Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

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Ward Angelinefr 479b ln 38
Ward Benjamin fr 527a ln 9
Ward Eliza fr 527a ln 2
Ward Greenfr 479b ln 37
Ward Ida fr 466b ln 23
Ward Irene fr 466b ln 22
Ward James fr 527a ln 5
Ward John fr 527a ln 3
Ward Johnathan fr 522b ln 20
Ward Johnathan fr 527a ln 1
Ward Lydia fr 527a ln 10
Ward Mallon fr 466b ln 24
Ward Oliver P fr 522b ln 21
Ward Rebecca fr 522b ln 19
Ward Texana fr 527a ln 4
Ward William fr 522b ln 18
Ward(?) John fr 498a ln 22
Warner Lucinda fr 476b ln 4
Warren(?) Geo Hfr 484b ln 11
Warren(?) Lovicafr 484b ln 13
Warren(?) Maranda(?) Dfr 484b ln 12
Washam Robert fr 504a ln 37
Washburn Alexander fr 465a ln 26
Washburn Basile(?) fr 465a ln 23
Washburn Bridgett fr 465a ln 24
Washburn Mary fr 465a ln 25
Washington Francis fr 398a ln 37
Washington George fr 398a ln 35
Washington Sneoquekuh (?) fr 398a ln 36
Wass Elizabeth fr 409b ln 5
Wass John fr 409b ln 6
Wass Sarah fr 409b ln 7
Wass Sarah fr 409b ln 8
Wass Thomas fr 409b ln 4
Waterhouse Anna M fr 545b ln 30
Waterhouse Eliza fr 545b ln 29
Waterhouse Elizabeth A fr 545b ln 35
Waterhouse Francis E fr 545b ln 31
Waterhouse John J fr 545b ln 33
Waterhouse Lucy fr 545b ln 36
Waterhouse Manda fr 545b ln 34
Waterhouse Robert fr 545b ln 38
Waterhouse Susan fr 545b ln 37
Waterhouse William fr 545b ln 28
Waterhouse William fr 545b ln 32
Watkins Charles fr 500b ln 26
Watkins Elizabeth fr 500b ln 31
Watkins Isaac fr 502a ln 33
Watkins Margaret fr 500b ln 25
Watkins Margaret j fr 500b ln 28
Watkins Nancy J fr 502a ln 34
Watkins Rosann fr 500b ln 29
Watkins Sarah fr 500b ln 30
Watkins Thomas fr 500b ln 27
Watkins Williams fr 500b ln 24
Watron Francis fr 475b ln 14
Watson Adaline fr 411a ln 39
Watson Amanda fr 404a ln 17
Watson Ann fr 492a ln 7
Watson Anthony fr 411a ln 36
Watson Bridget fr 492a ln 5
Watson Charles fr 492a ln 11
Watson Chas fr 404a ln 16
Watson Eliza fr 492a ln 4
Watson Etna fr 411a ln 37
Watson Geofr 484b ln 27
Watson George fr 411a ln 40
Watson Henry fr 492a ln 10
Watson James A fr 522b ln 34
Watson John fr 492a ln 3
Watson Maria fr 492a ln 6
Watson Mary fr 492a ln 2
Watson Mary fr 522b ln 33
Watson Michael fr 492a ln 1
Watson Michael fr 492a ln 9
Watson Samuel B fr 522b ln 32
Watson William fr 411a ln 38
Watson William fr 429a ln 18
Watson Willie fr 492a ln 8
Watson(?) Edwardfr 481a ln 27
Watson(?) Lucyfr 481a ln 28
Weaver Albert fr 425b ln 9
Weaver Clara A fr 521a ln 5
Weaver Harrison fr 425b ln 10
Weaver James fr 521a ln 26
Weaver James E fr 521a ln 31
Weaver Jas L fr 452a ln 10
Weaver Katty fr 452a ln 11
Weaver Lizzie M fr 521a ln 32
Weaver Lora C fr 521a ln 7
Weaver Martha R fr 521a ln 29
Weaver Mary fr 521a ln 2
Weaver Mary E fr 521a ln 3
Weaver Mattie B fr 521a ln 6
Weaver Nancy fr 521a ln 27
Weaver Nancy D fr 521a ln 4
Weaver Peter J fr 450b ln 9
Weaver Sarah E fr 521a ln 30
Weaver William fr 521a ln 1
Weaver Zera S fr 521a ln 28
Webb James F fr 506b ln 36
Webb John P fr 506b ln 35
Webb Thomas J fr 506b ln 37
Weedman Henry fr 556a ln 9
Wegan(?) Catharinefr 482b ln 5
Wegan(?) Chasfr 482b ln 4
Weichman Henry fr 398a ln 15
Weiler Ella fr 469a ln 8
Weiler William fr 469a ln 7
Weir Aaron S fr 531b ln 17
Weir Charles M fr 531b ln 15
Weir Elizabeth fr 464b ln 17
Weir Elizabeth fr 531b ln 13
Weir Elva J fr 531b ln 16
Weir Enid fr 464b ln 19
Weir George D fr 531b ln 12
Weir George G fr 531b ln 14
Weir William fr 464b ln 16
Weir William fr 464b ln 18
Weise Henry fr 466a ln 7
Weise Jennie fr 466a ln 9
Weishaar August fr 508a ln 27
Weishaar David fr 508a ln 26
Weishaar Herman fr 508a ln 29
Weishaar Mary E fr 508a ln 28
Welch Ames Lfr 485b ln 20
Welch Annafr 485b ln 13
Welch Catharine fr 529a ln 28
Welch Chas Cfr 485b ln 12
Welch David(?)fr 485b ln 14
Welch George H fr 518a ln 3
Welch Henriettafr 485b ln 15
Welch James fr 476b ln 17
Welch Jane fr 476b ln 13
Welch John fr 476b ln 12
Welch John Efr 485b ln 18
Welch John Gfr 485b ln 16
Welch John J fr 476b ln 15
Welch Mary Efr 485b ln 19
Welch Mary L fr 518a ln 4
Welch Rachel 485b ln 17
Welch Richard fr 449b ln 2
Welch Robert E fr 476b ln 16
Welch Sarah fr 529a ln 27
Welch Sarah B fr 529a ln 31
Welch Sarah J fr 476b ln 14
Welch Solomon W. fr 529a ln 30
Welch Susan fr 529a ln 29
Welch William fr 529a ln 26
Welch William M fr 518a ln 5
Weld Adda fr 473b ln 34
Weld Jno T fr 473b ln 33
Weldon Johnathan fr 531a ln 35
Weldon Martha C fr 531a ln 36
Weldon Phoebe fr 531a ln 37
Well(?) Edwardfr 483b ln 26
Wellman(?) Albert Ofr 480a ln 9
Wellman(?) Benj Ffr 480a ln 7
Wellman(?) Melisafr 480a ln 8
Wells Abram fr 427b ln 7
Wells Abram D fr 427b ln 27
Wells Betsy Ann fr 444a ln 25
Wells Catherine fr 427b ln 25
Wells Cornelia E fr 418a ln 14
Wells David T fr 444a ln 27
Wells Elmer fr 444a ln 33
Wells Harry J. fr 472b ln 32
Wells Helan N fr 418a ln 15
Wells Henry C fr 427b ln 24
Wells Ida fr 402b ln 28
Wells Janette fr 427b ln 28
Wells Jessee B fr 444a ln 24
Wells Jessee B fr 444a ln 31
Wells John P fr 444a ln 30
Wells John W fr 418a ln 13
Wells Lydia fr 427b ln 8
Wells Mana fr 444a ln 28
Wells Mary fr 427a ln 25
Wells Minnie fr 444a ln 32
Wells Numa fr 444a ln 29
Wells Solon T fr 444a ln 26
Wells William fr 427a ln 26
Wells William A fr 427a ln 24
Welsh Maggie fr 435a ln 19
Welsh Manford fr 435a ln 20
Welsh Michael fr 429a ln 28
Welsh Morris fr 435a ln 18
Wesner Geo D fr 444a ln 3
Wesner Mary E fr 444a ln 4
West Aaron Lfr 482b ln 35
West Amos Sfr 481a ln 32
West Elizabethfr 481a ln 34
West Hellen Mfr 481a ln 37
West Jackson fr 456a ln 32
West Julia Efr 481a ln 38
West Mariah fr 456a ln 33
West Mary fr 456a ln 35
West Nancy Cfr 482b ln 36
West Phillip Lfr 481a ln 35
West Sophia Cfr 481a ln 33
West William fr 456a ln 34
West Wm Cfr 481a ln 36
Whaley Abaslom fr 536b ln 26
Whaley Katy fr 536b ln 27
Wheat Mary fr 536d ln 5
Wheeler Jospeh Sfr 483b ln 39
Wheeler Loren P fr 522d ln 1
Wheeler Martin E fr 522d ln 5
Wheeler Mary J fr 522d ln 2
Wheeler Robert H fr 522d ln 4
Wheeler Wallace P fr 522d ln 3
Wheeler Wenield(?) fr 408b ln 8
Whipkee Clarence fr 464a ln 32
Whipkee harry fr 464a ln 31
Whipkee Katy D fr 464a ln 30
Whipkee Thomas fr 464a ln 29
Whipple Arlen fr 476b ln 5
Whipple Frederick fr 476b ln 7
Whipple Hester fr 476b ln 6
Whipple(?) Anna fr 413b ln 38
Whipple(?) Edward fr 413b ln 36
Whipple(?) Frank fr 413b ln 37
Whipple(?) James fr 413b ln 35
Whipple(?) Louis R fr 413b ln 33
Whipple(?) Sarah fr 413b ln 34
Whisner Cathona(?) fr 429a ln 19
Whitaker Albert E fr 557b ln 4
Whitaker Asbury fr 546a ln 15
Whitaker Close(?) fr 428b ln 10
Whitaker Cora B fr 555b ln 18
Whitaker Ellen fr 546a ln 21
Whitaker Emeline fr 546a ln 16
Whitaker Francis D fr 557b ln 2
Whitaker George fr 546a ln 22
Whitaker George A fr 555b ln 15
Whitaker George A fr 557a ln 22
Whitaker George A fr 557b ln 1
Whitaker Hiram S fr 555b ln 12
Whitaker Isatus fr 546a ln 17
Whitaker John W fr 546a ln 19
Whitaker Joseph fr 428b ln 9
Whitaker Lucy J fr 555b ln 13
Whitaker Martha M fr 557a ln 21
Whitaker Mary E fr 555b ln 14
Whitaker Maurice fr 557b ln 3
Whitaker Myrtiea(?) T fr 557a ln 23
Whitaker Naomi fr 555b ln 17
Whitaker Orvis fr 546a ln 18
Whitaker Owen fr 557a ln 20
Whitaker Riley fr 546a ln 20
Whitaker Sylvester fr 555b ln 16
White Amelia fr 437a ln 24
White Ann fr 422a ln 26
White Anna J fr 422a ln 29
White Augusta fr 437a ln 23
White Augustin fr 437a ln 21
White Barney fr 446a ln 9
White Benj F fr 426a ln 25
White Benjfr 489b ln 30
White Benjamin fr 426a ln 21
White Caroline fr 437a ln 22
White Charles fr 494a ln 26
White Charles M fr 494a ln 22
White Cyntha fr 403b ln 28
White Daniel fr 494b ln 25
White Delilah J fr 494b ln 27
White Dyre fr 403b ln 27
White Elizabeth fr 422a ln 27
White Florafr 484a ln 27
White Hannah fr 446a ln 14
White Harry A fr 538b ln 12
White Hattie Lfr 484a ln 26
White Isaac fr 538b ln 9
White James C fr 425b ln 39
White Jane fr 426a ln 26
White Jesse J fr 525a ln 7
White John fr 474a ln 35
White John A fr 538b ln 11
White John E fr 426a ln 23
White John R fr 494a ln 24
White John W fr 445b ln 34
White John W fr 538b ln 7
White Johnfr 485a ln 30
White Johnfr 489b ln 31
White Josephine fr 538b ln 13
White Jospeh H fr 422a ln 30
White Laura E fr 525a ln 6
White Lewis C fr 422a ln 25
White Lodema fr 403b ln 29
White Louisa fr 446a ln 11
White Luther fr 422a ln 31
White Margaret fr 426a ln 27
White Mariah fr 446a ln 10
White Martha fr 446a ln 13
White Mary E fr 538b ln 8
White Mary E. S. fr 538b ln 10
White Mary J fr 525a ln 4
White Mary R fr 494b ln 26
White Matilda fr 437a ln 25
White Melvina fr 494a ln 23
White Minnie F fr 525a ln 8
White Orran fr 446a ln 12
White Robert fr 494b ln 28
White Rosafr 484a ln 28
White Samuel M fr 426a ln 24
White Sarah J fr 445b ln 35
White Sarahfr 484a ln 25
White Stephen fr 525a ln 3
White Tabitha fr 494a ln 25
White Theodore E fr 422a ln 28
White Theresa fr 426a ln 22
White Timothyfr 484a ln 24
White Viola Afr 485a ln 31
White William B fr 525a ln 5
White William W fr 445b ln 36
Whitehead Elmer E fr 512b ln 13
Whitehead Genori L fr 512b ln 14
Whitehead Mary E fr 512b ln 12
Whitehead Meretta fr 512b ln 16
Whitehead Samuel fr 512b ln 15
Whitehead William fr 512b ln 11
Whitemore Jesse J fr 494a ln 30
Whitfird Ada fr 472b ln 21
Whitfird Harry W fr 472b ln 23
Whitfird Ida fr 472b ln 20
Whitfird Jesie E fr 472b ln 22
Whitfird M C fr 472b ln 18
Whitfird Mary J fr 472b ln 19
Whitmore David E fr 493b ln 16
Whitmore Eliza H fr 493b ln 17
Whitmore John M fr 493b ln 19
Whitmore Mary H fr 493b ln 18
Whitmore William fr 493b ln 15
Whitney James L fr 449a ln 12
Wickams Mary fr 449b ln 16
Wickell L A fr 449a ln 22
Wicker Amanda E fr 513a ln 29
Wicker Harmon A fr 513a ln 28
Wicker Sylvester F fr 513a ln 30
Wicker Viola fr 513a ln 31
Wickline Austin G fr 542a ln 20
Wickline George fr 542a ln 15
Wickline Giles A fr 542a ln 18
Wickline Julian fr 542a ln 16
Wickline Laginea fr 542a ln 17
Wickline Lloyd E fr 542a ln 19
Wickline Maggie E fr 542a ln 21
Wickline Marion fr 542a ln 22
Wicklow Carrie Lfr 485a ln 40
Wicklow Chasfr 485a ln 39
Wiggins Bellie fr 400a ln 34
Wiggins Bethne fr 451b ln 27
Wilcox Charles E fr 447a ln 33
Wilcox Columbus fr 536a ln 1
Wilcox Harmon fr 536a ln 4
Wilcox Harrison fr 535b ln 38
Wilcox Horatio fr 535b ln 40
Wilcox Ida fr 536a ln 5
Wilcox John P fr 536a ln 6
Wilcox Julia fr 536a ln 2
Wilcox Nelly J fr 447a ln 34
Wilcox Olive fr 536a ln 3
Wilcox Polly A fr 535b ln 39
Wilder(?) Jas. M. fr 473b ln 19
Wilder(?) Margaret J. fr 473b ln 20
Wilder(?) Mary fr 473b ln 21
Wilder(?) Samuel fr 473b ln 22
Wilder(?) Samuel fr 473b ln 23
Wiler Anna Bfr 490a ln 30
Wiler Fanniefr 490a ln 28
Wiler Henryfr 490a ln 23
Wiler Johnfr 490a ln 29
Wiler Robertfr 490a ln 27
Wiler Samuelfr 490a ln 25
Wiler Tabbie(?)fr 490a ln 24
Wiler Williamfr 490a ln 26
Wilgus Alfred fr 477a ln 33
Wilgus Almedia fr 477a ln 34
Wilgus Charles L fr 469a ln 9
Wilgus emma fr 477a ln 37
Wilgus Francis Mfr 490a ln 35
Wilgus Georgia 490a ln 36
Wilgus Iva fr 477a ln 38
Wilgus Jane fr 477a ln 36
Wilgus Johnfr 490a ln 32
Wilgus Lizziefr 490a ln 33
Wilgus Rebakafr 490a ln 37
Wilgus William fr 477a ln 35
Wilhoit Mary fr 399b ln 16
Wilhoit William fr 399b ln 15
Wilkerson Lewis Jfr 486a ln 28
Wilkerson Rebeca Jfr 486a ln 31
Wilkerson Sarah Afr 486a ln 29
Wilkerson Sarah Efr 486a ln 30
Willard Jolly fr 429a ln 27
Willard Libbiefr 484a ln 23
Willey Clarance fr 453b ln 37
Willey Edda fr 453b ln 36
Willey Elizabeth fr 453b ln 35
Willey George fr 453b ln 34
William Harvy D fr 434b ln 1
William Sarah A fr 434b ln 2
Williams Aaron Wfr 480a ln 34
Williams Ann E fr 451b ln 6
Williams Ann E fr 455a ln 34
Williams Annie fr 526a ln 40
Williams Arran fr 504a ln 30
Williams Arthur fr 526b ln 4
Williams Calvin J fr 451b ln 7
Williams Charles H fr 451a ln 25
Williams Charles L fr 450a ln 35
Williams Clara fr 506a ln 25
Williams Druzilla fr 457a ln 21
Williams Edward fr 451b ln 15
Williams Elias fr 455a ln 35
Williams Elizabeth fr 434a ln 23
Williams Elmer E fr 434a ln 27
Williams Emma fr 451b ln 10
Williams Florance fr 457b ln 20
Williams Frankfr 480a ln 33
Williams Fransis fr 413a ln 12
Williams George fr 413a ln 30
Williams Harriet J fr 451a ln 31
Williams Hattie fr 432b ln 38
Williams Hellen fr 451b ln 14
Williams Henry fr 450a ln 30
Williams Henry Dfr 480a ln 31
Williams Homer Wfr 480a ln 32
Williams Horance H fr 451b ln 9
Williams Ida fr 434a ln 25
Williams Ida E fr 455a ln 2
Williams Ivey fr 434a ln 26
Williams James fr 457a ln 20
Williams James H fr 526a ln 38
Williams James M fr 504a ln 33
Williams Jamesfr 480a ln 27
Williams Jas G fr 451b ln 11
Williams Jas Rfr 480a ln 30
Williams Jefferson fr 413a ln 31
Williams Jesse H fr 413a ln 32
Williams John fr 413a ln 10
Williams John fr 451b ln 13
Williams John fr 454b ln 40
Williams John C fr 450a ln 32
Williams John F fr 526b ln 1
Williams John K fr 504a ln 32
Williams John Nfr 486a ln 35
Williams Joseph A fr 434a ln 21
Williams Joseph L fr 504a ln 34
Williams Josephfr 486a ln 32
Williams Josiah fr 451b ln 8
Williams Julia fr 526b ln 2
Williams Laura fr 432b ln 39
Williams Laura fr 457a ln 22
Williams Lidda fr 413a ln 11
Williams Lorenzo fr 451a ln 29
Williams Lorenzo F fr 451a ln 23
Williams Lorenzo F fr 451a ln 26
Williams Louisa fr 413a ln 13
Williams Lucindafr 479a ln 39
Williams Lucy fr 434a ln 24
Williams Mahalafr 486a ln 33
Williams Manny J fr 451a ln 24
Williams Margaret fr 451a ln 30
Williams Martha A fr 455a ln 1
Williams Mary fr 451b ln 12
Williams Mary A fr 450a ln 31
Williams Mary E fr 526a ln 39
Williams Mattie fr 474b ln 38
Williams May fr 526b ln 5
Williams Minna E fr 450a ln 33
Williams Nancy fr 526b ln 3
Williams Nancyfr 480a ln 20
Williams Rachel 480a ln 28
Williams Richardfr 480a ln 29
Williams Richmon fr 413a ln 33
Williams Robert fr 451b ln 5
Williams Rockwell fr 451a ln 32
Williams Sarah fr 434a ln 22
Williams Smith fr 455a ln 33
Williams Stephen F fr 504a ln 31
Williams Walter fr 450a ln 34
Williams Wesley fr 455a ln 36
Williams William D fr 468b ln 23
Williams Wm Tfr 486a ln 34
Williar Charles R fr 547a ln 12
Williar Cummings fr 547a ln 10
Williar Joseph H fr 547a ln 13
Williar Minnie A fr 547a ln 14
Williar Reuben S fr 547a ln 15
Williar Theodosia M fr 547a ln 11
Williford Bettie fr 527a ln 22
Williford George W fr 527a ln 18
Williford Ida fr 527a ln 23
Williford James fr 527a ln 16
Williford James fr 527a ln 19
Williford James C fr 527a ln 21
Williford Martha fr 527a ln 17
Williford Mary E fr 527a ln 20
Willis Chas Dfr 482b ln 20
Willis Chasfr 482b ln 16
Willis Emmafr 482b ln 19
Willis Juliafr 482b ln 17
Willis Rebeca Afr 482b ln 18
Wilsie(?) Henry fr 469b ln 7
Wilson Ada A fr 428a ln 39
Wilson Adaline fr 502b ln 5
Wilson Adellar(?) A fr 404b ln 27
Wilson Albert fr 461b ln 40
Wilson Alex fr 404b ln 32
Wilson Alexander fr 524b ln 26
Wilson Alexander fr 531b ln 18
Wilson Alice C fr 420a ln 34
Wilson Andrew fr 428a ln 38
Wilson Archibald fr 499b ln 7
Wilson Arthur M fr 420a ln 32
Wilson Bazel E fr 426a ln 28
Wilson Charles fr 428b ln 1
Wilson Charles D fr 504a ln 21
Wilson Charley fr 404b ln 30
Wilson Christopher fr 409a ln 2
Wilson Clara fr 508a ln 22
Wilson Clarisa fr 405b ln 40
Wilson Clarissa fr 406a ln 7
Wilson Dan B fr 505b ln 23
Wilson Daniel fr 504a ln 15
Wilson David fr 409a ln 1
Wilson David fr 409a ln 4
Wilson David A fr 428a ln 37
Wilson Debra fr 420a ln 31
Wilson Doudley(?) T fr 404b ln 28
Wilson Edward H fr 505b ln 27
Wilson Elizabeth fr 470a ln 39
Wilson Elizabeth fr 502b ln 3
Wilson Elizabeth fr 502b ln 6
Wilson Elizabeth M fr 531b ln 22
Wilson Emily J fr 428a ln 34
Wilson Emma H fr 504a ln 17
Wilson Estella fr 404b ln 29
Wilson Eugene F fr 505b ln 25
Wilson Francis fr 428a ln 36
Wilson Francis M fr 499b ln 10
Wilson George fr 409a ln 6
Wilson Harvy fr 508a ln 19
Wilson Howard D fr 420a ln 35
Wilson Isabelle fr 406a ln 3
Wilson James fr 470b ln 4
Wilson James A. fr 504a ln 19
Wilson James D fr 499b ln 12
Wilson James R fr 531b ln 21
Wilson Jane fr 409a ln 3
Wilson Jesse M fr 461b ln 38
Wilson Jessie fr 406a ln 9
Wilson Joana fr 470b ln 2
Wilson John fr 470a ln 38
Wilson John fr 502b ln 2
Wilson John fr 502b ln 8
Wilson John fr 508a ln 21
Wilson John J fr 404b ln 26
Wilson John L fr 428a ln 33
Wilson John P fr 499b ln 9
Wilson John T fr 406a ln 5
Wilson John W fr 492b ln 26
Wilson Joseph fr 420a ln 30
Wilson Josiah(?) fr 404b ln 31
Wilson Juliafr 484b ln 19
Wilson Lasell fr 428a ln 40
Wilson Laura L fr 505b ln 26
Wilson Lula fr 461b ln 39
Wilson Maggie fr 508a ln 24
Wilson Margret J fr 492b ln 25
Wilson Marsha fr 471b ln 15
Wilson Martha E fr 499b ln 14
Wilson Mary fr 502b ln 4
Wilson Mary fr 508a ln 20
Wilson Mary A fr 406a ln 1
Wilson Mary A fr 420a ln 33
Wilson Mary Ann fr 470a ln 40
Wilson Mary E fr 426a ln 33
Wilson Mary J fr 428a ln 35
Wilson Mary J fr 499b ln 13
Wilson Mary Jane fr 504a ln 16
Wilson Mattie(?)fr 484b ln 21
Wilson Michael fr 492b ln 24
Wilson Nancy B fr 499b ln 11
Wilson Nancy C fr 531b ln 23
Wilson Rachel E fr 426a ln 31
Wilson Rebca fr 406a ln 4
Wilson Rebecafr 489a ln 17
Wilson Rebecca A fr 524b ln 27
Wilson Robert B fr 499b ln 8
Wilson Rosina M fr 531b ln 19
Wilson S[unreadable] fr 522a ln 4
Wilson Salinea(?) fr 406a ln 8
Wilson Samuel fr 508a ln 23
Wilson Samuel F fr 531b ln 20
Wilson Samuel W fr 426a ln 32
Wilson Sanford fr 470b ln 1
Wilson Sarah fr 461b ln 37
Wilson Sarah fr 499b ln 6
Wilson Sarah A fr 502b ln 7
Wilson Sarah J fr 426a ln 29
Wilson Sarah Jfr 484b ln 18
Wilson Sarah M fr 406a ln 6
Wilson Susan fr 409a ln 5
Wilson Susanna fr 505b ln 24
Wilson Thomas fr 405b ln 39
Wilson Viola fr 505b ln 28
Wilson Washington fr 470b ln 3
Wilson Willard C fr 504a ln 20
Wilson William fr 406a ln 2
Wilson William fr 499b ln 5
Wilson William C. fr 504a ln 18
Wilson William J fr 426a ln 30
Wilson Williamfr 484b ln 20
Wilson(?) Stephen Tfr 484b ln 17
Windler Annette (?) fr 398a ln 13
Windler Beatrice (?) fr 398a ln 10
Windler Frederick fr 398a ln 8
Windler Henry fr 398a ln 7
Windler John fr 398a ln 11
Windler John fr 398a ln 6
Windler Lewis fr 398a ln 14
Windler Mattie fr 398a ln 12
Windler Olive fr 398a ln 9
Wingert Catharine fr 496b ln 30
Wingert Frederic fr 496b ln 23
Wingert George fr 496b ln 22
Wingert Grace fr 496b ln 25
Wingert Harry fr 496b ln 21
Wingert Jacob fr 496b ln 19
Wingert Joseph H fr 496b ln 31
Wingert Mary fr 496b ln 20
Wingert Mary B fr 496b ln 33
Wingert O[unreadable] fr 496b ln 24
Wingert Olive B fr 496b ln 34
Wingert Peter fr 496b ln 29
Wingert William N fr 496b ln 32
Wingrove Benjamin fr 555a ln 3
Wingrove Eunice fr 555a ln 5
Wingrove Mildron fr 555a ln 4
Wingrove Samuel fr 411a ln 34
Winner Ernest fr 532b ln 5
Winner Frank fr 532b ln 3
Winner James fr 532b ln 1
Winner Malinda fr 532b ln 2
Winner William J fr 532b ln 4
Winsor Edwin fr 556a ln 21
Winsor Frank H fr 556a ln 22
Winsor George G fr 556a ln 25
Winsor George H fr 556a ln 19
Winsor Harry fr 556a ln 26
Winsor jennie fr 556a ln 23
Winsor Mary fr 556a ln 20
Winsor Mary E fr 556a ln 24
Winsor Richard fr 556a ln 27
Winter[unreadable] Geo fr 466a ln 23
Wirebaugh Eliza A fr 540a ln 2
Wirebaugh John F fr 540a ln 1
Wirey(?) Benj(?) Efr 482a ln 15
Wise Andrew fr 413b ln 39
Wise Ann M fr 546b ln 23
Wise Ellen fr 414b ln 39
Wise Emily J. fr 546b ln 21
Wise Frank fr 414b ln 18
Wise Franklin fr 414b ln 38
Wise George H fr 414b ln 35
Wise Henry fr 414b ln 21
Wise Henry fr 452b ln 25
Wise Isaac fr 415a ln 1
Wise Jacob fr 414b ln 19
Wise James fr 414b ln 22
Wise John fr 414b ln 24
Wise John fr 414b ln 37
Wise John fr 546b ln 22
Wise Josephine fr 414b ln 40
Wise Lillie fr 415a ln 3
Wise Louis fr 415a ln 6
Wise Magie fr 414b ln 25
Wise Margaret fr 414b ln 20
Wise Mary fr 414b ln 17
Wise Mary fr 414b ln 23
Wise Mary fr 414b ln 36
Wise Mary fr 415a ln 5
Wise Minnie fr 415a ln 4
Wise Rosilla fr 415a ln 2
Wise Unice fr 413b ln 40
Wise Wellie Ann fr 452b ln 26
Wise William fr 414b ln 16
Wisner James fr 400a ln 39
Wisner Lucy A fr 400b ln 2
Wisner Martha J fr 400b ln 1
Wisner Mary E fr 400a ln 40
Witter Cassie fr 537b ln 7
Witter Emma fr 537b ln 6
Witter George W fr 537b ln 5
Witter James fr 537b ln 10
Witter John fr 537b ln 3
Witter John fr 537b ln 9
Witter Mary fr 537b ln 8
Witter Patsey fr 537b ln 4
Woley Charles S fr 525a ln 22
Woley Henry R fr 525a ln 19
Woley James A fr 525a ln 21
Woley Joseph M fr 525a ln 23
Woley Serina J fr 525a ln 20
Wolf Anna fr 409b ln 40
Wolf John fr 409b ln 38
Wolf Mary fr 409b ln 39
Wolf Morris fr 431b ln 25
Wood Charles fr 409a ln 20
Wood David fr 409a ln 25
Wood Ida fr 427a ln 22
Wood Jesse fr 409a ln 22
Wood John W fr 428a ln 12
Wood Julia fr 409a ln 21
Wood Landers S fr 504b ln 2
Wood Mary fr 409a ln 23
Wood Minie fr 409a ln 28
Wood Nancy fr 409a ln 27
Wood Richard fr 409a ln 26
Wood William fr 409a ln 24
Woodcock Amos fr 498a ln 9
Woodcock Clay fr 498a ln 11
Woodcock Frank fr 498a ln 12
Woodcock Thaeba(?) fr 498a ln 10
Woodman Adelia fr 406a ln 11
Woodman Arthur fr 406a ln 15
Woodman Chas fr 406a ln 12
Woodman Chas fr 539a ln 39
Woodman Emma fr 406a ln 14
Woodman John fr 406a ln 13
Woodman Morris fr 406a ln 10
Woodman Nancy Vfr 480a ln 35
Woods Abigail fr 497b ln 31
Woods Clarence fr 497b ln 32
Woods Edward W fr 497b ln 33
Woods Harlan fr 421a ln 7
Woods James fr 429a ln 25
Woods John fr 497b ln 34
Woods Samuel M fr 497b ln 29
Woods Susan fr 497b ln 30
Woodson Marcus fr 403a ln 11
Worline Albert fr 540b ln 8
Worline Cora B fr 540b ln 12
Worline Dora A fr 540b ln 13
Worline Harriet L fr 540b ln 11
Worline Mary A fr 540b ln 9
Worline Warren E. R fr 540b ln 10
Worthington Anna fr 546a ln 6
Worthington Charles T fr 546a ln 5
Worthington Clara F fr 546a ln 7
Wray Cynthia fr 493b ln 36
Wray Harriet M fr 493b ln 38
Wray henry D fr 493b ln 39
Wray Laura fr 493b ln 40
Wray Mary J fr 493b ln 37
Wren Clinton fr 497a ln 27
Wren David Bfr 479b ln 1
Wren Effa fr 497a ln 32
Wren Freddie fr 497a ln 31
Wren Ida fr 497a ln 29
Wren John fr 497a ln 30
Wren Joseph fr 497a ln 25
Wren Marthafr 479b ln 2
Wren Perley fr 497a ln 28
Wren Sarah fr 497a ln 26
Wren Williamfr 479b ln 3
Wright Anna fr 531b ln 2
Wright Charles fr 449a ln 16
Wright Charles fr 464b ln 36
Wright Christina fr 531a ln 40
Wright David fr 431b ln 31
Wright David E fr 431b ln 36
Wright Ella fr 464b ln 34
Wright Elmira E fr 431b ln 32
Wright Fanny fr 531a ln 39
Wright Franklin fr 464b ln 35
Wright George fr 509a ln 28
Wright George L fr 531b ln 1
Wright Herbert fr 509a ln 30
Wright James fr 464b ln 31
Wright James A fr 464b ln 33
Wright Jane fr 464b ln 32
Wright Jane fr 509a ln 29
Wright Jane M fr 451b ln 3
Wright Kendrick fr 531a ln 38
Wright Manda fr 431b ln 34
Wright Nancy E fr 431b ln 35
Wright Nelly fr 509a ln 31
Wright William fr 431b ln 33
Wrobleski Anna fr 434a ln 35
Wrobleski Emma fr 434a ln 37
Wrobleski Flroa fr 434a ln 34
Wrobleski John fr 434a ln 38
Wrobleski Paul fr 434a ln 36
Wrobleski Simon fr 434a ln 33
Wyatt Edwin L fr 512b ln 31
Wyatt Laura A fr 512b ln 32
Wygant Charles S fr 446b ln 28
Wygant Fred fr 446b ln 26
Wygant Sarah J fr 446b ln 27
Wyuth Bazil fr 449a ln 34
Yardly Mariah fr 449a ln 26
Yeater Blanchefr 483a ln 3
Yeater Cavadefr 483a ln 2
Yeater Fremontfr 483a ln 1
Yeater Janefr 482b ln 38
Yeater John G Wfr 482b ln 37
Yeater John Jfr 482b ln 39
Yeater Lizzie Mfr 483a ln 4
Yeater Margaret Cfr 482b ln 40
Yeater Tillie Mfr 483a ln 5
Yeisley Eliza fr 473a ln 28
Yeisley John fr 473a ln 27
Yeisley Melisa fr 473a ln 30
Yeisley Salonia fr 473a ln 29
Yoho John D F fr 433b ln 25
Yoho Libby M fr 433b ln 24
Yoho Martha S fr 433b ln 22
Yoho Mary E fr 433b ln 23
Yoho Peter fr 433b ln 21
York Andrew fr 434b ln 4
Young Abraham fr 558a ln 9
Young Adaline J fr 404b ln 34
Young Alexander fr 510a ln 17
Young Alise Jane fr 508b ln 1
Young Alma fr 530b ln 18
Young Benj P fr 404b ln 33
Young Carry G fr 530b ln 20
Young Charles fr 430a ln 15
Young Charles fr 465a ln 19
Young Charles M fr 508b ln 6
Young Clara fr 440a ln 32
Young Edward fr 508b ln 3
Young Eliza M fr 508a ln 40
Young Elizabeth fr 430a ln 11
Young Elizabeth fr 558a ln 11
Young Emila M fr 430a ln 12
Young Emma F fr 508b ln 5
Young Ewing fr 530b ln 21
Young Frances fr 440a ln 31
Young Frank S. fr 530b ln 19
Young Franklin fr 430a ln 14
Young Hattie fr 404b ln 35
Young James fr 465a ln 14
Young James Jr fr 465a ln 16
Young Joanna fr 530b ln 17
Young John fr 429a ln 26
Young John fr 530b ln 15
Young John fr 558a ln 7
Young Katy fr 465a ln 22
Young Lewisfr 486b ln 11
Young Margaret fr 465a ln 17
Young Margaret M fr 430a ln 13
Young Martha A fr 508b ln 4
Young Martin fr 430a ln 10
Young Mary fr 558a ln 12
Young Mary E fr 508b ln 2
Young Parmelia J. fr 530b ln 16
Young Rachael fr 558a ln 10
Young Rachael fr 558a ln 8
Young Rachelfr 486b ln 12
Young Richard fr 465a ln 20
Young Robert fr 465a ln 18
Young Sarah fr 465a ln 15
Young Sarah J fr 465a ln 21
Young Thomas fr 440a ln 30
Young Thomas fr 508a ln 39
Yount Frederick fr 494a ln 37
Zark Mark fr 537b ln 24
Zark Nancy fr 537b ln 23
Zark William fr 537b ln 22
Ziler Georgette S fr 547a ln 31
Ziler Jeremiah C fr 547a ln 30
Zschoche Emily fr 438a ln 33
Zschoche Wm fr 438a ln 32

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