Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

William, John T fr 35a ln 3
William, May fr 35a ln 4
William, Papes, fr 111b ln 66
Williams(?), Cratie fr 124b ln 58
Williams(?), George fr 124b ln 55
Williams(?), Lois A fr 124b ln 59
Williams(?), Mary E fr 124b ln 57
Williams(?), Minnie fr 124b ln 56
Williams(?), Stanley R fr 124b ln 60
Williams, Albert fr 134b ln 84
Williams, Andrus fr 32b ln 82
Williams, Ann fr 117b ln 82
Williams, Ann fr 127b ln 74
Williams, Anna fr 126b ln 64
Williams, Anna fr 141a ln 11
Williams, Arthur fr 141a ln 8
Williams, Bessie fr 126b ln 65
Williams, Charles fr 126b ln 63
Williams, Christine fr 75a ln 30
Williams, Clifford fr 34a ln 29
Williams, Clifford C fr 44b ln 82
Williams, Elmer fr 62b ln 82
Williams, Emma fr 116b ln 83
Williams, Emma A fr 140a ln 2
Williams, Frank fr 75a ln 29
Williams, Golda M fr 75a ln 33
Williams, Gracia M fr 75a ln 34
Williams, Hazel fr 34a ln 32
Williams, Irwin fr 34a ln 30
Williams, Jennie E fr 141a ln 10
Williams, John V fr 122b ln 93
Williams, John(?) fr 140a ln 1
Williams, Josephine fr 66b ln 98
Williams, Julia A fr 75a ln 31
Williams, Kate N fr 134b ln 85
Williams, Leah fr 126b ln 66
Williams, Lucy fr 34a ln 28
Williams, Mary fr 141a ln 9
Williams, Nettie fr 140a ln 19
Williams, Osa fr 34a ln 31
Williams, Peter fr 122b ln 91
Williams, Rossie fr 75a ln 32
Williams, Sarah fr 117a ln 39
Williams, Sylvia B fr 75a ln 35
Williams, Thomas fr 34a ln 27
Williams, Walter(?) fr 140a ln 18
Williams, Wesley fr 127b ln 75
Williams, Will fr 49b ln 97
Williamson, Almira fr 124a ln 39
Williamson, Andrew(?) fr 124a ln 38
Williamson, Carney J fr 64b ln 51
Williamson, Clay fr 108b ln 89
Williamson, John fr 134a ln 38
Williamson, Lizzie fr 134a ln 39
Williamson, Mary fr 134a ln 40
Williford, Dorothy fr 155b ln 60
Williford, Etheline fr 155b ln 58
Williford, Georgia fr 155b ln 59
Williford, Helen fr 155b ln 61
Williford, Ida M. fr 155b ln 57
Williford, James fr 122b ln 97
Williford, James fr 155b ln 56
Williford, Martha fr 155b ln 64
Willimas, Orel(?) R fr 140a ln 20
Williory(?), Edith M fr 82b ln 51
Williory(?), John fr 82a ln 49
Williory(?), Mary E fr 82a ln 50
Willis, Lillian fr 96b ln 68
Willis, Malinda fr 86a ln 23
Willis, Percie fr 96b ln 67
Willis, russel C fr 112a ln 9
Wills, Charles V fr 144b ln 57
Wills, Essie L fr 144b ln 58
Wills, Ida M fr 144b ln 56
Wills, James fr 135b ln 77
Wills, James T fr 144b ln 59
Wills, Mriah fr 135b ln 76
Wills, Oliver fr 144b ln 55
Wills, Robert fr 135b ln 78
Willson, Addie fr 131b ln 95
Willson, Alex fr 129a ln 44
Willson, Andy fr 84a ln 35
Willson, Arron(?) fr 91b ln 78
Willson, Bart--- fr 92a ln 18
Willson, Barton fr 91b ln 81
Willson, Caroline fr 84a ln 36
Willson, Carrie fr 92a ln 19
Willson, Charles B fr 92a ln 21
Willson, Charles P fr 104b ln 97
Willson, Claude fr 129a ln 48
Willson, Clinton fr 92a ln 20
Willson, Earl fr 110a ln 42
Willson, Eddie fr 100a ln 12
Willson, Edward fr 110a ln 39
Willson, Elizabeth fr 100a ln 11
Willson, Frank fr 110a ln 43
Willson, Frankie fr 100a ln 15
Willson, George fr 91b ln 82
Willson, Glen fr 129a ln 50
Willson, Grant fr 110a ln 41
Willson, Harry fr 129a ln 47
Willson, Ida fr 129a ln 45
Willson, Ida M fr 65b ln 99
Willson, Jessie fr 84a ln 37
Willson, John fr 89a ln 45
Willson, Katherine fr 92a ln 22
Willson, Katie fr 131b ln 98
Willson, Leonard fr 92a ln 23
Willson, Levina fr 91b ln 80
Willson, Lulu fr 131b ln 97
Willson, M Ella fr 110a ln 40
Willson, Martha fr 91b ln 79
Willson, Mary L fr 89a ln 48
Willson, Mattie fr 100a ln 13
Willson, Millard fr 89a ln 46
Willson, Pearl fr 129a ln 46
Willson, Rosa fr 100a ln 14
Willson, Stella fr 131b ln 96
Willson, William fr 100a ln 10
Willson, William J fr 89a ln 47
Willson, Wirt fr 131b ln 94
Willyard, Cora fr 56b ln 72
Wilson, Addie A fr 138a ln 27
Wilson, Alvin fr 101a ln 26
Wilson, Anna fr 47b ln 60
Wilson, Annie fr 24a ln 17
Wilson, August fr 121a ln 19
Wilson, Charles S fr 138a ln 26
Wilson, Clark fr 146a ln 42
Wilson, Claurence fr 22a ln 19
Wilson, Corral L fr 63a ln 8
Wilson, David fr 56b ln 80
Wilson, David fr 56b ln 82
Wilson, Dora fr 28b ln 89
Wilson, Dora fr 47b ln 61
Wilson, Eddie fr 146a ln 46
Wilson, Edward M fr 28b ln 92
Wilson, Ella fr 85b ln 64
Wilson, Elmer fr 85b ln 61
Wilson, Elsia(?) fr 138a ln 25
Wilson, Emily M fr 115a ln 33
Wilson, Emma A fr 28b ln 90
Wilson, Ethel fr 47b ln 62
Wilson, Frank fr 22a ln 17
Wilson, Frank W fr 56b ln 83
Wilson, Fred E fr 63a ln 7
Wilson, Freddy fr 101a ln 29
Wilson, George fr 28b ln 93
Wilson, George fr 47b ln 59
Wilson, Grace fr 85b ln 60
Wilson, James A fr 63a ln 5
Wilson, Jimmie fr 146a ln 45
Wilson, John fr 103b ln 73
Wilson, John fr 138a ln 24
Wilson, John H fr 138a ln 30
Wilson, John W fr 24a ln 4
Wilson, John W fr 36a ln 14
Wilson, Leila M fr 153b ln 54
Wilson, Linnie E fr 56b ln 84
Wilson, Loyd fr 22a ln 21
Wilson, Lulu J fr 138a ln 28
Wilson, Lydia W fr 63a ln 6
Wilson, Mable fr 85b ln 58
Wilson, Margrett E fr 85b ln 57
Wilson, Mary fr 101a ln 27
Wilson, Mary fr 146a ln 43
Wilson, Mary E fr 56b ln 81
Wilson, Mary J fr 138b ln 86
Wilson, Myrtle fr 85b ln 59
Wilson, Nancie fr 24a ln 5
Wilson, Nellie fr 22a ln 18
Wilson, Nellie V fr 138a ln 29
Wilson, Ora fr 22a ln 20
Wilson, Rainey fr 85b ln 63
Wilson, Ralph fr 85b ln 62
Wilson, Richard fr 112a ln 24
Wilson, Samuel F fr 55a ln 43
Wilson, Sarrah A fr 28b ln 91
Wilson, Sol fr 24a ln 16
Wilson, Sophia fr 146a ln 44
Wilson, Stella fr 28b ln 94
Wilson, Susie fr 85b ln 65
Wilson, Thomas fr 101a ln 28
Wilson, Verna fr 47b ln 63
Wilson, William fr 28b ln 88
Wilson, William fr 85b ln 56
Wilson, William fr 85b ln 66
Winchel, Alexander fr 68a ln 25
Winchel, Arthur fr 68a ln 26
Winchel, Lily fr 68a ln 28
Winchel, Minnie fr 68a ln 27
Winchell, G fr 122b ln 89
Windisch, Clarence fr 57b ln 70
Windisch, Frank fr 56a ln 36
Windisch, Fred W fr 57b ln 69
Windisch, George A fr 57b ln 67
Windisch, Joseph fr 57a ln 27
Windisch, Joseph fr 57b ln 65
Windisch, Katie F fr 57b ln 68
Windisch, Laura fr 57b ln 66
Windisch, Ora A fr 56a ln 37
Windisch, Thrassia fr 57a ln 28
Windisch, Threasia fr 57a ln 29
Windisch, Willie fr 56b ln 56
Windler, Albert fr 43b ln 98
Windler, Elizabeth fr 43b ln 97
Windler, Harmen fr 43b ln 99
Windler, Henry fr 43b ln 96
Windsor, Bart(?) fr 136a ln 19
Windsor, Edna fr 136a ln 22
Windsor, Roy fr 136a ln 21
Windsor, Ruth fr 136a ln 20
Winfield(?), Lula B fr 91a ln 50
Winfield(?), Philip fr 91a ln 49
Winfield, Carl(?) fr 97b ln 75
Winfield, Carlisle fr 106b ln 93
Winfield, Cinthy fr 106b ln 91
Winfield, Freddie fr 97b ln 77
Winfield, Ida fr 97b ln 76
Winfield, Lennox fr 106b ln 90
Winfield, Ody fr 97b ln 78
Winfield, Thomas fr 106b ln 92
Wing, Cora fr 34b ln 54
Wing, Myrtle fr 34b ln 53
Wing, Olive fr 150a ln 13
Wingert, Ella fr 29b ln 100
Wingert, George fr 29b ln 99
Wingert, Harold fr 30a ln 2
Wingert, Inez fr 30a ln 3
Wingert, Ray fr 30a ln 1
Wingfield, Nancy fr 89b ln 90
Wingfield, Oby(?) fr 89b ln 89
Winkler, Amanda fr 29b ln 75
Winkler, Cleopatra fr 33a ln 33
Winkler, Corda(?) fr 29b ln 79
Winkler, Elizabeth fr 33a ln 32
Winkler, Ida fr 29b ln 78
Winkler, Jake fr 29b ln 74
Winkler, Jake N fr 29b ln 81
Winkler, John S fr 29b ln 77
Winkler, Lydia fr 29b ln 76
Winkler, Max fr 33a ln 31
Winkler, Sam fr 33a ln 34
Winters, Lulu fr 116a ln 29
Wionett(?), Eliza J fr 87b ln 71
Wionett(?), Etta fr 87b ln 72
Wionett(?), William fr 87b ln 70
Wipple(?), James fr 132a ln 46
Wipple(?), Susan fr 132a ln 47
Wirebaugh, Eliza A fr 65b ln 98
Wirebaugh, John F fr 65b ln 97
Wise, Earl fr 49a ln 18
Wise, Frank fr 49a ln 16
Wise, Howard fr 49a ln 5
Wise, Louie fr 56b ln 85
Wise, Mary fr 49a ln 4
Wise, Mary fr 111a ln 41
Wise, Nellie fr 49a ln 17
Wise, Walter fr 49a ln 6
Wise, William fr 49a ln 3
Withers, Mary E fr 114b ln 87
Witt, Claude fr 34b ln 69
Witt, Eva fr 141b ln 51
Witt, Fred fr 34b ln 70
Witt, Kate fr 34b ln 66
Witt, Ralph fr 34b ln 68
Witt, Walter fr 34b ln 67
Witt, William fr 34b ln 65
Witten, Mary E fr 115a ln 38
Witts, Anna fr 79b ln 58
Witts, Willie fr 79b ln 57
Wolcott, Barcklay J fr 59a ln 41
Wolcott, Nancy E fr 59a ln 42
Wolf, Anna fr 71b ln 75
Wolf, Cornelias fr 77b ln 69
Wolf, Eliza fr 78b ln 59
Wolf, Ellen fr 71b ln 74
Wolf, John fr 71b ln 77
Wolf, John fr 78b ln 61
Wolf, Maggie fr 71b ln 73
Wolf, Mary fr 71b ln 76
Wolf, Mary fr 77b ln 68
Wolf, Morris fr 77b ln 67
Wolf, Morris fr 78b ln 60
Wolf, Nellie fr 78b ln 63
Wolf, Patrick fr 78b ln 58
Wolf, Richard fr 78b ln 65
Wolf, Righ--- fr 71b ln 72
Wolf, Suzzie fr 71b ln 78
Wolf, Suzzie fr 78b ln 62
Wolf, Thomas fr 77b ln 70
Wolf, Willie fr 78b ln 64
Wolfe, Daisy fr 111b ln 81
Wolley, Ada M fr 53b ln 61
Wolley, Archie R fr 53b ln 59
Wolley, Bessie fr 53b ln 62
Wolley, Charles fr 50b ln 54
Wolley, Cora E fr 53b ln 60
Wolley, Ida M fr 53b ln 57
Wolley, James fr 53b ln 56
Wolley, Joe M fr 22b ln 83
Wolley, Minnie fr 50b ln 55
Wolley, Paulina fr 50b ln 56
Wolley, Stella M fr 53b ln 58
Wood, Austin fr 54b ln 64
Wood, Clarence fr 54b ln 51
Wood, Clarence fr 141a ln 36
Wood, Clarence fr 150a ln 6
Wood, Clide fr 150a ln 7
Wood, Clifford fr 141a ln 40
Wood, Cora fr 141a ln 37
Wood, D. W. fr 146a ln 50
Wood, Dora fr 54b ln 65
Wood, Earl fr 150a ln 5
Wood, Erma G fr 57a ln 35
Wood, Fred E fr 57a ln 34
Wood, Grace fr 54b ln 52
Wood, Helen M fr 141a ln 41
Wood, James fr 121b ln 97
Wood, Jessie M fr 141a ln 38
Wood, Jim B fr 57a ln 33
Wood, Juana P fr 57a ln 32
Wood, Lena fr 54b ln 66
Wood, Leona fr 150a ln 4
Wood, Mable E fr 146b ln 51
Wood, Mary fr 57a ln 31
Wood, Milton fr 141a ln 39
Wood, Richard O fr 54b ln 53
Wood, Sarah fr 115a ln 39
Wood, William fr 57a ln 30
Woodford, Almira fr 30a ln 35
Woodford, Marquis fr 30a ln 34
Woodman, Alvin fr 69b ln 63
Woodman, Arthur fr 69b ln 59
Woodman, Charley fr 42a ln 14
Woodman, Clide E fr 42a ln 23
Woodman, Delia fr 44b ln 97
Woodman, Earl fr 69b ln 62
Woodman, Edith fr 69b ln 61
Woodman, Emma fr 44b ln 98
Woodman, Frank fr 42a ln 18
Woodman, George fr 69b ln 65
Woodman, Gertie E fr 42a ln 19
Woodman, Herbert fr 42a ln 17
Woodman, Ida fr 42a ln 16
Woodman, Ida S fr 44b ln 99
Woodman, Jim fr 42a ln 21
Woodman, Jim fr 53a ln 40
Woodman, Judy fr 42a ln 25
Woodman, Lester A fr 42a ln 22
Woodman, May fr 69b ln 60
Woodman, Nana A fr 42a ln 15
Woodman, Nina M fr 42a ln 24
Woodman, Terry fr 69b ln 64
Woodman, Wallace W fr 42a ln 20
Woodrick(?), John fr 121b ln 99
Woodruff, Charles fr 131b ln 64
Woodruff, Frank fr 131b ln 68
Woodruff, Fred fr 131b ln 66
Woodruff, Lafevette(?) fr 131b ln 67
Woodruff, Mary fr 131b ln 65
Woodrum, Charles C fr 59a ln 2
Woodrum, Elizabeth L fr 59a ln 3
Woodrum, Grace fr 59a ln 5
Woodrum, Mary B fr 59a ln 1
Woodrum, Nathan fr 58b ln 100
Woodrum, Ray fr 59a ln 6
Woodrum, William H fr 59a ln 4
Woods, Bessie C fr 89b ln 53
Woods, Frank E fr 52a ln 6
Woods, Hannah fr 89b ln 54
Woods, Jossie(?) fr 89b ln 55
Woods, Mary D fr 52a ln 7
Woods, Sarah F fr 89b ln 52
Woods, William fr 89b ln 51
Woods, William fr 150a ln 9
Wooley, Daniel C fr 111b ln 55
Woosley, Charles fr 57b ln 72
Woosley, Fanny E fr 57b ln 73
Woosley, Phebe fr 57b ln 74
Worley, Iola F fr 93a ln 2
Worley, Jesse S fr 93a ln 1
Worley, John R fr 93a ln 3
Worth, Hester(?) fr 69a ln 24
Worthington, T James fr 70a ln 42
Worymire(?), Dora fr 111a ln 34
Wren, baby fr 143a ln 14
Wren, Charles T fr 52b ln 82
Wren, Clare E fr 143a ln 12
Wren, Ethel A fr 52b ln 83
Wren, George B fr 143a ln 11
Wren, James W fr 143a ln 13
Wren, James W fr 143a ln 9
Wren, Mariah fr 143a ln 15
Wren, Maud C fr 52b ln 81
Wren, Pearl fr 52b ln 79
Wren, Rosa fr 52b ln 80
Wren, Susie fr 143a ln 10
Wright, Allie fr 75b ln 68
Wright, Allie fr 142b ln 89
Wright, Amber fr 112a ln 45
Wright, Annie A fr 64a ln 30
Wright, Beatrice fr 64a ln 35
Wright, Charles fr 75b ln 67
Wright, Charles fr 91a ln 11
Wright, Clarence fr 126b ln 78
Wright, Clifford fr 75b ln 73
Wright, Cora A fr 104b ln 95
Wright, David fr 75b ln 70
Wright, David fr 142b ln 88
Wright, David(?) fr 104b ln 94
Wright, Ethel M fr 64a ln 31
Wright, Fannie fr 75b ln 72
Wright, Florance M fr 139a ln 4
Wright, Frank fr 126b ln 74
Wright, Frankie E fr 64a ln 32
Wright, Franklin fr 91a ln 10
Wright, George fr 126b ln 76
Wright, Henry fr 126b ln 77
Wright, Jessie fr 75b ln 71
Wright, John fr 107a ln 19
Wright, John fr 136a ln 9
Wright, John D fr 64a ln 33
Wright, Joseph D fr 104b ln 96
Wright, Julia fr 75b ln 74
Wright, Lal[unreadable] fr 91a ln 9
Wright, Lizzie fr 136a ln 10
Wright, Loyd N. fr 64a ln 34
Wright, Mable fr 75b ln 69
Wright, Maggie fr 107a ln 20
Wright, Margarett fr 108a ln 45
Wright, Marshall fr 64a ln 29
Wright, Mary fr 116a ln 41
Wright, Mary fr 126b ln 75
Wright, Mose(?) fr 108a ln 44
Wright, Moses fr 108a ln 46
Wright, Rae fr 112a ln 4
Wright, Roy fr 107a ln 21
Wringer, Harvey fr 36a ln 16
Wynne, Alice fr 111b ln 76
Yackle, Andy fr 26a ln 25
Yackle, Charlie fr 26a ln 29
Yackle, Christian C fr 26a ln 27
Yackle, Frank fr 26a ln 28
Yackle, Mary fr 26a ln 26
Yakham, Willie fr 49b ln 74
Yardly, John F fr 63a ln 4
Yardly, Stella fr 63a ln 22
Yardly, W. H. fr 63a ln 3
Yates, Albert fr 102a ln 36
Yates, Arther fr 102a ln 40
Yates, Bryan fr 102a ln 41
Yates, Clyde fr 102a ln 38
Yates, Emma fr 102a ln 37
Yates, Fred fr 102a ln 39
Yeacer, Bessie fr 110b ln 53
Yeacer, Effie fr 110b ln 52
Yeacer, Freddie fr 110b ln 54
Yeacer, Mills(?) fr 110b ln 51
Yeager, Kate fr 114b ln 77
Yeater, Alice fr 134a ln 42
Yeater, Frank fr 134a ln 45
Yeater, Fremont fr 134a ln 41
Yeater, Harry fr 134a ln 43
Yeater, Myrtle fr 134a ln 44
Yeater, Willard fr 134a ln 46
Yeomans, Coyetta fr 106b ln 59
Yeomans, Laura B fr 106b ln 57
Yeomans, Thomas fr 106b ln 56
Yeomans, Winona fr 106b ln 58
Yoamans, Amanda fr 106b ln 88
Yoamans, Syble fr 106b ln 89
Yoamans, William fr 106b ln 87
Yocum, Cam[unreadable] fr 105a ln 10
Yocum, Deella fr 105a ln 9
Yocum, Fred fr 105a ln 8
Yocum, Her[unreadable] fr 105a ln 6
Yocum, Libbie fr 105a ln 7
Yocum, Lucy A fr 105a ln 11
Yocum, Peter fr 105a ln 13
Yocum, Ross fr 105a ln 14
Yocum, Rugdy(?) fr 105a ln 12
Yoeman, Elizabeth A fr 139a ln 35
Yoeman, Grover C fr 139a ln 36
Yoeman, Sara A fr 139a ln 37
Yoeman, Virginia fr 139a ln 34
Yoeman, William fr 139a ln 33
Yomberg, John fr 123a ln 19
York, Cora fr 28b ln 79
York, Elias fr 28b ln 77
York, Harry fr 28b ln 82
York, James fr 28b ln 81
York, Lee R fr 60a ln 17
York, Lissie fr 28b ln 78
York, Mattie E fr 60a ln 18
York, Wesley fr 28b ln 80
Youmans, [unreadable] fr 86a ln 48
Youmans, Lizetta fr 112b ln 56
Youmans, Nelley fr 86a ln 49
Young, [unreadable] fr 72b ln 75
Young, Abe fr 155b ln 93
Young, Catharine fr 116a ln 22
Young, Catharine fr 143b ln 73
Young, Charles fr 72b ln 73
Young, Cordia fr 100a ln 18
Young, Edd fr 28b ln 76
Young, Edna M fr 53b ln 89
Young, Edward J fr 53b ln 88
Young, Elizabeth fr 59b ln 79
Young, Emma fr 136b ln 62
Young, Emma S fr 53b ln 85
Young, Fulton fr 82b ln 94
Young, Gertrude fr 114b ln 76
Young, Howard E fr 53b ln 90
Young, Ida fr 72b ln 74
Young, Jacob H fr 53b ln 83
Young, Jasper C fr 53b ln 86
Young, Laura fr 117b ln 68
Young, Lulu P fr 53b ln 91
Young, Margaret B fr 153a ln 42
Young, Mary E fr 107a ln 49
Young, Mary H fr 53b ln 87
Young, Mary H fr 138a ln 1
Young, Ralph fr 107a ln 50
Young, Sarah J fr 53b ln 84
Young, Sherman(?) fr 107a ln 48
Young, William fr 73a ln 15
Youngberg, Alfred fr 85b ln 97
Youngberg, Oscar fr 85b ln 98
Youst, Frank fr 118a ln 16
Yunge, Alvina L fr 61a ln 20
Yunge, August fr 61a ln 17
Yunge, August H fr 61a ln 19
Yunge, Emma H fr 61a ln 21
Yunge, Hortense fr 61a ln 18
Zacharias, Corinna fr 93b ln 62
Zacharias, Emma fr 93b ln 60
Zacharias, Joseph(?) fr 93b ln 59
Zacharias, Leonard fr 93b ln 61
Zane, Otha fr 123a ln 13
Zeigler, Andrew(?) fr 124b ln 93
Zeigler, Mary fr 124b ln 94
Zemon, Thomas fr 118a ln 15
Zimmerman, Elmer fr 50b ln 67
Zulkie, Henry fr 123a ln 12
Zumbrum, Clarence fr 132b ln 69
Zumbrum, Emma fr 132b ln 68
Zumbrum, Joseph fr 132b ln 67
Zumbrum, Loyed fr 132b ln 72
Zumbrum, Stella fr 132b ln 71
Zumbrum, Vernon fr 132b ln 70
Zutz(?), Eliza fr 114b ln 75

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz


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