Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 17 December 2006

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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Regan, Johanna fr 117b ln 63
Reichard, Albert fr 141b ln 73
Reichard, Arabelle fr 141b ln 74
Reichard, Edward C fr 141b ln 78
Reichard, George W fr 141b ln 76
Reichard, Magie(?) fr 141b ln 77
Reichard, Walter V fr 141b ln 75
Reid(?), Charles fr 72b ln 95
Reid(?), Laura fr 72b ln 93
Reid(?), Leroy(?) fr 72b ln 92
Reid(?), Samy(?) fr 72b ln 94
Reiker, Alma M fr 154b ln 94
Reiker, Edna M fr 154b ln 95
Reiker, Ella N fr 154b ln 93
Reiker, Harry C fr 154b ln 96
Reiker, John C fr 27a ln 19
Reiker, Mildred C fr 154b ln 97
Reiker, Otto fr 154b ln 92
Reinal, Edna fr 35b ln 79
Reinal, Jake fr 35b ln 74
Reinal, Joseph fr 35b ln 81
Reinal, Louisa fr 35b ln 80
Reinal, Maggie fr 35b ln 75
Reinald, Ester I fr 23b ln 59
Reinald, Nettie N fr 23b ln 58
Reinald, Robert fr 23b ln 57
Reisch, Henretta fr 116a ln 12
Resmick, James fr 34a ln 16
Resmick, Sallie fr 34a ln 17
Ress(?), Elizabeth fr 21a ln 31
Ress(?), Hugh fr 21a ln 30
Ress(?), Lizzie fr 21a ln 33
Ress(?), Maggie fr 21a ln 32
Ress, Ada J fr 32b ln 76
Ress, Edna C fr 32b ln 77
Ress, Mich--- fr 32b ln 73
Ress, Philip E fr 32b ln 75
Ress, Susan H fr 32b ln 74
Resth(?), Clarance A fr 83b ln 64
Resth(?), Clifton fr 83b ln 65
Resth(?), Henry fr 83b ln 61
Resth(?), Lewis fr 83b ln 63
Resth(?), Sarah E fr 83b ln 62
Rexroat, Aline fr 51a ln 7
Rexroat, James fr 51a ln 1
Rexroat, Jordan W fr 51a ln 8
Rexroat, Joseph fr 51a ln 5
Rexroat, Maggie M fr 51a ln 4
Rexroat, Martha G fr 51a ln 6
Rexroat, Sirrilda fr 51a ln 2
Rexroat, Willie C fr 51a ln 3
Reyburn, Walter fr 94b ln 92
Reynolds, Albert R fr 53b ln 67
Reynolds, Almer fr 96a ln 36
Reynolds, Amanda fr 126a ln 49
Reynolds, Arthur J fr 53b ln 66
Reynolds, Bell C fr 96a ln 35
Reynolds, Caitlin(?) fr 126b ln 52
Reynolds, Carl fr 96a ln 34
Reynolds, Cecila(?) fr 128b ln 72
Reynolds, Clyde fr 126a ln 50
Reynolds, John fr 128b ln 71
Reynolds, Margrett fr 96a ln 33
Reynolds, Minnie fr 126b ln 53
Reynolds, Oliver W fr 53b ln 65
Reynolds, Peter fr 96a ln 32
Reynolds, Ralph P fr 96a ln 37
Reynolds, Robert fr 126a ln 48
Reynolds, Sophia fr 53b ln 64
Reynolds, Thomas fr 126b ln 51
Reynolds, William fr 53b ln 63
Rhinehart, B[unreadable] fr 31b ln 95
Rhinehart, Floy fr 31b ln 94
Rhinehart, Lamar(?) fr 31b ln 91
Rhinehart, Marvin fr 31b ln 97
Rhinehart, Mary D fr 31b ln 92
Rhinehart, Maude fr 31b ln 93
Rhinehart, May fr 31b ln 96
Rhoades, Boyd fr 71a ln 21
Rhoades, E Cora fr 71a ln 25
Rhoades, Eva fr 71a ln 22
Rhoades, Genevia fr 71a ln 23
Rhoades, Silas fr 71a ln 24
Rhoades, T Marth(?) fr 71a ln 26
Rhoads, Harriet fr 28a ln 6
Rhoads, Jacob fr 28a ln 5
Rhodes, Albert fr 46a ln 5
Rhodes, As[unreadable] fr 101b ln 51
Rhodes, Clarra E fr 45a ln 4
Rhodes, Danford fr 45a ln 3
Rhodes, Frank D fr 45a ln 5
Rhodes, George fr 46a ln 4
Rhodes, Lloyd fr 45a ln 6
Rhodes, Martha fr 101b ln 52
Rhodes, Not Named fr 101b ln 54
Rhodes, Otto fr 101b ln 53
Rhorer, Beaula fr 35b ln 96
Rhorer, Etta fr 35b ln 95
Rhorer, Jacob fr 35b ln 93
Rhorer, Molly fr 35b ln 94
Rhowitz, Elizabeth fr 117a ln 36
Rice, Arthur G fr 94b ln 93
Rice, Eva B fr 59b ln 51
Rice, Gerogia A fr 59a ln 48
Rice, Homer L fr 59b ln 52
Rice, James M fr 64a ln 41
Rice, Jay H fr 59a ln 50
Rice, John T fr 59a ln 49
Rice, Margaret F fr 64a ln 42
Rice, Nathaniel fr 59a ln 47
Rice, Oscar G fr 59b ln 53
Rich, Ella fr 66b ln 71
Rich, Everett fr 66b ln 73
Rich, Marion M fr 66b ln 70
Rich, Peter fr 122b ln 56
Rich, Philip B fr 66b ln 69
Rich, Thomas C fr 66b ln 72
Richard(?), Abert fr 43a ln 50
Richard(?), Albert B H fr 43b ln 54
Richard(?), Angline E fr 43b ln 53
Richard(?), Christie fr 43b ln 51
Richard(?), Sarah C fr 43b ln 52
Richards, George A fr 56b ln 93
Richards, Margaret fr 114b ln 80
Richards, Martha E fr 56b ln 92
Richards, William fr 56b ln 91
Richardson, Chattie fr 56b ln 98
Richardson, Elizabeth fr 57a ln 1
Richardson, Harry fr 122b ln 53
Richardson, Ida M fr 56b ln 99
Richardson, James fr 139b ln 81
Richardson, James fr 144a ln 48
Richardson, Lonie A fr 57a ln 3
Richardson, Lula B fr 57a ln 2
Richardson, Perle fr 139b ln 82
Richardson, Richard fr 56b ln 97
Richardson, William A fr 56b ln 100
Richardt, August fr 122b ln 57
Richkart(?), Bessie M fr 146a ln 41
Richkart(?), Nellie fr 146a ln 40
Richmond, Alexander fr 122b ln 54
Richols(?), Jefferson fr 121a ln 49
Richter, Clide fr 109a ln 36
Richter, Fredy fr 109a ln 33
Richter, Ida fr 109a ln 32
Richter, John fr 109a ln 31
Richter, Pearl fr 109a ln 34
Richter, Ray fr 109a ln 35
Rick, Annie fr 115b ln 79
Ricketts, Alvina fr 72b ln 86
Ricketts, Charles fr 72b ln 84
Ricketts, Cyrus H fr 111b ln 96
Ricketts, Donald fr 72b ln 87
Ricketts, Minnie fr 72b ln 85
Riddle, Edrgar(?) fr 135b ln 92
Riddle, Flora fr 135b ln 93
Riddle, Perry fr 135b ln 94
Riddle, Stephen fr 135b ln 95
Ridlion(?), Albion fr 88b ln 64
Ridlion(?), Blanch fr 88b ln 63
Ridlion(?), Lizzy fr 88b ln 62
Ridlion(?), Stanley fr 88b ln 61
Riggs, Elizabeth E fr 43b ln 69
Riggs, Flora E fr 43b ln 70
Riggs, Flora J fr 43b ln 68
Riggs, James M fr 43b ln 67
Rigney, Catherine fr 48b ln 66
Rigney, Charley fr 48b ln 69
Rigney, Harry fr 48b ln 70
Rigney, Maggie fr 48b ln 67
Rigney, Maurice fr 48b ln 68
Rigney, Patrick fr 48b ln 65
Riley, John fr 23a ln 19
Riley, John fr 23a ln 21
Riley, John S fr 23a ln 23
Riley, Kate fr 23a ln 20
Riley, Kate fr 23a ln 22
Riley, Sarah E fr 88a ln 42
Riley, William fr 88a ln 41
Rindhart, Alfred fr 97a ln 20
Rindhart, John fr 97a ln 18
Rindhart, Mary fr 97a ln 19
Rinehart, William fr 155b ln 94
Ring, Mary fr 103a ln 48
Ring, Ora fr 103a ln 47
Ringer, Arthur fr 156a ln 33
Ringer, Elmer C fr 156a ln 34
Ringer, John fr 156a ln 31
Ringer, Mary C fr 156a ln 35
Ringer, Mary L fr 156a ln 32
Ringer, Whitney J fr 156a ln 36
Ringers(?), Seibert fr 121a ln 45
Ripley, Sylvester fr 121b ln 53
Ritchie, Sadie fr 71a ln 20
Rite, James fr 32b ln 68
Rite, James W fr 32b ln 70
Rite, Sarah E fr 32b ln 69
Rite, Stella I fr 32b ln 71
Rite, Thomas A fr 32b ln 72
Roach, Beulah fr 143a ln 37
Robban(?), Frank fr 93b ln 56
Roben, John D fr 112a ln 17
Robert, Julius fr 121a ln 43
Roberts, [unreadable] fr 86a ln 38
Roberts, Albert fr 48a ln 48
Roberts, Anna M fr 96a ln 18
Roberts, Arch fr 142a ln 45
Roberts, B[unreadable] fr 114b ln 98
Roberts, Claud fr 142a ln 46
Roberts, Claude B fr 135b ln 74
Roberts, Clyde fr 48b ln 53
Roberts, Cora fr 86a ln 37
Roberts, Cynthia fr 142a ln 44
Roberts, Edie fr 102b ln 53
Roberts, Ella fr 102b ln 63
Roberts, Ethel fr 48b ln 51
Roberts, Flora L fr 135b ln 73
Roberts, Francis fr 86a ln 36
Roberts, Frank E fr 112b ln 51
Roberts, George fr 96a ln 17
Roberts, Grover fr 48b ln 52
Roberts, Harry fr 86b ln 53
Roberts, Hattie fr 107a ln 24
Roberts, Ida A fr 48a ln 50
Roberts, Jessie fr 86a ln 40
Roberts, Jo[unreadable] fr 86b ln 51
Roberts, Joseph fr 107a ln 23
Roberts, Joseph fr 135b ln 71
Roberts, Kate(?) fr 102b ln 61
Roberts, Libby fr 102b ln 52
Roberts, Lulu fr 86b ln 52
Roberts, Madge fr 102b ln 54
Roberts, Maris(?) fr 86a ln 42
Roberts, Mary fr 107a ln 25
Roberts, Mary fr 135b ln 72
Roberts, May fr 142a ln 47
Roberts, Merton fr 52a ln 35
Roberts, Merton fr 86a ln 39
Roberts, Murton A fr 102b ln 62
Roberts, Myra fr 135b ln 75
Roberts, Nettie fr 86a ln 41
Roberts, Opal fr 142a ln 48
Roberts, Thomas fr 86a ln 35
Roberts, Virginia fr 48a ln 49
Robertson, Elery J fr 114b ln 86
Robertson, Nancy J fr 114b ln 99
Robinett, Doratha E fr 32b ln 54
Robinett, Florence L fr 32b ln 55
Robinett, George fr 32b ln 52
Robinett, Joe fr 32a ln 50
Robinett, Margaret fr 32a ln 49
Robinett, Mary B fr 32b ln 51
Robinett, Milo E fr 32b ln 53
Robinett, Windfield fr 32a ln 48
Robinsin, C(?) [B J?] fr 85b ln 89
Robinson, Amandy E fr 85b ln 90
Robinson, Annie fr 114b ln 89
Robinson, August(?) fr 101a ln 6
Robinson, Bathilda fr 85b ln 73
Robinson, Bettie fr 105a ln 38
Robinson, E[unreadable] fr 153b ln 77
Robinson, Earl fr 105a ln 39
Robinson, Emma fr 101a ln 7
Robinson, Emma fr 138b ln 88
Robinson, Ephraim fr 112a ln 16
Robinson, Flora fr 138b ln 87
Robinson, Gertrude C fr 153b ln 78
Robinson, Harry fr 85b ln 70
Robinson, Harry U fr 112a ln 3
Robinson, Harry(?) fr 140a ln 4
Robinson, Hazel(?) fr 69b ln 85
Robinson, Hilman(?) fr 105a ln 37
Robinson, Isaac(?) fr 132a ln 1
Robinson, Jessie fr 98a ln 16
Robinson, John fr 121b ln 51
Robinson, Joseph fr 132a ln 6
Robinson, Josephina fr 153b ln 79
Robinson, Lette(?) fr 132a ln 3
Robinson, Maggie fr 132a ln 2
Robinson, Mariah fr 140a ln 5
Robinson, Martin F fr 101a ln 9
Robinson, Molly T fr 85b ln 71
Robinson, Oide(?) fr 91a ln 41
Robinson, Olive fr 98a ln 17
Robinson, Oscar U fr 85b ln 72
Robinson, Ralph fr 98a ln 18
Robinson, Richard fr 141b ln 53
Robinson, Rudolph fr 101a ln 8
Robinson, Thomas(?) fr 132a ln 7
Robinson, William fr 101a ln 10
Robor(?), Grace fr 111b ln 82
Rochester(?), Benjamin fr 121a ln 44
Rocker, Elizabeth fr 147a ln 48
Rocker, Ernest A fr 147a ln 50
Rocker, John fr 147a ln 47
Rocker, Leon H fr 147a ln 49
Rocker, Leroy fr 147b ln 51
Rodgers, Charles fr 75b ln 75
Rodgers, Isaac fr 123a ln 18
Rodman, Laura E fr 152a ln 17
Rodman, Phonnia F fr 152a ln 19
Rodonom, John H fr 121b ln 56
Rody, Cass fr 23b ln 84
Rody, Elva fr 23b ln 85
Roger, Florence fr 23b ln 56
Rogers(?), Francis fr 127a ln 28
Rogers(?), William fr 62b ln 100
Rogers, Anna J fr 59a ln 35
Rogers, Anna P fr 59a ln 40
Rogers, Clarence A fr 59a ln 38
Rogers, Emma J fr 59a ln 37
Rogers, Fred fr 89b ln 96
Rogers, Jesse L fr 59a ln 30
Rogers, John D fr 59a ln 29
Rogers, John D fr 59a ln 33
Rogers, Julia fr 114b ln 82
Rogers, Laura B fr 59a ln 31
Rogers, Lenora fr 89b ln 97
Rogers, Lewis fr 83b ln 59
Rogers, Mary fr 59a ln 34
Rogers, Palmer fr 89b ln 98
Rogers, Richard J fr 59a ln 36
Rogers, Richard J fr 59a ln 39
Rogers, Savie fr 83b ln 60
Rogers, William F fr 59a ln 32
Rohrer, Caroline fr 138b ln 99
Rohrer, Hallie A fr 138b ln 100
Rohrer, Hellon E fr 139a ln 1
Rohrer, William fr 138b ln 98
Rohrig(?), Elizabeth fr 72b ln 71
Rohrig(?), Willie fr 72b ln 72
Roig, Hazel fr 132a ln 39
Roig, Ira fr 132a ln 36
Roig, Lulu fr 132a ln 37
Roig, Vernon fr 132a ln 40
Roig, Vivian fr 132a ln 38
Rolhamus(?), Catherine fr 73b ln 98
Rolhamus(?), Isaac fr 74a ln 3
Rolhamus(?), William fr 73b ln 97
Roman, Mathew fr 110a ln 14
Roman, Sarah K fr 110a ln 15
Rondebush(?), Grace fr 117b ln 64
Rookstool, Albert fr 66a ln 39
Rookstool, Altha fr 66a ln 43
Rookstool, Andrew fr 108b ln 74
Rookstool, Charles E fr 66a ln 41
Rookstool, Clora Fran fr 66a ln 44
Rookstool, Etith(?) fr 73b ln 51
Rookstool, George fr 73a ln 48
Rookstool, George fr 73a ln 49
Rookstool, Lizy fr 108b ln 75
Rookstool, Maud fr 66a ln 42
Rookstool, Minnie fr 73a ln 50
Rookstool, Rosetta C fr 66a ln 40
Rookstool, Samuel fr 68a ln 37
Rooney, Annie fr 114b ln 65
Rooney, John fr 121b ln 54
Root, Dexter fr 101b ln 69
Root, Emma fr 101b ln 70
Root, Grace fr 101b ln 72
Root, Roy fr 101b ln 71
Roscow(?), Arthur fr 126b ln 89
Roscow(?), Charles fr 126b ln 92
Roscow(?), Eliza fr 126b ln 90
Roscow(?), Nelson fr 126b ln 91
Roscow(?), Robert fr 126b ln 93
Rose, Etta fr 66a ln 17
Rose, Fern fr 66a ln 15
Rose, Floyd fr 109b ln 90
Rose, James D fr 66a ln 16
Rose, Jane fr 66a ln 10
Rose, John H fr 66a ln 11
Rose, John M fr 66a ln 9
Rose, Lillian fr 66a ln 13
Rose, Lily fr 32a ln 34
Rose, Ludwell fr 66a ln 12
Rose, Lulu fr 66a ln 14
Rose, Nettie E fr 52a ln 47
Rosell, A[unreadable] fr 31a ln 44
Rosell, Beula F fr 31a ln 46
Rosell, Ethel A fr 31a ln 47
Rosell, James fr 31a ln 43
Rosell, Joseph F fr 31a ln 48
Rosell, Lola F fr 31a ln 45
Rosell, Ruth R fr 31a ln 49
Roshie(?), Alice fr 125b ln 80
Roshie(?), Eva fr 125b ln 81
Roshie(?), Warren fr 125b ln 79
Ross(?), Alline M fr 142a ln 6
Ross, [unreadable] fr 73b ln 57
Ross, [unreadable] fr 75a ln 36
Ross, Edward fr 73b ln 60
Ross, Elmer fr 75a ln 38
Ross, Ernest fr 75a ln 42
Ross, Ethel fr 73b ln 58
Ross, Eva fr 73b ln 64
Ross, Francis fr 73b ln 61
Ross, Harry fr 73b ln 63
Ross, Hattie fr 73b ln 62
Ross, Hulda fr 114b ln 95
Ross, Lula fr 75a ln 41
Ross, Malisa fr 75a ln 37
Ross, Martha fr 75a ln 40
Ross, Ora fr 75a ln 39
Ross, Patsy fr 114b ln 85
Ross, Swanie fr 75a ln 43
Ross, Willie fr 73b ln 59
Rossman, Alma fr 145b ln 72
Rossman, Florence fr 145b ln 70
Rossman, Henry fr 145b ln 68
Rossman, La Niece fr 145b ln 69
Rossman, William fr 145b ln 71
Roth, Adolf fr 156a ln 8
Roth, Emma fr 116b ln 79
Rothe, [unreadable] fr 114b ln 96
Rothsbeck(?), Peter fr 121a ln 46
Roush, Bert fr 21b ln 65
Roush, Carl fr 21b ln 64
Roush, Catherine fr 21b ln 62
Roush, Ida M fr 21b ln 63
Roush, Minnie fr 21b ln 66
Roush, Parry(?) fr 21b ln 61
Routt, Charles B fr 53a ln 3
Routt, Clarence D fr 53a ln 2
Routt, Earnest fr 53a ln 5
Routt, Ethel fr 53a ln 6
Routt, Gideon C fr 53a ln 4
Routt, James M fr 52b ln 98
Routt, Maggie M fr 53a ln 1
Routt, Nancy E fr 52b ln 99
Routt, Nancy L fr 52b ln 100
Rowan(?), ella R fr 114b ln 78
Rowe, Elmer fr 67a ln 10
Rowe, Frank C fr 61b ln 53
Rowe, Ida fr 67a ln 8
Rowe, Iva fr 65b ln 100
Rowe, Jane E fr 67a ln 6
Rowe, John fr 67a ln 7
Rowe, Mattie A fr 61b ln 54
Rowe, Susie fr 67a ln 9
Rowe, Willie fr 67a ln 11
Rowland, B[unreadable] fr 155a ln 37
Rowland, Cyune(?) A fr 155a ln 38
Rowland, David fr 28b ln 72
Rowland, Dollie fr 155a ln 39
Rowland, Dora fr 25a ln 20
Rowland, Elda A fr 24a ln 27
Rowland, Ethel fr 155a ln 41
Rowland, Fern fr 34b ln 78
Rowland, Grace B fr 28b ln 74
Rowland, Harriett fr 155a ln 40
Rowland, James fr 24a ln 26
Rowland, Joe fr 34b ln 80
Rowland, John fr 25a ln 19
Rowland, John fr 27b ln 56
Rowland, Lela fr 34b ln 79
Rowland, Lena B fr 27b ln 58
Rowland, Lizzie fr 34b ln 77
Rowland, Lowell fr 34b ln 76
Rowland, Mattie fr 28b ln 73
Rowland, Poauline fr 27b ln 57
Rowles, Leonard fr 150a ln 10
Rowley, Emma L fr 114b ln 93
Rox, Gerry L fr 142b ln 59
Rox, Lilly A fr 142b ln 57
Rox, Mary E fr 142b ln 56
Rox, Maud fr 142b ln 58
Rox, Victor fr 142b ln 55
Ruby, Frank fr 85a ln 32
Ruby, Sady Bell fr 85a ln 33
Ruby, William W fr 85a ln 34
Rudd, Harriet fr 84b ln 100
Rudolph, Charles fr 102a ln 29
Rudy, Frank fr 153a ln 43
Rudy, Mary R fr 153a ln 44
Rudy, Vernon F fr 153a ln 45
Ruffin, nathaniel fr 122b ln 55
Ruggles, Thomas fr 82a ln 13
Ruhlandt, Bernice M fr 81a ln 18
Ruhlandt, Carrie M fr 81a ln 15
Ruhlandt, Charles F fr 81a ln 16
Ruhlandt, Charles J fr 81a ln 14
Ruhlandt, Francis J fr 81a ln 17
Ruhlandt, Hellen H fr 81a ln 19
Rupe, Charles fr 131a ln 44
Rupe, John D fr 131a ln 42
Rupe, Maney(?) A fr 131a ln 43
Rupe, Woodson fr 66b ln 92
Rush, Cora fr 30b ln 87
Rush, Eliza fr 30b ln 86
Rush, John fr 30b ln 85
Rush, Sadie fr 30b ln 89
Rush, William R fr 30b ln 88
Rusher, Berl G fr 100a ln 44
Rusher, Clida K fr 100a ln 43
Rusher, Leonard(?) fr 100a ln 41
Rusher, Lloy L fr 100a ln 45
Rusher, Rose E fr 100a ln 42
Rusk, Mary fr 90a ln 44
Russel, Marguerite E fr 62b ln 98
Russell, Alice M fr 43b ln 64
Russell, Allen fr 51a ln 36
Russell, Amanda fr 60a ln 27
Russell, Arthur fr 48b ln 86
Russell, Bessie fr 51b ln 85
Russell, Clara M fr 60a ln 6
Russell, Clay fr 51b ln 78
Russell, Dora fr 51b ln 84
Russell, Dottie fr 51b ln 77
Russell, Earnest fr 51b ln 86
Russell, Effie fr 48b ln 83
Russell, Elijah fr 51a ln 31
Russell, Fanny fr 51a ln 32
Russell, Fay fr 48b ln 89
Russell, Floyd fr 37a ln 30
Russell, Frank fr 51b ln 75
Russell, Geof(?) fr 151a ln 46
Russell, Glenn fr 60a ln 29
Russell, Goldie fr 37a ln 31
Russell, Grover fr 48b ln 87
Russell, Hattie fr 37a ln 29
Russell, James fr 43b ln 66
Russell, James fr 48b ln 81
Russell, John fr 48b ln 88
Russell, John fr 60a ln 26
Russell, Josephine fr 48b ln 82
Russell, Josephine fr 48b ln 84
Russell, Josephine fr 51a ln 35
Russell, Lennie fr 51b ln 79
Russell, Mabel fr 48b ln 85
Russell, Maggie fr 43b ln 65
Russell, Martha fr 51a ln 33
Russell, Melissa fr 51a ln 34
Russell, Millie fr 151a ln 47
Russell, Nena E fr 60a ln 28
Russell, Prior fr 51b ln 81
Russell, Purl fr 51b ln 83
Russell, Sadie fr 51b ln 76
Russell, Sam fr 37a ln 28
Russell, Sarah fr 51b ln 82
Russell, Thelma L fr 60a ln 7
Russell, Walter T fr 60a ln 8
Russell, William fr 60a ln 5
Russell, Willie fr 37a ln 32
Ruthmuff(?), George W fr 122b ln 59
Rutledge, Charlie fr 24b ln 90
Rutledge, E---- fr 24b ln 87
Rutledge, Earle F fr 24b ln 86
Rutledge, Esther fr 24b ln 84
Rutledge, Jeddiah(?) fr 24b ln 83
Rutledge, Jimmie T fr 24b ln 85
Rutledge, John fr 24b ln 88
Rutledge, Persilla fr 24b ln 89
Ryan, Clara fr 127b ln 55
Ryan, Elizabeth fr 127b ln 56
Ryan, Eva Maria(?) fr 127b ln 57
Ryan, Harry P fr 148b ln 55
Ryan, James fr 127b ln 54
Ryan, Johanna fr 118a ln 10
Ryan, Katharine fr 148b ln 56
Ryan, Lilly fr 148b ln 59
Ryan, Mikie fr 148b ln 57
Ryan, Minnie fr 148b ln 54
Ryan, William M fr 148b ln 58
Ryan, William T fr 148b ln 53
S[unreadable], Bert fr 75b ln 78
Sadler, Louisa fr 116a ln 23
Sage, Fred fr 39b ln 66
Salers(?), Tom fr 37a ln 17
Salisbury, Maurice fr 109b ln 71
Salisbury, Robert fr 109b ln 68
Salisbury, Salie fr 109b ln 69
Salisbury, Walter fr 109b ln 70
Sammers, William fr 122b ln 71
Sample, Nancy E fr 115b ln 81
Samuel Charles B fr 35b ln 99
Samuel, Berul(?) fr 36a ln 2
Samuel, Gail W fr 35b ln 54
Samuel, Glenn fr 35b ln 55
Samuel, Jessie M fr 21b ln 75
Samuel, Jocie(?) fr 35b ln 100
Samuel, Joe fr 21b ln 72
Samuel, Lottie fr 35b ln 56
Samuel, Maria fr 35b ln 53
Samuel, Marvin fr 36a ln 1
Samuel, Roy fr 35b ln 57
Samuel, Susie M fr 21b ln 73
Samuel, Vera L fr 21b ln 74
Samuel, William S fr 35b ln 52
San, G[unreadable] fr 81b ln 91
Sanders, Alice A fr 37b ln 72
Sanders, Archie C fr 37b ln 73
Sanders, Aurelie C fr 37b ln 71
Sanders, Delores fr 139a ln 16
Sanders, Edward E fr 37b ln 75
Sanders, Emma J fr 37b ln 74
Sanders, Grace E fr 139a ln 19
Sanders, Joe M fr 37b ln 70
Sanders, John fr 139a ln 15
Sanders, Virgie F fr 139a ln 17
Sanders, W[unreadable] fr 139a ln 18
Sands, Dot S fr 111a ln 25
Sands, John B fr 111a ln 24
Sands, Lizzie fr 27b ln 68
Sands, Myrtle fr 27b ln 69
Sands, Raymond A fr 111a ln 27
Sands, Russel O fr 111a ln 28
Sands, Zelma E fr 111a ln 26
Sanfield, Bessie fr 104a ln 3
Sangers, Wade fr 82a ln 14
Sars(?), James fr 106b ln 99
Sars(?), Sarah F fr 106b ln 100
Saul(?), Harry O fr 107b ln 99
Saunders, Hellen fr 114a ln 30
Saunders, Lela fr 39a ln 9
Saunders, Lora fr 39a ln 8
Saunders, William fr 39a ln 7
Savage, Charles D fr 25b ln 90
Savage, George fr 25b ln 92
Savage, Mary fr 25b ln 91
Sawver(?), George fr 86b ln 92
Sawyer, [unreadable] fr 72a ln 12
Sawyer, -inity fr 29a ln 50
Sawyer, Luten(?) fr 29b ln 52
Sawyer, Mars--- fr 29a ln 47
Sawyer, Mary fr 29b ln 51
Sawyer, Sally fr 29a ln 48
Sawyer, Vernie fr 72a ln 11
Sawyer, Walter fr 29a ln 49
Sayer, Charlie fr 72a ln 40
Schabert(?), Clare fr 126b ln 86
Schafer, Cora I fr 45b ln 93
Schafer, Ida fr 45b ln 98
Schafer, Julius fr 45b ln 97
Schafer, Lula fr 45b ln 95
Schafer, Martha fr 45b ln 94
Schafer, Rudolph fr 45b ln 96
Schafer, Wilhelmine fr 45b ln 92
Schafer, William fr 45b ln 91
Schawb, George fr 122b ln 67
Schendel, Charles fr 122b ln 81
Schlegele, Henry fr 121b ln 61
Schlemmer(?), Lizzie fr 116a ln 17
Schmeckle, Minnie fr 116b ln 63
Schmidt, Eva fr 114a ln 33
Schmidt, Henry fr 122b ln 63
Schnakanberg, Cate fr 45b ln 62
Schothorn, Clarence B fr 151b ln 78
Schothorn, DeWitt fr 151b ln 79
Schothorn, Frank A fr 151b ln 75
Schothorn, Frank M fr 151b ln 77
Schothorn, Josephine fr 151b ln 76
Schroder, Henry fr 122b ln 75
Schultz, Bertha fr 75a ln 15
Schultz, Michael(?) fr 75a ln 12
Schultz, Rosa fr 75a ln 13
Schultz, William fr 75a ln 14
Schuster, Christian fr 121b ln 70
Schweidfader(?), Dora fr 38a ln 40
Schwinley(?), Audry fr 131b ln 88
Schwinley(?), John H fr 131b ln 86
Schwinley(?), Lou(?) fr 131b ln 89
Schwinley(?), Martha fr 131b ln 87
Scoggans, Letta fr 85a ln 6
Scoggans, Tim(?) fr 85a ln 5
Scott, Bessie fr 49b ln 57
Scott, Daniel fr 122b ln 65
Scott, Hattie fr 49b ln 56
Scott, Hattie fr 136b ln 94
Scott, Jane fr 152b ln 56
Scott, Julian fr 39b ln 64
Scott, Laura fr 136b ln 93
Scott, Lybby fr 126a ln 17
Scott, Marshel fr 39b ln 65
Scott, May fr 49b ln 54
Scott, Minnie fr 49b ln 55
Scott, Sarah fr 39b ln 63
Scott, Tohomay(?) fr 39b ln 62
Scott, William fr 49b ln 53
Scott, William fr 136b ln 92
Scow, Adolph K fr 103a ln 14
Scow, Alma E fr 103a ln 17
Scow, Andrew fr 103a ln 12
Scow, Bertha M fr 103a ln 13
Scow, Etta N fr 103a ln 15
Scow, Harry A fr 103a ln 16
Scruggs, Corra fr 96b ln 81
Scruggs, Hellin fr 96b ln 82
Scruggs, N P fr 122b ln 68
Scruggs, W[unreadable] fr 96b ln 80
Sears, Amanda J fr 118a ln 2
Sears, Rufus M fr 122b ln 62
Sease, Elemer E fr 122b ln 74
Seaver, James W fr 112a ln 18
Sebron, Beaulah fr 35b ln 92
Sebron, Emma fr 35b ln 90
Sebron, Frank fr 35b ln 89
Sebron, Maude fr 35b ln 91
Sechrist, Kate fr 117b ln 83
Sedam, Carrie D fr 25a ln 1
Sedam, Emma B fr 24b ln 100
Seelen, Barbrae fr 78b ln 91
Seelen, Charlie fr 78b ln 90
Seelen, Charlie fr 78b ln 97
Seelen, Emma fr 78b ln 96
Seelen, Gussie fr 78b ln 95
Seelen, Katie fr 78b ln 92
Seelen, Mary fr 78b ln 93
Seelen, Peter C fr 78b ln 94
Seelye, Gertrude fr 83a ln 29
Seelye, Margrett fr 83a ln 30
Seibert, Alvina fr 75a ln 26
Seibert, Bertha fr 75a ln 10
Seibert, Bertha fr 75a ln 24
Seibert, Guss fr 76b ln 70
Seibert, Henr--- fr 76b ln 69
Seibert, Idealia fr 75a ln 25
Seibert, John fr 75a ln 9
Seibert, Ora fr 75a ln 11
Seibert, William fr 75a ln 23
Seivers, Henry fr 45b ln 99
Self, Katy fr 27b ln 80
Sellers, Alice C fr 111a ln 17
Sellers, Asa fr 138a ln 49
Sellers, Clara N fr 152a ln 44
Sellers, Claude fr 111a ln 19
Sellers, David O fr 152a ln 43
Sellers, Kittie fr 138b ln 51
Sellers, Luculla(?) fr 111a ln 16
Sellers, Maud fr 152a ln 45
Sellers, Nettie fr 138a ln 50
Sellers, Pearl fr 111a ln 18
Sellers, Robert L fr 152a ln 46
Sellers, Roy fr 111a ln 20
Selters, Mary fr 116a ln 36
Senor, Albert fr 109b ln 74
Senor, Rhoda fr 109b ln 75
Senor, Ruth fr 109b ln 76
Seon(?), A Forest fr 70b ln 81
Seon(?), Frank fr 70b ln 79
Seon(?), H Dartha fr 70b ln 82
Seon(?), M. Ella fr 70b ln 80
Servos, Carnie fr 79a ln 11
Servos, Cathrine fr 79a ln 9
Servos, Cole fr 79a ln 8
Servos, Flossy fr 79a ln 15
Servos, John fr 79a ln 10
Servos, Lela fr 79a ln 13
Servos, Pearl fr 79a ln 12
Servos, Ray fr 79a ln 14
Setters, Berand M fr 90a ln 26
Setters, Loula M fr 90a ln 25
Sevirhen(?), Nellie fr 111b ln 87
Sexton, Bessie fr 70a ln 38
Sexton, J Andrew fr 70a ln 37
Sexton, Talmage fr 70a ln 39
Shafer, Andrew J fr 153b ln 64
Shafer, Arther O fr 153b ln 68
Shafer, Cora fr 94b ln 78
Shafer, Florida fr 153b ln 62
Shafer, Homer J fr 153b ln 61
Shafer, Joseph fr 94b ln 77
Shafer, Lillie M fr 153b ln 67
Shafer, Lydia M fr 153b ln 66
Shafer, Nettie M fr 153b ln 65
Shafer, Samuel C fr 153b ln 63
Shaffer, Allice fr 97a ln 4
Shaffer, Florance fr 97a ln 3
Shaffer, Payne(?) fr 97a ln 2
Shallhamar, Ella fr 124a ln 41
Shallhamar, Frank fr 124a ln 40
Shallhamer, Alina fr 125a ln 41
Shallhamer, Allie fr 125a ln 43
Shallhamer, Charles fr 125a ln 42
Shallhamer, John fr 125a ln 40
Shallhamer, Lottie fr 125a ln 44
Shamley, Louis fr 33b ln 55
Shane, Carrie C fr 34a ln 5
Shane, Ella fr 34a ln 6
Shane, George fr 34a ln 3
Shane, Maggie P fr 34a ln 7
Shane, Millie fr 34a ln 4
Shankland, Samuel fr 93b ln 69
Shannon, Andrew fr 138a ln 35
Shannon, Josephine fr 138a ln 37
Shannon, Margaret(?) fr 154a ln 14
Shannon, Minnie fr 138a ln 36
Shannon, Rhoda fr 114b ln 84
Shanon, Elizabeth J fr 40b ln 76
Shanon, Thomas fr 40b ln 75

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