Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

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Potter Albert fr 399a ln 6
Potter David fr 399a ln 1
Potter Elias fr 399a ln 2
Potter Enas fr 423b ln 15
Potter Gabrial fr 398b ln 39
Potter H G fr 440b ln 16
Potter Hanna J fr 440b ln 17
Potter Isaac N T fr 423b ln 17
Potter James fr 399a ln 5
Potter Lydia E fr 423b ln 16
Potter Marion G fr 399a ln 4
Potter Martha fr 398b ln 40
Potter William fr 399a ln 3
Potts Benjamin fr 398b ln 8
Potts Caroline fr 398b ln 6
Potts Eliha(?) fr 416a ln 5
Potts Francis fr 462b ln 39
Potts George fr 398b ln 5
Potts Jennie fr 462b ln 40
Potts Jesse fr 416a ln 3
Potts Martha fr 416a ln 4
Potts Minnie B fr 398b ln 7
Potts Peter J. fr 462b ln 38
Potts Richard J fr 463a ln 2
Potts Robert fr 463a ln 3
Potts William J. C. fr 463a ln 1
Potts Wim Jfr 490a ln 34
Pount(?) Anne fr 413b ln 22
Pount(?) charles fr 413b ln 26
Pount(?) George fr 413b ln 23
Pount(?) Harvey fr 413b ln 27
Pount(?) John fr 413b ln 21
Pount(?) Mary fr 413b ln 24
Pount(?) Sarah fr 413b ln 28
Pount(?) William fr 413b ln 25
Powell Ada A fr 492b ln 7
Powell Ada M fr 492b ln 2
Powell Alva H fr 529a ln 32
Powell Annie fr 492b ln 6
Powell Charles fr 492b ln 3
Powell Della E fr 463a ln 35
Powell Eliza fr 523a ln 19
Powell Henrietta fr 523a ln 18
Powell Hiram fr 492b ln 1
Powell Isaac fr 492b ln 4
Powell James W fr 463a ln 34
Powell John fr 463a ln 30
Powell Johnnie fr 492b ln 5
Powell Martha J. fr 529a ln 33
Powell Mary A fr 463a ln 32
Powell Mary E fr 492b ln 8
Powell Ora S fr 463a ln 36
Powell Rebeca fr 463a ln 31
Powell Samuel fr 463a ln 37
Powell Sarah E fr 463a ln 33
Powell William fr 523a ln 17
Powell William H. fr 529a ln 34
Powers Charles E fr 447a ln 1
Powers Grace May(?) fr 447a ln 3
Powers Katie fr 447a ln 2
Pratt Addie fr 543a ln 15
Pratt Anna fr 543a ln 9
Pratt Blanche fr 543a ln 10
Pratt Cassius M fr 543a ln 3
Pratt Charles H fr 543a ln 8
Pratt Cornelia fr 543a ln 11
Pratt Emily fr 543a ln 14
Pratt Harry C fr 543a ln 6
Pratt Horace W fr 543a ln 5
Pratt Howard fr 543a ln 7
Pratt Howard J. fr 543a ln 1
Pratt Rossuth M fr 543a ln 4
Pratt Sarah fr 537a ln 38
Pratt Sarah fr 543a ln 2
Pratt Terrie fr 543a ln 12
Pratt Virgil J fr 543a ln 13
Prescott Alva fr 455b ln 36
Prescott Cary W fr 455b ln 38
Prescott Charles E fr 456a ln 1
Prescott Malissa fr 455b ln 40
Prescott Permetia fr 455b ln 39
Prescott Sarah H fr 455b ln 37
Pressedy(?) Adeline fr 401b ln 27
Pressedy(?) Aloy fr 401b ln 24
Pressedy(?) Emeline fr 401b ln 25
Pressedy(?) James fr 401b ln 26
Pressedy(?) Jason fr 401b ln 28
Prettyman Fedelia fr 496a ln 20
Prettyman Henry fr 496a ln 18
Prettyman Liston fr 496a ln 15
Prettyman Mary fr 496a ln 17
Prettyman Olive fr 496a ln 19
Prettyman Sarah fr 496a ln 16
Prettyman Sophronia fr 496a ln 21
Previn Dora fr 505b ln 22
Previn Elizabeth fr 505b ln 20
Previn Leanard fr 505b ln 21
Previn Samuel C fr 505b ln 19
Price Cornellia(?)fr 488a ln 24
Price J Warrenfr 488a ln 23
Price Jessee fr 445a ln 4
Price Jessee C fr 445a ln 8
Price John fr 463b ln 33
Price John M fr 445a ln 9
Price Jonathan fr 445a ln 5
Price Levi E fr 445a ln 6
Price Sarah A fr 445a ln 7
Price William fr 463b ln 34
Price(?) Nancy Jfr 484b ln 15
Price(?) Robert Dfr 484b ln 16
Price(?) Robert Vfr 484b ln 14
Prince Alley E fr 452a ln 8
Prince Jas C fr 452a ln 7
Prince Mary fr 452a ln 9
Pringle Andrew fr 450a ln 26
Pringle Christy fr 450a ln 27
Pringle Thos P fr 450a ln 29
Proctor Columbus fr 441b ln 7
Proctor Julia fr 441b ln 6
Proctor William fr 441b ln 5
Proppy(?) Mary fr 448b ln 23
Proter(?) Martha fr 536a ln 32
Prothe Anna fr 438b ln 32
Prothe Augustin fr 438b ln 35
Prothe Catherine fr 438b ln 28
Prothe Frederick fr 438b ln 27
Prothe Frederick fr 438b ln 36
Prothe Henry fr 438b ln 33
Prothe John fr 438b ln 31
Prothe William fr 438b ln 34
Protzman Absolum H fr 520a ln 20
Protzman Lucretia A fr 520a ln 21
Protzman Mary E fr 520a ln 22
Protzman Minnie J fr 520a ln 23
Protzman Robert D fr 520a ln 25
Prouty Emma J fr 522d ln 15
Prouty Jennettea fr 522d ln 13
Prouty Richard M fr 522d ln 12
Prouty William fr 522d ln 14
Prugh Jas W fr 440a ln 21
Prugh Mary A fr 440a ln 22
Prugh Myatte(?) fr 440a ln 23
Prugh Torrence fr 440a ln 24
Prunty Lon fr 512b ln 3
Pulley Carlos fr 493a ln 20
Pulley Caroline fr 493a ln 26
Pulley emily J fr 493a ln 21
Pulley Mary E fr 493a ln 24
Pulley Parmelia A fr 493a ln 22
Pulley Sarah A fr 493a ln 23
Pulley Sophia fr 493a ln 25
Pullman Charles L fr 507b ln 31
Pullman Charles L fr 507b ln 33
Pullman Clara J fr 507b ln 32
Purddy Miriah fr 536a ln 28
Purdee Addison fr 516b ln 24
Purdee Adeline fr 516b ln 25
Purdee Alice fr 516b ln 22
Purdee Arloa(?) fr 516b ln 26
Purdee Eugene fr 516b ln 23
Purdee Horace fr 516b ln 20
Purdee Rachael fr 516b ln 21
Quade Isador fr 551a ln 9
Quade Mary A fr 551a ln 8
Quade William fr 551a ln 7
Quahquemqutsa(?) fr 399b ln 3
Quimby Caroline fr 470b ln 16
Quimby Charles C fr 470b ln 19
Quimby Geo W fr 470b ln 15
Quimby Mattie(?) S fr 470b ln 17
Quimby Steven E fr 470b ln 18
Quinlan(?) Thos Jfr 481b ln 29
Quinn Alice M fr 474b ln 24
Quinn Floretta fr 474b ln 25
Quinn Julia fr 474b ln 23
Quinn Laura E fr 474b ln 26
Quinn May fr 474b ln 27
Quinn Samuel fr 474b ln 22
R[unreadable] Emma fr 459a ln 8
R[unreadable] George C fr 465b ln 8
R[unreadable] Matilda fr 465b ln 7
R[unreqdable] Frank fr 465b ln 6
Racine Edward fr 516a ln 14
Rader Allie fr 410a ln 37
Rader George fr 410a ln 39
Rader Johnfr 482a ln 14
Rader Margaret fr 410a ln 35
Rader Martin Sfr 482a ln 13
Rader Mary fr 410a ln 38
Rader Nancy fr 410a ln 36
Rader Sarah fr 410a ln 34
Rader William fr 410a ln 33
Rainey Albert A fr 499b ln 30
Rainey Alice A fr 499b ln 29
Rainey Anna Rfr 489a ln 13
Rainey Arthur (?) fr 398b ln 13
Rainey Cecelia fr 431a ln 22
Rainey David B. fr 471b ln 16
Rainey Esther fr 431a ln 19
Rainey Eva F fr 471b ln 18
Rainey Frank Sfr 489a ln 15
Rainey Friend C. fr 471b ln 20
Rainey Halena (?) fr 398b ln 12
Rainey James fr 431a ln 21
Rainey James Wfr 489a ln 14
Rainey Jasper fr 431a ln 24
Rainey Jasper Wfr 489a ln 16
Rainey John fr 431a ln 18
Rainey Joseph fr 431a ln 23
Rainey Leander fr 431a ln 20
Rainey Maggie Efr 489a ln 11
Rainey Martha M fr 499b ln 31
Rainey Nancy C fr 471b ln 17
Rainey Ora A fr 471b ln 19
Rainey Rebecafr 489a ln 10
Rainey Rebecca M fr 499b ln 32
Rainey Richard P fr 499b ln 28
Rainey Sallie fr 499b ln 33
Rainey Samuel fr 398b ln 11
Rainey Samuel fr 499b ln 26
Rainey Sarah fr 499b ln 27
Rainey Thomas Wfr 489a ln 12
Rainey Wm Gfr 489a ln 9
Rakes M. C. fr 461a ln 23
Ramen Kate fr 441b ln 9
Ramen Leapold(?) fr 441b ln 8
Ramen Lilley fr 441b ln 10
Ramey Elijah fr 493b ln 20
Ramey Mary fr 493b ln 24
Ramey Plesant fr 493b ln 22
Ramey Preston fr 493b ln 23
Ramey Priscilla fr 493b ln 21
Randall Adelade fr 473a ln 5
Randall Alfred fr 473a ln 4
Randall Corrie A fr 473a ln 8
Randall Frank fr 473a ln 6
Randall William H fr 473a ln 7
Ranny Andrew J fr 418a ln 3
Ranny Ann fr 418a ln 2
Ranny Jno P. fr 418a ln 4
Ranny Mary A fr 418a ln 5
Ranny William fr 418a ln 1
Rasika(?) George fr 445a ln 10
Rasika(?) Sarah fr 445a ln 11
Rathbun John J fr 513a ln 2
Rathbun Mary M fr 513a ln 1
Rathbun Oliver P fr 512b ln 40
Rawlings Edward fr 550a ln 32
Rawlings Lettia fr 550a ln 33
Rawlings Virginia fr 550a ln 34
Ray Ann fr 514a ln 36
Raymer Amos fr 411b ln 29
Raymer George fr 411b ln 35
Raymer Mary fr 411b ln 31
Raymer Susan fr 411b ln 30
Raymer Thomas fr 411b ln 32
Raymer Vatrice(?) fr 411b ln 33
Raymer William fr 411b ln 34
Reach Rachael fr 532b ln 14
Reddy Henry fr 430a ln 3
Redenbeaugh Eliza J fr 498b ln 22
Redenbeaugh Francis M fr 498a ln 36
Redenbeaugh Francis M fr 498b ln 25
Redenbeaugh Hannah A fr 498b ln 28
Redenbeaugh Isaac T fr 498b ln 27
Redenbeaugh John fr 498b ln 21
Redenbeaugh John fr 498b ln 29
Redenbeaugh Mary E fr 498a ln 38
Redenbeaugh Mary E fr 498b ln 24
Redenbeaugh Milton fr 498b ln 2
Redenbeaugh Nancy A fr 498b ln 3
Redenbeaugh Nancy J fr 498b ln 23
Redenbeaugh Rebecca fr 498a ln 37
Redenbeaugh Sarah E fr 498b ln 26
Redenbeaugh Thomas fr 498b ln 1
Redenbeaugh William F fr 498a ln 39
Reed Allend D fr 530a ln 34
Reed Amine(?) fr 412b ln 40
Reed Andrew fr 413a ln 1
Reed Andrew J. fr 530a ln 39
Reed Angile(?) fr 413a ln 2
Reed Barnettfr 486b ln 30
Reed Belzora fr 530a ln 35
Reed Cynthia fr 412b ln 6
Reed Emma Efr 486b ln 31
Reed Farlow fr 412b ln 3
Reed Farlow fr 412b ln 7
Reed George fr 413a ln 4
Reed George fr 537a ln 25
Reed George W fr 530a ln 38
Reed Jasper fr 555b ln 25
Reed John fr 555b ln 11
Reed John R. fr 530a ln 40
Reed Josa fr 412b ln 8
Reed Joseph fr 430b ln 27
Reed Loiu(?) A fr 530a ln 36
Reed Louisa fr 413a ln 3
Reed Marthafr 479a ln 34
Reed Mary fr 412b ln 5
Reed Mathias fr 412b ln 39
Reed Mathias fr 555b ln 19
Reed Milton fr 412b ln 4
Reed Octavia fr 555b ln 20
Reed Oscar fr 555b ln 22
Reed Sarahfr 479a ln 35
Reed Squirefr 479a ln 33
Reed William fr 412b ln 9
Reed William fr 530a ln 37
Reed Willie fr 555b ln 21
Reed(?) Ryan(?) L fr 453a ln 30
Reed(?) Sarah G. fr 453a ln 31
Reel Augusta fr 434a ln 31
Reel Conrad fr 434a ln 29
Reel Louisa fr 434a ln 30
Reeve Mark Dfr 489b ln 26
Reeves Clarafr 486b ln 39
Reeves Johnfr 486b ln 38
Reeves Martin Dfr 486b ln 40
Reeves Mary Jfr 487a ln 1
Reeves Millie Afr 487a ln 2
Reeves Wilsonfr 485a ln 34
Reid Albert fr 476b ln 35
Reid Alfred fr 476b ln 28
Reid Charles fr 476b ln 30
Reid E[unreadable] V fr 476b ln 37
Reid John fr 476b ln 33
Reid Kardon(?) fr 476b ln 31
Reid Lenora fr 476b ln 29
Reid Mary R fr 476b ln 36
Reid Nancy fr 476b ln 32
Reid Warren fr 476b ln 34
Remington Emma F fr 457b ln 7
Remington Jeremiah fr 457b ln 6
Remington John M fr 428a ln 7
Remington Julia Ann fr 428a ln 5
Remington Mary F fr 428a ln 6
Remington William fr 428a ln 4
Renfre Bettiefr 479a ln 37
Renfre Erastusfr 479a ln 36
Renfre Idafr 479a ln 38
Renner(?) Chas fr 401b ln 32
Reno Cora Bfr 483b ln 30
Reno Ida Dfr 483b ln 31
Reno Jas Mfr 483b ln 28
Reno Mary Efr 483b ln 29
Renshaw Elizabeth fr 460b ln 4
Renshaw James fr 460b ln 3
Renshaw William fr 460b ln 5
Requa James fr 402b ln 10
Requa Louellen fr 402b ln 13
Requa Margret C fr 402b ln 11
Requa Mary B fr 402b ln 12
Rerben Elizabeth fr 420a ln 7
Rerben Margaret fr 420a ln 5
Rerben Smith fr 420a ln 4
Rerben Rerber E fr 420a ln 8
Rerben Sarah M fr 420a ln 6
Restran(?) Augusta fr 470a ln 36
Restran(?) Cristiana fr 470a ln 35
Reyley John fr 435a ln 21
Reyley Kate fr 435a ln 22
Reynolds Ennice fr 446b ln 24
Reynolds Ezra fr 461b ln 19
Reynolds George fr 461b ln 18
Reynolds Margaret fr 446b ln 23
Reynolds Mary fr 461b ln 17
Reynolds Peter fr 446b ln 22
Reynolds Richard fr 461b ln 16
Reynolds Thomas fr 461b ln 21
Reynolds Wilson fr 461b ln 20
Rheoder(?) Ezra fr 433a ln 15
Rhiel(?) Jacob fr 473a ln 31
Rhodes A. D. fr 472a ln 30
Rhodes Robert fr 513a ln 27
Rice Bernetta fr 418b ln 22
Rice Catherine fr 421a ln 17
Rice David R. fr 551b ln 20
Rice Eddie D fr 463a ln 28
Rice Edwin D. fr 551b ln 22
Rice Elizabeth fr 418b ln 26
Rice Ellen fr 418b ln 19
Rice Emma P. fr 551b ln 21
Rice Flora fr 551b ln 26
Rice Frances fr 418b ln 24
Rice Frances fr 418b ln 30
Rice Georgie fr 551b ln 28
Rice Henderson fr 418b ln 17
Rice Henry V. fr 551b ln 24
Rice Hlice(?) fr 421a ln 19
Rice Ida fr 418b ln 23
Rice James N fr 418b ln 29
Rice Jane fr 418b ln 20
Rice John D fr 463a ln 26
Rice John H fr 551b ln 17
Rice Joseph fr 418b ln 27
Rice Julia J. fr 551b ln 25
Rice Marcella fr 418b ln 21
Rice Mary E fr 418b ln 28
Rice Mollie fr 463a ln 27
Rice Nancy fr 551b ln 18
Rice Nancy J fr 421a ln 20
Rice Oscar fr 551b ln 27
Rice Richard P. fr 551b ln 23
Rice Susan fr 418b ln 18
Rice Susan fr 418b ln 40
Rice Susan fr 424a ln 18
Rice Thomas fr 421a ln 16
Rice Vandella M fr 463a ln 29
Rice Walker fr 551b ln 29
Rice William M fr 551b ln 19
Rice William W fr 421a ln 18
Rich Betsey fr 418a ln 38
Rich Marian fr 418a ln 40
Rich Melvina A fr 418a ln 39
Rich Philip fr 418a ln 37
Richards James fr 443b ln 18
Richards Leander fr 443a ln 24
Richerson Almanda fr 554b ln 2
Richerson Daniel W fr 554a ln 39
Richerson Ebbe T fr 554b ln 6
Richerson Elizabeth fr 554b ln 1
Richerson John H fr 554a ln 37
Richerson John O fr 554b ln 7
Richerson Mary F fr 554a ln 38
Richerson Medora fr 554a ln 40
Richerson Orland C fr 554b ln 3
Richerson Rosetta fr 554b ln 4
Richerson William H fr 554b ln 5
Richey Mary fr 556b ln 25
Richey William fr 556b ln 24
Richie Amanda fr 455a ln 27
Richie Isaac fr 455a ln 26
Richie Martha fr 455a ln 25
Ricketts Alice fr 441a ln 28
Ricketts Axelander(?) fr 441a ln 26
Ricketts Charles fr 441a ln 30
Ricketts Clifton fr 511b ln 35
Ricketts Edward fr 441a ln 31
Ricketts Franklin fr 511b ln 33
Ricketts Hannah fr 511b ln 32
Ricketts James fr 511b ln 36
Ricketts Kyre R fr 511b ln 34
Ricketts Miran fr 511b ln 37
Ricketts Samuel G fr 511b ln 31
Ricketts Sarah fr 441a ln 27
Ricketts William fr 441a ln 29
Riddell Earnell(?) fr 474a ln 26
Riddell Sophiah fr 474a ln 25
Riddell Wm fr 474a ln 24
Ridden James fr 436a ln 10
Ridden Margaret fr 436a ln 12
Ridden Minerva fr 436a ln 11
Riddish Hiram fr 536a ln 40
Riddish Lilian fr 536b ln 2
Riddish Margret J. fr 536b ln 1
Rider Elizafr 479a ln 16
Rider Elizabeth fr 453b ln 38
Rider George fr 454a ln 1
Rider Henry fr 454a ln 2
Rider Joanna fr 453b ln 40
Rider William fr 453b ln 39
Rider Williamfr 479a ln 15
Riggs Almira A fr 535a ln 31
Riggs Catharine fr 535a ln 27
Riggs Cora B. fr 535a ln 32
Riggs Eliza E fr 535a ln 28
Riggs Flora A fr 535a ln 30
Riggs Oliver S fr 535a ln 29
Riggs Thomas H. fr 535a ln 33
Riggs Wilson T fr 535a ln 26
Riggs Wm Hfr 480a ln 38
Riggs(?) Amyane(?) fr 402a ln 29
Riggs(?) Clara S fr 402a ln 31
Riggs(?) Elenor fr 402a ln 34
Riggs(?) Harry fr 402a ln 28
Riggs(?) Henry C fr 402a ln 33
Riggs(?) John D fr 402a ln 30
Riggs(?) Robert A fr 402a ln 32
Rigney Catharine fr 412b ln 17
Rigney Hellen fr 412b ln 19
Rigney John fr 412b ln 20
Rigney Mary fr 412b ln 18
Rigney Patrick fr 412b ln 16
Rigney William fr 412b ln 21
Riley Agnes fr 463a ln 40
Riley Bryon fr 463b ln 6
Riley Catharine fr 517a ln 39
Riley Cordelia fr 463b ln 5
Riley Finwell A fr 533b ln 23
Riley Hugh fr 517b ln 1
Riley Hugh fr 517b ln 4
Riley Hugh W fr 463a ln 38
Riley John fr 517a ln 38
Riley John fr 533b ln 19
Riley Joseph H fr 463b ln 2
Riley Katie fr 517b ln 3
Riley Katie A fr 517b ln 7
Riley Margaret fr 517a ln 40
Riley Margaret fr 517b ln 5
Riley Marrilla J fr 533b ln 22
Riley Martha fr 463a ln 39
Riley Mary fr 517b ln 2
Riley Mary E fr 517b ln 6
Riley Mary J. fr 533b ln 20
Riley Permelia fr 463b ln 7
Riley Samuel fr 463b ln 4
Riley Samuel L fr 533b ln 21
Riley Warren fr 463b ln 3
Riley William E fr 463b ln 1
Riley Willie fr 463b ln 8
Ring George fr 556a ln 35
Ring joseph fr 556a ln 37
Ring Samuel fr 556a ln 34
Ring Samuel F fr 556a ln 38
Ring Sarah C fr 556a ln 36
Ringer Frank fr 549a ln 3
Ringer John H fr 549a ln 4
Ringer Martha P fr 549a ln 2
Ringer William G fr 549a ln 1
Ringley Ellen fr 551b ln 3
Ringley Joseph fr 551b ln 1
Ringley Mary fr 551b ln 2
Ringley Mary fr 551b ln 4
Riotter Nettie L fr 466a ln 32
Riperton(?) carrie B fr 476b ln 27
Riperton(?) Howard fr 476b ln 26
Riperton(?) Jno C fr 476b ln 24
Riperton(?) Martha A fr 476b ln 25
Risher Emma fr 457a ln 31
Roach Edward fr 522a ln 9
Roarer Ezekial fr 507b ln 16
Roarer Isaiah fr 507b ln 17
Roarer John fr 507b ln 14
Roarer Louella A fr 507b ln 18
Roarer Sarah fr 507b ln 15
Robards Ezra fr 518a ln 18
Robards Mary fr 518a ln 19
Robb Ellick(?) fr 410a ln 16
Robenstine Barbara fr 521b ln 6
Robenstine Caroline fr 521b ln 11
Robenstine Emma fr 521b ln 10
Robenstine George fr 521b ln 8
Robenstine Henry fr 521b ln 9
Robenstine Jacob fr 521b ln 12
Robenstine John fr 521b ln 5
Robenstine Mary fr 521b ln 7
Robert Ira A fr 494a ln 19
Roberts Ada J fr 433b ln 3
Roberts Caroline fr 494a ln 17
Roberts Chas G fr 401a ln 29
Roberts Clarinda fr 457a ln 8
Roberts Clarinda fr 505a ln 16
Roberts Cora E fr 494a ln 20
Roberts Cristin fr 460a ln 12
Roberts Edward fr 419b ln 24
Roberts Elisha M fr 513a ln 26
Roberts Elizabeth fr 401a ln 25
Roberts Ellen fr 467b ln 38
Roberts Emma fr 457a ln 11
Roberts Flora fr 457a ln 9
Roberts Florance fr 457a ln 10
Roberts Florence fr 401a ln 30
Roberts Francis fr 460a ln 14
Roberts George fr 401a ln 28
Roberts George fr 450a ln 36
Roberts George A fr 419b ln 29
Roberts Grant fr 460a ln 16
Roberts Harvey M fr 494a ln 16
Roberts Ida fr 450a ln 38
Roberts Jackson fr 419b ln 26
Roberts James fr 401a ln 24
Roberts James fr 401a ln 27
Roberts James A fr 494a ln 18
Roberts John fr 419b ln 28
Roberts John C fr 460a ln 13
Roberts John J. fr 529b ln 33
Roberts John M fr 460a ln 11
Roberts John M fr 511a ln 23
Roberts Kate l fr 450a ln 37
Roberts Libbie fr 460a ln 15
Roberts Martha fr 419b ln 25
Roberts Martin fr 450a ln 39
Roberts Martin fr 467b ln 37
Roberts Mary fr 433b ln 2
Roberts Mary A fr 511a ln 24
Roberts Mary E fr 419b ln 27
Roberts Mary J fr 462a ln 34
Roberts Roxey L fr 505a ln 15
Roberts Stephen D fr 511a ln 25
Roberts Thera M fr 494a ln 21
Roberts Thomas fr 433b ln 1
Roberts Thomas Sr fr 457a ln 7
Roberts Thos Jr fr 505a ln 14
Roberts William H fr 401a ln 26
Roberts William M fr 511a ln 26
Robertson Robena M fr 550a ln 26
Robins John H fr 419b ln 19
Robins John H fr 427a ln 8
Robinson Alfred fr 470a ln 7
Robinson Amanda fr 441b ln 33
Robinson Arthur M. fr 533a ln 20
Robinson Augustus fr 441b ln 37
Robinson Briscoe T. fr 533a ln 18
Robinson Charlie A fr 544b ln 26
Robinson Elanaer(?) fr 508b ln 12
Robinson Elizafr 485b ln 32
Robinson Elizafr 485b ln 35
Robinson Ella fr 435a ln 17
Robinson Ezra M fr 460b ln 39
Robinson Geo W fr 435a ln 13
Robinson George fr 508b ln 11
Robinson George H fr 544b ln 23
Robinson Gertrude fr 460b ln 40
Robinson Hanah fr 435a ln 14
Robinson Horace fr 521a ln 25
Robinson Isabella fr 540b ln 3
Robinson Jamesfr 485b ln 34
Robinson Jane fr 441b ln 32
Robinson John M. fr 533a ln 21
Robinson Josephine fr 441b ln 34
Robinson Josephine P fr 461a ln 1
Robinson Joshuafr 485b ln 31
Robinson Julia E fr 544b ln 25
Robinson Laurafr 485b ln 33
Robinson Martha fr 521a ln 24
Robinson Mary fr 533a ln 19
Robinson Minerva fr 441b ln 36
Robinson Phillip fr 521a ln 23
Robinson Rebecca T fr 544b ln 24
Robinson Robert fr 441b ln 35
Robinson Sarah E fr 435a ln 16
Robinson Vernon W fr 435a ln 15
Robinson William fr 441b ln 31
Robinson(?) Jack fr 470a ln 13
Rocroff Isabella fr 420a ln 2
Rocroff Mark fr 420a ln 1
Rocroff Mary fr 420a ln 14
Rocroff Ora Mary fr 420a ln 15
Rocroff Robert fr 420a ln 3
Rocroff Samuel fr 420a ln 13
Rodgers Elizabeth fr 454b ln 12
Rodgers Elizabeth fr 454b ln 14
Rodgers Jessie fr 508a ln 25
Rodgers John fr 454b ln 18
Rodgers Sarah fr 474b ln 32
Rodgers Thomas fr 454b ln 11
Rodgers Thomas fr 454b ln 13
Rodoman(?) Christ fr 438b ln 11
Roe Elvira fr 422b ln 1
Roe Frank C fr 422b ln 3
Roe Herbert A fr 422b ln 4
Roe Luke A fr 422b ln 2
Rofs Angus fr 437b ln 18
Rogan William fr 525a ln 28
Rogers Hannah fr 409b ln 10
Rogers Rachael fr 409b ln 11
Rogers William fr 409b ln 9
Rohrer Abraham fr 548a ln 28
Rohrer Annie fr 548a ln 29
Rohrer Jacob M fr 548a ln 25
Rohrer Lana fr 548a ln 27
Rohrer Mollie E fr 548a ln 26
Roland Charles fr 501b ln 19
Roland David fr 522a ln 39
Roland Elizabeth fr 495b ln 1
Roland Fonice(?) E fr 522b ln 36
Roland Georgeann fr 522c ln 1
Roland James H fr 522b ln 40
Roland John fr 501b ln 18
Roland John E fr 522c ln 2
Roland Mattie A fr 522a ln 40
Roland Melvin fr 495b ln 2
Roland Queen fr 501b ln 17
Roland Sarah A fr 522b ln 38
Roland Thomas fr 501b ln 15
Roland William fr 501b ln 16
Roland William S fr 522b ln 39
Roland Zerelda A fr 522b ln 37
Roland(?) robertfr 483b ln 7
Rolin Charles W fr 500a ln 9
Rolin John L fr 500a ln 8
Rolin Queen fr 500a ln 7
Rolin William fr 500a ln 6
Rookstool Albert fr 427a ln 34
Rookstool Ashley fr 427a ln 37
Rookstool Cornelius fr 430a ln 23
Rookstool Ellie fr 427a ln 40
Rookstool Emma fr 427a ln 36
Rookstool Geo fr 427a ln 32
Rookstool Martha fr 427a ln 35
Rookstool Mary fr 427a ln 38
Rookstool Rebecca fr 427a ln 33
Rookstool Samuel fr 427a ln 39
Ropp Elizabeth fr 449b ln 5
Roscoe Frank fr 437b ln 24

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