Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Newton Addie O. fr 534a ln 21
Newton Cornelia fr 533b ln 17
Newton Elepelet(?) fr 534a ln 22
Newton Elizabeth fr 421a ln 38
Newton Howard B fr 534a ln 19
Newton Isaac fr 533b ln 16
Newton John B fr 534a ln 12
Newton Joseph M fr 534a ln 10
Newton Lambert fr 534a ln 11
Newton Maggie L fr 534a ln 15
Newton Martha fr 534a ln 8
Newton Mary D fr 534a ln 13
Newton Mary F. fr 534a ln 23
Newton Myrom fr 534a ln 7
Newton Nathan fr 534a ln 14
Newton Orin fr 534a ln 9
Newton Thomas M fr 534a ln 6
Newton Vilinda fr 534a ln 20
Newton Zacariah fr 421a ln 37
Nichols Jesse fr 415b ln 21
Nicholson Ann fr 504b ln 25
Nicholson Elizabeth fr 509b ln 1
Nicholson George fr 509b ln 3
Nicholson George W fr 504b ln 27
Nicholson John fr 509a ln 40
Nicholson Joseph fr 504b ln 26
Nicholson Margaret fr 534a ln 2
Nicholson Nelson fr 461a ln 24
Nicholson Reason fr 509b ln 4
Nicholson Sarah E fr 509b ln 2
Nicholson Sarepta C. fr 534a ln 3
Nicholson Thomas J. fr 534a ln 4
Nicholson Wm fr 504b ln 24
Nickolson Isaiah fr 465b ln 1
Nickolson Katy fr 465b ln 3
Nickolson Lella fr 465b ln 4
Nickolson Martha fr 465b ln 2
Nile Arvill fr 434b ln 38
Niles Clara W fr 432b ln 28
Niles F A fr 433b ln 32
Niles Francis E fr 432b ln 27
Niles Hiram D fr 432b ln 26
Niles Luther P fr 432b ln 25
Noble Mary fr 451b ln 4
Noel Horace W fr 520a ln 24
Nokes Alice E fr 403b ln 6
Nokes Della J fr 403b ln 7
Nokes Edgar fr 403b ln 9
Nokes Ephram fr 403b ln 8
Nokes Henry F fr 403b ln 10
Nokes Oliver fr 403b ln 4
Nokes Susan A fr 403b ln 5
Nolen Anna fr 475b ln 5
Nolen Frank A fr 475a ln 40
Nolen Martha fr 475b ln 2
Nolen Mary fr 475b ln 1
Nolen unreadable fr 475b ln 3
Nolen unreadable fr 475b ln 4
Norman Caroline fr 441a ln 18
Norman Charlotte fr 441a ln 19
Norman Cora B fr 537a ln 22
Norman Cora B fr 537a ln 32
Norman Elias fr 468b ln 2
Norman Harriett H fr 468b ln 3
Norman Henry fr 537a ln 29
Norman Henry H fr 537a ln 19
Norman Margaret A fr 537a ln 20
Norman Margret A fr 537a ln 30
Norman Martha fr 441a ln 17
Norman Mary fr 537a ln 31
Norman Mary E fr 537a ln 21
Norman Rufus W fr 468b ln 4
Norman Thomas fr 441a ln 16
Null Joseph fr 533a ln 1
Null Joseph S. fr 533a ln 5
Null Lilley M. fr 533a ln 3
Null Minerva fr 533a ln 2
Null Rosa B. fr 533a ln 6
Null Thomas L. fr 533a ln 4
Nye Edwinfr 483a ln 40
O Brien Daniel fr 522a ln 8
O Hara Catharine fr 413a ln 7
O Hara Thomas fr 413a ln 5
O Hara William fr 413a ln 6
O'Bryan Thomas fr 468b ln 31
O'Bryan Timothy fr 399b ln 17
Oakley Ann fr 425a ln 11
Oakley Hattie fr 425a ln 12
Oakley Jeffersin fr 425a ln 8
Oakley Nancy M fr 425a ln 6
Oakley Sarah fr 425a ln 9
Oakley Thomas fr 425a ln 7
Oakley Willie fr 425a ln 10
Oaley Hester A. fr 472b ln 40
Oaley Louisa fr 473a ln 1
Oaley Willard(?) fr 472b ln 39
Oblinge(?) Charley fr 476a ln 1
Oblinge(?) Christie fr 476a ln 2
Oblinge(?) Cristie fr 475b ln 39
Oblinge(?) George fr 476a ln 4
Oblinge(?) Karni fr 475b ln 40
Oblinge(?) Lena fr 476a ln 5
Oblinge(?) Phillopena fr 476a ln 3
Obrian Alford fr 456a ln 39
Obrian Amanda fr 456a ln 21
Obrian Angeline fr 456a ln 37
Obrian Charles B fr 456a ln 26
Obrian Fanny fr 456a ln 40
Obrian James F fr 456a ln 23
Obrian Leah fr 456a ln 38
Obrian Mary E fr 456a ln 24
Obrian Nancy E fr 456a ln 22
Obrian Perry fr 456a ln 20
Obrian Thomas fr 456a ln 36
Obrian Thomas E fr 456a ln 25
OConnor Columbia fr 502a ln 37
OConnor Elizabeth fr 502a ln 29
OConnor Hugh fr 502a ln 35
OConnor James W fr 502a ln 30
OConnor Mary A fr 502a ln 32
OConnor Mary E fr 502a ln 36
OConnor Power fr 502a ln 40
OConnor Robert fr 502a ln 31
OConnor Robert fr 502a ln 38
OConnor Rosa fr 502a ln 39
OConnor William fr 502a ln 28
OConnor William fr 502b ln 1
Odell Anna C fr 553b ln 10
Odell Sanford T fr 553b ln 9
Odenbauch Phebe A fr 446b ln 40
Odenbauch S fr 446b ln 39
Odenbaugh Catherine fr 445b ln 9
Odenbaugh Franklin fr 445b ln 12
Odenbaugh George fr 445b ln 10
Odenbaugh Roseberry(?) fr 445b ln 11
Odenbaugh Thomas fr 445b ln 8
ODonnell Anne J fr 557a ln 3
ODonnell John fr 557a ln 2
Officer Blanche A fr 520a ln 19
Officer Charles fr 519a ln 30
Officer Cynthia fr 520a ln 9
Officer Eliza fr 519a ln 29
Officer Henry H fr 520a ln 13
Officer James fr 520a ln 8
Officer James F fr 519a ln 28
Officer Julius L fr 520a ln 14
Officer Laura S fr 520a ln 17
Officer Marion A fr 520a ln 15
Officer Martha J fr 520a ln 16
Officer Mary F fr 520a ln 11
Officer Olive fr 520b ln 7
Officer Preston H fr 520a ln 18
Officer Rebecca M fr 520b ln 6
Officer Robert M fr 520a ln 12
Officer Thomas W fr 520a ln 10
Officer William fr 520b ln 5
Ogden Anna L fr 426b ln 16
Ogden Geo P. fr 426b ln 14
Ogden Indiana fr 426b ln 15
Ogle Richard fr 448b ln 27
Oldham Eolmer fr 439b ln 32
Oldham John Hfr 489a ln 18
Oldham Molly fr 439b ln 34
Oldham Rachel A fr 439b ln 30
Oldham Samuel fr 439b ln 31
Oldham Thomas fr 439b ln 29
Oldham William fr 439b ln 33
Oliver Edward fr 428a ln 20
Oliver Frances fr 511b ln 13
Oliver James fr 511b ln 12
Olmstead Phillipfr 488b ln 24
Oneal Arrena R fr 512a ln 4
Oneal Mark fr 423a ln 14
ONiel Linda fr 411a ln 32
Orandoff Cora A fr 512a ln 39
Orandoff David fr 512a ln 36
Orandoff Guy fr 512a ln 38
Orandoff Hetta J fr 512a ln 40
Orandoff Rhoda E fr 512a ln 37
Orandorff Catharine fr 512b ln 2
Orandorff Mary fr 512b ln 1
Oren Bell fr 411b ln 16
Oren Louisa fr 411b ln 15
Oren Samuel fr 411b ln 14
Orwig(?) Carrie E fr 467b ln 32
Orwig(?) James B fr 467b ln 30
Orwig(?) Sarah C fr 467b ln 31
Osborn Charles fr 543a ln 36
Osborn Charles W fr 543a ln 38
Osborn Ella M fr 543a ln 40
Osborn George W fr 543a ln 39
Osborn Martha A fr 543a ln 37
Osborn Mattie A fr 543b ln 1
Osborn Millie R fr 516a ln 13
Osborn Minnie A fr 543b ln 2
Osborn Zachariah fr 551a ln 6
Osburn Catharinefr 483b ln 6
Osgoodby Andrew(?) fr 410a ln 20
Osgoodby George fr 410a ln 19
Osgoodby John fr 410a ln 17
Osgoodby Lucy fr 410a ln 21
Osgoodby Mary fr 410a ln 18
Osmon George fr 430a ln 1
Osmon John fr 429b ln 36
Osmon Martha fr 429b ln 38
Osmon Mary fr 430a ln 2
Osmon Nancy fr 429b ln 37
Osmon Sarah fr 429b ln 40
Osmon William fr 429b ln 39
Outman John fr 421b ln 6
Overbee Sarah J. fr 546b ln 20
Ovirman Charity R fr 531b ln 25
Ovirman Charles fr 531b ln 26
Ovirman Fredericka fr 531b ln 27
Ovirman Oscar fr 531b ln 24
Owens Alice fr 403a ln 37
Owens Effie E fr 403a ln 38
Owens Eliza fr 403a ln 34
Owens Ephram fr 403a ln 30
Owens Horatia fr 445a ln 27
Owens James A fr 403a ln 36
Owens Martha M fr 403a ln 32
Owens Mary fr 403a ln 33
Owens Sarah fr 403a ln 31
Owens Spelda(?) fr 403a ln 35
Owns Belle fr 412b ln 2
Owns Wilson fr 412b ln 1
Oyster Alise N fr 509b ln 25
Oyster Aurelia fr 462a ln 28
Oyster David fr 509b ln 24
Oyster David W fr 509b ln 21
Oyster Eliza A fr 509b ln 22
Oyster George fr 509b ln 27
Oyster John fr 509b ln 23
Oyster Kate fr 509b ln 26
Oyster Samuel fr 509b ln 28
Oyster Thomas fr 462a ln 27
Ozment Lydia fr 524a ln 39
P[unreadable] E E fr 473b ln 8
Pa[unreadable] Chas A fr 474a ln 3
Pa[unreadable] George F fr 474a ln 4
Pa[unreadable] John A fr 474a ln 1
Pa[unreadable] Mariah fr 474a ln 2
Pabst Eugene fr 542a ln 5
Pabst Jacob fr 542a ln 3
Pabst John fr 542a ln 1
Pabst John fr 542a ln 4
Pabst Mary fr 542a ln 2
Pabst Willie fr 542a ln 6
Packard Albert fr 402a ln 14
Packard Elien fr 446a ln 21
Packard Fairman fr 446a ln 20
Packard Frank fr 446a ln 22
Packard Lilly fr 446a ln 23
Packard Rosa fr 446a ln 25
Packard Sarah fr 402a ln 15
Packard Willie fr 446a ln 24
Paden Daniel fr 519b ln 1
Paden David fr 519b ln 9
Paden David A fr 519b ln 4
Paden Henry fr 519b ln 7
Paden John H fr 519b ln 3
Paden Martha A fr 519b ln 6
Paden Mary A fr 519b ln 10
Paden Mary Anne fr 519b ln 2
Paden Millie G fr 519b ln 5
Paden Willie S fr 519b ln 8
Page Alford fr 457a ln 40
Page Ann E fr 457a ln 38
Page Elmertia fr 457a ln 35
Page Florance fr 457a ln 39
Page John H fr 457a ln 37
Page Johnfr 482a ln 23
Page Julia fr 457a ln 33
Page Malissa fr 445a ln 12
Page Susan fr 457a ln 36
Page Thomas P fr 457b ln 1
Page Wm H fr 457a ln 32
Page Wyatt M fr 457a ln 34
Pahner [unreadable] fr 398b ln 14
Palmer Alfred fr 425b ln 40
Palmer Ann M fr 425b ln 32
Palmer Catherine fr 425b ln 31
Palmer Clara fr 425b ln 35
Palmer Edward fr 425b ln 38
Palmer Eliza A fr 433a ln 39
Palmer Ella fr 534b ln 29
Palmer Elleta fr 425b ln 34
Palmer Harriett J. fr 534b ln 24
Palmer Hattie fr 534b ln 28
Palmer Herbert fr 534b ln 26
Palmer James fr 425b ln 30
Palmer James L fr 433a ln 36
Palmer John B. fr 534b ln 23
Palmer John W fr 433a ln 38
Palmer Johnnie fr 534b ln 30
Palmer Kate fr 534b ln 27
Palmer Margaret fr 425b ln 33
Palmer Martha S fr 433a ln 35
Palmer Nancy fr 425b ln 37
Palmer Sarah fr 449a ln 23
Palmer Sarah L fr 433a ln 40
Palmer Solomon fr 426a ln 1
Palmer Willard fr 534b ln 25
Palmer William fr 425b ln 36
Palmer William fr 433a ln 37
Palmer Wilson fr 433a ln 34
Panel John fr 419b ln 36
Parci(?) A. E. J. fr 444b ln 9
Parci(?) Asa G fr 444b ln 11
Parci(?) David A fr 444b ln 8
Parci(?) Eva J fr 444b ln 10
Parish Charles B fr 432a ln 23
Parish Charles G fr 432a ln 16
Parish Chas Jfr 486a ln 21
Parish Clara Efr 486a ln 25
Parish Ella Jfr 486a ln 23
Parish Ellenor Jfr 486a ln 20
Parish Elmon E fr 432a ln 19
Parish Geo L fr 432a ln 18
Parish Mary M fr 432a ln 20
Parish Salina fr 517a ln 20
Parish Sarah A fr 432a ln 22
Parish Sarah Ffr 486a ln 24
Parish Sarah J fr 432a ln 17
Parish Warren fr 517a ln 21
Parish William fr 517a ln 19
Parish Willie G fr 432a ln 21
Parish Wm Lfr 486a ln 19
Parish Wm Lfr 486a ln 22
Parker Aver(?)fr 480a ln 18
Parker Blanche G fr 543b ln 5
Parker Clarence G fr 543b ln 7
Parker Claude F fr 543b ln 6
Parker Eathel fr 422b ln 9
Parker Eddie fr 422b ln 10
Parker Edward fr 422b ln 6
Parker Emma fr 422b ln 8
Parker Harriett fr 422b ln 7
Parker Patyon Gfr 480a ln 17
Parker Pennoyer G fr 543b ln 3
Parker Ralph D fr 543b ln 8
Parker Rebecca F fr 543b ln 4
Parker unreadablefr 480a ln 19
Parkes Maxwellfr 484b ln 35
Parks Careyfr 479a ln 14
Parks Elmorefr 479a ln 13
Parks Eugene J fr 451b ln 25
Parks Johnfr 479a ln 11
Parks Julia J fr 451b ln 26
Parks Lewis fr 505a ln 36
Parks Lucien fr 451b ln 24
Parks Sarahfr 479a ln 12
Parks Sarahfr 479a ln 17
Parks Williamfr 486a ln 9
Parrott Eliza fr 490b ln 31
Parrott Glendorafr 490b ln 34
Parrott John 490b ln 30
Parrott John 490b ln 36
Parrott Matthew Afr 490b ln 32
Parrott Mattiefr 490b ln 35
Parrott Robertfr 490b ln 33
Parsley Franklin fr 435b ln 9
Parsley John K fr 435b ln 13
Parsley Mary J fr 435b ln 11
Parsley Sarah fr 435b ln 8
Parsley Sarah A fr 435b ln 10
Parsley Susan A fr 435b ln 12
Parsley Wm R fr 435b ln 7
Paskel(?) Mary E fr 460a ln 3
Pasko Julia fr 467a ln 30
Pasvin(?) Celectie(?) fr 457a ln 25
Pasvin(?) Henry H fr 457a ln 23
Pasvin(?) Louisa E fr 457a ln 24
Pat[unreadable] Anna Lfr 483b ln 34
Pat[unreadable] Markfr 483b ln 33
Pat[unreadable] Maryfr 483b ln 32
Patten Alice L fr 522a ln 13
Patten Barbara A fr 546a ln 10
Patten Catharine M fr 522a ln 11
Patten Corrinna fr 528a ln 15
Patten Eli T fr 546a ln 11
Patten Elizabeth fr 528a ln 14
Patten Ellen D. fr 529b ln 5
Patten Ellen M fr 522a ln 12
Patten Flora A fr 547a ln 9
Patten Gertrude fr 547a ln 8
Patten Harrison H fr 547a ln 7
Patten James J. fr 529b ln 2
Patten Joseph D fr 546a ln 12
Patten Joshua fr 546a ln 9
Patten Mary J. fr 529b ln 3
Patten Mattie A. fr 529b ln 4
Patten Riley H fr 546a ln 13
Patten Robert fr 522a ln 10
Patten William fr 528a ln 13
Patterson Alex fr 473b ln 24
Patterson Alice fr 436b ln 5
Patterson Ann fr 436b ln 3
Patterson Duncan fr 436b ln 2
Patterson Isabella fr 436b ln 6
Patterson John fr 436b ln 4
Patterson Lydia fr 429b ln 16
Patterson Mary A fr 429b ln 18
Patterson Nancy fr 429b ln 19
Patterson Robert E fr 429b ln 17
Patterson William fr 436b ln 7
Patterson Wm H fr 429b ln 15
Patton Richard fr 429a ln 29
Payne Edda fr 409b ln 37
Payne Edward fr 409b ln 36
Payne James fr 409b ln 34
Payne Jane E fr 449a ln 30
Payne Mary fr 409b ln 35
Payton Sarah A fr 557a ln 5
Payton William C fr 557a ln 4
Payton William H fr 557a ln 6
Pearson Lucyfr 483b ln 8
Pearson(?) Halburd(?)fr 483b ln 4
Pearson(?) Mary Cfr 483b ln 3
Pearson(?) Parry(?)fr 483b ln 5
Pearson(?) Wm Hfr 483b ln 2
Pedago(?) Alexander fr 402a ln 2
Pedago(?) Hattie fr 402a ln 6
Pedago(?) Lovina fr 402a ln 1
Pedago(?) Luke J fr 401b ln 40
Pedago(?) Martha J fr 402a ln 4
Pedago(?) William fr 402a ln 5
Pedago(?) Zachariah fr 402a ln 3
Peer Benj F fr 453b ln 15
Peer Eveline fr 453b ln 16
Peer Lervey(?) fr 453b ln 17
Peer Minnie fr 453b ln 18
Peery Allie(?) fr 461a ln 17
Peery Bertie fr 472a ln 34
Peery Clara fr 461a ln 18
Peery David L fr 461a ln 16
Peery Eliza A fr 520a ln 34
Peery Elmer G fr 520a ln 37
Peery Etta fr 472a ln 33
Peery Fielding fr 437b ln 25
Peery Frances fr 437b ln 26
Peery Francis A fr 520a ln 36
Peery Grant fr 437b ln 30
Peery H. M. fr 472a ln 31
Peery Henry A fr 520a ln 31
Peery Henry C fr 520a ln 33
Peery James fr 437b ln 27
Peery Julia A. fr 472a ln 32
Peery Lavina E fr 520a ln 32
Peery Lewis W fr 437b ln 29
Peery Nancy B fr 520a ln 35
Peery Samuel fr 461a ln 20
Peery Sarah fr 437b ln 28
Peery William fr 461a ln 19
Peiser(?) Leopold fr 468b ln 27
Penbearden Jane fr 419b ln 38
Penbearden Lottie fr 419b ln 39
Penbearden Robert fr 419b ln 40
Penbearden Thos fr 419b ln 37
Penkerton Alma A fr 469b ln 33
Peoria Baptiste fr 477a ln 5
Peoria Mary Ann fr 477a ln 6
Perce Henderson fr 451a ln 12
Perdue Clara fr 509a ln 25
Perdue Elizabeth fr 454b ln 34
Perdue Florance fr 509a ln 23
Perdue Frank fr 509a ln 26
Perdue Henry H fr 454b ln 33
Perdue Hlise(?) fr 509a ln 21
Perdue Horrace fr 509a ln 24
Perdue James fr 509a ln 18
Perdue John S fr 509a ln 16
Perdue Laura J fr 509a ln 20
Perdue Martha fr 509a ln 17
Perdue Mary E fr 509a ln 19
Perdue Sallie fr 509a ln 22
Perkins Alonzo Ffr 483b ln 23
Perkins Amanda fr 551a ln 27
Perkins David(?)fr 483b ln 24
Perkins Emmett E fr 550b ln 17
Perkins Geo Hfr 483b ln 21
Perkins Gracison(?) Rfr 483b ln 25
Perkins Hannahfr 483b ln 22
Perkins Harryfr 484b ln 37
Perkins Henry C fr 550b ln 15
Perkins James W fr 550b ln 16
Perkins Jesse G fr 550b ln 14
Perkins Lee S. fr 550b ln 12
Perkins Lucinda fr 550b ln 11
Perkins Margaret E fr 550b ln 13
Perkins Ulysis G fr 550b ln 18
Perkins William A fr 551a ln 26
Perkins Zachariah M fr 550b ln 10
Perry Emma fr 548a ln 8
Perry James F fr 548a ln 6
Perry Marinda fr 500b ln 23
Perry Martha E fr 548a ln 7
Perry Robert H fr 500b ln 22
Perry(?) George fr 463b ln 22
Persinger Adolphus B fr 552b ln 18
Persinger Charles W fr 552b ln 15
Persinger Cynthia fr 552b ln 13
Persinger George H fr 552b ln 16
Persinger James H fr 552b ln 17
Persinger John fr 552b ln 12
Persinger John G fr 552b ln 19
Persinger Julia F fr 552b ln 14
Peters Josephfr 482a ln 8
Peterson Eliza A fr 522a ln 26
Peterson Joseph P fr 522a ln 27
Peterson Nelson fr 522a ln 2
Peterson Nilse fr 522a ln 1
Petrie Edward fr 516a ln 5
Petrie Harriet M fr 516a ln 2
Petrie Julia fr 516a ln 4
Petrie Lake W fr 516a ln 6
Petrie Maggie B fr 516a ln 9
Petrie Oliver F fr 516a ln 7
Petrie Orlando fr 516a ln 8
Petrie William fr 516a ln 1
Petrie William H fr 516a ln 3
Pett Johnfr 490a ln 11
Pettibone Abigail fr 501a ln 33
Pettibone Bruce fr 501a ln 36
Pettibone Charlotte fr 501a ln 32
Pettibone Elizabeth fr 501a ln 28
Pettibone Florence fr 501a ln 29
Pettibone George fr 501a ln 35
Pettibone John fr 501a ln 27
Pettibone Julia A fr 501a ln 30
Pettibone Kate fr 501a ln 34
Pettibone Mary fr 501a ln 31
Pettingill Aaronfr 481a ln 1
Pettingill Cora Afr 481a ln 4
Pettingill David fr 459a ln 28
Pettingill Idafr 481a ln 3
Pettingill Mary Sfr 481a ln 2
Phaler Lucinda C fr 557a ln 1
Pheagley Henry fr 412a ln 16
Pheagley Laura fr 412a ln 18
Pheagley Melvina fr 412a ln 17
Phericie Lewis fr 420a ln 36
Phericie Mariah fr 420a ln 39
Phericie Norah fr 420a ln 38
Phericie Rosetta fr 420a ln 37
Philion(?) Ada E fr 509a ln 34
Philion(?) Alexander B fr 509a ln 39
Philion(?) Jane fr 509a ln 33
Philion(?) Millie fr 509a ln 38
Philion(?) Minnie fr 509a ln 37
Philion(?) Phebe fr 509a ln 35
Philion(?) William fr 509a ln 32
Philion(?) William fr 509a ln 36
Phillips Alfie M fr 404b ln 20
Phillips Alise G fr 504a ln 27
Phillips Chas C fr 404b ln 16
Phillips Eliza F fr 404b ln 17
Phillips Jos H fr 504a ln 25
Phillips Julian B fr 404b ln 19
Phillips Maria H fr 504a ln 26
Phillips Rosanel(?) N fr 404b ln 21
Phillips Susanah fr 404b ln 18
Phillips Willie G fr 504a ln 28
Phillis Samuel fr 493b ln 13
Phillis Sarah fr 493b ln 14
Phinney Asabel F fr 540b ln 14
Phinney Hannah E fr 540b ln 18
Phinney James fr 540b ln 17
Phinney John fr 540b ln 19
Phinney Mary fr 540b ln 15
Phinney Samuel fr 540b ln 16
Phipps William fr 418b ln 10
Pichard Alice fr 536b ln 8
Pierce Annafr 487a ln 19
Pierce Chasfr 487a ln 23
Pierce Clintonfr 487a ln 20
Pierce Homerfr 487a ln 18
Pifer Joseph T fr 549b ln 8
Piggott George W fr 452b ln 2
Piggott Jane fr 452a ln 39
Piggott Kasrah fr 452b ln 4
Piggott Leonidas fr 452b ln 1
Piggott Sarah fr 452a ln 40
Piggott Susan A fr 452b ln 3
Piggott William fr 452a ln 38
Pine Charles G fr 448a ln 17
Pine Elizabeth fr 448a ln 18
Pine Lilly May fr 448a ln 20
Pine Melvina fr 448a ln 19
Pinkerton Aceneth fr 447b ln 29
Pinkerton Altis fr 447b ln 30
Pinkerton Anna fr 447b ln 23
Pinkerton Elizabeth fr 447b ln 25
Pinkerton George fr 447b ln 28
Pinkerton Hilton fr 447b ln 27
Pinkerton Indiana fr 447b ln 21
Pinkerton Louisa fr 469b ln 38
Pinkerton Margaret E fr 447b ln 22
Pinkerton Martha fr 447b ln 26
Pinkerton Robert fr 447b ln 20
Pinkerton William fr 447b ln 24
Pinkey Hattie E fr 537b ln 40
Pinkey Jacob fr 537b ln 39
Pinkey Mattie W fr 538a ln 1
Pinneo(?) Chas M fr 468a ln 12
Pinneo(?) Eunice H fr 468a ln 9
Pinneo(?) Eunice M fr 468a ln 8
Pinneo(?) Frank fr 468a ln 13
Pinneo(?) Mary fr 468a ln 14
Pinneo(?) Wallace E fr 468a ln 11
Pinneo(?) William fr 468a ln 10
Pitman Catherine fr 420b ln 6
Pitman Columbia fr 420b ln 5
Pitman Eda Bell fr 420b ln 20
Pitman Elizabeth fr 420b ln 4
Pitman Henry fr 420b ln 17
Pitman Hulda fr 420b ln 18
Pitman Isaac fr 551a ln 10
Pitman Jane fr 420b ln 8
Pitman Martha fr 420b ln 7
Pitman Mary fr 420b ln 3
Pitman Mary fr 551a ln 11
Pitman Mary E fr 551a ln 12
Pitman Sarah fr 420b ln 9
Pitman Viavior(?) O fr 551a ln 13
Pitman William fr 420b ln 2
Pitman William C fr 420b ln 19
Pitman Zena fr 420b ln 10
Pittman Caroline fr 546a ln 40
Pittman Emma fr 546b ln 4
Pittman Lillie fr 546b ln 8
Pittman Phillip N fr 546a ln 39
Pittman Robert D fr 546b ln 6
Pittman Samantha fr 546b ln 2
Pittman Sidney fr 546b ln 3
Pittman Sidney fr 546b ln 7
Pittman Vanotha fr 546b ln 9
Pittman Viola M fr 546b ln 1
Pittman Walter fr 546b ln 5
Pittman Ward fr 546b ln 10
Poland Elizabeth fr 447a ln 12
Poland Elizabeth fr 447a ln 14
Poland Ellen fr 447a ln 15
Poland James fr 447a ln 13
Poland John fr 447a ln 17
Poland Margaret fr 447a ln 18
Poland Patrick fr 447a ln 11
Poland Thomas fr 447a ln 16
Polhamus(?) Catherine fr 427b ln 30
Polhamus(?) Edgar fr 427b ln 33
Polhamus(?) Effie E fr 427b ln 32
Polhamus(?) Emma J fr 427b ln 34
Polhamus(?) Isaac fr 427b ln 35
Polhamus(?) Isaac fr 427b ln 36
Polhamus(?) Rosella fr 427b ln 31
Polhamus(?) William fr 427b ln 29
Polick(?) John fr 468b ln 33
Polk Anna fr 550a ln 38
Polk Anne E fr 550a ln 36
Polk John fr 550a ln 40
Polk John W fr 550a ln 35
Polk Maria fr 550a ln 39
Polk Mary fr 550b ln 1
Polk Tascai fr 550a ln 37
Poorhall(?) Elizafr 485b ln 30
Pope Allena fr 438b ln 25
Pope Deidrick fr 438b ln 26
Pope Gageshe fr 438b ln 23
Pope Henry fr 438b ln 22
Pope Henry Jr fr 438b ln 24
Poplar(?) Johnfr 488a ln 17
Port James C fr 426a ln 20
Porter Amanda L fr 509b ln 32
Porter Amanda M fr 509b ln 30
Porter Daniel W fr 507b ln 34
Porter Huldy fr 449b ln 8
Porter John R fr 509b ln 29
Porter Joseph L fr 509b ln 34
Porter Mary J fr 509b ln 31
Porter Rachael fr 534a ln 1
Porter Robert E fr 533b ln 39
Porter Sarah fr 533b ln 40
Porter William fr 509b ln 33
Porter Williams fr 504a ln 5
Post Daniel J fr 548a ln 20
Post Emeline fr 548a ln 21
Post Mary C fr 522a ln 15
Post Owen L fr 522a ln 14
Post Robert fr 522a ln 16

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