Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Taylor [unreadable] Bfr 486b ln 14
Taylor Alfred fr 410a ln 8
Taylor Alfred fr 516a ln 10
Taylor Ambrose fr 453a ln 28
Taylor Augustafr 480a ln 3
Taylor Celia fr 470a ln 5
Taylor Cereal(?) F fr 469b ln 39
Taylor Eliza fr 516a ln 11
Taylor Elizafr 486b ln 15
Taylor Fanny J fr 446b ln 4
Taylor Francis fr 410a ln 10
Taylor Frank fr 471a ln 35
Taylor Frederick fr 449a ln 7
Taylor Gabriel R fr 471a ln 39
Taylor Gercet(?) fr 470a ln 1
Taylor Harriett fr 536a ln 19
Taylor Harrison fr 410a ln 11
Taylor Hattie fr 470a ln 3
Taylor Henry fr 470a ln 4
Taylor Henry fr 471a ln 38
Taylor Henry F fr 536a ln 21
Taylor Ida Mfr 479a ln 3
Taylor James fr 446a ln 37
Taylor James Ffr 480a ln 6
Taylor James M fr 446b ln 6
Taylor James(?) fr 468b ln 24
Taylor Jamesfr 480a ln 1
Taylor Janefr 483a ln 39
Taylor John fr 446a ln 39
Taylor John Cfr 486b ln 16
Taylor John Dfr 480a ln 4
Taylor Joseph E fr 516a ln 12
Taylor Josephine fr 470b ln 32
Taylor Joshuafr 487a ln 39
Taylor Julia A fr 469b ln 40
Taylor Justice T fr 470b ln 31
Taylor Lewis fr 471a ln 33
Taylor Lewisfr 479a ln 1
Taylor Martha E fr 446b ln 3
Taylor Mary A fr 446a ln 38
Taylor Mary Afr 486b ln 13
Taylor Mary J fr 471a ln 37
Taylor Maryfr 484b ln 29
Taylor Matildafr 480a ln 2
Taylor Milliefr 480a ln 26
Taylor Minerva fr 446b ln 5
Taylor Nancy J fr 446b ln 1
Taylor Nancy L fr 471a ln 36
Taylor Nathaniel P fr 536a ln 20
Taylor Rachelfr 479a ln 2
Taylor Richard F fr 446b ln 2
Taylor Sabrina fr 410a ln 9
Taylor Sallie M fr 471a ln 34
Taylor Susan E fr 446a ln 40
Taylor Thomas fr 453a ln 26
Taylor Thos fr 483a ln 38
Taylor William fr 453a ln 27
Taylor William fr 470a ln 2
Taylor William Efr 480a ln 5
Taylor Zerna fr 422b ln 5
Tenkin Anna fr 437b ln 38
Tenkin Frederick fr 437b ln 36
Tenkin Jane fr 437b ln 35
Tenkin Jane fr 437b ln 39
Tenkin Lewis fr 437b ln 40
Tenkin Martin fr 437b ln 37
Tenny Allet H fr 428a ln 17
Tenny Charles C fr 428a ln 15
Tenny Fanny S fr 428a ln 18
Tenny John C fr 428a ln 19
Tenny Julia A fr 428a ln 14
Tenny Mary R fr 428a ln 16
Tenny ORP(?) fr 428a ln 13
Terrell Elizabeth fr 423b ln 33
Terrell John fr 423b ln 32
Terrell Joseph fr 427b ln 26
Terrell Lydia J fr 423b ln 34
Thacher Alice J fr 517a ln 7
Thacher Charles fr 517a ln 9
Thacher Malisa J fr 517a ln 8
Thacher Sarah fr 517a ln 5
Thacher William fr 517a ln 4
Thacher William fr 517a ln 6
Thaukauff(?) Fredrick fr 534a ln 39
Thayer Clarence Efr 484a ln 5
Thayer Geo Efr 484a ln 4
Thayer Jno Efr 484a ln 2
Thayer S[unreadable] Mfr 484a ln 3
Thomas David E fr 500a ln 31
Thomas Delia fr 510a ln 3
Thomas Deliha E fr 526a ln 3
Thomas Dermot(?) fr 464a ln 22
Thomas E fr 524a ln 40
Thomas Edgar fr 526a ln 5
Thomas Elizabeth A fr 500a ln 32
Thomas Elizabeth J fr 500a ln 28
Thomas Ellen fr 510a ln 6
Thomas Emma fr 510a ln 5
Thomas Fannie J fr 469b ln 8
Thomas Hallie(?) fr 537b ln 12
Thomas Jacob fr 537b ln 11
Thomas John H fr 469b ln 9
Thomas Jonas fr 526a ln 2
Thomas Joseph C fr 500a ln 30
Thomas Laura A fr 464a ln 21
Thomas Marietta fr 529b ln 26
Thomas Mary A fr 464a ln 20
Thomas Miller(?) fr 529b ln 25
Thomas Milly fr 510a ln 4
Thomas Nettie fr 510a ln 7
Thomas Oscar fr 526a ln 4
Thomas Robert fr 510a ln 2
Thomas Sarah fr 510a ln 1
Thomas Sarah F fr 469b ln 10
Thomas Scott H fr 464a ln 19
Thomas Thomas fr 500a ln 27
Thomas William fr 509b ln 40
Thomas William fr 510a ln 8
Thomas William A fr 500a ln 29
Thomas William A. fr 529b ln 27
Thomen Barbarry fr 422a ln 33
Thomen Fanny fr 422a ln 37
Thomen Frank fr 422a ln 32
Thomen Joseph fr 422a ln 36
Thomen Mary fr 422a ln 35
Thomen Matilda fr 422a ln 34
Thompson Annfr 487a ln 22
Thompson Benjamin fr 405a ln 21
Thompson Charles L fr 421b ln 14
Thompson Dasie L fr 421b ln 15
Thompson Elizabeth fr 423a ln 4
Thompson Ellinor E fr 405a ln 20
Thompson Emma fr 405a ln 26
Thompson Emma fr 423a ln 8
Thompson Frankfr 487a ln 21
Thompson George W. L. fr 423a ln 5
Thompson Jas fr 405a ln 19
Thompson Julia fr 405a ln 25
Thompson Margaret E fr 423a ln 6
Thompson Martha fr 421b ln 13
Thompson Mary fr 423a ln 7
Thompson Michael fr 421b ln 12
Thompson Richard fr 405a ln 22
Thompson Samuel fr 405a ln 23
Thompson Sarah fr 403a ln 23
Thompson Thomas fr 405a ln 24
Thompson Wm fr 423a ln 3
Thompson Wm H fr 419b ln 14
Thorn Amelia fr 473a ln 3
Thorn Chas B. fr 473a ln 2
Thornton Elisha fr 435a ln 8
Thornton Lidia fr 435a ln 9
Thornton Mary fr 435a ln 11
Thornton Theodore P fr 435a ln 10
Thorpe Alexander fr 433b ln 26
Thorpe Emma fr 433b ln 27
Thorpe Willie fr 433b ln 28
Thrala(?) Edward Sfr 481a ln 10
Thrala(?) Frank Wfr 481a ln 11
Thrala(?) Jas Mfr 481a ln 8
Thrala(?) Johnsonfr 481a ln 6
Thrala(?) Julianfr 481a ln 14
Thrala(?) Lewis fr 481a ln 13
Thrala(?) Loviniafr 481a ln 7
Thrala(?) Marthafr 481a ln 16
Thrala(?) Molliefr 481a ln 12
Thrala(?) Sarah Efr 481a ln 15
Thrala(?) Wm Efr 481a ln 9
Thrunet(?) William fr 461b ln 36
Thurston Wmfr 479b ln 11
Tigley(?) Robert fr 443a ln 38
Tilton Albert W fr 552b ln 32
Tilton Allena J fr 552b ln 36
Tilton Celia fr 460a ln 35
Tilton Elijah fr 552b ln 29
Tilton Emma M fr 552b ln 34
Tilton Jas M fr 460a ln 34
Tilton Louisa fr 552b ln 31
Tilton Rooilla(?) fr 552b ln 30
Tilton Sherman K fr 552b ln 35
Tilton William E fr 552b ln 33
Timkin Bettrice fr 438a ln 31
Timkin Catharine fr 438a ln 26
Timkin Catharine fr 438a ln 29
Timkin Jacob fr 436b ln 26
Timkin Jane fr 438a ln 28
Timkin John fr 438a ln 25
Timkin John fr 438a ln 30
Timkin Lewis fr 438a ln 27
Timkin Martha fr 436b ln 27
Timmons John N fr 504a ln 1
Timmons John W fr 504a ln 3
Timmons Sarah E fr 504a ln 2
Timmons Wesley T fr 504a ln 4
Tinkham Amy fr 552a ln 37
Tinkham Martha J fr 552a ln 36
Tinkham Myron fr 552a ln 35
Tipton Charles fr 511b ln 14
Tipton Emma fr 511b ln 15
Tipton Mary fr 511b ln 16
Titus Jacob G fr 539a ln 35
Titus Margret J. fr 539a ln 36
Titus Sirenes W fr 539a ln 37
Tlaien John fr 442a ln 28
Tlaien(?) Catherine fr 442a ln 25
Tlaien(?) Ellen fr 442a ln 26
Tlaien(?) Hanna fr 442a ln 27
Todd H[unreadable] fr 477a ln 40
Todd William fr 477a ln 39
Toilan(?) Andrew J fr 468b ln 26
Tolever Arthur fr 440a ln 20
Tolever Barnett fr 440a ln 18
Tolever Charles fr 440a ln 14
Tolever Ella fr 440a ln 17
Tolever Ezekiel fr 440a ln 12
Tolever Gemima fr 440a ln 13
Tolever Henry fr 440a ln 15
Tolever Jennie fr 440a ln 16
Tolever Lucinda fr 440a ln 19
Tomlin Hallie(?) fr 410a ln 25
Tomlin Mary fr 410a ln 24
Tomlin Mary fr 410a ln 27
Tomlin Matthew fr 410a ln 23
Tomlin Nellie fr 410a ln 26
Toms Edwin fr 434b ln 35
Toms Ellie fr 434b ln 37
Toms John fr 434b ln 36
Toms William fr 434b ln 34
Tonsel John fr 446a ln 19
Tontz Barbara J fr 526b ln 12
Tontz Christian M. fr 526b ln 11
Tontz Florence A fr 526b ln 14
Tontz Frederick J fr 526b ln 15
Tontz John fr 526b ln 9
Tontz Margaret J fr 526b ln 10
Tontz William J fr 526b ln 13
Topping Ebenezer H fr 549b ln 6
Topping Eliza A fr 549b ln 7
Torry(?) Flora L fr 466a ln 3
Torry(?) Lillie A fr 466a ln 4
Torry(?) Mary J fr 466a ln 2
Touslay(?) Katy Afr 487a ln 25
Touslay(?) Maryfr 487a ln 26
Touslay(?) Oscar Afr 487a ln 24
Town Charles fr 410b ln 11
Town David fr 410b ln 15
Town David fr 410b ln 18
Town Ezra fr 410b ln 16
Town Fidelia fr 410b ln 14
Town Fidelia fr 410b ln 9
Town George fr 410b ln 13
Town Hannah fr 410b ln 12
Town James fr 410b ln 21
Town Mary fr 410b ln 20
Town Rachael fr 410b ln 17
Town William fr 410b ln 19
Town(?) James fr 445b ln 7
Townley David fr 408b ln 17
Townley Jane fr 408b ln 16
Townley Lilly fr 408b ln 19
Townley Mary fr 408b ln 18
Townley Stephen fr 408b ln 15
Townley Sthen (?) fr 408b ln 21
Townley William fr 408b ln 20
Townsend Allen Cfr 480b ln 14
Townsend Chas Efr 480b ln 17
Townsend Dasie Jfr 480b ln 15
Townsend Jno Tfr 480b ln 12
Townsend Mary Efr 480b ln 13
Tracy Amandafr 484a ln 30
Tracy Coldine(?) fr 403b ln 30
Tracy Cora fr 403a ln 29
Tracy Geo Afr 484a ln 32
Tracy Geo Hfr 484a ln 29
Tracy Harry Lfr 484a ln 31
Tracy Hisikiah(?) fr 403a ln 25
Tracy Ira F fr 403a ln 27
Tracy Irvin fr 403a ln 28
Tracy Jane fr 403a ln 26
Tracy Louisa fr 403b ln 31
Tracy Lucy fr 403b ln 33
Tracy Luella fr 403b ln 32
Trammel Alice fr 538b ln 21
Trammel Archibald fr 538b ln 15
Trammel George A fr 538b ln 19
Trammel Ida fr 538b ln 22
Trammel James fr 538b ln 18
Trammel Josephine fr 538b ln 23
Trammel Mary fr 538b ln 20
Trammel Patsey fr 538b ln 16
Trammel William fr 538b ln 17
Trannell(?) James fr 470b ln 26
Travis(?) Jesse fr 407a ln 4
Travis(?) John H fr 407a ln 2
Travis(?) Joseph fr 407a ln 5
Travis(?) Jospeh fr 406b ln 39
Travis(?) Lucy fr 407a ln 3
Travis(?) Malinda fr 406b ln 40
Travius(?) Mary fr 538a ln 33
Trenton(?) Jennie fr 470b ln 5
Trew(?) Arthur fr 448b ln 13
Trew(?) Elizabeth fr 448b ln 14
Trew(?) Henry A fr 448b ln 18
Trew(?) John C fr 448b ln 16
Trew(?) Thomas J fr 448b ln 17
Trew(?) william fr 448b ln 15
Trick Anne M fr 521b ln 17
Trick Christie fr 521b ln 15
Trick Jacob fr 521b ln 13
Trick James fr 521b ln 16
Trick Maria J fr 521b ln 14
Trigg Adaline fr 536a ln 38
Trigg Catharine fr 536a ln 39
Trigg Chas W fr 536a ln 37
Trigg Elizabeth fr 536a ln 36
Trigg John fr 536a ln 34
Trigg Sarah E fr 536a ln 35
Troste(?) Emmafr 488a ln 22
Troutman(?) [unreadable] fr 518a ln 2
Troutman(?) Charles J fr 518a ln 1
Troxel George H fr 511a ln 22
Troxwell Harry fr 505a ln 17
True Calvin fr 421a ln 29
True Edward fr 421a ln 27
True Ephram fr 421a ln 30
True Julia fr 421a ln 31
True Martha fr 421a ln 28
True Mary fr 421a ln 32
Trundle Angeline fr 519a ln 5
Trundle Caroline fr 519a ln 6
Trundle David fr 519a ln 8
Trundle William fr 519a ln 4
Trundle William fr 519a ln 7
Trusty(?) James N fr 461a ln 32
Tucker Clarisa fr 516a ln 38
Tucker Demay(?) fr 516b ln 1
Tucker Henry fr 516a ln 37
Tucker Isaac N fr 516a ln 36
Tucker John fr 516a ln 39
Tucker Louisa J fr 516b ln 2
Tucker Sarah fr 516a ln 35
Tucker Stephen W fr 516a ln 40
Tucker Thomas fr 516a ln 34
Tuggle Addie C fr 529a ln 21
Tuggle Amos B fr 529a ln 23
Tuggle Charles L fr 529b ln 19
Tuggle Henry J. fr 529b ln 18
Tuggle James S fr 529a ln 20
Tuggle John fr 529b ln 23
Tuggle John A. fr 529b ln 16
Tuggle Lucy A. fr 529b ln 20
Tuggle Margaret E fr 529b ln 21
Tuggle Martha J fr 529a ln 24
Tuggle Martha L. fr 529b ln 22
Tuggle Mary R fr 529a ln 19
Tuggle Mattie V. fr 529a ln 22
Tuggle Nancy h fr 529b ln 17
Tuggle Thomas M. fr 529a ln 18
Tuggle Thomas W fr 529a ln 25
Turner Andrew J fr 452b ln 34
Turner Anthony J fr 452b ln 27
Turner Benjamin fr 439a ln 37
Turner Charlesfr 490b ln 23
Turner Dianna fr 439a ln 38
Turner Elizabeth E fr 452b ln 29
Turner Florance fr 452b ln 32
Turner George P fr 452b ln 33
Turner George R fr 534a ln 29
Turner Jamesfr 490b ln 19
Turner John H fr 439a ln 40
Turner John W fr 452b ln 31
Turner Louisafr 490b ln 25
Turner Lucyannfr 490b ln 20
Turner Margretfr 490b ln 24
Turner Mariah L fr 452b ln 28
Turner Mary M fr 452b ln 30
Turner Maryfr 490b ln 22
Turner Melvina fr 439b ln 1
Turner Michaelfr 490b ln 21
Turner Peyton H fr 439a ln 39
Turner Syrel B. fr 534b ln 31
Tuttle Berddett(?) fr 457a ln 18
Tuttle Martha J fr 457a ln 19
Tyler Augustus fr 536c ln 33
Tyler Permelia L fr 536c ln 34
Tyler Willie fr 536c ln 35
Uhl Andrew fr 477a ln 15
Uhl Cassius fr 477a ln 17
Uhl Harriett fr 477a ln 16
Uhl Lincoln fr 477a ln 19
Uhl Thomas fr 477a ln 18
Underhill Ashley fr 426b ln 35
Underhill Charles fr 426b ln 36
Underhill Lydia fr 426b ln 34
Underhill Martha fr 426b ln 33
Underhill Martha fr 426b ln 39
Underhill Nellie fr 426b ln 40
Underhill Silvester fr 426b ln 32
Underhill William H fr 426b ln 38
Underhill Willis H fr 426b ln 37
unreadble Nathan fr 400b ln 9
Updegraff Andrew fr 457a ln 12
Updegraff George W fr 457a ln 16
Updegraff Haimen fr 457a ln 17
Updegraff Henry h fr 452b ln 24
Updegraff Margaret fr 457a ln 13
Updegraff Susan S fr 457a ln 14
Updegraff William A fr 457a ln 15
Upton Alfarella(?) fr 533b ln 30
Upton Charles G fr 522d ln 20
Upton Cordelia S fr 533b ln 27
Upton Edwin fr 533b ln 26
Upton Fredrich fr 533b ln 29
Upton Ida M fr 522d ln 11
Upton John fr 522d ln 18
Upton John fr 522d ln 21
Upton Josiah fr 522d ln 22
Upton Louisa fr 522d ln 19
Upton Louisa J fr 522d ln 23
Upton Margaret A fr 522d ln 10
Upton Page fr 533b ln 28
Upton Thomas J fr 522d ln 9
Usher(?) Charlotte fr 448b ln 37
Usher(?) Frank fr 448b ln 38
Usher(?) James fr 448b ln 40
Usher(?) Martha fr 448b ln 39
Utler Jerome fr 443b ln 26
Vanallen Alice V fr 553b ln 26
Vanallen Bedey fr 553b ln 21
Vanallen Julian I fr 553b ln 23
Vanallen Lucy fr 415b ln 19
Vanallen Magie fr 415b ln 20
Vanallen Margaret fr 415b ln 17
Vanallen Martha R fr 553b ln 25
Vanallen Mary E fr 553b ln 24
Vanallen Peter fr 415b ln 16
Vanallen Rucker fr 415b ln 18
Vanallen Sarah E fr 553b ln 22
Vanaman Jane E fr 552a ln 24
Vanaman Samuel C fr 552a ln 23
Vanaman Sarah B fr 552a ln 22
Vance Mary fr 543b ln 34
Vanderslice Jacob fr 443b ln 17
Vanderslice Joel C fr 443b ln 16
Vanderslice John E fr 443b ln 15
Vanderslice Mary E fr 443b ln 14
Vanderslice William fr 443b ln 13
Vandervoor Anna fr 537b ln 31
Vandervoor Eph. fr 537b ln 26
Vandervoor Jane fr 537b ln 27
Vandervoor Jonah fr 537b ln 29
Vandervoor Mary fr 537b ln 30
Vandervoor Newton fr 537b ln 32
Vandervoor Symantha fr 537b ln 28
Vandervoor William fr 537b ln 33
Vandive(?) Ed Dfr 490a ln 18
Vandive(?) Jennie Cfr 490a ln 19
Vandive(?) Jennie Efr 490a ln 20
Vandoort Cyntha fr 464b ln 30
Vanhorn Allen fr 448a ln 14
Vanhorn Elizabeth fr 448a ln 12
Vanhorn Ellen fr 448a ln 13
VanHorn Jackson fr 402b ln 33
Vanhorn John C fr 448a ln 11
Vanhorn William fr 448a ln 15
Vanwordstard Isaac M fr 444a ln 2
Vanwordstard Jenny fr 444a ln 1
Vanwordstard(?) John fr 443b ln 39
Vanwordstard(?) Sarah fr 443b ln 40
Vater(?) Hannah fr 460a ln 9
Vater(?) William H fr 460a ln 10
Vates Elizabeth fr 413a ln 23
Vates Fransis fr 413a ln 24
Vates Riley fr 413a ln 22
Vates William fr 413a ln 25
Vaughan(?) Jacob fr 466a ln 8
Vaupell(?) alonzo fr 464a ln 35
Vaupell(?) Herrim(?) fr 464a ln 33
Vaupell(?) Mary fr 464a ln 34
Vaupell(?) Tillus fr 464a ln 37
Vaupell(?) William fr 464a ln 36
Veach Annetta fr 446a ln 35
Veach Hanson fr 446a ln 32
Veach Matilda fr 446a ln 33
Veach William R fr 446a ln 36
Veach Winfield S fr 446a ln 34
Vennum John fr 504a ln 29
Vernnender(?) Bettie fr 399b ln 38
Vernnender(?) Henry fr 399b ln 39
Vernnender(?) Mattie fr 399b ln 40
Vernnender(?) Nicholas fr 399b ln 37
Vernnender(?) Nicholas fr 400a ln 1
Vickers Ana(?) fr 463a ln 13
Vickers Edith fr 463a ln 14
Vickers John fr 463a ln 8
Vickers Lewis fr 463a ln 10
Vickers Loilla fr 463a ln 9
Vickers Mary A fr 463a ln 4
Vickers Mary N fr 463a ln 12
Vickers Minerva fr 398b ln 10
Vickers Sally fr 463a ln 11
Vogleson John R fr 495b ln 27
Voglesong Maggie F fr 495b ln 29
Voglesong Mary E fr 495b ln 30
Voglesong Sarah M fr 495b ln 28
Vohs Albert fr 541b ln 8
Vohs Antony fr 541b ln 23
Vohs Antony fr 541b ln 27
Vohs Bridgett fr 541a ln 25
Vohs Elizabeth fr 541b ln 24
Vohs Elizabeth fr 541b ln 7
Vohs Eugene fr 541a ln 35
Vohs George fr 541b ln 26
Vohs Helena fr 541b ln 25
Vohs Jacob fr 541a ln 24
Vohs Jasper fr 541b ln 28
Vohs John fr 541b ln 3
Vohs Joseph fr 541b ln 1
Vohs Joseph fr 541b ln 29
Vohs Loisa fr 541b ln 6
Vohs Mary fr 541a ln 26
Vohs Mary fr 541b ln 4
Vohs Peter fr 541a ln 27
Vohs Peter fr 541a ln 28
Vohs Rosa fr 541b ln 2
Vohs Willie fr 541b ln 5
Vol[unreabdable] Annafr 488a ln 8
Volt Jane Efr 489b ln 34
Volt Rachelfr 489b ln 35
Vorght Ludwig fr 408b ln 9
Vrooman John fr 550a ln 28
Wadsworth Chasfr 485a ln 20
Wadsworth Edith D fr 502a ln 5
Wadsworth William J fr 502a ln 4
Wadsworth William S fr 502a ln 3
Wagalt(?) [unreadable] fr 467b ln 2
Wagnar Agnes fr 435b ln 31
Wagnar Charles fr 435b ln 30
Wagnar Clara fr 435b ln 35
Wagnar Frank fr 435b ln 33
Wagnar Henry fr 435b ln 37
Wagnar Lillie fr 435b ln 36
Wagnar Lizie fr 435b ln 34
Wagnar Mary fr 435b ln 32
Wagoner Andrewfr 489b ln 15
Wagoner Annetta fr 522a ln 19
Wagoner David fr 522a ln 17
Wagoner Elizabethfr 489b ln 12
Wagoner Gertrude j fr 522a ln 21
Wagoner Harriett fr 527b ln 29
Wagoner Jamesfr 489b ln 10
Wagoner Johnfr 489b ln 16
Wagoner Katyfr 489b ln 13
Wagoner Lizziefr 488a ln 37
Wagoner Louisa A fr 522a ln 22
Wagoner Lucyfr 489b ln 17
Wagoner Maryfr 489b ln 14
Wagoner Mathiasfr 490a ln 9
Wagoner Sarah fr 522a ln 18
Wagoner Sarahfr 489b ln 11
Wagoner Susan fr 522a ln 20
Wagoner(?) Katy fr 470a ln 18
Wagstaff Alonzo fr 434b ln 40
Wahriey(?) Lewis P fr 519a ln 9
Wakefield Elenerfr 486b ln 32
Walcher George A fr 558a ln 37
Walcher Sarah A fr 558a ln 36
Walcher Simon M fr 558a ln 35
Walden Arnold fr 464a ln 5
Walden Edward fr 464a ln 8
Walden Maggie fr 464a ln 9
Walden Orrilla fr 464a ln 7
Walden Rachel fr 464a ln 6
Walker Agnes A fr 465b ln 14
Walker Albert fr 414a ln 26
Walker Albert A fr 465b ln 16
Walker Andrew fr 465b ln 9
Walker Celia A fr 465b ln 13
Walker Clayton fr 414a ln 27
Walker Edith M fr 465b ln 18
Walker Eliza J fr 465b ln 10
Walker Elliza J fr 465b ln 15
Walker George W fr 523a ln 34
Walker Julia fr 414a ln 23
Walker Mannice(?) fr 414a ln 30
Walker Margret fr 465b ln 12
Walker Mariah fr 465b ln 11
Walker Mary fr 548a ln 19
Walker Phoebe fr 523a ln 33
Walker Rada fr 414a ln 25
Walker Riley fr 414a ln 28
Walker Rosa fr 414a ln 29
Walker Samuel F fr 556a ln 39
Walker Zillia fr 414a ln 24
WalkerCaroline fr 465b ln 17
Wall Amanda R fr 469a ln 6
Wallace Anderew fr 446b ln 14
Wallace Fanny fr 421b ln 34
Wallace Frank fr 449a ln 5
Wallace Fredc fr 433a ln 16
Wallace Henry fr 446b ln 10
Wallace James fr 468b ln 30
Wallace John fr 446b ln 12
Wallace Margareta fr 446b ln 13
Wallace Marinda fr 446b ln 11
Waller Andrew fr 550a ln 20
Waller Edmond fr 550a ln 19
Waller Flora fr 550a ln 18
Waller Gaston J fr 551a ln 32
Waller George fr 550a ln 21
Waller Henry J. fr 550a ln 15
Waller Henry T fr 550a ln 13
Waller Johathan G fr 550a ln 16
Waller Lewis fr 550a ln 17
Waller Mary fr 550a ln 14
Waller Mary F fr 551a ln 33
Waller Thomas J fr 551a ln 34
Walls Amanda fr 412a ln 6
Walls Bell fr 412a ln 8
Walls Calvin fr 450b ln 12
Walls Charles H fr 451a ln 1
Walls John fr 450b ln 38
Walls Josephine fr 450b ln 40
Walls Maggie fr 412a ln 7
Walls Martha L fr 450b ln 36
Walls Minnie C fr 451a ln 2
Walls Richard fr 412a ln 4
Walls Roberta fr 412a ln 5
Walls Thomas fr 450b ln 35
Walls William fr 450b ln 37
Walls Willliam A fr 450b ln 39
Walrod Clarance J fr 468b ln 15
Walrod Fannie S fr 468b ln 14
Walrod George H fr 468b ln 17
Walrod Ida F fr 468b ln 16
Walter Anna fr 448a ln 10
Walter John Jr fr 448a ln 9
Walter John Sr fr 448a ln 8
Walters Frank fr 454a ln 22
Walters Frederick fr 454a ln 21
Walters Jas W fr 454a ln 18
Walters Mary fr 446b ln 25
Walters Olive I fr 467a ln 32
Walters Rosamon fr 454a ln 19
Walters Sarah R fr 454a ln 20
Walters William W fr 467a ln 31
Walters Willie A fr 467a ln 33
Walthall Charles fr 419b ln 12
Walthall Conney D fr 431b ln 12
Walthall Elizabeth fr 419b ln 5
Walthall Frederick fr 419b ln 11
Walthall Hattie fr 419b ln 8
Walthall James fr 431b ln 11
Walthall James M fr 419b ln 4
Walthall John fr 419b ln 6
Walthall John D fr 431b ln 9
Walthall Martha A fr 431b ln 8
Walthall Minerva fr 419b ln 13
Walthall Nancy fr 419b ln 7
Walthall Samuel fr 419b ln 10
Walthall Samuell fr 431b ln 7
Walthall William fr 419b ln 9
Walthall William H fr 431b ln 10
Wanoquanea(?) fr 399b ln 5
Wantland C. M. fr 428b ln 35
Wantland Charles fr 428b ln 29
Wantland Douglas fr 428b ln 32
Wantland Hale fr 428b ln 30
Wantland Henry fr 428b ln 26
Wantland Margaret fr 428b ln 27
Wantland Unice E fr 428b ln 31
Wantland William fr 428b ln 28

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