Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

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Smiley Jamesfr 485a ln 35
Smith [unreadable] fr 398b ln 2
Smith [unreadable]fr 484b ln 8
Smith Aaron C fr 522a ln 23
Smith Abigail fr 522a ln 24
Smith Ada fr 559a ln 17
Smith Ada E fr 507b ln 1
Smith Alma A fr 399b ln 22
Smith Amanda fr 507a ln 40
Smith Amanda E fr 399b ln 23
Smith Amelia fr 433b ln 17
Smith Angeline fr 404a ln 19
Smith Ann fr 427a ln 30
Smith Ann E fr 449a ln 27
Smith Ann E fr 510b ln 16
Smith Ann M fr 450b ln 7
Smith Anna fr 408b ln 26
Smith Anna fr 439b ln 7
Smith Anthony fr 439b ln 2
Smith Benjamin fr 535b ln 10
Smith Benjamin fr 556b ln 12
Smith Cadeth(?) fr 461a ln 12
Smith Caesar fr 408b ln 30
Smith Carmelia fr 433b ln 18
Smith Caspar fr 476b ln 3
Smith Catharinefr 484a ln 16
Smith Charles fr 450b ln 8
Smith Charlotte fr 408b ln 27
Smith Chas fr 461a ln 2
Smith Chasfr 483b ln 40
Smith Chubb fr 522a ln 25
Smith Clara fr 412a ln 31
Smith Clara F fr 451b ln 22
Smith Clarance A fr 510b ln 17
Smith Cynthia E fr 554a ln 31
Smith D. D. fr 427a ln 29
Smith Daniel fr 460b ln 22
Smith Daniel fr 535b ln 13
Smith Daniel H fr 556b ln 14
Smith David fr 403b ln 14
Smith David fr 554a ln 36
Smith David L fr 554a ln 28
Smith Debera A fr 510b ln 36
Smith Dello fr 460b ln 29
Smith Edfr 484b ln 5
Smith Edward M fr 510b ln 19
Smith Elija W fr 433b ln 16
Smith Eliza fr 467a ln 13
Smith Elizabeth E fr 556b ln 16
Smith Elizabethfr 484b ln 10
Smith Ellafr 479b ln 40
Smith Ellen fr 522c ln 13
Smith Ellie fr 433b ln 20
Smith Emeline fr 447a ln 40
Smith Emma fr 461a ln 13
Smith Ermaro(?) fr 559a ln 14
Smith Esther fr 554a ln 29
Smith F(?) E. fr 461a ln 9
Smith Fanny fr 450b ln 4
Smith Fildella(?) fr 460b ln 24
Smith Francis fr 460b ln 28
Smith Francis M fr 510b ln 15
Smith Frank fr 559a ln 16
Smith Frederic fr 398b ln 3
Smith Frederick fr 408b ln 25
Smith Frederick fr 446a ln 2
Smith Gailfr 484b ln 7
Smith Georg fr 408b ln 28
Smith George M fr 398b ln 4
Smith George S fr 553b ln 13
Smith George W fr 510b ln 37
Smith Harriet E fr 450b ln 6
Smith Harry fr 408b ln 14
Smith Harry A fr 451b ln 23
Smith Harryfr 484a ln 14
Smith Hattie fr 450b ln 3
Smith Hattiefr 479b ln 39
Smith Henry B fr 450a ln 40
Smith Henry F fr 451b ln 21
Smith James fr 461a ln 11
Smith James H fr 507a ln 38
Smith James M fr 522c ln 11
Smith Jane fr 449a ln 38
Smith Jane fr 522c ln 12
Smith John fr 398a ln 40
Smith John fr 433a ln 17
Smith John fr 439b ln 4
Smith John fr 449a ln 39
Smith John fr 496a ln 39
Smith John fr 522c ln 9
Smith John F fr 399b ln 19
Smith John Hfr 484a ln 12
Smith John J fr 456b ln 1
Smith John L fr 542a ln 29
Smith John L fr 554a ln 33
Smith John W fr 428b ln 11
Smith John W fr 517a ln 36
Smith Joseph fr 522c ln 15
Smith Joseph C fr 404a ln 22
Smith Kate fr 450b ln 2
Smith Katie fr 554a ln 5
Smith Laura fr 554a ln 3
Smith Lorrena fr 477b ln 5
Smith Louisa fr 408b ln 24
Smith Loyd B fr 507b ln 2
Smith Lucilla fr 535b ln 11
Smith Lydia E fr 556b ln 19
Smith Lysander fr 528b ln 8
Smith Mansel L fr 510b ln 18
Smith Mariah fr 461a ln 10
Smith Mariah fr 467a ln 12
Smith Markas fr 399b ln 24
Smith Martha fr 434b ln 16
Smith Martha fr 517a ln 37
Smith Martha fr 535b ln 15
Smith Martha E fr 399b ln 21
Smith Martin fr 535b ln 14
Smith Mary fr 439b ln 3
Smith Mary fr 439b ln 5
Smith Mary A fr 535b ln 16
Smith Mary A fr 554a ln 2
Smith Mary 484b ln 6
Smith Mary C fr 556b ln 18
Smith Mary L fr 559a ln 15
Smith Mary P fr 450b ln 1
Smith Maryfr 484a ln 13
Smith Matilda fr 549a ln 39
Smith Matilda fr 554a ln 32
Smith Minerva fr 510b ln 35
Smith Nancy J fr 556b ln 17
Smith Nathaniel fr 549a ln 38
Smith Nelson W fr 460b ln 26
Smith Phillip fr 408b ln 13
Smith Quincy fr 461a ln 14
Smith Rachel fr 404a ln 20
Smith Rachel fr 456b ln 2
Smith Rachel Lfr 484b ln 9
Smith Rebeca fr 399b ln 18
Smith Rhoda fr 460b ln 27
Smith Richard fr 549b ln 1
Smith Rufus fr 408b ln 11
Smith Sabina fr 408b ln 29
Smith Samuel B fr 450b ln 5
Smith Sarah fr 408b ln 12
Smith Sarah fr 460b ln 25
Smith Sarah fr 473a ln 15
Smith Sarah fr 528b ln 9
Smith Sarah A fr 542a ln 30
Smith Sarah C fr 398b ln 1
Smith Sarah E fr 522c ln 10
Smith Sarah J. fr 535b ln 12
Smith Sarah R fr 507a ln 39
Smith Simson fr 430b ln 31
Smith Susan fr 403b ln 15
Smith Susan fr 554a ln 30
Smith Susan fr 556b ln 13
Smith Susanfr 484a ln 1
Smith Susanna fr 535b ln 17
Smith Thomas fr 467a ln 11
Smith Thomas H fr 522c ln 14
Smith Thomas J fr 556b ln 15
Smith Victoria fr 399b ln 25
Smith Walter fr 549a ln 40
Smith Washington fr 408b ln 23
Smith William fr 439b ln 6
Smith William fr 456b ln 3
Smith William fr 528b ln 10
Smith William fr 554a ln 1
Smith William B fr 427a ln 31
Smith William H fr 404a ln 21
Smith William H fr 554a ln 4
Smith William T fr 467a ln 14
Smith William W fr 399b ln 20
Smith Wm B fr 404a ln 18
Smithers Johnfr 490a ln 6
Smoot John fr 438a ln 5
Smythe Bennie(?) fr 468a ln 2
Smythe Catie J fr 467b ln 40
Smythe Chas fr 467b ln 39
Smythe Laura J fr 468a ln 1
Snead Artilla(?) fr 422a ln 9
Snead Harriet fr 422a ln 14
Snead James F fr 422a ln 13
Snead Lucy J fr 422a ln 11
Snead Mary B fr 422a ln 10
Snead Olive fr 422a ln 12
Snively George fr 443b ln 3
Snively John fr 443b ln 6
Snively Laura fr 443b ln 5
Snively Martha A fr 443b ln 4
Snodgrass Charles fr 437a ln 4
Snodgrass Edmund M fr 557b ln 8
Snodgrass Eliza Jfr 479b ln 16
Snodgrass Hermen(?)fr 479b ln 14
Snodgrass Hiramfr 479b ln 17
Snodgrass Irafr 479b ln 18
Snodgrass Laura B fr 557b ln 10
Snodgrass Lucinda fr 437a ln 5
Snodgrass Malissa C fr 557b ln 9
Snodgrass Maryfr 479b ln 15
Snoffer Cornelia C fr 549a ln 36
Snoffer Somer R fr 549a ln 35
Snow Rodney fr 447a ln 29
Snyder Benj fr 469a ln 40
Snyder Charles fr 452a ln 14
Snyder Clara fr 469b ln 1
Snyder Cyrus fr 451a ln 21
Snyder Eli fr 450b ln 15
Snyder Elias fr 451a ln 17
Snyder Elizabeth fr 450b ln 16
Snyder Elizabeth fr 451a ln 20
Snyder Frank fr 469b ln 2
Snyder Harry fr 469b ln 4
Snyder James fr 469b ln 5
Snyder Jas A fr 453a ln 29
Snyder John fr 452a ln 12
Snyder Lottie fr 451a ln 18
Snyder Nellie fr 469b ln 3
Snyder Sarah E fr 452a ln 13
Snyder Stephen fr 451a ln 19
Soelke Catharine fr 444b ln 39
Soelke Clara R fr 445a ln 1
Soelke Cora fr 445a ln 2
Soelke Elmer E fr 444b ln 40
Soelke J F fr 444b ln 38
Soelke Mary S fr 445a ln 3
Sogemire Alf fr 469b ln 11
Sogemire Mary A fr 469b ln 12
Sounders Eleanor D fr 519a ln 22
Sounders Flora B fr 519a ln 23
Sounders Maggie C fr 519a ln 21
Sounders Mary D fr 519a ln 24
Sounders Samuel K fr 519a ln 20
Spain James H fr 433a ln 11
Spain John fr 433a ln 7
Spain Lavina E fr 433a ln 12
Spain Mary A fr 433a ln 8
Spain Rosetta fr 433a ln 10
Spain Sarah A fr 433a ln 9
Spain William fr 433a ln 6
Spaulding Charles B fr 524b ln 9
Spaulding Elba J fr 524b ln 12
Spaulding Ella M fr 524b ln 14
Spaulding Flora B fr 524b ln 11
Spaulding Lydia A fr 524b ln 13
Spaulding Minerva fr 524b ln 10
Spawr Elizabeth fr 544a ln 34
Spawr Martin fr 544a ln 33
Spencer Chas fr 477a ln 31
Spencer Ida M fr 477a ln 30
Spencer Regana fr 477a ln 29
Spencer Thos B. fr 477a ln 28
Spitler Benjamin fr 517b ln 13
Spitler Elizabeth fr 517b ln 17
Spitler Lewis fr 517b ln 16
Spitler Martha fr 517b ln 18
Spitler Sarah fr 517b ln 14
Spitler William fr 517b ln 15
Sprague A. J. fr 474a ln 30
Sprague Carrie B. fr 474a ln 34
Sprague Frances fr 474a ln 31
Sprague Marriertta fr 474a ln 32
Sprague Nellie M fr 474a ln 33
Stackhouse Alford fr 454b ln 23
Stackhouse Andrew fr 454b ln 27
Stackhouse David M fr 454b ln 25
Stackhouse James fr 454b ln 29
Stackhouse John B fr 454b ln 26
Stackhouse Mary S fr 454b ln 31
Stackhouse Nancy fr 454b ln 28
Stackhouse Sarah fr 454b ln 30
Stackhouse Temperence fr 454b ln 24
Stael John fr 541b ln 9
Stall(?) Fred fr 466a ln 6
Stanback Alonzo fr 456b ln 22
Stanback Arrena fr 456b ln 21
Stanback Catherine fr 456b ln 23
Stanback David fr 456b ln 20
Stanback James F fr 456b ln 25
Stanback Jessie fr 456b ln 24
Stanbrough Elizabeth J fr 513a ln 16
Stanbrough Emily A fr 513a ln 18
Stanbrough John H fr 513a ln 14
Stanbrough Laura E fr 513a ln 19
Stanbrough Mary E fr 513a ln 13
Stanbrough Thomas L fr 513a ln 17
Stanbrough William A fr 513a ln 15
Standiford E. M. fr 453b ln 2
Standiford Sybil fr 453b ln 3
Standiford Wm W fr 453b ln 1
Standing Josephine fr 510a ln 26
Standing Margaret fr 510a ln 25
Standing William fr 510a ln 24
Stanley Anna M fr 447b ln 40
Stanley Bertha E fr 447b ln 36
Stanley Eddie H fr 447b ln 39
Stanley Hattie E fr 447b ln 37
Stanley Henry A fr 447b ln 38
Stanley Minnie fr 448a ln 1
Stanley T. A. fr 447b ln 35
Stanton Hanna fr 403a ln 14
Stanton James fr 403a ln 13
Stark Charles E fr 507a ln 2
Stark Jonathan fr 506b ln 38
Stark Nancy C fr 506b ln 40
Stark Sarah C fr 506b ln 39
Stark Thomas D fr 507a ln 1
Starry Alise fr 448a ln 6
Starry Clara J fr 448a ln 7
Starry Daniel B fr 556a ln 30
Starry George fr 556a ln 28
Starry George A fr 556a ln 31
Starry Hannah fr 556a ln 29
Starry Margaret M fr 556a ln 33
Starry Mary F fr 556a ln 32
Starry Nickolas fr 448a ln 5
Stealey Clarence fr 496b ln 39
Stealey Elizabeth fr 496b ln 38
Stealey Ella fr 496b ln 36
Stealey Perry G fr 496b ln 35
Stealey Reson(?) S fr 496b ln 37
Steel Joseph fr 420a ln 29
Steel Thomas fr 420a ln 28
Steen Catharine fr 500b ln 33
Steen James S fr 500b ln 32
Steen John W fr 501a ln 25
Steen Nancy E fr 501a ln 23
Steen Nathaniel fr 501a ln 24
Steen Robert fr 501a ln 22
Steen Walter fr 501a ln 26
Steger Catharine M fr 553a ln 21
Steger Charles H fr 553a ln 24
Steger Fanny K fr 553a ln 23
Steger George T fr 553a ln 22
Steger Julia A fr 553a ln 26
Steger Richard F fr 553a ln 20
Steger Thomas L fr 553a ln 25
Stein Alice L fr 547b ln 6
Stein Frederick B fr 547b ln 7
Stein Jacob fr 547b ln 4
Stein Phoebe fr 547b ln 5
Steingling(?) Arnlia(?) fr 508a ln 31
Steingling(?) Rudolph fr 508a ln 32
Steingling(?) William fr 508a ln 30
Stephens Ally(?) fr 524a ln 15
Stephens Elizabeth E fr 524a ln 17
Stephens Emma D fr 524a ln 20
Stephens Eveline fr 524a ln 22
Stephens Ida C fr 524a ln 18
Stephens John fr 524a ln 21
Stephens Joseph fr 524a ln 23
Stephens Joseph fr 524a ln 8
Stephens Lavina fr 524a ln 12
Stephens Lucinda fr 466a ln 33
Stephens Martin W fr 524a ln 16
Stephens Mary fr 451b ln 19
Stephens Melvin fr 524a ln 10
Stephens Mildred E fr 524a ln 19
Stephens Nathan fr 524a ln 13
Stephens Nathan fr 524a ln 14
Stephens Sarah fr 524a ln 9
Stephens Sylvia E fr 524a ln 11
Stephens Wallace fr 451b ln 20
Stephens William L fr 451b ln 18
Stephenson David fr 460a ln 37
Stephenson Demte(?) B fr 460b ln 1
Stephenson Florence fr 460a ln 40
Stephenson John fr 460b ln 2
Stephenson Loel(?) H fr 460a ln 39
Stephenson Mildred fr 460a ln 38
Sterotty(?) Anna fr 444b ln 31
Sterotty(?) Geo W fr 444b ln 30
Sterroty(?) Emma fr 444b ln 33
Sterroty(?) John T fr 444b ln 32
Stevens Abram L fr 426a ln 19
Stevens Arthur fr 477a ln 26
Stevens Chas fr 477a ln 24
Stevens Eliza J fr 426a ln 15
Stevens Ellenor fr 477a ln 23
Stevens Emma fr 426a ln 18
Stevens Ha[unreadable] fr 477a ln 22
Stevens James fr 426a ln 14
Stevens James fr 426a ln 16
Stevens James fr 527a ln 24
Stevens Julia fr 527a ln 26
Stevens Nancy fr 527a ln 25
Stevens William fr 426a ln 17
Stevens Willie fr 477a ln 25
Stevenson Belle fr 495b ln 38
Stevenson Charles fr 520b ln 10
Stevenson David l fr 495b ln 37
Stevenson Jesse fr 520b ln 12
Stevenson John W fr 520b ln 11
Stevenson Lavina fr 520b ln 9
Stevenson Porter fr 520b ln 8
Stewart Arthur fr 559a ln 22
Stewart Benjamin F fr 556a ln 8
Stewart Georgia C fr 433b ln 12
Stewart Harvy fr 433b ln 10
Stewart Hattie A fr 433b ln 11
Stewart Haulday fr 559a ln 20
Stewart Martha O fr 559a ln 21
Stewart Stephen fr 559a ln 23
Stewart Tom fr 516b ln 27
Stick Catharine fr 522b ln 23
Stick Charles C fr 522b ln 26
Stick Emma L fr 522b ln 24
Stick Fanny fr 522b ln 25
Stick Priscilla fr 522b ln 22
Stick William S fr 522b ln 27
Stiles Edwin fr 533b ln 14
Stiles Ellen fr 533b ln 15
Stiles Harman fr 533b ln 12
Stiles John fr 531b ln 5
Stiles Lucinda fr 533b ln 13
Stiles Orron fr 531b ln 4
Stiles Rhoda fr 531b ln 3
Stillwell Ada fr 455a ln 32
Stine Andrew J fr 500a ln 1
Stine Clarinda fr 545a ln 20
Stine Daniel E fr 545a ln 17
Stine Elma fr 545a ln 26
Stine Francis fr 545a ln 25
Stine Frank fr 545a ln 24
Stine Guss L fr 500a ln 5
Stine John D fr 545a ln 19
Stine Josias C fr 500a ln 3
Stine Julia fr 500a ln 2
Stine Maria fr 545a ln 22
Stine Mary fr 545a ln 18
Stine Mary fr 545a ln 23
Stine Willey F fr 500a ln 4
Stine Willie fr 545a ln 21
Stiobleg(?) [unreadable] fr 459b ln 9
Stiobleg(?) Anotia(?) fr 459b ln 12
Stiobleg(?) Lizzie fr 459b ln 10
Stiobleg(?) Louisa fr 459b ln 11
Stobre John fr 437b ln 17
Stockfield(?) Charles fr 432b ln 40
Stockwell Alva fr 504b ln 22
Stockwell Etola fr 505a ln 20
Stockwell Frances A fr 505a ln 19
Stockwell Geo M fr 505a ln 18
Stockwell Harriet L fr 506a ln 13
Stockwell Harrison M fr 506a ln 12
Stockwell Ida fr 504b ln 21
Stockwell Kitty L fr 506a ln 14
Stockwell Louisa fr 504b ln 20
Stockwell Lydia fr 504b ln 23
Stockwell Maggie fr 505a ln 22
Stockwell Orson fr 506a ln 10
Stockwell Rosa fr 505a ln 21
Stockwell Sarah A fr 506a ln 11
Stockwell Wm fr 504b ln 19
Stoddard Genevia fr 472b ln 2
Stoddard John fr 472b ln 1
Stoker Amanda F fr 536c ln 10
Stoker Elias fr 536c ln 7
Stoker Laura fr 536c ln 13
Stoker Martha A fr 536c ln 8
Stoker Mary A fr 536c ln 9
Stoker Melvin fr 536c ln 15
Stoker Melvina fr 536c ln 16
Stoker Minerva fr 536c ln 17
Stoker Oliver fr 536c ln 14
Stoker Wellman fr 536c ln 12
Stoker William F fr 536c ln 11
Stone George fr 476a ln 15
Stone Gilbertfr 479b ln 10
Stone Hariett fr 476a ln 14
Stone Jordan fr 476a ln 16
Storey Dudley fr 521a ln 21
Storey James fr 521a ln 17
Storey Jefferson fr 521a ln 20
Storey Mary S fr 521a ln 18
Storey Nettie fr 521a ln 19
Stotts Delvina fr 456b ln 16
Stotts Eliza A fr 456b ln 17
Stotts James fr 456b ln 18
Stotts John fr 456b ln 12
Stotts Lucy L fr 456b ln 19
Stotts Mary fr 456b ln 13
Stotts Mary E fr 456b ln 14
Stotts Rosetta fr 456b ln 15
Stover Carrie fr 469b ln 24
Stover Charles fr 469b ln 22
Stover Ella fr 469b ln 23
Stover Mary J fr 469b ln 21
Stover Robert fr 469b ln 26
Stover William fr 469b ln 25
Stover Wm H fr 469b ln 20
Straight Joseph fr 471b ln 38
Straight Lizzie fr 471b ln 39
Stringer Eli fr 494b ln 1
Stringer Harriet M fr 494b ln 5
Stringer Loretta fr 494b ln 2
Stringer Mary A fr 494b ln 3
Stringer Nacy A fr 494b ln 4
Strong Josephine fr 509a ln 27
Stuart Charles fr 464b ln 24
Stuart Charles fr 538a ln 14
Stuart Curtice fr 538a ln 16
Stuart Elizabeth fr 464b ln 28
Stuart Elizabeth J. fr 538a ln 11
Stuart Flora fr 471b ln 1
Stuart Frederic fr 538a ln 17
Stuart George E fr 538a ln 13
Stuart Henry fr 538a ln 15
Stuart Iler(?) A fr 464b ln 26
Stuart John C fr 464b ln 25
Stuart Josephine fr 538a ln 12
Stuart Lewis A fr 464b ln 23
Stuart Lewisfr 485b ln 36
Stuart Nancy fr 464b ln 22
Stuart Pattie fr 471a ln 40
Stuart Robert fr 464b ln 21
Stuart Sarah fr 477a ln 32
Stuart Sarah J fr 464b ln 27
Stuart Thomas fr 538a ln 10
Stucker(?) David fr 427b ln 12
Stucker(?) Isaac fr 427b ln 15
Stucker(?) John fr 427b ln 11
Stucker(?) Mary fr 427b ln 9
Stucker(?) Mary Ann fr 427b ln 14
Stucker(?) Perry fr 427b ln 13
Stucker(?) Willis J fr 427b ln 10
Studebaker David fr 499a ln 19
Studebaker Hannah fr 499a ln 20
Studebaker Harry H fr 499a ln 27
Studebaker Henry fr 499a ln 24
Studebaker Herman(?) fr 499a ln 22
Studebaker Mary C fr 499a ln 25
Studebaker Nathan C fr 499a ln 23
Studebaker Rebecca fr 499a ln 21
Studebaker William fr 499a ln 26
Sturett(?) James C fr 512b ln 21
Sturett(?) John T fr 512b ln 18
Sturett(?) Margaret J fr 512b ln 19
Sturett(?) Rachel T fr 512b ln 20
Sturs Erastus B fr 468b ln 36
Sturs Harry fr 468b ln 40
Sturs Mary T fr 468b ln 37
Sturs Robert L fr 468b ln 39
Sturs Willie P fr 468b ln 38
Stutely Bettie fr 451a ln 15
Stutely Charles fr 450b ln 25
Stutely Florella(?) fr 450b ln 29
Stutely James h fr 450b ln 27
Stutely Laura fr 450b ln 26
Stutely Mariah fr 451a ln 13
Stutely Martha fr 451a ln 14
Stutely Mary M fr 450b ln 28
Stutely Virginia fr 450b ln 30
Stutely(?) Fanny fr 450b ln 14
Suddarth James M. fr 530a ln 10
Suddarth James R. fr 530a ln 12
Suddarth John W. fr 530a ln 14
Suddarth Sarah fr 530a ln 11
Suddarth Sarah E fr 530a ln 13
Suddarth Thomas E fr 530a ln 15
Sullivan David C fr 530b ln 12
Sullivan David F fr 528a ln 24
Sullivan Francis M. fr 530b ln 14
Sullivan George M fr 528a ln 23
Sullivan George R fr 528a ln 16
Sullivan John W fr 528a ln 19
Sullivan John W fr 528a ln 25
Sullivan Manda A fr 528a ln 18
Sullivan Mary fr 528a ln 17
Sullivan Mary M. fr 530b ln 13
Sullivan Nancy A fr 528a ln 22
Sullivan Sallie fr 528a ln 20
Sullivan William H fr 528a ln 21
Supernaugh Edward fr 544a ln 39
Supernaugh Fred fr 544a ln 38
Supernaugh Laura fr 544a ln 36
Supernaugh Taffel fr 544a ln 35
Supernaugh William fr 544a ln 37
Surber Charles F fr 418a ln 22
Surber Elizabeth fr 418a ln 18
Surber George W fr 418a ln 20
Surber Joseph fr 418a ln 17
Surber Samuel D fr 418a ln 19
Surber Susan J fr 418a ln 21
Sutherland William S fr 556b ln 9
Sutherlin(?) Jesse fr 463b ln 23
Sutherlin(?) Tabbie(?) fr 463b ln 24
Sutton Charles A fr 554a ln 12
Sutton Churchwell H fr 558a ln 30
Sutton Delilah fr 558a ln 29
Sutton Fairchild H fr 557b ln 5
Sutton George fr 554a ln 9
Sutton Greenberry H fr 558a ln 34
Sutton Joel C fr 558a ln 28
Sutton John W fr 554a ln 11
Sutton Lucy J fr 557b ln 6
Sutton Lutitia fr 554a ln 10
Sutton Lyman W fr 557b ln 7
Sutton Polly J fr 558a ln 32
Sutton Sarah E fr 558a ln 31
Sutton William A fr 558a ln 33
Sutton Wwealthy A fr 554a ln 13
Swaim Ellie fr 423b ln 5
Swaim Elmira fr 423b ln 2
Swaim Laura fr 423b ln 3
Swaim Maggie fr 423b ln 6
Swaim Oliver D fr 423b ln 4
Swan Carrie fr 536b ln 29
Swan Dorman(?) fr 536b ln 28
Swartz Ann fr 541a ln 30
Swartz Ann fr 541b ln 36
Swartz Dora fr 541b ln 38
Swartz Dorothea fr 541a ln 32
Swartz Elizabeth fr 541b ln 37
Swartz Jacob fr 541a ln 31
Swartz Jacob Jun fr 541b ln 35
Swartz Jacob Senior fr 541a ln 34
Swartz William fr 541a ln 29
Swartz William fr 541a ln 33
Swatzel Alfred fr 464a ln 38
Swatzel Ann fr 464a ln 39
Swatzel Elizabeth fr 464b ln 1
Swatzel William E fr 464b ln 2
Swatzel William H fr 464a ln 40
Sweeting Charlotte D fr 519a ln 32
Sweeting Charlotte D fr 519a ln 33
Sweeting Delia fr 519a ln 35
Sweeting Edward fr 519a ln 34
Sweeting James fr 519a ln 31
Switzer Louis fr 414a ln 15
Syles James fr 403a ln 16
Syles Martha fr 403a ln 17
Tansary Anthony fr 435b ln 19
Tansary Etta Bell fr 435b ln 21
Tansary Joseph O fr 435b ln 22
Tansary Sarah E fr 435b ln 20
Tate Clara fr 412a ln 20
Tate Franklin fr 412a ln 19
Tate John W fr 553a ln 14
Taton(?) William fr 454a ln 32
Tatton(?) Williamfr 484b ln 31
Tawney Elias fr 551a ln 35
Tawney Sarah fr 554b ln 21
Tawney William H fr 554b ln 20
Tayler Humphery fr 418b ln 9

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