Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Fox Archy B fr 522a ln 35
Fox Catharine A fr 522a ln 31
Fox Columbus M fr 522a ln 34
Fox Dennis fr 434a ln 10
Fox Emily fr 414a ln 12
Fox Emma C fr 522a ln 37
Fox George B fr 522a ln 32
Fox Henry C fr 415a ln 7
Fox James F fr 434a ln 13
Fox Jennie fr 415a ln 8
Fox Margret fr 535b ln 29
Fox Mary fr 434a ln 11
Fox Meigs fr 522a ln 38
Fox Minerva fr 434a ln 12
Fox Nancy fr 535b ln 28
Fox Roxann fr 522a ln 36
Fox William A fr 522a ln 33
Fox William R fr 414a ln 11
Fraizer Elizabeth fr 445b ln 20
Fraizer Jane fr 445b ln 22
Fraizer Mary fr 445b ln 21
Franciss Arrena fr 435b ln 1
Franciss Eliza Ann fr 435b ln 5
Franciss Elizabeth fr 435b ln 4
Franciss Lewis E fr 435b ln 3
Franciss Sarah E fr 435b ln 2
Franciss Warren fr 435b ln 6
Frank Anne fr 415b ln 27
Frank August fr 415b ln 25
Frank Berth(?) fr 415b ln 28
Frank Frederick fr 415b ln 24
Frank John fr 415b ln 22
Frank Wilhelmenia fr 415b ln 23
Frank Wilhelmenia fr 415b ln 26
Frazee(?) Sarah fr 473b ln 26
Frazer Joseph fr 469a ln 19
Frazier [unreadable] fr 459b ln 32
Frazier Eva fr 523a ln 2
Frazier Geo H fr 459b ln 33
Frazier Henry B. fr 523a ln 3
Frazier Jacob fr 459b ln 30
Frazier John fr 459b ln 34
Frazier Lewis fr 459b ln 37
Frazier Lewis fr 523a ln 1
Frazier Mary J fr 459b ln 31
Frazier Mollie(?) fr 468a ln 22
Frazier Peter O fr 523a ln 5
Frazier Sarah J fr 459b ln 35
Frazier Susan fr 459b ln 36
Frazier William fr 459b ln 38
Frazier William L fr 523a ln 4
Fredshue(?) Eichmer(?) fr 468b ln 28
Freeman Jasper fr 464b ln 7
Freeze Jennio fr 435a ln 7
Frekers(?) Maggie fr 472b ln 33
French America fr 495b ln 18
French America fr 495b ln 4
French Betsey A fr 495b ln 9
French George fr 495b ln 8
French James fr 495b ln 16
French John fr 495b ln 7
French John Sfr 486b ln 36
French Mary fr 495b ln 17
French Mason fr 495b ln 3
French Richard fr 495b ln 6
French Sarahfr 486b ln 37
French William fr 495b ln 5
Friend Abel fr 454b ln 4
Friend Charles fr 506a ln 9
Friend Cintha M fr 454b ln 6
Friend Edgar C fr 454b ln 8
Friend Elias fr 506a ln 6
Friend Eliza A fr 454b ln 7
Friend Emma L fr 454b ln 9
Friend John fr 506a ln 8
Friend Nancy fr 454b ln 5
Friend Sylvana fr 506a ln 7
Fristo Emma fr 505b ln 1
Fristo Harriet fr 505a ln 39
Fristo Henry fr 505a ln 38
Fristo Jefferson fr 476a ln 7
Fristo Mary fr 476a ln 6
Fristo Nancy fr 505a ln 40
Fristo Nancy fr 506b ln 6
Fromen(?) Elizabeth fr 400a ln 27
Fromen(?) Green B fr 400a ln 30
Fromen(?) John R fr 400a ln 26
Fromen(?) Mary A fr 400a ln 28
Fromen(?) William F fr 400a ln 29
Fuller Eliza fr 444b ln 6
Fuller Eliza E fr 444b ln 5
Fuller John A fr 444b ln 7
Fuller Laura A fr 494a ln 28
Fuller Luthera fr 502a ln 17
Fuller Martha fr 444b ln 4
Fuller Richard fr 502a ln 16
Fuller Sarah B fr 494a ln 27
Fuller William B fr 444b ln 3
Fullonwider(?) Anniefr 490a ln 17
Fullonwider(?) Franklinfr 490a ln 15
Fullonwider(?) Johnfr 490a ln 13
Fullonwider(?) Maria Hfr 490a ln 14
Fullonwider(?) Norafr 490a ln 16
Fulsom Alice fr 401b ln 10
Fulsom Lillie fr 401b ln 11
Fulsom Mary B fr 401b ln 9
Fulsom Mason fr 401b ln 8
Gable Margaret fr 540b ln 31
Galbrath Alice fr 411b ln 27
Galbrath Henry fr 411b ln 26
Galbrath John fr 411b ln 22
Galbrath John fr 411b ln 25
Galbrath Nelson fr 411b ln 24
Galbrath Rose fr 411b ln 23
Galbrath Rosette fr 411b ln 28
Gale Allie fr 453a ln 20
Gale Charles W. fr 453a ln 16
Gale Elvia L fr 453a ln 18
Gale Flora V fr 453a ln 19
Gale Lucy M fr 453a ln 17
Gallaha William fr 432b ln 12
Gallaher Harry C fr 543b ln 11
Gallaher Mary fr 543b ln 12
Gallery(?) Geo W fr 423a ln 18
Gallion Samuelfr 486b ln 35
Ganfield Arthur fr 414b ln 11
Ganfield George fr 414b ln 10
Ganfield Hannah fr 414b ln 9
Ganfield Thomas fr 414b ln 8
Ganfield William fr 414b ln 12
Gano(?) Angelinefr 480a ln 16
Gano(?) Chas Wfr 480a ln 15
Ganor(?) Williamfr 485a ln 4
Ganse Casper W fr 449a ln 3
Ganse Charles fr 449a ln 1
Ganse Emily J fr 449a ln 4
Ganse Levina W fr 449a ln 2
Gard(?) Michaelfr 485a ln 36
Gardiner Geo Afr 484b ln 40
Gardner Alexander fr 507a ln 9
Gardner Alfred O fr 554b ln 18
Gardner Allice E fr 554b ln 17
Gardner Ana fr 507a ln 12
Gardner Ann A fr 514a ln 28
Gardner Elizabeth fr 507a ln 10
Gardner Ida M fr 554b ln 19
Gardner Maggie fr 507a ln 13
Gardner Malinda fr 514a ln 27
Gardner Mary E fr 507a ln 11
Gardner Oscar L fr 554b ln 16
Gardner Perry fr 514a ln 26
Gardner Winona fr 514a ln 29
Garling John fr 410a ln 22
Garnett Jas N fr 454b ln 35
Garnett Julia A fr 454b ln 36
Garret Hugh fr 504a ln 22
Garret Jessie fr 504a ln 24
Garret Laura fr 504a ln 23
Garring Max fr 541b ln 39
Garver Abraham fr 471a ln 17
Garver Cora A fr 471a ln 19
Garver Cristiana fr 471a ln 18
Garver Plomus(?) fr 471a ln 20
Garver Sheridan fr 471a ln 21
Garvin Nancy fr 537a ln 8
Garvin William fr 537a ln 7
Gasaway Amanda J fr 544b ln 22
Gasaway James N fr 544b ln 15
Gasaway james T fr 544b ln 20
Gasaway John W fr 544b ln 18
Gasaway Joseph W fr 544b ln 21
Gasaway laura D fr 544b ln 17
Gasaway Mary A fr 544b ln 16
Gasaway Nathan fr 544b ln 19
Gaskill Phoebe fr 555a ln 21
Gates Anna Rfr 487b ln 22
Gates Aurena(?) fr 506b ln 8
Gates Benj Ffr 487b ln 19
Gates Curtis M fr 506b ln 7
Gates Elmar L fr 506b ln 9
Gates Robertfr 487b ln 21
Gates Serina(?) Mfr 487b ln 20
Gaul William fr 546b ln 24
Gayhirt(?) F E fr 473a ln 40
Gayhirt(?) Geo H fr 473b ln 2
Gayhirt(?) Ida M fr 473b ln 1
Ge[unreadable] Amanda fr 464b ln 6
Gebo David fr 400b ln 25
Gebo Lewis fr 399b ln 6
Geesey Annella fr 460b ln 20
Geesey Deforrest fr 460b ln 21
Geesey Frank M fr 460b ln 16
Geesey John fr 460b ln 14
Geesey John W fr 460b ln 19
Geesey Rachel fr 460b ln 15
Geesey Sarah J fr 460b ln 17
Geesey Valores fr 460b ln 23
Geesey William fr 460b ln 18
Gephard(?) Edward fr 468b ln 29
Gephart Benj Ffr 485a ln 38
Gephart Benj Tfr 486b ln 24
Gerkem Catherine fr 398a ln 23
Gerkem John fr 398a ln 25
Gerkem Margaret fr 398a ln 24
Gerkem Martin fr 398a ln 22
Gerkin Card (?) fr 398a ln 17
Gerkin Catherine fr 398a ln 16
Gerkin Catherine fr 398a ln 18
Gerkin Eliza fr 398a ln 19
Gerkin John fr 398a ln 20
Germine(?) [unreadable] fr 399a ln 30
Germine(?)Elizabeth fr 399a ln 31
Germine(?)Frances fr 399a ln 32
Gibbon Curtis fr 451b ln 2
Gibbon Elizabeth fr 451a ln 40
Gibbon Sraney fr 451b ln 1
Gibbon William fr 451a ln 39
Gibbs Minerva fr 556b ln 38
Gibson Edward P fr 531a ln 13
Gibson George R fr 531a ln 10
Gibson James M fr 531a ln 11
Gibson John fr 449a ln 40
Gibson John A fr 531a ln 9
Gibson Mary A fr 531a ln 12
Gibson Sarah B fr 531a ln 8
Gibson Silas M fr 531a ln 7
Gibson(?) 482a ln 7
Giescke Frank fr 549a ln 28
Giescke Frederick fr 549a ln 27
Giescke Henry fr 549a ln 25
Giescke Mary J fr 549a ln 26
Gifford Condon E fr 555a ln 20
Gifford Elmotta L fr 555a ln 17
Gifford Emma fr 555a ln 22
Gifford Emma A fr 555a ln 16
Gifford Mary A fr 555a ln 15
Gifford Mary F fr 555a ln 19
Gifford Oscar fr 555a ln 14
Gifford Russell fr 404b ln 8
Gifford Sarah D fr 555a ln 18
Gill Alice fr 475a ln 14
Gill Coleman fr 434b ln 6
Gill David fr 414a ln 13
Gill Frank fr 414a ln 14
Gill Martha J fr 475a ln 13
Gill Richard H fr 475a ln 15
Gill Richard T fr 475a ln 12
Gill Thomas fr 475a ln 16
Gill William fr 475a ln 17
Gillelass(?) Douglas fr 506a ln 32
Gillelass(?) Grisan fr 506a ln 30
Gillelass(?) Rebecca fr 506a ln 29
Gillelass(?) Sarah fr 506a ln 33
Gillelass(?) Warren fr 506a ln 31
Giller Amanda J fr 559a ln 25
Giller Augusta fr 559a ln 28
Giller Charles H fr 559a ln 24
Giller Mary fr 559a ln 27
Giller Thomas fr 559a ln 26
Gillilano John W fr 425a ln 3
Gillman Frank fr 450a ln 17
Gillman Pheby fr 450a ln 16
Gilmore Corneliusfr 485a ln 8
Gilson Charles B fr 453a ln 38
Gilson Frances C fr 453a ln 39
Gilson Samuel M fr 453a ln 40
Gira(?) Catharine fr 401a ln 21
Gira(?) Emely fr 401a ln 23
Gira(?) Genoa fr 401a ln 20
Gira(?) Henry fr 401a ln 22
Givens David fr 408b ln 10
Givin Ann fr 495a ln 14
Givin Ayres P fr 502a ln 22
Givin David J fr 502a ln 21
Givin Delila A fr 502a ln 19
Givin Francis fr 502a ln 20
Givin George fr 502a ln 18
Givin John fr 495a ln 13
Givin Martha E fr 495a ln 9
Givin Mary A fr 495a ln 8
Givin Pauline J fr 495a ln 10
Givin Rachael E fr 495a ln 16
Givin Vedelia fr 495a ln 11
Givin William fr 495a ln 7
Givin William H fr 495a ln 15
Givins Alice J fr 429b ln 29
Givins Anna M fr 429b ln 28
Givins Charles W fr 429b ln 27
Givins David G fr 429b ln 26
Givins James T fr 429b ln 25
Givins Margaret fr 429b ln 23
Givins Mariah fr 429b ln 21
Givins Samuel W fr 429b ln 24
Givins William F fr 429b ln 22
Gladwell Charles fr 492a ln 39
Glasscock Charlesfr 489b ln 5
Glasscock Elizabeth Vfr 489b ln 3
Glasscock Frankfr 489b ln 7
Glasscock Leolafr 489b ln 4
Glasscock Louisa Dfr 489b ln 6
Glasscock Sarah Afr 489b ln 2
Glasscock Thosfr 489b ln 1
Glasscock(?) Anna S fr 469a ln 11
Glasscock(?) Frank fr 469a ln 10
Glasscock(?) James R fr 469a ln 14
Glasscock(?) John E fr 469a ln 13
Glasscock(?) Sabina r fr 469a ln 12
Glasscock(?) Walter W fr 469a ln 15
Glen Josiah fr 398b ln 15
Glen Margaret fr 398b ln 16
Glen Minnie fr 398b ln 17
Glendening George fr 409a ln 38
Glendening George fr 409a ln 40
Glendening Henry fr 409b ln 1
Glendening Mary fr 409a ln 39
Glessner Edithfr 480b ln 27
Glessner Gregfr 480b ln 28
Glessner Hester(?)fr 480b ln 29
Glessner Peterfr 480b ln 25
Glessner Thedociafr 480b ln 26
Gluyas George W fr 504b ln 30
Gluyas John B fr 504b ln 28
Gluyas Lydia fr 504b ln 29
Gluyas Walter R fr 504b ln 31
Godding Charles A. fr 506b ln 27
Godding CharlesH fr 506b ln 22
Godding Frank C fr 506b ln 25
Godding H. K. fr 506b ln 20
Godding H. K. Jr fr 506b ln 24
Godding Rebecca fr 506b ln 23
Godding Theresa(?) fr 506b ln 21
Godding William fr 506b ln 26
Godfrey Clark fr 471b ln 37
Godlideer Frederick fr 436b ln 24
Godlideer Koda fr 436b ln 25
Godlip John fr 437a ln 39
Goff Eli M fr 552a ln 12
Goff Elolen E fr 552a ln 11
Goff Harney W fr 552a ln 9
Goff Maria L fr 552a ln 10
Goins Wm G fr 443a ln 12
Gollaher clinton fr 530b ln 6
Gollaher Jane fr 530b ln 5
Good Angeline fr 414a ln 36
Good Benjamin fr 414a ln 31
Good Elizabeth fr 414b ln 2
Good Ellen fr 414b ln 5
Good Frank fr 414a ln 35
Good John fr 414a ln 33
Good Louis fr 414a ln 39
Good Luferd(?) fr 414b ln 1
Good Maggie fr 414b ln 7
Good Martha J fr 414b ln 3
Good Mary fr 414a ln 34
Good Morgan fr 414a ln 38
Good Nancy fr 414a ln 32
Good Robert fr 414b ln 4
Good Sarah fr 414b ln 6
Good Willis fr 414a ln 37
Goodell Allice fr 529a ln 38
Goodell Elizabeth A fr 530a ln 3
Goodell Joseph fr 530a ln 2
Goodell Kate fr 529a ln 37
Goodell Malinda fr 529a ln 36
Goodell Milly M. fr 530a ln 4
Goodell Schuyler fr 529a ln 35
Goodie Anstenod(?) fr 436b ln 18
Goodie Caroline fr 436b ln 19
Goodie Emma L fr 436b ln 22
Goodie John L fr 436b ln 21
Goodie Minerva fr 436b ln 23
Goodie William fr 436b ln 17
Goodie William L fr 436b ln 20
Goodrich David fr 504b ln 16
Goodrich Frances fr 504b ln 17
Goodrick Alise fr 443a ln 32
Goodrick Barbarafr 480b ln 3
Goodrick Benjfr 480b ln 1
Goodrick Benjamin F fr 443a ln 27
Goodrick Delpha A fr 508a ln 10
Goodrick Effa G fr 508a ln 9
Goodrick Elizabeth fr 508a ln 7
Goodrick Jacob M fr 443a ln 28
Goodrick Janefr 480b ln 2
Goodrick Jenniefr 480b ln 5
Goodrick Joel fr 508a ln 6
Goodrick John fr 443a ln 25
Goodrick Lucy M fr 508a ln 8
Goodrick Margaret C fr 443a ln 26
Goodrick Mary Ann fr 443a ln 30
Goodrick Prudencefr 480b ln 4
Goodrick Sarah J fr 443a ln 29
Goodrick William H fr 443a ln 31
Goodrick Williamfr 480b ln 6
Gordon Drucilla A fr 430a ln 9
Gordon Laura B fr 430a ln 7
Gordon Mahala fr 430a ln 5
Gordon Maryfr 479a ln 22
Gordon Mathew A fr 430a ln 8
Gordon Rufus fr 430a ln 4
Gordon Rufus L fr 430a ln 6
Gordon Williamfr 479a ln 21
Gordon Wm Pennfr 479a ln 23
Gorman Andrew fr 535a ln 9
Gorman Bridget fr 535a ln 12
Gorman Ellen fr 535a ln 16
Gorman Emma fr 535a ln 17
Gorman John fr 535a ln 11
Gorman Mary A fr 535a ln 15
Gorman Mary E fr 535a ln 10
Gorman Peter fr 535a ln 14
Gorman Richard fr 535a ln 13
Gorman William fr 434b ln 8
Gormbey Elizabeth fr 438a ln 17
Gormbey John D fr 438a ln 18
Gormbey Lewis H fr 438a ln 16
Gormbey William H fr 438a ln 19
Gossett John Wfr 484a ln 6
Gossett Johnfr 484a ln 11
Gossett Lu[unreadable]fr 484a ln 9
Gossett Maggiefr 484a ln 10
Gossett Margret Efr 484a ln 7
Gossett Marthafr 484a ln 8
Gotthroppe Albert fr 494b ln 16
Gotthroppe George fr 494b ln 18
Gotthroppe James fr 494b ln 14
Gotthroppe Judy fr 494b ln 15
Gotthroppe Robert fr 494b ln 17
Gotthroppe Sarah E fr 494b ln 19
Goudy John fr 508b ln 15
Goudy Margaret fr 508b ln 14
Goudy Mary fr 508b ln 16
Goudy William fr 508b ln 13
Gould Alise L fr 508b ln 30
Gould Dora L fr 508b ln 31
Gould John A fr 508b ln 28
Gould Lidia A fr 508b ln 29
Gould Milly M fr 508b ln 32
Gove Alonzo fr 453a ln 2
Gove Ella fr 453a ln 4
Gove Geo Lfr 485a ln 5
Gove Hannah E fr 453a ln 6
Gove John L fr 453a ln 5
Gove Mary A fr 453a ln 3
Grady Franklin fr 454b ln 2
Grady Henry fr 454b ln 1
Grady James fr 454a ln 39
Grady John fr 454b ln 3
Grady Mary fr 454a ln 38
Grady Telford fr 454a ln 40
Grady Wilson fr 454a ln 37
Graff Earnest fr 411b ln 11
Graff Elizabeth fr 411b ln 12
Graff Flora fr 411b ln 13
Graham Abner fr 472a ln 20
Graham Aldrige(?) J fr 472a ln 22
Graham Almira fr 472a ln 21
Graham Donn fr 472a ln 25
Graham Harvey fr 472a ln 23
Graham William fr 434a ln 20
GrahamFlorence fr 472a ln 24
Granbrier(?) Flora fr 460a ln 22
Granbrier(?) Frederika fr 460a ln 19
Granbrier(?) Henry fr 460a ln 18
Granbrier(?) Mary fr 460a ln 20
Granbrier(?) Rosa fr 460a ln 21
Grant Amos fr 404b ln 14
Grant Betsey A fr 516b ln 4
Grant Charles fr 419a ln 40
Grant Daisey D fr 516b ln 5
Grant Edward fr 404a ln 29
Grant Edwin fr 422b ln 26
Grant Elizabeth fr 404b ln 15
Grant George fr 404a ln 30
Grant George fr 419a ln 38
Grant George fr 516b ln 6
Grant Henry fr 419a ln 37
Grant James W fr 422b ln 24
Grant John fr 419a ln 31
Grant John fr 419a ln 34
Grant Leonard fr 516b ln 3
Grant Lilly fr 419a ln 39
Grant Louisa fr 419a ln 32
Grant Louisa fr 419a ln 36
Grant Manella(?) fr 404a ln 28
Grant Mary fr 419a ln 33
Grant Peter fr 419a ln 35
Grant Ramer fr 404a ln 27
Grant Sarah fr 422b ln 25
Grant William fr 404a ln 31
Grasmuck(?) Francis fr 469a ln 37
Grasmuck(?) Mary fr 469a ln 38
Grastey Anna E fr 536d ln 30
Grastey Wm fr 536d ln 29
Graves James fr 537a ln 26
Graves James O fr 537a ln 28
Graves John H fr 529a ln 39
Graves Mary fr 537a ln 27
Graves Minnie J. fr 529b ln 1
Graves Rebecca fr 532a ln 14
Graves Sarah M. fr 529a ln 40
Graves William H fr 532a ln 13
Gray Charles fr 451a ln 33
Gray Ellen Mfr 487a ln 35
Gray Eva Lfr 487a ln 36
Gray Frank Sfr 487a ln 37
Gray George F fr 499a ln 34
Gray James M fr 499a ln 33
Gray John M fr 499a ln 28
Gray Lucretiafr 487a ln 33
Gray Margaret fr 499a ln 29
Gray Mary E fr 499a ln 35
Gray Mortonfr 487a ln 32
Gray Robert M fr 499a ln 32
Gray Rufus B fr 499a ln 30
Gray Sarah E fr 499a ln 31
Gray Wm Afr 487a ln 34
Graybeal Cora A fr 550b ln 30
Graybeal Ellen fr 409b ln 3
Graybeal George R fr 550b ln 29
Graybeal Granville D fr 550b ln 25
Graybeal Hiram fr 550b ln 31
Graybeal Jane R fr 550b ln 24
Graybeal John fr 550b ln 23
Graybeal Joysa C fr 550b ln 26
Graybeal Laura V fr 550b ln 28
Graybeal Samuel fr 409b ln 2
Graybeal Wiley W fr 550b ln 27
Grayson(?) Mary Efr 485a ln 3
Grear(?) Elizabeth fr 474b ln 13
Grear(?) Jacob fr 474b ln 12
Greason Brown(?) Pfr 485a ln 19
Greason Chas Ofr 485a ln 17
Greason Davidfr 485a ln 15
Greason Jno Dfr 485a ln 13
Greason Margaretfr 485a ln 14
Greason Mary Jfr 485a ln 12
Greason Thos Gfr 485a ln 16
Greason Thosfr 485a ln 11
Greason Wm Dfr 485a ln 18
Green Barry(?)fr 481b ln 26
Green Betsy S fr 429a ln 1
Green Brick(?) Lfr 489a ln 28
Green Caroline fr 506a ln 37
Green Celista(?) Mfr 489a ln 31
Green Charles W fr 428b ln 39
Green David 489a ln 25
Green David N fr 471b ln 22
Green Elias fr 429a ln 2
Green Foster B fr 429a ln 4
Green George Bfr 489a ln 30
Green Isaiah fr 506a ln 34
Green John Ffr 489a ln 29
Green John M fr 429a ln 3
Green Joseph fr 506a ln 36
Green Mary fr 506a ln 40
Green Mary R fr 506a ln 35
Green Nancy fr 428b ln 40
Green Phebe fr 506a ln 38
Green Rebeca Pfr 489a ln 26
Green Sacey(?)fr 481b ln 27
Green Samuel fr 506a ln 39
Green Wm Ffr 489a ln 27
Greenley(?) Fanny(?)fr 482a ln 10
Greenley(?) Frank Wfr 482a ln 12
Greenley(?) Milton(?)fr 482a ln 11
Greenley(?) Wm Gfr 482a ln 9
Gregg Maggie Hfr 488a ln 28
Gregg Nathan Pfr 488a ln 27
Griffen Anderson fr 527b ln 21
Griffen Ann fr 527b ln 17
Griffen Catharine fr 527b ln 20
Griffen David fr 527b ln 19
Griffen Mary fr 527b ln 18
Griffin Samuel fr 498a ln 26
Griggs Elizabeth fr 498a ln 17
Griggs Felix fr 498a ln 16
Griggs Felix T fr 498a ln 19
Griggs Laura fr 498a ln 21
Griggs Monroe C fr 498a ln 20
Griggs Nancy E fr 498a ln 18
Grimes John W fr 494b ln 20
Grimes Minnie fr 494b ln 22
Grimes Sereldie(?) fr 494b ln 21
Grother Anna fr 399b ln 12
Grother Eliza fr 399b ln 14
Grother Henry fr 399b ln 10
Grother Henry Jr fr 399b ln 13
Grother Martha fr 399b ln 11
Grotze(?) Fredfr 482a ln 21
Grove Minnie fr 532a ln 16
Groves Anna fr 532b ln 12
Groves David F fr 507a ln 18
Groves Davis fr 507a ln 14
Groves Emley fr 461b ln 34
Groves Henry fr 461b ln 31
Groves Ida fr 507a ln 20
Groves James W fr 507a ln 17
Groves John M fr 507a ln 16
Groves John W fr 461b ln 35
Groves Martha J fr 461b ln 33
Groves Martha J fr 507a ln 15
Groves Mary fr 461b ln 32
Groves Ora fr 532b ln 11
Groves Riely fr 507a ln 19
Groves William C fr 532b ln 13
Grunly Elizabeth fr 451a ln 9
Grunly Emily fr 451a ln 7
Grunly Harriet fr 451a ln 8
Grunly Luticia fr 451a ln 10
Grunly Paul fr 451a ln 6
Gugrey Charles fr 506b ln 18
Gugrey Francis fr 506b ln 17
Gugrey Nisan fr 506b ln 15
Gugrey Rachel fr 506b ln 16
Guin Lucy fr 537a ln 24
Guin William fr 537a ln 23
Gunnavart Ameliia fr 468b ln 20
Gunnels Andrew fr 535b ln 25
Gunnels Ann fr 535b ln 23
Gunnels Carrol fr 535b ln 18
Gunnels George fr 535b ln 22
Gunnels Henry fr 535b ln 21
Gunnels Jane fr 535b ln 24
Gunnels Mary fr 535b ln 19
Gunnels Mellissa J fr 535b ln 26
Gunnels Sarah E. fr 535b ln 27
Gunnels William fr 535b ln 20
Gwin Dora fr 513a ln 10
Gwin Leonadus P fr 513a ln 11
Gwin Martin fr 513a ln 8
Gwin Mary C fr 513a ln 9
Gwin Mary E fr 511b ln 39
Gwin Nancy fr 513a ln 6
Gwin Richard fr 511b ln 38
Gwin Richard W fr 513a ln 5
Gwin Silas W fr 513a ln 7
Gye Dora fr 437a ln 19
Gye John fr 437a ln 20
Gye Joseph fr 437a ln 18
H[unreadable] Arthur fr 475a ln 11
H[unreadable] Bettie fr 477a ln 21
H[unreadable] Chas fr 475a ln 8
H[unreadable] Ed F fr 473b ln 3
H[unreadable] Edith fr 475a ln 10
H[unreadable] Elizabeth fr 475a ln 9
H[unreadable] Geo H fr 473b ln 5
H[unreadable] John H fr 477a ln 20
H[unreadable] mary fr 473b ln 6
H[unreadable] Nellie(?) fr 473b ln 7
H[unreadable] Samuel fr 466a ln 5
H[unreadable]orsharn Ed Mfr 490a ln 10
Hacket Feldin S fr 400a ln 38
Hacket Henry fr 400a ln 35
Hacket Lucy A fr 400a ln 36
Hacket Mary E fr 400a ln 37
Hackett(?) Susie fr 400b ln 26
Hageman(?) Berthafr 482b ln 2
Hageman(?) Emmafr 482a ln 40
Hageman(?) Francisfr 482a ln 38
Hageman(?) Iola(?)fr 482b ln 1
Hageman(?) Rosafr 482b ln 3
Hageman(?) Sarahfr 482a ln 39
Hagget Elizabeth fr 456a ln 30
Hagget Hester fr 456a ln 28
Hagget John fr 456a ln 31
Hagget Minta fr 456a ln 27
Hagget Thomas fr 456a ln 29
Haighler John M fr 513b ln 27
Haighler Nancy fr 513b ln 26
Haighler Philip fr 513b ln 25
Haighler Rebecca A fr 513b ln 28
Haigler Clara J fr 531a ln 22
Haigler Enoch fr 531a ln 14
Haigler Erastus fr 531a ln 20
Haigler Isabel fr 531a ln 18
Haigler Lafayette fr 531a ln 16
Haigler Laura fr 531a ln 21
Haigler Mary fr 531a ln 17
Haigler Sarah A fr 531a ln 15
Haigler Smiley(?) fr 531a ln 19
Hailay(?) Dawalt fr 530a ln 32
Hailay(?) Esther fr 530a ln 33
Haines George W fr 495b ln 35
Haines John W fr 495b ln 31
Haines John W fr 495b ln 36
Haines Mary A fr 495b ln 32
Haines Orphean fr 495b ln 34
Haines Samuel J fr 495b ln 33

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