Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Kelsay, Birdie fr 37a ln 8
Kelsay, Helen M fr 37a ln 7
Kelsey, Arley fr 89a ln 4
Kelsey, Floyd fr 89a ln 10
Kelsey, Frank fr 89a ln 1
Kelsey, Guy fr 89a ln 6
Kelsey, Hazell fr 89a ln 9
Kelsey, Hellen fr 89a ln 8
Kelsey, Louise fr 89a ln 7
Kelsey, Loy fr 89a ln 3
Kelsey, Olive fr 89a ln 2
Kelsey, Paul fr 89a ln 11
Kelsey, Ray fr 89a ln 5
Kemper, Adam fr 81a ln 5
Kemper, David fr 81a ln 10
Kemper, Joseph W fr 81a ln 7
Kemper, Martha D fr 81a ln 9
Kemper, Mary S fr 81a ln 8
Kemper, Senie fr 81a ln 6
Kempton, B F fr 122a ln 5
Kenedy, [unreadable] E fr 139a ln 45
Kenedy, Addie fr 139a ln 44
Kenedy, Frederick fr 139a ln 43
Kenedy, Jennie fr 106a ln 16
Kenedy, Margarett fr 106a ln 18
Kenedy, Mary fr 114a ln 11
Kenedy, Ralph fr 106a ln 17
Kenedy, Silas P fr 106a ln 19
Kennedy, Ada fr 112a ln 38
Kenohff(?), Edith fr 100b ln 94
Kenohff(?), John fr 100b ln 93
Kenohff(?), Mary fr 100b ln 95
Kent, Elmer L fr 106b ln 62
Kent, Florance fr 106b ln 61
Kent, James fr 119b ln 99
Kent, Julia fr 98a ln 5
Kent, Louis fr 106b ln 60
Kent, Ralph fr 98a ln 7
Kent, Rubin D fr 32a ln 17
Kent, Thomas fr 98a ln 4
Kent, Walter fr 98a ln 6
Kerley, Owen fr 120b ln 71
Kern, Alma C fr 55b ln 100
Kern, Charlote fr 55b ln 98
Kern, Clifford fr 56a ln 1
Kern, Daisy fr 57a ln 37
Kern, Eva fr 55b ln 96
Kern, Frank fr 62b ln 81
Kern, Henry fr 62b ln 79
Kern, John fr 122a ln 6
Kern, John W fr 55b ln 97
Kern, Loren J fr 57a ln 36
Kern, Milton fr 55b ln 95
Kern, Minnie C fr 56a ln 2
Kern, Newton fr 56a ln 3
Kern, Oda E fr 56a ln 4
Kern, Ray F fr 55b ln 99
Kern, Susan fr 62b ln 80
Kern, Velma fr 57a ln 38
Kerr, Ada fr 142b ln 73
Kerr, Elmer fr 142b ln 74
Kerth(?), Lora fr 154a ln 11
Kerth(?), Robert fr 154a ln 10
Kester, George fr 110a ln 3
Kester, Harvey fr 110a ln 4
Kester, Henry fr 110a ln 5
Kester, Lilly fr 110a ln 6
Ketaking, Sally A fr 90a ln 7
Ketchem(?), Aresta fr 125b ln 88
Ketchem(?), Bettie A fr 125b ln 83
Ketchem(?), Isaac fr 125b ln 82
Ketchem(?), Kate fr 125b ln 85
Ketchem(?), Lydia fr 125b ln 87
Ketchem(?), M J fr 125b ln 84
Ketchem(?), Zella fr 125b ln 86
Kettles, Fred fr 45a ln 12
Kettles, Henry fr 45a ln 10
Kettles, Herman fr 45a ln 11
Kettles, Minni fr 45a ln 13
Kettles, Minnie fr 45a ln 8
Kettles, Wiliam fr 45a ln 7
Kettles, William fr 45a ln 9
Keys(?), Susan fr 125a ln 6
Keys(?), William fr 125a ln 5
Kibby, Thomas fr 122a ln 3
Kidd, John W fr 120b ln 73
Kilgore, Asa D fr 58b ln 56
Kilgore, Ida M fr 58b ln 54
Kilgore, John H fr 58b ln 53
Kilgore, Lenura M fr 58b ln 55
Kilgore, Leota O fr 58b ln 59
Kilgore, Ora A fr 58b ln 57
Kilgore, Phon I fr 58b ln 58
Killy, Balbina fr 30b ln 95
Killy, Rosa fr 30b ln 96
Killy, William F fr 30b ln 94
Kim, Alexander fr 74b ln 88
Kim, Bertha fr 74b ln 87
Kim, Edward fr 74b ln 86
Kim, Mary fr 74b ln 85
Kim, Robert fr 74b ln 84
Kindred, Charles(?) fr 24a ln 39
Kindred, Emma fr 24a ln 40
Kineart(?), Arissia fr 26a ln 40
King, [unreadable] fr 73a ln 28
King, A Samuel fr 70b ln 67
King, Albert fr 73a ln 32
King, Albert(?) fr 73a ln 27
King, Alfred fr 73a ln 33
King, B Charles fr 71b ln 53
King, Daniel(?) fr 95a ln 18
King, E Matilda fr 71b ln 54
King, Edward fr 73a ln 30
King, Elijah fr 95a ln 20
King, Eliza fr 113b ln 97
King, Elizabeth fr 70b ln 68
King, Frank fr 120b ln 69
King, Frank P fr 61b ln 92
King, Franklin fr 73a ln 31
King, Fredrich fr 73a ln 29
King, H Sroannie(?) fr 71b ln 55
King, Hazel fr 71b ln 56
King, James fr 61b ln 90
King, Johanna fr 115b ln 90
King, John W fr 60a ln 36
King, Kate L fr 61b ln 91
King, L[unreadable] fr 87b ln 100
King, Maggie fr 95a ln 19
King, McKinley fr 60a ln 38
King, Myrtle I fr 60a ln 37
King, Ona fr 127a ln 32
King, Otto fr 120b ln 68
King, Pearl fr 95a ln 21
Kingsley, Ella fr 141b ln 57
Kingsley, George fr 141b ln 56
Kingsley, Thomas H fr 141b ln 58
Kinny(?), James fr 126a ln 33
Kinny(?), Laura fr 126a ln 34
Kinny(?), Leanrad(?) fr 126a ln 35
Kirby, Thomas fr 122a ln 2
Kirchhlof, Adoplh fr 122a ln 4
Kirkland, Anna fr 30b ln 82
Kirkland, Cecil M fr 24a ln 45
Kirkland, Charles R fr 24a ln 43
Kirkland, Edd fr 36a ln 3
Kirkland, Elizabeth fr 30b ln 81
Kirkland, George fr 122a ln 1
Kirkland, Gladess fr 24a ln 44
Kirkland, John fr 24a ln 41
Kirkland, Mattie fr 36a ln 4
Kirkland, Minnie M fr 24a ln 42
Kirkland, Ruth fr 30b ln 83
Kirkland, Thomas fr 30b ln 80
Kirkman, Ida fr 117b ln 88
Kirkner, Sarah fr 113b ln 91
Kirkpatrick, James M fr 61a ln 41
Kirkpatrick, Jefferson F fr 61a ln 11
Kirts Emery fr 43b ln 82
Kirts, David fr 43b ln 77
Kirts, Frank fr 43b ln 79
Kirts, Ida fr 43b ln 81
Kirts, Mary J fr 43b ln 78
Kirts, Rhoda fr 43b ln 80
Kiser R Sammuel(?) fr 71a ln 18
Kiser, Alexander fr 49a ln 19
Kiser, Alice fr 56b ln 58
Kiser, Dan fr 47b ln 86
Kiser, Jerry fr 56b ln 57
Kiser, Jerry E fr 49a ln 21
Kiser, Johanna fr 49a ln 20
Kiser, John fr 71a ln 19
Kiser, Maggie fr 47b ln 87
Kiser, Myrtle M fr 156a ln 30
Kiser, Otis A fr 49a ln 22
Kiser, Walter fr 49a ln 23
Kitchen, Anna fr 132a ln 14
Kitchen, Candace fr 129b ln 81
Kitchen, Deborah fr 132a ln 13
Kitchen, Elizabeth fr 129b ln 78
Kitchen, Evaline fr 129b ln 77
Kitchen, George fr 132a ln 15
Kitchen, James fr 129b ln 76
Kitchen, Martha fr 129b ln 79
Kitchen, Samuel(?) fr 132a ln 12
Kitchen, William fr 129b ln 80
Kitchen, William fr 132a ln 16
Klamm, Peter fr 120b ln 70
Klassen(?), M[unreadable] fr 151a ln 41
Klassen(?), Mary fr 151a ln 42
Klassen(?), Myrtle A fr 151a ln 43
Klaus, Alefy fr 119b ln 100
Kleiman(?), Carl fr 24a ln 31
Kleiman(?), Charles fr 24a ln 29
Kleiman(?), Mary fr 24a ln 30
Klinean, Mary fr 26b ln 75
Klingberg, Minnie fr 112b ln 69
Klingles(?), Addie N fr 87a ln 12
Klingles(?), Alexander fr 87a ln 9
Klingles(?), Clanancy F fr 87a ln 11
Klingles(?), Francis fr 87a ln 10
Klinkerman, Dora L fr 144a ln 15
Klinkerman, Emma fr 144a ln 14
Klinkerman, Henry fr 144a ln 13
Klipel, Margaret fr 117a ln 27
Klotz, Henry fr 67b ln 62
Knapp, Andrew fr 106a ln 46
Knapp, Lucy fr 106a ln 47
Knepp, Baby fr 55b ln 53
Knepp, Edward fr 55a ln 49
Knepp, Emma fr 55b ln 52
Knepp, Fern fr 55b ln 51
Knepp, Sarah fr 55a ln 50
Knife, Mollie fr 111a ln 36
Knight, Ada(?) fr 124b ln 91
Knight, Ida A fr 154a ln 6
Knight, Inez fr 124b ln 90
Knight, John D fr 154a ln 7
Knight, Leslie fr 124b ln 92
Knight, Louisa fr 124b ln 88
Knight, Luella J fr 154a ln 4
Knight, May D fr 154a ln 5
Knight, Robert fr 124b ln 89
Knight, Samuel fr 124b ln 87
Knight, Sarah fr 154a ln 3
Knoche, Amelia fr 49a ln 12
Knoche, Emma L fr 49a ln 14
Knoche, Frank H fr 49a ln 10
Knoche, Fritz fr 49a ln 13
Knoche, George L fr 49a ln 9
Knoche, John fr 49a ln 15
Knoche, John W fr 49a ln 8
Knoche, Mary fr 49a ln 7
Knoche, Mary K fr 49a ln 11
Knoop, Frank fr 141b ln 63
Knoop, Harriet fr 141b ln 61
Knoop, James A fr 141b ln 64
Knoop, Oliver fr 141b ln 62
Knoop, Thomas fr 141b ln 60
Knoop, Vernie T fr 141b ln 66
Knoop, Viola M fr 141b ln 65
Knouff, Isaac fr 122a ln 8
Kober, Jacob fr 120b ln 64
Kohen, Elizabeth fr 113b ln 87
Kohlbahm, Anna fr 92b ln 53
Kohlbahm, Emma fr 92b ln 52
Kohlbahm, Emma H fr 92b ln 55
Kohlbahm, Henry fr 92b ln 54
Kohlbahm, Theodoro fr 92b ln 51
Kohlenberg, August fr 54b ln 94
Kohlenberg, Charles fr 54b ln 93
Kohlenberg, Christian fr 54b ln 90
Kohlenberg, Henry fr 54b ln 92
Kohlenberg, Minnie fr 54b ln 91
Kohler, Mary fr 113b ln 86
Kohn, Carolina fr 76b ln 68
Kolb, Elizabeth fr 116a ln 30
Koopman, Anna M fr 151b ln 58
Koorice, A[unreadable] fr 154a ln 15
Koorice, Gertrude L fr 154a ln 18
Koorice, Grace E fr 154a ln 17
Koorice, Madge E fr 154a ln 19
Koorice, Martha fr 154a ln 16
Kopplin, Edwin fr 120b ln 72
Korman, Amelia fr 114a ln 10
Koust, Frederick fr 118a ln 13
Kressin, Augusta M fr 114a ln 13
Krey, anna fr 157a ln 5
Krisen, Robert fr 112a ln 23
Kubik, Joseph fr 120b ln 65
Kuechenmeister, Mary fr 113b ln 88
Kuhn, Barbara fr 116b ln 72
Kuphens(?), Nick fr 57b ln 71
Kyte, Frank fr 95b ln 82
L[unreadable], Bart fr 38a ln 50
L[unreadable], Bessie fr 38b ln 53
L[unreadable], Frances fr 38b ln 51
L[unreadable], Gracie fr 38b ln 52
L[unreadable], Guy W fr 38b ln 55
L[unreadable], Willie fr 38b ln 54
Lackey, Gussie M fr 34a ln 1
Lackey, James M fr 33b ln 100
Lackey, John fr 33b ln 98
Lackey, Nannie fr 33b ln 99
Lackey, Thomas F fr 34a ln 2
Lacy, Carrie fr 44a ln 37
Lacy, Dollie fr 44a ln 40
Lacy, Ettie fr 44a ln 36
Lacy, Frank fr 44a ln 39
Lacy, James fr 44a ln 38
Lacy, Lee fr 122a ln 10
Lacy, Nany fr 44a ln 35
Lacy, William fr 44a ln 34
Laesley(?), Frank fr 149a ln 37
Laesley(?), Sevilla fr 149a ln 36
Laesly(?), Nathan fr 149a ln 35
Laine, Ira J fr 121a ln 1
Laing, Corra E fr 94b ln 58
Laing, Corra M fr 94b ln 55
Laing, D Elva fr 94b ln 56
Laing, Walsting(?) W fr 94b ln 59
Laing, Walter fr 94b ln 54
Lair, Joseph fr 130b ln 56
Lair, Eva fr 130b ln 57
Lairce, Rachel fr 117a ln 29
Laird, Lefranis fr 29a ln 37
Laird, Lilly J fr 29a ln 39
Laird, Lizzie fr 29a ln 38
Laires(?), Jesse fr 112b ln 68
Lamb, Edward fr 120b ln 74
Lambert, Tollie(?) fr 112a ln 42
Lamle, Bessie fr 35a ln 14
Lamle, Elmer fr 35a ln 13
Lamle, Frank fr 35a ln 11
Lamle, Leona fr 35a ln 12
Lamm, George fr 22b ln 67
Lamm, Jocie(?) fr 22b ln 69
Lamm, Lydia L fr 22b ln 68
Lance, Charles B fr 120b ln 80
Lancer, Mary E fr 150a ln 3
Lancer, William fr 150a ln 8
Lanch, Lavina fr 116a ln 9
Land, Annie fr 147b ln 54
Land, Ira fr 147b ln 53
Land, Marian O fr 147b ln 56
Land, Myrtle E fr 147b ln 55
Land, Rosa A fr 147b ln 57
Landenback, David fr 155b ln 88
Landis, Julia J fr 69a ln 46
Landreth, George R fr 27a ln 32
Landreth, James fr 27a ln 30
Landreth, Lorina F fr 27a ln 35
Landreth, Marion F fr 27a ln 34
Landreth, Theadore L fr 27a ln 36
Landreth, Thomas L fr 27a ln 33
Landreth, Virginia fr 27a ln 31
Lane, Byron fr 75b ln 76
Lane, Edwin fr 63a ln 23
Lane, John fr 75b ln 63
Lane, Susan fr 75b ln 62
Laney, Frank fr 121a ln 6
Laney, Franklin fr 123a ln 21
Langan, Agnes fr 53b ln 96
Langan, Mamie fr 53b ln 95
Langan, Martin fr 53b ln 92
Langan, Maurice fr 53b ln 93
Langan, Nellie fr 53b ln 94
Langevin, Louisa fr 114a ln 21
Langley, David fr 122a ln 12
Lanor(?), Florance fr 110b ln 97
Lansphine(?), Annie fr 115b ln 77
Lapsley, Harry fr 155a ln 34
Lard(?), Amanda fr 132a ln 24
Lard(?), Sh[unreadable] fr 132a ln 23
Larosh, Clara fr 31b ln 68
Larosh, Edna fr 31b ln 69
Larosh, Fred fr 31b ln 70
Larosh, George fr 31b ln 67
Larosh, Truman(?) fr 31b ln 71
Larsender(?), Clarance fr 125b ln 67
Larsender(?), George fr 125b ln 65
Larsender(?), Laura fr 125b ln 68
Larsender(?), Letha(?) fr 125b ln 69
Larsender(?), Mary fr 125b ln 66
Larsh, Charles fr 88a ln 1
Larsh, Margarett fr 88a ln 2
Larsh, Rose E fr 88a ln 3
Larson, A fr 121a ln 2
Larson, Ansie fr 116a ln 7
LaRue, Chalres fr 120b ln 99
Lasher, Betha fr 109a ln 22
Lasher, Edie fr 109a ln 23
Lasher, Harry fr 109a ln 24
Lasher, Mattie C fr 104b ln 78
Lasher, Minnie fr 109a ln 21
Lasher, William fr 109a ln 20
Lasher, William H fr 84a ln 1
Laskie, Dale fr 125a ln 39
Laskie, Emma fr 125a ln 37
Laskie, Flora fr 125a ln 36
Laskie, Frank fr 125a ln 38
Latimer, Amelia fr 113b ln 65
Lauck, Carrie S fr 105a ln 35
Lauck, Sarah fr 105a ln 34
Lawder, Clyde fr 23b ln 63
Lawder, John D fr 23b ln 62
Lawhead, Charles fr 39b ln 82
Lawhead, Desci fr 39b ln 84
Lawhead, Frank fr 39b ln 83
Lawhead, George fr 39b ln 80
Lawhead, Hiland fr 39b ln 86
Lawhead, Jane fr 39b ln 79
Lawhead, Mollie fr 39b ln 81
Lawhead, Timothy fr 39b ln 78
Lawhead, William E fr 39b ln 85
Lawrance, Alice fr 96a ln 13
Lawrance, Clarra fr 96a ln 16
Lawrance, Cora fr 96a ln 14
Lawrance, Grace fr 96a ln 15
Lawrance, Isaac fr 96a ln 12
Lawrence(?), Chester fr 127a ln 46
Lawrence(?), David fr 127a ln 42
Lawrence(?), James fr 127a ln 40
Lawrence(?), Julia fr 127a ln 45
Lawrence(?), Lena fr 127a ln 43
Lawrence(?), Lucinda fr 127a ln 41
Lawrence(?), Maud fr 127a ln 44
Lawrence, Cynthia fr 142b ln 65
Lawrence, Elizabeth fr 90a ln 27
Lawrence, Elizabeth fr 113b ln 66
Lawrence, Floradel(?) fr 104b ln 72
Lawrence, Fred fr 104b ln 73
Lawrence, James fr 142b ln 64
Lawrence, Mable fr 115b ln 59
Lawrence, S[unreadable] fr 104b ln 71
Lawry, Emma fr 137a ln 8
Lawry, George fr 137a ln 7
Lawry, John E fr 137a ln 9
Lawry, Zola B fr 137a ln 10
Laws, George fr 84a ln 20
Laws, Harry R fr 84a ln 23
Laws, Iva fr 84a ln 22
Laws, Mary A fr 84a ln 21
Lawson, Flora fr 35a ln 2
Lawson, Richard P fr 147b ln 95
Lay, Catherine C fr 98b ln 58
Lay, Ester fr 107b ln 90
Lay, Esther A fr 59b ln 98
Lay, Ethel fr 59b ln 97
Lay, Frank fr 142a ln 34
Lay, George W fr 59b ln 92
Lay, Harry C fr 59b ln 96
Lay, Hazel M fr 142a ln 36
Lay, Homer N fr 59b ln 95
Lay, Lillie C fr 98b ln 57
Lay, Luela fr 98b ln 59
Lay, Lulu M fr 142a ln 35
Lay, Mabel M fr 142a ln 38
Lay, Mar[unreadable] fr 107b ln 88
Lay, Nellie F fr 151b ln 85
Lay, Oscar fr 48a ln 5
Lay, Phon C fr 59b ln 94
Lay, Sadie R fr 59b ln 93
Lay, Sarah fr 107b ln 89
Lay, Susie J fr 142a ln 37
Lay, Theodore fr 98b ln 56
Lay, Vernia fr 48a ln 6
Lay, Willie fr 107b ln 91
Layanacker(?), [unreadable] fr 102a ln 15
Layanacker(?), Mary A fr 102a ln 16
Layden(?), Elias fr 126a ln 14
Layden(?), Francis fr 126a ln 15
Layden(?), Kate fr 126a ln 16
Laymon, George fr 63a ln 1
Laymon, Mary J fr 63a ln 2
Layon, Ada fr 148b ln 70
Layton, Alice fr 149a ln 40
Layton, Andrew fr 149a ln 38
Layton, Jennie fr 149a ln 39
Layton, Leona fr 149a ln 43
Layton, Maggie fr 149a ln 44
Layton, Orivel(?) fr 149a ln 41
Layton, Valdoe fr 149a ln 42
Le[unreadable], Alfred fr 109a ln 37
Le[unreadable], Ella E fr 109a ln 38
Le[unreadable], John R fr 109a ln 39
Le[unreadable], Otis P fr 109a ln 40
Leard, Elizabeth fr 139b ln 62
Leard, Flora F fr 139b ln 63
Leard, William fr 139b ln 61
Leasure(?), Cecil fr 73b ln 88
Leasure(?), Georgie fr 73b ln 87
Leasure(?), Lee fr 73b ln 86
Leasure(?), Nellie fr 73b ln 84
Leasure(?), Oliver fr 73b ln 83
Leasure(?), Ortin fr 73b ln 85
Leavitt, Emma J fr 153b ln 87
Leavitt, Geroge fr 153b ln 86
Leavitt, Maude fr 153b ln 88
Leavitt, Vincent W fr 153b ln 89
Lee, Anna fr 41a ln 7
Lee, Archie fr 64b ln 67
Lee, Aron fr 41a ln 5
Lee, Belinda fr 132b ln 66
Lee, Davis fr 120b ln 76
Lee, Dwight fr 26a ln 18
Lee, Feliscia fr 117a ln 28
Lee, Hettie E fr 26a ln 21
Lee, Jasper fr 132b ln 65
Lee, Jociaphen(?) fr 26a ln 19
Lee, Mary J fr 41a ln 6
Lee, Melinda fr 115a ln 19
Lee, Minnie fr 26a ln 20
Lee, Nettie fr 64b ln 69
Lee, Robert E fr 64b ln 70
Lee, Tenna fr 64b ln 68
Lee, William fr 41a ln 8
Lehman, Minny fr 115b ln 80
Lehmomowsky, Sarah fr 113b ln 55
Lehr, Annie fr 114a ln 18
Lehr, Earl H fr 154b ln 85
Lehr, Frances R fr 154b ln 84
Lehr, Lotta M fr 154b ln 87
Lehr, Robert W fr 154b ln 86
Lehr, Thadeus(?) fr 154b ln 83
Leidell, Anna fr 125a ln 48
Leidell, Henry fr 125a ln 47
Leidell, Louis fr 125a ln 45
Leidell, Minnie fr 125a ln 46
Leidig, Sophia fr 113b ln 62
Leighton, Henry fr 111b ln 90
Leine(?), Carrie fr 117b ln 56
Leisure, Maria fr 116a ln 25
LeMaster, Robert fr 143b ln 91
LeMaster, Robert fr 151a ln 33
Lenard, Wesley fr 133a ln 34
Lenhart, Fred fr 96b ln 59
Lenhart, Fred fr 96b ln 61
Lenhart, LeRoy fr 96b ln 62
Lenhart, Sarah fr 96b ln 60
Lenora, Ellen fr 115b ln 82
Leonard, Bertha E fr 109b ln 64
Leonard, Charles fr 109b ln 63
Leonard, Frankin(?) fr 109b ln 65
Leonarse(?), Nettie fr 113b ln 63
Lessenden, Albert fr 89a ln 24
Lessenden, Arron fr 124a ln 7
Lessenden, Bessie fr 124a ln 9
Lessenden, Chester fr 124a ln 10
Lessenden, Daisy fr 89a ln 26
Lessenden, Gladdis fr 89a ln 27
Lessenden, Irine fr 124a ln 11
Lessenden, John fr 124a ln 1
Lessenden, Lelia fr 124a ln 12
Lessenden, Marcia fr 124a ln 8
Lessenden, Minnie fr 89a ln 25
Lessenden, Olive fr 124a ln 2
Lewellyn, Bart fr 35b ln 65
Lewellyn, Ed fr 146a ln 4
Lewellyn, Floyd fr 146a ln 7
Lewellyn, John fr 27a ln 50
Lewellyn, Lena fr 146a ln 5
Lewellyn, Maud M fr 146a ln 6
Lewellyn, Maude fr 35b ln 66
Lewellyn, Rebecka A fr 27b ln 51
Lewis(?), Elmer fr 31b ln 54
Lewis(?), George fr 31b ln 56
Lewis(?), Mary fr 31b ln 55
Lewis, Alice fr 117b ln 57
Lewis, Bertha fr 146b ln 74
Lewis, C B fr 146b ln 73
Lewis, David fr 122a ln 14
Lewis, Edith J fr 146b ln 75
Lewis, Eva O fr 146b ln 77
Lewis, Georgia fr 84a ln 31
Lewis, Harry W fr 146b ln 76
Lewis, Ida fr 113b ln 69
Lewis, John fr 30b ln 58
Lewis, Kate fr 30b ln 60
Lewis, Maria(?) fr 84a ln 32
Lewis, Mary fr 30b ln 59
Lewis, Roean fr 30b ln 62
Lewis, Ruth fr 30b ln 61
Lewis, William fr 122a ln 13
Leyland, Daniel fr 51a ln 48
Leyland, Peter fr 51a ln 49
Lhabadie(?), Anna fr 82a ln 33
Lhabadie(?), George F fr 82a ln 34
Lhabadie(?), Joan B fr 82a ln 35
Libby, Hannah fr 117a ln 13
Lichgow(?), Addie fr 88b ln 66
Lichgow(?), Albert fr 88b ln 65
Liddle, Ethel S fr 93b ln 58
Liddle, Oscar fr 93b ln 57
Lideott, John fr 120b ln 81
Lieninger, Catherine fr 110b ln 71
Lieninger, John fr 110b ln 69
Lieninger, Joseph fr 110b ln 67
Lieninger, Mary fr 110b ln 68
Lieninger, William fr 110b ln 70
Liggett, Etarelia(?) fr 136a ln 3
Liggett, Raymond fr 136a ln 4
Liggett, Walter fr 136a ln 2
Light, Cordelia fr 155b ln 63
Light, Rora fr 155b ln 62
Lightner, Mary fr 72a ln 41
Lilie, Calvin fr 35a ln 7
Lilie, Maggie fr 35a ln 8
Lilie, Walter fr 35a ln 10
Lilie, Willis fr 35a ln 9
Lindenberger, Harvey fr 50b ln 83
Lindenberger, Horace fr 50b ln 79
Lindenberger, Katie fr 50b ln 82
Lindenberger, Lillie fr 50b ln 80
Lindenberger, Ralph fr 50b ln 81
Lindsey, Charley fr 38b ln 68
Lindsey, Cora(?) B fr 38b ln 69
Lindsey, Curtie fr 38b ln 70
Lindsey, Jad fr 38b ln 72
Lindsey, James fr 91b ln 77
Lindsey, James B fr 37b ln 92
Lindsey, Lizzie fr 91b ln 74
Lindsey, Nancy fr 37b ln 91
Lindsey, Susie fr 91b ln 75
Lindsey, Walace W fr 38b ln 71
Linebaugh, Florence fr 140a ln 47
Linebaugh, Hettie A fr 140a ln 48
Linebaugh, John fr 149b ln 85
Linebaugh, Lizzie(?) fr 149b ln 86
Linebaugh, Thomas fr 140a ln 49
Linebaugh, William fr 140a ln 46
Lines, Mary N. fr 37b ln 94
Lines, Rachel A fr 37b ln 95
Lines, William G fr 37b ln 93
Ling, Rosa B fr 81a ln 24
Ling, Thedore fr 81a ln 23
Lininger, Alfred fr 128a ln 19
Lininger, Emily fr 128a ln 15
Lininger, Etta fr 128a ln 20
Lininger, Gilbert fr 128a ln 21
Lininger, Henry fr 128a ln 14
Lininger, Lily fr 128a ln 18
Lininger, Richard fr 128a ln 16
Lininger, Wesley fr 128a ln 17
Link, E fr 121a ln 5
Link, R fr 120b ln 78
Linn, [unreadable] fr 133a ln 9
Linn, Abram fr 133a ln 14
Linn, Bertha fr 133a ln 15
Linn, Cecil(?) fr 133a ln 17
Linn, Fanny fr 133a ln 8
Linn, Gertrude fr 115b ln 93
Linn, James fr 133a ln 7
Linn, Ruby fr 133a ln 16
Linot, John fr 120b ln 75
Linotville(?), Arther fr 101a ln 21
Linotville(?), Francis(?) fr 101a ln 18
Linotville(?), Minnie fr 101a ln 20
Linotville(?), Stella fr 101a ln 22
Linotville(?), Susie M fr 101a ln 19
Linsdale, A Malinda fr 71a ln 14
Linsdale, B Sarah fr 71a ln 16
Linsdale, E Jesse fr 71a ln 15
Linsdale, T Nellie fr 71a ln 17
Linsdale, William fr 71a ln 13
Linton, Anna fr 102b ln 95
Lipfaie(?), Kate fr 116b ln 54
Lipzag, John fr 122a ln 9
Liston, Adah fr 61a ln 37
Liston, Edward fr 78b ln 57
Liston, Isaac M fr 61a ln 34
Liston, Oscar E fr 61a ln 36
Liston, Sarah E fr 61a ln 35
Litener, Frank fr 48a ln 36
Litson, John C fr 58a ln 40
Litson, Mata fr 58a ln 41
Litson, Perry A fr 58a ln 42
Little, William fr 121a ln 4
Littlepage, F Hannah fr 70a ln 15
Littler, Annie R fr 115b ln 76
Livingston, Della fr 58b ln 85
Livingston, Dora D fr 59a ln 8
Livingston, Ellen fr 57b ln 98
Livingston, Ellen P fr 58a ln 9
Livingston, Ethel O fr 58a ln 8
Livingston, Frank fr 59a ln 7
Livingston, Harry fr 58a ln 6
Livingston, Jacob fr 58b ln 84
Livingston, Lelia fr 58a ln 7
Livingston, Marvin S fr 58b ln 86
Livingston, Nona fr 58b ln 87
Livingston, Peter fr 57b ln 97
L----land(?), George fr 94b ln 94
L----land(?), Martha A fr 94b ln 95
L----land(?), Sylvia fr 94b ln 96
L----land(?), Willie W fr 94b ln 97
Lloyd, Margaret fr 113b ln 67
Loch, August fr 50a ln 33
Loch, Caroline fr 50a ln 30
Loch, Caroline fr 50a ln 36
Loch, Johnie fr 50a ln 34
Loch, Julia fr 50a ln 31
Loch, Mary fr 50a ln 35
Loch, William fr 50a ln 29
Loch, William fr 50a ln 32
Lockhart, Elizabeth fr 64a ln 8
Lockhart, Guy fr 64a ln 9
Lockhart, Lulu A fr 64a ln 11
Lockhart, Susie fr 64a ln 12
Lockhart, Vernon fr 64a ln 10
Lofland, Sarah L fr 115b ln 62
Lofv, Agnes A fr 102a ln 11
Lofv, Emley fr 102a ln 10
Lofv, Georg R fr 102a ln 12
Lofv, John fr 102a ln 9
Logan, Anna fr 139b ln 58
Logan, Frank fr 135b ln 59
Logan, Miah(?) fr 135b ln 60
Logan, Mistie fr 142b ln 54
Logan, Norvil J fr 139b ln 59
Logan, William fr 139b ln 57
Logan, William fr 139b ln 60
Lohnes, Henry fr 149b ln 80
Lohnes, Henry A fr 149b ln 82
Lohnes, Katie fr 149b ln 79
Lohnes, Katie fr 149b ln 83
Lohnes, Nora fr 149b ln 81
Lohnes, Robert fr 149b ln 84
Loman, Elva fr 39b ln 54
Lomart(?), Nancy fr 70a ln 40
Long, Anna E fr 145b ln 62
Long, Atis E fr 156b ln 60
Long, Benjamin fr 145b ln 61
Long, Bernice I fr 145b ln 64
Long, Charlotte fr 113b ln 60
Long, Emma J fr 156b ln 61
Long, Ethel fr 95b ln 60
Long, Lawrence C fr 156b ln 62
Long, Lillian I fr 145b ln 63
Long, Mildred E fr 156b ln 63
Longinecker, Geo W fr 112a ln 5
Looe(?), Hattie fr 103b ln 78
Lopsley, James T fr 151a ln 10
Lopsley, Nona fr 151a ln 9
Lord, Alexander fr 70b ln 66
Lord, Charles fr 70b ln 63
Lord, Charles fr 79a ln 39
Lord, Charly fr 70b ln 65
Lord, Eholine(?) fr 70b ln 64
Lord, Elizabeth A fr 86b ln 83
Lord, James J fr 86b ln 82
Lorekamp, Lyman fr 122a ln 11
Lorenzo, Sheperd fr 136b ln 84
Lormiller, Johanna fr 117b ln 55
Losey, Frances E fr 113b ln 61
Lottridge, Lydia A fr 113b ln 64
Loudenback, Ella fr 42b ln 57
Loudenback, Jacob fr 42b ln 59
Loudenback, Jean fr 42b ln 58
Loudenback, Mary A fr 42b ln 60
Loudenback, William fr 42b ln 56
Louis, Arthur fr 28b ln 60
Louis, Edd fr 28b ln 57
Louis, Harriet fr 27b ln 100
Louis, Nettie fr 28b ln 58
Louis, Pearl fr 28b ln 59
Louis, Tom fr 27b ln 99
Loukens(?), Emma fr 136a ln 49
Loukens(?), Julia Ida fr 136a ln 50
Loukens(?), Lauretea(?) fr 136a ln 48
Lovejoy, Lavell M fr 74a ln 39
Lovejoy, Loren A fr 74a ln 40
Lovejoy, Mary fr 74a ln 38
Lovejoy, Samuel fr 74a ln 37
Lovelace, Emma fr 61b ln 71

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