Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

McKimby Alice fr 431a ln 28
McKinney Alexander C fr 520a ln 40
McKinney Anna fr 520a ln 39
McKinney James fr 520b ln 1
McKinney James K fr 530b ln 22
McKinney Joseph fr 520a ln 38
McKinney Joseph fr 520b ln 4
McKinney Letishia fr 520b ln 2
McKinney Malissa fr 520b ln 3
McKinnon Neil fr 468b ln 34
McKinsic Alx fr 436b ln 8
McKinster Enmiarita(?) fr 501b ln 39
McKinster James fr 501b ln 33
McKinster Jesse fr 501b ln 36
McKinster Judy fr 501b ln 40
McKinster Julia A fr 501b ln 34
McKinster Ladocia fr 502a ln 1
McKinster Mounterville fr 501b ln 37
McKinster Nancy J fr 501b ln 38
McKinster William fr 501b ln 35
McKinten(?) W. F fr 474b ln 17
McKoon(?) Charles M fr 514a ln 35
McKoon(?) John A fr 514a ln 30
McKoon(?) John L fr 514a ln 34
McKoon(?) Joseph Z fr 514a ln 33
McKoon(?) Mary J fr 514a ln 31
McKoon(?) Sarah M fr 514a ln 32
McKristy(?) Sarah fr 473b ln 4
McKurney Alice fr 555b ln 2
McKurney Isora F fr 555b ln 3
McKurney Samuel fr 555b ln 1
McLachlin Dora B. fr 472a ln 4
McLachlin H. M. fr 472a ln 1
McLachlin John S. fr 472a ln 3
McLachlin Mary fr 472a ln 2
McLachlin Mary fr 472a ln 5
McLane Irvin fr 542a ln 31
McLaughlin Arsa(?) fr 464a ln 23
McLaughlin Eddie fr 469a ln 27
McLaughlin Edward D fr 469a ln 25
McLaughlin Frankfr 484b ln 34
McLaughlin Hannah fr 492b ln 10
McLaughlin Jo. T. fr 469a ln 20
McLaughlin John fr 492b ln 9
McLaughlin Mary C. S. fr 469a ln 26
McLaughlin Maynard fr 492b ln 12
McLaughlin Nancy G fr 469a ln 28
McLaughlin Norman fr 492b ln 11
McLaughlin Sarah fr 469a ln 21
McLauglin Armintafr 490a ln 39
McLauglin Berthafr 490b ln 2
McLauglin Effiefr 490a ln 40
McLauglin Minniefr 490b ln 1
McLauglin Orlandofr 490a ln 38
McMahan Catharine fr 507a ln 37
McMahan Daniel W fr 507a ln 34
McMahan Eliza fr 507a ln 31
McMahan Florance fr 507a ln 35
McMahan John fr 507a ln 36
McMahan Mary E fr 507a ln 32
McMahan Sarah A fr 507a ln 33
McManus Robert fr 429a ln 30
McMelon Phebe A fr 433b ln 15
McMulen John M fr 434b ln 33
McMullin(?) Maryfr 484b ln 28
McNalley James fr 401a ln 11
McNalley James fr 536a ln 33
McNelley Andrew fr 410a ln 1
McNelley Anne fr 410a ln 6
McNelley Catharine fr 410a ln 2
McNelley Charles fr 410a ln 3
McNelley Isabel fr 409b ln 32
McNelley John fr 409b ln 31
McNelley John fr 410a ln 4
McNelley Lilla fr 410a ln 7
McNelley William fr 410a ln 5
McNucent A fr 449a ln 31
McPherson Jesse B. F fr 520b ln 15
McPherson Laura E fr 520b ln 18
McPherson Lillie M fr 520b ln 17
McPherson Sarah L fr 520b ln 16
McQueen(?) Amelia D fr 517a ln 2
McQueen(?) Edward fr 517a ln 1
McQueen(?) Guy H fr 517a ln 3
McReynolds Flora fr 470b ln 11
McReynolds Frank fr 470b ln 9
McReynolds John fr 470b ln 6
McReynolds Julia fr 470b ln 10
McReynolds Sallie fr 470b ln 7
McReynolds William fr 470b ln 8
McTeer Mary J fr 521a ln 10
McTeer Nancy fr 521a ln 9
McTeer Samuel M fr 521a ln 8
McWilliam [no first name] fr 408b ln 39
McWilliam Virginia fr 408b ln 40
McWilliams Clede fr 451a ln 38
McWilliams Elizabeth fr 459b ln 18
McWilliams Hannah fr 451a ln 35
McWilliams Hugh fr 459b ln 19
McWilliams Keston(?) E fr 459b ln 16
McWilliams Mary fr 451a ln 36
McWilliams Milley fr 451a ln 37
McWilliams Sarah fr 459b ln 15
McWilliams T.C fr 425b ln 15
McWilliams Thos(?) fr 459b ln 14
McWilliams William fr 451a ln 34
McWilliams Wm T fr 459b ln 17
Mead Alonzo H fr 446b ln 19
Mead Elizabeth fr 446b ln 18
Mead Gabriel E fr 535a ln 3
Mead George J fr 535a ln 7
Mead Isabella fr 446b ln 20
Mead James fr 535a ln 1
Mead James M fr 535a ln 5
Mead John E fr 535a ln 4
Mead Levi fr 446b ln 17
Mead Mary J fr 535a ln 8
Mead Sallie fr 535a ln 2
Mead Sarah fr 535a ln 6
Mead Sarah L fr 446b ln 21
Means Frankfr 486a ln 10
Means Lewisfr 486a ln 16
Means Mary Efr 486a ln 18
Means Maryfr 486a ln 17
Means Nelliefr 486a ln 11
Medley Eliza C fr 517a ln 34
Medley George H fr 517a ln 33
Medley Mary E fr 517a ln 35
Mefefe(?) Andrew fr 409b ln 20
Mefefe(?) Edward fr 409b ln 23
Mefefe(?) Ellen fr 409b ln 19
Mefefe(?) Harrison fr 409b ln 16
Mefefe(?) Julia fr 409b ln 22
Mefefe(?) Mary fr 409b ln 17
Mefefe(?) Nancy fr 409b ln 21
Mefefe(?) Sarah fr 409b ln 18
Mefefe(?) Sophiah fr 409b ln 15
Mefefe(?) William fr 409b ln 14
Meglen(?) E[unreadable]fr 483b ln 15
Meglen(?) Matildafr 483b ln 12
Meglen(?) Menafr 483b ln 11
Meglen(?) Samuel(?)fr 483b ln 14
Meglen(?) Willie(?)fr 483b ln 13
Meglen(?) Wmfr 483b ln 10
Meigs Charles F fr 559a ln 10
Meigs Herman A fr 559a ln 7
Meigs Ida S fr 559a ln 12
Meigs Irving J fr 559a ln 13
Meigs Jane fr 559a ln 8
Meigs Luella A fr 559a ln 9
Meigs Willie L fr 559a ln 11
Meikle John fr 540a ln 4
Meikle Mary fr 540a ln 5
Meikle Mary J fr 540a ln 7
Meikle Thomas H fr 540a ln 6
Memkin Ann fr 438b ln 29
Menard(?) Abner fr 498a ln 34
Menard(?) John fr 498a ln 33
Menard(?) Mary fr 498a ln 32
Menard(?) Rebecca fr 498a ln 35
Menard(?) Thomas fr 498a ln 31
Mentrce(?) Maryfr 488a ln 16
Merdick Carrie E fr 533a ln 14
Merdick Frank fr 533a ln 17
Merdick Harry fr 533a ln 16
Merdick Ida B. fr 533a ln 13
Merdick Layfayette fr 533a ln 10
Merdick Lizzie fr 533a ln 12
Merdick Mary J. fr 533a ln 11
Merdick Nina fr 533a ln 15
Merrell Wm fr 459a ln 31
Merret Elmira C fr 455a ln 31
Merret John W fr 455a ln 30
Merril(?) John fr 468a ln 3
Merritt Ann fr 537b ln 25
Merritt Irena fr 522a ln 30
Merritt James M fr 522b ln 12
Merritt Josiah S fr 522b ln 14
Merritt Josiah T fr 522b ln 10
Merritt Mar R fr 522b ln 11
Merritt Susan H fr 522a ln 28
Merritt Yerber(?) B fr 522b ln 13
Merritt Zulo G fr 522a ln 29
Mesanny Charles fr 440b ln 14
Mesanny Polina fr 440b ln 15
Meseldine(?) Rogaine(?) fr 464b ln 29
Messick Geo fr 476b ln 18
Messick Harriett fr 476b ln 19
Messmore Allen F fr 440b ln 33
Messmore Jerusha fr 440b ln 37
Messmore Laura fr 440b ln 36
Messmore Owin fr 440b ln 35
Messmore Sarah J fr 440b ln 34
Metusanyahdom fr 399a ln 40
Michael Hannah fr 449a ln 32
Michleborough Anna L fr 509a ln 10
Michleborough Mary J fr 509a ln 9
Michleborough Richard S fr 509a ln 8
Michner Clara E fr 443b ln 30
Michner Frances M fr 443b ln 32
Michner George W fr 443b ln 29
Michner James S fr 443b ln 31
Michner Nancy J fr 443b ln 28
Michner Seneca fr 443b ln 27
Middlemuss John fr 415a ln 35
Middlemuss Thomas fr 415a ln 33
Middlemuss Thomas fr 415a ln 34
Mikemmer Niklous fr 547b ln 8
Milby Emeline fr 556b ln 21
Milby George fr 556b ln 20
Milby George B fr 556b ln 23
Milby Lotta fr 556b ln 22
Miles John fr 447b ln 13
Miles Lizie fr 447b ln 15
Miles Minnie fr 447b ln 14
Millard Maria fr 543a ln 17
Millard Nelson fr 543a ln 16
Miller Able fr 415a ln 32
Miller Adam fr 540b ln 25
Miller Adam fr 541a ln 6
Miller Ann fr 415a ln 28
Miller Ann E fr 541a ln 2
Miller Anne fr 554b ln 9
Miller Anthony fr 541b ln 10
Miller Antony fr 541a ln 7
Miller Benedick fr 467a ln 34
Miller Benedick fr 467a ln 40
Miller Bertha fr 540b ln 29
Miller Carrie fr 540b ln 26
Miller Catharine fr 541a ln 9
Miller Catharine fr 541b ln 11
Miller Catherine fr 439a ln 1
Miller Charles fr 415a ln 31
Miller Clara fr 541b ln 14
Miller Cora A fr 429b ln 11
Miller Deidrick fr 438b ln 38
Miller Dorah fr 554b ln 10
Miller Dorthea(?) fr 536c ln 32
Miller Edward C fr 510a ln 27
Miller Effian fr 540b ln 27
Miller Elizabeth fr 418b ln 33
Miller Ellenorah fr 467a ln 36
Miller Francis fr 540b ln 30
Miller Francis M fr 429b ln 12
Miller Franklin fr 533a ln 9
Miller Frederick fr 467a ln 38
Miller George fr 436a ln 40
Miller George fr 459b ln 40
Miller Harmin fr 438b ln 40
Miller Henrietta fr 467a ln 37
Miller Henry fr 439b ln 8
Miller Henry fr 465a ln 28
Miller Henry A. fr 533a ln 7
Miller Henry G fr 511a ln 27
Miller Jacob fr 467b ln 3
Miller Jacob fr 541a ln 5
Miller James fr 415a ln 29
Miller James fr 418b ln 31
Miller James fr 418b ln 34
Miller Jane L fr 495a ln 18
Miller Jennie fr 511a ln 28
Miller John fr 538a ln 29
Miller John H fr 439a ln 2
Miller John P fr 415a ln 27
Miller Jonas fr 538a ln 30
Miller Joseph fr 495a ln 2
Miller Joseph fr 540b ln 28
Miller Joseph S fr 493b ln 25
Miller Kate fr 541b ln 12
Miller Lewis D fr 495a ln 17
Miller Lucy L fr 454b ln 16
Miller Mariaha fr 454b ln 15
Miller Marietta fr 511a ln 29
Miller Martha fr 418b ln 32
Miller Martin fr 438b ln 3
Miller Martin fr 439a ln 3
Miller Mary fr 436b ln 1
Miller Mary fr 467a ln 35
Miller Mary B fr 495a ln 19
Miller Mary E fr 429b ln 14
Miller Mary E. fr 533a ln 8
Miller Maryfr 479a ln 4
Miller Nancy fr 429b ln 13
Miller Naneta fr 467a ln 39
Miller Nicolas fr 554b ln 11
Miller Nicolas fr 554b ln 8
Miller Peter fr 541a ln 3
Miller Peter fr 541b ln 13
Miller Peter Junior fr 541a ln 1
Miller Peter Senior fr 541a ln 8
Miller Rebecca fr 438b ln 39
Miller Reizar M L fr 495a ln 3
Miller Ruhama fr 436a ln 39
Miller Samuel fr 415a ln 30
Miller Samuel J fr 454b ln 17
Miller Solomon fr 436a ln 38
Miller William fr 467b ln 6
Miller William fr 541a ln 4
Miller William A fr 495a ln 4
Milles(?) Enoch W fr 475a ln 37
Milles(?) Fancy fr 475a ln 36
Milles(?) George A fr 475a ln 38
Milles(?) John fr 475a ln 35
Milles(?) Joseph D fr 475a ln 39
Millis Calvinfr 481b ln 37
Millis Enoch fr 553b ln 27
Millis Minerva J fr 553b ln 28
Mills Charles fr 429b ln 35
Mills Elizabeth J fr 495a ln 37
Mills George L fr 495a ln 36
Mills Isabella fr 434a ln 15
Mills Joseph fr 507a ln 28
Mills Mary A fr 429b ln 33
Mills Nathan fr 429b ln 32
Mills Samuel fr 429b ln 34
Mills Sarah A fr 434a ln 14
Mills William fr 463a ln 16
Mimers Frank fr 437b ln 15
Miner Sarah H fr 543b ln 26
Minick Carrie fr 460a ln 30
Minick Kettie fr 460a ln 32
Minick Luther fr 460a ln 28
Minick Mary J fr 460a ln 29
Minick Vern fr 460a ln 31
Minold Anna fr 464a ln 2
Minold Clara fr 464a ln 4
Minold Elizabeth fr 464a ln 1
Minold Joanna fr 463b ln 40
Minold Theodore fr 463b ln 39
Minold Willie fr 464a ln 3
Minor Emma fr 532b ln 36
Minor Lancelot(?) fr 532b ln 35
Minor Mahala fr 538a ln 34
Mitchel Arthur L fr 509b ln 17
Mitchel Charles fr 513b ln 34
Mitchel David fr 418b ln 35
Mitchel Elizabeth A fr 444b ln 22
Mitchel Florance fr 444b ln 28
Mitchel Helena fr 444b ln 26
Mitchel henry c fr 444b ln 27
Mitchel Jane fr 418b ln 37
Mitchel John fr 444b ln 21
Mitchel John fr 444b ln 24
Mitchel Louisa A fr 509b ln 18
Mitchel Lula fr 513b ln 33
Mitchel Margaret J fr 444b ln 23
Mitchel Mary fr 418b ln 36
Mitchel Mary fr 513b ln 31
Mitchel Rhoda fr 513b ln 35
Mitchel Roda fr 513b ln 30
Mitchel Roseberry fr 509b ln 16
Mitchel Virginia fr 444b ln 25
Mitchel William W fr 513b ln 29
Mitchel Willietta fr 513b ln 32
Mitchell Amanda fr 471b ln 6
Mitchell Bethnia fr 546b ln 13
Mitchell Calvin fr 546b ln 11
Mitchell Effie fr 471a ln 30
Mitchell Ezra N fr 546b ln 14
Mitchell James fr 471b ln 5
Mitchell John fr 519a ln 39
Mitchell Lillie fr 471a ln 31
Mitchell Maggie fr 471a ln 29
Mitchell Nellie fr 471a ln 32
Mitchell Samuel fr 460a ln 17
Mitchell Sarah fr 546b ln 12
Mitchell Thomas fr 519a ln 40
Mitchell Warron fr 471a ln 28
Mitchler Alvin fr 465b ln 37
Mitchler Charlie fr 465b ln 39
Mitchler Edwind fr 465b ln 38
Mitchler Frank fr 465b ln 36
Mitchler Geo H fr 465b ln 34
Mitchler Mary fr 465b ln 40
Mitchler Mary J fr 465b ln 35
Mizo James fr 431a ln 40
Mobley [unreadable] C fr 398a ln 5
Mobley Emma fr 398a ln 2
Mobley Jerry fr 527b ln 40
Mobley John fr 398a ln 3
Mobley Maud fr 398a ln 4
Mobley William A fr 398a ln 1
Mobley(?) Maisa(?) fr 488b ln 16
Monk Emerson B fr 550b ln 22
Moody Joseph fr 553a ln 15
Moody William fr 512b ln 17
Moon Jenniefr 486a ln 5
Mooney Albert A fr 401a ln 3
Mooney Benjamin fr 536a ln 18
Mooney Charlotte j fr 400b ln 36
Mooney Emely fr 400b ln 39
Mooney Francis M fr 401a ln 1
Mooney Ira C fr 536a ln 16
Mooney Jefferson fr 400b ln 35
Mooney La Fayette fr 400b ln 37
Mooney Mary fr 400b ln 38
Mooney Nancy R. fr 536a ln 17
Mooney Reily(?) fr 401a ln 2
Mooney Rush F fr 400b ln 40
Moor Elizabeth fr 509b ln 6
Moor Emma fr 509b ln 7
Moor Timothy fr 509b ln 5
Moore Addy M fr 517a ln 32
Moore Alonza fr 517a ln 30
Moore Arvezenia(?) fr 524b ln 36
Moore Benjamin fr 545a ln 5
Moore Caroline C fr 531a ln 29
Moore Catherine fr 476a ln 21
Moore Edwin F fr 531a ln 33
Moore Ephraim S fr 517a ln 28
Moore Francis fr 545a ln 6
Moore Frankfr 482a ln 24
Moore Hellen fr 476a ln 22
Moore James fr 476a ln 19
Moore James fr 524b ln 38
Moore James M fr 545a ln 10
Moore Jane fr 476a ln 18
Moore Jason H fr 428a ln 10
Moore John fr 524b ln 35
Moore Joseph fr 552a ln 30
Moore Joseph F fr 464b ln 3
Moore Julia A fr 474b ln 10
Moore Kansas F fr 552a ln 34
Moore Lemuel fr 464b ln 5
Moore Lucy fr 472a ln 39
Moore Lydia A fr 531a ln 32
Moore Margret fr 472a ln 38
Moore Martha J fr 517a ln 31
Moore Mary fr 474b ln 9
Moore Mary fr 524b ln 39
Moore Mary M fr 517a ln 29
Moore Moses F fr 531a ln 28
Moore Nettey(?) fr 474b ln 8
Moore Nora T fr 428a ln 11
Moore Percilla fr 476a ln 17
Moore Rhoda fr 552a ln 31
Moore Richard fr 472a ln 37
Moore Richard fr 474b ln 11
Moore Richard H fr 552a ln 33
Moore Sally fr 472a ln 40
Moore Samuel W fr 552a ln 32
Moore Sarah A fr 428a ln 9
Moore Sarah A fr 525a ln 1
Moore Stephen A fr 525a ln 2
Moore Thomas D fr 524b ln 40
Moore Thomas J fr 531a ln 34
Moore Warren fr 464b ln 4
Moore William fr 428a ln 8
Moore William fr 524b ln 37
Moore Willis(?) fr 474b ln 7
Moran Anora fr 442a ln 14
Moran James fr 442a ln 15
Moran Kate fr 442a ln 16
Moran Mary fr 442a ln 12
Moran Mary fr 442a ln 13
Morehead George fr 410b ln 28
Morehead James fr 410b ln 25
Morehead John fr 410b ln 22
Morehead John fr 410b ln 29
Morehead Margaret fr 410b ln 23
Morehead Martha fr 410b ln 24
Morehead Mary fr 410b ln 27
Morehead William fr 410b ln 26
Morey Edward fr 426b ln 26
Morey Ella M fr 426b ln 27
Morey Moses fr 426b ln 24
Morey Nancy E fr 426b ln 25
Morgan Barney fr 551a ln 28
Morgan Calvin fr 557b ln 34
Morgan Charles J fr 521b ln 25
Morgan Cunes(?) B fr 521b ln 21
Morgan Daniel B fr 557b ln 33
Morgan Dave(?) H fr 521b ln 23
Morgan Edward fr 551a ln 30
Morgan Elizabeth fr 557a ln 10
Morgan Elizabeth fr 557b ln 40
Morgan Ellen M fr 415b ln 9
Morgan Ellen M fr 521b ln 22
Morgan Francis fr 557a ln 11
Morgan Francis M fr 521b ln 24
Morgan Henry fr 411a ln 2
Morgan James fr 415b ln 13
Morgan James M fr 557b ln 36
Morgan Jane fr 415b ln 10
Morgan John fr 557b ln 38
Morgan Joseph fr 558a ln 5
Morgan Josephine fr 558a ln 6
Morgan Lucinda fr 557a ln 9
Morgan Margaret fr 415b ln 12
Morgan Margaret fr 557b ln 37
Morgan Marsha fr 411a ln 6
Morgan Martha fr 557b ln 35
Morgan Mary fr 411a ln 3
Morgan Mary fr 551a ln 29
Morgan Mary fr 551a ln 31
Morgan Mary A fr 558a ln 2
Morgan Mary J fr 557a ln 8
Morgan Nancy fr 411a ln 4
Morgan Nancy fr 557b ln 31
Morgan Nancy J fr 558a ln 1
Morgan Octavia(?) fr 411a ln 7
Morgan Roda fr 411a ln 5
Morgan Sallie fr 415b ln 14
Morgan Saloma fr 558a ln 4
Morgan Saml Mfr 480b ln 7
Morgan Sarah fr 415b ln 11
Morgan Sarah C fr 558a ln 3
Morgan Thomas fr 415b ln 8
Morgan Wallace P fr 557b ln 32
Morgan William fr 557a ln 12
Morgan William fr 557a ln 7
Morgan William fr 557b ln 30
Morgan William fr 557b ln 39
Morrell Harry fr 433b ln 8
Morrell Hester A fr 433b ln 5
Morrell James fr 433b ln 4
Morrell James B fr 433b ln 7
Morrell John fr 433b ln 6
Morrell Mary fr 433b ln 9
Morris Abegail fr 423b ln 19
Morris Anne fr 526a ln 36
Morris Daniel fr 473a ln 11
Morris Henry fr 448a ln 31
Morris Jane fr 473a ln 12
Morris Jasper fr 526a ln 35
Morris John Cfr 485a ln 32
Morris John W fr 473a ln 13
Morris Levi fr 423b ln 23
Morris Mary fr 423b ln 21
Morris Mary E fr 526a ln 37
Morris Melis(?) fr 423b ln 22
Morris Nathan fr 423b ln 18
Morris Russal fr 473a ln 14
Morris Selia(?) fr 423b ln 20
Morris Thomas fr 448a ln 30
Morrison Hattiefr 489a ln 34
Morrison Margaret H fr 521b ln 20
Morrison Peter J fr 521b ln 18
Morrison Sarah E fr 521b ln 19
Morrow Mary J fr 551a ln 17
Morse Geo. fr 471a ln 27
Mortimer Patsey fr 538b ln 14
Mortin Emma L fr 449b ln 11
Mortin H. S. fr 449b ln 10
Mosgrove Catharine fr 532a ln 15
Mosman Herman fr 499a ln 18
Mud Alicefr 479b ln 29
Mulkins Orve fr 431a ln 39
Mulligan John fr 435a ln 23
Mullon Hiram fr 508b ln 7
Mullon James fr 508b ln 9
Mullon John F fr 508b ln 10
Mullon Susan fr 508b ln 8
Mulvane Clara J fr 434b ln 31
Mulvane Patrick fr 434b ln 30
Munn Asaph(?) fr 449b ln 29
Murdick Andrew fr 548a ln 36
Murdick Caroline fr 548a ln 32
Murdick Elizabeth fr 548a ln 37
Murdick Hamilton fr 548a ln 34
Murdick Jacob fr 548a ln 33
Murdick Joseph fr 548a ln 38
Murdick Mary fr 548a ln 31
Murdick Mary fr 548a ln 35
Murdick Scroggs fr 548a ln 30
Murdock Frank fr 522b ln 9
Murdock Isabella fr 522b ln 5
Murdock Jennette fr 522b ln 7
Murdock John fr 522b ln 8
Murdock William fr 522b ln 4
Murdock William fr 522b ln 6
Murphy Anna fr 474a ln 37
Murphy Catharine fr 556a ln 17
Murphy Charles fr 427b ln 5
Murphy Elvira(?)fr 480b ln 31
Murphy Henry P fr 434b ln 23
Murphy James M fr 434b ln 20
Murphy Jamesfr 480b ln 30
Murphy Johannas fr 449a ln 19
Murphy Mary fr 427b ln 6
Murphy Mary fr 498a ln 7
Murphy Mary E fr 434b ln 22
Murphy Mary E fr 473b ln 40
Murphy Mike fr 474a ln 36
Murphy Patrick fr 556a ln 18
Murphy Sarah fr 434b ln 21
Murphy Thomas fr 551b ln 5
Murphy Thomas A fr 498a ln 8
Murphy Wm 480b ln 32
Murray Annafr 480a ln 36
Murray Julia fr 551b ln 7
Murray Thomas fr 551b ln 6
Murray Thomas fr 551b ln 8
Musser Eliza J fr 521b ln 1
Musser Emily fr 521a ln 37
Musser Ettie M fr 521b ln 2
Musser Harriet A fr 521a ln 38
Musser Henry C fr 521a ln 40
Musser John H fr 521b ln 4
Musser Sarah F fr 521a ln 39
Musser William S fr 521b ln 3
Myers Elizabeth J fr 443b ln 2
Myers Ellen Mfr 488b ln 7
Myers Harriet fr 494b ln 34
Myers Homer Sfr 488b ln 9
Myers Horace Cfr 488b ln 8
Myers Ida C fr 443b ln 1
Myers Jessiefr 488b ln 10
Myers John Cfr 488b ln 11
Myers Johnfr 488b ln 6
Myers Mary A fr 443a ln 40
Myers Sarah C fr 494b ln 35
Myers Sylvester fr 443a ln 39
Myres Adolph fr 470a ln 21
Myres Barnard fr 470a ln 19
Myres David fr 410b ln 33
Myres Grant fr 408a ln 4
Myres Henry fr 470a ln 23
Myres Hermon fr 470a ln 22
Myres Jefferson fr 408a ln 3
Myres Jennie(?) fr 470a ln 20
Myres Joseph fr 470a ln 24
Myres Martha fr 410b ln 35
Myres Mary fr 410b ln 34
Myres Priscilla fr 408a ln 2
Myres Simon fr 408a ln 1
Nace George fr 500b ln 35
Nace James B fr 500b ln 37
Nace Julia A fr 500b ln 36
Nace Lewis fr 500b ln 38
Nace Matilda fr 500b ln 40
Nace Nettie fr 501a ln 1
Nace Thomas H fr 500b ln 39
Nailer Cathorine fr 453b ln 30
Nailer Cathorine fr 453b ln 31
Nailer Henry fr 453b ln 29
Nailer Henry fr 453b ln 32
Nash Alexander fr 432b ln 1
Nash Alva fr 432b ln 3
Nash Chas Hfr 488b ln 31
Nash Edward V fr 432b ln 4
Nash Minnie Lfr 488b ln 33
Nash Sarah fr 488b ln 32
Nash Sarah A fr 432b ln 2
Neal Lydia fr 518b ln 9
Neal Moses(?) fr 462a ln 1
Neal(?) Missouri fr 406a ln 23
Neal(?) William fr 406a ln 22
Neel Joshua fr 556b ln 10
Neil Fanny fr 472a ln 26
Neil Sarah fr 471b ln 21
Neill John fr 440a ln 33
Nelson Cynthia fr 408a ln 6
Nelson Emily fr 408a ln 12
Nelson Francis fr 408a ln 11
Nelson James fr 408a ln 9
Nelson John fr 408a ln 10
Nelson Malvina fr 408a ln 8
Nelson Mary fr 408a ln 7
Nelson Thomas fr 408a ln 5
Nesbitt Martin L fr 435a ln 6
Nevins Alonzo Sfr 487a ln 12
Nevins Idafr 487a ln 16
Nevins John Bfr 487a ln 10
Nevins Josephfr 487a ln 14
Nevins Mary Efr 487a ln 15
Nevins Minniefr 487a ln 17
Nevins Rachel Afr 487a ln 11
Nevins Stuartfr 487a ln 13
New Harriett fr 470b ln 21
New James D fr 470b ln 20
New Julia fr 470b ln 23
New Roman(?) fr 470b ln 22
Newell James fr 434b ln 11
Newell Minnetta fr 464b ln 14
Newman Charles fr 452b ln 39
Newman Charles fr 510b ln 38
Newman Elizabeth fr 452b ln 36
Newman Henry fr 452b ln 35
Newman James S fr 553b ln 11
Newman Mary R fr 452b ln 37
Newman Sarah I fr 553b ln 12

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