Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

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Hale Barney fr 493b ln 9
Hale Bartha fr 493b ln 10
Hale George fr 493b ln 12
Hale Gertrude fr 493b ln 11
Hale Ida fr 493b ln 7
Hale Josephine fr 493b ln 6
Hale LaRue fr 493b ln 5
Hale Thompson fr 493b ln 8
Halett(?) Caroline fr 406b ln 30
Halett(?) Caroline A fr 406b ln 33
Halett(?) David fr 406b ln 29
Halett(?) Edward fr 406b ln 38
Halett(?) Grant E fr 406b ln 35
Halett(?) Horrace fr 406b ln 32
Halett(?) Jessie fr 406b ln 31
Halett(?) Titus fr 406b ln 36
Halett(?) William T fr 406b ln 34
Hall Anna L fr 423a ln 30
Hall Clarissa fr 439b ln 21
Hall David fr 439b ln 16
Hall Dora A fr 439b ln 19
Hall Edgar fr 509b ln 11
Hall Elizabeth fr 429b ln 30
Hall Elizabeth fr 439b ln 17
Hall Elizabeth fr 509b ln 13
Hall Fletcher fr 509b ln 14
Hall Frances L fr 439b ln 14
Hall Francis J fr 439b ln 20
Hall George fr 439b ln 9
Hall George A fr 439b ln 12
Hall Harriett E fr 439b ln 18
Hall Hettie fr 509b ln 15
Hall James C fr 509b ln 12
Hall James H fr 439b ln 11
Hall Jeremaih fr 439b ln 13
Hall John B fr 509b ln 9
Hall John E fr 439b ln 15
Hall Matilda fr 509b ln 10
Hall Rhoda R fr 439b ln 10
Hall Samuel fr 429b ln 31
Hall Sarah Efr 488b ln 27
Hall Williamfr 487a ln 40
Hallain Cynthia A fr 533b ln 25
Hallain Michael fr 533b ln 24
Hallapeter Edward fr 404b ln 2
Hallapeter Frank fr 404b ln 1
Hallapeter Mariah fr 404a ln 39
Hallapeter Simon fr 404a ln 38
Hallapeter Thomas fr 404a ln 40
Hallapeter Wilder(?) fr 404b ln 4
Hallapeter Willie(?) fr 404b ln 3
Halmsley James L fr 521a ln 22
Halred(?) L[unreadable] fr 459b ln 22
Halred(?) Lewis D fr 459b ln 20
Halred(?) Lucus fr 459b ln 24
Halred(?) Mary fr 459b ln 21
Halred(?) Sally fr 459b ln 23
Hambright Mary E fr 532b ln 16
Hambright Oliver fr 532b ln 15
Hambright Robert B fr 532b ln 17
Hambright William L fr 532b ln 18
Hamilton Andrew fr 548b ln 6
Hamilton Charles fr 409a ln 15
Hamilton Daniel fr 409a ln 17
Hamilton Elizabeth fr 498b ln 6
Hamilton Ellen fr 409a ln 18
Hamilton Francis fr 409a ln 9
Hamilton George fr 409a ln 13
Hamilton George fr 409a ln 7
Hamilton George fr 548b ln 5
Hamilton George W fr 498b ln 7
Hamilton Jane fr 409a ln 10
Hamilton Jane fr 409a ln 16
Hamilton Jasper fr 548b ln 2
Hamilton John fr 548b ln 1
Hamilton John B fr 498b ln 5
Hamilton Joseph fr 409a ln 11
Hamilton Lidda fr 409a ln 8
Hamilton Logan H fr 548a ln 39
Hamilton Margaret fr 409a ln 19
Hamilton Martin fr 548b ln 4
Hamilton Rosetta fr 498b ln 8
Hamilton Sarah fr 409a ln 12
Hamilton Sarah fr 548a ln 40
Hamilton Stephen fr 409a ln 14
Hamilton William fr 548b ln 3
Hamlin Alexander fr 405a ln 39
Hamlin Carten(?) fr 405b ln 9
Hamlin Eva G fr 405b ln 10
Hamlin George fr 405b ln 6
Hamlin Harry fr 405b ln 7
Hamlin Isaac fr 405a ln 40
Hamlin Isaac fr 405b ln 3
Hamlin John fr 405a ln 37
Hamlin John H fr 405b ln 1
Hamlin Margaret fr 405a ln 38
Hamlin Mary fr 405b ln 2
Hamlin Mary A fr 405b ln 4
Hamlin Mary C fr 405b ln 8
Hamlin Sarah fr 405b ln 5
Hammon Alabama fr 457b ln 9
Hammon Frederick fr 457b ln 8
Hammond Thomas fr 511a ln 8
Hampton Mitchel fr 437a ln 3
Hand Azarna P fr 510b ln 12
Hand Barbara fr 556a ln 4
Hand Eleanor fr 556a ln 2
Hand Elizabeth fr 510b ln 9
Hand George M fr 510b ln 13
Hand George W fr 556a ln 1
Hand John W fr 556a ln 3
Hand Mariah A fr 510b ln 14
Hand Mary Z fr 510b ln 11
Hand William R fr 510b ln 10
Handon(?) Bradford fr 462b ln 18
Handy Polly fr 555a ln 7
Handy William fr 555a ln 6
Haney Edward fr 399a ln 11
Haney Henry fr 399a ln 10
Haney James fr 399a ln 7
Haney Josephene fr 399a ln 8
Haney Katy fr 399a ln 9
Haney Mary fr 399a ln 13
Haney Wyenia fr 399a ln 12
Hankins David fr 473b ln 12
Hankins Lillie(?) F fr 473b ln 14
Hankins Ruth fr 473b ln 13
Hansford Sarah M fr 549a ln 10
Hansford William D fr 549a ln 9
Harbeson Aaron fr 530a ln 21
Harbeson Hampton fr 530a ln 16
Harbeson Martha fr 530a ln 17
Harbeson Naomi fr 530a ln 20
Harbeson Rowena fr 530a ln 19
Harbeson Stephen P. fr 530a ln 18
Harcourt 485a ln 9
Hard [unreadable] fr 459a ln 17
Hard [unreadable] fr 459a ln 18
Hard Mary E fr 459a ln 16
Harkin Barney fr 518a ln 23
Harkin Ellen fr 518a ln 24
Harkin George fr 518a ln 22
Harkin John fr 518a ln 20
Harkin Mary fr 518a ln 21
Harkin Mary fr 518a ln 25
Harlan(?) Robert fr 466a ln 26
Harless John J A fr 531b ln 39
Harless Laura M fr 532a ln 2
Harless Martha J fr 532a ln 1
Harless Mary E fr 531b ln 36
Harless Rebecca fr 531b ln 38
Harless Sarah fr 531b ln 35
Harless Sylvester fr 531b ln 34
Harless Virginia A fr 531b ln 37
Harmony E. W. fr 453a ln 7
Harmony Wm G. fr 453a ln 8
Harner Alonzo G fr 519a ln 25
Harner Ira A fr 519a ln 27
Harner Morrilla(?) fr 519a ln 26
Harovith(?) Allen fr 421b ln 19
Harovith(?) Arthur M fr 421b ln 30
Harovith(?) Delila fr 421b ln 20
Harovith(?) Elizabeth fr 421b ln 29
Harovith(?) Fasey(?) E fr 421b ln 22
Harovith(?) John fr 421b ln 21
Harovith(?) Spencer fr 421b ln 28
Harp Margaret fr 428b ln 20
Harper Alonzo fr 498b ln 32
Harper Charles S fr 498b ln 36
Harper Cynthia M fr 552b ln 11
Harper George W fr 498b ln 33
Harper John G fr 498b ln 34
Harper Martha I fr 498b ln 35
Harper Mary C fr 498b ln 31
Harper Samuel M fr 552b ln 10
Harper Thomas fr 498b ln 30
Harpin Hattie fr 414a ln 16
Harras(?) Thomasfr 484b ln 32
Harrington Maryfr 487a ln 3
Harrington Willie Lfr 487a ln 4
Harris Anniefr 486b ln 10
Harris Charles fr 510b ln 28
Harris Edwin fr 462b ln 37
Harris Elizabeth fr 462b ln 33
Harris Elizabeth fr 473a ln 10
Harris Ellen C fr 510b ln 27
Harris Emma fr 462b ln 34
Harris Emma fr 510b ln 24
Harris George W fr 462b ln 35
Harris John fr 510b ln 23
Harris John W. fr 529b ln 24
Harris Joseph fr 462b ln 32
Harris Joseph C fr 510b ln 22
Harris Martha A fr 510b ln 26
Harris Marthafr 481b ln 25
Harris Mary A fr 510b ln 21
Harris Nicholas G fr 510b ln 25
Harris Robert fr 473a ln 9
Harris Robert McC fr 510b ln 29
Harris Susan fr 461a ln 21
Harris William fr 462b ln 36
Harris William fr 510b ln 20
Harris(?) Henryfr 483a ln 29
Harrisburger Lelahfr 489a ln 22
Harrisburger Reon(?)fr 489a ln 23
Harrisburger(?) Ellafr 489a ln 21
Harrisburger(?) Maryfr 489a ln 20
Harrisburger(?) Robt fr 489a ln 19
Harrison Edgar fr 413b ln 17
Harrison Edgar fr 413b ln 20
Harrison Eliza fr 413b ln 18
Harrison Frank fr 413b ln 19
Harrison Nancy P fr 449a ln 25
Harrison(?) John G fr 467b ln 5
Harter(?) Sylvester fr 467b ln 4
Harvy John P fr 453b ln 11
Harvy Joseph A fr 453b ln 13
Harvy Rachel fr 453b ln 12
Harvy Reginia fr 453b ln 14
Haskins James B. fr 526a ln 1
Hasting Armelia fr 412a ln 23
Hastings Caroline fr 556b ln 40
Hastings Edward fr 556b ln 4
Hastings Elizabeth C fr 557b ln 13
Hastings Francis fr 556b ln 1
Hastings Francis fr 556b ln 39
Hastings Francis fr 557b ln 15
Hastings John fr 556b ln 3
Hastings Milday R fr 557b ln 14
Hastings Rachael fr 556b ln 2
Hastings Sarah S fr 557b ln 12
Hastings William fr 557b ln 11
Hatchie Charles fr 502a ln 2
Hattler Augusta fr 439a ln 10
Hattler Austin fr 439a ln 12
Hattler Cristopher fr 439a ln 13
Hattler Halana fr 439a ln 8
Hattler Henry fr 439a ln 11
Hattler Laura fr 439a ln 14
Hattler Lewis fr 439a ln 7
Hattler Lewis fr 439a ln 9
Haughey Alma J fr 466a ln 31
Haughey Catharine fr 507a ln 21
Haughey Frederick fr 466a ln 29
Haughey J T fr 466a ln 27
Haughey Salem fr 466a ln 30
Haughey Sarah fr 466a ln 28
Haukins Lucindafr 489b ln 24
Haukins Molliefr 489b ln 25
HaukinsGu[unreadable] Sfr 489b ln 23
Haulcanos(?) Elya fr 429a ln 8
Haulcanos(?) Isabell fr 429a ln 13
Haulcanos(?) John H fr 429a ln 10
Haulcanos(?) Mahala fr 429a ln 9
Haulcanos(?) Nancy fr 429a ln 12
Haulcanos(?) Thomas fr 429a ln 11
Haurea(?) John A fr 526a ln 13
Haurea(?) Maggie fr 526a ln 15
Haurea(?) Sarah fr 526a ln 14
Hawkins Frank B fr 522d ln 40
Hawkins Louisa fr 522d ln 39
Hawkins(?) Charles L fr 516b ln 28
Hawkins(?) Susannah fr 516b ln 29
Hawley Amanda J fr 454a ln 4
Hawley Euda(?) fr 454a ln 5
Hawley John H fr 454a ln 3
Hawley John J fr 454a ln 6
Hay Anna fr 474a ln 9
Hay Charley fr 474a ln 11
Hay Hannah fr 474a ln 6
Hay Lue(?) D fr 474a ln 8
Hay M[unreadable] H fr 474a ln 7
Hay William fr 474a ln 10
Hay Wilson fr 474a ln 5
Hayden Alice J. fr 492a ln 28
Hayden Augustus fr 492a ln 30
Hayden Elizabeth fr 492a ln 31
Hayden George fr 492a ln 22
Hayden Georgean fr 492a ln 26
Hayden Janeris fr 492a ln 20
Hayden John D. fr 492a ln 29
Hayden Lillian F fr 492a ln 25
Hayden Mary fr 492a ln 18
Hayden Mary J fr 492a ln 32
Hayden Mary L fr 492a ln 24
Hayden Mildred fr 492a ln 21
Hayden Rosa A fr 492a ln 33
Hayden Sallie fr 492a ln 19
Hayden Sarah E fr 492a ln 23
Hayden Sarah E fr 492a ln 27
Hayes Alice J fr 499a ln 15
Hayes Amy fr 548a ln 17
Hayes Augustus fr 499a ln 14
Hayes George N fr 496a ln 9
Hayes James(?) M fr 499a ln 17
Hayes Libbie fr 548a ln 16
Hayes Mary fr 499a ln 13
Hayes Milton L fr 499a ln 16
Hayes Nancy J fr 496a ln 8
Hayes Rachael fr 496a ln 7
Hayes William M fr 496a ln 10
Hayes Zacheus fr 548a ln 15
Hays C P fr 461b ln 8
Hays Emeline fr 506b ln 32
Hays Isabella fr 447b ln 17
Hays Jane fr 447b ln 16
Hays John H fr 447b ln 18
Hays Susan M fr 506b ln 33
Hays William fr 506b ln 31
Hays William E fr 506b ln 34
Haywood Harriettfr 479b ln 27
Haywood Josephfr 479b ln 26
Haywood Josephinefr 479b ln 28
Hazleris Henry C fr 521a ln 13
Head Harvey F fr 501b ln 22
Head James fr 501b ln 24
Head James G fr 501b ln 20
Head Sarah E fr 501b ln 25
Head Thomas T fr 501b ln 21
Head William fr 501b ln 23
Headdin Samuel fr 416a ln 2
Headlee Cynthia fr 519b ln 29
Headlee Jacob fr 519b ln 28
Headlee Josephas fr 519b ln 30
Hearty Anna M fr 402b ln 31
Hearty Edward fr 402b ln 32
Hearty John fr 402b ln 29
Hearty Minerva fr 402b ln 30
Hedges Charles fr 488a ln 20
Hedges Eliza J fr 523b ln 7
Hedges Emmafr 488a ln 19
Hedges Harryfr 488a ln 21
Hedges John fr 523b ln 6
Hedges Susan A. fr 523b ln 8
Hedges Thomasfr 488a ln 18
Hedrick Alice C fr 552b ln 22
Hedrick Emeline fr 552b ln 21
Hedrick Emma F fr 552b ln 24
Hedrick Fredrika L fr 552b ln 27
Hedrick Jacob fr 552b ln 20
Hedrick Lillian M fr 552b ln 23
Hedrick Lisenie(?) B fr 552b ln 26
Hedrick Raleigh C fr 552b ln 25
Hedrick Susannah fr 552b ln 28
Heflebower Bushrod fr 547a ln 1
Heflebower Charlie fr 545a ln 40
Heflebower Clarence G fr 545b ln 1
Heflebower Daniel fr 544a ln 8
Heflebower David H fr 544a ln 1
Heflebower Edmonia F fr 544a ln 3
Heflebower Essom fr 545a ln 36
Heflebower Francis G fr 544a ln 4
Heflebower Francis K fr 544a ln 10
Heflebower Lizzie H fr 545a ln 39
Heflebower Lucy A fr 544a ln 2
Heflebower Luella fr 544a ln 11
Heflebower Luther B fr 545a ln 38
Heflebower Mary fr 544a ln 7
Heflebower Mary E fr 545a ln 37
Heflebower Olive C fr 544a ln 6
Heflebower Sarah A fr 547a ln 2
Heflebower William fr 544a ln 9
Heflebower William D fr 544a ln 5
Heggendorro Anna fr 540a ln 23
Heggendorro John fr 540a ln 25
Heggendorro Morton fr 540a ln 24
Heggendorro Nancy L fr 540a ln 27
Heggendorro Susannah fr 540a ln 26
Heid(?) Chas. A fr 473a ln 35
Heid(?) John B. fr 473a ln 34
Heid(?) P. A. fr 473a ln 32
Heid(?) Sarah A fr 473a ln 33
Heiskell Emeline J fr 470a ln 15
Heiskell Minna fr 470a ln 17
Heiskell Sue fr 470a ln 16
Heiskell Wm A fr 470a ln 14
Hekerly Cory M fr 504b ln 14
Hekerly Laura Bell fr 504b ln 13
Hekerly(?) Cassy fr 504b ln 11
Hekerly(?) Elizabeth fr 504b ln 10
Hekerly(?) Godlope(?) fr 504b ln 9
Hekerly(?) John D fr 504b ln 12
Hemming John fr 412a ln 9
Hemphill Henry Sfr 481a ln 30
Hemphill Sarah Rfr 481a ln 31
Henderick(?) David fr 462b ln 19
Henderick(?) Dlizabeth fr 462b ln 20
Henderick(?) Maranda fr 462b ln 21
Henderson Benjamin A fr 520a ln 30
Henderson Charles fr 520a ln 4
Henderson Edwin E fr 520a ln 3
Henderson Emily J fr 520a ln 29
Henderson Everett fr 520a ln 5
Henderson Jas Kfr 485a ln 33
Henderson Johnson fr 516a ln 33
Henderson Lucinda fr 520a ln 27
Henderson Martha J fr 520a ln 6
Henderson Mary fr 520a ln 2
Henderson Preston B fr 520a ln 26
Henderson Priscilla fr 520a ln 28
Henderson Sarah E fr 520a ln 7
Henderson Sarah J fr 516a ln 32
Henderson Wesley fr 520a ln 1
Hendricks Copley fr 412b ln 24
Hendricks Daniel fr 416a ln 10
Hendricks Dorothea fr 416a ln 11
Hendricks Eliza fr 412b ln 23
Hendricks Ferdinand fr 416a ln 12
Hendricks Frederika fr 416a ln 13
Hendricks John fr 412b ln 22
Hendrickson Amanda J fr 451b ln 30
Hendrickson Chares F fr 451b ln 33
Hendrickson George fr 448b ln 22
Hendrickson James R fr 451b ln 32
Hendrickson John T fr 451b ln 31
Hendrickson Lavina E fr 540a ln 20
Hendrickson Lewis fr 448b ln 21
Hendrickson Lewis fr 451b ln 28
Hendrickson Lillie M fr 540a ln 21
Hendrickson Lucy A fr 540a ln 22
Hendrickson Martha fr 451b ln 29
Hendrickson Martha J fr 540a ln 18
Hendrickson Mary fr 448b ln 20
Hendrickson Phebe E fr 451b ln 35
Hendrickson Richard fr 448b ln 19
Hendrickson Wesley L fr 451b ln 34
Hendrickson William fr 540a ln 17
Hendrickson William C fr 540a ln 19
Henley John r fr 423b ln 24
Henly Amanda fr 423b ln 26
Henly Sarah fr 423b ln 25
Henning Jasper fr 408b ln 22
Henninger Albertus fr 408b ln 3
Henninger Calvin fr 408b ln 1
Henninger Carson fr 408b ln 4
Henninger Elmira fr 408a ln 39
Henninger Ida fr 408a ln 40
Henninger Joseph fr 408b ln 2
Henninger Samuel fr 408a ln 38
Henri(?) Johnfr 485a ln 37
Hensin Eliza A fr 513b ln 38
Hensin Jane A fr 513b ln 37
Hensin William A fr 513b ln 36
Henton Alta Jane fr 507b ln 23
Henton Charlotte T fr 507b ln 20
Henton Elija K fr 507b ln 19
Henton Grant fr 507b ln 24
Henton Salina fr 507b ln 22
Henton Samantha fr 507b ln 21
Herchen Peter fr 438b ln 37
Herdoun(?) Ann fr 420b ln 12
Herdoun(?) Artie fr 420b ln 15
Herdoun(?) James fr 420b ln 11
Herdoun(?) Jemima fr 420b ln 13
Herdoun(?) John fr 420b ln 14
Herdoun(?) William fr 420b ln 16
Heron Henry Gfr 486b ln 25
Heron Maryfr 486b ln 26
Heron Nelliefr 486b ln 27
Herrett(?) John fr 471b ln 7
Herrick Alice J fr 427b ln 40
Herrick Charles fr 428a ln 1
Herrick Emma M fr 428a ln 3
Herrick H R fr 427b ln 38
Herrick Mary E fr 428a ln 2
Herrick Nancy A fr 427b ln 39
Herring Charles fr 536a ln 14
Herring Leonard fr 536a ln 12
Herring Nancy fr 536a ln 13
Herst Emma fr 445b ln 19
Herst George W fr 445b ln 25
Herst Lavina fr 445b ln 24
Herst Martha fr 445b ln 26
Herst William fr 445b ln 23
Hessley(?) Evline fr 400b ln 20
Hesvelt(?) Henrietta M fr 442a ln 35
Hesvelt(?) John F fr 442a ln 34
Hiatt Alicefr 488b ln 13
Hibben(?) Alfiefr 483a ln 8
Hibben(?) Bellfr 483a ln 9
Hibben(?) Eddiefr 483a ln 11
Hibben(?) Mary Afr 483a ln 10
Hibbs Willima fr 430a ln 22
Hickman Caroline fr 446a ln 18
Hickman George fr 542a ln 26
Hickman Tom fr 542a ln 25
Hicks James W fr 497b ln 19
Hicks Robert G fr 497b ln 26
Hicks Thomas fr 497b ln 25
Hicks Thomas D fr 497b ln 27
Hieber Jane fr 424a ln 17
Hieber John fr 424a ln 16
Higgins C[uneadable] fr 475b ln 22
Higgins George fr 475b ln 20
Higgins John fr 475b ln 19
Higgins John G fr 468b ln 32
Higgins Julia A fr 475b ln 18
Higgins Lizzie fr 475b ln 21
Higgins Patrick fr 475b ln 16
Higgins William fr 475b ln 17
Higgs Amelia C fr 540a ln 32
Higgs Mary A fr 540a ln 28
Higgs Mary M fr 540a ln 30
Higgs Thomas J fr 540a ln 31
Higgs William H fr 540a ln 29
Highley Albertfr 485a ln 26
Highley Carie(?) Rfr 485b ln 3
Highley Haca[unreadable]fr 485b ln 1
Highley Julian Tfr 485a ln 28
Highley Mary Efr 485a ln 25
Highley Mary Jfr 485a ln 27
Highley Matilda Mfr 485b ln 2
Highley Millie Mfr 485a ln 29
Hightower John C fr 535b ln 1
Hightower John J. B. fr 535b ln 3
Hightower Margret E fr 535b ln 2
Hightower William fr 536d ln 4
Hightower William E. H. fr 535b ln 4
Hiles Eliza fr 456a ln 9
Hiles Eliza E fr 456a ln 11
Hiles Henry J fr 456a ln 13
Hiles Mary E fr 456a ln 14
Hiles Palser fr 456a ln 12
Hiles Palser fr 456a ln 8
Hiles William D fr 456a ln 10
Hilhard(?) Louis fr 415b ln 1
Hill David fr 536a ln 31
Hill Eliza J. fr 536a ln 25
Hill Elizabeth fr 536a ln 23
Hill Elizabeth fr 536a ln 30
Hill Harmon fr 473a ln 25
Hill John fr 401b ln 31
Hill John fr 522c ln 7
Hill John fr 536a ln 22
Hill Martha fr 536a ln 29
Hill Mary C fr 522c ln 8
Hill Sarah fr 536a ln 26
Hill Sarah J fr 473a ln 26
Hill Sebastian C fr 513a ln 25
Hill Sophiah fr 522c ln 6
Hill William fr 536a ln 24
Hill William fr 536a ln 27
Hillis Ella fr 470b ln 14
Hillis Mariah fr 470b ln 13
Hillis Oliver H fr 470b ln 12
Hiltabridle(?) John fr 434a ln 40
Hilton Anna fr 493b ln 4
Hind Alexander P fr 552a ln 13
Hind Charlie fr 552a ln 19
Hind Eliza A fr 552a ln 15
Hind John M fr 552a ln 20
Hind Lucy fr 552a ln 14
Hind Margaret Z fr 552a ln 16
Hind Marilda L fr 552a ln 17
Hind Minerva fr 552a ln 18
Hind Nellie fr 552a ln 21
Hiner(?) Mary L fr 402a ln 20
Hiner(?) Robert j fr 402a ln 18
Hiner(?) Susan fr 402a ln 19
Hines Abigalfr 479a ln 8
Hines Alexander fr 402b ln 17
Hines Alexander fr 543a ln 33
Hines Anna fr 411b ln 2
Hines Camsidel(?) fr 543a ln 22
Hines Daniel fr 543a ln 27
Hines Edgar fr 402b ln 19
Hines Elizabeth fr 543a ln 19
Hines Elizabeth fr 543a ln 26
Hines Esther fr 543a ln 21
Hines Esther fr 543a ln 32
Hines Ethelfr 479a ln 10
Hines Frankfr 479a ln 9
Hines Franklin fr 402b ln 18
Hines Geo H fr 402b ln 15
Hines George fr 543a ln 31
Hines Georgefr 479a ln 7
Hines Hannah J. fr 530b ln 2
Hines Ira fr 543a ln 35
Hines John fr 402b ln 20
Hines Joseph fr 543a ln 18
Hines Margaret A fr 543a ln 30
Hines Mary J. fr 530b ln 4
Hines Parmelia fr 543a ln 23
Hines Rebecca fr 402b ln 16
Hines Rebecca fr 543a ln 24
Hines Rosalee fr 402b ln 21
Hines Samuel fr 411b ln 1
Hines Susie fr 543a ln 20
Hines Theodore fr 543a ln 29
Hines Thomas fr 543a ln 25
Hines Thomas fr 543a ln 34
Hines William fr 530b ln 1
Hines William fr 530b ln 3
Hines William fr 543a ln 28
Hinkley Clorissa fr 431b ln 27
Hinkley Eldora E fr 431b ln 28
Hinkley Emma J fr 431b ln 29
Hinkley Horace fr 431b ln 26
Hinkley Jaesin J fr 431b ln 30
Hinkley Samuel fr 432a ln 8
Hittle(?) Ella fr 406b ln 5
Hittle(?) Emma fr 406b ln 8
Hittle(?) Margret fr 406b ln 4
Hittle(?) Salonia fr 406b ln 7
Hittle(?) William P fr 406b ln 6
Hittle(?) Wm fr 406b ln 3
Hitz Christian fr 526b ln 6
Hitz Mary A fr 526b ln 7
Hitz Minnie M fr 526b ln 8
Hoag Ruth fr 510a ln 33
Hoard Eliza fr 448b ln 26
Hoard Horace fr 448b ln 24
Hoard Mary A fr 448b ln 25
Hobbs Ann fr 516a ln 27
Hobbs Henry H fr 459b ln 27
Hobbs Phillip fr 516a ln 25
Hobbs Samuel fr 516a ln 26
Hobson Catharinefr 480b ln 35
Hobson Joseph 480b ln 34
Hobson(?) Timothy Mfr 484b ln 38
Hodge Capatola fr 450b ln 34
Hodge Leander E fr 450b ln 31
Hodge Mary fr 450b ln 32
Hodge Robert fr 547a ln 20
Hodge Rozella fr 450b ln 33
Hodges Angeline fr 545a ln 32
Hodges Emma F fr 545a ln 34
Hodges Jesse M fr 545a ln 30
Hodges Lydia fr 545a ln 35
Hodges Mary L fr 545a ln 33
Hodges Nancy J fr 545a ln 31
Hodgkins Elizabeth D fr 531a ln 24
Hodgkins Lewis H fr 531a ln 23
Hodgkins Libbie L fr 531a ln 25
Hodgkins Lutia(?) S fr 531a ln 27
Hodgkins Richard H fr 531a ln 26
Hodson Edwin G fr 422b ln 38
Hodson Elvira fr 422b ln 37
Hodson Geo F fr 422b ln 36
Hodson James W fr 432b ln 17
Hoffman Charles fr 412b ln 28
Hoffman Elizabeth fr 412b ln 27
Hoffman Ella fr 410b ln 10
Hoffman Franklin fr 412b ln 29
Hoffman Martha fr 412b ln 26
Hoffman Peter fr 412b ln 25
Hogue Edith M. fr 534a ln 18
Hogue Emily fr 534a ln 17
Hogue Samuel R fr 534a ln 16
Holcomb Addison P fr 436a ln 32
Holcomb alice C fr 436a ln 35
Holcomb Alman fr 436a ln 30
Holcomb Byron A fr 436a ln 34
Holcomb Catherine fr 436a ln 31
Holcomb Charles M fr 436a ln 36
Holcomb Clara B fr 436a ln 37
Holcomb Cyntha A fr 436a ln 33
Holdderk(?) Maggie fr 466a ln 36
Holderman Henry fr 434a ln 28

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