Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Abbott, Higby fr 117b ln 86
Abney, Christina fr 142b ln 97
Abney, Joseph fr 142b ln 96
Abraham, Florence M fr 154b ln 52
Abraham, Helen M fr 154b ln 53
Abraham, John fr 154b ln 51
Achley, Sarah M fr 113a ln 6
Acton, Nancy fr 113a ln 2
Adair, Anna fr 97a ln 9
Adair, Bertha fr 97a ln 6
Adair, Charles fr 131a ln 28
Adair, Grace fr 131a ln 30
Adair, Hallie fr 97a ln 8
Adair, Lawrence fr 97a ln 7
Adair, Lydia J fr 113a ln 4
Adair, Mary E fr 131a ln 29
Adair, Thomas fr 97a ln 5
Adair, Walter B fr 131a ln 31
Adams, Ada fr 138a ln 32
Adams, Albert fr 135a ln 46
Adams, Bro fr 138a ln 34
Adams, Charles fr 84b ln 80
Adams, Eva fr 89a ln 40
Adams, George H fr 35b ln 97
Adams, Gilbert fr 34a ln 18
Adams, Harry fr 29b ln 82
Adams, Harry fr 138a ln 31
Adams, Horace fr 24b ln 66
Adams, Ida fr 84b ln 81
Adams, James fr 34b ln 81
Adams, John fr 89a ln 39
Adams, LeRoy fr 55b ln 82
Adams, Maggie fr 117b ln 93
Adams, Mary fr 135a ln 47
Adams, Matt fr 138a ln 33
Adams, Thomas fr 24b ln 64
Addy, Andrew fr 79a ln 16
Addy, Anna fr 79a ln 17
Addy, Burl fr 79a ln 18
Addy, Della F fr 73a ln 18
Addy, Donard fr 80b ln 73
Addy, Elmer fr 73a ln 16
Addy, Ely H fr 80b ln 69
Addy, Florance S fr 80b ln 72
Addy, Lizzie fr 73a ln 17
Addy, Luisa fr 80b ln 68
Addy, Mable fr 79a ln 19
Addy, Marion fr 80b ln 70
Addy, Oscar fr 80b ln 71
Addy, William fr 80b ln 67
Agnew, Rose fr 113b ln 74
Ahlstian(?), Albin fr 109b ln 62
Ahlstian(?), Carrie fr 109b ln 61
Ahlstian(?), John fr 109b ln 60
Ahrens, Darwin W fr 153a ln 9
Ahrens, Della A fr 153a ln 8
Ahrens, Denton H fr 153a ln 10
Ahrens, Dorthy M fr 153a ln 7
Ahrens, Earnest fr 153a ln 5
Ahrens, Josie fr 153a ln 6
Aiken, Andrew fr 118a ln 19
Aker, Connie fr 134a ln 7
Aker, Harriet fr 144b ln 80
Aker, Jess fr 134a ln 5
Aker, Kate fr 134a ln 6
Aker, Sidney fr 144b ln 79
Akerly(?), Frank fr 130b ln 75
Akerly(?), John fr 130b ln 73
Akerly(?), John Jay fr 130b ln 77
Akerly(?), Katharine fr 130b ln 76
Akerly(?), Mary fr 130b ln 74
Akeroyd, Abraham fr 99b ln 79
Akeroyd, Bessie fr 99b ln 81
Akeroyd, George fr 99b ln 84
Akeroyd, Lucy fr 99b ln 80
Akeroyd, Mary fr 99b ln 83
Akeroyd, Virginnia fr 99b ln 82
Akeroyd, Wynona fr 99b ln 85
Akers, Caroline fr 136a ln 42
Akers, Carrie L fr 136a ln 44
Akers, Mary M fr 136a ln 43
Akers, Thomas fr 136a ln 41
Alden, Phoebe fr 115a ln 41
Aldinger, Bertha A fr 154b ln 69
Aldinger, Charles E fr 154b ln 70
Aldinger, Joseph fr 154b ln 66
Aldinger, Lillian E fr 154b ln 68
Aldinger, Lucinda A fr 154b ln 67
Alen, Emery C fr 104b ln 99
Alen, James H fr 104b ln 100
Alen, Ruth fr 104b ln 98
Alexander, Annie fr 53b ln 99
Alexander, Bernald H fr 54a ln 3
Alexander, Charley J fr 54a ln 4
Alexander, Earl fr 74a ln 7
Alexander, Everett fr 142a ln 17
Alexander, Evertt fr 142a ln 15
Alexander, Forest fr 142a ln 18
Alexander, George W fr 66a ln 48
Alexander, Isabelle fr 142a ln 16
Alexander, John fr 53b ln 98
Alexander, Lawrance W fr 53b ln 100
Alexander, Lizzie fr 144b ln 83
Alexander, Mary fr 136b ln 83
Alexander, Mary E fr 74a ln 5
Alexander, Ora M fr 54a ln 1
Alexander, Parker(?) fr 74a ln 4
Alexander, Riley fr 142a ln 19
Alexander, Robert E fr 66a ln 49
Alexander, Roy fr 54a ln 2
Alexander, Samuel fr 66a ln 50
Alexander, Squire fr 144b ln 82
Alexander, William fr 74a ln 6
Alfrey, David fr 26b ln 76
Algierrs, Magdalena fr 113a ln 10
Allard(?), Bertie fr 130b ln 71
Allard(?), Elmer fr 130b ln 68
Allard(?), Fay fr 130b ln 69
Allard(?), Henry fr 130b ln 66
Allard(?), Ida fr 130b ln 67
Allard(?), Ray fr 130b ln 70
Allard, Bell fr 88b ln 75
Allard, Ber[unreadable] fr 103b ln 51
Allard, Carmel(?) fr 88b ln 78
Allard, Dean fr 103b ln 55
Allard, I[unreadable] F fr 88b ln 77
Allard, James fr 88b ln 74
Allard, Lesla fr 103b ln 53
Allard, Mable F fr 88b ln 76
Allard, Mary E fr 103b ln 52
Allard, Walter fr 103b ln 54
Alldred, Jennie fr 62b ln 57
Allee, Fanny fr 153b ln 94
Allen, Anna fr 74b ln 68
Allen, Anna fr 142a ln 23
Allen, Bridget fr 74b ln 70
Allen, Edna fr 74b ln 67
Allen, Herbert J fr 138b ln 80
Allen, John C fr 142a ln 27
Allen, Josie fr 74b ln 65
Allen, K James fr 71a ln 34
Allen, Lillie G fr 142a ln 28
Allen, Mamie fr 138b ln 79
Allen, Marie fr 74b ln 66
Allen, Mary J fr 142a ln 24
Allen, Michael fr 74b ln 69
Allen, Percy(?) E fr 138b ln 82
Allen, Robert fr 74b ln 64
Allen, Robert fr 138b ln 78
Allen, Robert F fr 138b ln 81
Allen, Samuel J fr 142a ln 26
Allen, Thomas F fr 142a ln 25
Alley, Etta fr 117b ln 94
Allin, Elizebeth fr 137b ln 54
Allin, Frank fr 137b ln 53
Allin, Grinne E fr 137b ln 55
Allison, Charles H fr 61b ln 98
Allison, Ellsworth G fr 61b ln 99
Allison, Hannah fr 61b ln 100
Allison, Lovina fr 61b ln 96
Allison, Thomas fr 133a ln 5
Allison, Thomas L fr 61b ln 97
Alpert, Alma L fr 53a ln 44
Alpert, Anna fr 53a ln 30
Alpert, Arnold H fr 53a ln 46
Alpert, Christian fr 53a ln 41
Alpert, Edmond R fr 53a ln 43
Alpert, Emma L fr 53a ln 45
Alpert, Louise fr 53a ln 42
Alpert, Paul fr 53a ln 29
Alton, Agustus fr 107b ln 92
Alton, Robert fr 107b ln 93
Aluard, Edwin(?) fr 106a ln 38
Aluard, Fred fr 106a ln 41
Aluard, Ida fr 106a ln 39
Aluard, Maud fr 106a ln 40
Amerine, Calvin R fr 66a ln 36
Amerine, James H fr 66a ln 34
Amerine, Lucy fr 66a ln 35
Amerine, Marian fr 66a ln 38
Amerine, Walter W fr 66a ln 37
Ames, Jesse fr 78b ln 71
Anderson, Andrew fr 119a ln 2
Anderson, Bert fr 125a ln 35
Anderson, Betty fr 77b ln 88
Anderson, Charles fr 74b ln 77
Anderson, Charlie fr 77b ln 93
Anderson, christine fr 113a ln 3
Anderson, Clarra fr 77b ln 90
Anderson, Cora fr 91b ln 65
Anderson, Cristen(?) fr 77b ln 87
Anderson, Drucilla fr 138b ln 67
Anderson, Elsie fr 113a ln 8
Anderson, Ernest H fr 77b ln 94
Anderson, Frank fr 77b ln 91
Anderson, Fredrick fr 138b ln 66
Anderson, George S fr 138b ln 68
Anderson, Gustavus W fr 138b ln 70
Anderson, Harry fr 138b ln 71
Anderson, J fr 118a ln 20
Anderson, Jacob fr 125b ln 75
Anderson, John fr 107a ln 26
Anderson, John fr 89b ln 99
Anderson, John fr 132b ln 55
Anderson, Lawrence fr 77b ln 89
Anderson, Mamie M fr 138b ln 69
Anderson, Mary fr 91b ln 64
Anderson, Mary E fr 107a ln 27
Anderson, Mary R fr 153a ln 14
Anderson, Nettie fr 77b ln 92
Anderson, Peter fr 23a ln 18
Anderson, Rebbecca fr 137b ln 90
Anderson, Sanford fr 125b ln 74
Anderson, Sarah P fr 117a ln 41
Anderson, Susan fr 115b ln 54
Anderson, William fr 125b ln 73
Andrews, B F fr 119a ln 4
Andrews, Cora fr 40a ln 31
Andrews, Eural(?) fr 40a ln 30
Angleton, Amanda fr 130b ln 51
Angleton, Goldin(?) fr 130b ln 55
Angleton, Hubert fr 130b ln 53
Angleton, Imae(?) fr 130b ln 52
Angleton, John fr 130a ln 48
Angleton, John fr 130a ln 50
Angleton, Martha fr 130a ln 49
Angleton, Pearl fr 130b ln 54
Antone, Cary fr 61a ln 45
Antone, Charles L fr 61a ln 49
Antone, Clarance fr 61b ln 52
Antone, Fred fr 61a ln 46
Antone, George W fr 61a ln 50
Antone, Ira fr 61a ln 48
Antone, Lafayette fr 61a ln 43
Antone, Martha J fr 61a ln 44
Antone, Morris fr 61b ln 51
Antone, Sadie M fr 61a ln 47
Apple, Patterson fr 119a ln 1
Applegate, Peter fr 39a ln 37
Arbogast, A Joel fr 71a ln 1
Arbogast, Archie fr 71a ln 6
Arbogast, E Martha fr 71a ln 2
Arbogast, Effe fr 71a ln 3
Arbogast, Jay fr 71a ln 7
Arbogast, Lenore fr 71a ln 5
Arbogast, Pearl fr 71a ln 4
Armstrong(?), H Athis fr 105a ln 42
Armstrong, Carl(?) fr 105a ln 40
Armstrong, Gilian fr 70b ln 87
Armstrong, H James fr 70b ln 86
Armstrong, Lenna fr 70b ln 89
Armstrong, Lewis fr 70b ln 88
Armstrong, Mattie fr 105a ln 41
Armstrong, Ralph fr 70b ln 90
Arnold, America fr 39a ln 2
Arnold, Andrew fr 39a ln 5
Arnold, Bessie A fr 94a ln 30
Arnold, Chas A fr 95b ln 93
Arnold, Edward fr 39a ln 3
Arnold, Ethan C fr 119a ln 3
Arnold, John fr 94a ln 29
Arnold, Levi (?) fr 38b ln 100
Arnold, Nancy fr 39a ln 6
Arnold, Roda fr 39a ln 1
Arnold, Sarah fr 113a ln 7
Arnold, William fr 98b ln 96
Artis, Chenay(?) fr 113a ln 5
Arzberger, Jennie fr 147a ln 5
Asburson, Mary fr 113a ln 1
Ashbaugh(?), Connach(?) fr 85b ln 69
Ashbaugh(?), Emma S fr 85b ln 68
Ashbaugh(?), Richard(?) fr 85b ln 67
Asher, Ethel fr 146a ln 9
Asher, James fr 146a ln 8
Ashley, Jennie fr 117a ln 40
Ashmore, Bertha(?) fr 109b ln 77
Ashmore, J. W. fr 118a ln 21
Ashmore, Sirbane(?) fr 109b ln 78
Askin, Safrina fr 87a ln 36
Atkins, Elizabeth fr 124b ln 75
Atkins, James fr 41a ln 10
Atkinson, Emma fr 28a ln 19
Atkinson, Emma fr 28a ln 24
Atkinson, George B fr 28a ln 21
Atkinson, Jessie C fr 28a ln 23
Atkinson, John fr 101b ln 82
Atkinson, Mary fr 28a ln 25
Atkinson, Mary E fr 101b ln 83
Atkinson, Phill R fr 28a ln 22
Atkinson, Ralph E fr 28a ln 20
Atoods(?), Kate fr 117a ln 1
Auberry, John fr 95b ln 92
Augielus(?), Clara fr 157a ln 6
Augus(?), Etta fr 64a ln 4
Augus(?), Fred fr 64a ln 3
Averell, Anna M fr 61b ln 84
Averell, Charles fr 61b ln 83
Averill, Albert B fr 63b ln 64
Averill, Annie May fr 63b ln 67
Averill, Bothel B fr 63b ln 62
Averill, Charlie W fr 63b ln 68
Averill, Fred M fr 63b ln 65
Averill, James M fr 63b ln 66
Averill, Martha E fr 63b ln 70
Averill, Mary E fr 63b ln 63
Averill, Norman fr 63b ln 69
Averson(?), Albert fr 93b ln 67
Averson(?), Bertha fr 93b ln 66
Averson(?), Frank fr 93b ln 65
Averson(?), Shankland fr 93b ln 68
Avery, Louisa fr 117b ln 76
Ayers, Annie fr 29a ln 7
Ayers, Ella fr 23b ln 66
Ayers, Jimmie fr 23b ln 67
Ayers, Joseph fr 71a ln 27
Ayers, Mack fr 29a ln 6
Ayers, Maude fr 29a ln 9
Ayers, Nelson fr 45b ln 86
Ayers, Stella fr 23b ln 68
Ayers, Susie fr 23b ln 65
Ayers, William fr 23b ln 64
Ayers, Willie fr 29a ln 8
Babb, John fr 102a ln 13
Babb, Mary A fr 102a ln 14
Babcock, Lina fr 113a ln 12
Babinger(?), Carl C fr 107a ln 22
Bachman, Benjamin fr 143b ln 84
Bachman, Clarance A fr 143b ln 86
Bachman, John fr 143b ln 87
Bachman, Kittera fr 143b ln 85
Bachman, Luella fr 143b ln 88
Baeuman, Harry F fr 144b ln 87
Baeuman, Ida fr 144b ln 85
Baeuman, Selden(?) W fr 144b ln 86
Baeuman, William fr 144b ln 84
Bagwell, Anna fr 115b ln 96
Bailey, [unreadable] fr 109b ln 98
Bailey, Alcia(?) fr 109b ln 99
Bailey, Charles fr 109b ln 96
Bailey, Clyde W fr 84a ln 13
Bailey, Ella fr 84a ln 12
Bailey, Ida M fr 84a ln 16
Bailey, Minnie fr 109b ln 97
Bailey, Nora E fr 84a ln 14
Bailey, Roy fr 84a ln 15
Bailey, William fr 84a ln 11
Bair, Ephriam fr 48b ln 71
Bair, Gertrude fr 48b ln 75
Bair, Henrietta fr 48b ln 72
Bair, Pearl fr 48b ln 74
Bair, William fr 48b ln 73
Bais, Charlie fr 75b ln 80
Bais, Edgar fr 75b ln 77
Bais, Grant fr 75b ln 94
Bais, Mary fr 75b ln 95
Bais, Nelly fr 75b ln 96
Bais, Sylvia fr 75b ln 79
Baisinger, Dora May fr 67b ln 69
Baisinger, John fr 67b ln 68
Baker, American fr 87b ln 76
Baker, Andrew fr 124b ln 76
Baker, Bessie fr 82b ln 87
Baker, Cara E fr 48a ln 47
Baker, Carrie A fr 82b ln 83
Baker, Charles fr 95a ln 27
Baker, Charlie fr 63b ln 73
Baker, Cland fr 83a ln 37
Baker, Clarence fr 124b ln 79
Baker, Elizabeth fr 48b ln 54
Baker, Ella fr 124b ln 77
Baker, Elzabeth fr 63b ln 72
Baker, Ethel fr 149a ln 13
Baker, Ezra E fr 48a ln 46
Baker, Flroence P fr 48a ln 45
Baker, George fr 119a ln 15
Baker, Gladdys fr 82b ln 89
Baker, Harriet fr 141a ln 43
Baker, Harry fr 141a ln 44
Baker, Harry M fr 149a ln 14
Baker, Henderson(?) fr 82b ln 99
Baker, Ira fr 48a ln 43
Baker, John fr 149a ln 10
Baker, Lydia fr 48a ln 44
Baker, Mabel M fr 82b ln 86
Baker, Magnola fr 63b ln 74
Baker, Mary fr 149a ln 11
Baker, Maud L fr 149a ln 15
Baker, May fr 82b ln 88
Baker, Nettie A fr 95a ln 28
Baker, Perisa S fr 82b ln 85
Baker, Sparry(?) fr 141a ln 42
Baker, Thomas fr 82b ln 82
Baker, Valeria(?) fr 124b ln 78
Baker, William R fr 149a ln 12
Baker, William W fr 63b ln 71
Baker, Willie fr 82b ln 84
Bakey, Henry fr 105a ln 20
Bakey, Mary fr 105a ln 21
Baldey, Arthur fr 143a ln 3
Baldey, Samuel fr 143a ln 2
Balding, Mary fr 24b ln 57
Baldwin, Della D fr 39a ln 45
Baldwin, Florence fr 113a ln 16
Baldwin, Harry fr 39a ln 48
Baldwin, Izoel fr 39a ln 44
Baldwin, Johnie fr 39a ln 46
Baldwin, Olaseter(?) fr 39a ln 43
Baldwin, Roy fr 39a ln 47
Ball, Floyd C fr 61b ln 95
Ball, Harvey B fr 61b ln 93
Ball, Irma B fr 61b ln 94
Ballogh, Margaret fr 111b ln 72
Ballou, John K fr 156a ln 20
Bank, Anna fr 130a ln 22
Bank, Emma fr 130a ln 24
Bank, Laura F fr 130a ln 23
Bank, Lavina fr 130a ln 21
Bank, William fr 130a ln 20
Bank, Willie fr 130a ln 25
Banks, Mary fr 116b ln 69
Banks, Moses fr 118a ln 47
Bannon, Benard fr 118a ln 31
Banta, Barba(?) fr 22b ln 85
Banta, Hazel fr 22b ln 86
Banta, Lester fr 22b ln 88
Banta, Loren fr 22b ln 87
Banta, unreadable fr 22b ln 84
Barber, Mathew B fr 28b ln 68
Barber, Myrtle fr 132a ln 20
Barclay, Etta fr 113a ln 20
Barden, Barb(?) fr 124b ln 52
Barden, Frank fr 130a ln 33
Barden, Fred fr 130a ln 30
Barden, Henry fr 130a ln 32
Barden, Jesse (Jessica?) fr 124b ln 51
Barden, Lily fr 130a ln 31
Barden, Martha fr 130a ln 29
Barden, Stephen fr 130a ln 28
Bardge(?), John fr 118a ln 23
Barger, Harry fr 22b ln 61
Barger, Nellie M fr 22b ln 63
Barger, Saddie fr 22b ln 62
Barger, Sahsan(?) fr 117a ln 16
Barges, Esther fr 149b ln 67
Barkalow, D George fr 71b ln 80
Barkalow, Fay fr 71b ln 82
Barkalow, Laura J fr 71b ln 81
Barker, Bertha F fr 53b ln 73
Barker, Cora M fr 53b ln 69
Barker, Edgar fr 27b ln 76
Barker, Edna fr 27b ln 77
Barker, Edward fr 62a ln 29
Barker, Elizabeth fr 94b ln 70
Barker, George fr 108b ln 100
Barker, John fr 94b ln 72
Barker, John E fr 53b ln 74
Barker, Joseph E fr 53b ln 72
Barker, Lanson fr 53b ln 68
Barker, Lucy L fr 53b ln 75
Barker, Mable J fr 53b ln 70
Barker, Martha A fr 62a ln 28
Barker, Mary fr 21b ln 99
Barker, Mary G fr 53b ln 71
Barker, Mitchell B fr 62a ln 25
Barker, Rachel J fr 62a ln 26
Barker, Samuel M fr 62a ln 27
Barker, Thomas fr 94b ln 71
Barker, William fr 21b ln 98
Barker, William B fr 94b ln 73
Barkhesst(?), John fr 144b ln 51
Barkis, Eliza fr 24b ln 69
Barkis, Floyde E fr 24b ln 99
Barkis, Frank T fr 24b ln 98
Barkis, Fred M fr 24b ln 97
Barkis, Laura V fr 24b ln 96
Barkis, Neute fr 24b ln 95
Barkis, Susie fr 24b ln 68
Barkis, William fr 24b ln 67
Barkley, Addie fr 34a ln 37
Barkley, Alex fr 34a ln 35
Barkley, Ida B fr 34a ln 34
Barkley, Morrison fr 34a ln 36
Barkley, Thomas fr 34a ln 33
Barlow, Cora fr 114b ln 64
Barnad, A L fr 124a ln 14
Barnad, Jane(?) Catherine(?) fr 124a ln 15
Barnard, Ellen fr 125b ln 97
Barnard, Florence fr 125b ln 96
Barnard, Fred fr 125b ln 95
Barnard, Horace(?) fr 125b ln 92
Barnard, John fr 125b ln 94
Barnard, Lelia fr 125b ln 93
Barner, Dora E fr 155b ln 66
Barner, Kester fr 155b ln 68
Barner, Pearl I fr 155b ln 67
Barner, Robert A. fr 155b ln 65
Barnes, Carrie fr 115b ln 85
Barnes, Davey fr 152a ln 24
Barnes, Edwin W fr 118a ln 35
Barnes, Howard C fr 152a ln 22
Barnes, Lena fr 36a ln 15
Barnes, Odan G fr 152a ln 23
Barnes, Ulvira(?) fr 152a ln 21
Barnett, Frank fr 88b ln 100
Barnett, Lizie fr 109a ln 19
Barnett, William fr 109a ln 18
Barney, Edith fr 79b ln 60
Barney, Elmer S fr 79b ln 63
Barney, Frank fr 79b ln 59
Barney, Glen L fr 79b ln 64
Barney, Guy F fr 79b ln 61
Barney, Mellie P fr 79b ln 62
Barnhart, Anna fr 80a ln 33
Barnhart, Bruce fr 68a ln 18
Barnhart, Faurlow(?) fr 80a ln 35
Barnhart, George(?) fr 124a ln 29
Barnhart, Josephine fr 68a ln 14
Barnhart, Luna fr 124a ln 30
Barnhart, Marshal fr 80a ln 32
Barnhart, Marshal fr 80a ln 34
Barnhart, Mary fr 80a ln 37
Barnhart, Maxine fr 68a ln 16
Barnhart, Ralph fr 68a ln 17
Barnhart, Rowe(?) fr 68a ln 15
Barnhart, Wehrdell(?) fr 80a ln 36
Barnhart, William fr 68a ln 13
Barnhill, Bernal A fr 43b ln 74
Barnhill, Flora J fr 43b ln 75
Barnhill, Fred C fr 43b ln 76
Barnhill, Joanna fr 43b ln 72
Barnhill, Omer fr 43b ln 73
Barnhill, Robert fr 43b ln 71
Barns, Cora fr 88b ln 70
Barns, Howard fr 94b ln 79
Barns, Walter fr 88b ln 69
Barns, William H fr 21b ln 97
Baroner(?), James fr 157a ln 50
Barr, Charles fr 85a ln 1
Barr, John fr 81b ln 96
Barr, John P fr 85a ln 3
Barr, Mary E fr 85a ln 2
Barr, Roger B fr 85a ln 4
Barrett(?), Florance fr 124a ln 21
Barrett(?), Harry fr 124a ln 19
Barrett(?), Kate fr 124a ln 20
Barrett, Charles S fr 64b ln 90
Barrett, Charlie fr 64b ln 96
Barrett, David L fr 64b ln 92
Barrett, Eliza fr 64b ln 75
Barrett, Elizabeth fr 64b ln 91
Barrett, Hannibal fr 64b ln 94
Barrett, James fr 119a ln 14
Barrett, Joel fr 64b ln 74
Barrett, Lossie A fr 64b ln 93
Barrett, Minnie fr 64b ln 77
Barrett, Nellie fr 64b ln 97
Barrett, Oliver fr 64b ln 95
Barrett, Walter fr 64b ln 76
Barricklow, Albert fr 52b ln 89
Barricklow, Alexander fr 52b ln 86
Barricklow, Amanda fr 55a ln 23
Barricklow, Anna fr 52b ln 85
Barricklow, Arthur fr 52b ln 88
Barricklow, Clarence fr 52b ln 90
Barricklow, Ellen fr 144a ln 3
Barricklow, Emanuel fr 52b ln 84
Barricklow, Florence fr 52b ln 87
Barricklow, George fr 55a ln 22
Barricklow, Irene fr 144a ln 4
Barricklow, Ora B fr 144a ln 5
Barricklow, Tressie fr 45a ln 1
Barricklow, Walter fr 44b ln 100
Barricklow, Ward fr 52b ln 92
Barricklow, Weldon fr 52b ln 91
Barringer(?), Geo L fr 119a ln 17
Barry(?), Barney(?) fr 100b ln 100
Bartlet(?), Bertha fr 129b ln 69
Bartlet(?), Carrie fr 129b ln 70
Bartlet(?), Charles fr 129b ln 100
Bartlet(?), David fr 129b ln 68
Bartlet(?), Eva fr 129b ln 71
Bartlet(?), Florence fr 129b ln 72
Bartlet(?), Hannah fr 129b ln 99
Bartlet(?), Mable fr 129b ln 74
Bartlet(?), Mary fr 129b ln 75
Bartlet(?), Raymond fr 129b ln 73
Bartlet, Archie C fr 119a ln 9
Bartlett, Harry fr 96b ln 51
Bartlett, Hattie fr 96b ln 52
Bartlett, Mary V fr 117a ln 15
Barto, A. Alfred fr 118a ln 25
Barton(?), Richard fr 118a ln 46
Barton, Clarrisa fr 82b ln 91
Barton, Harry fr 82b ln 92
Barton, Mable fr 82b ln 93
Barton, William fr 82b ln 90
Barttell, Samuel fr 132a ln 17
Bartts(?), Sarah fr 115b ln 100
Bassett, Catherine fr 144a ln 29
Bassett, James fr 144a ln 26
Bassett, Melda(?) E fr 144a ln 27
Bassett, Myron C fr 144a ln 28
Bastin, Alice fr 26a ln 35
Bastin, Bessie fr 26a ln 39
Bastin, Emund fr 26a ln 34
Bastin, Gladith(?) fr 26a ln 37
Bastin, Harvy fr 26a ln 38
Bastin, Tullah fr 26a ln 36
Bastin, William fr 26b ln 58
Baterman(?), Frank fr 153b ln 80
Bates, Anna fr 145b ln 56
Bates, Calio(?) B fr 38a ln 31
Bates, Carl fr 108b ln 88
Bates, Carrie fr 108b ln 87
Bates, Claud fr 38a ln 30
Bates, Florance M fr 90b ln 85
Bates, Green D fr 145b ln 60
Bates, Green K fr 145b ln 55
Bates, Joe B fr 38a ln 28
Bates, Kenneth R fr 145b ln 59
Bates, Lee S fr 108b ln 86
Bates, Leroy fr 90b ln 84
Bates, Mary A fr 145b ln 57
Bates, Nancy S fr 38a ln 33
Bates, Otto fr 38a ln 34
Bates, Rena fr 38a ln 35
Bates, Rose M fr 90b ln 86
Bates, Roy fr 38a ln 32
Bates, Ruth K fr 90b ln 87
Bates, Sarah J fr 38a ln 29
Bates, Walter S fr 145b ln 58
Battaile, Frances I fr 151b ln 53
Battaile, Irene fr 151b ln 57
Battaile, John F fr 151b ln 54
Battaile, Sallie C fr 151b ln 56
Battaile, William C fr 151b ln 55
Battaile, Willie fr 151b ln 52
Battersby, Alice fr 74a ln 11
Battersby, Christy(?) fr 74a ln 8
Battersby, Eva fr 74a ln 12
Battersby, George fr 74a ln 10
Battersby, Myrtle fr 74a ln 13
Battersby, Victoria fr 74a ln 9
Batterson, Charles J fr 139b ln 52
Batterson, Clara B fr 139a ln 49
Batterson, Edith fr 139b ln 51
Batterson, Harry W fr 139a ln 50
Batterson, Henry fr 139a ln 46
Batterson, Mary M fr 139a ln 47
Batterson, Nellie M fr 139a ln 48
Batterson, Sadie fr 102a ln 2
Batterson, William fr 102a ln 1
Battes, Sarah fr 147a ln 28
Battes, William fr 147a ln 27
Baughman, Albert fr 53a ln 22
Baumont, Cora B fr 115b ln 65
Baxter, Della M fr 58a ln 35
Baxter, Frank fr 58a ln 34
Baxter, Inez P fr 58a ln 36
Bayes, Ilben(?) fr 139b ln 53
Bayes, Margaret fr 139b ln 54
Bayes, Neaeva(?) fr 139b ln 55
Bayes, Ralph fr 139b ln 56
Bayha, Gustave A fr 68a ln 6
Bayha, Jan C fr 68a ln 7
Bayless, Prescilla fr 117b ln 70
Bays, Bertha fr 47b ln 56
Bays, Charles fr 47b ln 54
Bays, Fleta fr 47b ln 58
Bays, Laura fr 47b ln 55
Bays, Una fr 47b ln 57
Beal, Cecil E fr 154b ln 60
Beal, Chester P fr 154b ln 57
Beal, Gertrude M fr 154b ln 56
Beal, Henry fr 154b ln 54
Beal, Lorenzo D fr 119a ln 16
Beal, Mary C fr 154b ln 55
Beal, May L fr 154b ln 58
Beal, Zoe M fr 154b ln 59
Bearce, Maggie fr 117b ln 95
Beard, C[unreadable] fr 134a ln 50
Beard, Camelle fr 134a ln 48
Beard, Elisore(?) fr 151b ln 82
Beard, Frank fr 151b ln 81
Beard, helen fr 134b ln 52
Beard, John fr 134a ln 47
Beard, Lyle G fr 134a ln 49
Beard, Ralph R fr 134b ln 51
Beasleey, Henry fr 119a ln 11
Beattie, Alice fr 146a ln 36
Beattie, Charles fr 146a ln 35
Beaty, David fr 86b ln 54
Beaty, Jeminah(?) fr 86b ln 55
Beaty, John fr 146a ln 47
Beaty, Joseph fr 86b ln 57
Beaty, Lida fr 86b ln 56
Beaty, Sarah fr 146a ln 48
Beaty, Sarah E fr 146a ln 49
Beaty, Willis fr 86b ln 58
Beaver, Jane M fr 152b ln 70
Bebb, Earle fr 27a ln 22
Bebb, Illie fr 27a ln 23
Bebb, John C fr 27a ln 20
Bebb, Minnie fr 27a ln 21
Bebb, Vera fr 27a ln 24
Bechman, Charley A fr 44a ln 29
Bechman, Ezemire E fr 44a ln 32
Bechman, Fred W fr 44a ln 30
Bechman, Henry fr 44a ln 27
Bechman, James T fr 44a ln 31
Bechman, Lola R fr 44a ln 33
Bechman, Maggie fr 44a ln 28
Beck, Agnes fr 88b ln 92
Beck, Charles fr 71b ln 94
Beck, Elizabeth fr 72a ln 8
Beck, Esther fr 69b ln 79
Beck, Finlay fr 72b ln 56
Beck, Georg fr 71b ln 96
Beck, George fr 72a ln 9
Beck, Gilferd(?) fr 88b ln 94
Beck, Henry fr 72a ln 7
Beck, Jacob F fr 119a ln 7
Beck, Lenora fr 71b ln 97
Beck, Lillie fr 71b ln 95
Beck, Margaret fr 72b ln 57
Beck, Mary E fr 88b ln 93
Beck, Nathan(?) fr 88b ln 91
Beck, Pearl fr 72a ln 10
Beck, William fr 69b ln 78
Beck, William fr 72b ln 58
Beckey, Leonard fr 67a ln 49
Beckley, Alice E fr 67a ln 48
Beckley, Alice M fr 81a ln 2
Beckley, Annis fr 81a ln 4
Beckley, Daniel R fr 67a ln 50
Beckley, David fr 81a ln 1
Beckley, Edward C fr 67a ln 46
Beckley, Fredrick fr 81a ln 3
Beckley, Grace fr 109a ln 25
Beckley, Margaret fr 67a ln 47
Beckman(?), Elmer fr 144a ln 50
Beckman, Edward fr 118a ln 28
Becknell, George fr 118a ln 26
Beebe, Anna fr 91b ln 71
Beebe, Arron fr 91b ln 70
Beebe, Delvin fr 91b ln 72
Beebe, Hiram fr 91b ln 73
Beeson, Ellen fr 147a ln 24
Beeson, John fr 147a ln 23
Beeson, Kittie fr 147a ln 26
Beeson, Nellie fr 147a ln 25
Beeson, Richard H fr 91a ln 37
Beets, Avos fr 31a ln 5
Beets, Elsie fr 31a ln 3
Beets, Ethel fr 35a ln 25
Beets, Fred fr 31a ln 4
Beets, Henry fr 31a ln 1
Beets, Laura B fr 30b ln 98
Beets, Lide fr 31a ln 2
Beets, Mary fr 30b ln 97
Beets, Nellie M fr 30b ln 99
Beets, Nettie A fr 30b ln 100
Beets, Ralph fr 31a ln 6
Beitz, Anna fr 115b ln 66

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