Index of Names Transcribed from the 1870 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 21 January 2004

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1870 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

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Jordan Chrissa fr 530b ln 9
Jordan Christine E. fr 529b ln 37
Jordan Douglas A fr 530b ln 11
Jordan Eliha F fr 529b ln 36
Jordan Esther B. fr 529b ln 39
Jordan John M. fr 529b ln 38
Jordan Mary J. fr 530a ln 1
Jordan Michaelfr 482a ln 6
Jordan William E. fr 529b ln 40
Jordan William N. fr 530b ln 10
Joslin Hiram fr 451a ln 22
Jurd Cureis(?) F fr 512b ln 7
Jurd Edward B fr 512b ln 4
Jurd Jennie fr 512b ln 6
Jurd Mary E fr 512b ln 5
Jurd Nellie fr 512b ln 8
Justice Amanda fr 501b ln 30
Justice Augustice fr 501b ln 29
Justice John fr 501b ln 26
Justice Josephine fr 501b ln 31
Justice Mary F fr 501b ln 32
Justice Pauline M fr 501b ln 28
Justice Wesley M fr 501b ln 27
Ka-he-kequah(?) fr 399b ln 1
Ka-hllahpeiah(?) fr 399b ln 2
Kaider Adam fr 472b ln 38
Kaim(?) Sarah E fr 401a ln 10
Kane John fr 505a ln 23
Kanoka(?) [unreadable] fr 459b ln 5
Kanoka(?) Elizabeth fr 459b ln 2
Kanoka(?) Elizabeth fr 459b ln 3
Kanoka(?) George fr 459b ln 1
Kanoka(?) James(?) fr 459b ln 8
Kanoka(?) John fr 459b ln 6
Kanoka(?) Leon(?) fr 459b ln 7
Kanoka(?) Mary fr 459b ln 4
Karlen Ada fr 451a ln 5
Karlen John fr 451a ln 3
Karlen Mary Ann fr 451a ln 4
Karr Alice fr 402a ln 26
Karr James fr 402a ln 25
Karr Martha fr 402a ln 24
Karr Sarah fr 402a ln 27
Kay Charles fr 512a ln 29
Keat Felow fr 415a ln 24
Keat Henry fr 415a ln 26
Keat Margaret fr 415a ln 25
Keavil Charles fr 524b ln 32
Keavil Eliza fr 524b ln 33
Keavil Henry M fr 524b ln 34
Kee Calvin L fr 522d ln 35
Kee Francis fr 522d ln 36
Kee James fr 522d ln 33
Kee James C fr 522d ln 31
Kee Jesse fr 522d ln 38
Kee Malinda A fr 522d ln 37
Kee Nancy fr 522d ln 32
Kee William fr 522d ln 34
Keech Eveline fr 532a ln 19
Keech Jane fr 532a ln 18
Keech Samuel H fr 532a ln 17
Keesey John F fr 423a ln 2
Keesey Melvina fr 422b ln 40
Keesey Thos A fr 423a ln 1
Keesey Walter fr 422b ln 39
Keiser Alexander fr 555b ln 31
Keiser Frederika fr 555b ln 35
Keiser Jeremiah fr 555b ln 33
Keiser Johanna fr 555b ln 32
Keiser John H fr 555b ln 34
Keisor Anne Z fr 548b ln 16
Keisor Catharine A fr 548b ln 8
Keisor Elizabeth M fr 548b ln 14
Keisor Jacob fr 548b ln 7
Keisor Jacob W fr 548b ln 13
Keisor Lewis J fr 548b ln 11
Keisor Madora F fr 548b ln 15
Keisor Martha J fr 548b ln 12
Keisor Sallie E fr 548b ln 17
Keisor Sarah E fr 548b ln 9
Keisor William S fr 548b ln 10
Keith David H fr 445b ln 39
Keith Edward fr 469b ln 36
Keith John E fr 446a ln 1
Keith Laura A fr 469b ln 37
Keith Mary K fr 469b ln 35
Keith Mary M fr 445b ln 38
Keith Mary P. fr 445b ln 40
Keith Phebe fr 445a ln 26
Keith Robert fr 469b ln 34
Keith W. B fr 445b ln 37
Kellie Anthony fr 460b ln 35
Kelly Jennie fr 525b ln 39
Kelly John fr 525b ln 37
Kelly Rachael fr 525b ln 38
Kelly William E fr 525b ln 40
Kemker Elizabeth fr 509b ln 19
Kemker Sarah A fr 509b ln 20
Kemp Ann fr 414a ln 22
Kemp John fr 414a ln 21
Kendall Charles W fr 554b ln 27
Kendall John fr 554b ln 25
Kendall John fr 554b ln 28
Kendall Johnson A fr 543b ln 38
Kendall Sarah fr 554b ln 26
Kendall Sarah A fr 543b ln 39
Kenisin George fr 449b ln 25
Kenisin Hannah fr 449b ln 24
Kenisin Lydia fr 449b ln 28
Kenisin Mary fr 449b ln 27
Kenisin Rosa fr 449b ln 26
Kennedy(?) John Hfr 484b ln 26
Kennison Elizabeth fr 452a ln 17
Kennison George fr 452a ln 15
Kennison Rosa fr 452a ln 16
Kent Chas fr 404b ln 7
Kent Elizabeth fr 446b ln 37
Kent Fred(?) fr 446b ln 35
Kent George fr 446b ln 34
Kent Martha fr 446b ln 33
Kent Solomon fr 446b ln 32
Kent Temperance fr 446b ln 36
Kent Thomas fr 446b ln 38
Kepheart Henry fr 506b ln 19
Kerry Carriefr 480b ln 36
Kershner Alven fr 510b ln 4
Kershner Andrew fr 511a ln 5
Kershner Cora fr 511a ln 7
Kershner Edward fr 510b ln 5
Kershner Margaret fr 510b ln 3
Kershner Margaret fr 510b ln 8
Kershner Mary E fr 511a ln 6
Kershner Otho fr 510b ln 6
Kershner Smith fr 510b ln 2
Kershner William fr 510b ln 1
Ketterman Lamira(?) fr 508b ln 38
Kilgore Cenia A fr 553a ln 2
Kilgore James W fr 553a ln 4
Kilgore John H fr 553a ln 3
Kilgore Matilda fr 553a ln 1
Kilgore Susanah fr 553a ln 5
Kilman Joseph fr 439b ln 25
Kilman Peter fr 439b ln 26
Kilman Thomas fr 439b ln 24
Kilsonzah Susan fr 400a ln 33
Kimball Chas(?)fr 488a ln 38
Kimble Katyfr 482b ln 34
Kimmell William fr 463a ln 25
King Albert fr 412a ln 28
King Albertine fr 437a ln 14
King Alvin fr 432b ln 37
King Amos fr 437a ln 17
King Augustin fr 437a ln 11
King Caroline M fr 437a ln 9
King Charles fr 412a ln 30
King Eddie fr 432b ln 36
King Elizabeth fr 412a ln 25
King Frank fr 412a ln 29
King James fr 412a ln 26
King Jonas fr 432b ln 33
King Joseph fr 412a ln 27
King Martin fr 437a ln 12
King Martin fr 437a ln 8
King Matilda fr 437a ln 15
King Mikial fr 437a ln 13
King Polina fr 437a ln 10
King Rufus fr 437a ln 16
King Samuel fr 412a ln 24
King Sarah J fr 432b ln 34
King William fr 432b ln 35
Kingsley Addiefr 481a ln 22
Kingsley Clara Afr 481a ln 23
Kingsley Frankfr 481a ln 24
Kingsley Frediefr 481a ln 25
Kingsley Georgefr 481a ln 26
Kingsley Jamesfr 481a ln 21
Kinkade Benj 490a ln 21
Kinkade Dellafr 490a ln 22
Kinkaid Barbary J fr 453b ln 24
Kinkaid Cyntha M fr 453b ln 26
Kinkaid HiramB fr 453b ln 28
Kinkaid Nancy fr 453b ln 23
Kinkaid Thomas B fr 453b ln 25
Kinkaid William E fr 453b ln 27
Kinkaid Wm H fr 453b ln 22
Kirby Charles H fr 544a ln 14
Kirby Edward H fr 544a ln 12
Kirby Eliza E fr 494b ln 23
Kirby Ella fr 544a ln 19
Kirby Eugene fr 544a ln 17
Kirby George fr 544a ln 20
Kirby Harriet R fr 544a ln 13
Kirby Jane E fr 544a ln 15
Kirby Mary M fr 544a ln 18
Kirby William H fr 544a ln 16
Kirk China fr 509b ln 36
Kirk John fr 509b ln 37
Kirk Robert Jr fr 509b ln 35
Kirkland Jannie fr 513a ln 32
Kirks Jane fr 508a ln 34
Kirks John fr 508a ln 35
Kirks Robert Sr fr 508a ln 33
Kitchen David T fr 455b ln 33
Kitchen Dorcas E fr 455b ln 34
Kitchen Eliza A fr 455b ln 32
Kitchen Elizabeth fr 464a ln 28
Kitchen George W fr 455b ln 31
Kitchen James W fr 455b ln 28
Kitchen John C fr 455b ln 30
Kitchen Mary E fr 455b ln 29
Kitchen Nancy J fr 464a ln 26
Kitchen Ruth J fr 455b ln 27
Kitchen Sally Ann fr 455b ln 26
Kitchen Sarah H fr 455b ln 35
Kitchen William fr 455b ln 25
Kitchen William fr 464a ln 25
Kitchen William Jr fr 464a ln 27
Kizler Anna fr 444a ln 40
Klasson Katy fr 475a ln 3
Klasson Lewis fr 475a ln 4
Klasson Libbie fr 475a ln 5
Klasson M fr 475a ln 1
Klasson Mary fr 475a ln 2
Klasson Mattie fr 475a ln 6
Klasson Morey(?) fr 475a ln 7
Kline Criss fr 415b ln 30
Kline Mary fr 415b ln 32
Kline Mary B fr 415b ln 31
Knapp Alburus(?) fr 405a ln 10
Knapp Amy E fr 405a ln 17
Knapp Ellihue(?) fr 405a ln 12
Knapp Jacob A fr 405a ln 18
Knapp John fr 405a ln 13
Knapp Lydia fr 405a ln 11
Knapp Mathias fr 405a ln 14
Knapp Phoeba J fr 405a ln 16
Knapp Sohluanna(?) fr 405a ln 15
Knight Alba A fr 543b ln 22
Knight Alfred fr 421b ln 18
Knight Edward L fr 543b ln 25
Knight Elizabeth fr 421b ln 17
Knight Elizabeth fr 543b ln 23
Knight Orson A fr 543b ln 24
Knight Robert C fr 421b ln 16
Knity(?) Wm Gfr 488b ln 34
Koche John fr 414b ln 15
Koche Louis fr 414b ln 13
Koche Mary fr 414b ln 14
Kohrer Hiram fr 504a ln 14
Koish(?) Henry fr 415b ln 33
Kralman Aminda fr 426a ln 35
Kralman John fr 426a ln 37
Kralman Joseph W fr 426a ln 36
Kralman Millie Elmina fr 426a ln 38
Kralman William fr 426a ln 34
Kramar(?) Nancy fr 469a ln 32
Kuhne(?) James fr 536d ln 8
Kuhne(?) Mary fr 536d ln 7
Kuhne(?) Olive fr 536d ln 9
Kuhne(?) Oscar fr 536d ln 11
Kuhne(?) Walter fr 536d ln 6
Kuhne(?) Warren fr 536d ln 10
Kyees(?) Allie fr 410b ln 8
Kyees(?) jerry fr 410b ln 7
Kyle Henry H fr 494a ln 36
Kyle James L fr 494a ln 38
Kyle Mary A fr 494a ln 39
Kyle Samuel fr 494a ln 33
Kyle Sarah A fr 494a ln 35
Kyle Thomas W fr 494a ln 34
Kyle William fr 494a ln 40
Kyle William H fr 494a ln 31
Kyle Zillah A fr 494a ln 32
L[unreadable] M. S. fr 475b ln 27
Labardie Willie(?) G fr 467a ln 10
Lackeying Charles fr 412a ln 35
Lackeying Framcos fr 412a ln 32
Lackeying Frizy fr 412a ln 33
Lackeying Sarah fr 412a ln 34
Ladero George fr 498a ln 23
Laellen(?) Charles fr 519b ln 24
Laellen(?) Jennie M fr 519b ln 23
Laellen(?) John M fr 519b ln 21
Laellen(?) Rebecca fr 519b ln 22
Lafesly Angeline fr 441b ln 40
Lafesly Grace fr 442a ln 2
Lafesly James fr 442a ln 4
Lafesly Jane fr 441b ln 39
Lafesly Robert fr 441b ln 38
Lafesly Robert fr 442a ln 3
Lafesly William fr 442a ln 1
LaGrange Almira fr 470b ln 40
LaGrange Alvina(?)fr 482a ln 30
LaGrange Anna fr 470b ln 38
LaGrange Annafr 482a ln 28
LaGrange Florance(?)fr 482a ln 29
LaGrange Isaac fr 470b ln 35
LaGrange Isaacfr 482a ln 25
LaGrange Mary fr 470b ln 37
LaGrange Maryfr 482a ln 27
LaGrange Nancy fr 470b ln 39
LaGrange Sarah fr 470b ln 36
LaGrange Sarah Afr 482a ln 26
LaGrange Susan fr 471a ln 1
LaGrange Susanfr 482a ln 31
Lamaster Aquilla fr 535a ln 20
Lamaster Emma fr 535a ln 24
Lamaster James A fr 535a ln 21
Lamaster Joshua fr 535a ln 18
Lamaster Margret fr 535a ln 19
Lamaster Mary fr 535a ln 22
Lamaster Orila fr 535a ln 23
Lamaster Robert fr 535a ln 25
Lamb Abraham fr 419a ln 11
Lamb Jon W fr 419a ln 9
Lamb Margaret fr 419a ln 10
Land Francis fr 501b ln 6
Land George fr 501b ln 10
Land Harry fr 501b ln 14
Land Jackson fr 501b ln 8
Land Mahala fr 501b ln 11
Land Olitah(?) fr 501b ln 12
Land Riley fr 501b ln 9
Land Sherman fr 501b ln 13
Land Thomas fr 501b ln 7
Land William fr 501b ln 5
Landers David fr 431b ln 18
Landers John fr 431b ln 14
Landers Margaret fr 431b ln 15
Landers Wallace fr 431b ln 17
Landers William fr 431b ln 16
Landiss Charles fr 432a ln 37
Landiss Elizabeth fr 432a ln 35
Landiss Franklin fr 432a ln 38
Landiss George fr 432a ln 36
Landiss Jacob fr 432a ln 34
Landiss Washington fr 432a ln 39
Lane Albert fr 432b ln 29
Lane Alphaus fr 428a ln 29
Lane Anson fr 428a ln 27
Lane Atlanta fr 428a ln 30
Lane Beverlyfr 480b ln 39
Lane Byran fr 426b ln 31
Lane Carson fr 428a ln 32
Lane Catharinefr 480b ln 40
Lane Catherine fr 426b ln 29
Lane Catherine fr 432b ln 30
Lane Clarice(?) fr 432b ln 15
Lane Dedama M fr 432b ln 32
Lane Ellen fr 432b ln 14
Lane Emma fr 432b ln 31
Lane Franklin fr 426b ln 30
Lane Gilbert fr 426b ln 28
Lane Gilbert fr 428a ln 31
Lane Louisafr 480b ln 38
Lane Peter fr 432b ln 16
Lane Susan fr 428a ln 28
Lane Vernon fr 432b ln 13
Lane(?) George fr 459a ln 19
Lanfore William fr 398a ln 21
Lang Elizabeth M fr 508b ln 40
Lang John fr 508b ln 39
Langley Joanna fr 460a ln 7
Langley Stephen H fr 460a ln 6
Langley William H fr 460a ln 8
Lantz Elizabeth fr 558a ln 39
Lantz Elizabeth fr 558b ln 1
Lantz Hiram fr 558b ln 2
Lantz Mary A fr 558b ln 3
Lantz Saloma fr 558a ln 40
Lantz William fr 558a ln 38
Lantz William fr 558b ln 4
Laphalier Henry fr 399a ln 38
Laphalier Lucien fr 399a ln 35
Laphalier Mary fr 399a ln 34
Laphalier Oscar fr 399a ln 37
Laphalier Persie E fr 399a ln 36
Laphalier Peter fr 399a ln 33
Large Clark fr 444b ln 12
Large Geo W fr 444a ln 20
Large Howard fr 444a ln 22
Large Hugh fr 444b ln 2
Large Martha fr 444a ln 23
Large Mary fr 444b ln 13
Large Mary Bell fr 444b ln 14
Large Nancy fr 444a ln 21
Largo Mary A fr 462a ln 10
Largo Peggie fr 462a ln 8
Largo Phillip fr 462a ln 9
Largo Robert fr 462a ln 7
Larimer Albert fr 411a ln 10
Larimer Mary fr 411a ln 8
Larimer Octavia(?) fr 411a ln 9
Larkins Della M fr 468a ln 39
Larkins Ella J fr 468a ln 40
Larkins Frank M fr 468a ln 38
Larkins Rachel M fr 468a ln 37
Larkins Sam fr 468a ln 36
Lasiliar Pheobe fr 471b ln 30
Lasiliar Sadie fr 471b ln 31
Lasiliar William fr 471b ln 29
Laszadder Clarke fr 422b ln 27
Laszadder Leana fr 422b ln 29
Laszadder Lucinda fr 422b ln 28
Latham Belou(?) fr 496a ln 22
Latham Charles fr 496a ln 24
Latham Eliza fr 496a ln 23
Latimer Elizabeth fr 547a ln 4
Latimer Phillip F fr 547a ln 3
Latimer Richard fr 547a ln 6
Latimer Robert fr 547a ln 5
Lawhead Jane M fr 400a ln 3
Lawhead Timothy fr 400a ln 2
Lawrence Eliza fr 516a ln 23
Lawrence Eugene fr 516a ln 24
Lawrence Lemuel H fr 516a ln 22
Laws Albert fr 445b ln 3
Laws Anne E fr 525b ln 16
Laws Eliza fr 445b ln 4
Laws Fanny fr 445b ln 6
Laws George fr 525b ln 13
Laws James fr 445b ln 5
Laws James M fr 525b ln 19
Laws Mary fr 525b ln 14
Laws Mary C fr 525b ln 15
Laws Ruth E fr 525b ln 17
Laws William fr 525b ln 20
Laws William A fr 525b ln 18
Laws(?) Edward fr 435a ln 36
Laws(?) Emma fr 435a ln 37
Laws(?) Ida fr 435a ln 39
Laws(?) Jacob fr 435a ln 34
Laws(?) Jacob fr 435a ln 38
Laws(?) Mary fr 435a ln 35
Lay Columbus fr 408a ln 32
Lay Florrence(?) fr 408a ln 34
Lay Frances fr 508a ln 3
Lay George fr 507b ln 39
Lay Hugh fr 508a ln 5
Lay Jane A fr 508a ln 1
Lay Jasper N fr 507b ln 37
Lay John J fr 510a ln 40
Lay Laura fr 508a ln 2
Lay Marian F fr 505a ln 13
Lay Mary E fr 507b ln 38
Lay Millie fr 528b ln 11
Lay Minnie fr 507b ln 40
Lay Osker fr 408a ln 35
Lay Rebecca fr 408a ln 33
Lay Thomas fr 508a ln 4
Lay William fr 556a ln 5
Layton Albert fr 411b ln 8
Layton Alva fr 411b ln 10
Layton Jacob fr 411b ln 7
Layton Mary fr 411b ln 6
Layton Nancy fr 411b ln 9
Layton Preston fr 411b ln 3
Layton Sarah fr 411b ln 4
Layton William fr 411b ln 5
Leazenby Caleb fr 457a ln 28
Leazenby Ida May fr 457a ln 30
Leazenby James fr 457a ln 26
Leazenby Joshua fr 457a ln 29
Leazenby Susan M fr 457a ln 27
Leddy Michael fr 434b ln 5
Lee Aaron S fr 537b ln 13
Lee America A fr 496a ln 37
Lee Anna M fr 537b ln 17
Lee Charles fr 537b ln 15
Lee Charlotte fr 475b ln 34
Lee Dwight fr 528b ln 26
Lee Edney fr 455b ln 21
Lee Eliza V fr 540b ln 35
Lee Elizabeth fr 528b ln 28
Lee Esther A fr 496a ln 35
Lee Fidella fr 528b ln 29
Lee Francis M fr 496a ln 36
Lee George fr 475b ln 32
Lee James L fr 537b ln 18
Lee James T fr 540b ln 36
Lee Jane(?) fr 475b ln 37
Lee Jessie F fr 512a ln 13
Lee John W fr 512a ln 14
Lee Joseph fr 528b ln 24
Lee Judah T fr 512a ln 16
Lee Lafayette fr 540b ln 33
Lee Lavina A fr 540b ln 37
Lee Lene D fr 537b ln 16
Lee Lewis fr 496a ln 34
Lee Lois fr 528b ln 30
Lee Louisafr 480b ln 33
Lee Lucy A. fr 475b ln 33
Lee Margaret fr 455b ln 19
Lee Margaret fr 455b ln 23
Lee Margaret J fr 540b ln 34
Lee Martha A fr 455b ln 20
Lee Mary A fr 475b ln 35
Lee Mary J fr 528b ln 31
Lee Mary J fr 537b ln 14
Lee Oscar S fr 496a ln 38
Lee Peter M fr 498a ln 13
Lee Sabra fr 528b ln 25
Lee Sarah fr 528b ln 27
Lee Sherman fr 528b ln 32
Lee Silas(?) fr 468a ln 7
Lee Sophia fr 455b ln 22
Lee Thomas B fr 512a ln 15
Lee Walter L. fr 475b ln 36
Lee William fr 455b ln 18
Lee William C fr 455b ln 24
Leefees(?) John F fr 423a ln 10
Leefees(?) Nancy fr 423a ln 9
Leefees(?) William fr 423a ln 11
Legg Sarah fr 442a ln 36
Leighton Chas A fr 469a ln 33
Lentz Absolom fr 513a ln 3
Lentz Emma fr 513a ln 4
Leon Chas fr 400a ln 8
Leonard George W fr 400b ln 24
Leonard May B fr 400b ln 23
Leonard May E fr 400b ln 22
Leonard Misas(?) fr 400b ln 21
Leslie Ella J. fr 530a ln 29
Leslie Lucy fr 530a ln 30
Leslie Nancy W fr 530a ln 28
Leslie Otho D. L. fr 530a ln 31
Leslie Robert W. fr 530a ln 27
Lesom(?) Frank fr 534a ln 27
Lesom(?) Lucinda fr 534a ln 28
Lesom(?) Richard fr 534a ln 26
Lester Chasfr 490b ln 11
Lester Ellafr 490b ln 10
Lester Isaacfr 490b ln 3
Lester Josephinefr 490b ln 6
Lester Lawrencefr 490b ln 5
Lester Lilliefr 490b ln 7
Lester Marthafr 490b ln 4
Lester Nettiefr 490b ln 8
Lester Sarahfr 490b ln 9
Lewis Arthur B fr 556b ln 7
Lewis Catherine fr 402a ln 37
Lewis Chas fr 402a ln 40
Lewis Cynthiafr 481a ln 17
Lewis George fr 402a ln 39
Lewis George W fr 556b ln 8
Lewis Horace fr 402b ln 1
Lewis Julia fr 437b ln 10
Lewis Luther fr 437b ln 13
Lewis Mary fr 403b ln 24
Lewis Mary M fr 437b ln 14
Lewis Rosetta fr 437b ln 11
Lewis Sidus(?) fr 402a ln 36
Lewis Thomas P fr 556b ln 5
Lewis Wesley fr 437b ln 12
Lewis William fr 403b ln 25
Lewis William fr 437b ln 9
Lewis Zilpah A fr 556b ln 6
Ligh William fr 434b ln 39
Light Albert E fr 466b ln 9
Light Alonzo fr 459a ln 36
Light Alonzo B fr 466b ln 7
Light Amanda fr 459a ln 33
Light Arhiss(?) fr 466b ln 11
Light Catharine fr 461a ln 36
Light Celin(?) fr 459a ln 40
Light Comellia(?) fr 459a ln 34
Light George fr 459a ln 39
Light Ida May fr 466b ln 12
Light Jesse fr 459a ln 32
Light Rosanna fr 466b ln 8
Light Rosetta fr 459a ln 37
Light Samuel fr 461a ln 35
Light Sarah fr 459a ln 35
Light Victoria fr 459a ln 38
Light William fr 466b ln 10
Lightle Rachel A fr 443a ln 14
Lightle Samuel C fr 443a ln 15
Lightle William fr 443a ln 13
Likens Emma Jfr 482a ln 3
Likens Jennie Ifr 482a ln 4
Likens John Afr 482a ln 1
Likens Lucretia(?)fr 481b ln 39
Likens Mary Efr 481b ln 40
Likens Nancy Annfr 482a ln 5
Likens Sarah Afr 482a ln 2
Likens Thos Efr 481b ln 38
Lillian Packwood fr 413a ln 21
Lillie Aaron fr 496a ln 25
Lillie Aaron F fr 496a ln 27
Lillie Calvin fr 496a ln 30
Lillie Eleandor fr 496a ln 26
Lillie James fr 496a ln 31
Lillie Laura fr 496a ln 33
Lillie Leonard fr 496a ln 29
Lillie Robert fr 496a ln 28
Lillie Thomas fr 496a ln 32
Lillig(?) Sarah fr 463a ln 15
Limberger Nelly fr 449a ln 18
Lindamood Eliza J fr 542a ln 8
Lindamood James M fr 542a ln 9
Lindamood John W fr 542a ln 7
Lingle Henry W fr 495a ln 38
Lingle Mary fr 495a ln 40
Lingle Mary M fr 495a ln 39
Lingrain Charles fr 435b ln 40
Linsdale Malina A fr 433a ln 14
Linsdale William fr 433a ln 13
Lisle Aarron B fr 555b ln 7
Lisle Ellen B fr 555b ln 8
Lisle Howard W fr 555b ln 9
Lisle James fr 555b ln 4
Lisle Minnie P fr 555b ln 6
Lisle Sarah M fr 555b ln 5
Little Maryfr 487a ln 31
Littlejohn James M fr 504b ln 18
Livingston Darcus E fr 556b ln 33
Livingston Frank M fr 556b ln 34
Livingston George W fr 556b ln 35
Livingston John E fr 556b ln 36
Livingston Peter fr 556b ln 32
Loader(?) Harriett Jfr 481b ln 10
Loader(?) James Wfr 481b ln 11
Loader(?) John Afr 481b ln 9
Loader(?) Kesiah Sfr 481b ln 13
Loader(?) Leonardfr 481b ln 12
Loader(?) Marthafr 481b ln 8
Loader(?) Nathanfr 481b ln 6
Loader(?) Olivefr 481b ln 14
Loader(?) Susanfr 481b ln 7
Lockheart Alpha fr 420b ln 27
Lockheart Byron fr 420b ln 23
Lockheart David fr 420b ln 21
Lockheart Eliza fr 420b ln 24
Lockheart Elizabeth fr 420b ln 22
Lockheart Orlin fr 420b ln 25
Lockheart Vernon fr 420b ln 26
Lombarlee Flonlla fr 449b ln 3
Long Amos fr 472a ln 6
Long Benjamin fr 472a ln 14
Long David fr 538a ln 35
Long Eddie fr 549a ln 23
Long Edward fr 472a ln 11
Long Frances fr 472a ln 9
Long Frank A fr 549a ln 24
Long George fr 538a ln 38
Long Henry H fr 449b ln 1
Long Lavina fr 472a ln 7
Long Leander fr 536a ln 11
Long Leroy J. fr 536a ln 9
Long Lewis N. fr 549a ln 17
Long Louisa fr 536a ln 10
Long Lucy fr 472a ln 8
Long Mahala fr 538a ln 36
Long Martha fr 472a ln 12
Long Martha C fr 549a ln 19
Long Mary A fr 549a ln 20
Long McArthur fr 472a ln 13
Long Miran fr 536a ln 7
Long Nancy fr 536b ln 34
Long Rachael fr 549a ln 18
Long Rachel R fr 536a ln 8
Long Samuel fr 472a ln 10
Long Sarah E fr 549a ln 22
Long Ulesses fr 538a ln 39
Long William fr 538a ln 37
Long William H fr 549a ln 21
Longbruke(?) Mary fr 466b ln 20
Longburke(?) Frank fr 466b ln 21
Longfellow Hiram fr 440b ln 31
Longfellow Joseph fr 440b ln 30
Longfellow M H fr 440b ln 27
Longfellow Margaret A fr 440b ln 29
Longfellow Nancy fr 440b ln 28
Longley(?) Abner Wfr 483b ln 35
Longley(?) Henrietta(?)fr 483b ln 36
Lookenbell(?) Johnfr 486b ln 22
Lookenbell(?) Lydia Afr 486b ln 23
Loomas Williamfr 482a ln 16
Loomer Hiram fr 495a ln 6
Loomer William fr 495a ln 5
Loopsley(?) Louisafr 485b ln 38
Loopsley(?) Martinfr 485b ln 37
Loopsley(?) Maryfr 485b ln 39
Lorain Frank fr 456a ln 2

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