 26
McCain Amelia J fr 512a ln 20
McCain Edward G fr 511b ln 30
McCain Eliza fr 512a ln 18
McCain Ellie F fr 511b ln 29
McCain George M fr 511b ln 27
McCain Isabella C fr 511b ln 28
McCain James fr 511b ln 24
McCain Mary L fr 511b ln 25
McCain Taylor fr 512a ln 21
McCain William fr 512a ln 17
McCain William A fr 512a ln 19
McCan John A fr 463a ln 24
McCane Charles E fr 508b ln 37
McCane Cord B fr 508b ln 35
McCane John L fr 508b ln 33
McCane Mary A fr 508b ln 36
McCane Mary C fr 508b ln 34
McCaneal(?) John fr 402b ln 14
McCarthur Andras fr 414a ln 8
McCarthur Bridget fr 414a ln 4
McCarthur John fr 414a ln 5
McCarthur Lucy fr 414a ln 9
McCarthur Mary fr 414a ln 6
McCarthur Owen fr 414a ln 3
McCarthur Peter fr 414a ln 10
McCarthur William fr 414a ln 7
McCary John fr 430b ln 40
McCaslin Maxwell fr 459a ln 15
McCauflin John fr 448a ln 32
McClanahan Alexander fr 526a ln 22
McClanahan Altha fr 526a ln 17
McClanahan Frank fr 526a ln 21
McClanahan John W fr 526a ln 18
McClanahan Louisa fr 526a ln 20
McClanahan Otuson(?) fr 526a ln 16
McClanahan Robert fr 526a ln 19
McClanahan Robt fr 498a ln 14
McClure Annafr 486a ln 8
McClure Lewisfr 486a ln 7
McColley Elizabeth fr 400a ln 5
McColley Jospehine fr 400a ln 6
McColley Richard fr 400a ln 4
McComber Neivel fr 457b ln 22
McConner Ann fr 431b ln 6
McConner Susan fr 431b ln 5
McConner Wm fr 431b ln 4
McCord Ed A fr 413b ln 12
McCord Ephram fr 539a ln 40
McCord Etta fr 539b ln 2
McCord James fr 413b ln 15
McCord James fr 539b ln 3
McCord John fr 413b ln 16
McCord John fr 539b ln 4
McCord Mary fr 413b ln 14
McCord Sarah fr 413b ln 13
McCord Sarah fr 539b ln 1
McCordel Mariah E fr 399b ln 8
McCordel Phillip fr 399b ln 7
McCordel Sarah fr 399b ln 9
McCormick James H fr 517b ln 11
McCormick Mary fr 517b ln 9
McCormick Mary A fr 517b ln 10
McCormick William fr 517b ln 8
McCormick William L fr 517b ln 12
McCoy Daniel fr 497b ln 5
McCoy Ida J fr 497b ln 4
McCoy James H fr 497b ln 2
McCoy Martha L fr 497b ln 3
McCoy Mary A fr 497b ln 1
McCoy Susan fr 497a ln 40
McCoy William R fr 497a ln 39
McCullom Andrew fr 409b ln 24
McCullom Eunise fr 409b ln 29
McCullom Glendora fr 409b ln 28
McCullom James fr 409b ln 27
McCullom Jemima fr 409b ln 25
McCullom Magie fr 409b ln 30
McCullom Robert fr 409b ln 26
McCullough Andrew fr 495a ln 20
McCullough Mary fr 495a ln 21
McCullough Rinaldo(?) fr 495a ln 22
McDaniel Alva A fr 510b ln 33
McDaniel Alx fr 449b ln 19
McDaniel Anne fr 524a ln 2
McDaniel Clarance A fr 510b ln 32
McDaniel Ezra fr 510b ln 34
McDaniel George B fr 510b ln 30
McDaniel Hamm fr 422b ln 19
McDaniel James E fr 510b ln 31
McDaniel Jesse G fr 524a ln 1
McDaniel John fr 524a ln 5
McDaniel Laura Afr 487b ln 10
McDaniel Louisa Efr 487b ln 12
McDaniel Martha P fr 524a ln 4
McDaniel Millie A fr 524a ln 3
McDaniel Nancy J fr 524a ln 6
McDaniel Oscar Afr 487b ln 13
McDaniel William fr 536c ln 31
McDaniel William L fr 524a ln 7
McDaniel Willie Dfr 487b ln 11
McDaniels Abigail fr 497b ln 20
McDaniels Alice fr 497b ln 22
McDaniels Arthur T fr 527b ln 3
McDaniels Benjamin fr 528a ln 32
McDaniels Berilla fr 497b ln 23
McDaniels Clara J fr 527a ln 39
McDaniels Fenus(?) E fr 528b ln 7
McDaniels George W fr 527b ln 2
McDaniels Grissey J fr 528a ln 27
McDaniels James fr 527b ln 1
McDaniels James fr 528a ln 26
McDaniels James W fr 528b ln 5
McDaniels Joseph P fr 527a ln 38
McDaniels Josephine fr 497b ln 21
McDaniels Luella(?) fr 529b ln 15
McDaniels Luther W fr 527b ln 4
McDaniels Martha E fr 528b ln 6
McDaniels Martha M. fr 529b ln 14
McDaniels Mary E fr 497b ln 24
McDaniels Mary E fr 528a ln 30
McDaniels Nancy M fr 527a ln 40
McDaniels Narcissus J fr 528a ln 28
McDaniels Susan E fr 527b ln 5
McDaniels Viola fr 528a ln 29
McDaniels William fr 529b ln 13
McDaniels William F fr 528a ln 31
McDowall Elizabeth fr 554b ln 23
McDowall Hamton(?) fr 554b ln 22
McDowall virgil B fr 554b ln 24
McDowell A fr 443a ln 33
McDowell James fr 429a ln 5
McDowell John fr 429a ln 7
McDowell Mary fr 443a ln 34
McDowell Mary G fr 443a ln 35
McDowell Sarah C fr 429a ln 6
McDowell Sarah J fr 443a ln 36
McDowell William fr 443a ln 37
McElroy Elizabeth M fr 512a ln 6
McElroy William A fr 512a ln 7
McElroy William E fr 512a ln 5
McEntosh David fr 401b ln 7
McEntosh Ella fr 401b ln 6
McEwen Adaline fr 462b ln 11
McEwen Andrew J fr 462b ln 10
McEwen Carlina(?) fr 462b ln 8
McEwen John fr 462b ln 6
McEwen John T fr 462b ln 9
McEwen Martha fr 462b ln 7
McFadden Andrew H fr 540a ln 8
McFadden Charles fr 540a ln 12
McFadden Elizabeth fr 540a ln 9
McFadden Fanny fr 540a ln 13
McFadden George E fr 540a ln 10
McFadden John fr 540a ln 11
McFadden Lucy fr 522b ln 35
McFarlan Katyfr 490a ln 31
McFarland John fr 434b ln 7
McFee Calphurnia fr 462b ln 15
McFee Frances fr 462b ln 17
McFee Henry fr 462b ln 14
McFee Laura B fr 462b ln 16
McGahey George W fr 497b ln 36
McGill Alicefr 480b ln 21
McGill Burtiefr 480b ln 24
McGill Frankfr 480b ln 22
McGill James fr 467b ln 27
McGill Mary Efr 480b ln 19
McGill Mary Jfr 480a ln 25
McGill Minerva E fr 467b ln 28
McGill Thomas fr 480b ln 20
McGill Williamfr 480b ln 18
McGill Williefr 480b ln 23
McGillis Anna fr 471b ln 24
McGillis John fr 471b ln 25
McGillis Lochlin fr 471b ln 23
McGillis Mathew fr 471b ln 26
McGillis Sarah fr 471b ln 28
McGillis Teresa fr 471b ln 27
McGinnis John fr 461a ln 33
McGowen Margaretfr 483a ln 6
McGowen Matildafr 483a ln 7
McGraw Alice fr 462b ln 23
McGraw Cristopher fr 462b ln 31
McGraw Emily fr 462b ln 26
McGraw John fr 462b ln 27
McGraw Margret fr 462b ln 28
McGraw Patrick fr 462b ln 25
McGraw Robert fr 462b ln 22
McGraw Robert fr 462b ln 29
McGraw Thomas fr 462b ln 24
McGraw Timothy fr 462b ln 30
McGuffin Abraham fr 532a ln 8
McGuffin Ann Eliza fr 531b ln 33
McGuffin Charles fr 532a ln 10
McGuffin Elizabeth fr 531b ln 32
McGuffin John fr 532b ln 6
McGuffin John P fr 532b ln 8
McGuffin Joseph fr 532a ln 12
McGuffin Margret B fr 532b ln 9
McGuffin Mary J fr 532b ln 7
McGuffin Polly fr 532a ln 9
McGuffin Preston fr 531b ln 31
McGuffin Rebecca J fr 532a ln 11
McGuffin William fr 532b ln 10
McGunder Catharine fr 551b ln 13
McGunder Ida fr 551b ln 14
McGunder William fr 551b ln 12
McGurk Ellen fr 412b ln 14
McGurk Patrick fr 412b ln 15
McIntosh David fr 493a ln 4
McIntosh Duncan fr 493a ln 6
McIntosh John fr 429b ln 10
McIntosh Margret fr 493a ln 5
McKee Martha A fr 542b ln 2
McKee Mary V fr 542b ln 4
McKee Robert L fr 542b ln 3
Mckee Samuel E fr 542b ln 1
McKee Sarah E fr 545b ln 2
McKeeprush Abner fr 403a ln 20
McKeeprush Chas fr 403a ln 22
McKeeprush Jemima fr 403a ln 19
McKeeprush John fr 403a ln 18
McKeeprush Mary L fr 403a ln 21

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