Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Mienold, Theodore fr 83a ln 28
Mieres(?), George fr 130a ln 4
Mieres(?), Inez fr 130a ln 2
Mieres(?), Lizzy fr 130a ln 3
Mieres(?), William fr 130a ln 1
Miger, Edward fr 100a ln 46
Miger, John fr 100a ln 48
Miger, Laura fr 100a ln 47
Miger, Pearl fr 100a ln 49
Miller(?), Allie(?) fr 129a ln 22
Miller(?), Blanche fr 129a ln 24
Miller(?), Emma fr 129a ln 23
Miller(?), Linedy(?) fr 129a ln 20
Miller(?), Mary fr 129a ln 21
Miller(?), Ray fr 129a ln 26
Miller(?), Richard fr 129a ln 25
Miller(?), Vivian fr 129a ln 27
Miller, Alonzo P fr 148b ln 71
Miller, Alvina fr 69b ln 68
Miller, Anna fr 92b ln 91
Miller, Anton fr 120b ln 96
Miller, August fr 44b ln 59
Miller, Augusta C fr 44b ln 57
Miller, Belle fr 69b ln 75
Miller, Bertie fr 54a ln 40
Miller, Bessie fr 31a ln 9
Miller, Charles fr 92b ln 90
Miller, Charles fr 122a ln 31
Miller, Charley fr 42a ln 47
Miller, Charley fr 54a ln 45
Miller, Chelsea fr 31a ln 10
Miller, Christ fr 54a ln 42
Miller, Clarance fr 22b ln 60
Miller, Clyde fr 31a ln 29
Miller, Clyde fr 136a ln 29
Miller, Daniel fr 120b ln 95
Miller, David fr 28a ln 26
Miller, Delbert E fr 148b ln 75
Miller, Earl fr 92b ln 92
Miller, Edward fr 125a ln 26
Miller, Ellen fr 44b ln 61
Miller, Eva fr 69b ln 69
Miller, Florence O fr 144a ln 41
Miller, Frank fr 92b ln 73
Miller, Franklin P fr 92b ln 75
Miller, Frederick fr 69b ln 67
Miller, George fr 82a ln 24
Miller, Gertrude fr 53b ln 82
Miller, Grace fr 116a ln 45
Miller, Grover C fr 53b ln 78
Miller, Harriet E fr 82a ln 25
Miller, Harry fr 30b ln 55
Miller, Harry fr 44b ln 58
Miller, Henry fr 54a ln 43
Miller, Herman fr 22b ln 57
Miller, Hettie fr 30b ln 54
Miller, J A fr 30b ln 56
Miller, Jabez fr 121a ln 13
Miller, James fr 31a ln 8
Miller, John fr 30b ln 53
Miller, John fr 31a ln 26
Miller, John H fr 53b ln 76
Miller, Joseph fr 152a ln 1
Miller, L Harry fr 69b ln 70
Miller, Lelia(?) fr 142b ln 70
Miller, Lewis fr 144a ln 37
Miller, Lillie fr 53b ln 81
Miller, Lizzie fr 54a ln 44
Miller, Louisa M fr 144a ln 40
Miller, Lucinda fr 144a ln 38
Miller, Maggie A fr 53b ln 79
Miller, Martha L fr 22b ln 59
Miller, Mary fr 145a ln 29
Miller, Mary B fr 22b ln 58
Miller, Mary E fr 148b ln 72
Miller, Mary F fr 148b ln 77
Miller, Mary P fr 148b ln 73
Miller, Maud fr 69b ln 76
Miller, Michel fr 69b ln 74
Miller, Mina fr 31a ln 30
Miller, Minnie fr 31a ln 27
Miller, Morris fr 69b ln 73
Miller, Myrtle E fr 148b ln 76
Miller, Nettie fr 114b ln 69
Miller, Ollie fr 136a ln 28
Miller, Orrin fr 112a ln 15
Miller, Rudolph fr 44b ln 60
Miller, Ruth fr 69b ln 77
Miller, Samuel fr 142b ln 69
Miller, Sarah fr 28a ln 27
Miller, Sarah fr 136a ln 27
Miller, Sophia fr 54a ln 39
Miller, Sophia fr 154b ln 73
Miller, Synthia fr 53b ln 77
Miller, Viola E fr 53b ln 80
Miller, Viola J fr 144a ln 39
Miller, Violet fr 92b ln 74
Miller, Walter fr 142b ln 71
Miller, Waneda fr 31a ln 31
Miller, William fr 44b ln 81
Miller, William fr 54a ln 38
Miller, William A fr 148b ln 74
Miller, William E fr 54a ln 41
Miller, Willie fr 31a ln 28
Milligan, Robert G fr 143b ln 78
Millis, Emma J fr 153b ln 51
Mills, Aaron fr 56b ln 51
Mills, Albert fr 69a ln 27
Mills, Banjamin(?) fr 70b ln 51
Mills, Blanch fr 41b ln 70
Mills, Earl fr 84b ln 99
Mills, Elias fr 56b ln 52
Mills, Elisha fr 30a ln 19
Mills, Elonzo fr 41b ln 73
Mills, Emma fr 41b ln 69
Mills, Emma fr 69a ln 29
Mills, George W fr 56b ln 53
Mills, Howard fr 47a ln 41
Mills, John A fr 56a ln 49
Mills, Lela fr 41b ln 72
Mills, Louisa(?) fr 84b ln 98
Mills, Mary J fr 56a ln 48
Mills, Minnie fr 70b ln 52
Mills, Myrtle fr 69a ln 28
Mills, Peter J fr 29b ln 83
Mills, Ralph D fr 30b ln 63
Mills, Sarah(?) M fr 56a ln 50
Mills, Walter fr 41b ln 68
Mills, William fr 56a ln 47
Mills, William fr 84b ln 97
Mills, Willie fr 41b ln 71
Minholl(?), Frank fr 130b ln 92
Minich, Evalena fr 112a ln 20
Minich, Gail fr 135b ln 90
Minich, Harry E fr 112a ln 19
Minich, Hattie fr 135b ln 91
Minich, Joe fr 135b ln 89
Minich, Varlinda(?) fr 135b ln 88
Minnick, Charlie fr 26a ln 14
Minnick, Elmer fr 26a ln 16
Minnick, Emma fr 26a ln 13
Minnick, John fr 26a ln 11
Minnick, John M fr 26a ln 17
Minnick, Minnie fr 26a ln 12
Minnick, Ralph fr 26a ln 15
Mitchel, Ada fr 33a ln 21
Mitchel, Brack(?) fr 33a ln 17
Mitchel, Charlie fr 28a ln 10
Mitchel, Charlie fr 29b ln 98
Mitchel, Fannie fr 33a ln 18
Mitchel, Fannie fr 33a ln 19
Mitchel, Jane fr 28a ln 9
Mitchel, Lulu fr 33a ln 20
Mitchell, Cora fr 90b ln 95
Mitchell, David(?) fr 98b ln 89
Mitchell, James fr 122a ln 18
Mitchell, John fr 90b ln 94
Mitchell, Lena fr 98b ln 90
Mitchell, Lilly M fr 156a ln 37
Mitchell, M C fr 122a ln 35
Mitchell, Margarett fr 115a ln 44
Mitchler, Edwin fr 141a ln 45
Mitchler, Ida M fr 141a ln 46
Mitchler, Mary J fr 156a ln 21
Mitchler, May fr 156a ln 22
Moallencan(?), [unreadable] fr 103a ln 26
Moallencan(?), Effie fr 103a ln 27
Moallencan(?), K[unreadable] fr 103a ln 28
Mobley, Della fr 46a ln 2
Mobley, Emma fr 46a ln 1
Mobley, Jessie fr 46a ln 3
Mobley, William A fr 45b ln 100
Mobly, Dora fr 35b ln 85
Mobly, Jary fr 35b ln 84
Moch, Dorris(?) fr 111b ln 78
Mock, Birdie fr 112a ln 41
Mohlar(?), Clarrie fr 92a ln 27
Mohlar(?), Halo(?) fr 92a ln 24
Mohlar(?), Katy fr 92a ln 26
Mohlar(?), Rosa fr 92a ln 25
Moinphey(?), Amelia fr 76b ln 83
Moinphey(?), August fr 76b ln 82
Moinphey(?), Edward fr 76b ln 84
Moinphey(?), Minnie fr 76b ln 85
Molitor, Amy fr 95b ln 91
Molitor, Annie fr 95b ln 89
Molitor, Henry fr 95b ln 88
Molitor, Stella fr 95b ln 90
Momburt, George fr 121a ln 12
Monahan, John fr 122a ln 25
Monroe, Christian A fr 111a ln 11
Monroe, Eliza fr 116b ln 96
Monroe, Enseba(?) fr 111a ln 10
Monroe, Eunice E fr 111a ln 12
Monroe, Henry fr 111a ln 9
Monroe, Martha fr 111a ln 15
Monroe, Mary B fr 111a ln 13
Monroe, Susie fr 111a ln 14
Montague, [unreadable] fr 72a ln 20
Montague, Charlie fr 72a ln 33
Montague, Clifford fr 72a ln 32
Montague, Henry fr 72a ln 34
Montague, Martha(?) fr 72a ln 21
Montague, Mary fr 72a ln 31
Montague, William fr 72a ln 30
Montgomery, [unreadable] fr 71b ln 98
Montgomery, Ada A fr 43a ln 28
Montgomery, Donald fr 43a ln 36
Montgomery, Jean fr 43a ln 30
Montgomery, John C fr 43a ln 29
Montgomery, Jospehine fr 104b ln 92
Montgomery, Kate fr 43a ln 33
Montgomery, Lewis fr 43a ln 38
Montgomery, Mary fr 43a ln 34
Montgomery, Melville fr 43a ln 37
Montgomery, Robert H fr 43a ln 32
Montgomery, Thiles(?) fr 104b ln 93
Montgomery, Warren(?) fr 104b ln 91
Montgomery, William fr 43a ln 27
Montgomery, Willie fr 43a ln 35
Moody, Elizabeth K fr 115a ln 11
Moody, Madison fr 121a ln 11
Mook(?), William fr 122a ln 17
Mooney(?), Amanda fr 148b ln 66
Mooney(?), Arthur P fr 148b ln 69
Mooney(?), Geroge W fr 148b ln 68
Mooney(?), Henry fr 148b ln 67
Mooney, Albert M fr 37a ln 9
Mooney, Bertha fr 37a ln 11
Mooney, John fr 76b ln 79
Mooney, Martha fr 76b ln 80
Mooney, Minnie fr 37a ln 10
Moor, David R fr 91a ln 42
Moore, Alonzo E fr 23a ln 31
Moore, Blanch fr 80a ln 45
Moore, Charlie fr 37a ln 18
Moore, Clara D fr 139a ln 28
Moore, Edward F fr 139a ln 30
Moore, Elizabeth fr 23a ln 28
Moore, Ella fr 115a ln 42
Moore, Elsie fr 37a ln 21
Moore, Emery G fr 139a ln 29
Moore, Frank fr 80a ln 46
Moore, Freelin fr 23a ln 30
Moore, Gilbert fr 139a ln 25
Moore, Halie(?) fr 80a ln 48
Moore, James fr 37a ln 20
Moore, James P fr 120b ln 87
Moore, James P fr 143a ln 48
Moore, Jocie fr 23a ln 29
Moore, John fr 122a ln 19
Moore, Joshua fr 80a ln 43
Moore, Katie fr 37a ln 22
Moore, Leona fr 143a ln 47
Moore, Lizzie fr 117a ln 30
Moore, Lydia fr 37a ln 19
Moore, Matilda fr 139a ln 26
Moore, May E fr 139a ln 27
Moore, Ona fr 80a ln 47
Moore, Rosetta fr 80a ln 44
Moore, William fr 122a ln 20
Moran, Arthur(?) L fr 97a ln 47
Moran, Louis fr 97a ln 45
Moran, Rena fr 97a ln 46
Morehead, Della B fr 57b ln 55
Morehead, Gertrude fr 50a ln 15
Morehead, Harold fr 57b ln 52
Morehead, Harvey fr 50a ln 18
Morehead, Ina T fr 57b ln 54
Morehead, John fr 50a ln 14
Morehead, Laura B fr 57b ln 53
Morehead, Lawrence fr 50a ln 19
Morehead, Leslie fr 50a ln 16
Morehead, Walter fr 50a ln 17
Morgan, Alfred fr 120b ln 85
Morgan, Ava fr 89b ln 83
Morgan, Charley fr 50b ln 100
Morgan, Charley fr 50b ln 97
Morgan, Dave fr 50b ln 94
Morgan, Elnora fr 51a ln 25
Morgan, Hannah fr 51b ln 64
Morgan, Henry fr 51a ln 26
Morgan, Ida fr 50b ln 99
Morgan, Jake fr 50b ln 95
Morgan, James fr 50b ln 98
Morgan, Jesse fr 48a ln 17
Morgan, John fr 48a ln 18
Morgan, John J fr 51a ln 23
Morgan, Katie fr 51a ln 28
Morgan, Lavinia fr 51a ln 24
Morgan, Lery fr 51a ln 30
Morgan, Levi fr 23a ln 3
Morgan, Lucinda fr 50b ln 93
Morgan, Mary fr 48a ln 16
Morgan, Mary E fr 48a ln 19
Morgan, Neeva fr 51b ln 65
Morgan, Nettie(?) fr 89b ln 82
Morgan, Viola fr 51b ln 66
Morgan, Walter fr 32a ln 22
Morgan, Wilfred fr 51a ln 29
Morgan, William fr 50b ln 92
Morgan, William fr 51b ln 63
Morgan, Willie fr 50b ln 96
Morgan, Winifred fr 51a ln 27
Morine, Nella fr 44a ln 20
Morine, Percy fr 44a ln 19
Moring, A. M. fr 118a ln 18
Morley, Dona W fr 97a ln 40
Morley, George H fr 97a ln 38
Morley, Harvey fr 97a ln 36
Morley, Nelley fr 97a ln 37
Morley, Raymond fr 97a ln 41
Morley, Robert T fr 97a ln 39
Morrell, A Hester fr 71b ln 52
Morrell, Frank fr 71b ln 65
Morrell, Harry fr 71b ln 63
Morrell, Harry fr 71b ln 66
Morrell, Hilda fr 71b ln 67
Morrell, James fr 71b ln 51
Morrell, Lillian fr 71b ln 64
Morris, Annie fr 31a ln 18
Morris, Arlie fr 31a ln 20
Morris, Barbara(?) fr 27a ln 3
Morris, Cahterine fr 32b ln 65
Morris, Charles H fr 122a ln 29
Morris, David C fr 28a ln 36
Morris, David M fr 24b ln 56
Morris, Davis fr 32b ln 64
Morris, Edna fr 31a ln 19
Morris, George fr 27a ln 4
Morris, Ida fr 28a ln 33
Morris, Isabell F fr 28a ln 37
Morris, Jasper fr 31a ln 17
Morris, Jocie fr 27a ln 10
Morris, John fr 27a ln 2
Morris, John fr 32b ln 66
Morris, John W fr 28a ln 35
Morris, Johnnie fr 27a ln 6
Morris, Katie fr 27a ln 11
Morris, Martie fr 27a ln 8
Morris, Mary fr 27a ln 9
Morris, Mary fr 36a ln 33
Morris, May L fr 28a ln 34
Morris, Nannie fr 30b ln 57
Morris, Retta fr 32b ln 67
Morris, Rod fr 31a ln 21
Morris, Rose fr 27a ln 5
Morris, Tom fr 27a ln 7
Morrison, Alex fr 28a ln 47
Morrison, Hattie fr 110b ln 85
Morrison, James fr 110b ln 83
Morrison, John fr 27b ln 74
Morrison, Laura fr 28a ln 48
Morrison, Marivine fr 28a ln 49
Morrison, Peter fr 27b ln 73
Morrison, Ralph fr 27b ln 75
Morrison, Rebecca fr 110b ln 84
Morrison, Sadie fr 111b ln 88
Morrison, Sarah fr 152a ln 37
Morrison, Vern fr 110b ln 86
Morrow, Elnore fr 58a ln 17
Morrsion, John fr 111b ln 97
Morry(?), Mary fr 115a ln 13
Morry(?), Melinda fr 115a ln 12
Morse, Wallace fr 67b ln 65
Morten, Benjamin fr 82b ln 61
Morten, Calvin A fr 82b ln 63
Morten, Clarance E fr 82b ln 64
Morten, Jessie fr 82b ln 62
Mosehear(?), Joseph fr 120b ln 100
Moses, Cora fr 102b ln 89
Moses, Fredrick fr 102b ln 90
Moses, James fr 102b ln 88
Mosher, Robert fr 122a ln 32
Mosier, Agnes E fr 139a ln 39
Mosier, Goldie fr 139a ln 40
Mosier, Sarah fr 139a ln 38
Mossman, Mary fr 115a ln 24
Mott, Bernard fr 103a ln 32
Mott, Charlie E fr 29a ln 19
Mott, D V(?) fr 134b ln 72
Mott, Henry fr 29a ln 16
Mott, Isadore fr 134b ln 73
Mott, Julia H fr 103a ln 33
Mott, Marion fr 29a ln 17
Mott, Merlon J fr 29a ln 21
Mott, Tony W fr 29a ln 20
Mount, Amelia fr 21a ln 2
Mount, Beatrice fr 21a ln 8
Mount, Burton fr 21a ln 7
Mount, Charles fr 21a ln 1
Mount, June fr 21a ln 5
Mount, Karl fr 21a ln 3
Mount, Pearl fr 21a ln 6
Mount, William fr 21a ln 4
Moyer, H P fr 120b ln 98
Mudd, Diora C fr 61b ln 63
Mudd, George W fr 61b ln 64
Mudd, James R fr 61b ln 62
Mudd, May L fr 61b ln 66
Mudd, Minnie E fr 61b ln 65
Mueller, Mary fr 115b ln 78
Mullen, Alice fr 83a ln 3
Mullen, Ina fr 83a ln 6
Mullen, James fr 83a ln 5
Mullen, John T fr 125a ln 11
Mullen, T[unreadable] fr 83a ln 1
Mullen, Thomas fr 83a ln 4
Mullen, William fr 83a ln 2
Mullins, Ferne fr 110a ln 32
Mullins, Frd fr 112a ln 21
Mullins, James fr 77a ln 41
Mullins, James fr 77a ln 42
Mullins, Nellie fr 110a ln 31
Mullins, Neut(?) fr 21b ln 100
Mullins, Thomas fr 110a ln 30
Muncie, Maggie fr 116b ln 71
Mundell, Allie(?) fr 137b ln 94
Mundell, Charles E fr 137b ln 95
Mundell, Nellie fr 137b ln 96
Mundell, Ransom fr 137b ln 93
Mundis, George fr 26b ln 79
Mundis, Lori fr 26b ln 80
Muray, John fr 150a ln 20
Muray, Okie(?) fr 150a ln 21
Murdia(?), David fr 120b ln 97
Murdock, Louisa fr 114b ln 59
Murford, Allice M fr 107a ln 2
Murford, Charles fr 107a ln 1
Murford, Clarance fr 107a ln 5
Murford, Daisey fr 107a ln 3
Murford, Grace fr 107a ln 4
Murford, Ray fr 107a ln 6
Murgrane, S fr 121a ln 18
Murlin, Clara fr 139a ln 21
Murphy, Blanch fr 70a ln 14
Murphy, Dara fr 86a ln 17
Murphy, Nellie B fr 86a ln 18
Murphy, Thomas fr 120b ln 82
Murphy, William fr 86a ln 16
Murray, Anna fr 130b ln 94
Murray, Frank fr 130b ln 93
Murray, George fr 130b ln 95
Murth(?), Lucy fr 117b ln 59
Musgrave, Dessie E fr 27b ln 67
Musgrave, Frank fr 27b ln 62
Musgrave, Frank G fr 27b ln 66
Musgrave, Martha E fr 27b ln 63
Musgrave, Pearl F fr 27b ln 64
Musgrave, Ray D fr 27b ln 65
Musich, Martha fr 116a ln 10
Musick, Dolly fr 57b ln 93
Musick, E--aie C fr 57b ln 95
Musick, James fr 57b ln 92
Musick, Lester O fr 57b ln 94
Musick, Sallie L fr 57b ln 96
Muslin, James A fr 134b ln 65
Musser, Susan C fr 115b ln 63
Myers, Ada fr 115a ln 34
Myers, Anderson B fr 38b ln 97
Myers, Ardith(?) fr 153a ln 48
Myers, Benjamin F fr 56a ln 16
Myers, Carolina fr 153a ln 47
Myers, Carrie L fr 86b ln 74
Myers, Charles fr 84b ln 76
Myers, David fr 56a ln 15
Myers, Earl W fr 112b ln 78
Myers, Earl(?) fr 86b ln 72
Myers, Edward fr 153a ln 46
Myers, Ella fr 86b ln 73
Myers, Emily H fr 56b ln 62
Myers, Helen fr 84b ln 78
Myers, Leona fr 56a ln 18
Myers, Mary C fr 56b ln 60
Myers, Mary E fr 56b ln 63
Myers, Mary E fr 86b ln 76
Myers, Mattie M fr 56a ln 17
Myers, Michael fr 120b ln 91
Myers, Mucila(?) fr 84b ln 79
Myers, Ura Bell fr 84b ln 77
Myers, Viola E fr 86b ln 75
Myers, William fr 153a ln 49
Myers, William H fr 56b ln 61
Myors, Ellen fr 136b ln 89
Myors, Henry fr 136b ln 91
Myors, Robert fr 136b ln 90
Nash, Frank fr 107b ln 96
Nash, Joseph fr 107b ln 94
Nash, Julia fr 28a ln 12
Nash, Mose fr 28a ln 13
Nash, Samuel fr 28a ln 14
Nash, Vinnie(?) fr 107b ln 95
Nash, William fr 28a ln 11
Nater(?), Andrew fr 148b ln 83
Nater(?), Clarence fr 148b ln 85
Nater(?), Rosie fr 148b ln 84
Naylor, Adolph fr 86b ln 77
Naylor, Charles F fr 86b ln 79
Naylor, Guy L fr 86b ln 80
Naylor, Mary J fr 86b ln 78
Naylor, Willie(?) H fr 86b ln 81
Neal, Buck fr 21b ln 71
Neal, Celia fr 84b ln 52
Neal, David fr 84b ln 51
Neal, Dolphia(?) fr 41b ln 51
Neal, Edward fr 84b ln 55
Neal, Fred fr 105a ln 2
Neal, Jennie fr 105a ln 1
Neal, Jessie fr 105a ln 3
Neal, Lizzie fr 41b ln 53
Neal, Lizzy fr 84b ln 53
Neal, Mary fr 41a ln 49
Neal, Maud fr 41b ln 55
Neal, Mona fr 84b ln 58
Neal, Naeva fr 41a ln 50
Neal, Perris fr 41b ln 54
Neal, Sherman fr 84b ln 54
Neal, Teley(?) fr 84b ln 56
Neal, Thomas fr 105a ln 4
Neal, Tomas fr 124a ln 13
Neal, Vernon fr 41b ln 52
Neal, William fr 41a ln 48
Neal, William fr 84b ln 57
Nedermier(?), Gotlieb(?) fr 122a ln 38
Needham, Barton fr 128a ln 31
Needham, Flora fr 128a ln 33
Needham, Florence fr 128a ln 34
Needham, Jenee fr 128a ln 36
Needham, Laura fr 128a ln 32
Needham, Louis fr 128a ln 35
Neely, J N fr 121a ln 22
Neisanger, Nettie fr 90b ln 93
Neiswanger, Amelia fr 90b ln 92
Nelson, Anna fr 87b ln 52
Nelson, Betsey fr 114a ln 39
Nelson, Charles F fr 121a ln 20
Nelson, Florence B fr 139b ln 66
Nelson, Geo W fr 122a ln 40
Nelson, James fr 138b ln 89
Nelson, Joseph P fr 139b ln 67
Nelson, Leonera fr 139b ln 65
Nelson, Nel[unreadable] fr 87b ln 51
Nelson, William fr 87b ln 53
Nelson, William fr 139b ln 64
Nemooks, Marie fr 112b ln 63
Neu, Elizabeth fr 114a ln 43
Nevins, Frank fr 94b ln 86
Nevins, Nettie fr 94b ln 87
Newhouse, Alva fr 101b ln 87
Newhouse, Elizabeth fr 61b ln 74
Newhouse, Lewis fr 61b ln 73
Newhouse, Napoleon D fr 61b ln 75
Newland, Almira fr 116b ln 68
Newman, Anna fr 116b ln 85
Newman, Theodore fr 70b ln 84
Neylon, Claribel fr 134a ln 33
Neylon, George fr 134a ln 37
Neylon, Ida fr 134a ln 32
Neylon, James fr 134a ln 30
Neylon, James Jr fr 134a ln 35
Neylon, Margeret fr 134a ln 31
Neylon, Nicholas S fr 134a ln 36
Neylon, Walter G fr 134a ln 34
Niann, Matilda fr 108a ln 47
Niasmith(?), William fr 132a ln 33
Nicely, Allice M fr 90a ln 38
Nicely, Joseph fr 90a ln 37
Nicely, Norma A fr 90a ln 40
Nicely, Pearl fr 90a ln 39
Nichols, Elizabeth fr 111a ln 42
Nichols, Jermia fr 40b ln 72
Nichols, John fr 100a ln 50
Nichols, John E fr 40b ln 74
Nichols, Mary fr 40b ln 73
Nichols, Nora fr 116b ln 73
Nichols, R A fr 43a ln 42
Nicholson, Annie fr 30a ln 40
Nicholson, Annie fr 138b ln 91
Nicholson, Edward fr 138b ln 93
Nicholson, Geneva fr 138b ln 92
Nicholson, John fr 138b ln 90
Nicholson, Kate fr 141a ln 20
Nicholson, Levi fr 30a ln 39
Nicholson, Man-- fr 30a ln 42
Nicholson, Martha fr 30a ln 43
Nicholson, Minnie fr 30a ln 37
Nicholson, Rezin fr 141a ln 19
Nicholson, Rezin O fr 141a ln 21
Nicholson, Thomas fr 30a ln 36
Nicholson, Vernon fr 30a ln 38
Nickols, Abby fr 117a ln 34
Nicoles, Constantine fr 114a ln 38
Niles, Addie E fr 60a ln 1
Niles, Bessie fr 60a ln 3
Niles, Clara fr 60a ln 35
Niles, Joseph fr 59b ln 100
Niles, Lucy fr 60a ln 2
Niles, Lula fr 64b ln 83
Niles, Maggie fr 60a ln 4
Niles, Mary fr 64b ln 80
Niles, Nellie fr 64b ln 82
Niles, Orville fr 64b ln 79
Niles, Orville fr 64b ln 81
Ninnell, Nannie fr 114a ln 3
Nitcha, Alma fr 114a ln 37
Noa, Anna fr 42a ln 45
Noa, Eli fr 42a ln 43
Noa, James A fr 42a ln 41
Noa, Martha N fr 42a ln 42
Noa, Sam fr 42a ln 44
Noa, Willie fr 42a ln 46
Noal, Horace fr 25a ln 25
Noal, Sarah fr 25a ln 26
Noe, Simeon fr 45a ln 2
Nolan, Catherine fr 107b ln 86
Nolan, Kitty fr 107b ln 87
Noland, Brasleton(?) fr 152b ln 100
Noland, Clyde fr 25b ln 67
Noland, Elisebeth E fr 153a ln 1
Noland, Jimmie fr 23a ln 36
Noland, Mary S fr 25b ln 65
Noland, Santa C fr 25b ln 66
Noland, Steve fr 25b ln 64
Nold, Chas A fr 122a ln 37
Noonan, William C fr 122a ln 39
Nordeen, A P fr 122a ln 36
Northwood, Amanda fr 114a ln 46
Norton, Addie fr 37a ln 25
Norton, Alfred fr 38b ln 85
Norton, Arlow G fr 37b ln 60
Norton, Clara fr 137b ln 78
Norton, Cora M fr 152b ln 75
Norton, Cynthia fr 37b ln 61
Norton, Delora fr 37b ln 64
Norton, Edward fr 123a ln 20
Norton, Harry fr 37b ln 63
Norton, Harvey W fr 37a ln 23
Norton, Horace fr 137b ln 79
Norton, Inez fr 37a ln 26
Norton, James fr 137b ln 76
Norton, John fr 152b ln 73
Norton, Julia fr 137b ln 77
Norton, Julia E fr 152b ln 74
Norton, Linda fr 37a ln 24
Norton, Luther fr 37a ln 27
Norton, Maria E fr 114a ln 47
Norton, Oney fr 37b ln 62
Norton, Oscar fr 37b ln 65
Nowling, Charlie fr 21b ln 88
Nowling, Clell fr 32a ln 25
Nowling, Elmer fr 33b ln 54
Nowling, Frank fr 32a ln 23
Nowling, Johnie fr 33b ln 52
Nowling, Maggie fr 32a ln 24
Nowling, Robert fr 33b ln 53
Nowling, Ruth fr 33b ln 51
Nowling, Thomas fr 33a ln 50
Null, Arnold fr 30a ln 22
Null, Clara fr 29b ln 64
Null, Gertrude fr 29b ln 66
Null, Jennie fr 30a ln 21
Null, Jode S fr 30a ln 20
Null, Marrie fr 29b ln 65
Null, Thomas fr 29b ln 63
Numbers, Aleurs(?) fr 22b ln 70
Numbers, Dwight M fr 22b ln 72
Numbers, Flora fr 22b ln 71
Numbers, Hazel fr 22b ln 75
Numbers, Lela fr 22b ln 74
Numbers, Lelea fr 154b ln 74
Numbers, Nellie G fr 22b ln 73
Oaks, John fr 121a ln 24
Obenchain, Mary fr 105a ln 36
Obenshain, Melvin G fr 122a ln 44
Obrian, Clarance fr 91b ln 99
Obrian, Lizzy A fr 91b ln 94
Obrian, Nettie fr 91b ln 95
Obrian, Ray fr 91b ln 97
Obrian, Roy fr 91b ln 98
Obrian, Sam(?) fr 91b ln 93
Obrian, Walter fr 91b ln 96
O'Brien, Desmond(?) fr 127a ln 21
O'Brien, Irene fr 127a ln 22
O'Brien, John fr 121a ln 26
O'Brien, Joseph fr 127a ln 24
O'Brien, Leonard fr 127a ln 23
O'Brien, Linddon(?) fr 127a ln 26
O'Brien, Mary fr 114a ln 40
O'Brien, Rosa fr 127a ln 27
Ocmon(?), George fr 112b ln 54
Odell, Minnie fr 59a ln 14
Odenbaugh, [unreadable] fr 95b ln 61
Odenbaugh, Ella fr 95b ln 62
Odenbaugh, Jackson fr 95b ln 65
Odenbaugh, Ottie fr 95b ln 63
Odenbaugh, Walter fr 95b ln 64
Officer, Bertha fr 24a ln 14
Officer, Blanche fr 27b ln 85
Officer, Cleo F fr 27b ln 90
Officer, Decr---- fr 21a ln 9
Officer, Earny F fr 27b ln 88
Officer, Fred fr 28b ln 66
Officer, Harry(?) fr 24a ln 11
Officer, Jocie fr 27b ln 87
Officer, Julian L fr 27b ln 86
Officer, Luther fr 24a ln 15
Officer, Lydia fr 28b ln 67
Officer, Ollie fr 24a ln 12
Officer, Pearl C fr 27b ln 89
Officer, Rebecka fr 27b ln 83
Officer, Robert fr 24a ln 13
Officer, Sherman fr 27b ln 84
Officer, William fr 27b ln 82
Ogden, Indiana(?) fr 78a ln 30
Ogden, M O W fr 121a ln 25
O'Haro, Bert fr 47a ln 40
O'Haro, Clarence fr 47a ln 38
O'Haro, Harry fr 47a ln 36
O'Haro, Vernard fr 47a ln 39
O'Haro, Zilda fr 47a ln 37
Ohlmier, John fr 44b ln 90
Oldfield, Julia N fr 114a ln 41
Oliver, John fr 122a ln 41
Oliver, Nellie fr 68a ln 34
Oliver, Orion fr 68a ln 33
Oliver, Willie fr 68a ln 35
Olson, A E fr 122a ln 42
Olson, John fr 121a ln 23
Omara, Jane fr 115b ln 86
O'Marra, Ellen fr 58b ln 97
O'Marra, Kate fr 116b ln 57
O'Marra, Norah fr 58b ln 98
Orman, Margaret fr 116a ln 11
Orourke, Bert fr 146b ln 89
Orourke, Cene(?) E fr 146b ln 91
Orourke, Dan fr 146b ln 92
Orourke, Emma fr 146b ln 86
Orourke, Ivah P fr 146b ln 88
Orourke, John fr 146b ln 85
Orourke, Mary E fr 146b ln 90
Orourke, Nettie I fr 146b ln 93
Orourke, Peter E fr 146b ln 87
Orourke, Vera O fr 146b ln 94
Orr, Della fr 131a ln 37
Orr, Hattie M fr 131a ln 36
Orr, James fr 131a ln 35
Orr, Mable fr 131a ln 39
Orr, Mary fr 131a ln 41
Orr, Nellie fr 131a ln 38
Orr, Walter fr 131a ln 40
Osborn, Benjamin fr 157a ln 49
Osborne, Samuel D fr 122a ln 43
Osborum(?), [unreadable] fr 133a ln 6
Osburn, Phillip fr 121a ln 27
Osman, A Nancy fr 71a ln 31
Osman, William fr 71a ln 32
O'Sulivan, Terresa A fr 114a ln 42
Otainger, Edward fr 67b ln 63
Otto, Chester L fr 86b ln 69
Otto, Frank fr 86b ln 67
Otto, Frank W Jr fr 86b ln 71
Otto, Paul fr 86b ln 70
Otto, Verda V fr 86b ln 68
Overbeck, Bill fr 50a ln 26
Overbeck, Emile fr 50a ln 28
Overbeck, Fred fr 50a ln 27
Overbeck, Minnie fr 50a ln 25
Overholts, Belle fr 116b ln 84
Ownes, Taylor fr 78b ln 78
Oxley, Hester A fr 155b ln 70
Oxley, William S fr 155b ln 69
Oyester, Emma fr 138b ln 84
Oyster, Amy fr 137b ln 98
Oyster, Arther fr 137b ln 99
Oyster, Charlie L fr 138b ln 85
Oyster, Eliza fr 138a ln 38
Oyster, John H fr 138b ln 83
Oyster, Thomas E fr 137b ln 97
Oyster, Thomas J fr 137b ln 100

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