Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unknown surname to Bendorf   Benganan to Carr   Carrens to Cottman   Coughlin to Dunbar   Duncan to Fowler   Fox to Haines   Hale to Holderman   Holdren to Jones   Jordan to Lorain   Losh to McKeeprush   McKimby to Newman   Newton to Post   Potter to Roscoe   Rose to Smally   Smiley to Tayler   Taylor to Wantland   Ward to Zschoche

Holdren Charles A fr 542b ln 15
Holdren George fr 559a ln 19
Holdren George W fr 542b ln 14
Holdren Hannah fr 542b ln 18
Holdren Louisa J fr 542b ln 6
Holdren Mandy E fr 542b ln 9
Holdren Mary fr 542b ln 11
Holdren Mary L fr 542b ln 7
Holdren Samuel R fr 542b ln 13
Holdren Thomas fr 559a ln 18
Holdren Thomas D fr 542b ln 12
Holdren William H fr 542b ln 8
Holdren William Junior fr 542b ln 10
Holdren William L fr 542b ln 5
Holdren William Senior fr 542b ln 17
Hollenback Adeline fr 528b ln 19
Hollenback Clarence fr 528b ln 23
Hollenback Clarinda T fr 524b ln 25
Hollenback George W fr 524b ln 24
Hollenback Ida fr 528b ln 20
Hollenback Mounelle fr 528b ln 22
Hollenback Sherman fr 528b ln 21
Hollenback Thomas J fr 528b ln 18
Holloman Johnathan M fr 520b ln 19
Holloman Martha fr 520b ln 20
Holloman Nancy J fr 520b ln 22
Holloman William fr 520b ln 21
Hollonback Clark M fr 521b ln 28
Hollonback Francis J fr 521b ln 29
Hollonback Jesse fr 521b ln 33
Hollonback Maggie fr 521b ln 31
Hollonback Susan fr 521b ln 27
Hollonback Susan fr 521b ln 30
Hollonback Thomas fr 521b ln 26
Hollonback Willie fr 521b ln 32
Holm Albert F fr 553b ln 33
Holm Frederick A fr 553b ln 32
Holm Hannah M fr 553b ln 31
Holman Buena Vista fr 500a ln 21
Holman Hulday J fr 500a ln 16
Holman James fr 500a ln 10
Holman James H fr 500a ln 15
Holman Joseph G fr 500a ln 12
Holman Martha A fr 500a ln 11
Holman Martha A fr 500a ln 19
Holman Risdon O fr 500a ln 13
Holman Samuel R fr 500a ln 17
Holman Sarah M fr 500a ln 18
Holman Susan A fr 500a ln 20
Holman William K fr 500a ln 14
Holton Celistine fr 409a ln 33
Holton David fr 541a ln 14
Holton David B fr 541a ln 10
Holton Densla(?) fr 409a ln 32
Holton Evender fr 541a ln 13
Holton Henrietta fr 541a ln 11
Holton James fr 541a ln 12
Holton William fr 409a ln 34
Holton Willie fr 541a ln 15
Homes Ann fr 440b ln 5
Homes Caroline fr 418a ln 24
Homes Charles fr 441b ln 11
Homes Charles W fr 440b ln 4
Homes Clinton fr 418a ln 28
Homes Curtis B fr 418a ln 27
Homes Daniel W fr 418a ln 23
Homes Levina C fr 418a ln 26
Homes M M fr 418a ln 25
Homes Marcilla fr 440b ln 6
Hooker Elizabeth fr 527b ln 6
Hoover Clarafr 481b ln 19
Hoover George fr 437b ln 19
Hoover George W fr 437b ln 22
Hoover Julia(?) Ffr 481b ln 17
Hoover Mary A fr 437b ln 23
Hoover Mary C fr 437b ln 20
Hoover Mary Efr 481b ln 16
Hoover Melzora fr 437b ln 21
Hoover Saml Wfr 481b ln 21
Hoover Samuel Wfr 481b ln 18
Hoover Wm Dfr 481b ln 15
Hoover(?) John fr 465a ln 13
Hope James R fr 521a ln 14
Hope Kate fr 521a ln 15
Hope Robert H fr 521a ln 16
Hopkins Albert A fr 454b ln 39
Hopkins Ambrose fr 404a ln 10
Hopkins Andrew(?) J fr 404a ln 14
Hopkins Candace A fr 454b ln 38
Hopkins Caroline fr 404a ln 7
Hopkins Eldridge fr 404a ln 8
Hopkins Erastus fr 472b ln 36
Hopkins James F fr 404a ln 15
Hopkins John E fr 404a ln 13
Hopkins Julia A fr 472b ln 35
Hopkins Laura B fr 404a ln 12
Hopkins Mahata fr 455a ln 10
Hopkins Mary E fr 404a ln 11
Hopkins Murdoc fr 472b ln 34
Hopkins Osro(?) F. fr 472b ln 37
Hopkins Silas fr 454b ln 37
Hopkins Thomas fr 455a ln 11
Hopkins William fr 404a ln 9
Hopkins Wm fr 404a ln 6
Horche John E fr 449a ln 28
Hordon Eustus fr 449a ln 11
Horner Almeda fr 539a ln 28
Horner Angeline fr 539a ln 31
Horner Charles W fr 539a ln 30
Horner Ellen fr 539a ln 29
Horner Lydia fr 539a ln 26
Horner Mary fr 539a ln 27
Horner William fr 539a ln 25
Horr Clara B fr 467b ln 21
Horr Eva fr 467b ln 22
Horr Martha J fr 467b ln 20
Horr Richard fr 467b ln 19
Horr Sarah D fr 467b ln 23
Horton Wmfr 481a ln 5
Host(?) [unreadable]fr 481b ln 1
Host(?) Emileyfr 481a ln 40
Host(?) G(?) Afr 481a ln 39
Host(?) George(?)fr 481b ln 5
Host(?) Katyfr 481b ln 2
Host(?) Philanderfr 481b ln 4
Host(?) Williefr 481b ln 3
Hosteller(?) David(?) Cfr 490a ln 12
Houg Julius A fr 468b ln 21
Houghton Arthur fr 440b ln 40
Houghton Clara fr 549a ln 12
Houghton Clara E fr 549a ln 16
Houghton Edmond H fr 549a ln 14
Houghton Kate fr 549a ln 13
Houghton Milton M fr 549a ln 15
Houghton William fr 549a ln 11
Houser Albert fr 514a ln 37
Houser Asa fr 514a ln 20
Houser Louisa fr 514a ln 21
Houser Moses fr 514a ln 19
Houser Rhoda fr 514a ln 18
Houser Samuel H fr 514a ln 17
Houston Clara fr 413b ln 32
Houston Fannie R fr 470b ln 34
Houston Harvy fr 413b ln 31
Houston Louisa fr 413b ln 30
Houston Thomas fr 470b ln 33
Houston William fr 413b ln 29
Howard Charley fr 472a ln 28
Howard Elizabeth fr 519b ln 17
Howard Elmar E fr 552a ln 29
Howard Elnora I fr 552a ln 28
Howard Frank fr 519b ln 20
Howard James F fr 497a ln 14
Howard James L fr 497a ln 17
Howard John fr 552a ln 27
Howard Margret H fr 519b ln 18
Howard Mary fr 472a ln 27
Howard Mattie fr 477a ln 27
Howard Noah H fr 497a ln 16
Howard Otto fr 472a ln 29
Howard Ozias(?) C fr 497a ln 15
Howard Samuel fr 519b ln 16
Howard Sarah E fr 519b ln 19
Howard Wm A fr 476b ln 2
Howe Fredonia(?) fr 473b ln 18
Howe Jennie fr 473b ln 17
Howe John fr 473b ln 15
Howe Sarah fr 473b ln 16
Hoyt Belden Bfr 479b ln 7
Hoyt Hanahfr 479b ln 5
Hoyt Irafr 479b ln 4
Hoyt John fr 534b ln 9
Hoyt Julia Ifr 479b ln 8
Hoyt unreadablefr 479b ln 6
Hubard James fr 427b ln 37
Hubbard Clara Mfr 488b ln 36
Hubbard J Rubinfr 488b ln 35
Hubble(?) Ella fr 468a ln 19
Hubble(?) Frank fr 468a ln 20
Hubble(?) Henry G fr 468a ln 21
Hubble(?) Mariah fr 468a ln 18
Hubble(?) William R C fr 468a ln 17
Hubbord Jenny fr 449b ln 14
Hudson Benjamin fr 423a ln 12
Hudson Mary M fr 423a ln 13
Huff Isaac Efr 479b ln 21
Huff Johnfr 479b ln 19
Huff Lewis N fr 399b ln 29
Huff Olive fr 399b ln 28
Huff Sammuel fr 399b ln 27
Huff T[unreadable]fr 479b ln 20
Huffman Catharine fr 492b ln 40
Huffman Chas L fr 403a ln 8
Huffman Clem fr 403b ln 34
Huffman Cornelus fr 401a ln 19
Huffman David fr 403b ln 16
Huffman Franklin fr 493a ln 2
Huffman Gabriel fr 403b ln 11
Huffman Jonas fr 403a ln 7
Huffman Katie fr 492b ln 39
Huffman Lizzie fr 493a ln 3
Huffman Lucy fr 403a ln 6
Huffman Margaret fr 493a ln 1
Huffman Peter fr 492b ln 38
Huffman Sue(?) fr 403b ln 12
Huffman William fr 403b ln 13
Huffman Wm fr 403a ln 5
Hughs Anna fr 475b ln 15
Hughs Crisla(?) fr 473a ln 18
Hughs Elenor(?)fr 488b ln 12
Hughs Emanuel fr 527a ln 6
Hughs Emily fr 527a ln 7
Hughs Emma R. fr 473b ln 38
Hughs James fr 473b ln 35
Hughs Julia fr 527a ln 8
Hughs Maggie fr 473b ln 36
Hughs Mattie R fr 473b ln 37
Hughs Merrchee(?) W fr 473b ln 39
Hughs Permelia fr 473a ln 17
Hughs R. H. fr 473a ln 16
Hull Eliza A. fr 504b ln 4
Hull John R. fr 504b ln 3
Hull Mary B fr 504b ln 5
Hull William D fr 504b ln 6
Huls Elizabeth fr 427b ln 2
Huls Gilbert fr 427b ln 4
Huls James fr 427b ln 3
Huls John fr 427b ln 1
Humes(?) Cassey fr 471b ln 4
Humes(?) Gabe fr 471b ln 2
Humes(?) Mahala fr 471b ln 3
Humphrey Benjamin F fr 529a ln 17
Hunemerder Charles fr 439a ln 5
Hunemerder Charles Jr fr 439a ln 6
Hunemerder Sophia fr 439a ln 4
Hunt Amiel fr 423a ln 37
Hunt Asael fr 455a ln 12
Hunt Charles F fr 423a ln 39
Hunt Cintha fr 455a ln 17
Hunt Eber fr 423a ln 38
Hunt Elmer fr 455a ln 18
Hunt Emirz fr 423a ln 40
Hunt Emma fr 455a ln 15
Hunt Jessie fr 423b ln 1
Hunt John fr 455a ln 14
Hunt Mary J fr 455a ln 13
Hunt William fr 455a ln 16
Hunter Betsey fr 549b ln 3
Hunter Henry fr 549b ln 2
Hunter Mary fr 549b ln 4
Hunter William J fr 549b ln 5
Hunting Charles W fr 454a ln 14
Hunting Eddie T fr 454a ln 16
Hunting Henry L fr 454a ln 13
Hunting James W fr 454a ln 17
Hunting Leinadus W fr 454a ln 15
Hunting Lewis H fr 454a ln 11
Hunting Mary T fr 454a ln 12
Hurbbert Horace fr 529b ln 28
Hurbbert Horace S. fr 529b ln 31
Hurbbert John W fr 529b ln 30
Hurbbert Richard fr 529b ln 32
Hurbbert Sarah M. fr 529b ln 29
Hurst Charles E fr 449b ln 15
Hurst Ellen fr 449b ln 13
Hurst John H fr 449b ln 12
Huse Samuel fr 498a ln 15
Hussey Louisa fr 445b ln 31
Hussey Nancy J fr 445b ln 33
Hussey Richard S fr 445b ln 32
Hussey Thos J fr 445b ln 30
Husted Oliver fr 448a ln 27
Hutchens Anderson P fr 446b ln 9
Hutchens Sarah C fr 446b ln 8
Hutchens Wm T fr 446b ln 7
Hutchinson Agnes fr 471a ln 15
Hutchinson Agnes W fr 471a ln 13
Hutchinson Clara fr 452b ln 11
Hutchinson Danl fr 440a ln 1
Hutchinson Delbert A fr 440a ln 5
Hutchinson Earnest fr 440a ln 10
Hutchinson Edward A fr 440a ln 4
Hutchinson Geo. fr 471a ln 12
Hutchinson Grace fr 452b ln 15
Hutchinson Harry fr 452b ln 12
Hutchinson James fr 440a ln 7
Hutchinson John fr 450a ln 22
Hutchinson John fr 452b ln 9
Hutchinson Lilly A fr 440a ln 6
Hutchinson Lizzie fr 471a ln 14
Hutchinson Lotta fr 452b ln 14
Hutchinson Martin V fr 440a ln 11
Hutchinson Mary fr 452b ln 13
Hutchinson Mary J fr 440a ln 8
Hutchinson Minnie fr 471a ln 16
Hutchinson Nancy fr 440a ln 2
Hutchinson Sarah fr 452b ln 10
Hutchinson Sylva S fr 440a ln 9
Hutchinson Sylvester fr 440a ln 3
Hutchinson William fr 507a ln 30
Hutson Delela Ann fr 426a ln 12
Hutson Elizabeth fr 426a ln 9
Hutson Jefferson F fr 426a ln 13
Hutson Jerry B fr 426a ln 10
Hutson Rebecca J fr 426a ln 11
Hutson William fr 426a ln 8
Hymer Amanda J fr 536b ln 36
Hymer Emma fr 465b ln 23
Hymer Ida fr 465b ln 24
Hymer James fr 497a ln 11
Hymer James fr 497a ln 9
Hymer Jesse fr 497a ln 13
Hymer John A fr 497a ln 12
Hymer Josephine fr 465b ln 22
Hymer leonard fr 465b ln 21
Hymer Margaret fr 497a ln 10
Hymer Mary fr 465b ln 20
Hymer Mary A fr 536b ln 37
Hymer Samuel fr 536b ln 35
Hymer Wesley fr 465b ln 19
Iler Sarah fr 451b ln 17
Iler William fr 451b ln 16
InkGeorge fr 415a ln 40
Inman Anna fr 425a ln 25
Inman Benjamin fr 418a ln 6
Inman Charles fr 425a ln 15
Inman Eliza L fr 418a ln 11
Inman George C fr 418a ln 10
Inman Hannah fr 425a ln 5
Inman Hannah fr 425b ln 2
Inman Ida fr 425a ln 23
Inman Israel fr 425a ln 13
Inman James fr 425a ln 16
Inman James D fr 425b ln 4
Inman John fr 425a ln 4
Inman John R fr 425a ln 24
Inman Malissa fr 425a ln 22
Inman Margaret E fr 418a ln 8
Inman Marian fr 418a ln 9
Inman Mary fr 425a ln 37
Inman Mary J fr 418a ln 7
Inman Mary J fr 425a ln 40
Inman Olive fr 425a ln 21
Inman Regeno fr 425a ln 14
Inman Robert fr 425b ln 1
Inman Rosa fr 425a ln 20
Inman Sarah fr 425a ln 18
Inman Sarah fr 425a ln 39
Inman Thomas fr 425a ln 26
Inman Walter fr 425a ln 36
Inman Walter fr 425a ln 38
Inman Walter M fr 418a ln 12
Inman Walter S fr 425b ln 3
Inman William fr 425a ln 17
Inman Zacariah fr 425a ln 19
Ire Charles fr 522a ln 3
Irish Albert fr 531b ln 6
Irish Cornelia fr 531b ln 7
Irish Delos fr 531b ln 10
Irish Elva J fr 531b ln 8
Irish Emma fr 531b ln 11
Irish Estella fr 531b ln 9
Isaacs Chas fr 406a ln 35
Island Josephfr 479b ln 30
Island Matildafr 479b ln 31
Island Steven Mfr 479b ln 32
Jackson Abraham fr 542a ln 27
Jackson Aethersey(?) L fr 513a ln 39
Jackson Benjamin F fr 511a ln 30
Jackson Clar(unreadable) fr 402a ln 9
Jackson Clemance B fr 513b ln 1
Jackson Dorah E fr 523b ln 2
Jackson Edward(?) fr 406b ln 24
Jackson Electa fr 542a ln 28
Jackson Elias fr 453a ln 33
Jackson Elizabeth fr 453a ln 37
Jackson Flora B fr 406b ln 27
Jackson George fr 402a ln 11
Jackson George A fr 523a ln 37
Jackson Gertrude E fr 406b ln 26
Jackson Harriet fr 504b ln 15
Jackson Harriett fr 476a ln 26
Jackson Herbert(?) fr 406b ln 25
Jackson Irwin fr 506a ln 15
Jackson James fr 535b ln 8
Jackson John C fr 523b ln 1
Jackson Joseph fr 535b ln 7
Jackson Joseph E fr 523a ln 39
Jackson Joseph N fr 453a ln 35
Jackson Josephine fr 476a ln 28
Jackson Lottiefr 486b ln 18
Jackson Louisa C fr 523a ln 36
Jackson Lulafr 486b ln 19
Jackson Luther fr 402a ln 10
Jackson Luther C fr 523a ln 35
Jackson Lydia fr 511a ln 34
Jackson Mairan fr 511a ln 35
Jackson Margaret fr 511a ln 31
Jackson Martha fr 513a ln 40
Jackson Mary fr 453a ln 34
Jackson Mary A fr 523a ln 38
Jackson Mary E fr 511a ln 32
Jackson Mary H fr 453a ln 36
Jackson Mary J. fr 535b ln 9
Jackson Maya(?) fr 476a ln 27
Jackson Melvin P fr 476a ln 29
Jackson Minerva fr 406b ln 28
Jackson Minerva S fr 535b ln 6
Jackson Miranda(?) fr 406b ln 23
Jackson Nancy A fr 402a ln 12
Jackson Oliver P fr 513a ln 38
Jackson Peter fr 535b ln 5
Jackson Pheobe J fr 402a ln 13
Jackson Rufus fr 511a ln 33
Jackson Samuel fr 402a ln 35
Jackson Samuel fr 406b ln 22
Jackson Sarah fr 449b ln 9
Jackson Silas fr 399a ln 27
Jackson 486b ln 17
Jackson William fr 523a ln 40
Jacobs Jessefr 487b ln 8
Jacobs L. W. fr 473a ln 39
Jacobs Lewisfr 484b ln 36
Jacobs Sarah fr 507a ln 5
Jacobs Sarah Afr 487b ln 9
Jacobs Theadore fr 507a ln 4
Jacoby Amanda fr 504a ln 36
Jacoby Andrew fr 504a ln 35
James Amily fr 475b ln 30
James Anna fr 475b ln 29
James Charles fr 443b ln 9
James George W fr 443b ln 11
James Joseph fr 443b ln 7
James Laura fr 443b ln 8
James Mary E fr 443b ln 10
James T[unreadable] fr 475b ln 31
James Willis fr 475b ln 28
Jameson Bruce fr 401b ln 4
Jameson Ellenor fr 401b ln 5
January(?) Edward fr 476b ln 22
January(?) Joseph fr 476b ln 20
January(?) Mary fr 476b ln 23
January(?) Ruth fr 476b ln 21
Jarred Emma J fr 537a ln 17
Jarred ida fr 537a ln 18
Jarred James fr 537a ln 15
Jarred Lucy fr 537a ln 16
Jarvis Adeline fr 542a ln 14
Jarvis Delia fr 542a ln 11
Jarvis Delia fr 542a ln 13
Jarvis Sereal fr 542a ln 10
Jarvis Sereal fr 542a ln 12
Jayne Dorra fr 504a ln 13
Jeffries Derrick fr 526a ln 27
Jeffries Eliva A fr 526a ln 26
Jeffries James fr 526a ln 9
Jeffries Jane M fr 526a ln 29
Jeffries John fr 526a ln 23
Jeffries John P fr 526a ln 28
Jeffries Maria J fr 527a ln 35
Jeffries Mary A fr 527a ln 36
Jeffries Nancy fr 526a ln 7
Jeffries Nancy J fr 526a ln 8
Jeffries Napoleon fr 527a ln 37
Jeffries Sallie fr 526a ln 24
Jeffries Sarah E fr 526a ln 30
Jeffries Tolivar fr 526a ln 25
Jeffries William fr 526a ln 6
Jeffries William C fr 526a ln 31
JeffriesWilliam fr 527a ln 34
Jelly Cornelius fr 401a ln 32
Jelly Emma fr 401a ln 37
Jelly Ida fr 401a ln 35
Jelly Milly fr 401a ln 36
Jelly Minervia fr 401a ln 33
Jelly Minnie fr 401a ln 34
Jenkins Ann E fr 554b ln 34
Jenkins James A fr 554b ln 33
Jenkins Jane E fr 554b ln 32
Jenkins John fr 554b ln 29
Jenkins John W fr 554b ln 35
Jenkins Levi H fr 554b ln 31
Jenkins Sarah A fr 554b ln 30
Jennings Barbara A fr 523a ln 16
Jennings Elmira fr 523a ln 9
Jennings George R fr 523a ln 14
Jennings Henry L fr 522d ln 28
Jennings Homer M fr 522d ln 30
Jennings James fr 522d ln 26
Jennings James T fr 523a ln 10
Jennings Jesse fr 522d ln 24
Jennings Joel T fr 522d ln 27
Jennings John W fr 523a ln 12
Jennings Lilley M fr 522d ln 29
Jennings Luella B fr 523a ln 15
Jennings Mary E fr 523a ln 13
Jennings Sarah E fr 522d ln 25
Jennings Venis(?) fr 523a ln 8
Jennings William H fr 523a ln 11
Jennison Genevia fr 457b ln 19
Jennison Jas W fr 457b ln 17
Jennison Mary fr 457b ln 18
Jesse Drussillafr 482b ln 27
Jesse Elizafr 482b ln 23
Jesse Henreittafr 482b ln 24
Jesse Henryfr 482b ln 21
Jesse Mary Jfr 482b ln 26
Jesse Melinda(?)fr 482b ln 22
Jesse Sallyfr 482b ln 25
Jewel(?) Lewis fr 402a ln 21
Johanan(?) Anna A fr 468b ln 18
Johnson Abraham S fr 501a ln 15
Johnson Agnes fr 447b ln 8
Johnson Andrew D fr 501a ln 13
Johnson Andrew J fr 455a ln 39
Johnson Arrena(?) fr 455b ln 5
Johnson Arthur fr 521a ln 36
Johnson Benjamin F fr 501a ln 14
Johnson Benjamin L fr 502a ln 23
Johnson Caroline fr 428b ln 13
Johnson Charles F fr 493a ln 16
Johnson Christopher fr 427a ln 19
Johnson Claud fr 521a ln 35
Johnson Corwin(?) D fr 501a ln 10
Johnson David H fr 469b ln 29
Johnson DeMott(?) C fr 493a ln 11
Johnson Edward E fr 469b ln 32
Johnson Elizabeth fr 451a ln 11
Johnson Elizabeth fr 455a ln 38
Johnson Ellie D fr 428b ln 15
Johnson Elliott fr 501a ln 12
Johnson Emma J fr 471a ln 23
Johnson Emma M fr 493a ln 15
Johnson George fr 447b ln 7
Johnson George W fr 493a ln 12
Johnson Harriet E fr 502a ln 26
Johnson Harriet H fr 493a ln 17
Johnson Harriet M fr 501a ln 9
Johnson Henry fr 516a ln 28
Johnson Henryfr 486b ln 8
Johnson James A fr 502a ln 25
Johnson James H fr 501a ln 11
Johnson James P fr 493a ln 8
Johnson Jas T fr 427a ln 23
Johnson Jermy(?) fr 471a ln 22
Johnson John fr 455b ln 2
Johnson John B fr 501a ln 8
Johnson John R fr 493a ln 14
Johnson Joseph fr 435a ln 30
Johnson Joseph W fr 435a ln 32
Johnson Laura fr 455a ln 40
Johnson Laura B fr 493a ln 19
Johnson Lewis fr 428b ln 14
Johnson Lilly fr 447b ln 9
Johnson Louisa M fr 521a ln 34
Johnson Louiza D fr 469b ln 30
Johnson Lucinda fr 451a ln 28
Johnson Lydia E fr 427a ln 20
Johnson Lydia J fr 427a ln 21
Johnson Mahala b fr 493a ln 9
Johnson Margret fr 471a ln 24
Johnson Mary fr 447b ln 10
Johnson Mary A fr 455b ln 3
Johnson Mary B fr 469b ln 31
Johnson Mary E fr 493a ln 13
Johnson Maryfr 486b ln 9
Johnson Nancy A fr 430b ln 26
Johnson Nelson fr 455a ln 37
Johnson Nelson fr 455b ln 1
Johnson Phebe fr 516a ln 29
Johnson Richard fr 428b ln 12
Johnson Samuel fr 430b ln 25
Johnson Sarah fr 435a ln 31
Johnson Serelda A fr 493a ln 18
Johnson Tabitha C fr 502a ln 24
Johnson Walter fr 516a ln 30
Johnson William fr 451a ln 27
Johnson William fr 455b ln 4
Johnson William fr 493a ln 10
Johnson William B fr 502a ln 27
Johnson William C fr 498a ln 24
Johnson William H fr 521a ln 33
Johnson(?) Charles fr 462a ln 11
Johnston Catharine fr 536b ln 4
Johnston Charles A fr 497a ln 6
Johnston Charles H fr 525b ln 25
Johnston Clara A fr 497a ln 5
Johnston Clark H fr 536b ln 6
Johnston Emeline fr 536b ln 9
Johnston Emily R fr 525b ln 26
Johnston James D fr 497a ln 4
Johnston James F fr 497a ln 1
Johnston James W fr 525b ln 35
Johnston Joel R. fr 525b ln 33
Johnston John fr 536b ln 3
Johnston John M fr 525b ln 22
Johnston John N fr 525b ln 30
Johnston John T fr 536b ln 5
Johnston Josephine fr 471a ln 6
Johnston Kesiah fr 536b ln 7
Johnston Maria L fr 525b ln 23
Johnston Martha L fr 525b ln 32
Johnston Mary fr 497a ln 7
Johnston Mary E fr 525b ln 27
Johnston Mary J fr 497a ln 3
Johnston Mary S. fr 525b ln 34
Johnston Millie M fr 525b ln 28
Johnston Minerva fr 471a ln 7
Johnston Robert F fr 525b ln 31
Johnston Robert N fr 497a ln 8
Johnston Samuel M fr 497a ln 2
Johnston William R. fr 525b ln 24
Johnston William T fr 471a ln 5
Johnston Zillar M fr 525b ln 29
Jolley Alford B fr 428a ln 24
Jolley Cyrus F fr 428a ln 26
Jolley Elias fr 428b ln 33
Jolley Ellie M fr 428a ln 25
Jolley James L fr 428a ln 23
Jolley Jeramiah fr 428a ln 21
Jolley Mary fr 428b ln 34
Jolley Mary M fr 428a ln 22
Jones Cairintha(?) fr 427b ln 18
Jones Caroline fr 530b ln 24
Jones Charles fr 408b ln 36
Jones Charles fr 440b ln 38
Jones Charles S fr 513a ln 36
Jones Charles T fr 427b ln 20
Jones Cordelia fr 408b ln 38
Jones David fr 500a ln 26
Jones Desdemona fr 433b ln 40
Jones Elias fr 433b ln 38
Jones Elizabeth fr 433b ln 39
Jones Elizabeth fr 500a ln 24
Jones Elizabeth fr 501a ln 21
Jones Emma fr 513a ln 37
Jones Fanny C fr 422b ln 18
Jones Flora C fr 422b ln 17
Jones Francis fr 406a ln 39
Jones Geo 481a ln 29
Jones Henry B. fr 530b ln 28
Jones Hester fr 427b ln 17
Jones Irvin fr 500a ln 23
Jones James fr 408b ln 37
Jones James T fr 406a ln 36
Jones Jasper fr 408b ln 35
Jones John fr 408b ln 34
Jones John fr 501a ln 16
Jones John A. fr 530b ln 26
Jones John E fr 422b ln 16
Jones John R. fr 530b ln 23
Jones John T. fr 427b ln 16
Jones Joseph fr 501a ln 19
Jones Leander fr 422b ln 15
Jones Lewis fr 422b ln 11
Jones Lydia fr 418b ln 8
Jones Margaret fr 406a ln 40
Jones Martha fr 406b ln 1
Jones Martha fr 422b ln 14
Jones Mary fr 406a ln 38
Jones Mary fr 411a ln 26
Jones Mary fr 422b ln 12
Jones Mary J fr 501a ln 20
Jones Morris fr 501a ln 18
Jones Nancy fr 513a ln 34
Jones Naoma fr 427b ln 19
Jones Oliver C fr 513a ln 35
Jones Rachel fr 408b ln 32
Jones Richard fr 500a ln 25
Jones Robert fr 513a ln 33
Jones Robert C fr 422b ln 13
Jones Robert K. fr 530b ln 27
Jones Samuel fr 408b ln 33
Jones Sarah fr 406a ln 37
Jones Sarah J fr 406b ln 2
Jones Stephen fr 440b ln 32
Jones Susanah fr 501a ln 17
Jones William fr 408b ln 31
Jones William fr 411a ln 25
Jones William A fr 497b ln 35
Jones William C. fr 530b ln 25

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