Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Coughlin Bridget fr 499b ln 35
Coughlin Catharine fr 500b ln 20
Coughlin Edward fr 494a ln 9
Coughlin Edward H fr 494a ln 14
Coughlin Edward H fr 499b ln 36
Coughlin Jeremiah fr 500b ln 17
Coughlin Margaret fr 500b ln 14
Coughlin Margaret fr 500b ln 18
Coughlin Margret fr 494a ln 10
Coughlin Mary fr 500b ln 16
Coughlin Mary A fr 494a ln 12
Coughlin Matthew fr 500b ln 19
Coughlin Michael fr 500b ln 13
Coughlin Michael fr 500b ln 15
Coughlin Rosanna E fr 494a ln 13
Coughlin Sarah fr 494a ln 11
Coughlin Thomas fr 499b ln 34
Coughlin Thomas T fr 494a ln 15
Coughlin William fr 500b ln 21
Couphamer(?) Samuel fr 463b ln 38
Courtney Prentice fr 538a ln 8
Covin Elizabeth A fr 520b ln 14
Covin James fr 520b ln 13
Covington Emma fr 475a ln 21
Covington John fr 475a ln 20
Cowan Eliza A fr 522b ln 29
Cowan Ella F fr 522b ln 30
Cowan Emma C fr 522b ln 31
Cowan John M fr 522b ln 28
Cowel Charles E fr 507b ln 28
Cowel Flora J fr 507b ln 29
Cowel Lotta B fr 507b ln 27
Cowel Mary A fr 507b ln 26
Cowel Solon B fr 507b ln 25
Cowel Susan M fr 507b ln 30
Cowningsheld(?) Geo fr 476b ln 8
Cox Betsey fr 444b ln 36
Cox Curtus(?) fr 462a ln 2
Cox Henrietta fr 444b ln 37
Cox Hratio(?) fr 462a ln 6
Cox John fr 444b ln 34
Cox Lydia fr 462a ln 3
Cox Maggie fr 462a ln 4
Cox Minnie H fr 462a ln 5
Cox Sarah H fr 451a ln 16
Cox Selena fr 444b ln 35
Coy Emma N fr 506b ln 5
Coy Louisa fr 506b ln 2
Coy Lucinda fr 506b ln 3
Coy Nancy fr 506b ln 4
Coy Wesley fr 506b ln 1
Cr[unreadable]y John fr 409b ln 33
Cragne Andrew fr 536a ln 15
Craig Addie fr 543b ln 33
Craig Albert L fr 543b ln 30
Craig Elias W fr 545a ln 9
Craig Ellie fr 543b ln 32
Craig Freddie P fr 543b ln 31
Craig John H fr 545a ln 8
Craig Leander E. W. fr 543b ln 27
Craig Leander W fr 545a ln 7
Craig Robert J fr 543b ln 29
Craig Sarah fr 543b ln 28
Cramer Andrew fr 502b ln 20
Cramer Anne S fr 399b ln 31
Cramer Carrie fr 502b ln 19
Cramer Catherine fr 399b ln 32
Cramer David fr 502b ln 15
Cramer Eliza J fr 502b ln 10
Cramer Francis fr 502b ln 9
Cramer Franklin fr 399b ln 34
Cramer Jacob fr 399b ln 30
Cramer John fr 502b ln 11
Cramer John fr 502b ln 17
Cramer Laura fr 502b ln 18
Cramer Louisa fr 502b ln 14
Cramer Lucy J fr 502b ln 12
Cramer Mary fr 502b ln 16
Cramer Melissa J fr 399b ln 35
Cramer Samuel fr 399b ln 33
Cramer Susan fr 502b ln 21
Cramer William fr 399b ln 36
Cramer William fr 502b ln 13
Cramer(?) Jarel fr 536d ln 19
Cramfeton Davis fr 457b ln 2
Cramfeton Emigene fr 457b ln 5
Cramfeton Helen M fr 457b ln 3
Cramfeton Iola fr 457b ln 4
Crane Issac C fr 534b ln 22
Crass(?) Adam fr 466a ln 38
Cratty William fr 500b ln 34
Crawford Edward fr 552a ln 1
Crawford Mary fr 552a ln 2
Crayne Archibald fr 537b ln 20
Crayne Archibald A fr 537b ln 21
Crider(?) Hiramfr 488b ln 3
Crider(?) Lolliefr 488b ln 5
Crider(?) Maryfr 488b ln 4
Crist Alexander fr 556b ln 11
Critenden Cherrie(?)fr 482b ln 7
Critenden Fancy(?)fr 482b ln 9
Critenden Grace(?) Wfr 482b ln 10
Critenden Harryfr 482b ln 8
Critenden Louisfr 482b ln 6
Crooks Emily E fr 546a ln 14
Crooks Rachael fr 546a ln 8
Cross Clayton fr 476a ln 35
Cross Daniel fr 476a ln 30
Cross Hattie fr 476a ln 33
Cross Nettie fr 476a ln 34
Cross Phoebe fr 476a ln 31
Cross Sarah fr 476a ln 32
Cross(?) Caroline fr 468a ln 28
Cross(?) Frank fr 468a ln 34
Cross(?) Ike fr 468a ln 27
Cross(?) John fr 468a ln 35
Cross(?) Katie fr 468a ln 31
Cross(?) Lizzie fr 468a ln 29
Cross(?) Luce fr 468a ln 30
Cross(?) Marion fr 468a ln 33
Cross(?) Mattie fr 468a ln 32
Crotchett Charles P fr 546a ln 30
Crotchett Elizabeth fr 546a ln 24
Crotchett John W fr 546a ln 26
Crotchett Lorenzo D fr 546a ln 23
Crotchett Lorenzo D fr 546a ln 28
Crotchett Louisana fr 546a ln 31
Crotchett Margaret E fr 546a ln 29
Crotchett Mary J fr 546a ln 32
Crotchett Thomas J fr 546a ln 27
Crotchett William H fr 546a ln 25
Crowell Emma Vfr 490b ln 38
Crowell Katy Hfr 490b ln 40
Crowell Lala 490b ln 39
Crowell Wmfr 490b ln 37
Crowell(?) Thomas(?) fr 459a ln 20
Crowl Anna fr 410a ln 31
Crowl Fanny fr 410a ln 29
Crowl John fr 410a ln 32
Crowl Mary fr 410a ln 30
Crowl William fr 410a ln 28
Culbertson Andrew fr 419a ln 3
Culbertson Henrietta fr 419a ln 6
Culbertson John fr 419a ln 8
Culbertson Martha fr 419a ln 4
Culbertson William fr 419a ln 7
Culbertson Wm fr 419a ln 5
Cullen Michel fr 434b ln 9
Cumming [unreadable] fr 459a ln 12
Cumming Alex fr 459a ln 10
Cumming George(?) fr 459a ln 14
Cumming Henry A fr 459a ln 13
Cumming Jane fr 459a ln 11
Cummings Abnor M fr 492a ln 12
Cummings Catharine H fr 492a ln 17
Cummings Elizabeth fr 522b ln 16
Cummings Francis B fr 492a ln 13
Cummings James fr 522b ln 15
Cummings Jefferson T fr 469b ln 17
Cummings Julia fr 469b ln 18
Cummings Loisa fr 492a ln 15
Cummings Marrion T fr 492a ln 16
Cummings Mary fr 492a ln 14
Cummings William J fr 522b ln 17
Cunningham Annie B. fr 550b ln 20
Cunningham Emma J fr 431b ln 22
Cunningham George fr 431b ln 21
Cunningham Mary fr 431b ln 20
Cunningham Mary A fr 431b ln 24
Cunningham Mary A fr 436a ln 5
Cunningham Matilda fr 550b ln 19
Cunningham Mikera(?) fr 436a ln 4
Cunningham Morris fr 431b ln 19
Cunningham Sarah A fr 436a ln 6
Cunningham William A fr 550b ln 21
Cunningham Wm H fr 431b ln 23
Cure Harris fr 415a ln 37
Cure Medie fr 415a ln 38
Cure Melvina fr 415a ln 39
Curry Amos B fr 500a ln 40
Curry Ellen fr 500a ln 37
Curry Laura K fr 500a ln 39
Curry Riley E fr 500a ln 38
Curry William T fr 500a ln 36
Curtis Franklin W fr 512b ln 9
Curtis Ida E fr 512b ln 10
Cusey Ellen fr 555b ln 37
Cusey Henry C fr 555b ln 36
Cusey Jennie fr 555b ln 38
Cusey Sarah fr 556a ln 6
Cutting Altha fr 429b ln 9
Cutting Charles fr 429b ln 5
Cutting Eliza fr 429b ln 3
Cutting Jasper L fr 429b ln 2
Cutting John fr 429b ln 6
Cutting Laura fr 429b ln 7
Cutting Leander fr 429b ln 4
Cutting Lurena fr 429b ln 8
Dageford Mary fr 416a ln 7
Dageford Sophiah fr 416a ln 9
Dageford William fr 416a ln 6
Dageford William fr 416a ln 8
Dagenet Lizzie fr 471a ln 4
Dagenet Lucian fr 471a ln 3
Dagnet Albert fr 411a ln 30
Dagnet Charles fr 410b ln 6
Dagnet Cristmus(?) fr 410b ln 5
Dagnet Edwin fr 411a ln 27
Dagnet Elizabeth fr 411a ln 28
Dagnet Hatie fr 411a ln 29
Dagnet Jane fr 410b ln 1
Dagnet John fr 410b ln 4
Dagnet Kate fr 410b ln 2
Dagnet Mary fr 410b ln 3
Dagnet Sanford fr 411a ln 31
Daily John fr 449b ln 4
Dale Chas fr 406a ln 24
Dale Clinton fr 411a ln 23
Dale Laura fr 411a ln 24
Dale Rosa fr 411a ln 22
Dale William C fr 411a ln 21
Dalton Eliza fr 462b ln 12
Damer Emmafr 489a ln 33
Danelly Joseph fr 454b ln 32
Daniels Geo W. fr 462a ln 33
Darcy(?) Henry Mfr 482a ln 18
Darling Catharine fr 534b ln 33
Darling E. B fr 540a ln 33
Darling Edward fr 533a ln 33
Darling Elizabeth fr 533a ln 30
Darling Henry fr 533a ln 32
Darling Laura fr 533a ln 31
Darling Mary fr 534b ln 34
Darling Nathan fr 533a ln 29
Darling Vanloo fr 534b ln 32
Darnell Catherine fr 402b ln 9
Darnell Ellen fr 402b ln 7
Darnell Emelia(?) fr 402b ln 5
Darnell George fr 402b ln 6
Darnell Mary fr 402b ln 8
Darnell William fr 402b ln 4
Darnelle Amos F fr 492b ln 33
Darnelle Arminta(?) fr 492b ln 29
Darnelle Edwin C fr 492b ln 30
Darnelle Elisha(?) fr 492b ln 27
Darnelle Harriet fr 492b ln 28
Darnelle John D fr 492b ln 32
Darnelle Orriella L fr 492b ln 31
Darrthat Ann fr 434a ln 2
Darrthat Charles B fr 434a ln 6
Darrthat David L fr 434a ln 7
Darrthat Earnest C fr 434a ln 5
Darrthat John fr 434a ln 1
Darrthat Mariah L fr 434a ln 4
Darrthat Morton E fr 434a ln 3
Darrthat Robert fr 434a ln 9
Darrthat Virginia fr 434a ln 8
Dausman(?) Aaronfr 489b ln 22
Dausman(?) Cassie(?)fr 489b ln 20
Dausman(?) Catharinefr 489b ln 19
Dausman(?) Jacobfr 489b ln 18
Dausman(?) Sarahfr 489b ln 21
David Davis fr 423a ln 23
David Mary E fr 423a ln 25
David Susanna fr 423a ln 24
Davidson Emma M fr 472b ln 17
Davidson F. S. fr 472b ln 11
Davidson Ida D. fr 472b ln 15
Davidson John H. fr 472b ln 14
Davidson Martha fr 472b ln 12
Davidson Samuel fr 472b ln 16
Davidson Sarah B fr 472b ln 13
Davis Alonzo fr 495a ln 31
Davis Andrew fr 495a ln 26
Davis Anna R fr 439a ln 22
Davis Charles fr 423b ln 37
Davis Charles fr 505a ln 8
Davis Eli fr 534a ln 30
Davis Elizabeth fr 439a ln 20
Davis Elizabeth fr 544b ln 36
Davis Elizabeth S fr 534a ln 31
Davis Eugene P. fr 534a ln 33
Davis Eva fr 495a ln 29
Davis Francis J fr 495a ln 25
Davis Frank fr 495a ln 35
Davis George fr 495a ln 24
Davis George fr 528b ln 14
Davis Harratore(?)fr 480a ln 23
Davis Hattiefr 488b ln 28
Davis Henry fr 505a ln 7
Davis Henry fr 544b ln 33
Davis Jacob P fr 439a ln 21
Davis James fr 528b ln 16
Davis James H fr 447a ln 30
Davis Jane fr 505a ln 5
Davis Jeremiah fr 439a ln 19
Davis John fr 505a ln 3
Davis John fr 505a ln 6
Davis John fr 544b ln 32
Davis John A fr 544b ln 35
Davis John W fr 528b ln 17
Davis Johnfr 486b ln 33
Davis Lary P fr 447a ln 32
Davis Laura fr 495a ln 32
Davis Lydia fr 423b ln 36
Davis Margaret A fr 544b ln 37
Davis Martha fr 505a ln 4
Davis Martha F fr 528b ln 13
Davis Mary F fr 528b ln 15
Davis Mary Jfr 480a ln 22
Davis Mary M fr 495a ln 27
Davis Maryfr 486b ln 34
Davis Ora fr 495a ln 30
Davis Reubin fr 423b ln 35
Davis Robert fr 495a ln 34
Davis Rosella fr 544b ln 34
Davis Samlfr 480a ln 21
Davis Sarah A fr 447a ln 31
Davis Spenceer fr 528b ln 12
Davis Thomas A. fr 534a ln 32
Davis Turley fr 495a ln 28
Davis William fr 505a ln 9
Davis William fr 534a ln 34
Davis Willie fr 495a ln 33
Davis Wm Afr 480a ln 24
Dawson Clinton fr 408a ln 16
Dawson Dora fr 408a ln 19
Dawson Edmon fr 408a ln 13
Dawson Ella fr 483a ln 19
Dawson Ellen fr 408a ln 18
Dawson Ellen(?) fr 466a ln 14
Dawson Emma fr 466a ln 12
Dawson Franklin fr 408a ln 20
Dawson Irena(?) fr 466a ln 11
Dawson James fr 466a ln 10
Dawson Jasper fr 408a ln 15
Dawson John W fr 483a ln 18
Dawson Martha fr 408a ln 14
Dawson Rebecca fr 408a ln 17
Dawson Samuel fr 466a ln 13
Day Adaline fr 508a ln 12
Day Angeline fr 418b ln 5
Day Bruce fr 418b ln 7
Day Calvin(?) D fr 508a ln 18
Day Casseris M fr 514a ln 1
Day Charles A fr 418b ln 4
Day Cora fr 514a ln 4
Day Daniel D. fr 508a ln 11
Day David F fr 418b ln 1
Day Ella fr 545b ln 13
Day John fr 514a ln 5
Day John D fr 513b ln 39
Day John M fr 418b ln 2
Day Lorana fr 513b ln 40
Day Luella J fr 508a ln 14
Day Mattie fr 418b ln 6
Day Nancy A fr 431b ln 13
Day Phebe A fr 508a ln 16
Day Redoma fr 514a ln 3
Day Salonas fr 514a ln 2
Day Samuel M fr 508a ln 17
Day Sandusky A fr 508a ln 13
Day Sarah fr 418b ln 3
Day Stephen fr 508b ln 21
Day T[unreadable] W fr 508a ln 15
Day William D fr 542a ln 32
Dayton Agnes fr 538a ln 7
Dayton Amond fr 534a ln 24
Dayton Benjamin fr 533b ln 34
Dayton Clarinda fr 533b ln 35
Dayton David F fr 549a ln 29
Dayton Edgar L. fr 533b ln 38
Dayton Emeline F fr 533b ln 36
Dayton Frank fr 549a ln 31
Dayton Jane fr 549a ln 30
Dayton John fr 538a ln 6
Dayton Mary E fr 533b ln 37
Dayton Nancy fr 538a ln 5
Dayton Rouena fr 534a ln 25
De Loory Daniel fr 522a ln 6
Deal James A fr 401b ln 29
Deal Seneca fr 401b ln 30
DeArnot(?) Ellen Mfr 489b ln 28
DeArnot(?) Geofr 489b ln 27
DeBarry Andrew(?) J fr 468a ln 4
DeBarry Bettie E fr 468a ln 5
Debrick Augustin fr 437a ln 35
Debrick Fred fr 437a ln 33
Debrick Harmen fr 437b ln 3
Debrick Helmon fr 437a ln 37
Debrick John fr 437a ln 38
Debrick John fr 437b ln 1
Debrick Luisa fr 437b ln 2
Debrick Miklo fr 436b ln 16
Debrick Minna fr 437a ln 36
Debrick Minna K fr 437a ln 34
Dedrick Anna M fr 421a ln 23
Dedrick Caroline fr 421a ln 3
Dedrick Charles fr 421a ln 6
Dedrick Eliza fr 421a ln 2
Dedrick George fr 421a ln 5
Dedrick Ida fr 421a ln 22
Dedrick John fr 421a ln 1
Dedrick John M fr 421a ln 21
Dedrick Joshua fr 421a ln 4
Deford Brownfida(?) fr 413b ln 1
Deford Caroline fr 413a ln 36
Deford Clarissa fr 413a ln 35
Deford Elgie fr 413a ln 40
Deford Emma fr 413b ln 2
Deford John A fr 413a ln 37
Deford Josephine fr 413a ln 39
Deford Libie E fr 413a ln 38
Deford Nathan B fr 413a ln 34
Deford William fr 413b ln 3
Dehart Edwsart fr 438a ln 13
Dehart Elizabeth fr 438a ln 10
Dehart George W fr 438a ln 11
Dehart Heszekiah fr 438a ln 9
Dehart John fr 438a ln 12
Dehart Lucinda fr 438a ln 15
DehartHiawatha fr 438a ln 14
Deihm Albert fr 419a ln 22
Deihm Emma fr 419a ln 26
Deihm George E fr 419a ln 25
Deihm Jacob F fr 419a ln 19
Deihm Jacob F fr 419a ln 21
Deihm Joseph fr 419a ln 24
Deihm Mary fr 419a ln 20
Deihm Mary fr 419a ln 23
Delaney Josephine fr 415b ln 7
Delaney Mary fr 415b ln 5
Delaney Thomas fr 415b ln 6
Delaney(?) Nancy fr 415b ln 2
Demo Adaline fr 438a ln 3
Demo Alelbert fr 438a ln 6
Demo Joseph fr 438a ln 4
Demo Lennice fr 438a ln 2
Demo Lizie fr 438a ln 7
Demo William fr 438a ln 1
Demo William fr 438a ln 8
Deniey(?) Maryfr 482a ln 32
Denning Anna fr 448a ln 39
Denning Arthur fr 448a ln 40
Denning Jas N fr 448a ln 38
Dennis Catharine fr 469b ln 14
Dennis Ollie fr 469b ln 16
Dennis Thomas fr 469b ln 13
Dennis William fr 469b ln 15
Dennison Ann V fr 423b ln 10
Dennison Henry W fr 423b ln 11
Dennison Laura A fr 423b ln 9
Dennison Matilda J fr 423b ln 8
Dennison Robert L fr 423b ln 13
Dennison Sarah M fr 423b ln 14
Dennison William F fr 423b ln 12
Dennison Wm R fr 423b ln 7
Denny Arthur D fr 523a ln 6
Denny Martha J fr 523a ln 7
Denreig(?) Mattie fr 471a ln 2
Der Etta R. L fr 434b ln 29
Der George F fr 434b ln 27
Der John fr 434b ln 24
Der Lewis R. B. fr 434b ln 28
Der Mary D fr 434b ln 26
Der Sarah E fr 434b ln 25
Derdderar James M fr 512a ln 2
Derdderar Leanna fr 512a ln 1
Derdderar William G fr 512a ln 3
Derderar(?) John H fr 511b ln 40
Derr Robert j fr 509b ln 38
Derr William W fr 509b ln 39
Devinny Betsy A fr 449a ln 13
Devore Andrew T fr 512a ln 11
Devore Elizabeth fr 512a ln 10
Devore Jacob S fr 512a ln 9
Devore Mary J fr 512a ln 12
Dewey Elizabeth fr 539a ln 21
Dewey Mary E fr 539a ln 20
Dewey William fr 539a ln 19
Dick Flora M fr 402b ln 25
Dick John B fr 402b ln 27
Dick Louisa fr 402b ln 24
Dick Mary fr 402b ln 22
Dick Sarah fr 402b ln 26
Dick William B fr 402b ln 23
Dickenson Nancy fr 471b ln 8
Dickenson William H fr 471b ln 9
Dickerson Georgefr 485b ln 22
Dickerson Jenderalle(?)fr 485b ln 21
Dickerson Lucyfr 485b ln 24
Dickerson Mary Jfr 485b ln 23
Dickerson Nancyfr 485b ln 27
Dickerson Sarahfr 485b ln 26
Dickerson Wm Ffr 485b ln 25
Dickson Elmer fr 538b ln 5
Dickson Emma fr 538b ln 4
Dickson Geo W. fr 538b ln 3
Dickson James fr 538a ln 40
Dickson Martha fr 538b ln 1
Dickson Mary E fr 538b ln 2
Diehm Anna C fr 418b ln 12
Diehm Charles fr 418b ln 15
Diehm James fr 418b ln 13
Diehm John fr 418b ln 16
Diehm John D fr 418b ln 11
Diehm Louisa fr 418b ln 14
Dillmon John G fr 506a ln 16
Dillmon John M fr 506a ln 19
Dillmon Margaret E fr 506a ln 17
Dillmon Mary R fr 506a ln 18
Dillon John fr 434b ln 12
Dillon Patrick fr 434b ln 13
Dixon Andrew F fr 499a ln 1
Dixon Charles M fr 498b ln 37
Dixon Delia D fr 499a ln 4
Dixon Eva E fr 499a ln 5
Dixon James B fr 498b ln 40
Dixon Mary K fr 499a ln 3
Dixon Nancy J fr 499a ln 2
Dixon Sarah fr 498b ln 38
Dixon William T fr 498b ln 39
Doda Ennos fr 427a ln 27
Doda Mary fr 427a ln 28
Dodd Ennos H fr 442a ln 7
Dodd Miller F fr 442a ln 8
Dodd Saml C fr 442a ln 5
Dodd Sarah fr 442a ln 6
Dodge Anna fr 450b ln 13
Dodge James fr 462a ln 19
Dodge Van Amburg(?) fr 556a ln 7
Doherty Ann fr 550b ln 8
Doherty Catharine fr 550b ln 3
Doherty Edward fr 550b ln 2
Doherty Edward fr 550b ln 5
Doherty Elizabeth fr 546a ln 4
Doherty Ellen fr 541a ln 23
Doherty Hannah M fr 546a ln 2
Doherty John fr 550b ln 6
Doherty Martin fr 541a ln 22
Doherty Mary fr 550b ln 7
Doherty Michael fr 546a ln 1
Doherty Patrick fr 550b ln 4
Doherty Sarah fr 550b ln 9
Doherty Thomas F fr 546a ln 3
Dolar Andrew fr 461a ln 37
Dolar Andrew fr 461b ln 2
Dolar Anna fr 461b ln 1
Dolar Anna fr 476b ln 11
Dolar Caroline fr 461a ln 38
Dolar Daniel fr 476b ln 10
Dolar Edward Afr 488b ln 2
Dolar Esteo Wfr 488a ln 40
Dolar Flora fr 461b ln 3
Dolar Henryfr 488a ln 39
Dolar Martin L(?)fr 488b ln 1
Dolar Mary E fr 461a ln 39
Dolar Maxwell(?) fr 461b ln 4
Dolar Sarah fr 476b ln 9
Dolar Sarah E fr 461a ln 40
Dolar(?) Adda fr 462b ln 5
Dolar(?) John fr 462b ln 3
Dolar(?) Mary J fr 462b ln 4
Dollar(?) Charles fr 461b ln 15
Dollar(?) Lusina(?) fr 461b ln 14
Dollar(?) Wm P. fr 461b ln 13
Donahoe Jane fr 516a ln 31
Donnald Joshanna fr 449a ln 8
Dooley James fr 499b ln 37
Doren William fr 551b ln 15
Dorman C. 483b ln 9
Dorman Ira(?) N fr 468b ln 25
Dorsey [unreadable] fr 462a ln 38
Dorsey Anna fr 462a ln 36
Dorsey David fr 462a ln 39
Dorsey Eliza fr 414b ln 27
Dorsey Elizabeth fr 462a ln 40
Dorsey Harcanius(?) fr 462b ln 2
Dorsey Henry fr 414b ln 26
Dorsey John fr 462a ln 35
Dorsey John Jr. fr 462a ln 37
Dorsey Richard(?) fr 462b ln 1
Doty Delila fr 448a ln 25
Doty Edward fr 448a ln 24
Doty Henry fr 448a ln 21
Doty Isaac fr 448a ln 28
Doty Leander fr 448a ln 23
Doty Lodisea(?) fr 448a ln 22
Doty Nelly fr 448a ln 26
Doty Nelly fr 448a ln 29
Doud Alice fr 401b ln 1
Doud Amanda fr 401b ln 22
Doud Eliza J fr 427a ln 10
Doud Elizabeth fr 427a ln 13
Doud Emeline fr 401b ln 21
Doud Eranthus fr 401b ln 3
Doud Flroa fr 427a ln 15
Doud Henry fr 401a ln 38
Doud Henry fr 401b ln 23
Doud James fr 427a ln 14
Doud Jennie fr 427a ln 16
Doud John fr 401a ln 40
Doud John fr 427a ln 9
Doud John W fr 427a ln 17
Doud Laura fr 401b ln 2
Doud Margarett fr 401a ln 39
Doud Menzer fr 401b ln 20
Doud Samuel fr 427a ln 12
Doud Susan fr 427a ln 11
Dougherty Elizabeth fr 460a ln 2
Dougherty Ellen fr 460a ln 4
Dougherty John fr 460a ln 5
Dougherty Thos fr 460a ln 1
Douglas Ellen Mfr 488b ln 14
Douglas Wmfr 489b ln 29
Downen Lucinda J fr 511a ln 20
Downen Susan A fr 511a ln 21
Downen William A fr 511a ln 19
Downing Abraham Lfr 485b ln 8
Downing Altha Bell fr 445a ln 33
Downing Benjamin fr 445a ln 28
Downing catharine fr 404b ln 13
Downing Ellenfr 485b ln 10
Downing Ezekial fr 404b ln 5
Downing Ivey Cfr 485b ln 7
Downing James H fr 445a ln 30
Downing Jane fr 404b ln 12
Downing John fr 414a ln 19
Downing John F fr 445a ln 31
Downing John Jrfr 485b ln 6
Downing Johnfr 485b ln 4
Downing Margaret A fr 445a ln 34
Downing Mary fr 445a ln 29
Downing Mary E fr 445a ln 32
Downing Mary Ffr 485b ln 9
Downing Pat fr 414a ln 17
Downing Peggy fr 414a ln 18
Downing Sarah fr 404b ln 6
Downing Sarah fr 414a ln 20
Downing Sarah Afr 485b ln 5
Downing Uleses Gfr 485b ln 11
Downs Dudley fr 550a ln 3
Downs Matilda A fr 550a ln 2
Downs Minnie M fr 550a ln 4
Downs William fr 550a ln 1
Draik Abagail fr 435b ln 23
Draik Catherine fr 435b ln 25
Draik William fr 435b ln 24
Drake Abram fr 433a ln 1
Drake Alice A fr 433a ln 3
Drake Frances C fr 433a ln 4
Drake Nancy P fr 433a ln 2
Drake Samuel S fr 433a ln 5
Dramman(?) Mary fr 538a ln 9
Dryden Isaac fr 454a ln 25
Dryden Lincoln fr 454a ln 29
Dryden Lizae M fr 454a ln 31
Dryden Mariah fr 454a ln 26
Dryden Marian fr 454a ln 30
Dryden Rachael fr 454a ln 28
Dryden Sarah fr 454a ln 27
Dudderar Mary C fr 507a ln 3
Dugger(?) Mary fr 475a ln 19
Dunathan Charles fr 512b ln 39
Dunbar Abagail M fr 445a ln 39
Dunbar Ellie fr 445b ln 1
Dunbar Jas M fr 445a ln 37
Dunbar Leander fr 422a ln 24
Dunbar Louisa fr 445a ln 38
Dunbar Martha fr 422a ln 23
Dunbar Sarah E fr 445a ln 40
Dunbar William O fr 445b ln 2

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche


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