Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Sharan, Anstrus(?) D fr 155b ln 98
Sharan, Carrie fr 155b ln 97
Sharp, Bell fr 106a ln 21
Sharp, Charles S fr 106a ln 23
Sharp, Dela fr 106a ln 25
Sharp, George fr 104a ln 14
Sharp, George fr 106a ln 22
Sharp, Jane fr 104a ln 15
Sharp, Mary fr 139b ln 92
Sharp, Ray fr 106a ln 24
Sharp, Vernon fr 106a ln 26
Sharp, William fr 106a ln 20
Shaw(?), August fr 118b ln 96
Shaw, Albert fr 152a ln 39
Shaw, Catherine fr 65a ln 39
Shaw, David fr 127a ln 15
Shaw, Douglas fr 65a ln 42
Shaw, Fay fr 127a ln 17
Shaw, George fr 65a ln 40
Shaw, Homer E fr 65a ln 38
Shaw, James fr 29a ln 40
Shaw, John fr 65a ln 41
Shaw, Knowles(?) fr 139a ln 14
Shaw, Mareth(?) fr 127a ln 16
Shaw, Mary fr 29a ln 41
Shaw, Mary A fr 115a ln 32
Shaw, Nellie fr 139a ln 13
Shaw, Reginald(?) fr 94b ln 90
Shaw, Viola A fr 94b ln 91
Shaw, William fr 139a ln 12
Shawaler(?), Anna fr 94a ln 7
Shawaler(?), Carl fr 94a ln 8
Shawaler(?), Frances fr 94a ln 9
Shawaler(?), Frank fr 94a ln 6
Shawaler(?), Glenn fr 94a ln 10
Shawaler(?), L[unreadable] fr 94a ln 11
Sheddan, Thomas W fr 121b ln 60
Sheehan, Charles fr 141a ln 31
Sheehan, John fr 141a ln 24
Sheehan, John fr 141a ln 29
Sheehan, Katy fr 141a ln 26
Sheehan, Mary fr 141a ln 28
Sheehan, Michael fr 141a ln 30
Sheehan, Nora fr 141a ln 25
Sheehan, Willie H fr 141a ln 27
Sheehy, Elizabeth fr 52b ln 94
Sheehy, Richard fr 52b ln 93
Sheehy, William fr 52b ln 95
Shelby, Dara S fr 154a ln 23
Shelby, Hugh B fr 154a ln 25
Shelby, Lizzie fr 137a ln 24
Shelby, Mable C fr 154a ln 24
Shelby, Robert fr 154a ln 22
Shelby, Thomas fr 137a ln 23
Sheldon, Anna fr 80b ln 56
Sheldon, Anna(?) fr 101b ln 68
Sheldon, Bertha fr 80b ln 60
Sheldon, Charlie B fr 80b ln 58
Sheldon, Henry fr 80b ln 55
Sheldon, Howard L fr 80b ln 57
Sheldon, Nana fr 80b ln 59
Sheldon, Nellie fr 80b ln 61
Shelton, Felix fr 139a ln 5
Shelton, Herbert fr 139a ln 8
Shelton, Lucinda A fr 139a ln 7
Shelton, Mary fr 139a ln 6
Shelton, Worthy fr 58b ln 60
Shepard, Delton fr 71b ln 71
Shepard, Henry M fr 30a ln 8
Shepard, Jessie fr 30a ln 7
Shepherd, Mabel fr 114b ln 97
Sherar, Elmer E fr 157a ln 46
Sherar, Emma fr 157a ln 47
Sherar, Margaret B fr 157a ln 48
Sheridan, Bedford J fr 151a ln 38
Sheridan, Bernard fr 137b ln 62
Sheridan, Cal fr 137b ln 61
Sheridan, Catharine fr 156a ln 19
Sheridan, Elizebeth fr 137b ln 63
Sheridan, Ellen fr 151a ln 39
Sheridan, Frank fr 156a ln 18
Sheridan, John W fr 151a ln 40
Sheridan, Phillip fr 137b ln 64
Sheridan, Thomas fr 137b ln 65
Sherman, [unreadable] fr 136b ln 69
Sherman, Bessie M fr 143b ln 69
Sherman, Carl fr 148b ln 86
Sherman, Charles fr 143b ln 66
Sherman, Charles J fr 143b ln 72
Sherman, Cyrus fr 135b ln 55
Sherman, Dora B fr 148b ln 87
Sherman, Edward fr 136b ln 71
Sherman, Fannie fr 135b ln 53
Sherman, Henrietta A fr 143b ln 67
Sherman, Maggie C fr 143b ln 68
Sherman, Maud E fr 143b ln 70
Sherman, Minnie fr 136b ln 70
Sherman, William fr 138b ln 72
Sherman, William T fr 143b ln 71
Sherman, Willie fr 135b ln 56
Shields, Cora L fr 104a ln 19
Shields, Grace C fr 104a ln 20
Shields, Hoberter Mc fr 104a ln 24
Shields, Louis fr 55b ln 94
Shields, Margaret fr 117b ln 77
Shields, Margarett F fr 104a ln 23
Shields, Mary N fr 104a ln 21
Shields, Robert F fr 104a ln 22
Shields, Sarah fr 116a ln 34
Shields, William fr 104a ln 18
Shigley, Ella fr 114a ln 27
Shinkle, Elra fr 74a ln 23
Shinkle, Ethel fr 74a ln 24
Shinkle, Frank fr 74a ln 21
Shinkle, James fr 74a ln 26
Shinkle, Mary J fr 74a ln 22
Shinkle, Sroanie(?) fr 74a ln 25
Shipley, Anna(?) fr 88a ln 28
Shipley, Artis fr 88a ln 34
Shipley, Fown fr 88a ln 36
Shipley, Ira fr 88a ln 32
Shipley, Jessie fr 88a ln 30
Shipley, Minnie fr 88a ln 29
Shipley, Murt fr 88a ln 33
Shipley, Robt fr 44a ln 46
Shipley, Rossie fr 44a ln 47
Shipley, Sewell fr 88a ln 31
Shipley, Vennis(?) fr 88a ln 35
Shipman, Daniel fr 77b ln 58
Shipman, Liralda fr 125b ln 56
Shipman, Matilda fr 77b ln 59
Shipp, Adda fr 37a ln 46
Shipp, Bertha R fr 37a ln 47
Shipp, James B fr 37a ln 45
Shipp, Mary E fr 37a ln 48
Shirley, Charley fr 47a ln 18
Shirley, James fr 47a ln 14
Shirley, Merritt fr 47a ln 17
Shirley, Minnie fr 47a ln 15
Shirley, Rosa fr 47a ln 19
Shirley, Willis fr 47a ln 16
Shiveley, John W fr 81b ln 57
Shiveley, William F fr 154b ln 88
Shively, Clara fr 127a ln 36
Shively, Clarence fr 127a ln 35
Shively, Dean fr 127a ln 37
Shively, Earl fr 127b ln 86
Shively, Ida fr 151a ln 22
Shively, John fr 127b ln 84
Shively, Mollie fr 127b ln 85
Shively, Myrtle fr 128b ln 80
Shively, Sadie fr 127a ln 34
Shively, Westin fr 127a ln 33
Shoemaker, Agnes fr 112b ln 72
Shoemaker, Irene fr 115a ln 25
Shoepe(?), Ann fr 44a ln 7
Shoepe(?), David fr 44a ln 6
Shogler(?), Emma fr 54b ln 95
Sholts, Albert fr 44b ln 93
Sholts, Frank fr 44b ln 96
Sholts, Hermen fr 44b ln 94
Sholts, Lizzey fr 44b ln 92
Sholts, Louis fr 44b ln 69
Sholts, Louis fr 44b ln 91
Sholts, Louisa fr 44b ln 68
Sholts, Mike fr 44b ln 67
Sholts, Minnie fr 44b ln 95
Short, Bela fr 76b ln 55
Short, Josiah fr 58a ln 10
Short, Julia fr 76a ln 50
Short, Maggie fr 76b ln 52
Short, Mandy fr 76b ln 56
Short, Martha fr 76b ln 51
Short, Mary E fr 58a ln 11
Short, Mertie fr 76b ln 53
Short, Walter fr 76b ln 54
Short, William fr 76a ln 49
Shorts, Arthur fr 142b ln 63
Shorts, Fountain(?) fr 142b ln 62
Shrioen(?), James H fr 87a ln 6
Shrioen(?), Jennie A fr 87a ln 8
Shrioen(?), Jessie H fr 87a ln 7
Shrioen(?), Joseph fr 87a ln 4
Shrioen(?), Willima fr 87a ln 5
Shriver, Sarah F fr 152a ln 18
Shultz, [unreadable] fr 102a ln 8
Shultz, Irvin fr 102a ln 7
Shultz, J F fr 122b ln 72
Shultz, John fr 102a ln 4
Shultz, Lilly fr 102a ln 5
Shultz, Viola fr 102a ln 6
Sibley, James fr 108a ln 48
Sibley, Magie fr 108a ln 49
Siegner(?), Elizabeth fr 73a ln 6
Siegner(?), George fr 73a ln 5
Siegner(?), Osker fr 73a ln 7
Siegner, Chester fr 141a ln 34
Siegner, Clifford L fr 141a ln 35
Siegner, John fr 141a ln 32
Siegner, Nora V fr 141a ln 33
Sigle, John C fr 121b ln 69
Sigler, Esta fr 64a ln 1
Sigler, Herman fr 63b ln 97
Sigler, Ira fr 65b ln 73
Sigler, Jamie fr 63b ln 99
Sigler, Julia fr 65b ln 74
Sigler, Leroy fr 64a ln 2
Sigler, Lloyd fr 63b ln 100
Sigler, Lurena fr 63b ln 98
Silincare(?), Eddy(?) fr 22b ln 82
Simmonds, Bessie fr 118a ln 3
Simmons, Bettie fr 91b ln 59
Simmons, Ottowai(?) fr 91b ln 60
Simmons, Wilbur fr 91b ln 58
Simms, Bertha fr 106a ln 28
Simms, Charles(?) fr 106a ln 27
Simms, Haqell(?) fr 106a ln 29
Simpson, Elizibeth fr 102b ln 92
Simpson, Jane fr 102b ln 93
Simpson, Joan fr 98a ln 20
Simpson, John fr 98a ln 19
Simpson, Naomi fr 102b ln 94
Simpson, Perry fr 98a ln 21
Simpson, Perry fr 98a ln 22
Simpson, Susan fr 111a ln 38
Simpson, William(?) fr 102b ln 91
Sims(?), Lida fr 22a ln 46
Sims, Alice fr 51b ln 70
Sims, Allen fr 51b ln 67
Sims, C Bette(?) fr 70a ln 17
Sims, Divito fr 41b ln 59
Sims, E James fr 70a ln 16
Sims, Ester fr 51b ln 62
Sims, Flossie fr 51b ln 61
Sims, Harry fr 51b ln 73
Sims, Ida fr 93b ln 52
Sims, Irvine fr 51b ln 69
Sims, John fr 51b ln 68
Sims, John fr 93b ln 51
Sims, Lizzie fr 41b ln 58
Sims, Louella fr 41b ln 57
Sims, Lulu fr 93b ln 53
Sims, Mande fr 51b ln 72
Sims, Marcus fr 51b ln 60
Sims, Ray fr 51b ln 71
Sims, Viola fr 132a ln 29
Sims, Wilbur fr 51b ln 74
Sims, William fr 41b ln 56
Sims, Willie fr 132a ln 30
Sinclair(?), Joshua fr 77b ln 77
Sinclair, Ava(?) fr 154b ln 98
Sinclair, Jefferson fr 121b ln 68
Sinclair, Martha(?) fr 151a ln 29
Singletary, Alice fr 49a ln 43
Singletary, Anna fr 49a ln 44
Singletary, Harmon fr 49a ln 45
Singletary, John fr 49a ln 41
Singletary, Rosalla fr 49a ln 42
Sinkey, Carla fr 130a ln 17
Sinkey, Ida M fr 130a ln 18
Sinkey, Sanford fr 130a ln 16
Sitherwood, Blanch fr 79b ln 53
Sitherwood, Edith fr 79b ln 54
Sitherwood, Frank fr 79b ln 51
Sitherwood, James fr 79a ln 48
Sitherwood, John fr 79a ln 50
Sitherwood, Leota fr 79b ln 52
Sitherwood, Nellie fr 79a ln 49
Six, Elizabeth fr 70a ln 13
Six, L Joseph fr 70a ln 12
Skaggs, Bertha fr 105b ln 55
Skaggs, Bertha fr 70b ln 62
Skaggs, Charles fr 105b ln 53
Skaggs, Jane fr 105b ln 52
Skaggs, Otis fr 70b ln 61
Skaggs, Roy fr 105b ln 56
Skaggs, Susan fr 70b ln 60
Skaggs, William fr 105b ln 51
Skaggs, Willie fr 105b ln 54
Skeens, Alice B fr 22a ln 25
Skeens, Etta B fr 22a ln 26
Skeens, Harry H fr 22a ln 30
Skeens, James R fr 22a ln 28
Skeens, Mont I fr 22a ln 24
Skeens, Mont I fr 22a ln 29
Skeens, Pear L fr 22a ln 27
Skeetler, John fr 52b ln 96
Skeetler, Louisa fr 52b ln 97
Skelton, Joseph fr 59b ln 80
Skelton, Minnie fr 59b ln 81
Skilling, Samuel fr 79a ln 47
Skilling, William fr 79a ln 46
Skinner(?), Anna fr 126b ln 55
Skinner(?), William fr 126b ln 54
Skinner, Hiram fr 136a ln 23
Skinner, Pocahontas fr 136a ln 24
Sladd, Thomas fr 87a ln 39
Slahnly(?), Adolph fr 76b ln 74
Slahnly(?), August fr 76b ln 72
Slahnly(?), Avanda fr 76b ln 76
Slahnly(?), Edwaldt fr 76b ln 75
Slahnly(?), Minnie fr 76b ln 73
Slater, Ida fr 40b ln 88
Slater, Reuban fr 111b ln 58
Slater, Robert fr 40b ln 87
Slauson, [unreadable] fr 81a ln 50
Slauson, Charles A fr 81a ln 47
Slauson, Edwin B fr 81a ln 45
Slauson, George L fr 81a ln 48
Slauson, John fr 81a ln 43
Slauson, John W fr 81a ln 46
Slauson, Mary E fr 81a ln 49
Slauson, Mary L fr 81a ln 44
Sloan, Edith fr 59a ln 11
Sloan, Edward fr 58b ln 95
Sloan, Ellen fr 58b ln 94
Sloan, John fr 59a ln 10
Sloan, Neal fr 58b ln 96
Slocum, Al fr 93a ln 4
Slocum, Ava fr 93a ln 5
Slocum, Clyde fr 93a ln 6
Slomski, Martin fr 122b ln 78
Slyter, Estella fr 78a ln 16
Slyter, Lorenzo fr 78a ln 15
Slyter, Marian fr 78a ln 17
Small, Charles fr 77a ln 46
Small, Ernest fr 77a ln 50
Small, Josie fr 77a ln 47
Small, Katie fr 77a ln 48
Small, Louis fr 121b ln 65
Small, Sarah fr 77a ln 45
Small, Vesta fr 77a ln 49
Small, William fr 77a ln 44
Smallard(?), Jessie(?) fr 130b ln 91
Smalley, Ellen fr 65b ln 80
Smalley, Joseph fr 65b ln 79
Smith, Abner fr 64b ln 78
Smith, Agnes fr 40a ln 39
Smith, Alfred R fr 65b ln 65
Smith, Allen fr 40a ln 17
Smith, Alm A fr 40a ln 33
Smith, Alpha fr 39b ln 94
Smith, Alva fr 37b ln 82
Smith, Andrew fr 125a ln 30
Smith, Andrew fr 150a ln 33
Smith, Angeline fr 42b ln 81
Smith, Anna E fr 150a ln 34
Smith, Arthur H fr 65b ln 54
Smith, Auther D fr 77b ln 66
Smith, B[unreadable] fr 81b ln 87
Smith, Bart fr 43a ln 1
Smith, Ben C fr 29b ln 93
Smith, Benjamin fr 78b ln 76
Smith, Benjamin H fr 65b ln 58
Smith, Bertha H fr 93b ln 73
Smith, Bertie fr 37b ln 81
Smith, Bessie H fr 93b ln 72
Smith, Bessie L fr 110a ln 28
Smith, Betsey fr 115b ln 95
Smith, Beula fr 34b ln 63
Smith, Beulah fr 95b ln 55
Smith, Careane fr 125a ln 33
Smith, Carrie J fr 148a ln 11
Smith, Casander(?) fr 34b ln 62
Smith, Cassino(?) B fr 57a ln 42
Smith, Catherine fr 40a ln 13
Smith, Cecil fr 125a ln 32
Smith, Charles fr 91a ln 31
Smith, Charley fr 42b ln 98
Smith, Charlie E fr 77b ln 63
Smith, Chester A fr 65b ln 63
Smith, Chole fr 130b ln 100
Smith, Clandie E fr 77b ln 64
Smith, Clara H fr 65b ln 57
Smith, Cleo fr 148a ln 8
Smith, Cory E fr 65b ln 64
Smith, Dan fr 39b ln 90
Smith, David fr 40a ln 32
Smith, Delbert H fr 150a ln 35
Smith, Dora fr 81b ln 86
Smith, Earl fr 43a ln 2
Smith, Earl S fr 93b ln 75
Smith, Edgar fr 130b ln 98
Smith, Edision A fr 87a ln 26
Smith, Edward fr 65b ln 53
Smith, Edward fr 125a ln 24
Smith, Edward B fr 87a ln 23
Smith, Edward(?) G fr 98b ln 79
Smith, Edwin fr 65b ln 60
Smith, Effie fr 37b ln 80
Smith, Effie fr 39a ln 39
Smith, Elija fr 40a ln 12
Smith, Eliza J fr 77b ln 61
Smith, Elizabeth M fr 96a ln 11
Smith, Elizebeth fr 110a ln 29
Smith, Ella L fr 98b ln 78
Smith, Ellabel(?) fr 95b ln 53
Smith, Ellen fr 70b ln 59
Smith, Elvie fr 40a ln 34
Smith, Emma fr 148a ln 10
Smith, Emmy fr 42b ln 83
Smith, Ernest fr 46a ln 12
Smith, Etna fr 29b ln 90
Smith, Eva fr 112b ln 55
Smith, Fanny M fr 65b ln 59
Smith, Fern fr 29b ln 94
Smith, Flora fr 108b ln 78
Smith, Flora fr 39b ln 88
Smith, Flora A fr 89a ln 13
Smith, Floyd fr 37b ln 79
Smith, Francis fr 130b ln 97
Smith, Francis E fr 87a ln 28
Smith, Francis S fr 77a ln 22
Smith, Frank fr 40a ln 18
Smith, Frank H fr 91a ln 29
Smith, Frank J fr 111b ln 64
Smith, Frank L fr 108b ln 79
Smith, Fred A fr 29b ln 91
Smith, Frederick B fr 65b ln 56
Smith, George fr 70b ln 58
Smith, George fr 98b ln 76
Smith, George fr 142b ln 72
Smith, Gilliam fr 89a ln 12
Smith, Grace fr 40a ln 43
Smith, Grace J fr 65b ln 66
Smith, Grover A fr 40a ln 36
Smith, Hannah fr 116b ln 90
Smith, Harold fr 40a ln 19
Smith, Harrold J fr 150a ln 36
Smith, Harry H fr 29b ln 92
Smith, Henry fr 42b ln 96
Smith, Henry fr 46a ln 13
Smith, Henry fr 91a ln 27
Smith, Herbert J fr 65b ln 62
Smith, Herman fr 46a ln 10
Smith, Isaca fr 29b ln 89
Smith, James fr 77b ln 60
Smith, James fr 95b ln 54
Smith, James fr 125a ln 49
Smith, Jery fr 42b ln 65
Smith, Joe N fr 37b ln 76
Smith, John fr 38b ln 98
Smith, John fr 39a ln 38
Smith, John F fr 38b ln 99
Smith, John H fr 65b ln 55
Smith, John H fr 130b ln 96
Smith, John M fr 149b ln 71
Smith, John W fr 42b ln 82
Smith, Josephine fr 40a ln 16
Smith, Josephine fr 125a ln 25
Smith, Joshua K fr 35a ln 5
Smith, Julia fr 78b ln 77
Smith, Julia fr 98b ln 77
Smith, Lafiett(?) C fr 87a ln 30
Smith, Laruance W fr 40a ln 37
Smith, Lee fr 39b ln 89
Smith, Lena fr 46a ln 11
Smith, Louis K fr 54a ln 36
Smith, Louisa fr 95b ln 52
Smith, Lula fr 153a ln 2
Smith, Lula M fr 77b ln 62
Smith, Luther fr 39a ln 42
Smith, Maggie fr 39a ln 41
Smith, Marcella E fr 87a ln 27
Smith, Mariah C fr 65b ln 52
Smith, Marie fr 93b ln 76
Smith, Marion fr 39b ln 87
Smith, Marquis D fr 39b ln 95
Smith, Martha fr 22b ln 66
Smith, Martha fr 40a ln 35
Smith, Martha fr 153b ln 53
Smith, Martha J fr 149b ln 72
Smith, Mary fr 96a ln 10
Smith, Mary A fr 87a ln 24
Smith, Mary E fr 37b ln 77
Smith, Mary E fr 54a ln 34
Smith, Mary E fr 65b ln 61
Smith, Mary L fr 142a ln 10
Smith, Mary M fr 87a ln 29
Smith, Mary M fr 111b ln 79
Smith, Mary P fr 91a ln 28
Smith, Maud fr 39a ln 40
Smith, Maud B fr 93b ln 71
Smith, May fr 39b ln 96
Smith, Milton fr 40a ln 40
Smith, Minnie M fr 114a ln 25
Smith, Mollie fr 39b ln 92
Smith, Nellie K fr 87a ln 25
Smith, Nelly May fr 115a ln 9
Smith, Newton fr 95b ln 51
Smith, Ola fr 42b ln 97
Smith, Omega fr 39b ln 91
Smith, Orson fr 93b ln 70
Smith, Patience fr 148a ln 7
Smith, Paul fr 155b ln 87
Smith, Perry fr 40a ln 15
Smith, Perry fr 42b ln 99
Smith, Polk fr 148a ln 6
Smith, Ray fr 130b ln 99
Smith, Raymond A fr 87a ln 31
Smith, Rebecca fr 39b ln 93
Smith, Rena fr 43a ln 3
Smith, Reuben fr 40a ln 14
Smith, Reuben fr 65b ln 51
Smith, Rex M fr 34b ln 64
Smith, Robert J fr 37b ln 78
Smith, Roby fr 42b ln 100
Smith, Ruben fr 40a ln 38
Smith, Sadie M fr 91a ln 30
Smith, Sarah fr 116a ln 15
Smith, Sarah fr 125a ln 31
Smith, Sarah E fr 37b ln 84
Smith, Sarilda fr 77b ln 65
Smith, Silas fr 108b ln 77
Smith, Silva fr 57a ln 43
Smith, Swany fr 108b ln 80
Smith, Thomas V fr 148a ln 9
Smith, Verna fr 40a ln 41
Smith, Wesley fr 54a ln 35
Smith, Wilbert fr 40a ln 42
Smith, William fr 110a ln 27
Smith, William fr 39b ln 97
Smith, William fr 42b ln 80
Smith, William fr 48b ln 90
Smith, William fr 122b ln 64
Smith, William C fr 34b ln 61
Smith, William O fr 93b ln 74
Smith, Willie fr 37b ln 83
Smyth, Mary fr 70b ln 57
Snead, Gladys L fr 81b ln 90
Snead, Henry fr 81b ln 88
Snead, Leora fr 81b ln 89
Sneed, Fanny F fr 61a ln 24
Sneed, James fr 61a ln 23
Sneed, Pearl M fr 61a ln 25
Snell, Annie fr 28b ln 69
Snell, Blanch fr 28b ln 71
Snell, Charles fr 28b ln 70
Snider, Arabella fr 112b ln 65
Snyder, Carlie(?) fr 84b ln 69
Snyder, Christian fr 148a ln 3
Snyder, Clara N fr 148a ln 4
Snyder, Cyrus fr 84b ln 62
Snyder, Edward fr 73a ln 13
Snyder, Eli fr 65b ln 95
Snyder, Elias fr 126a ln 26
Snyder, Elise P fr 148a ln 5
Snyder, Emma fr 84b ln 63
Snyder, Emma E fr 73a ln 14
Snyder, Fredy fr 84b ln 66
Snyder, Gracie fr 84b ln 64
Snyder, Hattie fr 84b ln 68
Snyder, Henry fr 126a ln 23
Snyder, John fr 121b ln 58
Snyder, John fr 136a ln 36
Snyder, Lilly fr 126a ln 24
Snyder, Lulu fr 84b ln 65
Snyder, Stephen(?) fr 84b ln 67
Snyder, Syble fr 126a ln 25
Soderman, Charles fr 80a ln 3
Soderman, Charlie fr 80a ln 8
Soderman, Herman fr 80a ln 7
Soderman, Lena fr 80a ln 6
Soderman, Mary fr 80a ln 4
Soderman, Otto fr 80a ln 5
Sogemeier, August fr 134b ln 78
Sogemeier, Frederick fr 134b ln 79
Somkey, Sidnie(?) V fr 112b ln 60
Sonilse(?), Carrie D fr 116a ln 16
Sonkoy(?), Abby J fr 125a ln 28
Sonkoy(?), James fr 125a ln 27
Soreydice(?), Charles fr 110b ln 91
Soreydice(?), Sarah fr 110b ln 90
Sorter, Mabel fr 35b ln 70
Sounders, Phillip fr 122b ln 61
Southard, Frank L fr 156b ln 89
Southard, Grace M fr 156b ln 87
Southard, May E fr 156b ln 88
Sovehee, Hugene fr 70a ln 44
Spalding, Charles fr 26a ln 30
Spalding, Clyde fr 93b ln 92
Spalding, Etha M fr 26a ln 32
Spalding, Flora fr 26a ln 31
Spalding, Frank fr 93b ln 89
Spalding, Frank fr 93b ln 93
Spalding, Million fr 93b ln 94
Spalding, Nettie fr 93b ln 91
Spalding, Percy fr 93b ln 95
Spalding, Sarah E fr 93b ln 90
Spann(?), Carrie L fr 97b ln 56
Spann(?), Clarance fr 97b ln 57
Spann(?), Esther D fr 97b ln 59
Spann(?), Florance L fr 97b ln 58
Spann(?), Frank fr 97b ln 55
Spaulding, Charles fr 90b ln 99
Spaulding, Georgia(?) fr 90b ln 96
Spaulding, John fr 90b ln 98
Spaulding, Lula(?) fr 90b ln 100
Spaulding, Nelson N fr 90b ln 97
Spawr, Elisabeth fr 153a ln 41
Speck, Lloyd fr 112b ln 82
Spencer, Annie fr 140a ln 10
Spencer, Arthur fr 140a ln 11
Spencer, Artie fr 140a ln 12
Spencer, Elizabeth fr 31b ln 90
Spencer, Hrin(?) fr 140a ln 13
Spencer, Ira C fr 35a ln 44
Spencer, James fr 140a ln 9
Spencer, Jemima(?) fr 32a ln 20
Spencer, Jessie fr 32a ln 19
Spencer, Johan fr 76a ln 12
Spencer, John fr 35a ln 42
Spencer, Julia fr 140a ln 8
Spencer, Lewis fr 140a ln 15
Spencer, Louisa fr 140a ln 7
Spencer, McGreater(?) fr 140a ln 14
Spencer, Myrtle fr 35a ln 43
Spencer, Nancy fr 76a ln 13
Spencer, Nicholas fr 140a ln 6
Spencer, Rosa L fr 76a ln 15
Spencer, Roy fr 76a ln 14
Spicer, Clara fr 100b ln 63
Spicer, Harry fr 100b ln 62
Spicer, Hazell fr 100b ln 64
Spicer, Horace fr 100b ln 66
Spicer, Jenny fr 100b ln 65
Spindler, Katarine fr 144a ln 44
Sponable, Fred T fr 155b ln 96
Sponable, Myra A fr 155b ln 95
Spondable, Eliza(?) fr 153b ln 90
Sporling(?), [unreadable] fr 152a ln 25
Sporling(?), Clarence fr 152a ln 28
Sporling(?), Lottie M fr 152a ln 27
Sporling(?), Nola fr 152a ln 26
Spring, Sarah E fr 114b ln 67
Springer, Charles fr 69b ln 81
Springer, Louis(?) fr 69b ln 84
Springer, Mary fr 69b ln 82
Springer, Mattie fr 69b ln 83
Sprokelmien, Candad fr 114a ln 26
Stachling, Albert P fr 141b ln 97
Stachling, Amanda E fr 142a ln 1
Stachling, Bertha F fr 141b ln 96
Stachling, Edith M fr 141b ln 99
Stachling, Emilie fr 141b ln 94
Stachling, Lena A fr 141b ln 98
Stachling, Mattie E fr 141b ln 100
Stachling, Rudolph F fr 141b ln 95
Staffen, Anna K fr 53a ln 10
Staffen, Annie fr 50b ln 60
Staffen, Daele M fr 53a ln 13
Staffen, Gracie J fr 53a ln 15
Staffen, Helena fr 50b ln 64
Staffen, Herman F fr 53a ln 9
Staffen, Irene T fr 53a ln 14
Staffen, John fr 53a ln 7
Staffen, Julia fr 53a ln 8
Staffen, Mary fr 50b ln 62
Staffen, Minnie fr 53a ln 11
Staffen, Rinhart fr 50b ln 63
Staffen, Sadie E fr 53a ln 12
Staffen, Will fr 50b ln 61
Stafford, Kate fr 114a ln 34
Staggs, Olive fr 101b ln 58
Staley, Bell fr 97a ln 16
Staley, Clara fr 97a ln 17
Staley, Henry(?) fr 97a ln 14
Staley, John fr 122b ln 73
Staley, Lulu fr 97a ln 15
Stalione, W A fr 122b ln 70
Staly, Bernita fr 99b ln 64
Staly, G[unreadable] fr 99b ln 62
Staly, Hattie B fr 99b ln 63
Stammers, Goldy fr 36a ln 28
Stammers, Lizzie fr 36a ln 25
Stammers, May C fr 36a ln 27
Stammers, Moses fr 36a ln 24
Stammers, Theadora fr 36a ln 29
Stammers, Tinnie(?) fr 36a ln 26
Stanford, Lottie fr 91a ln 26
Stanley, A F fr 111b ln 98
Stanley, Alcesta(?) fr 102b ln 77
Stanley, B[unreadable] fr 102b ln 74
Stanley, Blanch fr 91a ln 4
Stanley, Earl fr 102b ln 76
Stanley, Francena(?) fr 102b ln 75
Stanley, Francis fr 91a ln 5
Stanley, Mac- fr 91a ln 3
Stanley, Moday(?) fr 91a ln 1
Stanley, Wayman fr 91a ln 2
Stanly, Abboist(?) fr 126a ln 1
Stanly, Genive(?) fr 125b ln 99
Stanly, Gladys fr 126a ln 2
Stanly, Grace fr 126a ln 3
Stanly, Henry fr 125b ln 98
Stanly, Villa fr 125b ln 100
Stanson(?), [unreadable] fr 83b ln 100
Stanson(?), [unreadable] fr 83b ln 98
Stanson(?), Louisa(?) M fr 83b ln 99
Stanson(?), Mary(?) fr 83b ln 97
Stanstury(?), Anna M fr 100b ln 56
Stanstury(?), Erabeth N fr 100b ln 58
Stanstury(?), Fredrick S fr 100b ln 57
Stanstury(?), Joseph fr 100b ln 55
Stanton, Charles(?) A fr 25b ln 95
Stanton, Dick fr 25b ln 98
Stanton, Rebecca fr 25b ln 96
Stanton, Tom H fr 25b ln 97
Star(?), Frank H fr 153b ln 74
Star(?), Ioah(?) fr 153b ln 75
Star(?), Marion fr 153b ln 76
Starks, Mary fr 116b ln 89
Starry, Daniel B fr 57a ln 17
Starry, Edward fr 57a ln 19
Starry, Phebe J fr 57a ln 18
Starry, Sadie M fr 57a ln 20
Starry, Stella B fr 57a ln 21
States, Elizabeth fr 106a ln 43
States, John fr 106a ln 42
Steaman(?), George fr 91a ln 44
Stean, Lucinda D fr 114a ln 32
Stearns, Elmer fr 146b ln 67
Stearns, Ida fr 146b ln 68
Stearns, Jessie fr 146b ln 70
Stearns, Ophelia fr 117b ln 74
Stearns, Ray fr 146b ln 69
Steel, Ralph fr 72b ln 62
Steele, Fredy A fr 101b ln 90
Steele, Mary fr 101b ln 89
Steele, Ralph fr 80b ln 66
Steele, Riley C fr 101b ln 91
Steele, Thomas fr 101b ln 88
Steffan, Wesley fr 112b ln 53
Steger, Ella fr 47b ln 98
Steger, Tom fr 47b ln 97
Steinburg, John fr 121b ln 72
Steinfoss, John fr 121b ln 63
Stem, Fay W fr 152a ln 5
Stem, Florence A fr 152a ln 3
Stem, Frederick fr 152a ln 2
Stem, Raymond J fr 152a ln 4
Stepanek, Caroline fr 114a ln 35
Stephens Bart(?) fr 92a ln 39
Stephens, Ca[unreadable] fr 86b ln 86
Stephens, Darius fr 75b ln 57
Stephens, Emly fr 75b ln 61
Stephens, Ethie(?) fr 75b ln 56
Stephens, Fern fr 75b ln 59
Stephens, Hazel fr 75b ln 58
Stephens, James fr 75b ln 60
Stephens, Joshua(?) fr 75b ln 53
Stephens, Lewelin(?) fr 80a ln 49
Stephens, Lewis fr 75b ln 55
Stephens, Mable fr 92a ln 40
Stephens, Maria fr 86b ln 88
Stephens, Ora fr 86b ln 87
Stephens, Sarah fr 77a ln 43
Stephens, Vesta fr 75b ln 54
Stephenson, Beckey fr 74a ln 30
Stephenson, Bessie M fr 74a ln 29
Stephenson, Bonnie fr 74a ln 33
Stephenson, Elmer fr 74a ln 32
Stephenson, Eviola fr 74a ln 28
Stephenson, Hazel fr 74a ln 34
Stephenson, Mary fr 74a ln 35
Stephenson, Robert fr 74a ln 27
Stephenson, Sergie fr 74a ln 36
Stephenson, Sherley fr 74a ln 31
Sterling, Etta L fr 24b ln 61
Sterling, Lizzie M fr 24b ln 59
Sterling, Mary F fr 24b ln 60
Sterling, Redell fr 24b ln 58
Stevens, Alma fr 143b ln 93
Stevens, Charles fr 143b ln 92
Stevens, Dick C fr 143b ln 94
Stevens, Emma fr 34b ln 86
Stevens, Evaline fr 34b ln 83
Stevens, Floyd fr 35b ln 73
Stevens, Harry A` fr 143b ln 95
Stevens, John fr 34b ln 82
Stevens, Joseph F fr 34b ln 84
Stevens, Lucy fr 91a ln 23
Stevens, Mariane(?) A fr 143b ln 98
Stevens, Mattie fr 34b ln 85
Stevens, Nellie E fr 143b ln 96
Stevens, Walter fr 34b ln 88
Stevens, William fr 121b ln 66
Stevens, William A fr 143b ln 97
Stevens, Willie fr 34b ln 87

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