Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Duncan Ann Eliza fr 422a ln 22
Duncan Anna fr 422a ln 21
Duncan John fr 422a ln 20
Duncan Julia fr 446a ln 4
Duncan Lucy A fr 446a ln 6
Duncan Mariah J fr 446a ln 5
Duncan Milly fr 446a ln 31
Duncan Nathan fr 446a ln 8
Duncan Oliver fr 446a ln 26
Duncan Oliver fr 446a ln 28
Duncan Richard fr 446a ln 3
Duncan Sarah fr 446a ln 30
Duncan Sarah A fr 446a ln 27
Duncan Sarah F fr 446a ln 7
Duncan Thosfr 488a ln 29
Duncan William fr 493a ln 7
Duncan Williamson fr 421b ln 36
Duncan Zacariah fr 446a ln 29
Duncan(?) Charles H fr 462a ln 32
Duncan(?) Davidfr 488a ln 3
Duncan(?) Evafr 488a ln 5
Duncan(?) Fanniefr 488a ln 4
Duncan(?) Harriettfr 488a ln 2
Duncan(?) Mitchel(?)fr 485a ln 6
Duncan(?) Thosfr 488a ln 1
Dundee Emmafr 479a ln 29
Dundee Isabelfr 479a ln 27
Dundee Jacobfr 479a ln 30
Dundee Jamesfr 479a ln 32
Dundee Lucindafr 479a ln 31
Dundee Pinkneyfr 479a ln 26
Dundee William Afr 479a ln 28
Dunn Adeliade fr 530a ln 9
Dunn Caroline C fr 513a ln 21
Dunn David fr 531a ln 4
Dunn Evaline fr 513a ln 23
Dunn Gertrude fr 531a ln 2
Dunn Gertrude fr 531a ln 6
Dunn Gladis fr 513a ln 22
Dunn James fr 530a ln 8
Dunn Jennie fr 531a ln 5
Dunn John H fr 513a ln 20
Dunn John W fr 497b ln 14
Dunn Lenie fr 497b ln 16
Dunn Lizzie fr 531a ln 3
Dunn Manda fr 513a ln 24
Dunn Nancy A fr 497b ln 15
Dunn Robert fr 531a ln 1
Durbin Andrew J. L fr 457b ln 16
Durbin Charles fr 457b ln 10
Durbin Henry F fr 457b ln 15
Durbin James D fr 457b ln 12
Durbin Matilda J fr 457b ln 11
Durbin Thomas J fr 457b ln 14
Durbin Thos H fr 505b ln 18
Durbin William W fr 457b ln 13
Durst Barbra Ann fr 426a ln 7
Durst Catharine fr 426a ln 5
Durst Elizabeth fr 426a ln 4
Durst Luthor H fr 426a ln 6
Durst Michael fr 426a ln 3
Dutton(?) Hellen Efr 481a ln 20
Dutton(?) Lottiefr 481a ln 19
Dutton(?) Viola Rfr 481a ln 18
Dye Adam fr 398a ln 26
Dye Caroline fr 398a ln 31
Dye Catherine fr 398a ln 27
Dye Catherine fr 398a ln 29
Dye Jacob fr 398a ln 28
Dye Margaret fr 398a ln 30
Dyer Adeline fr 548a ln 23
Dyer Charles fr 525b ln 6
Dyer Clement fr 548a ln 22
Dyer Emily fr 525b ln 4
Dyer James fr 525b ln 1
Dyer James fr 525b ln 3
Dyer John fr 525b ln 5
Dyer John fr 544b ln 28
Dyer Louisa fr 525b ln 2
Dyer Margaret fr 544b ln 29
Dyer Margaret fr 548a ln 24
Dyer Margaret A fr 544b ln 30
Dyer Minerva E fr 544b ln 31
Dyson Solomon fr 461b ln 30
E[unreadable] annafr 484b ln 23
E[unreadable] Erastus Efr 488b ln 23
E[unreadable] Geo Wfr 488b ln 22
E[unreadable] Hattie Bfr 484b ln 24
E[unreadable] John Hfr 484b ln 22
Early Adella fr 468b ln 12
Early Edward fr 468b ln 10
Early Erasmus fr 468b ln 11
Early Etta fr 468b ln 13
Early Jane fr 468b ln 8
Early Jospeh fr 468b ln 7
Early Peter fr 468b ln 9
Early Samuel H fr 468b ln 5
Early Susan fr 468b ln 6
Eastman Birt fr 557b ln 26
Eastman Caroline fr 557b ln 22
Eastman Erle fr 557b ln 28
Eastman Hannah fr 557b ln 29
Eastman Hiram fr 557b ln 25
Eastman Katie M fr 557b ln 27
Eastman Leonard P fr 557b ln 21
Eastman Nelson fr 557b ln 23
Eastman Sophiah B fr 557b ln 24
Eaton Chaliscefr 489a ln 7
Eaton Emma Sfr 489a ln 6
Eaton Eva fr 526a ln 34
Eaton Iola Mfr 489a ln 4
Eaton Janetfr 489a ln 5
Eaton Louisa fr 526a ln 33
Eaton Lovina Afr 489a ln 3
Eaton Phineas fr 526a ln 32
Eaton Rob Wfr 489a ln 8
Eaton Wm Cfr 489a ln 2
Ebert Alvina fr 437b ln 7
Ebert Augustin fr 437b ln 6
Ebert John fr 437b ln 4
Ebert Polina fr 437b ln 5
Ebert Rodolph fr 437b ln 8
Eckart Edward fr 440b ln 2
Eckart Emma fr 440b ln 1
Eckart Franik fr 440a ln 40
Eckart John fr 440a ln 38
Eckart Julia A fr 440a ln 36
Eckart Kitty fr 440a ln 39
Eckart Telly Bell fr 440b ln 3
Eckart William fr 440a ln 35
Eckart William L fr 440a ln 37
Edminston Chas Lfr 486b ln 7
Edminston Hariett Ffr 486b ln 4
Edminston Maryfr 486b ln 5
Edminston Milofr 486b ln 3
Edminston Minnie Jfr 486b ln 6
Edward(?) Anna P fr 468a ln 16
Edward(?) Jno R fr 468a ln 15
Edwards Anthony E fr 436a ln 28
Edwards George W fr 436a ln 26
Edwards James R fr 436a ln 27
Edwards Jane fr 498a ln 28
Edwards John A fr 436a ln 25
Edwards John W fr 498a ln 29
Edwards Joseph A fr 498a ln 30
Edwards Margaret fr 436b ln 40
Edwards Mary C fr 436a ln 29
Edwards Mary J fr 437a ln 1
Edwards Nancy A fr 436a ln 24
Edwards Nicholas fr 498a ln 27
Edwards Samuel fr 475b ln 38
Edwards Sarah A fr 436b ln 39
Edwards Stephen fr 465a ln 27
Edwards Susan F fr 436b ln 38
Edwards William R fr 437a ln 2
Edwards Wm fr 471a ln 26
Edwards Wm F fr 436b ln 37
Edwards(?) Edwin fr 502b ln 25
Edwards(?) Elizabeth fr 502b ln 22
Edwards(?) Ellen fr 502b ln 23
Edwards(?) William fr 502b ln 24
Eggers Carrol fr 415b ln 36
Eggers Elizabeth fr 415b ln 35
Eggers Eunice J fr 415b ln 37
Eggers John fr 416a ln 1
Eggers Martha fr 415b ln 40
Eggers Mary J fr 415b ln 38
Eggers Richard fr 415b ln 34
Eggers Ricvhard M fr 415b ln 39
Eisle Fannie(?) H fr 469a ln 36
Eisle Jennie fr 469a ln 35
Eisle William H fr 469a ln 34
Eisley Effie fr 467b ln 26
Eisley Eugenia fr 467b ln 25
Eisley John fr 467b ln 24
Eldred Hattie fr 464a ln 12
Eldred James fr 464a ln 13
Eldred Joseph fr 464a ln 10
Eldred Julie fr 464a ln 14
Eldred Saddy(?) fr 464a ln 15
Eldred Sophrania fr 464a ln 11
Eley Amanda fr 537b ln 36
Eley Anna fr 537b ln 35
Eley Christian fr 537b ln 34
Eley John H fr 537b ln 37
Eley Lewis C fr 537b ln 38
Elkinton(?) Albert fr 401b ln 16
Elkinton(?) Elizabeth fr 401b ln 13
Elkinton(?) George fr 401b ln 19
Elkinton(?) Hanah fr 401b ln 18
Elkinton(?) James fr 401b ln 14
Elkinton(?) Koley(?) fr 401b ln 17
Elkinton(?) Martha fr 401b ln 15
Elkinton(?) Wm fr 401b ln 12
Elliott Ann fr 405b ln 19
Elliott John fr 405b ln 18
Elliott John fr 405b ln 21
Elliott Mary J fr 405b ln 22
Elliott Susan fr 498b ln 4
Elliott Thomas fr 405b ln 20
Ellis Abraham fr 405a ln 27
Ellis Alonzo fr 445a ln 21
Ellis Bettie fr 405a ln 33
Ellis Eliza fr 530a ln 6
Ellis Eliza J fr 403b ln 18
Ellis Elizabeth fr 405a ln 28
Ellis Ellen fr 405a ln 32
Ellis Emma A. fr 530a ln 7
Ellis Emma J fr 405a ln 31
Ellis Flora fr 445a ln 22
Ellis Frank fr 405a ln 36
Ellis George T fr 444b ln 19
Ellis Harriet fr 445a ln 23
Ellis Harriet J fr 444b ln 16
Ellis James fr 445a ln 24
Ellis John fr 530a ln 5
Ellis John T fr 445a ln 19
Ellis Josephine fr 405a ln 30
Ellis Leonadas fr 422a ln 16
Ellis Lucinda fr 445a ln 20
Ellis Lusena(?) P fr 405a ln 29
Ellis Martha L fr 422a ln 17
Ellis Mary E fr 444b ln 17
Ellis Mattie fr 422a ln 18
Ellis Minnie fr 405a ln 34
Ellis Nancy B fr 422a ln 15
Ellis Sarah M fr 444b ln 18
Ellis Tellie(?) fr 445a ln 25
Ellis William fr 444b ln 15
Ellis Wilmetta J fr 444b ln 20
Ellis Wm H fr 403b ln 17
Ellison John fr 400a ln 7
Ellison Mary fr 539a ln 23
Ellison Titus fr 539a ln 24
Ellison William fr 539a ln 22
Ellison(?) Ann fr 426b ln 21
Ellison(?) Elizabeth fr 426b ln 18
Ellison(?) Hannah T fr 426b ln 20
Ellison(?) Stewart fr 426b ln 17
Ellison(?) Susan fr 426b ln 22
Ellison(?) Thomas B fr 426b ln 19
Ellithorpe Alfred R fr 551b ln 9
Ellithorpe Arthur fr 551b ln 11
Ellithorpe Louisa fr 551b ln 10
Elrod Benjamin fr 498b ln 20
Elrod David H fr 498b ln 9
Elrod Elizabeth fr 498b ln 10
Elrod James fr 498b ln 11
Elrod Jeremiah fr 498b ln 16
Elrod Margery S fr 498b ln 19
Elrod Martha B fr 498b ln 14
Elrod Martin fr 498b ln 12
Elrod Mary E fr 498b ln 13
Elrod Samuel fr 498b ln 18
Elrod Sarah E fr 498b ln 17
Elrod Thomas fr 498b ln 15
Elsworth Morgan fr 459a ln 9
Elwood Charles fr 450a ln 18
Embrey John` fr 436a ln 19
Embrey John L fr 436a ln 22
Embrey Lucy fr 436a ln 20
Embrey Margaret J fr 436a ln 21
Embrey Mary F fr 436a ln 23
Engle Rebecca fr 449a ln 29
English Anthony A fr 432b ln 8
English Elmen J fr 432b ln 7
English Mary fr 432b ln 10
English Rosanna fr 432b ln 11
English Sarah E fr 432b ln 6
English Timothy C fr 432b ln 5
English William A fr 432b ln 9
Erasby Eliza fr 409a ln 29
Erasby Ida fr 409a ln 30
Erasby Nora fr 409a ln 31
Esta Edward fr 398b ln 29
Estra (?) Albert E fr 399a ln 29
Eubanks Mary A fr 519a ln 15
Eubanks Mathew fr 519a ln 16
Eubanks Robert fr 519a ln 17
Eubanks Thomas fr 519a ln 14
Eubanks Thomas A fr 519a ln 19
Eubanks Wilfred fr 519a ln 18
Eurworth(?) John fr 477a ln 7
Evans Charles fr 497a ln 36
Evans Cora T fr 494a ln 5
Evans Cornelia fr 494a ln 4
Evans E Rosetta fr 497a ln 38
Evans Elizabethfr 486b ln 21
Evans Ellen fr 447a ln 23
Evans Frank fr 447a ln 24
Evans George fr 447a ln 25
Evans Georgiana fr 533a ln 26
Evans Henry fr 497a ln 33
Evans Ida fr 533a ln 25
Evans James C fr 447a ln 21
Evans James C fr 497a ln 35
Evans James G fr 533a ln 22
Evans Joan fr 447a ln 22
Evans Johnfr 486b ln 20
Evans Lella fr 533a ln 24
Evans Margaret fr 533a ln 23
Evans Mary K fr 447a ln 19
Evans Mattie fr 533a ln 27
Evans Nathanfr 480b ln 8
Evans Rebecca fr 447a ln 20
Evans Rebecca J fr 428b ln 8
Evans Reiza fr 497a ln 34
Evans William fr 494a ln 3
Evans William fr 497a ln 37
Evans Willie fr 533a ln 28
Everett Ada L fr 492b ln 21
Everett Carlos fr 534b ln 19
Everett Jane A fr 536c ln 37
Everett Jessie fr 534b ln 21
Everett John fr 492b ln 19
Everett John M fr 536c ln 38
Everett John P fr 492b ln 22
Everett Joseph fr 536c ln 36
Everett Lillian M fr 492b ln 23
Everett Sarah A fr 492b ln 20
Everett Sarah A fr 536c ln 39
Everett Sophy fr 534b ln 20
Everett Thomas A fr 536c ln 40
Eversol Henry Afr 486b ln 28
Eversol Sarah Cfr 486b ln 29
Evertt Frank fr 447a ln 27
Evertt John R fr 447a ln 26
Evertt Robert C fr 447a ln 28
Ewing Simpson fr 450a ln 19
F[unreadable] Abaner(?) fr 519b ln 15
F[unreadable] Albert fr 477a ln 14
F[unreadable] Charles fr 519b ln 11
F[unreadable] Elizabeth fr 477a ln 10
F[unreadable] Elizabeth fr 519b ln 12
F[unreadable] Frank fr 477a ln 13
F[unreadable] James B fr 477a ln 9
F[unreadable] James R fr 519b ln 13
F[unreadable] John H fr 519b ln 14
F[unreadable] Joseph H fr 477a ln 12
F[unreadable] Robert P fr 477a ln 11
Fagg Margaret fr 507a ln 29
Fain Emma J fr 431a ln 33
Fain Francis fr 431a ln 30
Fain Frank fr 431a ln 36
Fain James L fr 431a ln 38
Fain Joseph W fr 431a ln 37
Fain Lucinda H fr 431a ln 31
Fain Margaret E fr 431a ln 34
Fain Mary A fr 431a ln 35
Fain Theodore fr 431a ln 32
Fairbanks Margret fr 519a ln 37
Fairbanks Mary fr 519a ln 38
Fairbanks Milton C fr 519a ln 36
Fairchild Choclatt fr 534a ln 5
Faish Charles fr 452b ln 16
Faish Charles W fr 452b ln 18
Faish Hattie fr 452b ln 21
Faish James E fr 452b ln 19
Faish Mary fr 452b ln 17
Faish Mary E fr 452b ln 20
Faith Anna fr 443b ln 38
Faith Eliza A fr 443b ln 34
Faith George fr 443b ln 33
Faith Joseph fr 443b ln 37
Faith Seward l fr 443b ln 35
Faith Sherman fr 443b ln 36
Falk Adam fr 403b ln 35
Falk Benj fr 403b ln 36
Falk Chas fr 404a ln 5
Falk Flora fr 404a ln 4
Falk Frank fr 403b ln 39
Falk Hettie fr 403b ln 37
Falk Jane fr 404a ln 3
Falk John fr 403b ln 38
Falk Lydia fr 403b ln 40
Falk Rosann fr 404a ln 2
Falk William fr 404a ln 1
Fargo David M fr 474a ln 20
Fargo Ellen J. fr 474a ln 23
Fargo Frank fr 474a ln 22
Fargo Gertrude E fr 472a ln 36
Fargo Henry S fr 472a ln 35
Fargo Sarah fr 474a ln 21
Farlow John Dfr 486b ln 1
Farlow Mary A Ffr 486b ln 2
Farnham Annie P fr 466b ln 5
Farnham Arbey C fr 466a ln 39
Farnham George F fr 466b ln 4
Farnham Hamlet B fr 466b ln 3
Farnham Lucy J fr 466a ln 40
Farnham Richard A fr 466b ln 2
Farnham Silas fr 466b ln 6
Farnham William A fr 466b ln 1
Farnsworth Alexander fr 548a ln 9
Farnsworth Alice fr 548a ln 11
Farnsworth Amanda fr 548a ln 13
Farnsworth Courtland fr 548a ln 14
Farnsworth Edith fr 548a ln 12
Farnsworth Jane E fr 467a ln 27
Farnsworth Martha fr 548a ln 10
Farnsworth May fr 467a ln 28
Farnsworth Ralph fr 467a ln 26
Farnsworth Soppie(?) B fr 467a ln 29
Farris Fanny B fr 509a ln 2
Farris Mary J fr 509a ln 1
Fear Charles fr 426b ln 23
Fellows Almeda fr 555b ln 27
Fellows Jesse M fr 555b ln 30
Fellows Leon fr 555b ln 28
Fellows Lula fr 555b ln 29
Fellows Reuben fr 555b ln 26
Fenechole Charles H fr 509a ln 11
Fenechole Doraella fr 509a ln 15
Fenechole Harriet J fr 509a ln 12
Fenechole Mariella fr 509a ln 14
Fenechole Mattie fr 509a ln 13
Fenity Antony fr 507b ln 9
Fenity Catherine fr 507b ln 10
Fenity Celia D. fr 507b ln 12
Fenity John fr 507b ln 13
Fenity Michael fr 507b ln 11
Fenton Caroline fr 431a ln 3
Fenton Elizabeth fr 431a ln 5
Fenton James fr 431a ln 8
Fenton Jane fr 431a ln 6
Fenton Mary fr 431a ln 7
Fenton Mary L fr 431a ln 2
Fenton Stoe fr 431a ln 4
Fenton Zend fr 431a ln 1
Ferdaugh Joseph fr 470a ln 37
Ferguson Anne L fr 547a ln 28
Ferguson David S fr 544b ln 9
Ferguson George M fr 494a ln 29
Ferguson George P fr 547a ln 21
Ferguson Ira H fr 544b ln 10
Ferguson James S fr 544b ln 7
Ferguson John S fr 547a ln 25
Ferguson Johnson F fr 544b ln 13
Ferguson Juliet L fr 544b ln 8
Ferguson Lenora T fr 547a ln 27
Ferguson Mary C. fr 547a ln 22
Ferguson Olly R fr 547a ln 29
Ferguson Reuben Z fr 547a ln 24
Ferguson Samuel P. fr 547a ln 23
Ferguson Verlinda L fr 544b ln 14
Ferguson Virginia B fr 547a ln 26
Ferguson Ward(?)fr 484b ln 39
Ferguson Willie fr 544b ln 11
Ferguson Woods H fr 544b ln 12
Ferris George fr 418a ln 16
Ferttle Angeline fr 433a ln 21
Ferttle Cyrus fr 433a ln 18
Ferttle James fr 433a ln 20
Ferttle Thomas A fr 433a ln 19
Fessendon Edgar fr 555a ln 11
Fessendon Frank A fr 555a ln 13
Fessendon Mial fr 555a ln 8
Fessendon Orven D fr 555a ln 12
Fessendon Polly fr 555a ln 9
Fessendon Willard H fr 555a ln 10
Field Addie M fr 501b ln 2
Field Frederic H fr 501a ln 39
Field Grace fr 501b ln 3
Field John fr 501a ln 37
Field John fr 501b ln 4
Field Martha A fr 501b ln 1
Field Mary A fr 501a ln 38
Field Mollard L fr 501a ln 40
Fields Rachaelfr 482a ln 17
Fields Thomasfr 481b ln 36
Fifer William fr 449a ln 6
Finch Catherine fr 420a ln 21
Finch Charity E fr 553b ln 5
Finch Charles fr 430a ln 40
Finch Clarence O fr 553b ln 6
Finch Clyde fr 553b ln 8
Finch Curtis fr 400b ln 27
Finch Cyntha C fr 430a ln 35
Finch Emiley fr 400b ln 32
Finch Florance fr 430b ln 1
Finch Francis fr 400b ln 28
Finch Frank R fr 553b ln 7
Finch George W fr 430a ln 37
Finch Harry B fr 444a ln 17
Finch Henry C fr 430a ln 38
Finch Hobert fr 444a ln 16
Finch Hulda fr 400b ln 33
Finch Ira fr 444a ln 13
Finch James G fr 430a ln 33
Finch Jeremiah fr 420a ln 20
Finch John C fr 430a ln 36
Finch Mary A fr 430a ln 34
Finch Nancy fr 444a ln 14
Finch Nancy M fr 400b ln 30
Finch Rosetta fr 400b ln 34
Finch Sally fr 430a ln 39
Finch Sheldon fr 444a ln 15
Finch Thomas fr 400b ln 31
Finch Ulissus(?) G fr 400b ln 29
Finch Walton H fr 553b ln 4
Finn Annafr 479a ln 19
Finn Helenfr 479a ln 20
Finn Milesfr 479a ln 18
Fisher Alpheus fr 532b ln 34
Fisher Ann fr 550a ln 7
Fisher Charles fr 554a ln 34
Fisher Christena fr 536d ln 24
Fisher Cynthia fr 550a ln 10
Fisher Elizabeth fr 466a ln 20
Fisher Flora A fr 550a ln 11
Fisher George fr 532b ln 33
Fisher George R fr 550a ln 9
Fisher George W fr 536d ln 27
Fisher Henry fr 536d ln 20
Fisher John fr 532b ln 32
Fisher John fr 536d ln 18
Fisher John A. M. fr 550a ln 8
Fisher John B fr 536d ln 22
Fisher John W fr 550a ln 6
Fisher Joseph fr 466a ln 17
Fisher Joseph fr 466a ln 22
Fisher Joseph fr 536d ln 25
Fisher Karen(?) fr 466a ln 18
Fisher Lavica fr 532b ln 31
Fisher Louisa fr 554a ln 35
Fisher Mary fr 460b ln 34
Fisher Mary fr 466a ln 21
Fisher Mary J fr 536d ln 28
Fisher Roseana(?) fr 466a ln 19
Fisher Sallie A fr 536d ln 23
Fisher Sarah P fr 536d ln 17
Fisher Susana fr 536d ln 21
Fisher Thomas fr 536d ln 16
Fisher Thomas fr 536d ln 26
Fisher William H fr 550a ln 12
Fister Joseph fr 469a ln 39
Fitch John fr 403a ln 10
Fitzhugh Elizabeth fr 439a ln 35
Fitzhugh Josiah fr 439a ln 34
Fitzhugh Mitta fr 439a ln 36
Fitzmorris Ann fr 521b ln 40
Fitzmorris James fr 521b ln 39
Fitzmorris Margaret fr 521b ln 36
Fitzmorris Mary A fr 521b ln 37
Fitzmorris Sarah fr 521b ln 35
Fitzmorris Thomas fr 521b ln 34
Fitzmorris Thomas fr 521b ln 38
Flagstaff Wm R fr 466a ln 1
Flake John fr 403b ln 26
Flander(?) Ida Rfr 482b ln 14
Flanders Ann E fr 545a ln 2
Flanders Arden fr 545a ln 4
Flanders Charles fr 545a ln 1
Flanders Charles D fr 547a ln 34
Flanders Charles S fr 545a ln 3
Flanders Edwin W fr 543b ln 21
Flanders Eli T fr 547a ln 35
Flanders Eunice fr 547a ln 33
Flanders Florence E fr 543b ln 17
Flanders Jacob fr 547a ln 32
Flanders Jane M fr 543b ln 15
Flanders John W fr 543b ln 16
Flanders Judson R fr 543b ln 18
Flanders Nancy M fr 543b ln 19
Flanders Nehemiah fr 543b ln 14
Flanders William A fr 543b ln 20
Flannagan Elizabeth fr 505a ln 30
Flannagan Hamlin fr 505a ln 35
Flannagan John fr 505a ln 29
Flannagan John H fr 505a ln 32
Flannagan Lincoly fr 505a ln 34
Flannagan Margaret fr 505a ln 31
Flannagan Nancy E fr 505a ln 33
Fleharty Alice L fr 400a ln 16
Fleharty Bennet E fr 400a ln 9
Fleharty Bennett fr 400a ln 17
Fleharty Celia S fr 400a ln 20
Fleharty Charlotte fr 400a ln 10
Fleharty Clara fr 400a ln 24
Fleharty Flora E fr 400a ln 21
Fleharty George B fr 400a ln 13
Fleharty John H H fr 400a ln 25
Fleharty John M fr 400a ln 11
Fleharty Josephine fr 400a ln 22
Fleharty Julia A fr 400a ln 12
Fleharty Melvin A fr 400a ln 23
Fleharty Oscar E fr 400a ln 14
Fleharty William B fr 400a ln 15
Fleharty Wm fr 400a ln 19
Flemming Amanda(?) fr 406b ln 10
Flemming James P fr 406b ln 13
Flemming John A fr 406b ln 9
Flemming John B fr 406b ln 12
Flemming Thomas fr 406b ln 11
Flemming Wmfr 485a ln 7
Fletcher Anna N fr 471a ln 11
Fletcher Arrtemisa fr 471a ln 9
Fletcher Carlos C fr 531b ln 30
Fletcher GeoW fr 471a ln 8
Fletcher James R fr 531b ln 28
Fletcher Mary fr 531b ln 29
Fletcher Minnie M fr 471a ln 10
Folger Charles fr 421a ln 26
Folger Nelson fr 421a ln 24
Folger Rachel fr 421a ln 25
Folks Albert fr 441a ln 3
Folks Alford J fr 432a ln 6
Folks Anna fr 441a ln 6
Folks Charles E fr 432a ln 7
Folks Florence J fr 432a ln 4
Folks George fr 441a ln 1
Folks Jane fr 432a ln 3
Folks John fr 432a ln 2
Folks Mary A fr 441a ln 2
Folks Mary E fr 432a ln 5
Folks Newton fr 441a ln 7
Folks Walter fr 441a ln 5
Folks William fr 441a ln 4
Forbes Chasfr 488b ln 15
Forbes Lucia fr 514a ln 16
Ford Amaziah fr 456b ln 35
Ford Barbara fr 456b ln 36
Ford Calvin fr 413b ln 4
Ford Claud fr 413b ln 11
Ford Elizabeth fr 413b ln 5
Ford Frances fr 456b ln 37
Ford Frederic fr 413b ln 6
Ford George fr 413b ln 10
Ford Hainess(?) fr 456b ln 29
Ford Ida fr 413b ln 9
Ford James H fr 456b ln 34
Ford Joseph fr 413b ln 7
Ford Lucrecia fr 456b ln 33
Ford Mary fr 413b ln 8
Ford Mary E fr 495a ln 23
Ford Minerva fr 456b ln 30
Ford Sarah E fr 456b ln 32
Ford Zacariah fr 456b ln 31
Foreman Charley L fr 404a ln 34
Foreman Jesse fr 404a ln 32
Foreman John A fr 404a ln 35
Foreman Martha fr 404a ln 36
Foreman Mary fr 404a ln 37
Foreman Permela fr 404a ln 33
Forest Catharinefr 482a ln 20
Forest(?0 Wmfr 482a ln 19
Forthmire Antonio fr 542a ln 23
Forthmire Sarah A fr 542a ln 24
Foster Artemius fr 465a ln 40
Foster Emma J fr 465a ln 37
Foster Harriett fr 465a ln 35
Foster James T fr 465a ln 39
Foster Joseph fr 465a ln 32
Foster Martha fr 465a ln 34
Foster Mary E fr 465a ln 36
Foster Mary S fr 465a ln 33
Foster Samuel fr 402b ln 40
Foster William fr 465a ln 38
Fosting Dora fr 537a ln 37
Fosting Horty fr 537a ln 35
Fosting Lewis fr 537a ln 33
Fosting Martha fr 537a ln 36
Fosting Matilda fr 537a ln 34
Fouts [unreadable] H. 488b ln 21
Fouts [unreadable]fr 488b ln 20
Fouts Almeda fr 425b ln 26
Fouts Anna fr 425b ln 28
Fouts Clara Jfr 488b ln 18
Fouts David fr 425b ln 24
Fouts Ed. fr 488b ln 19
Fouts Elizabeth fr 425b ln 29
Fouts Joseph fr 425b ln 18
Fouts Mary fr 425b ln 27
Fouts Matilda fr 425b ln 25
Fouts thos Dfr 488b ln 17
Fowler Alexander S fr 514b ln 1
Fowler Amanda fr 514b ln 4
Fowler Carter fr 513b ln 9
Fowler Eleazer T fr 513b ln 4
Fowler Harriet M fr 514b ln 2
Fowler Harry H fr 514b ln 3
Fowler Henry fr 513b ln 8
Fowler Leavenworth fr 513b ln 7
Fowler Linn fr 513b ln 6
Fowler Margaret E fr 513b ln 5
Fowler(?) H Augustafr 486a ln 27
Fowler(?) Phillip Pfr 486a ln 26

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