Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Carrens Caroline fr 527a ln 28
Carrens Jasper A fr 527a ln 30
Carrens Johnathan fr 527a ln 27
Carrens Joseph fr 527a ln 33
Carrens Martha F fr 527a ln 32
Carrens Mary J fr 527a ln 31
Carrens Milton B fr 527a ln 29
Carry Jessee fr 420a ln 12
Carsin John M fr 448b ln 28
Carson Elizabeth fr 448b ln 29
Carson Henry fr 448b ln 33
Carson John M fr 448b ln 35
Carson Julius F fr 448b ln 31
Carson Lavina fr 448b ln 36
Carson Mary A fr 448b ln 32
Carson William fr 448b ln 30
Carson Wm A fr 448b ln 34
Carter Catharine fr 443a ln 23
Carter Edward fr 443a ln 19
Carter Elizabeth fr 443a ln 21
Carter Evan fr 443a ln 16
Carter Evans T fr 443a ln 6
Carter George fr 473a ln 38
Carter James fr 443a ln 4
Carter John C fr 497b ln 6
Carter John N fr 443a ln 18
Carter Joseph E fr 497b ln 8
Carter Louisa C fr 455a ln 9
Carter Mary fr 443a ln 17
Carter Melvina fr 497b ln 7
Carter Samantha fr 443a ln 22
Carter Sarah F fr 497b ln 9
Carter Sarah N fr 443a ln 5
Carter Thomas fr 443a ln 20
Cartwright Adam Clark fr 439a ln 29
Cartwright David G fr 439a ln 27
Cartwright Emma fr 439a ln 28
Cartwright Ida M fr 439a ln 31
Cartwright James fr 439a ln 23
Cartwright Lery Judsom fr 439a ln 32
Cartwright Lydia S fr 439a ln 30
Cartwright Malinda fr 439a ln 26
Cartwright Mary J fr 439a ln 24
Cartwright Scott fr 439a ln 25
Carver Frances fr 471b ln 36
Carver John fr 470b ln 24
Carver Margret A fr 470b ln 25
Cary Aaron D fr 452a ln 24
Cary Alford fr 452a ln 22
Cary Baylor H fr 513b ln 3
Cary Dorcas fr 452a ln 23
Cary Elmora fr 452a ln 26
Cary James H fr 513b ln 2
Cary Jessie fr 452a ln 25
Cary Mary J fr 452a ln 27
Casada charles E fr 418a ln 36
Casada Dennis fr 418a ln 33
Casada John T fr 418a ln 35
Casada Mary fr 418a ln 34
Casady Nancyfr 489a ln 32
Casbeer George fr 415b ln 15
Casbeer(?) Sarah fr 415b ln 4
Casbeer(?) William fr 415b ln 3
Casey Barbara fr 462a ln 13
Casey C. P. fr 450a ln 5
Casey Curtis fr 462a ln 17
Casey Elias fr 462a ln 12
Casey George fr 510a ln 34
Casey Hannah fr 462a ln 15
Casey Jessie fr 462a ln 18
Casey John W fr 462a ln 16
Casey Margret fr 518a ln 31
Casey Michael fr 518a ln 30
Casey Phillip fr 518a ln 29
Casey Sophiah fr 462a ln 14
Cashman Anna fr 411b ln 20
Cashman Ellen fr 410b ln 31
Cashman John fr 410b ln 30
Cashman Martha fr 411b ln 21
Cashman Mary fr 410b ln 32
Cashman Samuel fr 411b ln 17
Cashman Sarah fr 411b ln 19
Cashman Sesser(?) fr 411b ln 18
Cassen Francis fr 464b ln 20
Casteel Caroline fr 410b ln 38
Casteel Charles fr 410b ln 39
Casteel Elias fr 410b ln 37
Casteel Nancy fr 410b ln 36
Casteel Nancy fr 410b ln 40
Casteel William fr 411a ln 1
Cates Andy fr 476a ln 8
Cates Anna fr 476a ln 10
Cates Eddy fr 476a ln 11
Cates Jesse fr 476a ln 12
Cates Rosa fr 476a ln 9
Cates William fr 476a ln 13
Cathey Charlotte fr 442a ln 10
Cathey Cordilia A fr 440b ln 26
Cathey Ida fr 442a ln 11
Cathey Jacob fr 440b ln 18
Cathey James H fr 440b ln 21
Cathey Jane fr 440b ln 19
Cathey John W fr 440b ln 25
Cathey Marshal B fr 440b ln 24
Cathey Martha J fr 440b ln 22
Cathey Mary E fr 440b ln 20
Cathey Samuel fr 442a ln 9
Cathey Thomas A fr 440b ln 23
Caton Elizabeth fr 465a ln 10
Caton George fr 465a ln 8
Caton Harriet fr 465a ln 5
Caton Jas fr 465a ln 3
Caton John E fr 465a ln 9
Caton John H fr 465a ln 7
Caton Julia fr 465a ln 4
Caton Mary J fr 465a ln 12
Caton Robert fr 465a ln 6
Caton William fr 465a ln 11
Caufield Edward fr 469a ln 16
Caufield Elizabeth fr 469a ln 17
Caufield Sarah E fr 469a ln 18
Caughey Alva fr 540a ln 3
Cavett Ada fr 432a ln 31
Cavett Alice fr 432a ln 29
Cavett Charles fr 432a ln 30
Cavett Harriett fr 432a ln 25
Cavett James fr 432a ln 28
Cavett John fr 432a ln 26
Cavett Joseph fr 432a ln 24
Cavett Olive fr 432a ln 27
Cavett Stewart fr 432a ln 33
Cavett William fr 432a ln 32
Chadwick Charles fr 436b ln 28
Chadwick Charles W fr 436b ln 36
Chadwick Edward B fr 557a ln 24
Chadwick Isaac N fr 436b ln 34
Chadwick James R fr 436b ln 31
Chadwick John A fr 436b ln 30
Chadwick Joseph J fr 436b ln 32
Chadwick Margaret fr 436b ln 29
Chadwick Mary Ann fr 436b ln 33
Chadwick Nancy fr 557a ln 25
Chadwick William E fr 436b ln 35
Chalfant Charles fr 435a ln 33
Chamberlin Amelia fr 443b ln 22
Chamberlin Byron fr 443b ln 24
Chamberlin Charley fr 443b ln 21
Chamberlin Edward fr 443b ln 25
Chamberlin George fr 443b ln 23
Chamberlin Harriet fr 443b ln 20
Chamberlin L C fr 443b ln 19
Chambers Caroline fr 441a ln 15
Chambers Caroline fr 441a ln 9
Chambers Caroline fr 447a ln 5
Chambers Catharine fr 464b ln 11
Chambers Elizabeth fr 441a ln 11
Chambers Emma J fr 441a ln 12
Chambers Francies M fr 447a ln 6
Chambers George fr 447a ln 4
Chambers H(?) fr 446b ln 29
Chambers Henry fr 441a ln 14
Chambers Ida fr 446b ln 31
Chambers James A fr 441a ln 13
Chambers James A fr 441a ln 8
Chambers Jesse fr 464b ln 13
Chambers John fr 464b ln 8
Chambers John T fr 441a ln 10
Chambers Margret fr 464b ln 12
Chambers Mariah fr 420a ln 22
Chambers Nathaniel fr 420a ln 23
Chambers Samuel fr 464b ln 10
Chambers Sarah C fr 446b ln 30
Chambers Susan C fr 420a ln 24
Chambers Susana fr 464b ln 9
Chambers William J fr 447a ln 7
Chandler Amelia fr 420a ln 25
Chandler F M fr 424a ln 13
Chandler Frankfr 490a ln 8
Chandler Jeff L. 490a ln 7
Chandler John fr 447a ln 8
Chandler Josephine fr 420a ln 26
Chandler Mary fr 421b ln 3
Chandoins Eliza fr 553a ln 13
Chandoins John H fr 553a ln 12
Chapman Charles fr 459b ln 26
Chapman Charlesfr 482a ln 37
Chapman David fr 453b ln 4
Chapman Eliza A fr 453b ln 6
Chapman Ellen(?)fr 482a ln 35
Chapman Emma J fr 453b ln 10
Chapman Lavina E fr 453b ln 8
Chapman Malinda fr 453b ln 7
Chapman Mariahfr 482a ln 34
Chapman Nancy fr 459b ln 25
Chapman Sarah J fr 453b ln 5
Chapman Thos Ffr 489b ln 9
Chapman William D fr 453b ln 9
Chapman Wmfr 482a ln 33
Chapman Wmfr 482a ln 36
Chase Arthur fr 432a ln 15
Chase Frances fr 432a ln 11
Chase Harry fr 432a ln 14
Chase James fr 432a ln 13
Chase Joshua fr 432a ln 12
Chase Lewis A fr 432a ln 9
Chase Sofrona fr 432a ln 10
Chasebro Abigail fr 516a ln 16
Chasebro Adelia fr 516a ln 21
Chasebro Carrie fr 516a ln 18
Chasebro Edward fr 516a ln 20
Chasebro Enos fr 516a ln 15
Chasebro Fremont fr 516a ln 19
Chasebro Herman fr 516a ln 17
Cheesam Cyrus M fr 460b ln 38
Cheesam Mary L fr 460b ln 37
Cheesam Stern(?) fr 460b ln 36
Chelton Eliza fr 499b ln 1
Chelton Ellen fr 499a ln 38
Chelton Henry fr 499a ln 40
Chelton Nancy fr 499a ln 37
Chelton Sarah fr 499a ln 39
Chelton William fr 499a ln 36
Chenburger Frank fr 398b ln 9
Cherey Frank fr 426a ln 2
Chestnut Emma C fr 452b ln 6
Chestnut John fr 452b ln 38
Chestnut Mathew F fr 452b ln 8
Chestnut Ninna fr 452b ln 7
Chestnut William fr 452b ln 5
Childers Albert fr 412a ln 3
Childers Cemantha fr 412a ln 1
Childers Harriette fr 411b ln 37
Childers James fr 411b ln 40
Childers James fr 429b ln 20
Childers John fr 412a ln 2
Childers John fr 437b ln 33
Childers Kate fr 411b ln 39
Childers Louisa fr 437b ln 34
Childers Nancy fr 437b ln 31
Childers Nathan fr 411b ln 36
Childers William H fr 437b ln 32
Childres Jane fr 411b ln 38
Childs Allie fr 510a ln 14
Childs Daniel fr 510a ln 13
Childs Daniel fr 510a ln 9
Childs Ethan D fr 508b ln 20
Childs Jemima fr 508b ln 19
Childs John fr 510a ln 11
Childs Manda fr 510a ln 15
Childs Mary fr 510a ln 16
Childs Mary J fr 510a ln 19
Childs Melvina fr 510a ln 12
Childs Minerva M fr 510a ln 20
Childs Philander fr 508b ln 18
Childs Samuel fr 510a ln 18
Childs Sarah B fr 510a ln 10
Chiles Clemmie C fr 548a ln 2
Chiles James W fr 548a ln 1
Chiles Johnnie fr 548a ln 4
Chiles Mary E fr 548a ln 3
Chiles Sallie E fr 548a ln 5
Chilson Clarinda P fr 406a ln 33
Chilson Frances fr 406a ln 34
Chilson Joseph fr 406a ln 30
Chilson Mary A fr 406a ln 32
Chilson Mary E fr 406a ln 31
Chilton Orick W fr 543b ln 10
Chipen(?) wm fr 464a ln 16
Chory Ellen fr 408a ln 37
Chory Parkhurst fr 408a ln 36
Chrisman Mandy fr 530a ln 25
Chrisman Mary J. fr 530a ln 23
Chrisman Minnie M. fr 530a ln 26
Chrisman Peter fr 530a ln 24
Chrisman Preston fr 530a ln 22
Christia(?) [unreadable] fr 459b ln 28
Christia(?) Mary fr 459b ln 29
Christie Elizabeth D fr 514a ln 11
Christie Franklin G fr 514a ln 13
Christie Iseral fr 514a ln 6
Christie James M fr 514a ln 9
Christie John R fr 514a ln 14
Christie Mary fr 514a ln 12
Christie Sarah A fr 514a ln 7
Christie Sarah E fr 514a ln 10
Christie William L fr 514a ln 8
Clark A[unreadable] P fr 474a ln 18
Clark Abrahamfr 487a ln 38
Clark Alfred B fr 492b ln 13
Clark Anderson W fr 492b ln 15
Clark Andrew fr 474a ln 16
Clark Ann fr 517a ln 23
Clark Clymenta C fr 423a ln 29
Clark Debora fr 449b ln 17
Clark Edward J fr 423a ln 28
Clark Elizabeth fr 517a ln 27
Clark Florance fr 431a ln 15
Clark Georg H fr 431a ln 11
Clark Harnoy(?) C fr 492b ln 18
Clark Harriet M fr 423a ln 27
Clark James B fr 517a ln 22
Clark James H fr 431a ln 17
Clark John fr 517a ln 24
Clark John fr 518a ln 8
Clark John fr 549a ln 8
Clark Johnson fr 423a ln 26
Clark Josephus fr 403b ln 2
Clark Julia A fr 431a ln 10
Clark Laura S fr 431a ln 16
Clark Lucinda fr 507b ln 4
Clark Marcella fr 439b ln 23
Clark Martha J fr 492b ln 16
Clark Mary A fr 517a ln 26
Clark Mary B. fr 474a ln 19
Clark Mary E fr 403b ln 3
Clark Orlando(?) fr 403a ln 39
Clark Pheobe L fr 474a ln 17
Clark Rebecca fr 492b ln 14
Clark Richard fr 518a ln 9
Clark Richmon fr 439b ln 22
Clark Rosella fr 431a ln 14
Clark Sarah fr 403a ln 40
Clark Sarah fr 431a ln 12
Clark Sarah fr 518a ln 7
Clark Thomas fr 518a ln 6
Clark Violet W fr 492b ln 17
Clark William fr 431a ln 13
Clark William fr 517a ln 25
Clark William J fr 507b ln 3
Clark William R fr 403b ln 1
Clark Wm H fr 431a ln 9
Clary James fr 430b ln 13
Clary John J fr 430b ln 17
Clary Kate fr 430b ln 16
Clary Margaret fr 430b ln 14
Clary Mary A fr 430b ln 15
Clatworthy John fr 444b ln 1
Clayton James fr 477b ln 3
Clayton Joshua fr 477b ln 1
Clayton Mary fr 477b ln 2
Clayton Thomas fr 477b ln 4
Clearey Jamesfr 490b ln 18
Clearey Johnfr 490b ln 14
Clearey Maryfr 490b ln 13
Clearey Michaelfr 490b ln 16
Clearey Molleyfr 490b ln 15
Clearey Patrickfr 490b ln 12
Clearey Patrickfr 490b ln 17
Clelland Michael fr 442a ln 24
Clemens(?) Adaline fr 403a ln 2
Clemens(?) George fr 403a ln 4
Clemens(?) Jacob fr 403a ln 1
Clemens(?) Jane fr 403a ln 3
Cleminens(?) Mary fr 400a ln 18
Clemmons Frances A fr 504b ln 38
Clemmons Jackson fr 504b ln 37
Clemmons Martha E fr 504b ln 39
Clendening Mary fr 539a ln 38
Clendenning Alice fr 398b ln 35
Clendenning Calvin fr 398b ln 32
Clendenning Cassander(?) fr 398b ln 31
Clendenning Florence fr 398b ln 37
Clendenning James fr 398b ln 38
Clendenning John fr 398b ln 30
Clendenning Mary fr 398b ln 33
Clendenning Nancy fr 398b ln 36
Clendenning Sarah A fr 398b ln 34
Cline Deboree S fr 443a ln 8
Cline Jacob fr 443a ln 10
Cline James T fr 443a ln 7
Cline Lilly D fr 443a ln 11
Cline Mary E fr 443a ln 9
Clover Claud W fr 470a ln 28
Clover Ella fr 470a ln 27
Clover Huston B fr 466a ln 35
Clover Seth fr 466a ln 34
Clover Sutton S fr 470a ln 26
Coall(?) Carta(?) fr 466a ln 37
Cobb Charles W fr 552a ln 25
Cobb Ida fr 431a ln 27
Cobb Julia A fr 552a ln 26
Cobb Lucinda fr 431a ln 26
Cobb Robert L fr 431a ln 25
Cochran Celia fr 499a ln 8
Cochran Charles fr 499a ln 10
Cochran Cynthia fr 499a ln 7
Cochran John fr 499a ln 12
Cochran Richard fr 499a ln 6
Cochran Tellie fr 499a ln 11
Cochran Walter S fr 499a ln 9
Cochrane Ames fr 525a ln 12
Cochrane Eliza J fr 525a ln 10
Cochrane Leonidas G fr 525a ln 13
Cochrane Rinalds fr 525a ln 11
Cochrane William fr 525a ln 9
Cody Alonzo fr 494b ln 6
Cody Benj G fr 467b ln 7
Cody Benj G. Jr fr 467b ln 13
Cody Frank A fr 467b ln 10
Cody George E fr 467b ln 14
Cody Lucy E fr 467b ln 12
Cody Minnie M fr 467b ln 11
Cody Polly Ann fr 467b ln 8
Cody Sarah E fr 467b ln 9
Coffin Aaron fr 422b ln 32
Coffin Geo F fr 422b ln 30
Coffin Jonathan J fr 422b ln 34
Coffin Louisa fr 422b ln 35
Coffin Lydia fr 422b ln 31
Coffin Mary fr 422b ln 33
Coffman Isaac H fr 494b ln 24
Cole Ada V fr 550b ln 35
Cole Ann fr 546b ln 18
Cole Eva F fr 550b ln 34
Cole Eveline fr 506b ln 30
Cole Jackson A fr 546b ln 19
Cole Jennie fr 506b ln 29
Cole John H fr 550b ln 38
Cole John R. fr 550b ln 32
Cole John Senr fr 546b ln 17
Cole Martha M fr 550b ln 33
Cole Mary B fr 550b ln 36
Cole Sarah E fr 551a ln 2
Cole William F fr 551a ln 1
Cole William L fr 506b ln 28
Cole William M fr 550b ln 37
Coleman Alise fr 450b ln 18
Coleman David R fr 450b ln 17
Coleman Emma fr 454a ln 23
Coleman Ernest fr 536b ln 32
Coleman John fr 536b ln 30
Coleman Maggie fr 450b ln 19
Coleman Mary fr 536b ln 31
Coleman Mary D fr 450b ln 21
Coleon(?) Catharinefr 488a ln 35
Coleon(?) Gertrudefr 488a ln 14
Coleon(?) Gustavius Afr 488a ln 10
Coleon(?) John Lfr 488a ln 36
Coleon(?) Maudfr 488a ln 12
Coleon(?) Phebefr 488a ln 11
Coleon(?) Phebefr 488a ln 13
Coleon(?) Riely(?)fr 488a ln 15
Collett Eunicefr 487b ln 37
Collett Robertfr 487b ln 36
Collier John fr 550a ln 31
Collins Aaron C fr 500b ln 6
Collins Charity fr 499b ln 20
Collins Charles fr 494b ln 11
Collins Charles W fr 500b ln 4
Collins Clarrissa fr 499b ln 18
Collins Curtice fr 422a ln 40
Collins David fr 441b ln 25
Collins Edward A fr 499b ln 17
Collins Ella B fr 441b ln 29
Collins Ernest fr 499b ln 19
Collins Fanny fr 499b ln 23
Collins Francis T fr 500b ln 5
Collins Frank H fr 494b ln 12
Collins Frederick fr 499b ln 24
Collins Gilbert fr 499b ln 25
Collins Harry fr 422a ln 38
Collins Harry fr 499b ln 22
Collins James T fr 445a ln 16
Collins Jesse fr 494b ln 10
Collins John C fr 494b ln 7
Collins Julietta fr 422a ln 39
Collins Katie fr 499b ln 21
Collins Lottie fr 441b ln 30
Collins Martha fr 445a ln 17
Collins Martha A fr 441b ln 27
Collins Mary A fr 441b ln 28
Collins Mary E fr 441b ln 26
Collins Mary E fr 445a ln 15
Collins Mary J fr 494b ln 8
Collins Milley A fr 500b ln 7
Collins Nancy fr 445a ln 18
Collins Nancy fr 500b ln 2
Collins Richard fr 442a ln 23
Collins Robert T fr 494b ln 13
Collins William C fr 494b ln 9
Collins William H fr 500b ln 3
Columbus C fr 419a ln 12
Combs Cintha fr 454b ln 10
Combs Elizabeth fr 551a ln 15
Combs Elma M fr 551a ln 24
Combs George H fr 551a ln 19
Combs Isaac G fr 551a ln 18
Combs Jacob fr 551a ln 14
Combs Jacob fr 551a ln 16
Combs Jennie A fr 551a ln 23
Combs Mitchell R fr 551a ln 22
Combs Newton F fr 551a ln 25
Combs Sarah A fr 551a ln 20
Combs Thomas J fr 551a ln 21
Comer Eli fr 546b ln 15
Comer Rhoda fr 546b ln 16
Conch Alvin fr 453b ln 21
Conch Eresebia(?) fr 453b ln 20
Conch Tilghman fr 453b ln 19
Condon(?) Harriettfr 483a ln 27
Condon(?) Samlfr 483a ln 26
Condon(?) Stellafr 483a ln 28
Condra(?) Alonzo fr 473b ln 31
Condra(?) Edward fr 473b ln 27
Condra(?) John fr 473b ln 29
Condra(?) Martha fr 473b ln 28
Condra(?) Mary fr 473b ln 30
Condra(?) Winford fr 473b ln 32
Conis Cora fr 471b ln 40
Conklen Elias D fr 455b ln 15
Conklen Eugene L fr 455b ln 16
Conklen John fr 455b ln 17
Conklen Josiah fr 455b ln 13
Conklen Therersa M fr 455b ln 14
Conklin Anna fr 453a ln 25
Conklin Caroline fr 453a ln 22
Conklin Daniel fr 453a ln 21
Conklin Ida fr 453a ln 23
Conklin Jeter R fr 453a ln 24
Conklin Michael fr 514a ln 40
Connelly Abigail fr 517a ln 12
Connelly Alice F fr 517a ln 14
Connelly Eliza J fr 517a ln 13
Connelly James fr 517a ln 10
Connelly James F fr 517a ln 15
Connelly Susan(?) fr 517a ln 11
Conner Elizabeth fr 402a ln 17
Conner Samuel fr 402a ln 16
Connor Agnes fr 518a ln 16
Connor Charles fr 518a ln 12
Connor Ellen fr 518a ln 15
Connor James fr 518a ln 13
Connor John fr 518a ln 10
Connor Josephine fr 518a ln 11
Connor Mary J fr 518a ln 14
Connor Peter fr 518a ln 17
Conrey Agnes fr 434b ln 19
Conrey Helan fr 434b ln 15
Conrey Lugher A fr 434b ln 18
Conrey Luther C fr 434b ln 14
Converse Anne fr 553a ln 10
Converse Charles fr 553a ln 6
Converse Hannah fr 553a ln 11
Converse Julianna fr 553a ln 7
Converse Melvin J fr 553a ln 8
Converse Stephen fr 553a ln 9
Cook Abrahamfr 487b ln 5
Cook Alistus fr 423a ln 35
Cook Alonzo fr 441a ln 23
Cook Anna L fr 441b ln 19
Cook Baker fr 441b ln 4
Cook Caleb fr 441b ln 3
Cook caroline M fr 507b ln 8
Cook Catharine fr 441a ln 21
Cook Charles A fr 507b ln 7
Cook Clarrisa fr 406a ln 21
Cook Daniel W fr 441a ln 37
Cook David fr 441b ln 1
Cook David W fr 441b ln 17
Cook Edgar fr 496b ln 28
Cook Eleanor(?)fr 487b ln 6
Cook Ella C fr 441b ln 18
Cook Emma fr 441a ln 25
Cook Enos fr 423a ln 36
Cook Franklin fr 441a ln 22
Cook Gertrudefr 487b ln 7
Cook James M fr 492b ln 34
Cook James M fr 496b ln 26
Cook John C fr 441b ln 16
Cook John W fr 492b ln 36
Cook Joseph fr 441b ln 12
Cook Joseph fr 441b ln 2
Cook Judith fr 441a ln 38
Cook Judith fr 441a ln 39
Cook Louisa J fr 492b ln 35
Cook Martha fr 441b ln 13
Cook Martha F fr 496b ln 27
Cook Mary J fr 441b ln 15
Cook Oliver fr 406a ln 20
Cook Oliver fr 441a ln 20
Cook Rachel fr 441a ln 40
Cook Robert fr 423a ln 34
Cook Sarah fr 423a ln 33
Cook Sarah E fr 441b ln 14
Cook Sarah K fr 492b ln 37
Cook Silas fr 423a ln 32
Cook Willis fr 441a ln 24
Cook(?) Anna(?) Hfr 487b ln 32
Cook(?) John Hfr 487b ln 30
Cook(?) Louiza Efr 487b ln 31
Cook(?) Maryfr 487b ln 29
Coomb Charles fr 430a ln 29
Coomb Curtis fr 430a ln 32
Coomb David fr 430a ln 24
Coomb Elizabeth fr 430a ln 25
Coomb Emma fr 430a ln 26
Coomb Frank fr 430a ln 30
Coomb Hattie fr 430a ln 27
Coomb Lydia fr 430a ln 31
Coomb Marian A fr 430a ln 28
Coon David fr 550a ln 22
Coon Edward fr 550a ln 25
Coon Edwin fr 550a ln 27
Coon Rachael R fr 550a ln 23
Coon William fr 550a ln 24
Coons Dale fr 532a ln 7
Coons Fanny fr 532a ln 5
Coons Israel A fr 532a ln 3
Coons John fr 532a ln 6
Coons Matilda fr 532a ln 4
Cooper Anne L. fr 544a ln 25
Cooper Emma fr 544a ln 24
Cooper Franklin fr 508b ln 22
Cooper George E fr 508b ln 24
Cooper Isaac M fr 528b ln 33
Cooper James E fr 544a ln 21
Cooper Josephine fr 508b ln 25
Cooper Malissa fr 508b ln 27
Cooper Mary fr 508b ln 23
Cooper Mary B fr 544a ln 26
Cooper Mary E fr 544a ln 22
Cooper William fr 508b ln 26
Cooper William H fr 544a ln 23
Cooradt Cassie fr 472b ln 10
Cooradt charley fr 472b ln 8
Cooradt Debbie fr 472b ln 9
Cooradt Emma fr 472b ln 6
Cooradt Jennie fr 472b ln 5
Cooradt John fr 472b ln 3
Cooradt Percilla fr 472b ln 4
Cooradt Philo fr 472b ln 7
Copeland Alicefr 483a ln 15
Copeland Canisa(?) Efr 483a ln 13
Copeland Carloss fr 543b ln 36
Copeland Elizabethfr 487b ln 2
Copeland Elizabethfr 487b ln 3
Copeland Frank Efr 487b ln 4
Copeland Laurafr 483a ln 14
Copeland Lenny J fr 543b ln 37
Copeland Louisafr 483a ln 17
Copeland Mary L fr 543b ln 35
Copeland Molliefr 483a ln 16
Copeland Thosfr 487b ln 1
Copeland Wm(?)fr 483a ln 12
Copenharger(?) Cyrus fr 463a ln 17
Copley Flora fr 470a ln 34
Copley Legrand fr 470a ln 32
Copley William fr 470a ln 33
Cornell(?) William fr 496b ln 4
Cornett Louisa fr 443b ln 12
Cornwell(?) Andy fr 422a ln 3
Cornwell(?) Anise fr 422a ln 5
Cornwell(?) Ariminda(?) fr 422a ln 2
Cornwell(?) Dennis fr 422a ln 6
Cornwell(?) James fr 421b ln 39
Cornwell(?) John fr 421b ln 37
Cornwell(?) John H fr 422a ln 1
Cornwell(?) Mary A fr 421b ln 38
Cornwell(?) Matilda fr 422a ln 4
Cornwell(?) Robert fr 421b ln 40
Cortwell(?) Anna fr 475a ln 26
Cortwell(?) John fr 475a ln 22
Cortwell(?) John fr 475a ln 25
Cortwell(?) Minervia(?) fr 475a ln 23
Cortwell(?) Thomas H fr 475a ln 24
Corvin Franklin fr 415a ln 11
Corvin Henry S fr 415a ln 14
Corvin John fr 415a ln 9
Corvin Joshua fr 415a ln 12
Corvin Sarah fr 415a ln 10
Corvin William fr 415a ln 13
Cory Anne C fr 522d ln 8
Cory Laura H fr 522d ln 7
Cory William D fr 522d ln 6
Cote Annie D. fr 551a ln 40
Cote Henry fr 551a ln 36
Cote Ida L fr 551a ln 39
Cote Jennie fr 551a ln 37
Cote William F fr 551a ln 38
Coth Esther fr 554a ln 7
Coth Josephine fr 554a ln 8
Coth Thomas fr 554a ln 6
Cotney Albert fr 402a ln 38
Cott Anthony fr 553a ln 29
Cott Elizabeth fr 553a ln 30
Cott Fanny D. fr 553b ln 35
Cott Flora fr 553b ln 36
Cott Franklin fr 553a ln 32
Cott Harry fr 553b ln 37
Cott Laura fr 553a ln 33
Cott Sanford fr 553b ln 39
Cott Stephen fr 553b ln 34
Cott Thomas fr 553a ln 31
Cott Wea(?) fr 553b ln 38
Cotterall Anna Bfr 483a ln 33
Cotterall Elizabethfr 483a ln 31
Cotterall Emma Bfr 483a ln 36
Cotterall Geo Ffr 483a ln 35
Cotterall Geo Jfr 483a ln 30
Cotterall John Wfr 483a ln 34
Cotterall Wm Hfr 483a ln 32
Cottman Sarah M fr 527b ln 28

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