Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Tymes, Amelia fr 86a ln 27
Tymes, Andrew fr 86a ln 32
Tymes, Ella fr 86a ln 28
Tymes, Eva fr 86a ln 34
Tymes, Hazle fr 86a ln 33
Tymes, John fr 86a ln 26
Tymes, John fr 86a ln 30
Tymes, Lilla fr 86a ln 31
Tymes, Pearl fr 86a ln 29
Tytherleighly, Mary J fr 114b ln 73
Uhls, Anna B fr 111a ln 2
Uhls, Bessie B fr 111a ln 3
Uhls, Kenneth B fr 111a ln 4
Uhls, Lyman L fr 111a ln 1
Umbenhour, Carles W fr 80a ln 40
Umbenhour, Cora fr 80a ln 39
Umbenhour, Dorlia E fr 80a ln 41
Umbenhour, R---- fr 80a ln 38
Underhill, Mahala fr 70b ln 92
Underhill, Silvester fr 70a ln 29
Underhill, Willis fr 70b ln 91
Underwood, Otto fr 121b ln 89
Underwood, Robert fr 121b ln 90
Updegraf, L[unreadable] fr 128b ln 53
Upton, Bertha M fr 25a ln 14
Upton, Dorthy fr 93a ln 11
Upton, Joe fr 25a ln 11
Upton, John D fr 25a ln 32
Upton, Lois S fr 25a ln 33
Upton, Lulu B fr 93a ln 10
Upton, Mary fr 25a ln 12
Upton, May fr 25a ln 13
Upton, Nettie M fr 25a ln 34
Upton, William fr 93a ln 9
Urbenhour, Mary e fr 63b ln 53
Urbenhour, Shannon fr 63b ln 54
Urbensh, Robert fr 121b ln 91
Urnbenhour, Vergil A fr 63b ln 52
Uth, William fr 121b ln 88
Vail, Della fr 74b ln 80
Vail, George fr 74b ln 78
Vail, Marion fr 74b ln 83
Vail, Nellie fr 74b ln 82
Vail, Otis fr 74b ln 81
Vail, Sarah fr 74b ln 79
Valker, Reslitute fr 121b ln 92
Vallee, Burdine fr 139a ln 22
Vallee, Doris C fr 139a ln 23
Vallee, Myra C fr 139a ln 24
VanAllen, Harry fr 93b ln 63
Vancott, Richie fr 99a ln 31
Vancott, Sarippa fr 99a ln 30
Vancott, Stephen fr 99a ln 29
Vandenwalker, Arthur fr 32a ln 37
Vandenwalker, Charles fr 32a ln 35
Vandenwalker, Fannie fr 32a ln 36
Vandenwalker, Florence fr 32a ln 42
Vandenwalker, Fra-- fr 32a ln 40
Vandenwalker, Hazel fr 32a ln 39
Vandenwalker, Nettie fr 32a ln 38
Vandenwalker, Ollie fr 32a ln 41
Vandepete, Charles fr 76a ln 28
Vandepete, Emma fr 76a ln 29
Vandepete, Nona B fr 76a ln 30
Vanderfete(?), [unreadable] fr 73a ln 35
Vanderfete(?), Emma fr 73a ln 37
Vanderfete(?), Frank fr 73a ln 36
Vanderfete(?), John fr 73a ln 38
Vanderfete(?), Joseph fr 73a ln 39
Vanderlip, Charles fr 121b ln 94
VanderMida, Henry fr 122b ln 86
Vandor, Leo fr 27a ln 1
VanDorn(?), Emerage(?) fr 92b ln 56
VanDorn(?), Gusic fr 92b ln 57
Vanhorn, Allice fr 105b ln 71
Vanhorn, Elcie D fr 105b ln 72
Vanhorn, Fredy fr 101a ln 14
Vanhorn, George L fr 101a ln 15
Vanhorn, Isaac(?) fr 101a ln 11
Vanhorn, Jack fr 105b ln 70
Vanhorn, James fr 101a ln 16
Vanhorn, Jessie fr 101a ln 13
Vanhorn, Magie fr 101a ln 12
Vanhorn, Mamie fr 101a ln 17
Vanhosner(?), Alice fr 87a ln 2
Vanhosner(?), Charles fr 87a ln 1
Vanhosner(?), Hilda fr 87a ln 3
Vann, Claud fr 101a ln 3
Vann, Floyd fr 101a ln 5
Vann, George fr 101a ln 1
Vann, Grace fr 101a ln 4
Vann, Minnie fr 101a ln 2
Vann, Sadie fr 84a ln 10
Vann, Walter fr 84a ln 9
Vann, William fr 84a ln 8
Vannuys, Esther fr 111a ln 8
Vannuys, John fr 111a ln 5
Vannuys, Mary C fr 111a ln 6
Vannuys, Walter C fr 111a ln 7
Vanpelt, Clifford fr 67a ln 42
Vanpelt, Herald fr 67a ln 44
Vanpelt, Levi A fr 67a ln 40
Vanpelt, Louise fr 67a ln 41
Vanpelt, Margureite fr 67a ln 43
Vantice(?), James fr 95a ln 12
Vanviakle(?), Fannie fr 97b ln 71
Vanviakle(?), Jane fr 97b ln 72
Vanviakle(?), Mary fr 97b ln 73
Vanviakle(?), Vans fr 97b ln 74
Vanviakle(?), Vans(?) fr 97b ln 70
VanVoorhis, Francis fr 81b ln 67
VanVoorhis, John fr 81b ln 66
Vanway, John F fr 92b ln 83
Varney, Benjamin fr 97a ln 42
Varney, Berthey fr 97a ln 43
Vermillion, George fr 136b ln 76
Vermillion, George M fr 136b ln 80
Vermillion, Hazel L fr 136b ln 79
Vermillion, Jennie fr 136b ln 77
Vermillion, John F fr 136b ln 78
Vernon, Augusta fr 151b ln 93
Vernon, Mabel H fr 151b ln 92
Vernon, Thomas E fr 151b ln 91
Verple, Sarah fr 115a ln 31
Vickers, Elizabeth fr 152b ln 58
Vickers, Mary F fr 115a ln 27
Vickers, May E fr 152b ln 59
Vickers, Ora A fr 152b ln 60
Vindell, Richard F fr 121b ln 93
Vining, Catharine E fr 148a ln 27
Vining, Charles fr 121b ln 95
Vining, Charles fr 148a ln 24
Vining, Charles T fr 148a ln 28
Vining, James fr 148a ln 30
Vining, Jane fr 148a ln 25
Vining, Louis D fr 148a ln 29
Vining, Margaret R fr 148a ln 26
Vining, Sarah fr 115a ln 29
Virzmore(?), Gilbert fr 74a ln 44
Vogan, Eliza fr 115a ln 30
Voglesong, Cahtarine B fr 146a ln 2
Voglesong, Charlotte A fr 146a ln 3
Voglesong, Elfreda C fr 146a ln 1
Voglesong, Elonisa(?) fr 145b ln 98
Voglesong, John fr 145b ln 96
Voglesong, Owen F fr 145b ln 100
Voglesong, Sarah fr 145b ln 97
Voglesong, Sarah M fr 145b ln 99
Von Menden, [Nickolas?] fr 45a ln 33
Von Menden, Arther fr 45a ln 37
Von Menden, Bate fr 45a ln 34
Von Menden, Dora fr 45a ln 36
Von Menden, Fredric fr 45a ln 38
Von Menden, William fr 45a ln 35
Von Minden, Katy fr 153a ln 22
Voorhees, David fr 88b ln 60
Voorhees, Flora fr 88b ln 58
Voorhees, Harry fr 88b ln 57
Voorhees, Kinsey fr 88b ln 59
Vorhes, henry fr 121b ln 96
Vrouman, Adelia fr 102b ln 79
Vrouman, Alcesta fr 102b ln 78
Waad(?), Bruce fr 128a ln 44
Waad(?), Landis(?) fr 128a ln 43
Waad(?), Morris fr 128a ln 24
Waddle, [unreadable] fr 132b ln 100
Waddle, Alice fr 133a ln 11
Waddle, Clara E fr 133a ln 13
Waddle, Harold fr 133a ln 1
Waddle, Harry fr 132b ln 99
Waddle, Isaac fr 132b ln 97
Waddle, John fr 133a ln 10
Waddle, Maud fr 133a ln 12
Waddle, Sena fr 132b ln 98
Wade(?), Lucy A fr 114b ln 100
Wade, Henry B fr 123a ln 1
Wadley, Charles fr 107a ln 38
Wadley, John fr 150a ln 41
Wadley, Sadie fr 150a ln 40
Waed(?), Arther fr 128b ln 89
Waed(?), Laurence fr 128b ln 88
Wages, Bertha M fr 77b ln 54
Wages, George fr 77b ln 51
Wages, Lena C fr 77b ln 55
Wages, Mary fr 77b ln 56
Wages, Mona B fr 77b ln 53
Wages, Rebecka fr 77b ln 52
Wages, Robert fr 77b ln 57
Wagner(?), J T fr 131b ln 92
Wagner(?), Mary A fr 131b ln 93
Wagner, Carl fr 93a ln 47
Wagner, Charles fr 93a ln 44
Wagner, George fr 93a ln 46
Wagner, George fr 144a ln 42
Wagner, George E fr 144a ln 43
Wagner, Ida M fr 21b ln 96
Wagner, Myrtle fr 93a ln 45
Waithan(?), Lewis fr 141b ln 59
Waker, Dora L fr 62b ln 71
Waker, Eva M fr 62b ln 72
Waker, Fred J fr 62b ln 70
Waker, Lura fr 62b ln 73
Waker, Minnie fr 29a ln 3
Waldron, Amos fr 48a ln 4
Waldron, Delta fr 48a ln 3
Waldron, Flora fr 47b ln 100
Waldron, Frank fr 48a ln 1
Waldron, Harley fr 48a ln 2
Waldron, John fr 47b ln 99
Wales, Carrie H fr 101a ln 24
Wales, William fr 101a ln 23
Wales, Willie May fr 101a ln 25
Walker, Adda fr 71b ln 70
Walker, Andrew fr 78a ln 2
Walker, Claud fr 105a ln 17
Walker, Ella fr 78a ln 5
Walker, Geo fr 122b ln 94
Walker, George fr 35a ln 29
Walker, Hazel fr 105a ln 19
Walker, J Andrew fr 71b ln 69
Walker, James fr 105a ln 15
Walker, Jennie fr 78a ln 7
Walker, Kate fr 77b ln 99
Walker, Laura fr 78a ln 1
Walker, Lizzie fr 78a ln 3
Walker, Lizzy fr 124b ln 66
Walker, Lloyd fr 105a ln 18
Walker, Mary fr 78a ln 10
Walker, Mary fr 78a ln 4
Walker, Mary L fr 67b ln 67
Walker, Mattie(?) fr 105a ln 16
Walker, Miller fr 78a ln 8
Walker, Nora fr 78a ln 9
Walker, Orval fr 29a ln 5
Walker, Samuel B fr 67b ln 66
Walker, Sarah fr 78a ln 6
Walker, Viola(?) fr 77b ln 100
Walker, Walter fr 29a ln 4
Wallace, Edward fr 62a ln 36
Wallace, Sylvania fr 62a ln 37
Waller, Bessie fr 59b ln 62
Waller, Henry fr 129b ln 56
Waller, Jasper fr 129b ln 58
Waller, Mary fr 129b ln 57
Waller, Russell fr 129b ln 59
Walls, Calvin fr 82b ln 96
Walls, Peter fr 82b ln 97
Walls, Thomas fr 82b ln 95
Walls, Thomas fr 141b ln 55
Walls, Thomas R fr 82b ln 98
Walls, William fr 82b ln 100
Walls, William D fr 122b ln 98
Wallthall, Goeta M fr 64a ln 38
Wallthall, Henry fr 64a ln 36
Wallthall, Lurena F fr 64a ln 37
Wallthall, Martha A fr 64a ln 39
Walno, August fr 123a ln 8
Walstron, Charles fr 123a ln 6
Walters, Abbie L fr 147b ln 76
Walters, Annie fr 115b ln 84
Walters, Annie fr 116b ln 51
Walters, Augustus fr 124b ln 84
Walters, Blanch fr 124b ln 86
Walters, Charles fr 124b ln 81
Walters, Charles fr 124b ln 85
Walters, Edward fr 127a ln 47
Walters, Fanny fr 62b ln 91
Walters, Francis fr 124b ln 83
Walters, Grace E fr 147b ln 77
Walters, Henson B fr 35b ln 86
Walters, Ida fr 35b ln 87
Walters, Percy B fr 35b ln 88
Walters, Roselee(?) fr 147b ln 75
Walters, Sarah fr 124b ln 82
Walters, William J fr 111a ln 23
Walthall, Albert J fr 67a ln 27
Walthall, Allie fr 87b ln 60
Walthall, Blanch fr 100b ln 91
Walthall, Bramman(?) fr 100b ln 92
Walthall, David(?) fr 134b ln 82
Walthall, Flossie P fr 67a ln 28
Walthall, Gertrude fr 85a ln 23
Walthall, Grace fr 85a ln 22
Walthall, Hariette(?) fr 100b ln 88
Walthall, Harold fr 100b ln 89
Walthall, Harry fr 103b ln 85
Walthall, James M fr 66b ln 96
Walthall, John fr 85a ln 20
Walthall, John fr 134b ln 81
Walthall, Lena M fr 67a ln 26
Walthall, Lucinda fr 66b ln 97
Walthall, Mary E fr 67a ln 25
Walthall, Maud fr 103b ln 86
Walthall, Raymond fr 85a ln 24
Walthall, Rebecca fr 85a ln 21
Walthall, Rengo fr 100b ln 90
Walthall, Samuel W fr 67a ln 24
Walton, Bertha V fr 55b ln 66
Walton, Charlotte fr 55b ln 73
Walton, Emma F fr 55b ln 64
Walton, Ethel L fr 55b ln 65
Walton, John fr 55b ln 63
Walton, Margaret fr 156b ln 54
Walton, Mary fr 116a ln 37
Walton, Philip fr 55b ln 67
Walton, Sherman fr 156b ln 53
Walton, William fr 55b ln 72
Wampler, Frank fr 47b ln 88
Wampler, Grace fr 47b ln 92
Wampler, Ida fr 47b ln 89
Wampler, John W fr 47b ln 91
Wampler, Rosa fr 47b ln 90
Wands, Delijah E fr 21a ln 28
Waokerly, Louis fr 92a ln 38
Ward, [unreadable] fr 124b ln 100
Ward, Bessie M fr 23a ln 42
Ward, Franklin fr 124b ln 98
Ward, Gilbert W fr 23a ln 40
Ward, Harold M fr 23a ln 41
Ward, Harriet fr 124b ln 96
Ward, Helline M fr 94b ln 64
Ward, Irima J fr 89a ln 18
Ward, Jessie E fr 89a ln 19
Ward, John fr 124b ln 99
Ward, John D fr 124b ln 95
Ward, John L fr 23a ln 37
Ward, Joseph fr 89a ln 17
Ward, Loiis M fr 94b ln 63
Ward, Louisa fr 23a ln 38
Ward, Richard fr 124b ln 97
Ward, Richard B fr 23a ln 39
Wardell, Frank fr 85b ln 76
Wardell, Mary K fr 85b ln 77
Wardell, Nannie F fr 85b ln 79
Wardell, William A fr 85b ln 78
Ware, Laura fr 117b ln 89
Ware, Robert fr 121b ln 98
Warner, Elisibeth fr 155b ln 77
Warner, Harry fr 103b ln 90
Warner, Jennie(?) fr 103b ln 89
Warner, John fr 103b ln 88
Warner, Johnie fr 24a ln 50
Warner, Kin[unreadable] fr 155b ln 76
Warner, Lula fr 103b ln 91
Warner, Martha E fr 155b ln 78
Warrell, Franklin J fr 112a ln 27
Warten, William M fr 103b ln 74
Washington, Rachel fr 117b ln 67
Watkins, Arther fr 137a ln 32
Watkins, Bessie G fr 137a ln 33
Watkins, Blanch A fr 137a ln 35
Watkins, Bulah fr 84b ln 61
Watkins, Charles C fr 52b ln 65
Watkins, Charles O fr 52b ln 69
Watkins, Dodd fr 52b ln 64
Watkins, Edgar V fr 137a ln 34
Watkins, Effie P fr 52b ln 68
Watkins, Fanny fr 52b ln 66
Watkins, Frank O fr 112a ln 2
Watkins, Hazel B fr 52b ln 67
Watkins, James fr 122b ln 95
Watkins, Lindley fr 111b ln 65
Watkins, Louisa fr 137a ln 31
Watkins, Richard fr 137a ln 30
Watkins, Sarah fr 84b ln 60
Watson, [unreadable] fr 87a ln 49
Watson, Amanda E fr 38b ln 96
Watson, Anna fr 74a ln 20
Watson, Arthur fr 25b ln 73
Watson, Bud fr 94a ln 31
Watson, Charles fr 38b ln 95
Watson, Charley W fr 72a ln 16
Watson, Dora B fr 38b ln 83
Watson, Dwight A fr 56b ln 90
Watson, Ephriam fr 74a ln 19
Watson, Florance fr 94a ln 34
Watson, Frank fr 72a ln 17
Watson, George fr 56b ln 88
Watson, George D fr 72a ln 19
Watson, Harry fr 25b ln 75
Watson, Irene fr 72a ln 15
Watson, Isaiah H fr 56a ln 31
Watson, J Charles fr 38b ln 84
Watson, James O fr 72a ln 18
Watson, John A fr 38b ln 82
Watson, Katie fr 136a ln 25
Watson, Luther fr 94a ln 35
Watson, Nona fr 25b ln 76
Watson, Ollie fr 25b ln 74
Watson, Pearl fr 94a ln 32
Watson, Princeetha(?) fr 24a ln 25
Watson, Sarah E fr 56b ln 89
Watson, Walter fr 72a ln 14
Watson, Walter fr 94a ln 33
Watson, William fr 82a ln 12
Watt, John fr 123a ln 7
Waymire, Maggie fr 115a ln 37
Weason(?), George fr 102b ln 65
Weason(?), Lila fr 102b ln 64
Weaver(?), Carrie fr 84a ln 4
Weaver(?), Elmar fr 84a ln 7
Weaver(?), Emma fr 84a ln 6
Weaver(?), Frank fr 84a ln 2
Weaver(?), Jessie fr 84a ln 3
Weaver(?), Sadie fr 104b ln 51
Weaver(?), Sarah fr 84a ln 5
Weaver, Abner M fr 21a ln 18
Weaver, Ada G fr 24b ln 81
Weaver, Amy fr 138b ln 95
Weaver, Atla W fr 21a ln 16
Weaver, Calvin D fr 24b ln 78
Weaver, Carl fr 31a ln 15
Weaver, Daniel fr 144b ln 54
Weaver, David fr 31a ln 14
Weaver, Edd fr 31a ln 11
Weaver, Elsie fr 31a ln 13
Weaver, Florence E fr 138b ln 97
Weaver, Henry fr 31a ln 16
Weaver, John fr 21b ln 94
Weaver, Laura fr 21a ln 17
Weaver, Luisa fr 31a ln 12
Weaver, Martin fr 24b ln 76
Weaver, Mattie fr 28a ln 39
Weaver, May fr 21b ln 95
Weaver, Milton fr 138b ln 94
Weaver, Minnie M fr 24b ln 82
Weaver, Ora F fr 24b ln 79
Weaver, Roy J fr 138b ln 96
Weaver, Sarah fr 24b ln 77
Weaver, Scott C fr 24b ln 80
Weaver, William fr 28a ln 38
Webb, Carrie fr 51b ln 88
Webb, Charles fr 51b ln 87
Webb, Henry fr 39a ln 4
Webber, August fr 122b ln 100
Weber, Beryl fr 109b ln 57
Weber, Carree fr 128b ln 65
Weber, Henry fr 128b ln 67
Weber, Lelia fr 109b ln 58
Weber, Lesile fr 128b ln 64
Weber, Lora fr 109b ln 59
Weber, Louis fr 109b ln 55
Weber, Martha fr 128b ln 66
Weber, Minnie(?) fr 109b ln 56
Webster, Judson fr 123a ln 9
Webster, Lafayette fr 122b ln 90
Wedman, Mary fr 116b ln 77
Weeden, R E fr 123a ln 3
Weedman, Cora fr 54b ln 55
Weedman, Gussie C fr 54b ln 60
Weedman, Harvey fr 54b ln 54
Weedman, Harvey A fr 54b ln 58
Weedman, John J fr 54b ln 56
Weedman, Lydia C fr 54b ln 59
Weedman, Nellie M fr 54b ln 57
Weeks, Susan fr 118a ln 6
Weesner, Mary fr 155b ln 85
Weesner, William fr 155b ln 84
Weir, Calaree(?) fr 32a ln 7
Weir, Clem fr 47a ln 45
Weir, Don fr 47a ln 44
Weir, Earle fr 32a ln 10
Weir, Elizabeth fr 31b ln 86
Weir, Fred fr 47a ln 42
Weir, George fr 32a ln 9
Weir, Grant fr 32a ln 5
Weir, Helen fr 31b ln 85
Weir, Kate fr 151a ln 37
Weir, Katie fr 47a ln 43
Weir, Mollie fr 32a ln 11
Weir, Nellie fr 32a ln 8
Weir, Nellie fr 47a ln 46
Weir, Olive fr 31b ln 84
Weir, Rosa fr 32a ln 6
Weir, Sam fr 31b ln 83
Weir, Sarah E fr 31b ln 87
Weir, Susan R fr 41b ln 82
Weiser, John fr 122b ln 87
Weisner, James fr 39b ln 56
Weisner, Nancy fr 39b ln 57
Weiss, I fr 122b ln 92
Weithers, Agnes C fr 100a ln 32
Weithers, Alexander fr 100a ln 35
Weithers, Alexander(?) fr 100a ln 30
Weithers, Hannah D fr 100a ln 33
Weithers, James C fr 100a ln 36
Weithers, Samuel J fr 100a ln 37
Weithers, Sarah W fr 100a ln 31
Weithers, Thomas A fr 100a ln 34
Weitz, Cleofin(?) fr 115a ln 40
Welch, Arthur(?) fr 100a ln 40
Welch, E--- fr 24b ln 93
Welch, Effie M fr 100a ln 39
Welch, Fanny fr 118a ln 5
Welch, Frank fr 150a ln 42
Welch, Garrett fr 24b ln 94
Welch, George fr 27b ln 59
Welch, Harry fr 25a ln 5
Welch, Henrietta fr 150a ln 39
Welch, Homer fr 27b ln 61
Welch, Hurbert fr 21a ln 19
Welch, James fr 157b ln 52
Welch, Jennie M fr 25a ln 3
Welch, John fr 24b ln 92
Welch, John fr 150a ln 43
Welch, Joseph fr 122b ln 96
Welch, Mary fr 27b ln 60
Welch, Mary D fr 142b ln 93
Welch, Nannie fr 118a ln 11
Welch, Norman fr 112b ln 57
Welch, Raleigh E fr 142b ln 92
Welch, Ray fr 25a ln 4
Welch, Samuel fr 100a ln 38
Welch, Sarah E fr 142b ln 91
Welch, Saul W fr 142b ln 90
Welch, William fr 25a ln 2
Weller, Abram fr 67a ln 33
Weller, Hazel fr 67a ln 37
Weller, Nellie fr 67a ln 35
Weller, Sarah E fr 67a ln 34
Weller, William fr 67a ln 36
Wellingford, George B fr 91b ln 53
Wellingford, Louis fr 91b ln 54
Wellingford, Nancy M fr 91b ln 52
Wellingford, Sallie fr 91b ln 55
Wellingford, Thomas A fr 91b ln 51
Wellingford, Thomas M fr 91b ln 57
Wellingford, Tillie fr 91b ln 56
Wellings, Alma fr 21b ln 68
Wellings, Harry fr 21b ln 69
Wellings, Tilli(?) fr 21b ln 70
Wellings, Walter fr 21b ln 67
Wells, [unreadable] fr 87a ln 50
Wells, Addie fr 136b ln 73
Wells, C Henry fr 69a ln 32
Wells, C Silver fr 69a ln 34
Wells, E Francis fr 69a ln 33
Wells, Elsie fr 31b ln 89
Wells, George fr 118a ln 17
Wells, Kate fr 115a ln 43
Wells, Leathie J fr 136b ln 74
Wells, Leato L fr 136b ln 75
Wells, Mansfield fr 31b ln 88
Wells, Maria fr 117b ln 75
Wells, Numa fr 136b ln 72
Wells, Walter fr 123a ln 2
Wentz, Albert fr 72a ln 39
Wentz, Belva L fr 72a ln 37
Wentz, Daniel fr 72a ln 35
Wentz, Hattie fr 72a ln 36
Wentz, Sammie fr 72a ln 38
Weriner(?), David fr 127a ln 18
Weriner(?), John B fr 127a ln 19
Weriner(?), Leonard fr 127a ln 20
West, Catharine fr 117a ln 2
West, John H fr 53b ln 97
West, Julia fr 69a ln 31
West, P Joseph fr 69a ln 30
Westfall, Abraham fr 52b ln 77
Westfall, Adeline fr 52b ln 78
Westfall, Dotty(?) fr 92a ln 48
Westfall, Earl fr 92a ln 49
Westfall, John fr 92a ln 47
Westinburger(?), Eric(?) fr 121b ln 100
Weston, Francis fr 103a ln 30
Weston, George fr 103a ln 29
Weston, Maria fr 118a ln 8
Weston, Maud L fr 103a ln 31
Westtranit(?), Birdie fr 116a ln 19
Wethy, Anna fr 58b ln 80
Wethy, August fr 55b ln 74
Wethy, Cecelia fr 58b ln 76
Wethy, Charles fr 58b ln 75
Wethy, Charles fr 58b ln 77
Wethy, Edward fr 58b ln 79
Wethy, Josephine fr 58b ln 81
Wethy, Martin fr 58b ln 78
Whalan, Ma--- J fr 92a ln 41
Wharton, Arther fr 101b ln 73
Wharton, Ella fr 101b ln 74
Wharton, Margarett fr 101b ln 75
Wheelen, Harry C fr 21a ln 11
Wheeler, Alice fr 25b ln 100
Wheeler, Bertha fr 67b ln 89
Wheeler, Cecil fr 128a ln 12
Wheeler, Chancey fr 67b ln 90
Wheeler, Charles fr 128a ln 8
Wheeler, Charles fr 150b ln 58
Wheeler, Clarance A fr 65a ln 31
Wheeler, Dewey fr 67b ln 88
Wheeler, Dora fr 65a ln 30
Wheeler, Edd M fr 25b ln 99
Wheeler, Fermin(?) fr 128a ln 10
Wheeler, Goldie fr 67b ln 87
Wheeler, Isaac fr 128a ln 4
Wheeler, Jacob fr 134b ln 53
Wheeler, James fr 128a ln 13
Wheeler, Jenny fr 67b ln 91
Wheeler, John fr 67b ln 84
Wheeler, Josephine fr 128a ln 9
Wheeler, Laran fr 65a ln 32
Wheeler, Laura fr 128a ln 5
Wheeler, Leroy C fr 67b ln 86
Wheeler, Libbie fr 150b ln 59
Wheeler, Lincoln C fr 65a ln 33
Wheeler, Marie fr 26a ln 2
Wheeler, Mattie fr 128a ln 6
Wheeler, Nancy fr 134b ln 54
Wheeler, Nannie fr 134b ln 55
Wheeler, Pearl fr 128a ln 11
Wheeler, Rachel fr 67b ln 85
Wheeler, Robert fr 128a ln 7
Wheeler, Stella fr 26a ln 1
Wherland, Alice fr 114b ln 90
Whims, John K fr 123a ln 10
Whitaker, Donald R fr 67a ln 3
Whitaker, Eddie O fr 67a ln 2
Whitaker, George A fr 66b ln 100
Whitaker, George A fr 67a ln 4
Whitaker, Hazel M fr 67a ln 5
Whitaker, Laurella E fr 67a ln 1
Whitaker, Margarat fr 145a ln 41
Whitaker, Martha M fr 65b ln 72
Whitaker, Owen fr 65b ln 71
Whitaker, William H fr 145a ln 40
White, Abraham fr 93a ln 20
White, Alice fr 48a ln 28
White, Alvinna fr 117b ln 81
White, Andrew fr 143b ln 89
White, Ann fr 61a ln 10
White, Anna B fr 96b ln 95
White, Bell fr 97b ln 80
White, Berthy(?) M fr 83b ln 82
White, Beulah fr 25a ln 16
White, Chalres fr 139a ln 20
White, Charles fr 24a ln 35
White, Charles fr 93a ln 24
White, Charles fr 97b ln 79
White, Della fr 93a ln 22
White, Douglass fr 143b ln 83
White, Earnest fr 106a ln 44
White, Eddie fr 93a ln 25
White, Electa fr 61b ln 59
White, Ella fr 143b ln 82
White, Errom fr 48a ln 23
White, Fanny O fr 83b ln 83
White, Frank fr 25a ln 15
White, Gale fr 25a ln 17
White, Grant fr 48a ln 29
White, Harry fr 61b ln 60
White, Herman fr 48a ln 26
White, J E fr 123a ln 11
White, James F fr 61b ln 58
White, Jane fr 28a ln 3
White, Jennie fr 143b ln 90
White, Jessie fr 24a ln 34
White, Joal fr 96b ln 94
White, John fr 93a ln 23
White, Leon fr 48a ln 25
White, Levi fr 48a ln 24
White, Lewis E fr 61a ln 9
White, Lillian fr 93a ln 21
White, Lulu fr 28a ln 4
White, Luther fr 143b ln 81
White, Mary fr 24a ln 33
White, Mattie fr 24a ln 38
White, Miranda fr 47a ln 26
White, Nellie fr 106a ln 45
White, Nellie fr 97b ln 81
White, Ralph fr 25a ln 18
White, Richard fr 47a ln 25
White, Rosa O fr 83b ln 81
White, Samuel fr 48a ln 21
White, Sarah A fr 48a ln 22
White, Stephen fr 24a ln 32
White, Tom fr 24a ln 36
White, Velma M fr 96b ln 96
White, Vern fr 61b ln 61
White, Walter fr 24a ln 37
White, Weaver fr 48a ln 27
White, William fr 83b ln 80
Whiteford, Anna fr 78a ln 41
Whiteford, Clay fr 78a ln 46
Whiteford, Hattie fr 78a ln 39
Whiteford, Hugh fr 78a ln 45
Whiteford, Lillie fr 78a ln 42
Whiteford, Nellie fr 78a ln 44
Whiteford, Scott fr 78a ln 40
Whiteford, Silas fr 78a ln 38
Whiteford, Susan fr 78a ln 43
Whiten(?), Henry(?) fr 92b ln 82
Whiteside, Lee fr 122b ln 88
Whitley, Emma fr 150a ln 50
Whitley, George fr 150b ln 57
Whitley, Hazel V fr 150b ln 55
Whitley, John fr 150a ln 49
Whitley, Joseph fr 150b ln 51
Whitley, Rosetta fr 150b ln 53
Whitley, Theodosia fr 150b ln 54
Whitley, William fr 150b ln 52
Whitman, Earl fr 54a ln 9
Whitman, Ella fr 54a ln 6
Whitman, George fr 54a ln 7
Whitman, John fr 54a ln 5
Whitman, John T fr 123a ln 4
Whitman, Myrtle fr 54a ln 8
Whitmore, Charles fr 56b ln 94
Whitmore, Harry C fr 56b ln 95
Whitmore, John L fr 56b ln 96
Whitney, Andrew fr 32a ln 43
Whitney, B F fr 131b ln 57
Whitney, Belle fr 131b ln 61
Whitney, Benjamin fr 131b ln 60
Whitney, Harry fr 32a ln 46
Whitney, Herman fr 32a ln 45
Whitney, J[unreadable] fr 131b ln 62
Whitney, Lora J fr 32a ln 44
Whitney, Ruby fr 131b ln 63
Whitney, Ruth E fr 131b ln 58
Whitney, Walter fr 32a ln 47
Whitney, William A fr 131b ln 59
Whitskey, August fr 123a ln 5
Whittemore, Betsy fr 28a ln 46
Whittemore, Joe fr 28a ln 45
Wiard, Bell fr 107b ln 72
Wiard, Clarance fr 107b ln 74
Wiard, Harry fr 107b ln 73
Wiard, Milton fr 107b ln 71
Wiekropp(?), Adolph fr 147a ln 1
Wiekropp(?), Adolph E fr 147a ln 4
Wiekropp(?), Alvina A fr 147a ln 3
Wiekropp(?), Augusta A fr 147a ln 2
Wilcox, Amanda fr 54a ln 50
Wilcox, Whitman fr 54a ln 49
Wiley, Abraham fr 29a ln 11
Wiley, Addie fr 92b ln 84
Wiley, Lola W fr 29a ln 14
Wiley, Vera O fr 29a ln 13
Wiley, Verdie fr 29a ln 12
Wilgus, Amanda fr 153b ln 71
Wilgus, Bruce fr 153b ln 73
Wilgus, Dave fr 153b ln 72
Wilhoite, Alice fr 29a ln 36
Wilhoite, Ernest fr 29a ln 32
Wilhoite, Fred fr 29a ln 35
Wilhoite, Johnnie fr 29a ln 33
Wilhoite, Lee fr 29a ln 26
Wilhoite, Lizzie fr 29a ln 28
Wilhoite, Lulu fr 29a ln 29
Wilhoite, Martha fr 29a ln 27
Wilhoite, Nealie fr 29a ln 34
Wilhoite, Wente fr 29a ln 31
Wilhoite, Willie fr 29a ln 30
Wilib[unreadable], John fr 126b ln 56
Wilke, Fred C fr 55b ln 79
Wilke, Homer F fr 55b ln 81
Wilke, Rose E fr 55b ln 80
Wilkie, James fr 122b ln 99
Wilkins, Hatte fr 70a ln 11
Wilkins, M John fr 70a ln 10
Wilkinson, Harriett J fr 101a ln 48
Wilkinson, Helen(?) fr 101a ln 46
Wilkinson, James fr 82a ln 21
Wilkinson, James N fr 101a ln 47
Wilkinson, John W fr 101a ln 49
Willaby, Flora B fr 115b ln 75
Willaon, Ray fr 129a ln 49
Willhoit, Sophia fr 30b ln 70
Willhoit, Willie fr 30b ln 71
Willhoite, Mammie fr 21b ln 86
Willhoite, Mary fr 153a ln 50
Willhoite, Nannie(?) fr 21b ln 85
Willhoite, Stellamaria(?) fr 21b ln 87
Willhoite, William fr 21b ln 84

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