Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Benganan Wmfr 485a ln 10
Benks(?) Elizabeth fr 446b ln 16
Benks(?) James fr 446b ln 15
BenneeWilliam fr 423a ln 31
Benning Adolphus fr 511b ln 20
Benning Albro fr 511b ln 21
Benning Elizabeth J fr 511b ln 23
Benning John G fr 511b ln 18
Benning Mary A fr 511b ln 19
Benning Robert M fr 511b ln 22
Benson George fr 536b ln 10
Benson George H fr 536b ln 12
Benson Ida B fr 536b ln 13
Benson Isabelle fr 536b ln 11
Berble Eliza A fr 431b ln 3
Berble Jonathan fr 431b ln 1
Berble Sarah fr 431b ln 2
Bergenfeldt Alfred fr 476b ln 1
Berkey Acenith fr 449b ln 18
Berkey Charles fr 540b ln 20
Berkey Charles C fr 540b ln 23
Berkey Eliza fr 540b ln 22
Berkey Emily fr 540b ln 24
Berkey Harriet fr 540b ln 21
Berridge Ann E fr 500b ln 11
Berridge Betsey fr 500b ln 12
Berridge Elizabeth fr 500b ln 9
Berridge James fr 500b ln 8
Berridge Tasear fr 500b ln 10
Berry Albert H fr 499b ln 16
Berry Charles h fr 499b ln 15
Best(?) Maryfr 484b ln 30
Beveir(?) Addiefr 488b ln 38
Beveir(?) Ellafr 488b ln 39
Beveir(?) Jacobfr 488b ln 37
Beveir(?) Maryfr 488b ln 40
Beveir(?) Mindie(?)fr 489a ln 1
Bevier Andrewfr 483a ln 37
Bider Betsy fr 455a ln 20
Bider George fr 455a ln 23
Bider Henry fr 455a ln 24
Bider Joanna fr 455a ln 22
Bider Judas fr 455a ln 21
Bigleg Keshequokah fr 400a ln 31
Bigleg Marget S fr 400a ln 32
Billings Elizabeth A fr 460a ln 25
Billings Florence fr 460a ln 27
Billings Francis M fr 505a ln 27
Billings George F fr 460a ln 26
Billings Isaiah M fr 505a ln 28
Billings John T fr 505a ln 24
Billings Loretta fr 460a ln 24
Billings Margaret fr 505a ln 25
Billings William A fr 505a ln 26
Billings Wm J fr 460a ln 23
Birchard Charles H fr 452a ln 21
Birchard Geo W. fr 452a ln 18
Birchard Martha A fr 452a ln 19
Birchard Silva A fr 452a ln 20
Bishop Adam fr 421a ln 8
Bishop David fr 421a ln 11
Bishop Emily fr 454a ln 34
Bishop George fr 421a ln 13
Bishop James fr 421a ln 10
Bishop Joanna fr 421a ln 15
Bishop Lucinda fr 421a ln 12
Bishop Mary E fr 421a ln 14
Bishop Morris A fr 454a ln 35
Bishop Philander fr 454a ln 33
Bishop Sally fr 421a ln 9
Bl[unreadable] Frances(?) fr 465b ln 26
Bl[unreadable] Joseph fr 465b ln 25
Bl[unreadable] Lorella fr 465b ln 27
Bl[unreadable] Mary fr 465b ln 28
Black Amanda fr 412a ln 12
Black Anna J fr 400b ln 8
Black Chas N fr 400b ln 7
Black Elizabeth fr 400b ln 5
Black Ida fr 412a ln 15
Black James E fr 400b ln 3
Black Juliann fr 412a ln 11
Black Leah fr 400b ln 4
Black Miltonfr 479a ln 5
Black Molliefr 479a ln 6
Black Phelio fr 412a ln 14
Black Simon fr 412a ln 13
Black William fr 412a ln 10
Black William R fr 400b ln 6
Blain Mathew S. fr 534a ln 35
Blakesley Grace fr 439a ln 16
Blakesley Randall fr 439a ln 18
Blakesley William fr 439a ln 15
Blakesley Worth fr 439a ln 17
Blankenship Mary H fr 497b ln 11
Blankenship Mary L fr 497b ln 13
Blankenship Sidney fr 497b ln 10
Blankenship William O fr 497b ln 12
Blivdman(?) Lewis fr 463b ln 9
Block Ceney(?) fr 438b ln 9
Block Deidrick fr 438b ln 4
Block Deidrick fr 438b ln 6
Block Elizabeth fr 438b ln 8
Block Gagashe fr 438b ln 5
Block Margaret fr 438b ln 7
Block Mary fr 438b ln 10
Boice Bartlett fr 544b ln 1
Boice Esther fr 544b ln 2
Boice Robert fr 544b ln 4
Boice Sherman fr 544b ln 3
Boirke(?) Charles L fr 531a ln 31
Boirke(?) Frank L fr 531a ln 30
Boles Perry fr 550a ln 30
Boniface Anniefr 483a ln 23
Boniface Deliafr 483a ln 24
Boniface Thosfr 483a ln 22
Boniface Wm Cfr 483a ln 25
Book Laura fr 448a ln 16
Booker Columbia fr 493b ln 3
Booker Isaiah fr 493b ln 1
Booker Mary A fr 493b ln 2
Boon Edmon fr 459a ln 24
Boon Lovina M fr 459a ln 26
Boon Martha fr 459a ln 25
Boon Mary A fr 459a ln 22
Boon Samuel fr 459a ln 21
Boon Squire A fr 459a ln 29
Boon Walter S fr 459a ln 23
Boon William fr 459a ln 27
Booth Hattie fr 447a ln 10
Booth John fr 447b ln 12
Booth John fr 447b ln 5
Booth John H fr 447a ln 9
Booth Mairah fr 447b ln 6
Booth Sadrack fr 447b ln 11
Borin Charlotte fr 552b ln 8
Borin Miley C fr 552b ln 9
Borin Richard fr 552b ln 7
Borris(?) Anna fr 402a ln 23
Bougher Hannah fr 449a ln 15
Bounde Wm J fr 435a ln 12
Bouny Isaac L fr 449a ln 9
Bowen Albert fr 457b ln 21
Bowen Albert fr 506a ln 22
Bowen Alice fr 421b ln 33
Bowen Anna B(?) fr 462a ln 21
Bowen Charles fr 506a ln 23
Bowen Daniel fr 506a ln 20
Bowen David W fr 462a ln 22
Bowen Eddie fr 462a ln 23
Bowen Frank fr 462a ln 26
Bowen Henry fr 410a ln 12
Bowen Henry C fr 410a ln 14
Bowen John fr 410a ln 15
Bowen John fr 421b ln 35
Bowen Lincoln fr 506a ln 24
Bowen Lydia fr 462a ln 25
Bowen Lydia A fr 506a ln 21
Bowen Mary fr 410a ln 13
Bowen Sarah fr 421b ln 32
Bowen Thomas fr 462a ln 24
Bowen Wm P fr 462a ln 20
Bowen Zeppariah fr 421b ln 31
Bower Antone fr 540b ln 32
Bower Clara fr 497b ln 38
Bower John A fr 497b ln 37
Bower Minnie fr 497b ln 40
Bower Willie fr 497b ln 39
Bowers John fr 529b ln 34
Boyce Peter fr 498a ln 25
Boyd Clarence fr 492a ln 38
Boyd Elva fr 558b ln 6
Boyd Florence fr 492a ln 37
Boyd Harriet F fr 492a ln 36
Boyd Herrietta fr 494a ln 7
Boyd James M fr 494a ln 8
Boyd John B fr 559a ln 1
Boyd John E fr 558b ln 8
Boyd Joshua fr 492a ln 34
Boyd Lydia A fr 559a ln 4
Boyd Margaret E fr 559a ln 2
Boyd Mary fr 492a ln 35
Boyd Milton fr 494a ln 6
Boyd Randolph fr 552a ln 38
Boyd Robert L fr 558b ln 7
Boyd William fr 558b ln 5
Boyd William L fr 559a ln 3
Boyer Hettiefr 483b ln 38
Boyle Jane fr 405b ln 33
Boyle John fr 405b ln 36
Boyle Joseph W fr 405b ln 38
Boyle Margaret fr 405b ln 31
Boyle Mary fr 405b ln 32
Boyle Samuel fr 405b ln 30
Boyle Samuel fr 405b ln 35
Boyle Thomas fr 405b ln 34
Boyle William fr 405b ln 37
Bradberry Almeda fr 440b ln 8
Bradberry Anna M fr 440b ln 9
Bradberry Emma E fr 440b ln 10
Bradberry Fanna W fr 440b ln 13
Bradberry John F fr 440b ln 7
Bradberry Leonard fr 440b ln 12
Bradberry Wm H.S. fr 440b ln 11
Bradshaw Ala Ann fr 442a ln 31
Bradshaw Margaret M fr 442a ln 30
Bradshaw Mary P fr 442a ln 32
Bradshaw Sarah fr 442a ln 29
Bradshaw William M fr 442a ln 33
Brady Asa fr 467a ln 17
Brady George fr 467a ln 15
Brady John fr 430b ln 24
Brady Lincoln fr 467a ln 18
Brady Mad[unreadable]fr 481b ln 24
Brady Mary fr 467a ln 21
Brady Polly A fr 467a ln 16
Brady Rosettafr 481b ln 23
Brady Samlfr 481b ln 22
Brady Sarah C fr 467a ln 19
Brady Willie fr 467a ln 20
Brand Frederick fr 518a ln 26
Brand Julian fr 518a ln 28
Brand Mary fr 518a ln 27
Brander(?) Bellefr 481b ln 20
Branham Albert fr 509a ln 6
Branham Aquilla fr 509a ln 3
Branham Caria fr 509a ln 5
Branham Clarinda fr 524a ln 25
Branham Elizabeth A fr 509a ln 4
Branham Isam M fr 524a ln 24
Branham Mary E fr 524a ln 26
Branham Minnie A fr 509a ln 7
Braninger Ann fr 507a ln 23
Braninger Daniel fr 507a ln 24
Braninger Ellie fr 507a ln 26
Braninger Isaac fr 507a ln 27
Braninger James fr 507a ln 22
Braninger John fr 507a ln 25
Brannard Eliza fr 538a ln 32
Brannard Harriett fr 538a ln 28
Brannard Joseph fr 538a ln 31
Brannerm(?) Nancy fr 413a ln 8
Brannerm(?) Thomas fr 413a ln 9
Brannon Peter fr 444a ln 12
Bratton Adda fr 411a ln 13
Bratton Anna fr 411a ln 14
Bratton Eva fr 534b ln 3
Bratton Franklin fr 534b ln 5
Bratton James F fr 534b ln 1
Bratton Luanna fr 534b ln 4
Bratton Martha fr 534b ln 2
Bratton Mary fr 411a ln 12
Bratton William fr 411a ln 11
Brayman Bertha J. fr 472b ln 27
Brayman Hannah E fr 472b ln 25
Brayman Hattie N fr 472b ln 26
Brayman Peria(?) G. fr 472b ln 28
Brayman Wm B. fr 472b ln 24
Breckenridge Arthur L fr 428b ln 18
Breckenridge Louisa M fr 428b ln 17
Breckenridge R W fr 428b ln 16
Breckinridge Martha A fr 419b ln 16
Breckinridge Mary E fr 419b ln 18
Breckinridge Robert fr 419b ln 15
Breckinridge Wm E C fr 419b ln 17
Brecks(?) Sarah fr 465b ln 29
Brewer George fr 433b ln 33
Brewer Horacio M fr 433b ln 36
Brewer Jasper F fr 433b ln 35
Brewer Marinda fr 433b ln 34
Brewer Osker R fr 433b ln 37
Briant Barnet E fr 513b ln 10
Briant Consie E fr 513b ln 16
Briant Jasper fr 513b ln 13
Briant Lola fr 513b ln 15
Briant Margaret fr 513b ln 11
Briant Sarah E fr 513b ln 12
Briant Sciota fr 513b ln 17
Briant William fr 513b ln 14
Brocker Catharine fr 438a ln 22
Brocker Mary fr 438a ln 21
Brocker Mary fr 438a ln 23
Brocker Philip fr 438a ln 20
Brocker Philip fr 438a ln 24
Brockman Georgefr 482b ln 31
Brockman Jamesfr 482b ln 28
Brockman Maudfr 482b ln 33
Brockman Nancy Efr 482b ln 29
Brockman Williamfr 482b ln 30
Brockman Woodson Dfr 482b ln 32
Bromell Harriet fr 419b ln 35
Bromell John fr 419b ln 34
Brookings Silas L fr 511b ln 1
Broomfield Lucinda fr 401a ln 31
Browhn Sarah E fr 474b ln 16
Brown Abram P fr 433a ln 25
Brown Aleck fr 547a ln 18
Brown Amanada J fr 505a ln 11
Brown Andrew fr 433a ln 33
Brown Aurelia fr 452a ln 3
Brown Barrenfr 479b ln 12
Brown Catharine fr 474b ln 15
Brown Clara fr 452a ln 4
Brown Elizabeth fr 433a ln 28
Brown George fr 547a ln 16
Brown George L fr 433a ln 30
Brown Georgefr 479b ln 9
Brown Harry fr 547a ln 19
Brown Henry fr 452a ln 6
Brown Isabel fr 545a ln 29
Brown James L fr 474b ln 14
Brown Jessee L fr 433a ln 31
Brown John fr 433a ln 32
Brown John fr 553a ln 16
Brown John T fr 433b ln 13
Brown Lucy fr 452a ln 5
Brown Malissa fr 433a ln 27
Brown Martha fr 433b ln 14
Brown Mary fr 433a ln 29
Brown Mary Afr 479b ln 13
Brown Mary F fr 505a ln 12
Brown Patts fr 545a ln 28
Brown Sarah fr 454a ln 36
Brown Sarah fr 555b ln 10
Brown Sarah F fr 433a ln 26
Brown Sarah M fr 547a ln 17
Brown Thomas fr 545a ln 27
Brown Thos P. fr 505a ln 10
Brown Wm W fr 452a ln 2
Brown Wmfr 480b ln 9
Bruce Alford fr 511a ln 17
Bruce Charles fr 511a ln 18
Bruce Jessie fr 511a ln 14
Bruce Mary fr 511a ln 15
Bruce William fr 511a ln 16
Brumell Esra fr 419b ln 20
Brumell George fr 419b ln 23
Brumell Harriet fr 419b ln 21
Brumell John fr 419b ln 22
Brundrett Eliza fr 541b ln 20
Brundrett George J fr 541b ln 18
Brundrett Hannah fr 541b ln 16
Brundrett Hannah E fr 541b ln 19
Brundrett Henry fr 541b ln 22
Brundrett Sarah S. fr 541b ln 21
Brundrett Thomas fr 541b ln 15
Brundrett Thomas W fr 541b ln 17
Bruner Albert fr 464b ln 37
Bruner Alfred fr 554b ln 40
Bruner Clara fr 430a ln 19
Bruner Daniel fr 427a ln 18
Bruner Dassie fr 465a ln 2
Bruner Elizabeth fr 464b ln 38
Bruner Frank fr 555a ln 2
Bruner George C fr 464b ln 40
Bruner Horace A fr 464b ln 39
Bruner James W fr 554b ln 38
Bruner Jessee H fr 430a ln 16
Bruner Joseph fr 430a ln 20
Bruner Joseph fr 554b ln 36
Bruner Korennapuch(?) fr 554b ln 37
Bruner Mary fr 430a ln 17
Bruner Mary A fr 555a ln 1
Bruner Ralph fr 465a ln 1
Bruner Sarah fr 430a ln 18
Bruner William fr 430a ln 21
Bruner William T fr 554b ln 39
Bruno Fred fr 438b ln 2
Bruno Jno fr 438b ln 1
Bryan Aaron B fr 439b ln 27
Bryan Charles fr 419a ln 16
Bryan David fr 419a ln 13
Bryan Ellen fr 419a ln 17
Bryan Francis E fr 428b ln 22
Bryan Ira N fr 496b ln 3
Bryan John H fr 496b ln 1
Bryan Julia E fr 496b ln 2
Bryan Justice fr 439b ln 28
Bryan Margaret fr 428b ln 21
Bryan Nancy fr 419a ln 14
Bryan Violoa fr 419a ln 18
Bryan Warren C fr 419a ln 15
Bucey Dora E fr 538a ln 4
Bucey Henry W fr 538a ln 2
Bucey Nancy N fr 538a ln 3
Buchanan Ann fr 418a ln 30
Buchanan Estra E fr 418a ln 32
Buchanan John fr 418a ln 29
Buchanan Martin fr 418a ln 31
Buck Clara Bfr 489a ln 39
Buck Emily Bfr 489a ln 36
Buck Ernest Bfr 489a ln 40
Buck James C fr 449a ln 20
Buck Miram(?)fr 489a ln 35
Buckley Adaline fr 538a ln 25
Buckley Andrew J fr 538a ln 18
Buckley Elizabeth fr 538a ln 24
Buckley Ella fr 538a ln 21
Buckley Eva fr 538a ln 20
Buckley Ida fr 538a ln 27
Buckley James A fr 538a ln 23
Buckley Martha fr 538a ln 19
Buckley William fr 538a ln 26
Buckley William I fr 538a ln 22
Budd Anderson fr 420b ln 28
Budd Caroline fr 420b ln 29
Buford Williefr 484a ln 22
Bullock Andrew fr 421b ln 25
Bullock Clarance P fr 421b ln 26
Bullock James fr 421b ln 23
Bullock Martha J fr 421b ln 27
Bullock Talitha fr 421b ln 24
Bulluck Edward fr 425a ln 1
Bulluck Nancy fr 425a ln 2
Bundy David fr 449b ln 30
Bundy Emmaritta fr 449b ln 32
Bundy Henry D fr 449b ln 34
Bundy Mary A fr 449b ln 31
Bundy William A fr 449b ln 33
Bunker Ruth E fr 420b ln 1
Bunker S W fr 420a ln 40
Bunnell [unreadable] Afr 487b ln 15
Bunnell Anna 487b ln 16
Bunnell Chas Hfr 487b ln 17
Bunnell Clara Lfr 487b ln 18
Bunnell Clarrafr 483a ln 21
Bunnell Julia E fr 467b ln 34
Bunnell Lucy A fr 467b ln 35
Bunnell Silas fr 467b ln 33
Bunnell Thomas Wfr 487b ln 14
Bunnell Tursa(?) B fr 467b ln 36
Bunnell Wm Hfr 483a ln 20
Burchfield Aalric(?) fr 470b ln 29
Burchfield Clarence fr 470b ln 30
Burchfield John fr 470b ln 27
Burchfield Mahalia fr 470b ln 28
Burdrick Emily fr 449a ln 36
Burfman Edward fr 438a ln 36
Burfman Gustina fr 438a ln 35
Burfman John fr 438a ln 38
Burfman Lewis fr 438a ln 34
Burfman Martha fr 438a ln 37
Burfman Mary fr 438a ln 39
Burfman Minerva fr 438a ln 40
Burgas(?) Carrie fr 473a ln 36
Burgas(?) Charlie fr 473a ln 37
Burger Esterfr 479b ln 34
Burger Harrey Cfr 479b ln 35
Burger John Jfr 479b ln 33
Burger William fr 466a ln 16
Burger Willis Cfr 479b ln 36
Burk Lucy A fr 449b ln 7
Burk Michael fr 522a ln 7
Burk Warner fr 449b ln 6
Burk(?) Alfred fr 472a ln 19
Burk(?) Charlotte fr 472a ln 17
Burk(?) Elva fr 472a ln 16
Burk(?) sophiah fr 472a ln 15
Burk(?) Walley fr 472a ln 18
Burkee John fr 424a ln 7
Burkee Lou Anna fr 424a ln 6
Burkee Mary A fr 424a ln 8
Burkee Selia fr 424a ln 5
Burkee William fr 424a ln 4
Burket Ella fr 399a ln 25
Burket Frank fr 399a ln 24
Burket Frederic fr 399a ln 19
Burket Jane fr 399a ln 28
Burket John fr 399a ln 22
Burket Mahlon fr 399a ln 21
Burket Mary fr 399a ln 26
Burket Phebe fr 399a ln 23
Burket Susan fr 399a ln 20
Burkshire Davidfr 480a ln 37
Burnes Flora fr 456a ln 5
Burnes Frank fr 456a ln 7
Burnes Jennie fr 456a ln 6
Burnes Martin(?) fr 456a ln 3
Burnes Susan M fr 456a ln 4
Burnett Eliza J. fr 539a ln 2
Burnett James M fr 539a ln 1
Burnett John W fr 539a ln 3
Burney Eva G fr 524b ln 18
Burney Mary E fr 524b ln 16
Burney Moorhose E fr 524b ln 17
Burney Robert B fr 524b ln 15
Burney Shiella K fr 524b ln 19
Burney William M fr 524b ln 20
Burns Catharine A fr 556a ln 16
Burns Clara M fr 528b ln 3
Burns Dennis fr 495b ln 10
Burns Edward J fr 556a ln 15
Burns Eliza fr 495b ln 14
Burns Ellen fr 495b ln 11
Burns Harriet fr 496b ln 17
Burns James W T fr 528b ln 4
Burns John fr 495b ln 13
Burns John fr 496b ln 16
Burns John W fr 519a ln 10
Burns Laura fr 496b ln 18
Burns Marcus A fr 528b ln 1
Burns Margaret I fr 556a ln 14
Burns Mary fr 495b ln 12
Burns Mary A fr 528b ln 2
Burns Mary E fr 556a ln 11
Burns Mary E fr 556a ln 12
Burns Saline fr 495b ln 15
Burns Susan E fr 556a ln 13
Burns William fr 556a ln 10
Burrell Benj Ffr 480b ln 10
Burrell Hellenfr 480b ln 11
Burt(?) Robert C fr 450a ln 23
Burt(?) Sarah fr 450a ln 24
Burton Charles fr 512b ln 29
Burton Edward fr 512b ln 28
Burton Eliza W fr 512b ln 25
Burton George l fr 512b ln 27
Burton Harriet fr 512b ln 23
Burton John H fr 512b ln 24
Burton John H fr 554b ln 15
Burton Oscar fr 512b ln 30
Burton Thomas fr 512b ln 22
Burton Thomas M fr 512b ln 26
Busey Franklin fr 497b ln 28
Bush John fr 449a ln 21
Bush Martin fr 422a ln 7
Bush Susan fr 422a ln 8
Butcher Ellen fr 435b ln 39
Butcher Martha fr 513a ln 12
Butcher Philip fr 435b ln 38
Butler [unreadable] fr 463b ln 14
Butler Albert L fr 422b ln 23
Butler Anna fr 449b ln 21
Butler Arnelia(?) fr 443a ln 2
Butler Clinton fr 449b ln 22
Butler Ellynor fr 463b ln 15
Butler Elmer E fr 422b ln 22
Butler James C fr 463b ln 12
Butler John fr 449b ln 20
Butler John fr 463b ln 10
Butler Louisa fr 449b ln 23
Butler Oliver fr 422b ln 20
Butler Rebeca fr 463b ln 13
Butler Rebecca E fr 422b ln 21
Butler Susan fr 463b ln 11
Butler Thomas fr 443a ln 1
Butler William fr 443a ln 3
Buttler Fancy fr 463b ln 27
Buttler George fr 463b ln 25
Buttler Rebeca fr 463b ln 26
Butts Archibald fr 527b ln 7
Butts David J fr 527b ln 22
Butts James A fr 527b ln 13
Butts John H fr 527b ln 11
Butts Johnson fr 527b ln 10
Butts Lewis fr 527b ln 14
Butts Logan fr 527b ln 16
Butts Lucinda S fr 527b ln 12
Butts Morris fr 527b ln 15
Butts Patsey fr 527b ln 8
Butts Rachael fr 527b ln 23
Butts William C fr 527b ln 9
C[unreadable] Andrewfr 487b ln 24
C[unreadable] Anna A fr 469a ln 3
C[unreadable] Elizabethfr 487b ln 23
C[unreadable] John fr 473b ln 25
C[unreadable] Katy fr 469a ln 1
C[unreadable] Sallie M. fr 469a ln 2
C[unreadable] Tiny(?) B fr 469a ln 4
Cadwalder E F fr 460b ln 30
Cadwalder Eliza fr 460b ln 31
Cadwalder Morris L fr 460b ln 33
Cadwalder Nora V fr 460b ln 32
Calanay(?) Rheda fr 471b ln 10
Calaway Henriettafr 479a ln 25
Calaway Jacobfr 479a ln 24
Calhoun John C fr 545b ln 12
Calor Amelia fr 412b ln 13
Calor Julius fr 412b ln 10
Calor Luis fr 412b ln 12
Calor Sophiah fr 412b ln 11
Calvin Addie M fr 496a ln 13
Calvin Ellen fr 496a ln 12
Calvin William fr 496a ln 11
Calvin William G fr 496a ln 14
Camarde John fr 422a ln 19
Came Chales fr 450a ln 20
Came Kate fr 450a ln 21
Cameron Chas W. fr 536d ln 35
Cameron Dorah fr 536d ln 39
Cameron Francis fr 536d ln 37
Cameron George W fr 536d ln 34
Cameron James fr 536d ln 40
Cameron James A fr 536d ln 3
Cameron James W fr 536d ln 33
Cameron Joseph H fr 536d ln 38
Cameron Mary fr 536d ln 2
Cameron Nancy A fr 536d ln 32
Cameron Peter fr 536d ln 31
Cameron Peter F fr 536d ln 36
Cameron Rachel E fr 537a ln 1
Cameron William fr 536d ln 1
Cammeron Levi(?) fr 402a ln 22
Camp Marshal fr 444b ln 29
Campbell Allie N fr 402b ln 38
Campbell Caselton(?) fr 402b ln 36
Campbell Colinfr 484b ln 1
Campbell David(?)fr 484b ln 3
Campbell Elizabeth fr 402b ln 35
Campbell Emmafr 484a ln 39
Campbell Florence fr 402b ln 37
Campbell Frank fr 402b ln 39
Campbell Frankfr 484b ln 2
Campbell Henry fr 402b ln 34
Campbell Hugh Sfr 484a ln 37
Campbell Jesse Hfr 484a ln 40
Campbell Margretfr 484a ln 38
Campbell Margretfr 484b ln 4
Campbell Wm fr 450a ln 28
Canada Peleg(?) fr 454b ln 19
Cannan Alice fr 439b ln 39
Cannan Gududer(?) fr 439b ln 40
Cannan James S fr 439b ln 35
Cannan John A fr 439b ln 37
Cannan Mariah fr 439b ln 36
Cannan Walter fr 439b ln 38
Cannell Patrick fr 447b ln 19
Cannon Clarke fr 427b ln 21
Cannon John W fr 427b ln 23
Cannon Louisa fr 427b ln 22
Cantrill Mary A fr 504b ln 8
Cantrill Wyatt fr 504b ln 7
Carding(?) Hester A fr 398a ln 39
Carding(?) Thomas fr 398a ln 38
Carks(?) David fr 404b ln 22
Carks(?) frank fr 404b ln 24
Carks(?) Mary fr 404b ln 23
Carmean Albert F fr 495b ln 21
Carmean Alvina fr 495b ln 23
Carmean Anna L fr 495b ln 22
Carmean Euphema fr 495b ln 20
Carmean James G fr 495b ln 24
Carmean Leasson fr 495b ln 19
Carnes Adeline fr 528a ln 34
Carnes Alexander fr 528a ln 39
Carnes Catharine fr 528a ln 37
Carnes James F fr 528a ln 36
Carnes Johnathan fr 528a ln 38
Carnes Josephine fr 528a ln 35
Carnes Napolean B fr 528a ln 33
Carpenter Alise fr 505b ln 37
Carpenter Alonzo fr 505b ln 34
Carpenter Alonzo B fr 505b ln 36
Carpenter Alora fr 505b ln 38
Carpenter Arthur fr 403b ln 21
Carpenter Bell fr 403b ln 23
Carpenter Buell fr 506a ln 1
Carpenter Charles fr 506a ln 4
Carpenter David L fr 506a ln 5
Carpenter Dorcas fr 505b ln 35
Carpenter Emma fr 506a ln 2
Carpenter Frank fr 403b ln 22
Carpenter John A fr 505b ln 39
Carpenter Jonth(?) fr 403b ln 19
Carpenter Mary fr 403b ln 20
Carpenter Sheridan fr 506a ln 3
Carpenter William A fr 505b ln 40
Carr Amanda fr 404a ln 24
Carr Charles fr 485b ln 28
Carr Eldridge fr 404a ln 26
Carr Franklin fr 401b ln 38
Carr Hanna J fr 401b ln 39
Carr Hester A fr 401b ln 34
Carr James fr 401b ln 33
Carr Jennie fr 401b ln 35
Carr Laura Afr 485b ln 29
Carr Sarah E fr 401b ln 37
Carr William fr 401b ln 36
Carr William fr 404a ln 23
Carr Wm Henry fr 404a ln 25

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