Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

You can return to the index page to search by township or to find out what was transcribed.

To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Bekler, Fred fr 146b ln 95
Belder(?), Dora fr 143a ln 50
Bell, Alonzo fr 22a ln 42
Bell, James fr 22a ln 40
Bell, Maggie fr 116a ln 43
Bell, Ollie fr 22a ln 43
Bell, Prudence fr 22a ln 41
Bell, Prudence fr 117b ln 84
Bendire(?), Richard G fr 118b ln 98
Bendorf, Albert fr 36a ln 21
Bendorf, Curt fr 36a ln 19
Bendorf, Dores fr 36a ln 20
Bendorf, Elva fr 36a ln 22
Bendorf, Jimmie fr 36a ln 23
Bendorf, Richard fr 36a ln 17
Bendorf, Sadie fr 36a ln 18
Benedict, Ashen fr 111b ln 94
Benedict, Mary E fr 113a ln 18
Beneett, Florence fr 128a ln 27
Beneett, Maggie fr 128a ln 26
Beneett, Rheba(?) fr 128a ln 28
Beneett, Urban(?) fr 128a ln 29
Beneett, William fr 128a ln 25
Benett(?), M fr 118a ln 48
Bennet(?), H fr 118b ln 99
Bennett, Bridget fr 113a ln 13
Bennett, D G fr 119a ln 26
Bennings, Ed fr 146b ln 54
Bennings, Elmer fr 146b ln 59
Bennings, Gertie fr 146b ln 55
Bennings, Harry fr 146b ln 56
Bennings, Hugh fr 146b ln 52
Bennings, Ida fr 81b ln 65
Bennings, Lizzie fr 146b ln 53
Bennings, Mary fr 146b ln 58
Bennings, Nettie fr 146b ln 57
Benson, Joseph fr 79a ln 38
Benson, Victor fr 79a ln 28
Benson, Willard fr 119a ln 24
Benton, Bessie fr 84a ln 45
Benton, Elizabeth fr 84a ln 47
Benton, George fr 84a ln 48
Benton, Harriett fr 84a ln 42
Benton, Jane fr 84a ln 44
Benton, John fr 84a ln 41
Benton, John fr 84a ln 43
Benton, L[unreadable] fr 84a ln 46
Berat, William fr 119a ln 8
Berdell, Cora fr 103a ln 24
Berdell, Ella fr 103a ln 23
Berdell, Milo fr 103a ln 25
Berdell, William fr 103a ln 22
Bergman, Lucy fr 69b ln 72
Berry, Cornelia fr 90b ln 81
Berry, Marion fr 118a ln 29
Berry, Mary fr 115b ln 64
Bert, Clara fr 113a ln 35
Bettis Amy fr 22b ln 65
Bettis, William fr 22b ln 64
Bevid, Beryl fr 109a ln 16
Bevid, Glen fr 109a ln 17
Bevid, Lulu fr 109a ln 15
Bevid, William(?) fr 109a ln 14
Bigam, Andrew(?) fr 72b ln 76
Bigam, Lezzie fr 72b ln 78
Bigam, Luella fr 72b ln 79
Bigam, Nancy fr 72b ln 77
Bigam, Wainright fr 72b ln 80
Bigelow, Olive fr 137b ln 58
Bigelow, Seth fr 137b ln 57
Bigum(?), Ansil fr 80b ln 54
Bigum, Barbra fr 79b ln 87
Bigum, Deter fr 79b ln 93
Bigum, Ella fr 79b ln 89
Bigum, Emory(?) fr 70a ln 49
Bigum, Etta fr 70a ln 48
Bigum, Frank fr 79b ln 88
Bigum, Frederick fr 79b ln 92
Bigum, George fr 79b ln 86
Bigum, George fr 79b ln 91
Bigum, Roy fr 79b ln 90
Bigum, Thelma fr 70a ln 50
Bigum, William fr 70a ln 47
Bildesback, Alexander fr 43a ln 39
Billam, Charlie fr 31a ln 25
Billam, George fr 31a ln 24
Billam, Joseph fr 31a ln 22
Billam, Mary fr 31a ln 23
Billam, Phebe fr 111b ln 84
Billings, Anna fr 125a ln 9
Billings, Ernest fr 125a ln 10
Billings, John fr 125a ln 7
Billings, Margaret fr 125a ln 8
Bing, Mary fr 153b ln 60
Bing, William C fr 153b ln 59
Biokle(?), Charles fr 93a ln 39
Biokle(?), Edward fr 93a ln 43
Biokle(?), Ida fr 93a ln 42
Biokle(?), Minnie fr 93a ln 40
Biokle(?), Pauline fr 93a ln 41
Birdyell, Margaret fr 117a ln 18
Bisby, Besse J fr 107b ln 60
Bisby, Charles fr 107b ln 57
Bisby, Fanny S fr 107b ln 58
Bisby, Harry C fr 107b ln 61
Bisby, John E fr 107b ln 62
Bisby, May L fr 107b ln 63
Bisby, William fr 107b ln 59
Bittenbarger(?), Emily fr 75b ln 87
Bittenbarger(?), Fielding fr 75b ln 89
Bittenbarger(?), Hiram fr 75b ln 90
Bittenbarger(?), John fr 75b ln 86
Bittenbarger(?), Julia E fr 75b ln 91
Bittenbarger(?), Samuel fr 75b ln 92
Bittenbarger(?), Syntia fr 75b ln 93
Bittenbarger(?), Tollman fr 75b ln 88
Bittner, Catharine fr 155a ln 13
Bittner, Mary fr 155a ln 12
Black, Alfred J fr 39a ln 36
Black, Charles fr 39a ln 35
Black, Eizabeth E fr 39a ln 33
Black, Elizabeth fr 113a ln 21
Black, John D fr 118a ln 39
Black, Mary fr 30a ln 13
Black, Rhebba(?) fr 39a ln 32
Black, William R fr 39a ln 34
Blackmore(?), Carrie fr 105a ln 50
Blackmore(?), Ed(?) fr 105a ln 49
Blackmore, Amanda fr 89a ln 21
Blackmore, Anna(?) fr 105b ln 95
Blackmore, Gladdis fr 89a ln 23
Blackmore, Jasper(?) fr 105b ln 98
Blackmore, Lula fr 89a ln 22
Blackmore, William fr 89a ln 20
Blackstone, Anna fr 113a ln 22
Blackwell, Alberta fr 148a ln 19
Blackwell, Arthur fr 148a ln 18
Blackwell, Charles fr 148a ln 13
Blackwell, Earl fr 148a ln 22
Blackwell, Emma fr 148a ln 23
Blackwell, Hattie fr 148a ln 15
Blackwell, Lizzie fr 148a ln 20
Blackwell, Maggie fr 148a ln 16
Blackwell, Mattie fr 148a ln 14
Blackwell, Ollie fr 148a ln 21
Blackwell, Pearl fr 148a ln 17
Blair, Celia A fr 139a ln 9
Blair, George fr 48a ln 35
Blair, J. J. fr 118a ln 24
Blanchard, clarence C fr 118a ln 43
Bloodloe(?), [unreadable] fr 96b ln 53
Bloodloe(?), Blanch fr 96b ln 58
Bloodloe(?), Effie fr 96b ln 55
Bloodloe(?), Ella fr 96b ln 54
Bloodloe(?), Lula fr 96b ln 57
Bloodloe(?), William fr 96b ln 56
Blooker, Adaline fr 115b ln 60
Bluett(?), John fr 118a ln 44
Bobrink, Arthur F fr 81a ln 40
Bobrink, Fredrick(?) fr 81a ln 38
Bobrink, Katy G fr 81a ln 39
Bobrink, Lydia A fr 81a ln 41
Bobrink, Mary D fr 81a ln 42
Bobzein, Eliza fr 113a ln 25
Bodenhamer, Inez fr 55b ln 56
Bodenhamer, Ola fr 55b ln 55
Bogle, Francis fr 42b ln 63
Bogle, Kate fr 42b ln 62
Bogle, Samuel C fr 42b ln 61
Boisgert, Charles fr 102a ln 20
Boisgert, Ethel fr 102a ln 19
Boisgert, Lizzy fr 102a ln 18
Boisgert, William fr 102a ln 17
Boldt, John fr 79b ln 78
Bomar, James fr 118a ln 30
Bon, Elizabeth fr 117a ln 42
Bond, Emma fr 61a ln 27
Bond, Loyd fr 61a ln 26
Bond, Maude fr 61a ln 28
Bond, Orton fr 61a ln 29
Bones, Charles fr 62b ln 58
Bones, Effie fr 62b ln 59
Bones, Joseph fr 62b ln 85
Bones, Sarah J fr 62b ln 84
Bones, Zepharia fr 62b ln 83
Bonner, Levi fr 118b ln 97
Bonretta(?), Emma fr 88a ln 13
Bonretta(?), John fr 88a ln 12
Bonretta(?), Leta fr 88a ln 14
Booker, Elizabeth fr 116b ln 94
Boone, Maria fr 117a ln 43
Bore, Lavina fr 113a ln 23
Boren, Albert fr 48b ln 57
Boren, Albert W fr 48b ln 63
Boren, Bryan W fr 48b ln 64
Boren, Edney fr 48b ln 61
Boren, Herman P fr 48b ln 60
Boren, Le Roy C fr 48b ln 62
Boren, Sarah fr 48b ln 58
Boren, Unice fr 48b ln 59
Borges(?), Eveline fr 145b ln 54
Borges(?), Willis fr 145b ln 53
Boring, Amanda fr 55b ln 57
Borland, [no first name] fr 119a ln 18
Born, William J fr 119a ln 5
Bostevisk(?), Daniel fr 92b ln 81
Bostevisk(?), Sarah fr 92b ln 79
Bostevisk(?), William fr 92b ln 78
Bostevisk(?), William H fr 92b ln 80
Bothise, Henry fr 123a ln 17
Bouen, David fr 145a ln 3
Bouen, Eliza T fr 145a ln 5
Bouen, Mary E fr 145a ln 4
Bounds, Clarence fr 143a ln 38
Bounds, Scott M fr 143a ln 39
Bounds, Thomas A fr 143a ln 40
Bowan, Albert W fr 55a ln 48
Bowen, Arshe(?) fr 107a ln 33
Bowen, Charles fr 107a ln 31
Bowen, Sarah fr 107a ln 32
Bowers, Margaret fr 29a ln 15
Bowes, Elton fr 29b ln 87
Bowess, Neva fr 29b ln 86
Bowess, Pearle fr 29b ln 85
Bowess, Summer fr 29b ln 84
Bowker(?), Alice fr 132b ln 87
Bowker(?), alice fr 132b ln 91
Bowker(?), Frank fr 132b ln 88
Bowker(?), James fr 132b ln 86
Bowker(?), John fr 132b ln 90
Bowker(?), Mary fr 132b ln 89
Bowler, Bertha fr 93a ln 38
Bowls, Catherine fr 104b ln 55
Bowls, Eduard fr 104b ln 57
Bowls, Eduard(?) fr 104b ln 53
Bowls, Eliza fr 94b ln 99
Bowls, Iris fr 104b ln 56
Bowls, Mary E fr 104b ln 54
Bowls, Thomas fr 94b ln 98
Bowman, Anna fr 59b ln 85
Bowman, Elsie fr 59b ln 86
Bowman, Nancy J fr 117b ln 96
Bowman, Thomas fr 59b ln 84
Bowrer(?), Hershell fr 119a ln 10
Boyd, Alice fr 50b ln 77
Boyd, Allen fr 51a ln 43
Boyd, Belle fr 50b ln 85
Boyd, Ella M fr 151b ln 74
Boyd, Elva fr 50b ln 75
Boyd, Fanny fr 51a ln 42
Boyd, George fr 51a ln 45
Boyd, John fr 50b ln 84
Boyd, John fr 51a ln 41
Boyd, John B fr 51a ln 39
Boyd, Levina fr 51a ln 46
Boyd, Lucy fr 151b ln 73
Boyd, Malinda fr 116a ln 21
Boyd, Margaret fr 51a ln 40
Boyd, Margaret fr 51a ln 44
Boyd, Mary fr 50b ln 78
Boyd, Ralph fr 50b ln 86
Boyd, Robert L fr 50b ln 76
Boyd, William fr 50b ln 74
Boydston, Edward fr 92b ln 61
Boydston, Fern fr 92b ln 63
Boydston, Maud fr 92b ln 62
Boyer, Frank G fr 143b ln 52
Boyer, Jane A fr 115b ln 56
Boyle, Della L fr 58b ln 68
Boyle, Evalyn M fr 58b ln 69
Boyle, Lizzie fr 154b ln 75
Boyle, Nathaniel fr 58b ln 67
Boyonton, John J fr 95b ln 98
Bradbury, Ada A fr 146b ln 61
Bradbury, Bessie fr 146b ln 63
Bradbury, Clarence V fr 146b ln 64
Bradbury, Ethel M fr 146b ln 62
Bradbury, Freda M fr 146b ln 65
Bradbury, Lena B fr 146b ln 66
Bradbury, William fr 146b ln 60
Bradford, Effe fr 108b ln 84
Bradford, Jesse fr 108b ln 83
Bradford, John fr 108b ln 81
Bradford, Lilly fr 108b ln 82
Bradford, Norman fr 108b ln 85
Bradkay(?), John N fr 125b ln 55
Bradshaw, Emma fr 69a ln 25
Brady, [unreadable] fr 110b ln 89
Brady, Alice fr 30a ln 6
Brady, Blanche fr 30a ln 9
Brady, Carl fr 110b ln 87
Brady, Elizabeth fr 82a ln 23
Brady, Fanny fr 125b ln 53
Brady, Gladys fr 30a ln 10
Brady, John fr 125b ln 51
Brady, John fr 127a ln 25
Brady, Lamont fr 125b ln 54
Brady, Lenora fr 30a ln 12
Brady, Mary fr 125b ln 52
Brady, Minnie fr 110b ln 88
Brady, Nannie(?) fr 154a ln 9
Brady, Preston fr 82a ln 22
Brady, Willis fr 30a ln 11
Brady, Willis fr 30a ln 5
Braelbury(?), Rose E fr 154a ln 13
Braelbury(?), Samuel(?) fr 154a ln 12
Brafell(?), Dreakis(?) L fr 93b ln 55
Brafell(?), William fr 93b ln 54
Brain, Peranchia(?) fr 102b ln 51
Bralsford, Alfred fr 90b ln 70
Bralsford, Malinda fr 90b ln 71
Bramp, Henry fr 123a ln 16
Branch, Anna H fr 113a ln 24
Brand, Alger fr 73b ln 80
Brand, Anna fr 73b ln 78
Brand, Jackson(?) fr 73b ln 77
Brand, John fr 73b ln 81
Brand, Laruance fr 73b ln 76
Brand, Laura fr 73b ln 79
Brand, Laurance fr 73b ln 73
Brand, Margret fr 73b ln 74
Brand, Ora fr 73b ln 75
Brandan, Elien I fr 141a ln 14
Brandan, Frances M fr 141a ln 13
Brandan, George L fr 141a ln 15
Brandan, Isaac(?) fr 141a ln 12
Brandebury, E[unreadable] fr 156a ln 40
Brandebury, Elizabeth fr 156a ln 41
Brandebury, Emma fr 156a ln 42
Brandon, Helen A fr 153a ln 17
Brandon, James F fr 153a ln 16
Brandon, Walter J fr 153a ln 19
Brandon, William fr 134a ln 22
Brandon, William fr 155a ln 28
Brandon, Willis C fr 153a ln 18
Brannaman, A[unreadable] fr 102b ln 68
Brannaman, David fr 101b ln 84
Brannaman, David fr 102b ln 70
Brannaman, Edie fr 102b ln 73
Brannaman, Floyed fr 101b ln 86
Brannaman, Harry fr 102b ln 72
Brannaman, Ladora(?) fr 101b ln 85
Brannaman, Marie fr 102b ln 71
Brannaman, Mary fr 102b ln 69
Brannan(?), John fr 132a ln 34
Brannan(?), Rebecka fr 132a ln 35
Brannel(?), Thomas fr 118a ln 32
Branum, Alfred M fr 52b ln 58
Branum, Effie J fr 52b ln 62
Branum, James M fr 52b ln 63
Branum, Jessie B fr 52b ln 60
Branum, Latitia fr 52b ln 56
Branum, Leander M fr 52b ln 61
Branum, Leroy fr 52b ln 55
Branum, Samuel A fr 52b ln 57
Branum, Walter R fr 52b ln 59
Bratton, Edgar fr 54b ln 63
Bratton, Mary C fr 54b ln 62
Bratton, William fr 54b ln 61
Bray(?), James fr 93b ln 82
Bray(?), Margrett L fr 93b ln 83
Brencar, Emma fr 113a ln 26
Brewington, George fr 118a ln 40
Brian(?), Francis fr 128b ln 100
Brigham, Mahilda fr 113a ln 9
Briscoe, Agnes fr 113a ln 17
Brisken(?), U[unreadable] fr 111b ln 92
Bro----, Julia fr 115a ln 46
Brock, Johnnie fr 50b ln 53
Brocker, Lucinda fr 113a ln 34
Brockey, Hannah fr 113a ln 19
Broderick, George fr 118a ln 33
Broker, Carl fr 60a ln 9
Broker, Caroline fr 50a ln 38
Broker, Earnest G fr 60a ln 15
Broker, Edmond F fr 60a ln 16
Broker, Emma fr 60a ln 11
Broker, Ida P fr 60a ln 14
Broker, John fr 50a ln 37
Broker, Lena fr 50a ln 47
Broker, Louisa fr 60a ln 10
Broker, Martha L fr 60a ln 12
Broker, Minnie fr 50a ln 46
Broker, Peter fr 50a ln 50
Broker, Rinhart fr 50a ln 48
Broker, Rudolph C fr 60a ln 13
Broker, Willie fr 50a ln 49
Bromell(?), Ciarema fr 130a ln 7
Bromell(?), Clyde(?) fr 130a ln 6
Bromell(?), Emma fr 130a ln 5
Bromell(?), Frank fr 130a ln 8
Bromell(?), Goldie fr 130a ln 9
Bromell, Alma fr 66a ln 7
Bromell, Bessie fr 66a ln 6
Bromell, Celia fr 66a ln 4
Bromell, Dama E fr 67a ln 30
Bromell, Eliza fr 66a ln 2
Bromell, Emery H fr 66a ln 1
Bromell, Ernest fr 68a ln 36
Bromell, George M fr 67a ln 29
Bromell, Ira B fr 66a ln 5
Bromell, Irene F fr 67a ln 31
Bromell, Percy D G fr 67a ln 32
Bromell, Raymond fr 66a ln 3
Bromell, Robert E fr 66a ln 8
Brooks, Pauline fr 76b ln 71
Brooks, Sarah fr 116a ln 44
Brooks, William fr 64a ln 40
Brooks, William fr 119a ln 12
Brown John fr 22a ln 10
Brown(?), Alice fr 113a ln 45
Brown(?), Katie fr 116a ln 46
Brown, [unreadable] fr 124b ln 68
Brown, Addie L fr 117a ln 8
Brown, Amie fr 79b ln 96
Brown, Annie fr 25a ln 8
Brown, annie fr 36a ln 34
Brown, Arthur fr 30b ln 75
Brown, Athea fr 124b ln 69
Brown, Benjamin fr 22a ln 15
Brown, Charlie(?) fr 25a ln 7
Brown, Corilla fr 80a ln 2
Brown, Daisy E fr 148a ln 2
Brown, David H fr 22a ln 16
Brown, Edith fr 112b ln 81
Brown, Eliza fr 22a ln 12
Brown, Elmer fr 119a ln 23
Brown, Ethel fr 69b ln 52
Brown, Fanckon(?) fr 79b ln 100
Brown, Gale fr 80a ln 1
Brown, George fr 79b ln 98
Brown, Harry fr 103a ln 10
Brown, Harry fr 25a ln 9
Brown, Hathie fr 79b ln 95
Brown, Henrietta fr 152b ln 85
Brown, Henry fr 30b ln 77
Brown, Hester fr 22a ln 8
Brown, Hugh fr 118a ln 42
Brown, Ira fr 124b ln 67
Brown, Jacob fr 28a ln 7
Brown, James fr 22a ln 11
Brown, James fr 143a ln 45
Brown, Jennie fr 116a ln 38
Brown, Jesse fr 30b ln 74
Brown, John R fr 101a ln 50
Brown, John(?) fr 69a ln 47
Brown, Joseph fr 94a ln 38
Brown, Joseph fr 147b ln 100
Brown, Labon fr 79b ln 94
Brown, Laura fr 79b ln 99
Brown, Lela fr 79b ln 97
Brown, Lucy fr 94a ln 39
Brown, Lucy A fr 103a ln 11
Brown, M Frank fr 69b ln 51
Brown, Maggie fr 30b ln 76
Brown, Mary fr 30b ln 79
Brown, Mary J fr 148a ln 1
Brown, Mattie A fr 115b ln 71
Brown, Maude fr 30b ln 78
Brown, Minerva fr 113a ln 15
Brown, Myrtle fr 112a ln 44
Brown, Nora fr 22a ln 13
Brown, Rachiel fr 28a ln 8
Brown, Saddie A fr 22a ln 9
Brown, Sam B fr 29b ln 80
Brown, Sarah fr 30b ln 73
Brown, Sarah fr 69a ln 50
Brown, Sarah(?) fr 90b ln 88
Brown, Squire fr 22a ln 7
Brown, Susie fr 22a ln 14
Brown, Thomas fr 30b ln 72
Browner, Allena fr 106b ln 98
Browner, Charles fr 106b ln 94
Browner, Emma fr 106b ln 95
Browner, Hazell fr 106b ln 96
Browner, Maud fr 106b ln 97
Brownley, John fr 118a ln 36
Brsenbeck(?), F. P. fr 118a ln 37
Bruce, Robert fr 119a ln 27
Bruel(?), Ruth fr 24a ln 18
Bruel(?), William fr 24a ln 19
Bruington(?), Clinton fr 70a ln 7
Bruington(?), E Ore fr 70a ln 5
Bruington(?), Fanny fr 70a ln 4
Bruington(?), Henry fr 70a ln 6
Bruington(?), William fr 70a ln 3
Bruner, Elsa M fr 104a ln 12
Bruner, Ida E fr 104a ln 11
Bruner, Lewis L fr 82a ln 17
Bruner, M[unreadable] fr 104a ln 10
Bruner, Mary fr 82a ln 16
Bruner, Matilda fr 105a ln 33
Bruner, Szllaman(?) fr 104a ln 13
Brunnemyer, Cynthis fr 113a ln 11
Brurney(?), Grace fr 108a ln 43
Bryan, Archie A fr 149a ln 18
Bryan, Bernard fr 50a ln 8
Bryan, Bernice fr 50a ln 7
Bryan, Bessie fr 50a ln 5
Bryan, Charles fr 65a ln 18
Bryan, Claire fr 50a ln 6
Bryan, Eliza P fr 149a ln 17
Bryan, George D fr 65a ln 22
Bryan, Glendora fr 65a ln 11
Bryan, Hazel fr 65a ln 20
Bryan, Helen fr 65a ln 21
Bryan, John fr 50a ln 9
Bryan, Joseph fr 149a ln 16
Bryan, Justice fr 50a ln 3
Bryan, Kitty fr 50a ln 4
Bryan, Louisa fr 65a ln 10
Bryan, Martha fr 65a ln 19
Bryan, Nellie fr 149a ln 19
Bryan, Warren fr 65a ln 9
Bryant, Bessie fr 80a ln 24
Bryant, Charles L fr 39a ln 15
Bryant, Charlie fr 28a ln 17
Bryant, Frederick fr 80a ln 25
Bryant, Hannah fr 28a ln 15
Bryant, Laurance T fr 39a ln 13
Bryant, Mary E fr 39a ln 14
Bryant, Matilda fr 28a ln 16
Bryant, Walter fr 78a ln 37
Bryant, William fr 28a ln 18
Bryant, William R fr 39a ln 16
Bryson, Geo W fr 119a ln 13
Bryson, John H fr 55b ln 62
Bryson, Rachel J fr 94b ln 81
Bryson, William fr 94b ln 80
Bucannon, [unreadable] fr 80b ln 76
Bucannon, Charlie fr 80b ln 79
Bucannon, Myrtle fr 80b ln 78
Bucannon, Willie fr 80b ln 77
Buchan, David fr 119a ln 20
Buck, Bessie fr 145b ln 67
Buck, Isaac(?) N fr 145b ln 65
Buck, Mary E fr 145b ln 66
Buckhart, Alfred fr 84a ln 38
Buckhart, George fr 84a ln 39
Buckner, Homer G fr 112a ln 13
Buddrus, Burt fr 85b ln 94
Buddrus, David fr 85b ln 92
Buddrus, Edward fr 85b ln 95
Buddrus, Mary fr 85b ln 93
Budlock(?), Ezra fr 126a ln 6
Budlock(?), Harriet fr 126a ln 5
Budlock(?), Nathan fr 126a ln 4
Budlock(?), Pearl fr 126a ln 7
Budlock(?), Timothy fr 126a ln 8
Budrow, Minnie fr 117b ln 71
Buff, Ellis fr 76b ln 59
Buff, Joseph fr 76b ln 57
Buff, Marise fr 76b ln 58
Buhrman, Laura fr 76a ln 26
Buhrman, Rosa fr 76a ln 25
Buhrman, Walter fr 76a ln 27
Bulis, Harry G fr 23b ln 87
Bulis, Ira S fr 23b ln 86
Bulis, Lella M fr 23b ln 88
Bulis, Sybil L fr 23b ln 89
Bullard, Libbie fr 110a ln 49
Bullard, Thomas fr 110a ln 48
Bumgardner, Maggie fr 138b ln 57
Bumgardner, Samuel fr 138b ln 56
Bumgardner, Stella fr 138b ln 58
Bumgarner, Cecil H fr 145a ln 2
Bumgarner, Charles E fr 145a ln 1
Bumgarner, David fr 144b ln 99
Bumgarner, Ellsworth(?) fr 90a ln 28
Bumgarner, Jay(?) fr 90a ln 30
Bumgarner, Millie fr 144b ln 100
Bumgarner, Minnie fr 90a ln 29
Bumps(?), Asa fr 110a ln 18
Bumps(?), Bessie fr 110a ln 19
Bumps(?), Louisa fr 110a ln 20
Bundy, Anna fr 110b ln 79
Bundy, Clarance fr 110b ln 81
Bundy, Donald fr 106b ln 77
Bundy, Florance fr 110b ln 82
Bundy, Hannah fr 106b ln 75
Bundy, Harold fr 106b ln 76
Bundy, Henry fr 106b ln 74
Bundy, Henry fr 106b ln 78
Bundy, Herman fr 110b ln 78
Bundy, Neomie Eta fr 110b ln 80
Burch, Allen fr 118a ln 22
Burdette, John H fr 57a ln 5
Burdette, May fr 57a ln 6
Burdette, Susan fr 57a ln 4
Burdick, Albert fr 152b ln 89
Burdick, Anna fr 152b ln 88
Burdick, Benjamin fr 152b ln 86
Burdick, Cora fr 152b ln 87
Burdick, Frank fr 152b ln 90
Burdick, Jesse fr 152b ln 91
Burel(?), Anna fr 40a ln 48
Burel(?), Charley S fr 40a ln 49
Burel(?), Ethel fr 40a ln 50
Burel(?), George fr 40b ln 51
Burel(?), Stephen J fr 40a ln 47
Burgess, B fr 118a ln 27
Burgess, Homer E fr 37a ln 44
Burgin, Alice B fr 137a ln 25
Burgin, Chaunsey fr 137a ln 27
Burgin, James fr 137a ln 29
Burgin, Roy fr 137a ln 26
Burgin, Thomas I fr 137a ln 28
Burgman, Henry fr 118a ln 41
Burhman, Louisa fr 76a ln 24
Burhman, Thomas fr 76a ln 23
Burk, Thomas fr 119a ln 6
Burkett, Sarah W fr 117a ln 44
Burkhart(?), Thomas fr 125a ln 29
Burkland, Nellie fr 93a ln 8
Burkland, Otto fr 93a ln 7
Burkonan(?), Henry fr 118a ln 38
Burks, Lucy E fr 62a ln 2
Burks, Mertie H fr 62a ln 4
Burks, Warner D fr 62a ln 1
Burks, William F fr 62a ln 3
Burlton(?), Bo[unreadable] fr 109b ln 82
Burlton(?), Effie fr 109b ln 84
Burlton(?), Floyd fr 109b ln 89
Burlton(?), George fr 109b ln 87
Burlton(?), Lloyd fr 109b ln 88
Burlton(?), Mable fr 109b ln 85
Burlton(?), Mary fr 109b ln 83
Burlton(?), Veraie(?) fr 109b ln 86
Burns, Caleb fr 127b ln 69
Burns, Dora fr 87b ln 75
Burns, Edward M fr 95b ln 84
Burns, Jennie fr 86b ln 91
Burns, Mattie fr 127b ln 70
Burns, Morgan fr 127b ln 67
Burns, Patrick J fr 95b ln 83
Burns, Phibe fr 87b ln 74
Burns, Susan fr 127b ln 68
Burns, Thomas fr 87b ln 73
Burrell, Elisabeth fr 152a ln 42
Burrell, John fr 152a ln 41
Burson, Huluah(?) J fr 117a ln 17
Burton, Albert fr 92b ln 76
Burton, Alice M fr 149b ln 88
Burton, Anna M fr 149b ln 90
Burton, Bessie B fr 149b ln 92
Burton, Charlie fr 149b ln 89
Burton, George W fr 118a ln 34
Burton, James fr 149b ln 87
Burton, Leander fr 119a ln 21
Burton, Mary J fr 116b ln 80
Burton, Monroe fr 119a ln 25
Burton, Myrtle A fr 149b ln 91
Burton, Ora M fr 149b ln 93
Burwell, Albert fr 85a ln 13
Burwell, Floyd fr 85a ln 15
Burwell, Mary fr 85a ln 14
Burwell, Winnie fr 85a ln 16
Busard(?), John H fr 119a ln 22
Bush, Martin fr 63a ln 19
Bush, Sue N fr 63a ln 20
Bush, Walter fr 119a ln 19
Buston(?), Lottie fr 115b ln 74
Butler, Edith M fr 61a ln 33
Butler, Ethel M fr 61a ln 32
Butler, George M fr 61a ln 30
Butler, Martha E fr 61a ln 31
Butterfield, Archie E fr 63a ln 24
Butterfield, Eva A fr 63a ln 25
Butterfield, Fremont fr 65a ln 50
Butterfield, Grace fr 63a ln 26
C[unereadable], William fr 43b ln 100
C[unreadable], Alvana fr 44a ln 2
C[unreadable], Magdaelena fr 44a ln 1
Cady, Frank fr 63a ln 44
Cady, Maude fr 63a ln 45
Cain, Maria fr 117a ln 19
Cairinger(?), Geroge fr 119a ln 32
Calahan, Daniel fr 118b ln 80
Caldwell, Ada E fr 59b ln 64
Caldwell, Bertha A fr 59b ln 65
Caldwell, Flo(?) fr 112b ln 61
Caldwell, Thomas J fr 59b ln 63
Calett(?), Marshall D fr 58b ln 52
Calett(?), Rebecca fr 58b ln 51
Calett(?), William fr 58a ln 50
Call, Levi fr 118b ln 83
Call, Levi T fr 118b ln 53
Callabressi, Clara fr 116b ln 67
Calvert, M Eri(?) fr 71a ln 35
Calvert, M. Laura fr 71a ln 36
Calvin(?), William fr 103a ln 50
Cameron, Allen fr 94a ln 24
Cameron, Don fr 94a ln 26
Cameron, Mary fr 94a ln 27
Cameron, Nellie fr 94a ln 25
Cameron, Pheobe fr 61b ln 55
Campbel, Caroline fr 28b ln 75
Campbell, Allice E fr 90a ln 2
Campbell, Allice W fr 90a ln 6
Campbell, Carolton fr 42a ln 10
Campbell, Don fr 135b ln 54
Campbell, Edgar(?) W fr 90a ln 3
Campbell, Grace fr 112b ln 77
Campbell, Hugh W fr 90a ln 5
Campbell, James fr 41a ln 4
Campbell, Jennie fr 137a ln 6
Campbell, Newton(?) fr 137a ln 5
Campbell, Ruth C fr 90a ln 4
Campbell, Sarah J fr 88b ln 98
Campbell, Thomas fr 49a ln 2
Campbell, William fr 88b ln 97
Campbell, William fr 88b ln 99
Campbell, William fr 90a ln 1
Campbill, Bruce fr 104b ln 83
Campbill, Harold fr 104b ln 85
Campbill, Iris fr 104b ln 84
Campbill, Laura(?) fr 104b ln 82
Cane, Edward fr 119a ln 28
Canfield, Easton fr 41b ln 60
Canfield, Mary fr 41b ln 61
Cannan, Cetta fr 147a ln 30
Cannan, Walter fr 147a ln 32
Cannon, Hastie fr 115b ln 68
Capele, Beulah M fr 143a ln 49
Capels, Clarence fr 27b ln 55
Capper, Clara fr 49b ln 62
Capper, Flora fr 49b ln 88
Capper, George fr 49b ln 61
Capper, Gloyd fr 49b ln 89
Capper, Ira fr 49b ln 91
Capper, James W fr 60a ln 34
Capper, Johny fr 49b ln 63
Capper, Joseph fr 49b ln 90
Capper, Martha J fr 60a ln 32
Capper, Morton fr 49b ln 86
Capper, Nora fr 49b ln 87
Capper, Robert M fr 60a ln 33
Capper, William fr 60a ln 31
Carbirk(?), Anna fr 127a ln 3
Carbirk(?), George W fr 127a ln 2
Carbirk(?), Geroge(?) fr 131b ln 99
Carbirk(?), Hannah fr 131b ln 100
Carbirk(?), Mattie fr 127a ln 1
Cardin, C Sarah fr 70a ln 34
Cardin, J John fr 70a ln 33
Carey(?), George fr 91b ln 100
Carey, Altha M fr 92a ln 4
Carey, Bailey fr 92a ln 1
Carey, Earl fr 92a ln 5
Carey, Earnest fr 92a ln 7
Carey, Floyd H fr 92a ln 6
Carey, Minnie M fr 92a ln 2
Carey, Otto fr 92a ln 3
Carilson, Alice fr 111b ln 80
Carlile, Unknown fr 116b ln 98
Carll, Elizebeth fr 96b ln 92
Carll, Hattie M fr 96b ln 93
Carll, Robert fr 96b ln 91
Carlson(?), Bart fr 111a ln 44
Carlson, Helen fr 113a ln 41
Carlson, Matilda fr 117a ln 20

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