Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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To search for another surname select the alphabetical group that has the surname you are researching: Unreadable - Abbott to Beitz - Bekler to Carlson - Carnes to Crumrine - Culbertson to Dunlap - Dunn to Fox - Frank to Hansmann - Hanson to Hopper - Horn to Kelly - Kelsay to Lovelace - Low to Middleton - Mienold to Oyster - Pace to Reeves - Regan to Shanon - Sharan to Stevens - Stevenson to Tyler - Tymes to Willhoite - William to Zutz

Carnes, Cally(?) I fr 27a ln 14
Carnes, Frankie F fr 27a ln 17
Carnes, Milton fr 27a ln 12
Carnes, Nallie M fr 27a ln 16
Carnes, Nancie L fr 27a ln 13
Carnes, Rena M fr 27a ln 18
Carnes, Sophia J fr 27a ln 15
Carney, Emma fr 117a ln 45
Carpenter, Anna M fr 154a ln 28
Carpenter, Clara fr 47a ln 5
Carpenter, Doria(?) fr 132a ln 41
Carpenter, Fay I fr 154a ln 32
Carpenter, John fr 118b ln 81
Carpenter, John S fr 47a ln 4
Carpenter, Kate M fr 47a ln 3
Carpenter, Lois R fr 47a ln 7
Carpenter, Lulu P fr 47a ln 6
Carpenter, Madge E fr 154a ln 30
Carpenter, Maud A fr 154a ln 31
Carpenter, Nancy fr 47a ln 2
Carpenter, Nellie M fr 154a ln 29
Carpenter, Wayne Y fr 154a ln 27
Carpenter, William fr 47a ln 1
Carr, Charles fr 97a ln 10
Carr, Clarance C fr 103a ln 18
Carr, Fern fr 97a ln 13
Carr, May fr 97a ln 12
Carr, Minnie fr 97a ln 11
Carrell(?), Alma fr 103b ln 72
Carrell(?), Dora fr 103b ln 70
Carrell(?), Emma fr 103b ln 71
Carrell(?), Thomas fr 103b ln 69
Carrico, Ada fr 101b ln 57
Carrico, Charles fr 101b ln 55
Carrico, Harriett fr 101b ln 56
Carrier, Charles L fr 148a ln 38
Carrier, George fr 148a ln 36
Carrier, Mary fr 148a ln 37
Carroll, Bell fr 30b ln 65
Carroll, Jesse C fr 30b ln 67
Carroll, Lenna B fr 30b ln 66
Carroll, Lizzie F fr 30b ln 69
Carroll, Sidna R fr 30b ln 68
Carson, John M fr 118b ln 86
Cart, George fr 119a ln 33
Carter, Allen fr 79b ln 83
Carter, Anna fr 79b ln 85
Carter, Anthony fr 79b ln 82
Carter, Arya B fr 148b ln 98
Carter, Doc fr 148b ln 94
Carter, Emma L fr 148b ln 96
Carter, Gladys C fr 148b ln 97
Carter, Hattie fr 148b ln 95
Carter, Jessie J fr 79b ln 81
Carter, Joseph fr 79b ln 79
Carter, Lizzie fr 26b ln 59
Carter, Susine(?) fr 146a ln 39
Carter, William fr 146a ln 38
Carter, Willie fr 79b ln 84
Carther, Anna fr 79b ln 80
Cartwright, Lottie fr 111b ln 85
Carvens, Mary fr 28b ln 99
Carver, Berkeley fr 152b ln 57
Casada, George S fr 78a ln 28
Casada, John fr 78a ln 26
Casada, Margret fr 78a ln 27
Casada, Warren B fr 78a ln 29
Casaday, Anna fr 78a ln 13
Casaday, Mary fr 78a ln 12
Casaday, Susie fr 78a ln 14
Casaday, Thomas fr 78a ln 11
Case, Addison fr 50b ln 87
Case, Eliza J fr 50b ln 88
Case, Eugene fr 126b ln 62
Case, Frank fr 126b ln 61
Case, Isabel fr 126b ln 59
Case, John M fr 126b ln 58
Case, Lae fr 126b ln 60
Case, Myrtle E fr 50b ln 89
Casey, Alida B fr 83a ln 14
Casey, Hattie fr 114b ln 91
Casey, John fr 83a ln 13
Cash, Amanda fr 117a ln 46
Cashs, Sarah E fr 113a ln 27
Casida, Annie fr 25a ln 36
Casida, Charlie fr 25a ln 38
Casida, Frank fr 25a ln 35
Casida, Harry fr 25a ln 39
Casida, Hattie fr 22a ln 48
Casida, James fr 22a ln 47
Casida, Lawren fr 25a ln 37
Casidas, Isac fr 22a ln 44
Casidas, Nancie fr 22a ln 45
Cassett, David fr 118b ln 54
Cassida, Charles fr 128b ln 75
Cathers, Hannah fr 48b ln 80
Caton, Myra fr 85b ln 52
Caton, Thomas fr 85b ln 51
Catt, Michael fr 118b ln 82
Cave, Elizabeth C fr 57a ln 13
Cave, John T fr 57a ln 12
Cave, William C fr 57a ln 14
Cavert, William fr 118b ln 84
Cavinee, Alleta R fr 66b ln 88
Cavinee, Charles H fr 66b ln 90
Cavinee, Clifford E fr 66b ln 89
Cavinee, Elsie G fr 66b ln 52
Cavinee, Harry O fr 66b ln 53
Cavinee, James H fr 66b ln 91
Cavinee, Minnie M fr 66b ln 87
Cavinee, Pearl A fr 66b ln 54
Cavinee, Walsteen fr 66b ln 51
Cavinee, Willy fr 66b ln 86
Cavines, Anna fr 73b ln 55
Cavines, Bertha fr 73b ln 56
Cavines, John fr 73b ln 54
Cavines, Martha fr 73b ln 53
Cavines, Thomas fr 73b ln 52
Chain, William fr 34b ln 89
Chairtier(?), Edward fr 81b ln 59
Chaloirch(?), Michael fr 118b ln 55
Chamber, Addie fr 126a ln 38
Chamber, Clyde fr 126a ln 40
Chamber, Ester fr 126a ln 39
Chamber, George fr 126a ln 37
Chamber, Maree fr 126a ln 41
Chamberlain, Emma fr 126b ln 70
Chamberlain, John fr 126b ln 69
Chamberlain, John fr 126b ln 72
Chamberlain, Pearle fr 126b ln 73
Chamberlain, William fr 126b ln 71
Chambers, Bertha fr 128b ln 79
Chambers, Caroline fr 128b ln 78
Chambers, Clarence H fr 62a ln 13
Chambers, Eva fr 87a ln 14
Chambers, George fr 128b ln 77
Chambers, Hattie fr 62a ln 12
Chambers, John fr 87a ln 15
Chambers, Lilsle D fr 87a ln 22
Chambers, Lola A fr 87a ln 21
Chambers, Mary L fr 87a ln 20
Chambers, Nathan(?) fr 87a ln 19
Chambers, Susan fr 87a ln 13
Chambers, William fr 62a ln 11
Chancellor, Bessie fr 135a ln 5
Chancellor, C[unreadable] S fr 135a ln 4
Chancellor, Clifford fr 135a ln 6
Chandler, Arnold fr 124a ln 36
Chandler, Emma fr 141b ln 70
Chandler, Francis fr 124a ln 37
Chandler, Nancy E fr 141b ln 72
Chandler, Ollie fr 141b ln 71
Channing, William fr 22a ln 23
Chapman, A Missouri fr 69b ln 57
Chapman, Adam fr 90b ln 72
Chapman, Alberta fr 111b ln 73
Chapman, B John fr 69b ln 56
Chapman, B Vergil fr 69b ln 58
Chapman, Ca--- fr 69a ln 38
Chapman, Caroline fr 90b ln 73
Chapman, Chas A fr 112a ln 40
Chapman, E. fr 118b ln 76
Chapman, Edith fr 42b ln 77
Chapman, Ethel fr 42b ln 76
Chapman, Henry fr 90b ln 75
Chapman, Ida L fr 42b ln 75
Chapman, Julia fr 69a ln 39
Chapman, L[unreadable] fr 86a ln 7
Chapman, Leander fr 69a ln 40
Chapman, Loyd fr 42b ln 74
Chapman, Mary fr 90b ln 74
Chapman, Nora M fr 86a ln 6
Chapman, Ocle(?) fr 86a ln 8
Chapman, Thomas(?) fr 86a ln 5
Chase, Annie L fr 147b ln 94
Chase, Boyd fr 94b ln 75
Chase, Bruce fr 94b ln 76
Chase, Eda fr 147b ln 93
Chase, Eva fr 107a ln 40
Chase, George fr 107a ln 39
Chase, Maggie fr 94b ln 74
Chase, Pearl fr 107a ln 41
Chase, Samuel fr 147b ln 92
Chastain, Andrew fr 127b ln 78
Chastain, Charles fr 127b ln 80
Chastain, Jessee fr 127b ln 79
Chastain, Lizzie fr 127b ln 82
Chastain, Lydia B fr 127b ln 81
Chastain, Victoria fr 127b ln 77
Chastain, William fr 127b ln 76
Chatelle, William fr 118b ln 58
Cheesebrough, E fr 143b ln 80
Cherry, Clementine fr 156a ln 13
Cherry, Emma F fr 42b ln 71
Cherry, Jake fr 42b ln 72
Cherry, John fr 42b ln 70
Cherry, Louisa(?) fr 156a ln 12
Cherry, May L fr 156a ln 14
Chesbrough, Clarence fr 25a ln 50
Chesbrough, Cora fr 25a ln 48
Chesbrough, Ernest fr 25b ln 53
Chesbrough, Florence fr 25b ln 52
Chesbrough, Imrel(?) fr 25a ln 49
Chesbrough, M---- fr 25a ln 47
Chesbrough, Syrus fr 25b ln 51
Chesbrough, Vernie fr 25b ln 54
Chestnut, Caroline J fr 95b ln 97
Chestnut, Charles fr 87b ln 59
Chestnut, Flora H fr 87b ln 57
Chestnut, John fr 95b ln 96
Chestnut, William fr 87b ln 58
Child, Stephan A fr 118b ln 52
Childers, Harriett fr 58a ln 5
Childress(?), Andrew fr 140a ln 16
Childress(?), Jennie B fr 140a ln 17
Chittish, Louisa fr 117b ln 97
Chittwood, Amy fr 132b ln 83
Chittwood, Archie fr 132b ln 84
Chittwood, John fr 132b ln 81
Chittwood, Lily fr 132b ln 82
Chittwood, Stella fr 132b ln 85
Chitwood, Daniel fr 118b ln 78
Chorott(?), Frank fr 118a ln 45
ChrisJohn(?), Elinea(?) fr 125b ln 60
ChrisJohn(?), George fr 125b ln 57
ChrisJohn(?), Leroy fr 125b ln 59
ChrisJohn(?), Mable fr 125b ln 63
ChrisJohn(?), Mary fr 125b ln 58
ChrisJohn(?), Millira(?) fr 125b ln 61
ChrisJohn(?), Nathan fr 125b ln 64
ChrisJohn(?), Paul fr 125b ln 62
Chrisman, Mary fr 33b ln 57
Chrisman, Prescott(?) fr 33b ln 56
Christie(?), George fr 104a ln 32
Christie(?), Nancy J fr 104a ln 33
Christison, Mary Lucy fr 95b ln 56
Christy, Alice fr 113a ln 38
Churchell, Elizabeth fr 95b ln 74
Churchell, James fr 95b ln 71
Churchell, John fr 95b ln 67
Churchell, Joseph fr 95b ln 69
Churchell, Mary fr 95b ln 68
Churchell, Mary fr 95b ln 70
Churchell, Mathew fr 95b ln 72
Churchell, Thomas fr 95b ln 73
Churchill, Estella M fr 81b ln 93
Churchill, Herman fr 81b ln 95
Churchill, Letha E fr 81b ln 94
Churchill, Walter fr 81b ln 92
Cirby(?), Charlie fr 72a ln 47
Clarey, Ida fr 148b ln 52
Clarey, Mary fr 148a ln 49
Clarey, Michael fr 148a ln 50
Clarey, William fr 148b ln 51
Clark, Albert M fr 92b ln 87
Clark, Alva fr 43a ln 48
Clark, Anne fr 155a ln 14
Clark, Arther J fr 105a ln 27
Clark, Charlie fr 43a ln 46
Clark, Clarence fr 124b ln 74
Clark, Clarince R fr 105a ln 31
Clark, Effel fr 105a ln 32
Clark, Elisabeth fr 155a ln 15
Clark, Fern(?) fr 124b ln 73
Clark, Grace fr 105a ln 28
Clark, Grace fr 93b ln 64
Clark, Hershel fr 43a ln 45
Clark, I[unreadable] fr 43a ln 47
Clark, Ida R fr 92b ln 88
Clark, Joe fr 43a ln 43
Clark, John fr 42b ln 73
Clark, John fr 118b ln 77
Clark, Lonrs(?) fr 124b ln 72
Clark, Lora fr 105a ln 30
Clark, Lucinda fr 144b ln 78
Clark, Maud fr 105a ln 26
Clark, May fr 43a ln 44
Clark, Perry fr 43a ln 49
Clark, Rachel fr 105a ln 25
Clark, Rebecca fr 115b ln 67
Clark, Thomas fr 23a ln 12
Clark, William G fr 105a ln 29
Clark, William fr 105a ln 24
Clarke, Basil fr 131a ln 25
Clarke, Elizabeth fr 156a ln 29
Clarke, George fr 131a ln 26
Clarke, Irene C fr 156a ln 26
Clarke, Lillie B fr 156a ln 25
Clarke, Marion C fr 156a ln 28
Clarke, Pauline fr 156a ln 27
Clarke, Sarah fr 131a ln 24
Clarke, William D fr 156a ln 24
Clarke, Woodson fr 131a ln 23
Clarke, Woodson fr 131a ln 27
Clavell, James A fr 111b ln 95
Clawsen, Mary fr 45b ln 61
Clementine, Anna fr 83a ln 20
Clements, Aimal(?) fr 135b ln 84
Clements, Charles fr 135b ln 80
Clements, Ebe(?) fr 135b ln 83
Clements, Nealie(?) fr 135b ln 82
Clements, Susan fr 135b ln 81
Clevinger, Budd W fr 83a ln 25
Clevinger, Charles E fr 88a ln 43
Clevinger, Cora B fr 83a ln 22
Clevinger, Cora B fr 83a ln 24
Clevinger, Franklin R fr 88a ln 45
Clevinger, Henry D fr 83a ln 23
Clevinger, John fr 83a ln 21
Clevinger, Lois A fr 88a ln 44
Clifford, J. fr 118b ln 74
Clifton, Amanda R fr 156b ln 65
Clifton, Homar(?) T fr 156b ln 66
Clifton, Vernon A fr 156b ln 67
Clifton,Thomas K fr 156b ln 64
Cline, Louis fr 120b ln 67
Clinton(?), Della fr 62b ln 99
Clinton, Arther(?) fr 110a ln 25
Clinton, Arthur fr 126b ln 67
Clinton, David D fr 33a ln 38
Clinton, Elba(?) fr 110a ln 26
Clinton, Ella fr 126b ln 68
Clinton, Frederick fr 98a ln 11
Clinton, Melvina fr 33a ln 39
Cloud, James fr 43a ln 25
Cloud, Susan fr 43a ln 26
Clouse, Anna fr 72b ln 60
Clouse, Diller fr 72b ln 61
Clouse, William fr 72b ln 59
Clouter(?), Laura fr 117a ln 21
Clover(?), Nora fr 145b ln 73
Cluse(?), Lewis fr 88a ln 37
Cluse(?), Lewis E fr 88a ln 39
Cluse(?), Mable fr 88a ln 38
Clutchore(?), Ernest fr 124a ln 18
Clute, Margaret fr 117b ln 87
Cobb, Galen fr 118b ln 57
Cochran, James fr 32a ln 21
Cody, Charles fr 118b ln 87
Coe, Addie fr 21b ln 80
Coe, Clair fr 142a ln 14
Coe, Dale O fr 21b ln 82
Coe, Donna fr 21b ln 83
Coe, Otis H fr 21b ln 81
Coe, Sam T fr 21b ln 79
Coen, Harry fr 100a ln 8
Coen, Lincoln fr 100a ln 5
Coen, Lola M fr 100a ln 9
Coen, Mary E fr 100a ln 7
Coen, Mary J fr 100a ln 6
Coffer, August fr 118a ln 12
Coffey, George fr 119a ln 34
Coffie, Nancie fr 33a ln 25
Coffie, Nora fr 33a ln 27
Coffie, Perry fr 33a ln 24
Coffie, Tom fr 33a ln 28
Coffie, Verna fr 33a ln 29
Coffie, Walter fr 33a ln 30
Coffie, William fr 33a ln 26
Coffman, [unreadable] fr 78b ln 74
Coffman, Mary fr 78b ln 75
Coffman, R. L. fr 118b ln 72
Cogad(?), Charles B fr 149a ln 29
Cogad(?), Clarinda fr 149a ln 27
Cogad(?), Harold D fr 149a ln 28
Cogad(?), Joseph fr 149a ln 26
Cogad(?), Joseph D fr 149a ln 30
Coggwell(?), S[unreadable] fr 130b ln 72
Cohlinger(?), Adelia fr 87a ln 33
Cohlinger(?), John fr 87a ln 32
Cohlinger(?), Julius fr 87a ln 35
Cohlinger(?), Martha fr 87a ln 34
Coker, Cora fr 132b ln 57
Coker, Floyd fr 132b ln 58
Coker, Harry fr 132b ln 59
Coker, Joseph fr 132b ln 56
Colby(?), Ferris W fr 137b ln 56
Cole, Able P fr 105a ln 43
Cole, Archie L fr 56b ln 70
Cole, Arnold(?) fr 97a ln 21
Cole, Blanch fr 124a ln 47
Cole, Cecil fr 126a ln 11
Cole, Charles fr 56b ln 66
Cole, Cora fr 124a ln 45
Cole, E George fr 70a ln 41
Cole, Earnest fr 97a ln 24
Cole, Emmet E fr 56b ln 69
Cole, Eva M fr 56b ln 71
Cole, Ezra fr 124a ln 43
Cole, George R fr 56b ln 68
Cole, Henry fr 95a ln 7
Cole, Isaac fr 118b ln 56
Cole, Jacob fr 126a ln 9
Cole, James fr 95a ln 5
Cole, Jarry fr 118b ln 90
Cole, Jennie fr 95a ln 6
Cole, Jesse fr 74a ln 14
Cole, John fr 125a ln 34
Cole, Joseph fr 126a ln 13
Cole, Laura fr 56b ln 67
Cole, Laura fr 124a ln 46
Cole, Lena fr 126a ln 10
Cole, Maggie fr 97a ln 23
Cole, Mary fr 126a ln 12
Cole, Mary E fr 105a ln 44
Cole, Minnie fr 124a ln 44
Cole, Moses fr 118b ln 79
Cole, Sarah E fr 97a ln 22
Cole, Thomas fr 61a ln 22
Coleman, Frank fr 46a ln 9
Coleman, James fr 46a ln 6
Coleman, Mabell fr 46a ln 8
Coleman, Maud M fr 46a ln 7
Coler, All B fr 36a ln 11
Coler, Carrie fr 36a ln 12
Coler, Emmie fr 36a ln 13
Collett, Flora fr 87b ln 96
Collett, Margarett fr 87b ln 97
Collett, Sin[unreadable] fr 87b ln 95
Collett, William fr 87b ln 98
Collins(?), Bettie(?) fr 112a ln 46
Collins(?), Elizabeth fr 112a ln 47
Collins, A Joseph fr 71b ln 57
Collins, Albert fr 97b ln 69
Collins, Allen W fr 57a ln 16
Collins, Alvina(?) fr 113a ln 46
Collins, Andras fr 55a ln 15
Collins, Annie fr 26b ln 88
Collins, Bridget fr 55a ln 16
Collins, E William fr 71b ln 59
Collins, Ellen fr 26b ln 89
Collins, Francis fr 97b ln 68
Collins, James fr 81b ln 81
Collins, Jerry fr 26b ln 81
Collins, Jocie fr 26b ln 85
Collins, John W fr 57a ln 15
Collins, Joshua fr 76b ln 81
Collins, Kitty fr 26b ln 87
Collins, Lillie fr 75b ln 52
Collins, Maggie fr 81b ln 82
Collins, Margaret fr 55a ln 21
Collins, Marian F fr 81b ln 84
Collins, Mary fr 26b ln 82
Collins, Mary fr 26b ln 84
Collins, Maurice fr 55a ln 17
Collins, Mildred fr 81b ln 83
Collins, Norah fr 55a ln 19
Collins, Otis fr 75b ln 51
Collins, Patrick fr 26b ln 83
Collins, Rando fr 55a ln 18
Collins, Richard fr 55a ln 20
Collins, Rosy fr 26b ln 90
Collins, Silva fr 116b ln 75
Collins, Thomas fr 97b ln 67
Collins, Tom fr 26b ln 86
Collins, V Elizabeth fr 71b ln 58
Coltin(?), [unreadable] fr 154a ln 46
Coltin(?), Anna R fr 154a ln 47
Coltin(?), Ruth fr 154a ln 48
Colver, David H fr 56b ln 86
Colvin, Dillard fr 110b ln 65
Colvin, Garland(?) fr 110b ln 62
Colvin, Katie M fr 110b ln 63
Colvin, Rslph E fr 110b ln 66
Colvin, Walton S fr 110b ln 64
Combs, Carl fr 156a ln 9
Combs, Elvina fr 91b ln 69
Combs, Frona B fr 156a ln 10
Combs, Harry fr 156a ln 11
Combs, Libbie fr 91b ln 67
Combs, Masain(?) fr 91b ln 66
Combs, Roy fr 91b ln 68
Comp, Charles fr 118b ln 59
Conagha, Patrick fr 94b ln 65
Conaway, Edwin E fr 119a ln 30
Conchman, Benjamin fr 112a ln 29
Condit, Amo Juanita fr 66b ln 94
Condit, Emaline fr 68a ln 9
Condit, Ephriam fr 68a ln 8
Condit, Herman F fr 66b ln 95
Condit, Parda M fr 66b ln 93
Condit, Wilmer I fr 68a ln 10
Condon, Hattie A fr 151b ln 63
Condon, Ida B fr 151b ln 64
Condon, Leia B fr 151b ln 65
Condon, Samuel fr 151b ln 62
Cone, Elbart fr 111b ln 68
Coner, Agness fr 23b ln 91
Coner, Mary J fr 23b ln 90
Conger, Aaron fr 21a ln 34
Conger, Carl fr 24a ln 10
Conger, David fr 23a ln 43
Conger, David fr 24a ln 8
Conger, Ethel fr 23a ln 45
Conger, Hattie fr 24a ln 9
Conger, John fr 26a ln 10
Conger, Martha fr 24a ln 7
Conger, Sarah fr 23a ln 44
Conger, Steve fr 24a ln 6
Conkey, Cora fr 131a ln 46
Conkey, Eladea fr 131a ln 48
Conkey, James H fr 131a ln 45
Conkey, William fr 131a ln 47
Conklin, Anna fr 77b ln 79
Conklin, Fred fr 109a ln 3
Conklin, Jesse fr 77b ln 80
Conklin, Jeter fr 77b ln 78
Conklin, Magie fr 109a ln 2
Conklin, Mattie fr 96a ln 2
Conklin, Riley fr 109a ln 1
Conklin, William fr 96a ln 1
Conley, Mabel fr 92b ln 60
Conner, C[unreadable] fr 83b ln 89
Conner, Charles P fr 157b ln 51
Conner, Ester fr 53a ln 28
Conner, Hallie fr 53a ln 25
Conner, Herman fr 53a ln 27
Conner, Jefferson(?) fr 83b ln 88
Conner, John E fr 53a ln 23
Conner, Mabelle fr 53a ln 26
Conner, Margrett fr 83b ln 90
Conner, P. J. fr 118b ln 70
Conner, Sarah fr 53a ln 24
Connghan(?), Elizebeth fr 135a ln 39
Connghan(?), Hugh fr 135a ln 38
Connghan(?), Hugh fr 135a ln 41
Connghan(?), John F fr 135a ln 40
Connor, Bert fr 40b ln 83
Connor, Beryl fr 40b ln 85
Connor, Frank fr 41a ln 3
Connor, Renae fr 41a ln 2
Connor, Shirley fr 40b ln 84
Conway(?), Patrick fr 119a ln 35
Conway, James fr 74b ln 55
Conway, Mollie fr 74b ln 56
Cook, Anna fr 109b ln 67
Cook, Anna B fr 89b ln 70
Cook, Arthur fr 74a ln 41
Cook, Blanch fr 157a ln 36
Cook, Charles fr 103b ln 92
Cook, Clarance fr 89b ln 78
Cook, Claud fr 92b ln 77
Cook, Claude fr 89b ln 75
Cook, Clay fr 89b ln 77
Cook, Clibe fr 89b ln 76
Cook, Clyde fr 89b ln 74
Cook, Dora fr 148b ln 79
Cook, Earl L fr 148b ln 82
Cook, Edna fr 103b ln 77
Cook, Edward fr 89b ln 69
Cook, Fred fr 75a ln 19
Cook, Harry fr 89b ln 81
Cook, Hazel fr 89b ln 80
Cook, Henry fr 89b ln 72
Cook, James fr 118b ln 73
Cook, Jay C fr 89b ln 71
Cook, Jennie fr 148b ln 81
Cook, John D fr 87b ln 94
Cook, John W fr 103b ln 75
Cook, Lawrence fr 87b ln 92
Cook, Lora fr 157a ln 34
Cook, Maggie fr 103b ln 93
Cook, Marguirete fr 103b ln 95
Cook, Mary fr 87b ln 93
Cook, Mary fr 89b ln 73
Cook, Ollie fr 89b ln 79
Cook, Sarah fr 103b ln 76
Cook, Stephen fr 157a ln 33
Cook, Thomas fr 109b ln 66
Cook, Thomas P fr 148b ln 80
Cook, Verie(?) M fr 157a ln 35
Cook, Walt(?) fr 148b ln 78
Cook, Willard fr 103b ln 94
Cook, Willie fr 47a ln 27
Cooley, Allie fr 85a ln 8
Cooley, Edward fr 85a ln 7
Cooley, Goldie fr 85a ln 9
Cooley, Harry fr 85a ln 11
Cooley, Leroy fr 85a ln 10
Coombs, Arther B fr 101b ln 61
Coombs, Carol M fr 101b ln 62
Coombs, David D fr 151a ln 34
Coombs, Elisabeth fr 151a ln 35
Coombs, Howard fr 101b ln 59
Coombs, Inez D fr 65b ln 94
Coombs, Marie fr 101b ln 60
Coombs, Mary C fr 60a ln 30
Coombs, May fr 151a ln 36
Coons, Agnes fr 31b ln 100
Coons, Altisi(?) fr 31b ln 99
Coons, David fr 30a ln 23
Coons, Joseph fr 31b ln 98
Coons, Matilda fr 30b ln 64
Cooper, Annis E fr 139b ln 89
Cooper, Bennie F fr 139b ln 87
Cooper, Carrie C fr 73a ln 42
Cooper, Charles C fr 73a ln 43
Cooper, Charles M fr 65b ln 86
Cooper, Charlotte L fr 65a ln 49
Cooper, Chiassine(?) fr 142b ln 67
Cooper, Clarence A fr 139b ln 90
Cooper, David fr 73a ln 40
Cooper, Delia fr 137b ln 73
Cooper, Earl C fr 73a ln 44
Cooper, Edward L fr 139b ln 88
Cooper, Edward(?) fr 108a ln 22
Cooper, Eorester E fr 108a ln 24
Cooper, Ester A fr 108a ln 23
Cooper, Ester M fr 65b ln 88
Cooper, Flora fr 65a ln 47
Cooper, Francis D fr 65b ln 87
Cooper, Garfield fr 65a ln 48
Cooper, Harriet A fr 73a ln 41
Cooper, Hollis fr 73a ln 47
Cooper, Hugh fr 137b ln 72
Cooper, Hugh P fr 137b ln 75
Cooper, Joseph L fr 137b ln 74
Cooper, Leslie fr 148b ln 93
Cooper, Lewis(?) fr 142b ln 66
Cooper, Mary A fr 65a ln 46
Cooper, Mary Ann fr 65a ln 45
Cooper, Michael fr 65a ln 44
Cooper, Miles fr 148b ln 92
Cooper, Richard fr 139b ln 85
Cooper, Russell fr 73a ln 46
Cooper, S. B. fr 118b ln 75
Cooper, Seaepta(?) fr 139b ln 86
Cooper, Wallie fr 73a ln 45
Cooper, Wilmer A fr 139b ln 91
Cooueley(?) George(?) M fr 85b ln 99
Copeland, Christina fr 143a ln 46
Coplin, George fr 134a ln 8
Coplin, Harry M fr 134a ln 11
Coplin, Maggie fr 134a ln 9
Coplin, Myrtle S fr 134a ln 12
Coplin, William G fr 134a ln 10
Copple, John H fr 64b ln 71
Copple, Sarah A fr 64b ln 72
Copple, Walter H fr 64b ln 73
Coran, Malinda fr 116b ln 74
Corbett, Sarah E fr 113a ln 43
Corey, Samantha fr 98a ln 9
Corey, William fr 98a ln 8
Corp(?), Charles E fr 137a ln 38
Corp(?), Clarence G fr 137a ln 41
Corp(?), John fr 137a ln 36
Corp(?), John F fr 137a ln 39
Corp(?), Lilly B fr 137a ln 42
Corp(?), Sarah E fr 137a ln 37
Corp(?), William F fr 137a ln 40
Corum, George fr 69a ln 44
Corum, Mary fr 69a ln 45
Corwin, Lalla fr 112a ln 34
Cory, Alfred fr 25b ln 72
Cory, Cordelia fr 64a ln 19
Cory, Laura fr 25b ln 70
Cory, Lynn fr 64a ln 21
Cory, Susie fr 25b ln 71
Cory, Vive(?) fr 64a ln 20
Cory, William fr 25b ln 69
Cory, William fr 64a ln 18
Costello, Coleman fr 119a ln 29
Cotei(?), William fr 124b ln 80
Cottolindy(?), Annie fr 113a ln 39
Cottom, Anna fr 32a ln 26
Coughlin, Florence fr 145b ln 85
Coughlin, Hellen fr 145b ln 87
Coughlin, John fr 145b ln 84
Coughlin, John D fr 145b ln 86
Courter, Adam fr 49b ln 78
Courter, Fred S fr 49b ln 85
Courter, George A fr 49b ln 83
Courter, Leonard fr 49b ln 80
Courter, Nathan E fr 49b ln 84
Courter, Otis fr 49b ln 82
Courter, Pearl fr 49b ln 81
Courter, Sarah E fr 49b ln 79
Covey, Charles fr 95b ln 78
Covey, Eula fr 95b ln 77
Covey, James S fr 95b ln 76
Covey, Lucy fr 95b ln 75
Cow-ler(?), John fr 92a ln 42
Cow-ler(?), Mary fr 92a ln 43
Cox, Bill fr 22b ln 92
Cox, John fr 118b ln 71
Coyner, Anna L fr 103b ln 81
Coyner, Harry fr 103b ln 79
Coyner, Kenneth fr 103b ln 83
Coyner, Mable fr 103b ln 82
Coyner, Marguirge fr 103b ln 84
Coyner, Sarah C fr 103b ln 80
Cr-----, Ann S fr 39b ln 99
Cr-----, Catherine fr 39b ln 98
Cr-----, Melissa J fr 39b ln 100
Craig, David fr 98b ln 85
Craig, Dorcas fr 113a ln 44
Craig, Emily M fr 91a ln 36
Craig, Erma fr 88b ln 73
Craig, Flora fr 98b ln 82
Craig, Irine fr 98b ln 83
Craig, John fr 98b ln 80
Craig, Katie fr 98b ln 81
Craig, Leoard fr 98b ln 88
Craig, Letha(?) fr 88b ln 72
Craig, Orella fr 98b ln 86
Craig, Robert D fr 91a ln 35
Craig, Thomas fr 98b ln 84
Craig, Watson fr 98b ln 87
Craig, William fr 88b ln 71
Cramer, Edwin C fr 138a ln 4
Cramer, Herbert M fr 138a ln 6
Cramer, Mary fr 138a ln 3
Cramer, Rena fr 138a ln 5
Cramer, Samuel(?) fr 138a ln 2
Crane, Addie fr 108b ln 98
Crane, Eliza fr 108b ln 95
Crane, Frank S fr 108b ln 97
Crane, Harrietta fr 108b ln 96
Crane, Jake fr 106b ln 63
Crane, Maria fr 106b ln 64
Crane, Mary fr 108b ln 99
Crause(?), William fr 124b ln 61
Cravens, Dora fr 35a ln 32
Cravens, Dorsay fr 29a ln 2
Cravens, Jessie fr 28b ln 100
Cravens, John fr 35a ln 30
Cravens, Mernervia fr 29a ln 1
Cravens, William fr 28b ln 98
Cravens, Willie B fr 35a ln 31
Crawford(?), Edith A fr 145a ln 31
Crawford, Catherine fr 49b ln 95
Crawford, David fr 50a ln 24
Crawford, Emma L fr 42a ln 36
Crawford, Helen D fr 42a ln 33
Crawford, John fr 118a ln 14
Crawford, Maggie fr 49b ln 93
Crawford, Maud fr 145a ln 30
Crawford, Rachell J fr 42a ln 32
Crawford, Rhoda J fr 42a ln 34
Crawford, Robert fr 49b ln 92
Crawford, Samuel M fr 42a ln 31
Crawford, Tom fr 49b ln 94
Crawford, Wallace T fr 42a ln 35
Creighton, Alva fr 125a ln 21
Creighton, James fr 125a ln 22
Creighton, Mary fr 125a ln 17
Creighton, Mary fr 125a ln 19
Creighton, Mary fr 125a ln 23
Creighton, Peggy A fr 125a ln 18
Creighton, Thomas fr 125a ln 20
Critzer, Emily fr 113a ln 36
Croffett, David fr 119a ln 31
Croker, Ester fr 89a ln 34
Croker, Hildis fr 89a ln 33
Croker, Mary fr 89a ln 32
Croker, Samuel fr 89a ln 31
Cronkiste(?), Hidee fr 113a ln 33
Cronmiller, Annie fr 49b ln 67
Cronmiller, Fred fr 49b ln 66
Cronmiller, Harrison fr 49b ln 69
Cronmiller, Jacob fr 49b ln 64
Cronmiller, Jakie fr 49b ln 71
Cronmiller, John H fr 55b ln 61
Cronmiller, Katie fr 49b ln 70
Cronmiller, Laura fr 49b ln 65
Cronmiller, Viola fr 49b ln 68
Crony, Louis fr 45a ln 49
Crooks, Carrie fr 113a ln 40
Crose, Andrew fr 76b ln 96
Crose, Henry fr 76b ln 94
Crose, Jane fr 76b ln 98
Crose, Laura fr 76b ln 95
Crose, Sadie fr 76b ln 99
Crose, Telodsa(?) fr 76b ln 97
Cross, Albert fr 24b ln 72
Cross, Emma fr 24b ln 71
Cross, Frank A fr 24b ln 70
Cross, James F fr 92a ln 37
Cross, Mabel fr 24b ln 74
Cross, Stella fr 24b ln 73
Cross, Wilmie fr 24b ln 75
Crossley, Charles fr 118b ln 51
Crouss, Anna fr 91a ln 14
Crouss, Bertha fr 91a ln 16
Crouss, Edith M fr 91a ln 19
Crouss, Harvey fr 91a ln 17
Crouss, Irvine fr 91a ln 18
Crouss, Lou-- fr 91a ln 13
Crouss, William fr 91a ln 15
Crowell, Albert fr 132b ln 73
Crowell, Alonzo fr 132b ln 77
Crowell, Carl fr 132b ln 78
Crowell, Clarence fr 132b ln 80
Crowell, Elmer fr 132b ln 79
Crowell, Emma fr 138b ln 53
Crowell, Flora fr 132b ln 74
Crowell, George A fr 138b ln 55
Crowell, Hattie fr 132b ln 76
Crowell, Jessee fr 132b ln 75
Crowell, William fr 138b ln 52
Crowell, William fr 138b ln 54
Crumly, [unreadable] fr 144b ln 67
Crumly, Sarah Myrtle fr 144b ln 68
Crumrine, Clementina fr 113a ln 31

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