Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Stevenson, Bessie fr 29a ln 42
Stevenson, Bessie L fr 144a ln 36
Stevenson, Daisy N fr 25b ln 84
Stevenson, Fred fr 23b ln 52
Stevenson, George fr 144a ln 34
Stevenson, Harry H fr 155a ln 43
Stevenson, Ida fr 144a ln 35
Stevenson, Kittie fr 25b ln 83
Stevenson, Mary A fr 155a ln 42
Stevenson, Nancie L fr 23b ln 51
Stevenson, Porter fr 23a ln 50
Stevenson, Ruby M fr 155a ln 44
Stevenson, William fr 25b ln 82
Steward, Catharine fr 150a ln 23
Steward, Joseph fr 122b ln 79
Stewart, Bert fr 33b ln 97
Stewart, Cornealuis fr 33b ln 94
Stewart, Earle E fr 33b ln 96
Stewart, Frank fr 87a ln 16
Stewart, Harley fr 150a ln 48
Stewart, hellen fr 150a ln 47
Stewart, James B fr 91a ln 33
Stewart, John fr 87a ln 18
Stewart, Justin(?) fr 150a ln 44
Stewart, Lucinda fr 150a ln 45
Stewart, Mary D fr 91a ln 34
Stewart, Matilda A fr 114b ln 62
Stewart, Molly fr 87a ln 17
Stewart, Nellie fr 33b ln 95
Stewart, William fr 30a ln 4
Stewart, William fr 150a ln 46
Stewone(?), Elisabeth fr 116a ln 14
Stichney(>), George E fr 122b ln 69
Stiles, Allie C fr 29b ln 96
Stiles, Bert fr 31b ln 58
Stiles, Burnoll(?) fr 124a ln 42
Stiles, herman C fr 122b ln 77
Stiles, Kate fr 29b ln 97
Stiles, Lucinda fr 31b ln 57
Stillwell, Ada fr 70b ln 98
Stillwell, George fr 102a ln 34
Stilwell, Hunt fr 23a ln 49
Stilwell, Katie fr 23a ln 48
Stilwell, Nanie fr 23a ln 47
Stilwell, Willie fr 23a ln 46
Stinson, George B fr 83a ln 45
Stinson, Glen H fr 83a ln 44
Stinson, John fr 122b ln 66
Stinson, Louisa(?) fr 83a ln 43
Stinson, Maggie fr 83a ln 39
Stinson, Maggie E fr 83a ln 42
Stinson, Nannie fr 83a ln 40
Stinson, Thomas fr 83a ln 38
Stinson, William D fr 83a ln 41
Stiteler, Thomas fr 121b ln 64
Stitt, William fr 82b ln 68
Stockwell, Albert fr 151a ln 48
Stockwell, Linnie fr 151a ln 50
Stockwell, Phebe A fr 151a ln 49
Stockwell, Sharlot fr 151b ln 51
Stodard, Lucy fr 79a ln 7
Stodard, Mary fr 79a ln 5
Stodard, Otis fr 79a ln 4
Stodard, Romayne fr 79a ln 6
Stokes, Jabez fr 139a ln 10
Stokes, Sarah fr 139a ln 11
Stomeart, Maggie fr 116a ln 13
Stone, Anna fr 117a ln 9
Stone, Mary B fr 114a ln 29
Stott(?), Alta fr 89b ln 94
Stott(?), Connie(?) L fr 89b ln 95
Stott(?), John fr 89b ln 93
Stott, John fr 141a ln 1
Stott, Salome fr 141a ln 3
Stott, Sarah fr 141a ln 2
Stout, Harriet(?) fr 102b ln 100
Stout, Mary fr 116a ln 28
Stouvall(?), George fr 109b ln 100
Stoval, Mary E fr 21a ln 10
Stover, Ida fr 95b ln 58
Stover, John C fr 122b ln 80
Stover, William fr 95b ln 57
Stowe, Hannah fr 115b ln 57
Stowell, Ethel B fr 81a ln 22
Stowell, Mary A fr 81a ln 21
Stowell, Paul (Ben?) fr 81a ln 20
Stowers, Albert fr 47a ln 20
Stowers, Eliazbeth fr 47a ln 28
Stowers, Laura fr 47a ln 21
Straahan, Anna fr 114a ln 28
Straight, Carrie B fr 153a ln 3
Straight, Florance fr 153a ln 4
Stratton, Joseph fr 121b ln 62
Strausa, Nathan fr 121b ln 57
Strawsor, Julia fr 117a ln 37
Striner(?), Allan fr 129b ln 86
Striner(?), Chalres fr 129b ln 85
Striner(?), Earl fr 129b ln 88
Striner(?), Elma D fr 129b ln 84
Striner(?), Emma fr 129b ln 89
Striner(?), Emma J fr 129b ln 83
Striner(?), George fr 129b ln 87
Striner(?), Napelan(?) fr 129b ln 82
Striner(?), Winnifred fr 129b ln 90
Strother, Alexander fr 144b ln 60
Strother, Allie fr 144b ln 64
Strother, Allien fr 144b ln 65
Strother, Florence fr 144b ln 62
Strother, Grace fr 144b ln 63
Strother, Pocahontas fr 144b ln 61
Stroud, Charles fr 98a ln 23
Stroud, Marnie fr 98a ln 25
Stroud, Mary fr 98a ln 24
Stroup, Anna M fr 80b ln 75
Stroup, Fanny C fr 80b ln 74
Struble, Almeda fr 34b ln 92
Struble, Mary fr 34b ln 90
Struble, Maude fr 34b ln 91
Struckheim, George fr 74b ln 99
Struckheim, Henry fr 75a ln 2
Struckheim, Mary fr 74b ln 100
Struckheim, Mary fr 75a ln 1
Stuart, Isaac W fr 74a ln 1
Stuart, Kattie fr 74a ln 2
Stuart, Lola fr 73b ln 99
Stuart, William fr 73b ln 100
Studebaker, Nettie C fr 114a ln 31
Stugeville(?), Ella fr 92a ln 17
Stugeville(?), Stephan fr 92a ln 16
Stults, Archie fr 52b ln 53
Stults, Elias L fr 52a ln 50
Stults, Eslie A fr 52b ln 51
Stults, Maggie F fr 52b ln 54
Stults, Michael fr 52a ln 48
Stults, Molly C fr 52a ln 49
Stults, William M fr 52b ln 52
Stultz, Anna B fr 104b ln 75
Stultz, John fr 104b ln 74
Sturm, William fr 37b ln 97
Stutely, Eliza fr 108b ln 61
Stutely, Georgia fr 109a ln 9
Stutely, Rosa fr 108b ln 62
Subin[unreadable], Charles fr 90a ln 19
Subin[unreadable], May fr 90a ln 20
Subin[unreadable], Vivian fr 90a ln 21
Suddarth, James fr 34a ln 44
Suddarth, Sarah fr 34a ln 45
Suddarth, Thomas E fr 34a ln 46
Suhre, Franklin fr 121b ln 67
Suit, Aubary F fr 135a ln 10
Suit, Clair H fr 135a ln 9
Suit, James fr 135a ln 7
Suit, Maud fr 135a ln 8
Suitor, A fr 121b ln 71
Sulivan, Ada C fr 25a ln 24
Sulivan, catherine fr 114a ln 36
Sulivan, Clarence fr 34b ln 97
Sulivan, Davis fr 25a ln 21
Sulivan, Frank fr 34b ln 98
Sulivan, John fr 25a ln 22
Sulivan, John fr 34b ln 93
Sulivan, John C fr 34b ln 95
Sulivan, Laura fr 34b ln 94
Sulivan, Martena A fr 34b ln 99
Sulivan, Oscar fr 25a ln 23
Sulivan, Ray W fr 34b ln 96
Sullivan, Bedford fr 66b ln 85
Sullivan, Jane fr 66b ln 83
Sullivan, John fr 66b ln 81
Sullivan, Lily fr 66b ln 82
Sullivan, Maud fr 128a ln 30
Sullivan, Mertie fr 66b ln 84
Summers, Harry S. fr 156b ln 51
Summers, Rosa fr 156b ln 52
Sumnorieg(?), Mary fr 115a ln 26
Surber, Charles F fr 66a ln 28
Surber, Daisy L fr 66a ln 30
Surber, Elizebeth fr 66a ln 25
Surber, Eva May fr 65b ln 85
Surber, George M fr 66b ln 74
Surber, George W fr 66a ln 26
Surber, James M fr 66a ln 29
Surber, Jessie Maud fr 65b ln 84
Surber, Joseph M fr 66a ln 24
Surber, Joseph T fr 65b ln 83
Surber, Kity May fr 66a ln 32
Surber, Lemuel fr 66a ln 31
Surber, Mary E fr 66b ln 75
Surber, Rebecca R fr 65b ln 82
Surber, Samuel fr 65b ln 81
Surber, Samuel fr 66a ln 33
Surber, Susanah J fr 66a ln 27
Sutherland, Ada(?) M fr 104a ln 8
Sutherland, Archie fr 103b ln 66
Sutherland, Effe fr 103b ln 64
Sutherland, Gus(?) fr 104a ln 6
Sutherland, Guy fr 103b ln 68
Sutherland, Henry fr 103b ln 62
Sutherland, Jenny fr 103b ln 63
Sutherland, Jessie fr 103b ln 67
Sutherland, Martha(?) I fr 104a ln 7
Sutherland, Mary E fr 104a ln 9
Sutherland, Minerva fr 104a ln 5
Sutherland, Warren fr 103b ln 65
Sutherland, William fr 104a ln 4
Sutton, Bell fr 108a ln 19
Sutton, Charles fr 108a ln 18
Sutton, Edith fr 92b ln 72
Sutton, Ella fr 92b ln 68
Sutton, Gladys fr 92b ln 71
Sutton, Glenn fr 108a ln 20
Sutton, Henry fr 121b ln 59
Sutton, Isleta(?) fr 92b ln 70
Sutton, John fr 92b ln 66
Sutton, Lynn fr 108a ln 21
Sutton, Mattie A fr 92b ln 67
Sutton, Ursla fr 92b ln 69
Swan, Allie fr 38a ln 5
Swan, Dorthula(?) fr 41a ln 26
Swan, Ernest fr 41a ln 24
Swan, Florance fr 38a ln 6
Swan, George B fr 38a ln 4
Swan, George V fr 38a ln 10
Swan, Howard fr 38a ln 9
Swan, Jessie fr 41a ln 25
Swan, John W fr 101b ln 100
Swan, Lena M fr 42b ln 69
Swan, Mattie I fr 42b ln 68
Swan, Olin fr 38a ln 8
Swan, Raymon fr 38a ln 7
Swan, Sharlotte fr 41a ln 23
Swan, Thomas fr 42b ln 67
Swanee(?), Edward fr 40a ln 29
Swartz, Anna fr 92b ln 65
Swartz, Ernest(?) fr 92b ln 64
Swartz, George fr 104a ln 1
Swartz, Ida fr 104a ln 2
Swearingen, Elizabeth fr 146a ln 13
Swearingen, James(?) fr 146a ln 12
Sweet, Charles fr 80a ln 42
Sweet, Charles fr 63a ln 21
Sweet, George H fr 61b ln 76
Sweet, J E fr 122b ln 76
Sweet, Lucy J fr 61b ln 77
Sweet, Martha E fr 61b ln 79
Sweet, Mary L fr 61b ln 78
Sweet, McLathan fr 61b ln 81
Sweet, Olando F fr 61b ln 82
Sweet, Susie P fr 61b ln 80
Swenson, Johanna fr 117b ln 80
Swineey(?), Mary E fr 114a ln 24
Swink(?), Arthur fr 95a ln 45
Swink(?), Clara F fr 95a ln 44
Swink(?), Effie W fr 95a ln 48
Swink(?), Ethel fr 95a ln 46
Swink(?), Mary fr 95a ln 43
Swink(?), Sewill fr 95a ln 47
Swisher, [unreadable] fr 153b ln 55
Swisher, Arther T fr 153b ln 57
Swisher, Viola fr 153b ln 56
Swisher, Walter T fr 153b ln 58
Syathe(?), Charles F fr 94b ln 89
Syathe(?), Mary fr 94b ln 88
Symonds, Agnes fr 82a ln 32
Symonds, Bert fr 82a ln 29
Symonds, Clara D fr 82a ln 31
Symonds, Clarra fr 70a ln 31
Symonds, Harry fr 70a ln 32
Symonds, Lora E fr 82a ln 30
Symonds, Mare---- fr 70a ln 30
T[unreadable], Charles fr 97b ln 100
Tabor, Fred fr 147a ln 42
Tabor, George fr 147a ln 41
Tabor, Lottie fr 147a ln 40
Tabor, Wesley(?) fr 147a ln 39
Tad(?), Dorra F fr 61a ln 15
Tad(?), Harry T fr 61a ln 16
Tad(?), Jacob F fr 61a ln 12
Tad(?), Martha G fr 61a ln 13
Tad(?), Nettie M fr 61a ln 14
Tadfield, [unreadable] fr 78b ln 99
Tadfield, Ella C fr 79a ln 3
Tadfield, Essie G fr 79a ln 1
Tadfield, Iona fr 79a ln 2
Tadfield, Maud fr 78b ln 100
Taher, Alfred fr 140a ln 28
Taher, Eliza fr 140a ln 29
Taher, Ella fr 140a ln 31
Taher, Lizzie fr 140a ln 30
Tailor, Joe fr 25b ln 55
Talbott, Elizabeth fr 149b ln 54
Talbott, Lorenzo fr 149b ln 53
Tall, Bauline fr 22b ln 52
Tall, Elizabeth fr 22a ln 50
Tall, Eva C fr 22b ln 51
Tall, Halloe fr 22b ln 53
Tall, John fr 22a ln 49
Tall, Johnie fr 22b ln 54
Talley, John fr 121b ln 81
Tams(?), Elizabeth fr 75a ln 27
Tams(?), Jack fr 75a ln 28
Taney, Julia fr 108a ln 2
Taney, Olliver(?) fr 108a ln 1
Tanner(?), Andrew fr 132a ln 18
Tanner(?), Mariane(?) L fr 132a ln 19
Tansey, Charles M fr 153a ln 15
Tansey, Tensie fr 136a ln 35
Tansey, William fr 136a ln 34
Tappan, E Lydia fr 70a ln 28
Tappan, H Melvin fr 70a ln 27
Tasilman, Robert fr 73a ln 34
Tater(?), William fr 90b ln 89
Tawney, Charles fr 151a ln 14
Tawney, Fred fr 152b ln 92
Tawney, Jenit(?) fr 151a ln 18
Tawney, Lily fr 151a ln 16
Tawney, Nellie E fr 152b ln 93
Tawney, Opal fr 151a ln 17
Tawney, Veh(?) fr 151a ln 15
Tayanans(?), Alice fr 114b ln 74
Taylor, Ada fr 62b ln 62
Taylor, Albert R fr 137b ln 89
Taylor, Alfred fr 147b ln 85
Taylor, Alice K fr 49a ln 36
Taylor, Andrew fr 88a ln 40
Taylor, Andy fr 104b ln 58
Taylor, Arthur H fr 49a ln 37
Taylor, Bertha M fr 147b ln 60
Taylor, Bocell(?) D fr 145a ln 12
Taylor, Byran L fr 147b ln 64
Taylor, Ceciel fr 39a ln 17
Taylor, Charles fr 145a ln 10
Taylor, Charles fr 146b ln 71
Taylor, Charles E fr 149b ln 59
Taylor, Charles I fr 137b ln 88
Taylor, Clive fr 140a ln 3
Taylor, Clyde H fr 136a ln 40
Taylor, Edward P fr 137b ln 86
Taylor, Edwin P fr 63b ln 88
Taylor, Effie(?) fr 146b ln 72
Taylor, Eliza fr 147b ln 86
Taylor, Ernest S fr 147b ln 61
Taylor, Fannie fr 147b ln 59
Taylor, Frank fr 69b ln 55
Taylor, Frank fr 149b ln 97
Taylor, Frankie V fr 149b ln 60
Taylor, Fred fr 88a ln 9
Taylor, George fr 147b ln 58
Taylor, George W fr 147b ln 63
Taylor, Grace fr 145a ln 11
Taylor, Grace fr 147b ln 62
Taylor, Harold fr 136a ln 39
Taylor, Harriett fr 144b ln 96
Taylor, Harrietta fr 49a ln 32
Taylor, Harry fr 136a ln 37
Taylor, Harry S fr 149b ln 58
Taylor, Has fr 49a ln 31
Taylor, Henrietta fr 114b ln 70
Taylor, Hester fr 115a ln 7
Taylor, Ida M fr 149b ln 70
Taylor, James F fr 63b ln 86
Taylor, James T fr 49a ln 35
Taylor, James W fr 149b ln 57
Taylor, Jane fr 39a ln 18
Taylor, Jessie fr 62b ln 60
Taylor, John fr 121b ln 82
Taylor, John fr 149b ln 55
Taylor, John D fr 148b ln 100
Taylor, Kattie fr 149b ln 69
Taylor, Leonard fr 62b ln 63
Taylor, Lola fr 149b ln 98
Taylor, Loronzo J fr 137b ln 87
Taylor, Lucius fr 74a ln 46
Taylor, Margrett fr 104b ln 59
Taylor, Mary fr 88a ln 10
Taylor, Mary A fr 63b ln 87
Taylor, Matilda fr 148b ln 99
Taylor, Mattie fr 136a ln 38
Taylor, Maude fr 62b ln 61
Taylor, Minnie fr 137b ln 85
Taylor, Nellie A fr 147b ln 87
Taylor, Nettie fr 149b ln 56
Taylor, Nettie M fr 149a ln 2
Taylor, Norris H fr 144b ln 95
Taylor, Phineus fr 137b ln 84
Taylor, Susan E fr 144b ln 98
Taylor, Thomas fr 126b ln 87
Taylor, Thomas J fr 49a ln 34
Taylor, Ulysis fr 149b ln 68
Taylor, William fr 144b ln 97
Taylor, William fr 121b ln 76
Taylor, William A fr 149a ln 1
Tealker(?), Laura fr 124a ln 17
Tedhope, Andrew fr 121b ln 87
Teeter, Alcha(?) fr 108b ln 54
Teeter, Anna fr 108b ln 57
Teeter, Bird(?) fr 100b ln 96
Teeter, Charles fr 94a ln 12
Teeter, Charles fr 94a ln 16
Teeter, Clarisa(?) fr 94a ln 15
Teeter, David fr 108b ln 56
Teeter, Degio(?) fr 108b ln 55
Teeter, Eugene fr 94a ln 14
Teeter, Eula fr 100b ln 98
Teeter, Frank fr 108b ln 53
Teeter, Lola P fr 108b ln 58
Teeter, Lynn fr 94a ln 17
Teeter, Ottis fr 94a ln 18
Teeter, Sarah fr 94a ln 13
Teeter, Tillie fr 100b ln 97
Teets, Mary C fr 23a ln 10
Teets, Thomas fr 23a ln 9
Teets, Wilie fr 23a ln 11
Tenkey(?), Oda fr 124a ln 16
Tenneson, Allen fr 140a ln 23
Tenneson, Gula fr 140a ln 24
Tenneson, Louis H fr 140a ln 27
Tenneson, Vernon L fr 140a ln 26
Tenneson, Wanda N fr 140a ln 25
Tenny, Charles fr 78a ln 18
Tenny, George O fr 78a ln 20
Tenny, Grace M fr 78a ln 21
Tenny, Hatty R fr 78a ln 22
Tenny, Sarah E fr 78a ln 19
Terrell, Allice fr 76a ln 17
Terrell, Clinton fr 76a ln 18
Terrell, Edward fr 76a ln 21
Terrell, Elizabeth fr 61b ln 86
Terrell, George fr 76a ln 20
Terrell, Grace fr 70a ln 43
Terrell, John fr 61b ln 85
Terrell, Monroe fr 76a ln 16
Terrell, Rhukama(?) fr 76a ln 22
Terrell, Russell fr 76a ln 19
Terrell, William fr 121b ln 80
Teteer, Alma fr 114b ln 71
Thatcher, Calpima fr 26b ln 54
Thatcher, James P fr 26b ln 57
Thatcher, Luther C fr 26b ln 56
Thatcher, Mamie fr 26b ln 53
Thatcher, Thomas fr 26b ln 55
Thatcher, Walace fr 26b ln 52
Thayer, Carrie E fr 94b ln 61
Thayer, Jessie I fr 94b ln 62
Thayer, Ruffus fr 94b ln 60
Thayer, Samuel fr 121b ln 83
Thenerkaus(?), Harry T fr 86b ln 62
Thenerkaus(?), Jenny B fr 86b ln 60
Thenerkaus(?), Jenny J fr 86b ln 63
Thenerkaus(?), John fr 86b ln 59
Thenerkaus(?), Lena P fr 86b ln 65
Thenerkaus(?), Mary C fr 86b ln 64
Thenerkaus(?), Oscar F fr 86b ln 66
Thenerkaus(?), Sarah B fr 86b ln 61
Thoden, Emma fr 44b ln 66
Thoden, Henry fr 44b ln 64
Thoden, Sinai fr 44b ln 65
Thoman, Mennie C fr 117a ln 38
Thomas, Aaron fr 155a ln 16
Thomas, Anna fr 38a ln 44
Thomas, Bertha N fr 137a ln 46
Thomas, Blanch M fr 137a ln 50
Thomas, Clara F fr 137a ln 49
Thomas, Clarence fr 41b ln 93
Thomas, Elvid G fr 155a ln 17
Thomas, Flora E fr 155a ln 18
Thomas, Frances J fr 152a ln 15
Thomas, Grace fr 35a ln 17
Thomas, Grace A fr 137a ln 48
Thomas, Hattie fr 151b ln 83
Thomas, Herbert C fr 155a ln 19
Thomas, Irene fr 134b ln 58
Thomas, John F fr 38a ln 43
Thomas, John M fr 38a ln 41
Thomas, Joseph fr 152a ln 16
Thomas, Louis fr 121b ln 79
Thomas, Mable E fr 155a ln 20
Thomas, Margarette E fr 151b ln 84
Thomas, Mary fr 35a ln 16
Thomas, Milton fr 35a ln 15
Thomas, Minnie fr 38a ln 42
Thomas, Rob fr 38a ln 46
Thomas, Robert fr 137a ln 45
Thomas, Sarah B fr 137a ln 47
Thomas, Tom fr 38a ln 45
Thomas, W H fr 122b ln 82
Thomas, William fr 122b ln 83
Thompson, [unreadable] fr 86a ln 43
Thompson, Charley fr 50a ln 22
Thompson, David fr 121b ln 73
Thompson, Edna fr 91a ln 12
Thompson, Edward fr 136b ln 63
Thompson, Elsie fr 136b ln 65
Thompson, Eva fr 136b ln 64
Thompson, Eveline fr 57a ln 45
Thompson, Francis fr 50a ln 21
Thompson, Frank fr 136b ln 66
Thompson, Gertrude(?) fr 97a ln 50
Thompson, Glover fr 57a ln 44
Thompson, Grant fr 121b ln 77
Thompson, Grover fr 57a ln 49
Thompson, Harry fr 97b ln 95
Thompson, Harry(?) fr 97b ln 93
Thompson, Hattie M fr 57a ln 47
Thompson, Henry fr 140a ln 32
Thompson, Irma fr 136b ln 68
Thompson, James fr 121b ln 85
Thompson, Jesse L fr 57a ln 50
Thompson, John C fr 121b ln 74
Thompson, Julia fr 97b ln 94
Thompson, Lelia M fr 86a ln 45
Thompson, Lover fr 57a ln 48
Thompson, Marciann(?) fr 115a ln 22
Thompson, Morris fr 136b ln 67
Thompson, Narcissa fr 140a ln 33
Thompson, Newton fr 121b ln 84
Thompson, Oliver L fr 57a ln 46
Thompson, Rosa A fr 86a ln 44
Thompson, Roy(?) fr 97a ln 49
Thompson, Ruben fr 50a ln 23
Thompson, Samuel fr 50a ln 20
Thomson, Beasie fr 44a ln 5
Thomson, Elane E fr 44a ln 4
Thomson, James fr 44a ln 3
Thorpe, Lexina fr 152a ln 38
Thrall, Mary M fr 114b ln 72
Thurman, Purtence fr 115b ln 72
Tibbs, Eliza fr 115a ln 18
Ticknor, Andrew fr 80b ln 80
Ticknor, Clarra E fr 80b ln 83
Ticknor, Emma fr 75b ln 97
Ticknor, Joanna fr 80b ln 81
Ticknor, Robert fr 80b ln 84
Ticknor, Theodore O fr 80b ln 82
Timken, Frieda C fr 156a ln 50
Timken, Hermann fr 156a ln 46
Timken, Lizzie G fr 156a ln 48
Timken, Louis(?) fr 156a ln 43
Timken, Margareth fr 156a ln 44
Timken, Martin D fr 156a ln 45
Timken, Mary M fr 156a ln 49
Timken, Willie L fr 156a ln 47
Timley, Charlot fr 28a ln 2
Timley, Frank fr 28a ln 1
Timmons, Acretia(?) fr 115a ln 6
Tinken, Clint fr 77a ln 11
Tinken, Effie fr 77a ln 10
Tinken, Ennis fr 77a ln 12
Tinken, Louis fr 77a ln 8
Tinken, Viola fr 77a ln 9
Tinny, Grace fr 80a ln 18
Tinny, John J fr 80a ln 17
Tinny, Ralph fr 80a ln 19
Tinny, Zell fr 80a ln 20
Tinsley, James H fr 37b ln 69
Tipton, Caroline fr 112a ln 31
Tipton, Lydia A fr 115a ln 17
Toband, Julia fr 116b ln 95
Tolen, Lydia M fr 115a ln 28
Toler, Charles fr 121b ln 86
Toliver, Jane fr 105b ln 99
Toliver, Walter fr 105b ln 100
Tolliver(?), Sarlida fr 104b ln 90
Tolliver, Barry(?) fr 102a ln 30
Tolliver, Clara fr 102a ln 33
Tolliver, Lucy fr 102a ln 31
Tolliver, Tomey fr 102a ln 32
Tolman, Bessie fr 143a ln 21
Tolman, Charles fr 143a ln 20
Tolman, Clyde A fr 143a ln 22
Tolman, Fred fr 143a ln 30
Tolman, Mary L fr 143a ln 31
Tolman, Roy W fr 143a ln 32
Toman, David J fr 146a ln 25
Toman, Eva fr 144b ln 76
Toman, Harry J fr 144b ln 75
Toman, Henry fr 144b ln 72
Toman, James R fr 144b ln 77
Toman, John fr 146a ln 23
Toman, Lizzie fr 144b ln 74
Toman, Maggie J fr 146a ln 28
Toman, Mary fr 144b ln 73
Toman, Minnie M fr 146a ln 27
Toman, Odelia B fr 146a ln 29
Toman, Sarah(?) fr 146a ln 24
Toman, William fr 146a ln 26
Topp, Beulah fr 109a ln 13
Topp, Dennis fr 109a ln 10
Topp, Rosa fr 109a ln 11
Topp, Rosalie fr 109a ln 12
Topper, John fr 122b ln 85
Torrey, Charely fr 38a ln 24
Torrey, Dale fr 38a ln 27
Torrey, Dean fr 38a ln 26
Torrey, Ida fr 38a ln 25
Torrey, M E fr 121b ln 78
Toweson, Chestie fr 115a ln 8
Towle, Albert fr 74a ln 48
Town, Charles fr 57a ln 22
Town, Hannah N fr 57a ln 23
Town, Ira fr 48a ln 42
Town, James fr 95b ln 66
Town, James fr 128b ln 60
Town, Joe E fr 57a ln 24
Town, John S fr 57a ln 25
Town, Norah fr 57a ln 26
Townsend, Catherine fr 91a ln 21
Tracy, Blanch fr 43a ln 9
Tracy, Bortie(?) C fr 116a ln 18
Tracy, C F fr 43a ln 4
Tracy, Elbertha fr 43a ln 10
Tracy, Franklin fr 43a ln 8
Tracy, Harry fr 39a ln 10
Tracy, Lewisa(?) fr 43a ln 5
Tracy, Lucie fr 43a ln 6
Tracy, William fr 43a ln 7
Trammell, Fanny fr 48a ln 38
Trammell, James fr 48a ln 37
Trammell, Laura fr 48a ln 39
Trammell, Lulu fr 48a ln 40
Trammuel(?), Alexander fr 100b ln 68
Trammuel(?), Elisa fr 100b ln 69
Trammuel(?), Emma fr 100b ln 70
Trammuel(?), Polliana(?) fr 100b ln 67
Travis, J J fr 122b ln 84
Treat, Alamanza fr 114b ln 66
Tresslar, Rhoda A fr 141b ln 87
Trice, Bertha fr 106b ln 69
Trice, Clifford fr 106b ln 67
Trice, Lavina fr 106b ln 66
Trice, Nina fr 106b ln 68
Trice, Thomas fr 106b ln 65
Tricket, Joseph fr 137b ln 51
Trickett, Nettie B fr 137b ln 52
Tripp, Mary J fr 115b ln 69
Trister, Charles fr 121b ln 75
Trobst, Adilea fr 98a ln 38
Trobst, Anthony fr 98a ln 37
Trobst, Barry fr 98a ln 43
Trobst, George fr 98a ln 40
Trobst, Hattie fr 98a ln 42
Trobst, Mary fr 98a ln 39
Trobst, Sarah fr 98a ln 41
Troll, Anna fr 58b ln 91
Troll, Anthony fr 58b ln 90
Troll, Frank fr 58b ln 88
Troll, Gertrude fr 58b ln 93
Troll, Mary E fr 58b ln 89
Troll, Michael fr 58b ln 92
Trombly, Joseph F fr 111b ln 59
Troutman, Kate fr 114b ln 61
Trumbel, Harry fr 45a ln 32
Trumbull, Cassie fr 117b ln 72
Trumbull, Maude fr 66a ln 46
Trumbull, Nathan L fr 66a ln 45
Trumbull, Paul M fr 66a ln 47
Trumpter(?), Rosa fr 134b ln 62
Trumpter(?), John fr 134b ln 61
Trumpter(?), Mary D fr 134b ln 63
Tucker, George fr 112b ln 59
Tucker, Luella fr 112b ln 58
Tuel Ollie(?) fr 133a ln 31
Tuel(?), A[unreadable] fr 133a ln 28
Tuel(?), Abraham(?) fr 133a ln 26
Tuel(?), Ethel fr 133a ln 29
Tuel(?), Sarah S fr 133a ln 27
Tuel, Justin fr 133a ln 30
Tuggle, Alice fr 35a ln 28
Tuggle, Bessie fr 34a ln 50
Tuggle, Charles fr 35a ln 23
Tuggle, Emmos(?) fr 34a ln 48
Tuggle, Georgia fr 35a ln 24
Tuggle, Henry fr 34a ln 47
Tuggle, Johnie W fr 148a ln 35
Tuggle, Lucretia fr 34b ln 52
Tuggle, Mary fr 35a ln 27
Tuggle, Mary E fr 148a ln 34
Tuggle, Nancy fr 148a ln 33
Tuggle, Noble fr 34a ln 49
Tuggle, Norman fr 34b ln 51
Tuggle, Palmer fr 35a ln 26
Tuggle, William fr 148a ln 32
Tulers(?), Thresa fr 117b ln 78
Tull, Emma E fr 103a ln 5
Tull, James fr 103a ln 1
Tull, Nora E fr 103a ln 4
Tull, Ray fr 103a ln 6
Tull, Sarah M fr 103a ln 2
Tull, William fr 103a ln 3
Tuller(?), Edgar fr 142b ln 94
Tuller(?), Rachel fr 142b ln 95
Turnbull, Ewen fr 137b ln 91
Turnbull, Jessie M fr 137b ln 92
Turner, Albert fr 105b ln 87
Turner, Alice V fr 35a ln 48
Turner, Anna fr 117b ln 66
Turner, Bert fr 105b ln 84
Turner, Bert fr 31b ln 61
Turner, Bessie fr 35a ln 50
Turner, Blanche fr 35a ln 49
Turner, Charles fr 32b ln 62
Turner, Daisey fr 108b ln 69
Turner, Earle fr 31b ln 63
Turner, Eddie fr 35b ln 51
Turner, Edeth M fr 32b ln 63
Turner, Edward fr 142a ln 11
Turner, Effie fr 103b ln 87
Turner, Efie fr 105b ln 86
Turner, Eliza fr 32b ln 60
Turner, Ellice fr 117b ln 65
Turner, Elnora fr 93a ln 28
Turner, Elvina fr 105b ln 85
Turner, Floyd fr 31b ln 64
Turner, Gale fr 105b ln 88
Turner, George fr 93a ln 26
Turner, Henrietta fr 152a ln 20
Turner, Henry fr 105b ln 82
Turner, Henry fr 32b ln 59
Turner, Hershel fr 93a ln 29
Turner, James fr 108b ln 67
Turner, James L fr 142a ln 13
Turner, Laura B fr 32b ln 61
Turner, Lula fr 31b ln 65
Turner, Mary fr 142a ln 12
Turner, Mary A fr 108b ln 68
Turner, Mary E fr 105b ln 81
Turner, Nellie fr 31b ln 66
Turner, Nettie fr 93a ln 27
Turner, Payton fr 105b ln 80
Turner, Robert fr 31b ln 59
Turner, Rosa fr 105b ln 83
Turner, Ted fr 31b ln 62
Turner, Thomas fr 35a ln 47
Turner, Virginia fr 31b ln 60
Tuttle, Cyrus fr 70a ln 1
Tuttle, Harley C fr 102b ln 67
Tuttle, Mary fr 70a ln 2
Twinging, E Dora fr 71a ln 29
Twining, C Eward fr 69a ln 3
Twining, C Mary fr 69a ln 2
Twining, M Hellen fr 71a ln 30
Twining, S He-- fr 69a ln 1
Twining, T Joseph fr 71a ln 28
Twombly(?), Alexander fr 92a ln 44
Twombly(?), Guss fr 92a ln 45
Twombly(?), Maud fr 92a ln 46
Tyler, Burt E fr 95b ln 87
Tyler, Cora fr 37a ln 16
Tyler, Elizabeth fr 37b ln 96
Tyler, George fr 95b ln 85
Tyler, John fr 37a ln 14
Tyler, Margaret fr 37a ln 15
Tyler, Ora fr 95b ln 86

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