Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Rose Charlie fr 549a ln 34
Rose Emma fr 466a ln 15
Rose John W fr 549a ln 32
Rose Mary A fr 549a ln 33
Rose Robert fr 549a ln 37
Rosenberger Frank fr 470a ln 6
Rosenberger unreadable fr 476a ln 40
Roses(?) Arthur C fr 453a ln 13
Roses(?) B. L. fr 453a ln 12
Roses(?) C. M. fr 453a ln 11
Roses(?) Caddie E fr 453a ln 15
Roses(?) Clinton fr 453a ln 14
Roses(?) Jas Nelson(?) fr 453a ln 10
Rosioni(?) Katyfr 487a ln 9
Ross Laird fr 539a ln 33
Ross Mary fr 539a ln 34
Ross(?) Edwin fr 463a ln 7
Ross(?) James fr 463a ln 5
Ross(?) Louisa(?) fr 463a ln 6
Rotte Wm fr 438b ln 30
Rouse Alise B fr 511b ln 7
Rouse George S fr 511b ln 9
Rouse George W fr 511b ln 2
Rouse John W fr 511b ln 8
Rouse Kate H fr 511b ln 6
Rouse Louisa J fr 511b ln 5
Rouse Rebecca J fr 511b ln 3
Rouse Thomas L fr 511b ln 4
Rowe Alise fr 448b ln 4
Rowe Anna fr 448b ln 8
Rowe Danny fr 448b ln 3
Rowe Edward fr 448b ln 5
Rowe Ellen fr 448b ln 7
Rowe John fr 448b ln 1
Rowe Lincoln fr 421b ln 10
Rowe Lincoln fr 448b ln 6
Rowe Mary E fr 421b ln 11
Rowe Minerva fr 448b ln 2
Rowe Nancy fr 421b ln 7
Rowe Samuel fr 448b ln 9
Rowin John fr 510b ln 7
Rowland Amanda J fr 546a ln 34
Rowland Andrew M fr 546a ln 37
Rowland Indiana fr 546a ln 35
Rowland Lucy J fr 546a ln 38
Rowland Rouben fr 546a ln 33
Rowland Thomas L fr 546a ln 36
Rowton Jushua fr 514a ln 15
Royal Elizabeth fr 445a ln 36
Royal Frank fr 444a ln 11
Royal Frank fr 445a ln 35
Royce Richardfr 479a ln 40
Royce(?) J.N.C(?) fr 459a ln 1
Royce(?) Minnie(?) fr 459a ln 3
Royce(?) Sarah fr 459a ln 2
Rubedeaux John fr 463b ln 28
Rubedeaux Sarah fr 463b ln 30
Rubedeaux Sophia fr 463b ln 31
Rubedeaux Susan fr 463b ln 29
Ruber(?) Eleanor fr 430b ln 29
Ruber(?) Thadeus S fr 430b ln 30
Ruber(?) William fr 430b ln 28
Rucker Edward fr 554b ln 12
Rucker Lucy J fr 554b ln 13
Rucker Margaret R fr 554b ln 14
Rudd A. ? fr 453a ln 9
Rudd Harriet fr 421b ln 9
Rudd William fr 421b ln 8
Ruddell Elizabeth fr 461b ln 24
Ruddell Ella fr 461b ln 28
Ruddell George fr 461b ln 23
Ruddell George fr 461b ln 29
Ruddell James W fr 461b ln 26
Ruddell Lillie fr 461b ln 25
Ruddell Mary fr 461b ln 22
Ruddell Mary fr 461b ln 27
Runnuels Afr 483b ln 27
Rush Ann E fr 532b ln 38
Rush Cora O fr 532b ln 39
Rush John L fr 532b ln 37
Rush William fr 532b ln 40
Russel Albert fr 505b ln 6
Russel Anna T fr 430b ln 11
Russel Beldin fr 430b ln 4
Russel Caroline C fr 430b ln 5
Russel Clark fr 450b ln 11
Russel Clauda L fr 455a ln 7
Russel Daniel fr 505b ln 5
Russel Eliphalet fr 430b ln 2
Russel Emma fr 430b ln 10
Russel Frederick fr 455a ln 3
Russel Isabella fr 505b ln 4
Russel James fr 505b ln 9
Russel James F fr 455a ln 5
Russel Jane fr 505b ln 3
Russel Jerome fr 430b ln 9
Russel Joseph fr 505b ln 2
Russel Julias R fr 455a ln 6
Russel Ludella fr 505b ln 7
Russel Luella fr 430b ln 12
Russel Mariah L fr 430b ln 3
Russel Mariah L fr 430b ln 6
Russel Mary fr 505b ln 11
Russel Mary E fr 455a ln 8
Russel Mary J fr 455a ln 4
Russel Murtha fr 505b ln 10
Russel Polina fr 430b ln 7
Russel Sarah fr 430b ln 8
Russel William fr 505b ln 8
Russell Christopher fr 504b ln 32
Russell Elijah fr 558a ln 13
Russell Elijah T fr 558a ln 23
Russell Ella fr 534b ln 8
Russell Emily fr 534b ln 7
Russell Emma J fr 558a ln 24
Russell Fanny fr 558a ln 14
Russell Fetney fr 558a ln 25
Russell Harriet R fr 504b ln 36
Russell Harriett fr 505a ln 2
Russell James E fr 558a ln 15
Russell John H fr 558a ln 22
Russell John S. fr 504b ln 34
Russell Joseph fr 534b ln 6
Russell Joseph fr 558a ln 26
Russell Josephine fr 558a ln 27
Russell Larson(?) fr 505a ln 1
Russell Lovina fr 558a ln 19
Russell Malinda fr 504b ln 33
Russell Martha A fr 558a ln 20
Russell Paul P fr 558a ln 18
Russell Prior L fr 558a ln 21
Russell Rilfer(?) fr 504b ln 40
Russell Sarah F fr 504b ln 35
Russell Sarah F fr 558a ln 16
Russell William T fr 558a ln 17
Rutherford Prudence fr 461a ln 22
Rutledge Amanda fr 532b ln 23
Rutledge John T fr 532b ln 19
Rutledge Mary L fr 532b ln 21
Rutledge Priscilla fr 532b ln 20
Rutledge Zidda(?) M fr 532b ln 22
Ryan Harry fr 474b ln 6
Ryan James fr 474b ln 2
Ryan John fr 474b ln 4
Ryan Mary E fr 474b ln 5
Ryan Minerva fr 474b ln 3
Ryon Christopher fr 434a ln 18
Ryon James F fr 434a ln 16
Ryon Laura B fr 434a ln 19
Ryon Terrica F fr 434a ln 17
S[unreadable] Cart[unreadable] fr 476b ln 40
S[unreadable] Dorelle fr 477a ln 2
S[unreadable] Harrey fr 477a ln 3
S[unreadable] Hettie fr 477a ln 4
S[unreadable] Joseph fr 476b ln 38
S[unreadable] Maranda fr 477a ln 1
S[unreadable] Sarah J fr 476b ln 39
Sabada Geo W fr 439a ln 33
Safinn(?) Chasfr 483b ln 16
Sage Emma fr 536b ln 23
Sage Mary A fr 536b ln 25
Sage William fr 536b ln 22
Sage William fr 536b ln 24
Sample Louisa fr 540a ln 15
Sample Omer W fr 540a ln 16
Sample William R fr 540a ln 14
Sampson Emma Lfr 490a ln 5
Sampson Harriettfr 490a ln 3
Sampson Jenniefr 490a ln 4
Sampson John Sfr 490a ln 2
Sampson Mollie(?) A fr 469a ln 5
Sarge(?) Caty F fr 469b ln 19
Sarlings John fr 446a ln 17
Sattles Louisa fr 464a ln 18
Sattles Wm T fr 464a ln 17
Saunders Archiefr 480b ln 37
Saunders Wm fr 460a ln 36
Sausanequenica(?) fr 399b ln 4
Sawin Samuel C fr 433b ln 19
Saxe Ruth fr 432a ln 40
Saxton Albert M fr 553a ln 36
Saxton Elbert M fr 553a ln 34
Saxton Eva M fr 553a ln 35
Sayle(?) Lucinda fr 468a ln 6
Schooley Ed Cfr 489b ln 32
Schooley Jennie(?) Efr 489b ln 33
Schultz James C fr 525a ln 24
Schultz Kizer(?) fr 525a ln 25
Schultz Rosella fr 525a ln 26
Schultz Samuel W fr 525a ln 27
Schwartz Wm fr 449a ln 17
Scott Arthur fr 460b ln 10
Scott B[unreadable] fr 435b ln 16
Scott Catharine fr 460b ln 7
Scott Charlie fr 460b ln 9
Scott Conrad fr 435b ln 14
Scott Frank fr 460b ln 8
Scott George R fr 550a ln 5
Scott Harmon fr 537b ln 19
Scott Jennie fr 475a ln 18
Scott Jesse fr 435b ln 18
Scott John L fr 460b ln 6
Scott Margaret A fr 500a ln 34
Scott Martha J fr 435b ln 15
Scott Rosetta J fr 435b ln 17
Scott Thomas H fr 500a ln 35
Scott William fr 507b ln 6
Scott William fr 508b ln 17
Scott William H fr 500a ln 33
Seargent Lavina fr 449a ln 33
Sears Mary E fr 452b ln 23
Sears William A fr 452b ln 22
Seaver Charlotte fr 522c ln 4
Seaver Ellen M fr 522c ln 5
Seaver John W fr 522c ln 3
Sebaston Martin H fr 434b ln 10
Seck Adam fr 541a ln 16
Seck Adam fr 541a ln 21
Seck Elizabeth fr 541a ln 20
Seck Elizabeth fr 541b ln 31
Seck Elizabeth fr 541b ln 33
Seck Helena fr 541a ln 17
Seck Jacob fr 541a ln 19
Seck Jacob fr 541b ln 30
Seck Jacob fr 541b ln 32
Seck Mary fr 541a ln 18
Seck William fr 541b ln 34
Secoy Catherine fr 425a ln 35
Secoy David fr 425a ln 34
Secoy Walter fr 425a ln 33
Sederson(?) Palsen(?) fr 522a ln 5
Seeley David fr 461b ln 7
Seeley John S fr 461b ln 5
Seeley Mary E fr 461b ln 6
Seibert Austin fr 437a ln 28
Seibert Frederick fr 437a ln 32
Seibert Gotleib fr 437a ln 26
Seibert Henrietta fr 437a ln 27
Seibert John fr 437a ln 31
Seibert William fr 437a ln 30
Seibert Wilmina fr 437a ln 29
Self Catharine B fr 521a ln 12
Self Presley H fr 521a ln 11
Senet Michael fr 449a ln 35
Seratt Martha E fr 512a ln 8
Servos Caleb fr 426a ln 39
Servos Catherine fr 426a ln 40
Servos Gilbert L fr 426b ln 3
Servos Jacob A fr 426b ln 2
Servos John H fr 426b ln 4
Servos Rebecca fr 426b ln 1
Shaffer Arrilda fr 429a ln 40
Shaffer Belinda fr 429a ln 32
Shaffer David fr 429a ln 38
Shaffer Hensan fr 429a ln 36
Shaffer Jane fr 429a ln 35
Shaffer John fr 429a ln 34
Shaffer Joseph fr 429a ln 31
Shaffer Joseph fr 429b ln 1
Shaffer Martha fr 429a ln 37
Shaffer Sarah fr 429a ln 33
Shaffer Wesley fr 429a ln 39
Shaner William fr 525b ln 21
Shanna Elizabeth fr 402a ln 8
Shanna Thomas fr 402a ln 7
Shannan A J. fr 470a ln 8
Shannan Andrew J fr 470a ln 12
Shannan Maggie fr 470a ln 11
Shannan Mary fr 470a ln 9
Shannan Mary E fr 470a ln 10
Shannon Amanda B fr 537a ln 4
Shannon Edward D fr 469a ln 22
Shannon Elizabeth fr 537a ln 3
Shannon Emma fr 537a ln 14
Shannon James fr 537a ln 13
Shannon Martin fr 537a ln 11
Shannon Mary S fr 469a ln 23
Shannon Minerva(?) fr 537a ln 10
Shannon Nancy M fr 537a ln 6
Shannon Oliver fr 469a ln 24
Shannon Sarah E fr 537a ln 5
Shannon William fr 537a ln 2
Shannon William J fr 537a ln 12
Shannon William Jr fr 537a ln 9
Sharar Ann E fr 494b ln 30
Sharar George fr 494b ln 29
Sharar M[unreadable] fr 494b ln 31
Sharar Mattie fr 494b ln 33
Sharar William fr 494b ln 32
Sharp Catharine fr 536b ln 21
Sharp Cyrus fr 466a ln 24
Sharp David fr 404b ln 11
Sharp David fr 404b ln 9
Sharp Malinda fr 404b ln 10
Sharp Malinda fr 466a ln 25
Shaw Allysious(?) fr 413a ln 18
Shaw Carrie fr 469a ln 31
Shaw Cyrus W fr 474a ln 15
Shaw Frances fr 474a ln 13
Shaw Frank M fr 469a ln 29
Shaw Ida M fr 474a ln 14
Shaw Isaac fr 412a ln 21
Shaw Julia fr 413a ln 17
Shaw Mary fr 413a ln 16
Shaw Mary E fr 469a ln 30
Shaw Matilda fr 412a ln 22
Shaw Nettie fr 413a ln 20
Shaw Noel(?) fr 474a ln 12
Shaw Rosilla fr 413a ln 15
Shaw Rosilla fr 413a ln 19
Shaw William fr 413a ln 14
Sheahan Elizabeth fr 518a ln 35
Sheahan Jerry fr 518a ln 32
Sheahan John fr 518a ln 34
Sheahan Margret fr 518a ln 39
Sheahan Mary fr 518a ln 33
Sheahan Mary Ann fr 518a ln 36
Shehan Cornelius fr 518a ln 38
Shehan Ellen fr 518a ln 37
Sheldon David fr 428b ln 2
Sheldon David M fr 428b ln 5
Sheldon Emnon(?) J fr 428b ln 6
Sheldon Henry O. fr 428b ln 7
Sheldon Ruth B fr 428b ln 3
Sheldon Winfield H fr 428b ln 4
Shelly Eve fr 453b ln 33
Shelton Elias fr 413a ln 26
Shelton Jane fr 413a ln 28
Shelton Sarah fr 413a ln 27
Shepherd Betsy fr 444a ln 19
Shepherd Charley fr 444a ln 39
Shepherd Ed G fr 444a ln 34
Shepherd Emma fr 444a ln 35
Shepherd Herman fr 444a ln 36
Shepherd Phlemar(?) fr 444a ln 18
Shepherd Stanley fr 444a ln 37
Shepherd Waldo fr 444a ln 38
Sheppard Charles H fr 533b ln 33
Shepperd Edwin A. fr 533b ln 32
Shepperd Thomas J. fr 533b ln 31
Sherar Amelia fr 456b ln 40
Sherar Ann fr 504a ln 7
Sherar Caleb fr 504a ln 6
Sherar Cary fr 457a ln 2
Sherar Delarimer fr 433a ln 22
Sherar Elmer fr 511a ln 13
Sherar Harriet fr 433a ln 23
Sherar John H fr 457a ln 1
Sherar Libby A fr 511a ln 11
Sherar Lydia fr 456b ln 39
Sherar Margaret fr 511a ln 10
Sherar Mariah fr 504a ln 9
Sherar Minnie fr 511a ln 12
Sherar Robert fr 511a ln 9
Sherar Rubin fr 433a ln 24
Sherar Sarah fr 504a ln 8
Sherar William fr 456b ln 38
Sherdon Allen fr 412b ln 38
Sherdon Cloves(?) fr 412b ln 36
Sherdon Ella C fr 412b ln 35
Sherdon Frank fr 412b ln 37
Sherdon Hiram fr 412b ln 34
Sherdon James fr 412b ln 33
Sherdon John fr 412b ln 32
Sherdon Malinda fr 412b ln 31
Sherdon William fr 412b ln 30
Sheridan John Cfr 488b ln 25
Sherman Anna E fr 476a ln 39
Sherman Catharinefr 484a ln 15
Sherman Chas fr 476a ln 36
Sherman Chas H. fr 476a ln 38
Sherman Drucella Afr 487a ln 29
Sherman Gus Hfr 487a ln 27
Sherman Gustavus Sfr 487a ln 30
Sherman Henrietta fr 476a ln 37
Sherman Lucyfr 487a ln 28
Sherman(?) wm Afr 482a ln 22
Sherman(?) Wmfr 485a ln 1
Sherrar Albert fr 401a ln 18
Sherrar Alice M fr 538b ln 36
Sherrar Ames C fr 538b ln 40
Sherrar Caroline fr 401a ln 16
Sherrar David fr 538b ln 33
Sherrar Eliza J fr 538b ln 39
Sherrar Henry fr 401a ln 15
Sherrar Ida fr 401a ln 17
Sherrar Mary fr 401a ln 14
Sherrar Mary fr 538b ln 38
Sherrar Mary E fr 538b ln 35
Sherrar Patsey A fr 538b ln 34
Sherrar Richard fr 538b ln 37
Sherrar Wm fr 401a ln 13
Shields Alley fr 554a ln 17
Shields Ambrose fr 554a ln 14
Shields Edwin fr 411a ln 33
Shields Edwin fr 554a ln 16
Shields Ernest fr 554a ln 21
Shields Lavina fr 554a ln 20
Shields Leolan fr 554a ln 22
Shields Louisa fr 554a ln 19
Shields Lucian J fr 554a ln 23
Shields Mary fr 554a ln 15
Shields Mary fr 554a ln 18
Shiller John fr 522c ln 16
Shingleton James fr 538b ln 6
Shinkel Frank fr 428b ln 23
Shinkel Martha fr 428b ln 25
Shinkel Mary fr 428b ln 24
Ship Angeline fr 528a ln 2
Ship Lemuel fr 528a ln 3
Ship Louisa fr 528a ln 8
Ship Mandy M fr 528a ln 6
Ship Martha fr 528a ln 9
Ship Mary fr 528a ln 4
Ship Nancy J fr 528a ln 7
Ship Samuel fr 528a ln 12
Ship Sterling fr 528a ln 1
Ship Tennessee fr 528a ln 11
Ship Thomas fr 528a ln 5
Ship William H fr 528a ln 10
Shipley Alemeda fr 406a ln 27
Shipley Amanda fr 406b ln 19
Shipley Andrew fr 406a ln 19
Shipley Anna E fr 406b ln 17
Shipley Clarrisa fr 406a ln 17
Shipley Eliza fr 406b ln 15
Shipley Elmer(?) fr 406a ln 16
Shipley Emma fr 406b ln 20
Shipley Ida M fr 406b ln 21
Shipley Isaiach fr 406b ln 18
Shipley James fr 406b ln 14
Shipley John fr 406a ln 28
Shipley Joseph fr 440b ln 39
Shipley Mary E fr 406b ln 16
Shipley Riley fr 406a ln 29
Shipley Sarah fr 406a ln 26
Shipley Thomas fr 406a ln 25
Shipley Thomas J fr 406a ln 18
Shipman Daniel fr 452b ln 40
Shipman Nancy M fr 445a ln 14
Shipman Suelda(?) fr 453a ln 1
Shipman William fr 445a ln 13
Shirley Ann R fr 534b ln 12
Shirley E W fr 473a ln 19
Shirley Fidelia fr 473a ln 21
Shirley Hannah S fr 534b ln 16
Shirley Jacob P fr 534b ln 13
Shirley James W fr 534b ln 15
Shirley John R fr 534b ln 14
Shirley John W fr 534b ln 10
Shirley Margret fr 473a ln 20
Shirley Mary fr 534b ln 11
Shirley Minnie fr 534b ln 18
Shirley Rosa B fr 534b ln 17
Shirley Samuel fr 473a ln 23
Shirley William fr 473a ln 22
Shirley Willis fr 473a ln 24
Shirley(?) Matiladafr 480b ln 16
Shite Mazy fr 466b ln 13
Shively Ida T fr 466b ln 18
Shively Iona(?) T fr 466b ln 17
Shively Jacob S fr 512a ln 30
Shively L[unreadable] fr 466b ln 16
Shively Nancy S fr 466b ln 15
Shively Sue(?) M fr 466b ln 19
Shively Wm T fr 466b ln 14
Shoemaker Carrie D fr 536c ln 20
Shoemaker Charlie fr 536b ln 40
Shoemaker Eldora fr 536c ln 28
Shoemaker Elias fr 536c ln 30
Shoemaker Ellen fr 536c ln 26
Shoemaker Genevia(?) fr 536c ln 27
Shoemaker Godfrey fr 536c ln 25
Shoemaker Mary fr 536b ln 39
Shoemaker Nellie fr 536c ln 21
Shoemaker Nettie fr 536c ln 24
Shoemaker Saml fr 536c ln 18
Shoemaker Sarah E fr 536c ln 19
Shoemaker Sarah F fr 536c ln 22
Shoemaker Sophia fr 536c ln 23
Shoemaker Stephen fr 536c ln 29
Shoemaker Thos fr 536b ln 38
Shoff Albert P fr 502a ln 13
Shoff Ann fr 502a ln 7
Shoff Carrie fr 502a ln 14
Shoff Dalney F fr 502a ln 15
Shoff David B fr 502a ln 6
Shoff Edward fr 502a ln 11
Shoff Emily fr 502a ln 12
Shoff Henry fr 502a ln 8
Shoff Hettie fr 502a ln 9
Shoff Ida fr 502a ln 10
Shoffner(?) Cebastion fr 411a ln 35
Shriver Alexander fr 400b ln 14
Shriver Alexander fr 400b ln 17
Shriver Elizabeth fr 400b ln 10
Shriver Elizabeth fr 425b ln 17
Shriver Harrison fr 400b ln 12
Shriver James H fr 400b ln 16
Shriver John fr 400b ln 11
Shriver John fr 425b ln 16
Shriver Joseph fr 425b ln 20
Shriver Lizzie fr 400b ln 15
Shriver Malinda fr 425b ln 21
Shriver Manda A fr 425b ln 22
Shriver May E fr 400b ln 13
Shriver Nancy J fr 400b ln 18
Shriver Oscar fr 400b ln 19
Shriver Sherron(?) fr 425b ln 19
Shriver Thomas fr 425b ln 23
Shultz Anna R fr 436b ln 10
Shultz Austin fr 436b ln 14
Shultz Caspar fr 436a ln 1
Shultz Francis fr 467b ln 15
Shultz Hiram fr 436b ln 11
Shultz Ida fr 436b ln 13
Shultz Josephine fr 436a ln 3
Shultz Julia N fr 467b ln 18
Shultz Lewis fr 436b ln 15
Shultz Mikle fr 436b ln 9
Shultz Mokle(?) fr 436b ln 12
Shultz Sarah fr 436a ln 2
Shultz Susan E fr 467b ln 16
Shultz Willie A fr 467b ln 17
Shuman Mary A fr 500b ln 1
Sibbet Edmund fr 419a ln 30
Sibbet Elizabeth J fr 419a ln 29
Sibbet Jessie M fr 419a ln 28
Sibbet Thomas fr 419a ln 27
Sibreth(?) William fr 464a ln 24
Sidell Ida fr 448b ln 12
Sidell Lewis fr 448b ln 10
Sidell Minnie fr 448b ln 11
Sides Amanda fr 405b ln 17
Sides John fr 405b ln 11
Sides Lodema(?) fr 405b ln 13
Sides Logan fr 405b ln 16
Sides Marget fr 405b ln 15
Sides Martha fr 405b ln 14
Sides Thomas fr 405b ln 12
Siekams(?) Anna fr 468b ln 19
Sigman Alonzo fr 536b ln 33
Sigmund(?) George fr 405a ln 35
Simmons Delbert fr 536d ln 14
Simmons Lydia A fr 536d ln 13
Simmons Mary fr 536d ln 15
Simmons William fr 536d ln 12
Simms America fr 450a ln 14
Simms Comodor fr 450a ln 11
Simms Eliza fr 450a ln 10
Simms Frances fr 450a ln 7
Simms Joseph B fr 450a ln 9
Simms Julia A fr 450a ln 8
Simms Manford C fr 450a ln 15
Simms Mary A fr 450a ln 13
Simms William fr 450a ln 6
Simms William A fr 450a ln 12
Simons Augusta fr 471b ln 33
Simons George fr 471b ln 35
Simons Orilla fr 471b ln 34
Simons Wm E fr 471b ln 32
Simpson Augusta Lfr 484a ln 18
Simpson Basil M fr 475b ln 23
Simpson Benj Ffr 484a ln 17
Simpson Carriefr 484a ln 20
Simpson Frank S. fr 475b ln 26
Simpson Frankfr 484a ln 19
Simpson Marthafr 484a ln 21
Simpson Rachel H fr 475b ln 24
Simpson Sadie fr 475b ln 25
Simpson Sarah fr 406b ln 37
Sims Bell fr 414b ln 34
Sims Drucilla E fr 398a ln 34
Sims Edward fr 414b ln 32
Sims Eliza fr 459a ln 30
Sims Felena fr 414b ln 33
Sims Jacob fr 414b ln 28
Sims James E fr 398a ln 33
Sims Jane fr 414b ln 30
Sims John fr 414a ln 1
Sims Mary fr 414b ln 29
Sims Quincy fr 414b ln 31
Sims Tome(?) fr 414a ln 2
Sinclair Arndrew J fr 547a ln 36
Sinclair Delilah fr 547a ln 37
Sinclair Emma A fr 547b ln 2
Sinclair Isaac S fr 547a ln 38
Sinclair John H fr 547a ln 40
Sinclair Juliett fr 547a ln 39
Sinclair Laura fr 547b ln 1
Sinclair William S fr 547b ln 3
Singletary John fr 559a ln 5
Singletary Rosalba fr 559a ln 6
Sinky Ida fr 448a ln 37
Sinky James fr 448a ln 33
Sinky Josephine fr 448a ln 35
Sinky Nancy fr 448a ln 34
Sinky Sanford fr 448a ln 36
Sinncot Curtis fr 463b ln 35
Sirber(?) Geo W. M G fr 426b ln 12
Sirber(?) May fr 426b ln 11
Sirber(?) William S fr 426b ln 13
Skelley William fr 550a ln 29
Skinner Charles fr 556b ln 28
Skinner Charles l fr 553a ln 27
Skinner David R fr 544a ln 29
Skinner Dolphus fr 556b ln 26
Skinner Ellsworth fr 556b ln 29
Skinner Hannah J fr 544a ln 28
Skinner Hiram fr 514a ln 38
Skinner Isaac fr 544a ln 27
Skinner Marge F fr 544a ln 31
Skinner Mary fr 556b ln 31
Skinner Mary C fr 544a ln 32
Skinner Maude F fr 544a ln 30
Skinner Novalla(?) fr 556b ln 30
Skinner Pocahontas fr 514a ln 39
Skinner Sarah fr 556b ln 27
Skinner Weston T fr 553a ln 28
Sla[unreadable] Anna fr 470a ln 25
Slatton Landers fr 504a ln 39
Slatton Mary fr 504a ln 40
Slatton Sarah A fr 504b ln 1
Slaughter George fr 529b ln 35
Sledghill(?) Johnasfr 484b ln 25
Slinker Andrew fr 524a ln 34
Slinker Anna fr 524b ln 2
Slinker Chloe fr 524a ln 32
Slinker Colman P fr 524a ln 30
Slinker Eliza fr 532b ln 28
Slinker Elizabeth fr 524a ln 28
Slinker Ellen fr 524a ln 35
Slinker Harriet fr 524a ln 37
Slinker Henry fr 524a ln 38
Slinker James fr 524b ln 4
Slinker James fr 532b ln 30
Slinker James A fr 524a ln 27
Slinker John fr 524b ln 5
Slinker Louisa A fr 524a ln 36
Slinker Marshall fr 524a ln 33
Slinker Mary F fr 524a ln 31
Slinker Meriman fr 532b ln 27
Slinker Millie fr 532b ln 29
Slinker Nancy fr 524b ln 8
Slinker Temperance E fr 524b ln 7
Slinker Theodocia fr 524b ln 6
Slinker William fr 524a ln 29
Slinker William J fr 524b ln 3
Slinker Willis T fr 524b ln 1
Sloan Cornelius fr 409a ln 36
Sloan Elizabeth fr 511b ln 11
Sloan James fr 511b ln 10
Sloan Patrick fr 409a ln 35
Slolty(?) Anna M fr 475a ln 28
Slolty(?) Edward fr 475a ln 33
Slolty(?) Frank fr 475a ln 31
Slolty(?) Joseph fr 475a ln 29
Slolty(?) Mary M fr 475a ln 34
Slolty(?) Minnie fr 475a ln 32
Slolty(?) Nicholas fr 475a ln 27
Slolty(?) Stephen fr 475a ln 30
Slooser Alonzo fr 507b ln 35
Slooser Julia fr 507b ln 36
Smalley Frank(?) fr 450b ln 10
Smally Albert fr 420b ln 32
Smally Annetta fr 420b ln 33
Smally Charles fr 420b ln 40
Smally Clebarn fr 420b ln 34
Smally Edith fr 420b ln 35
Smally Ida fr 420b ln 38
Smally James fr 420b ln 39
Smally Joseph fr 420b ln 36
Smally Lewis fr 420b ln 30
Smally Mary fr 420b ln 37
Smally Sarah fr 420b ln 31

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