Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Low, Charlott fr 78a ln 32
Low, Clarrence fr 78a ln 35
Low, Clelia fr 78a ln 36
Low, John fr 78a ln 31
Low, Lena fr 78a ln 34
Low, Minnie fr 78a ln 33
Lowe, Alex fr 78a ln 48
Lowe, Arther fr 106b ln 82
Lowe, Arthur fr 80a ln 28
Lowe, Clara fr 111b ln 83
Lowe, Coda fr 78a ln 49
Lowe, Ethel fr 78b ln 53
Lowe, Fredrick fr 106b ln 81
Lowe, Harry H fr 80a ln 31
Lowe, Jacob R fr 137b ln 82
Lowe, John fr 106b ln 79
Lowe, Lela fr 78b ln 56
Lowe, Leona fr 106b ln 83
Lowe, Lucy M fr 80a ln 30
Lowe, M Bee fr 78a ln 50
Lowe, Mary fr 106b ln 80
Lowe, Nannie fr 137b ln 81
Lowe, Nellie fr 80a ln 29
Lowe, Nellie fr 113b ln 68
Lowe, Ora fr 137b ln 80
Lowe, Orrin fr 78b ln 52
Lowe, Peter fr 78b ln 51
Lowe, Ray fr 78b ln 54
Lowe, Ruth fr 137b ln 83
Lowe, Suzzie fr 78b ln 55
Lower, Bertha fr 80a ln 11
Lower, Charles fr 80a ln 9
Lower, Fay fr 124b ln 62
Lower, Frank C fr 80a ln 13
Lower, Franklin fr 102b ln 60
Lower, Harry B fr 80a ln 14
Lower, Mary fr 80a ln 10
Lower, Robert fr 80a ln 15
Lower, William fr 80a ln 16
Lower, William H fr 80a ln 12
Lowery, A fr 121a ln 3
Lowinsky, Kate fr 116a ln 8
Lucas, Alice fr 29a ln 23
Lucas, Dale fr 29a ln 24
Lucas, Dick fr 25b ln 68
Lucas, Dora M fr 157a ln 1
Lucas, Helen M fr 157a ln 2
Lucas, John E fr 156b ln 100
Lucas, John N fr 29a ln 22
Lucas, tillie fr 29a ln 25
Luck, Lee fr 120b ln 77
Ludington, [unreadable] fr 82a ln 36
Ludington, Don L fr 82a ln 38
Ludington, Mariah E fr 82a ln 37
Ludington, Roy R fr 82a ln 39
Lukens, David fr 138b ln 73
Lukens, George W fr 138b ln 77
Lukens, Harry F fr 138b ln 76
Lukens, Martha fr 138b ln 74
Lukens, Robert C fr 138b ln 75
Lundquist, Louise fr 117b ln 58
Lunger, Allen fr 98b ln 91
Lunger, Cora fr 98b ln 92
Lunger, Eckel fr 98b ln 93
Lusk, Alford fr 96a ln 29
Lusk, Ople fr 96a ln 31
Lusk, Sallie fr 96a ln 30
Luzzedar(?), Clark fr 128a ln 45
Luzzedar(?), Lucinda fr 128a ln 46
Lykins, Andrew fr 134b ln 70
Lynn, James R fr 48a ln 7
Lynn, James T fr 48a ln 9
Lynn, Mary A fr 48a ln 8
Lynn, Robert A fr 48a ln 10
Lyon, Addison fr 152b ln 65
Lyon, Allie fr 153a ln 40
Lyon, Chalrie fr 22b ln 99
Lyon, Edna V fr 149a ln 47
Lyon, Edward fr 149a ln 45
Lyon, Ella fr 22b ln 100
Lyon, Florence fr 23a ln 2
Lyon, Franes fr 153a ln 39
Lyon, Fred M fr 36a ln 8
Lyon, George W fr 149a ln 48
Lyon, Grace fr 32a ln 16
Lyon, Jocie F fr 23a ln 1
Lyon, John fr 32a ln 15
Lyon, Mary J fr 36a ln 7
Lyon, Mary J fr 149a ln 46
Lyon, William G fr 36a ln 9
Lyon, William L fr 36a ln 6
Lyons, Allen fr 82a ln 41
Lyons, Clilla M fr 82a ln 43
Lyons, Ira fr 82a ln 40
Lyons, Jane A fr 82a ln 44
Lyons, Joseph W fr 82a ln 42
Lyons, Roy C fr 120b ln 79
Lytle, Edgar L fr 61b ln 67
Lytle, Marie fr 61b ln 69
Lytle, Minnie fr 61b ln 68
Maasters, Emma L fr 153a ln 21
Maasters, Woodson fr 153a ln 20
Mackenzie, Flora fr 70b ln 70
Mackenzie, Joseph fr 70b ln 69
MacLain, Floyd fr 63b ln 59
MacLain, Laura F fr 63b ln 60
MacLain, Marion B fr 63b ln 61
Madison, Benjamin fr 51a ln 50
Madison, Bertha fr 60a ln 23
Madison, Caleb J fr 51b ln 57
Madison, Charles fr 60a ln 19
Madison, Clarissa fr 51b ln 53
Madison, Clarissa fr 51b ln 58
Madison, Emma fr 51b ln 51
Madison, Etta fr 60a ln 20
Madison, Frank A fr 51b ln 52
Madison, Hugh L fr 51b ln 59
Madison, Iva fr 60a ln 21
Madison, Jennie fr 60a ln 22
Madison, Myrtle fr 51b ln 56
Madison, Roy fr 51b ln 55
Madison, Stella fr 51b ln 54
Magers, James A fr 68a ln 11
Magers, Maria J fr 68a ln 12
Maginiss, Amanda fr 114b ln 53
Mahaffey, S V fr 120b ln 92
Maher, James fr 97b ln 85
Maher, James fr 121a ln 16
Maher, Marry fr 97b ln 86
Maher, Ruby fr 97b ln 88
Maher, Ruth fr 97b ln 87
Maher, Silvia(?) fr 97b ln 89
Maikots(?), [unreadable] fr 126b ln 97
Maikots(?), Ethal fr 126b ln 96
Maikots(?), Frank fr 126b ln 94
Maikots(?), Leona(?) fr 126b ln 95
Malcom(?), Floyd fr 122a ln 15
Maley, Janet fr 117a ln 31
Mallon, Ellen fr 115a ln 4
Mallory, Charles fr 151b ln 90
Mallory, Charles H fr 151b ln 86
Mallory, Dean fr 151b ln 89
Mallory, Fannie A fr 151b ln 87
Mallory, Irene fr 151b ln 88
Malone, Alfred fr 84a ln 24
Malone, Eddie N fr 83b ln 58
Malone, Ellen fr 133a ln 33
Malone, Harry G fr 84a ln 26
Malone, Jasper fr 133a ln 32
Malone, John fr 83b ln 56
Malone, Louisa fr 83b ln 57
Malone, Myra L fr 84a ln 25
Mandock, George W fr 121a ln 17
Mandsley, Albert fr 120b ln 90
Manerieff(?), David fr 145a ln 19
Manerieff(?), Elizabeth fr 145a ln 20
Manerieff(?), James fr 145a ln 21
Maness, Cecil fr 61a ln 40
Maness, Nancy J fr 61a ln 39
Maness, Oliver fr 61a ln 38
Mann, Johnie fr 21b ln 51
Mann, Lou(?) fr 111a ln 33
Mann, Michael fr 121a ln 10
Manners, Charley fr 61b ln 72
Many, John fr 108a ln 34
Mapes, Charles fr 56b ln 59
Mapes, Clara fr 126b ln 80
Mapes, Goldie fr 126b ln 82
Mapes, Jennie fr 116b ln 86
Mapes, Warren fr 126b ln 81
Mapes, Wayne fr 126b ln 83
Mapes, William fr 126b ln 79
Marcellus, Elizabeth(?) fr 156a ln 38
March, Effie fr 137a ln 22
March, Mary fr 137a ln 21
Marhavert(?), Sophia fr 114b ln 68
Markley, Clara fr 117a ln 11
Marks, Ceiele A fr 37b ln 67
Marks, Clay fr 33a ln 3
Marks, Edie H fr 37b ln 68
Marks, Fay fr 33a ln 4
Marks, Geog W fr 33a ln 6
Marks, Henry H fr 37b ln 66
Marks, Ida fr 32b ln 100
Marks, Mable L fr 33a ln 8
Marks, Madge fr 33a ln 5
Marks, Mary S fr 33a ln 7
Marks, Maude fr 33a ln 2
Marks, Roy fr 33a ln 1
Marks, William fr 32b ln 99
Marley, Georg N fr 102b ln 66
Marlin, Abraham fr 45a ln 14
Marlin, Bessie fr 45a ln 18
Marlin, Homer fr 45a ln 17
Marlin, Mamie L fr 45a ln 16
Marlin, Mitilda A fr 45a ln 15
Marquis, Belva fr 38b ln 76
Marquis, Ellsworth fr 38b ln 79
Marquis, Eventus fr 38b ln 73
Marquis, Lula fr 38b ln 75
Marquis, Mildred fr 38b ln 80
Marquis, Milo fr 38b ln 81
Marquis, Ralph fr 38b ln 78
Marquis, Samuel fr 41a ln 44
Marquis, Sarah fr 38b ln 74
Marquis, Tom fr 38b ln 77
Marrmont, Beretia fr 113a ln 28
Marsh, Agustus fr 107a ln 11
Marsh, Bert fr 90a ln 36
Marsh, Bertha fr 101b ln 99
Marsh, Daisy D fr 90a ln 35
Marsh, Ealdis(?) M fr 81b ln 80
Marsh, Electa J fr 81b ln 78
Marsh, Frankie fr 81b ln 79
Marsh, James A fr 107a ln 13
Marsh, Lewis fr 101b ln 98
Marsh, M[unreadable] fr 81b ln 77
Marsh, Marsella fr 107a ln 12
Marsh, Mary E fr 90a ln 32
Marsh, Ona A fr 90a ln 34
Marsh, Samuel B fr 107a ln 15
Marsh, Stella fr 107a ln 14
Marsh, Walter D fr 90a ln 33
Marsh, William fr 90a ln 31
Marshal, Charles fr 70b ln 85
Marshall, Burl(?) fr 69b ln 88
Marshall, John fr 69b ln 86
Marshall, Martha fr 117b ln 60
Marshall, Sarah fr 69b ln 87
Martin(?), Gertrude fr 124b ln 71
Martin(?), Willis(?) fr 124b ln 70
Martin, Abalinar(?) fr 115a ln 10
Martin, Amanda M fr 152a ln 14
Martin, Benford(?) fr 69b ln 94
Martin, C Oscar(?) fr 69b ln 92
Martin, Daniel fr 65b ln 92
Martin, Edward fr 69b ln 96
Martin, Ellie fr 138a ln 14
Martin, Fannie fr 138a ln 10
Martin, George fr 89b ln 91
Martin, George(?) fr 69b ln 100
Martin, Harvey fr 138a ln 13
Martin, Henry fr 138a ln 9
Martin, James A fr 95b ln 94
Martin, Jerry fr 69b ln 95
Martin, Keturah A fr 65b ln 93
Martin, Leon fr 138a ln 12
Martin, Leslie fr 69b ln 98
Martin, Maud fr 138a ln 11
Martin, Mollie fr 116a ln 31
Martin, Nellie E fr 94b ln 57
Martin, Nora fr 69b ln 99
Martin, Nora(?) fr 69b ln 93
Martin, Oscar fr 69b ln 97
Martin, Peter fr 122a ln 21
Martin, Rosa A fr 89b ln 92
Martin, Sarah fr 115a ln 14
Martz, Ben fr 29b ln 95
Maschler, D fr 47b ln 72
Maschler, George fr 47b ln 74
Maschler, Sabina fr 47b ln 73
Maschler, Tom fr 47b ln 75
Mason, Abraham fr 45a ln 31
Mason, Lewis fr 148b ln 60
Mason, Mary fr 148b ln 61
Mason, Myrtle fr 148b ln 62
Masoner, Alfred fr 77b ln 86
Massey, Bert fr 37a ln 6
Massey, Charles fr 37a ln 3
Massey, David fr 120b ln 83
Massey, Gingrich fr 37a ln 4
Massey, Harry fr 37a ln 5
Massey, John fr 37a ln 1
Massey, Lidia fr 37a ln 2
Mast, Ada fr 26a ln 9
Mast, Clifford fr 26a ln 7
Mast, Emma fr 26a ln 8
Mast, George fr 26a ln 4
Mast, Mary fr 26a ln 6
Mast, Reta fr 26a ln 5
Masters, Amanda fr 23b ln 98
Masters, Charles fr 101b ln 95
Masters, Claude fr 23b ln 99
Masters, Earle fr 24a ln 1
Masters, Gabriel fr 23b ln 97
Masters, Hazel N fr 24a ln 3
Masters, James fr 23a ln 33
Masters, John W fr 23a ln 35
Masters, Kate fr 101b ln 96
Masters, Mary fr 23a ln 34
Masters, Mary L fr 101b ln 97
Masters, Myrtle fr 23b ln 100
Masters, Oliver fr 24a ln 2
Masters, William C fr 155a ln 24
Masterson, Leonard S fr 56b ln 87
Mathas, Hulda fr 118a ln 4
Mather, Carrie fr 48b ln 56
Mather, Fanny fr 48b ln 55
Mather, Maria fr 116a ln 24
Mathew, Don fr 30a ln 27
Mathew, Edgar fr 30a ln 31
Mathew, Evert fr 30a ln 24
Mathew, Harrison fr 30a ln 26
Mathew, Merihah(?) fr 30a ln 29
Mathew, Minnie fr 30a ln 25
Mathew, Norma fr 30a ln 30
Mathew, Zillah(?) fr 30a ln 28
Mathews(?), Charles(?) fr 86a ln 24
Mathews(?), Mattie fr 86a ln 25
Mathews, Molle fr 69a ln 22
Mathews, Caroline fr 80b ln 51
Mathews, Dealia fr 80b ln 53
Mathews, E Clarrae fr 69a ln 23
Mathews, E Dora fr 69a ln 19
Mathews, Frank fr 69a ln 21
Mathews, Frederick fr 80b ln 52
Mathews, Fredrick fr 80a ln 50
Mathews, Harry fr 69a ln 20
Mathews, John fr 110b ln 57
Mathews, M D L fr 122a ln 16
Mathews, Mary Ann fr 115a ln 5
Mathews, Mary R fr 110b ln 58
Mathews, W George fr 69a ln 18
Mattison, Hiahally(?) fr 87b ln 56
Maxville(?), David fr 73b ln 82
Maxwell, Nancy O fr 65b ln 70
May, Alexander fr 107a ln 42
May, Caleb fr 125b ln 76
May, Emma C fr 107a ln 43
May, Franklin fr 120b ln 94
May, Iola C fr 107a ln 44
May, Malvina fr 125b ln 77
May, Nelley M fr 107a ln 46
May, Nellie fr 23a ln 32
May, Percy W fr 107a ln 47
May, Reuby E fr 107a ln 45
Mayberry, Anza fr 117a ln 32
Maydua(?), Sarah M fr 115b ln 92
Mayer, Charles fr 121a ln 9
Mayer, Ester fr 144b ln 92
Mayer, Harry J fr 144b ln 93
Mayer, Henry fr 144b ln 91
Mayer, Lilly J fr 144b ln 94
Mayes, Newton fr 32a ln 3
Mayes, Tom fr 32a ln 4
Maynard, [unreadable] fr 84b ln 89
Maynard, Bessie S fr 90a ln 24
Maynard, Dona L fr 90a ln 23
Maynard, Editha fr 84b ln 90
Maynard, Frances fr 88b ln 95
Maynard, Henry S fr 88b ln 96
Maynard, Louis B fr 90a ln 22
Maynard, Marion L fr 84b ln 91
Mays, Chloe E fr 33a ln 16
Mays, Margaret fr 33a ln 12
Mays, Mary fr 33a ln 13
Mays, Mintie J fr 33a ln 15
Mays, Moses C fr 33a ln 10
Mays, Rebecca fr 33a ln 9
Mays, Samuel fr 33a ln 11
Mays, William C fr 33a ln 14
Mc[unreadable], A---- fr 91a ln 47
Mc[unreadable], John O fr 91a ln 45
Mc[unreadable], John O fr 91a ln 48
Mc[unreadable], Winfred fr 91a ln 46
McAlister, George fr 122a ln 26
McAlpine, J M fr 122a ln 24
McBride, Bernard fr 58b ln 83
McBride, Clarance fr 44a ln 25
McBride, Delphia fr 44a ln 23
McBride, Dwight fr 145b ln 76
McBride, Florence fr 44a ln 26
McBride, John fr 44a ln 21
McBride, Martha fr 115b ln 52
McBride, Michael fr 58b ln 82
McBride, Nancy fr 44a ln 22
McBride, S[unreadable] fr 44a ln 24
McBurnes, Carrie fr 29a ln 18
McCaen(?), Effie fr 125b ln 72
McCaen(?), James(?) fr 125b ln 70
McCaen(?), Maria fr 125b ln 71
McCammon, Charles F fr 47a ln 34
McCammon, Henry A fr 47a ln 32
McCammon, I[unreadable] fr 47a ln 29
McCammon, Martha fr 47a ln 31
McCammon, Sarah M fr 47a ln 30
McCammon, Thomas Z fr 47a ln 33
McCants, Harry fr 137b ln 67
McCarthy, Bert W fr 137a ln 3
McCarthy, Dora fr 97a ln 48
McCarthy, Ella A fr 137a ln 1
McCarthy, Eugene E fr 137a ln 2
McCarthy, James(?) fr 107b ln 75
McCarthy, Jerry S fr 137a ln 4
McCarthy, Margrett fr 107b ln 78
McCarthy, Mary fr 107b ln 76
McCarthy, Nelley M fr 107b ln 77
McCarthy, Rachel fr 107b ln 79
McCarthy, Susan fr 107b ln 80
McCarty, Jeremiah fr 123a ln 14
McCarty, Mary fr 78b ln 73
McCaulla, Addie M fr 58a ln 21
McCaulla, Grace fr 58a ln 25
McCaulla, Henry fr 58a ln 20
McCaulla, Howard fr 58a ln 27
McCaulla, Laura fr 58a ln 22
McCaulla, Maud fr 58a ln 23
McCaulla, Nellie fr 58a ln 24
McCaulla, William fr 58a ln 26
McClane, Frank fr 121a ln 7
McClarren, J Martha fr 70b ln 74
McClarren, James(?) fr 70b ln 73
McClarren, Maud fr 70b ln 75
McClarren, Tessa fr 70b ln 76
McClay, Andrew fr 67b ln 56
McClay, C F fr 112a ln 10
McClay, Chris---- fr 70b ln 71
McClay, Lucy fr 67b ln 57
McClay, Marieta fr 67b ln 58
McClay, Rosella fr 70b ln 72
McClenan, Joseph fr 120b ln 84
McClintock, C J fr 120b ln 86
McClintock, Charles fr 103b ln 56
McClintock, Charles fr 103b ln 60
McClintock, Clara fr 103b ln 57
McClintock, Florance P fr 59a ln 46
McClintock, Harriet fr 103b ln 59
McClintock, John fr 55b ln 90
McClintock, Lettie B fr 55b ln 93
McClintock, Martha fr 59a ln 44
McClintock, Mary fr 103b ln 61
McClintock, Mary fr 55b ln 91
McClintock, Robert fr 59a ln 43
McClintock, William fr 103b ln 58
McClintock, William C fr 55b ln 92
McClintock, William H fr 59a ln 45
McClure, Mary fr 113a ln 30
McCluskey, Amy R fr 54b ln 88
McCluskey, Clifford L fr 54b ln 89
McCluskey, Frank E fr 54b ln 87
McCluskey, James fr 54b ln 85
McCluskey, Josie fr 54b ln 86
McComber, Daniel fr 66b ln 99
McConnell, Alice fr 144a ln 45
McConnell, Anna B fr 96b ln 64
McConnell, Clara fr 144a ln 46
McConnell, Claud fr 96b ln 65
McConnell, James fr 96b ln 63
McConnell, James F fr 96b ln 66
McCord, E Mary(?) fr 70a ln 8
McCord, Etta fr 70a ln 9
McCormick, Charles(?) fr 107a ln 16
McCormick, E-- fr 33a ln 35
McCormick, Margarett fr 107a ln 18
McCormick, Margrett fr 107a ln 17
McCormick, Mark fr 33a ln 37
McCormick, Rosa fr 33a ln 36
McCown, Elizabeth fr 115a ln 45
McCoy, Alice C fr 115a ln 36
McCoy, D Hiram fr 71b ln 68
McCoy, Phebe fr 107b ln 52
McCoy, William fr 107b ln 51
McCue, Reuban fr 123a ln 15
McCullaugh, Mannie(?) fr 112a ln 37
McCullie, Lou fr 43a ln 31
McCullough, Benjamin T fr 136a ln 13
McCullough, Bertie T fr 136a ln 14
McCullough, Hattie fr 136a ln 12
McCullough, Thomas N fr 136a ln 11
McCurdy, Alice fr 111b ln 70
McCurdy, George fr 111b ln 53
McCurdy, James R fr 111b ln 89
McCurdy, Leah fr 109b ln 72
McCurdy, Paul fr 109b ln 73
McCurdy, Stella fr 112b ln 52
McCurdy, Winfield fr 120b ln 88
McDaniel, Alex fr 62b ln 92
McDaniel, Ann fr 27b ln 79
McDaniel, Anna fr 25b ln 89
McDaniel, Carrie fr 25b ln 86
McDaniel, Clattie fr 25b ln 88
McDaniel, George fr 132a ln 25
McDaniel, Ida fr 62b ln 94
McDaniel, Jessie fr 27b ln 78
McDaniel, Joe fr 25b ln 87
McDaniel, Kenneth R fr 62b ln 67
McDaniel, Lulu fr 132a ln 26
McDaniel, Marilda A fr 62b ln 65
McDaniel, Mary fr 62b ln 93
McDaniel, Mary G fr 62b ln 66
McDaniel, Ora J fr 62b ln 68
McDaniel, Ray D fr 132a ln 28
McDaniel, Roger(?) A fr 132a ln 27
McDaniel, Stella fr 62b ln 95
McDaniel, Thomas M fr 62b ln 64
McDaniel, William fr 25b ln 85
McDaniell, Alexander fr 132a ln 31
McDaniell, Betsy D fr 132a ln 32
McDonald, Caroline M fr 41b ln 81
McDonald, David William fr 41b ln 77
McDonald, Eliza fr 116a ln 27
McDonald, H D fr 121a ln 15
McDonald, James fr 41b ln 75
McDonald, Jessie C fr 41b ln 79
McDonald, Jessie E fr 41b ln 76
McDonald, John fr 41b ln 78
McDonald, Louis E fr 41b ln 80
McDougal, Charles A fr 62a ln 16
McDougal, Charles W fr 62a ln 19
McDougal, Charles W fr 62a ln 22
McDougal, Clarence fr 62a ln 21
McDougal, Clevie fr 62a ln 24
McDougal, Clyde R fr 62a ln 17
McDougal, Colenives(?) E fr 62a ln 23
McDougal, Eliza J fr 62a ln 20
McDougal, Flossie(?) fr 62a ln 18
McDougal, Maude fr 62a ln 15
McDougal, Raymond fr 62a ln 14
McDowel, Grace fr 72b ln 51
McDowel, James fr 72a ln 48
McDowel, Mary fr 72a ln 50
McDowel, Sarah fr 72a ln 49
McDowell, Bessie C fr 55a ln 36
McDowell, Harper fr 69b ln 66
McDowell, Ivan E fr 55a ln 37
McDowell, Newton I fr 55a ln 35
McDowell, Willie C fr 55a ln 39
McDowell, Winfred J fr 55a ln 38
McElfresh, Anna fr 102a ln 26
McElfresh, Egar F fr 102a ln 28
McElfresh, Frank(?) fr 102a ln 23
McElfresh, Gracie fr 102a ln 25
McElfresh, Harry D fr 102a ln 27
McElfresh, Laura fr 102a ln 24
McElrain, Bebecca fr 115b ln 58
McFaden, Don fr 42b ln 66
McFarland, Anna fr 93a ln 13
McFarland, Fern L fr 93a ln 14
McFarland, Thomas fr 93a ln 12
McFee, Hugh fr 106a ln 49
McFee, Lubby fr 106a ln 50
McFiel(?), Amelia fr 98a ln 12
McFiel(?), Maryetta fr 98a ln 15
McFiel(?), Ralph fr 98a ln 13
McFiel(?), Roy fr 98a ln 14
McGinnis, Baby fr 66b ln 65
McGinnis, John fr 66b ln 63
McGinnis, May fr 66b ln 64
McGire(?), Bell fr 92a ln 9
McGire(?), Charles fr 92a ln 13
McGire(?), James fr 92a ln 8
McGire(?), John fr 92a ln 11
McGire(?), Maggie fr 92a ln 10
McGire(?), Samuel fr 92a ln 12
McGown, Perry fr 122a ln 22
McGrath, [no name] fr 151b ln 80
McGuffin, Ada fr 33b ln 62
McGuffin, Ahaslon(?) fr 33b ln 90
McGuffin, Bertha fr 43b ln 86
McGuffin, Claud fr 43b ln 89
McGuffin, Clifford fr 33b ln 63
McGuffin, Edd fr 33b ln 61
McGuffin, Elizabeth fr 43b ln 84
McGuffin, George fr 43b ln 85
McGuffin, Joseph fr 43b ln 88
McGuffin, Mary fr 33b ln 91
McGuffin, Mary fr 80a ln 27
McGuffin, Preston fr 43b ln 83
McGuffin, Walter fr 43b ln 87
McGuffin, William fr 80a ln 26
McGuire, Johana fr 113a ln 29
McHenry, Boyd fr 26b ln 94
McHenry, Fern fr 26b ln 93
McHenry, Otillia fr 26b ln 92
McHenry, Robert fr 26b ln 91
McHoain(?), Abbie fr 104a ln 17
McHoain(?), Louis fr 104a ln 16
McIlinney(?), Ida fr 116b ln 56
McIntosh, James fr 87a ln 42
Mckarney(?), George fr 145a ln 27
Mckarney(?), Harriet fr 145a ln 28
McKibben, Hugh fr 120b ln 89
McKiney, Clara fr 28a ln 41
McKiney, James fr 28a ln 40
McKiney, Lora M fr 28a ln 44
McKiney, Mary fr 28a ln 43
McKiney, Winnie fr 28a ln 42
McKinney, Agnes(?) A fr 83b ln 95
McKinney, Henry fr 83b ln 94
McKinney, John fr 122a ln 23
McKinney, Wendall fr 83b ln 96
McKinny, Lucy fr 103a ln 42
McKinzie, Theodore fr 121a ln 14
McLain, Eunice F fr 62b ln 87
McLain, George fr 62b ln 86
McLain, Jessie fr 62b ln 89
McLain, Kenneth fr 62b ln 88
McLane, Mary fr 117a ln 33
McLaughlin, [unreadable] fr 157a ln 3
McLaughlin, Laura B fr 157a ln 4
McMahen, Allen(?) fr 128a ln 3
McMahon, [unreadable] fr 128b ln 98
McMahon, Elda(?) fr 128b ln 99
McMahon, Elenner fr 128b ln 96
McMahon, Elija fr 128b ln 95
McMahon, Elija fr 128b ln 97
McMahon, Florance fr 111b ln 77
McMahon, Mable fr 109a ln 47
McMahon, Minnie(?) fr 109a ln 48
McMahon, T[unreadable] fr 109a ln 46
McMaken, Fleata(?) fr 128b ln 73
McMann, James fr 55b ln 60
McMerny, William fr 95b ln 80
McMillen, Evert fr 112b ln 79
McMillen, Mathew W fr 121a ln 8
McMillian, Maggie fr 69b ln 53
McMillian, Phebe fr 69b ln 54
McMullon, Elizabeth fr 38b ln 92
McMullon, Tom fr 38b ln 91
McMullon, Tomas fr 38b ln 94
McMullon, William fr 38b ln 93
McNair, Louis fr 122a ln 30
Mcnamara, George fr 122a ln 27
McNeal, Sarah fr 24b ln 63
McNeal, Tom fr 24b ln 62
McNelley, Catherine M fr 55a ln 40
McNelley, Edgar fr 55a ln 41
McNelley, James fr 58b ln 99
McNelly, Daisy fr 54a ln 47
McNelly, Donald B fr 54a ln 48
McNelly, William fr 54a ln 46
McNeso(?), Perry fr 122a ln 28
McPherson, Cornelius fr 139b ln 76
McPherson, Early fr 139b ln 78
McPherson, Edith fr 49a ln 26
McPherson, Elias fr 49a ln 24
McPherson, Francis fr 139b ln 80
McPherson, George fr 139b ln 73
McPherson, Leuvinia fr 139b ln 77
McPherson, Lucy fr 139b ln 72
McPherson, Marvin fr 139b ln 79
McPherson, Phebe fr 49a ln 25
McPherson, Rosie A fr 139b ln 75
McPherson, Tasville(?) fr 139b ln 74
McQueen, George fr 56a ln 34
McQueen, Thomas E fr 56a ln 35
McReynolds, Arthur fr 87b ln 68
McReynolds, Bertha fr 87b ln 69
McRoberts, Alex fr 120b ln 93
McTamanny, Annie fr 115b ln 55
McTies, Clemintina fr 94a ln 37
McTies, Clinton fr 94a ln 36
McVay, Clarrence fr 112b ln 67
Mead, W H fr 122a ln 34
Meador, Edie fr 106b ln 55
Mealy, Ethel M fr 141b ln 82
Mealy, Isiah fr 141b ln 79
Mealy, Jessie L fr 141b ln 81
Mealy, Mary E fr 141b ln 80
Means, Frank fr 150a ln 1
Means, James fr 150a ln 30
Means, John fr 132a ln 48
Means, Leonard fr 150a ln 27
Means, Lorena fr 150a ln 29
Means, Mason C fr 150a ln 32
Means, Nellie fr 150a ln 2
Means, Ora fr 150a ln 31
Means, Sarah fr 132a ln 49
Means, Sarah fr 150a ln 28
Mechan, Vesti fr 49a ln 46
Medburry(?), George fr 142a ln 50
Medburry(?), Laura fr 142b ln 52
Medburry(?), Mabel M fr 142b ln 53
Medburry(?), Mary fr 142b ln 51
Medoris, Ella fr 111b ln 71
Meek, Abner fr 95a ln 17
Meek, Arthur S fr 32a ln 32
Meek, Elizabeth fr 32a ln 29
Meek, Elizabeth fr 95a ln 16
Meek, Goldy fr 32a ln 33
Meek, Harriet M fr 67a ln 39
Meek, John fr 67a ln 38
Meek, John W fr 32a ln 30
Meek, Mahala fr 32a ln 28
Meek, Mary fr 32a ln 31
Meek, Samuel fr 32a ln 27
Meer[Meek], Rose fr 108a ln 32
Meer{Meek], Levy fr 108a ln 33
Megee James fr 22a ln 4
Megee, Bell fr 22a ln 6
Megee, Eliza fr 22a ln 5
Mendenhall, Lucy A fr 114b ln 60
Menefee, Allie fr 59a ln 18
Menefee, Buford D fr 59a ln 22
Menefee, Craig fr 59a ln 23
Menefee, Frederick fr 59a ln 15
Menefee, James P fr 59a ln 19
Menefee, John M fr 59a ln 20
Menefee, John T fr 59a ln 16
Menefee, Mabel E fr 59a ln 27
Menefee, Marietta fr 59a ln 21
Menefee, Nellie fr 59a ln 25
Menefee, Nellie E fr 59a ln 26
Menefee, Sarah fr 59a ln 17
Menefee, William D fr 59a ln 24
Menefee, William E fr 59a ln 28
Meng, Henry G fr 121a ln 21
Mentqar(?), Elizibeth fr 102b ln 84
Mentqar(?), Francis fr 102b ln 87
Mentqar(?), George fr 102b ln 85
Mentqar(?), Lora fr 102b ln 86
Mentqar(?), Weymouth(?) fr 102b ln 83
Mercer, Carrie E fr 115b ln 51
Merrick, James fr 122a ln 33
Merrill, Albert fr 151b ln 72
Merrill, Charlie fr 44b ln 54
Merrill, Eddie fr 44b ln 52
Merrill, Frank J fr 151b ln 71
Merrill, Fred fr 44b ln 53
Merrill, Ida fr 44b ln 56
Merrill, John fr 151b ln 69
Merrill, Loren fr 44a ln 50
Merrill, Lucy fr 44b ln 55
Merrill, Mariah fr 44a ln 49
Merrill, Minnie fr 151b ln 70
Merrill, Viola fr 44b ln 51
Merrill, William fr 44a ln 48
Merriman, Hattie fr 116a ln 35
Merwin, Hattie C fr 117a ln 14
Messer, Callie fr 115b ln 83
Methols(?), James fr 130a ln 40
Methols(?), Manly fr 130a ln 42
Methols(?), Susan fr 130a ln 39
Methols(?), Vloyous(?) fr 130a ln 38
Methols(?), William fr 130a ln 41
Meyar, Ebern[unreadable] fr 108a ln 36
Meyar, Edith H fr 108a ln 38
Meyar, Edmond A fr 108a ln 39
Meyar, George J fr 108a ln 40
Meyar, Sarah fr 108a ln 37
Meysing, Annie fr 116b ln 76
Micheil(?), Emma fr 127a ln 4
Micheil(?), Samuel fr 127a ln 5
Michener(?), John E fr 87a ln 37
Michener(?), May fr 87a ln 38
Mickey, Charles F fr 65b ln 89
Mickey, Margaret fr 65b ln 90
Middlemas, Charley fr 48b ln 93
Middlemas, Elizabeth fr 50a ln 2
Middlemas, Harry fr 50a ln 1
Middlemas, John fr 48b ln 91
Middlemas, Mary F fr 48b ln 95
Middlemas, Sarah A fr 48b ln 92
Middlemas, Susan fr 49b ln 100
Middlemas, Thomas fr 49b ln 99
Middlemas, Thomas W fr 48b ln 96
Middlemas, Willie fr 48b ln 94
Middleton, Allie E fr 81a ln 27
Middleton, Cally R fr 81a ln 26
Middleton, Dassie M fr 81a ln 28
Middleton, Els-- fr 81a ln 25
Middleton, Willie fr 28b ln 85

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