Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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Culbertson, Elisebeth fr 152b ln 67
Culbertson, Forrest W fr 152b ln 69
Culbertson, Scott W fr 152b ln 68
Culbertson, William W fr 152b ln 66
Culler, Edward fr 82b ln 71
Culler, Franklin fr 82b ln 74
Culler, George E fr 82b ln 73
Culler, Nellie C fr 82b ln 72
Culler, Roy E fr 82b ln 75
Culver, Alice P fr 58b ln 72
Culver, Emily fr 58b ln 74
Culver, Henry fr 58b ln 70
Culver, James S fr 118b ln 85
Culver, Sylvester H fr 58b ln 71
Culver, Viola F fr 58b ln 73
Cummings(?), Julia fr 153b ln 99
Cummings, Fannie fr 113a ln 32
Cummings, Harry(?) fr 153b ln 95
Cummings, Lizzie A fr 153b ln 96
Cummings, Stuart fr 72a ln 13
Cummings, Thomas J fr 153b ln 97
Cummins, Edman fr 35a ln 45
Cummins, Millie fr 35a ln 46
Cuningham, [unreadable] fr 78b ln 66
Cuningham, Albert fr 76b ln 88
Cuningham, Anna fr 78b ln 69
Cuningham, Katie fr 78b ln 70
Cuningham, Margaret fr 147b ln 91
Cuningham, Mary fr 147b ln 90
Cuningham, Mary fr 78b ln 67
Cuningham, Mary fr 147b ln 89
Cuningham, Michael fr 147b ln 88
Cuningham, Pattie fr 76b ln 87
Cuningham, William fr 76b ln 86
Cuningham, William fr 78b ln 68
Cunningham, Charles fr 118b ln 89
Cunningham, Etta fr 89b ln 85
Cunningham, John fr 76a ln 31
Cunningham, O[unreadable] fr 89b ln 84
Cunningham, Sarah fr 76a ln 32
Cunningham, Thomas fr 76a ln 33
Curant(?), Andrew fr 133a ln 35
Currie(?), Carlisle fr 134b ln 77
Currier, Edith A fr 141b ln 69
Currier, Mary fr 141b ln 67
Currier, Nellie fr 141b ln 68
Curry, William fr 118b ln 88
Curtis (shown as Carll), Ada fr 97a ln 1
Curtis, A[unreadable] B fr 154a ln 20
Curtis, Addie fr 117a ln 10
Curtis, Adelada fr 113a ln 42
Curtis, Allen fr 146a ln 32
Curtis, Bertie fr 84a ln 30
Curtis, Connie fr 117a ln 12
Curtis, Elbert fr 84a ln 29
Curtis, Ethel fr 96b ln 100
Curtis, George fr 146a ln 30
Curtis, Julia fr 146a ln 31
Curtis, Mary E fr 154a ln 21
Curtis, Minnie fr 96b ln 98
Curtis, Nettie H fr 84a ln 28
Curtis, Roy fr 96b ln 99
Curtis, Tina(?) fr 84a ln 27
Curtis, William fr 96b ln 97
Curts, Bert D fr 152b ln 78
Curts, Elmer E fr 152b ln 79
Curts, Emma A fr 152b ln 77
Curts, Frank E fr 152b ln 76
Cutbur, Claton fr 27a ln 44
Cutbur, Edna fr 27a ln 45
Cutbur, Floyd fr 27a ln 42
Cutbur, Mary fr 27a ln 41
Cutbur, Shelby fr 27a ln 43
Cutbur, William fr 27a ln 40
Cutting, Ora fr 136a ln 26
Cyner, Thomas fr 102a ln 35
D[unreadable], George H fr 119a ln 50
Dagenette, Alma fr 54a ln 25
Dagenette, Charles fr 54a ln 28
Dagenette, Christmas fr 54a ln 23
Dagenette, Dana D fr 56a ln 41
Dagenette, Don D fr 56a ln 40
Dagenette, Harold fr 56a ln 43
Dagenette, John fr 56a ln 38
Dagenette, Kittie A fr 54a ln 24
Dagenette, Laura fr 56a ln 39
Dagenette, Melvah fr 54a ln 26
Dagenette, Noel fr 54a ln 27
Dagenette, Winnie M fr 56a ln 42
Dailey, Albert fr 110a ln 9
Dailey, Earnest fr 110a ln 11
Dailey, Ferne fr 110a ln 13
Dailey, Gladis fr 110a ln 12
Dailey, Iola fr 110a ln 10
Daily, Charles fr 67b ln 77
Daily, Gracie fr 67b ln 80
Daily, Maggie C fr 67b ln 78
Daily, Neva fr 67b ln 82
Daily, Sarepta fr 67b ln 79
Daily, Wilbur D fr 67b ln 81
Dain, Mary fr 114a ln 15
Dale, Bessie fr 23b ln 73
Dale, Cathirene fr 23b ln 75
Dale, Charlie A fr 23b ln 77
Dale, James C fr 23b ln 74
Dale, Maggie fr 113b ln 54
Dale, Mary fr 23b ln 70
Dale, Nellie M fr 23b ln 71
Dale, Sam fr 23b ln 69
Dale, Samuel R fr 23b ln 72
Dale, Thomas A fr 23b ln 76
Dale, Thomas D fr 24b ln 51
Dallen, Martha fr 114a ln 12
Dalrymple, Alta fr 66b ln 58
Dalrymple, Charles fr 66b ln 55
Dalrymple, Eldora fr 66b ln 56
Dalrymple, Elizabeth fr 66b ln 61
Dalrymple, Florence fr 64b ln 84
Dalrymple, Kirk fr 66b ln 60
Dalrymple, Marion(?) fr 130a ln 19
Dalrymple, Merrell fr 66b ln 59
Dalrymple, Perry fr 66b ln 62
Dalrymple, Raymond fr 66b ln 57
Dalrymple, Russel fr 64b ln 85
Dalson, James R fr 118b ln 91
Dalton, Anna fr 78b ln 83
Dalton, Anora fr 78b ln 80
Dalton, Charlie fr 78b ln 82
Dalton, Daniel fr 78b ln 84
Dalton, Hattie fr 78b ln 89
Dalton, Hettie fr 78b ln 85
Dalton, James fr 78b ln 88
Dalton, Jannie fr 78b ln 86
Dalton, Joseph fr 78b ln 79
Dalton, Mary fr 78b ln 81
Dalton, Michel fr 78b ln 87
Daly, William J fr 88a ln 11
Dalyrmple, Howard fr 126a ln 18
Dalyrmple, Jennie fr 126a ln 20
Dalyrmple, Maggie fr 126a ln 19
Dalyrmple, Ray fr 126a ln 22
Dalzell, Ernest H fr 31a ln 41
Dalzell, James H fr 31a ln 39
Dalzell, Lida B fr 31a ln 42
Dalzell, Mary fr 31a ln 40
Danbury, Jane fr 113a ln 14
Dangherty, Joseph fr 118b ln 65
Dannhacufeld(?), Anna M fr 90b ln 69
Dannhacufeld(?), Conradt fr 90b ln 68
Dannhacufeld(?), Henry fr 90b ln 65
Dannhacufeld(?), Mary fr 90b ln 66
Dannhacufeld(?), Theodore fr 90b ln 67
Dardin, Florance fr 88b ln 68
Dardin, Robert(?) fr 88b ln 67
Dare, Abraham fr 42a ln 48
Dare, Anna L fr 42a ln 49
Dare, Elsie fr 42b ln 52
Dare, George fr 42b ln 84
Dare, Ira L fr 42b ln 53
Dare, Lida fr 42b ln 88
Dare, Luther C fr 42a ln 50
Dare, Martha fr 42b ln 51
Dare, Mary fr 42b ln 85
Dare, Milard fr 42b ln 55
Dare, Odessa fr 42b ln 86
Dare, Olatha fr 42b ln 87
Dare, Ora A fr 42b ln 54
Darien, Ellen L fr 104a ln 36
Darien, Golden D fr 104a ln 37
Darien, Michael fr 104a ln 34
Darien, Nancy fr 104a ln 35
Darkis, Harris fr 111b ln 91
Darland, Elmer fr 63a ln 46
Darland, Glenn(?) fr 63a ln 48
Darland, Mary fr 63a ln 47
Darner, Austin fr 24b ln 65
Darner, Deiloris fr 21b ln 77
Darner, Lowell fr 21b ln 78
Darner, Milo fr 36a ln 35
Darner, Mitch fr 21b ln 76
Dartz, Charles fr 118b ln 60
Dauzebrink, Charlie fr 25a ln 45
Dauzebrink, D---- fr 25a ln 41
Dauzebrink, Henry fr 25a ln 40
Dauzebrink, Joe fr 25a ln 43
Dauzebrink, Mary fr 25a ln 46
Dauzebrink, Willie fr 25a ln 44
Dauzebrink,Henry fr 25a ln 42
Davas(?), Ada M fr 38a ln 17
Davas(?), Alta A fr 38a ln 16
Davas(?), Dorrie O fr 38a ln 15
Davas(?), Laura L fr 38a ln 14
Davas(?), Robert H fr 38a ln 13
Davenport, A. M. fr 118b ln 92
Davenport, Anthony fr 22a ln 22
Davenport, C M fr 119a ln 37
Davidson(?), Emma fr 132a ln 44
Davidson(?), George fr 132a ln 42
Davidson(?), Isabel fr 132a ln 43
Davidson(?), Jane fr 132a ln 45
Davidson, A W fr 119a ln 41
Davidson, Catherine fr 92a ln 33
Davidson, Elmer fr 81b ln 58
Davidson, Hellen fr 138a ln 41
Davidson, James fr 138a ln 39
Davidson, James T fr 138a ln 43
Davidson, Lillias fr 138a ln 40
Davidson, Samuel O fr 138a ln 42
Davies(?), [unreadable] fr 134b ln 57
Davis, [unreadable]ias fr 84a ln 40
Davis, Addison R fr 151b ln 100
Davis, Alex fr 34b ln 100
Davis, Alexander fr 119a ln 42
Davis, Alice fr 108a ln 4
Davis, Anna fr 106a ln 8
Davis, Anna fr 117b ln 92
Davis, Aspha(?) L fr 110a ln 38
Davis, Bell fr 84a ln 33
Davis, Birdy fr 105b ln 67
Davis, Buel fr 128b ln 83
Davis, Charles fr 110a ln 36
Davis, Charles fr 131b ln 85
Davis, Clara fr 30a ln 17
Davis, Clark C fr 63b ln 57
Davis, Daniel fr 119a ln 48
Davis, Delila fr 106a ln 2
Davis, Eddy fr 105a ln 48
Davis, Eli fr 30a ln 14
Davis, Elisibeth fr 110a ln 37
Davis, Elizabeth fr 30a ln 15
Davis, Elizabeth fr 117a ln 3
Davis, Ellen B fr 63b ln 58
Davis, Elmer fr 105b ln 68
Davis, Ernest fr 126a ln 29
Davis, Frank fr 119b ln 52
Davis, George fr 126a ln 30
Davis, Harding fr 130b ln 65
Davis, Harry fr 105b ln 69
Davis, Henry fr 106a ln 1
Davis, Ida A fr 105a ln 46
Davis, James L fr 136a ln 33
Davis, Jennie L fr 63b ln 56
Davis, John fr 105b ln 62
Davis, John fr 105b ln 66
Davis, John fr 63b ln 55
Davis, John A fr 118b ln 94
Davis, John H fr 119a ln 47
Davis, John W fr 136a ln 32
Davis, Layde fr 128b ln 84
Davis, Lizy fr 106a ln 7
Davis, Lula fr 143b ln 100
Davis, Lydia fr 128b ln 52
Davis, Maggie fr 126a ln 28
Davis, Magie fr 106a ln 5
Davis, Mary fr 124a ln 48
Davis, Mary J fr 151b ln 99
Davis, Maud fr 106a ln 6
Davis, Maude fr 30a ln 16
Davis, Millie fr 128b ln 82
Davis, Myrtle M fr 105a ln 47
Davis, Navid(?) McKinly fr 126a ln 31
Davis, Nellie fr 106a ln 3
Davis, Nettie fr 45b ln 79
Davis, Niesse(?) fr 105b ln 65
Davis, Nora fr 45b ln 80
Davis, Perrylee(?) fr 105b ln 63
Davis, Ralph fr 30a ln 18
Davis, Reuben fr 128b ln 51
Davis, Rufus fr 106a ln 4
Davis, Sam fr 45b ln 78
Davis, Samuel fr 143b ln 99
Davis, Samuel fr 151b ln 98
Davis, Samuel(?) fr 105a ln 45
Davis, Sarah fr 35a ln 1
Davis, Sarah fr 136a ln 31
Davis, Sarah L fr 128b ln 85
Davis, Sherman fr 105b ln 64
Davis, Stella B fr 154a ln 26
Davis, Vanie N fr 144a ln 2
Davis, Walter V fr 126a ln 32
Davis, Wiliam fr 45b ln 81
Davis, William fr 108a ln 3
Davis, William fr 84a ln 34
Davis, William fr 126a ln 27
Davis, William fr 128b ln 81
Davis, William fr 136a ln 30
Davis, William fr 144a ln 1
Davison, Eva fr 134a ln 14
Davison, James fr 134a ln 13
Davison, Jimmie(?) fr 134a ln 15
Davison, John fr 134a ln 17
Davison, Raymond fr 134a ln 16
Dawson, Annie S fr 57b ln 100
Dawson, Bliss fr 57b ln 79
Dawson, Carl fr 57b ln 80
Dawson, Dot D fr 58a ln 1
Dawson, Edmond fr 57a ln 39
Dawson, Edna fr 58a ln 14
Dawson, Everett L fr 57b ln 78
Dawson, Frank fr 58a ln 12
Dawson, Glen W fr 57a ln 41
Dawson, Homer E fr 58a ln 3
Dawson, Inez D fr 58a ln 4
Dawson, Martha E fr 57a ln 40
Dawson, Newton fr 57b ln 99
Dawson, Norma fr 58a ln 15
Dawson, Phon fr 58a ln 16
Dawson, Rebecca fr 57b ln 77
Dawson, Robert fr 57b ln 76
Dawson, Rosa fr 58a ln 13
Dawson, Walter R fr 58a ln 2
Day, Allen M fr 37b ln 57
Day, Bert O fr 37b ln 58
Day, Bryan N fr 119a ln 46
Day, Charles fr 63b ln 90
Day, Cosval(?) fr 63b ln 96
Day, Erin(?) fr 87b ln 91
Day, Ethel fr 87b ln 90
Day, Harlan fr 66b ln 68
Day, Harley H fr 37b ln 56
Day, Israel fr 87b ln 87
Day, Katie fr 63b ln 92
Day, Louisa fr 63b ln 95
Day, Louisa K fr 63b ln 91
Day, Mary fr 87b ln 88
Day, Mary fr 151b ln 97
Day, Owen M fr 37b ln 54
Day, Sadie fr 63b ln 93
Day, Sarah F fr 37b ln 53
Day, Sophia fr 63b ln 94
Day, Stella fr 66b ln 67
Day, Stella M fr 37b ln 55
Day, Susan A fr 66b ln 66
Day, Virgel R fr 37b ln 59
Day, William fr 30b ln 84
Day, William fr 87b ln 89
Day, William A fr 37b ln 52
Dayton, Anna E fr 21a ln 21
Dayton, Anna E fr 21a ln 22
Dayton, Carolyn fr 21a ln 27
Dayton, Doratha W fr 21a ln 25
Dayton, Frank fr 21a ln 20
Dayton, Frank H fr 21a ln 24
Dayton, Harvey fr 21a ln 26
Dayton, Ruth J fr 21a ln 23
Deacon, Angie fr 63b ln 78
Deacon, George fr 63b ln 77
Deacon, Myrtle B fr 63b ln 80
Deacon, Orvie fr 63b ln 85
Deacon, Renie fr 63b ln 84
Deacon, Robin C fr 63b ln 81
Deacon, Veronie(?) fr 63b ln 82
Deacon, William G fr 63b ln 79
Deacon, Winnie fr 63b ln 83
Dean, Charles fr 119a ln 39
Dearinger, Anna I fr 157a ln 43
Dearinger, Caroline B fr 157a ln 42
Dearinger, Dortha fr 157a ln 38
Dearinger, George C fr 157a ln 37
Dearinger, Lola fr 157a ln 45
Dearinger, Myrtle B fr 157a ln 44
Dearinger, Ora E fr 157a ln 40
Dearinger, Stella M fr 157a ln 41
Dearinger, William T fr 157a ln 39
DeBall, Cornella fr 152a ln 48
DeBall, James C fr 152a ln 50
DeBall, Jasper fr 152a ln 47
DeBall, William C fr 152a ln 49
Debric, Alvina fr 44b ln 73
Debric, Hermen fr 44b ln 70
Debric, John fr 44b ln 72
Debric, John fr 44b ln 77
Debric, Lena fr 44b ln 76
Debric, Matilda fr 44b ln 74
Debric, Mattie fr 44b ln 71
Debric, Nora fr 44b ln 75
Debrick, Caroline fr 76b ln 78
Debrick, Fredrick fr 76b ln 77
Debrick, Johnnie fr 76a ln 40
Dedrick, Anna fr 92b ln 58
Dedrick, Annie fr 64a ln 45
Dedrick, Charles fr 63a ln 49
Dedrick, Cory fr 64a ln 46
Dedrick, Elmer fr 67b ln 95
Dedrick, Ethel fr 64a ln 48
Dedrick, Floyd fr 64a ln 50
Dedrick, George fr 63a ln 50
Dedrick, Hazel fr 67b ln 97
Dedrick, John M fr 64a ln 43
Dedrick, Joshua B fr 63b ln 51
Dedrick, Maggie fr 64a ln 47
Dedrick, Max fr 64a ln 49
Dedrick, Sarah fr 67b ln 96
Dedrick, Virginia fr 64a ln 44
Deering, May fr 49b ln 96
Deford, Baunfield(?) fr 47b ln 95
Deford, Clarissa fr 47b ln 94
Deford, Nathan fr 47b ln 93
Deford, William fr 47b ln 96
DeGolier, Harry fr 119a ln 40
Dehart(?), Addy fr 73b ln 66
Dehart(?), Bert fr 73b ln 70
Dehart(?), Edward fr 73b ln 65
Dehart(?), Enise fr 73b ln 69
Dehart(?), Eva fr 73b ln 72
Dehart(?), Frederick fr 73b ln 71
Dehart(?), Harvy fr 73b ln 68
Dehart(?), Robert fr 73b ln 67
Deihl, Art fr 40b ln 86
Delair, Peter fr 118b ln 64
Deland, Cora fr 117b ln 99
Delgore, Sanson(?) fr 118b ln 63
Dellion(?), J M fr 130a ln 37
Demastus, Amellia fr 124a ln 50
Demastus, Bertha fr 27a ln 29
Demastus, D[unreadable] fr 124a ln 49
Demastus, Edgar fr 124b ln 54
Demastus, James fr 124b ln 53
Demastus, Robert fr 27a ln 28
DeMay, Emily fr 113b ln 52
Demerest, Morris fr 118b ln 95
Demming, Lodema fr 113a ln 47
Demos, Belle fr 41a ln 43
Demos, Herskel fr 41a ln 42
Denise, Albert fr 75b ln 98
Denise, Daniel fr 76a ln 4
Denise, Dora H fr 75b ln 99
Denise, Edna fr 76a ln 1
Denise, Frank fr 76a ln 3
Denise, Roy fr 76a ln 2
Denise, William fr 75b ln 100
Dennen, Minnie A fr 116b ln 52
Dennis, Caroline(?) fr 153b ln 98
Dennis, Edgar fr 40b ln 77
Dennis, Ella fr 40b ln 80
Dennis, Elmer fr 40b ln 81
Dennis, Kate fr 40b ln 78
Dennis, Louie fr 40b ln 82
Dennis, Walter fr 40b ln 79
Denny, Ada M fr 29b ln 70
Denny, Arthur fr 29b ln 67
Denny, Carlie fr 29b ln 73
Denny, Charlie fr 29b ln 69
Denny, Ella fr 29b ln 72
Denny, Kate fr 29b ln 68
Denny, Mattie fr 29b ln 71
Deorge(?), Alfronso fr 100b ln 51
Deorge(?), Alfronso fr 100b ln 53
Deorge(?), Catherine fr 100b ln 54
Deorge(?), Eucinia fr 100b ln 52
Derringer, Annie fr 114a ln 14
Deseamus(?), Gray(?) fr 32a ln 18
DeSpain, [unreadable] E fr 85a ln 50
DeSpain, Henry L fr 85a ln 47
DeSpain, James F fr 85a ln 45
DeSpain, James T fr 85a ln 42
DeSpain, L[unreadable] L fr 85a ln 48
DeSpain, Lizzy A fr 85a ln 49
DeSpain, Mary S fr 85a ln 44
DeSpain, Sarah A fr 85a ln 43
DeSpain, Sarah F fr 85a ln 46
Detmering, Earl C fr 77a ln 5
Detmering, George fr 77a ln 3
Detmering, Ora A fr 77a ln 6
Detmering, Ray fr 77a ln 4
Detmering, Sophia fr 77a ln 7
Detson(?), Anna A fr 144b ln 89
Detson(?), James H fr 144b ln 90
Detson(?), William fr 144b ln 88
Detweiler, Estelle fr 143a ln 34
Detweiler, John fr 143a ln 33
Detweiler, Millie E fr 143a ln 36
Detweiler, William H fr 143a ln 35
Detwiler, Frank fr 88a ln 8
Detwiler, James fr 88a ln 4
Detwiler, Margarett fr 88a ln 5
Detwiler, Maud fr 88a ln 7
Detwiler, Ortha fr 88a ln 6
Dever, Cloy M fr 83a ln 12
Dever, Edward fr 83a ln 8
Dever, Joy fr 83a ln 11
Dever, Margertt A fr 83a ln 9
Dever, William fr 83a ln 10
Devins, Bessie B fr 143b ln 62
Devins, Charles fr 143b ln 53
Devins, Charles A fr 143b ln 56
Devins, Cora E fr 143b ln 55
Devins, Emma fr 143b ln 54
Devins, Floyd J fr 143b ln 61
Devins, Frank E fr 143b ln 59
Devins, Harry fr 143b ln 60
Devins, Maud fr 143b ln 57
Devins, Orvil A fr 143b ln 63
Devins, Roy W fr 143b ln 58
DeVol, Theo fr 117b ln 73
Dewease, Earle fr 26b ln 69
Dewease, Lester C fr 26b ln 68
Dewease, Mamie F fr 26b ln 67
Dewease, Nancie E fr 26b ln 66
Dewease, Shan fr 26b ln 65
Dewease, Sheldon fr 26b ln 70
Deweese, Ada A fr 149a ln 23
Deweese, Milton fr 149a ln 22
Deweese, Sylvan(?) fr 149a ln 21
Dick, Adaline fr 116b ln 58
Dickey, Anna fr 96b ln 76
Dickey, Avalea fr 96b ln 79
Dickey, Bruce fr 96b ln 77
Dickey, James fr 63b ln 76
Dickey, James fr 96b ln 74
Dickey, Leo fr 96b ln 78
Dickey, Mary A fr 96b ln 75
Dickey, Minerva fr 63b ln 75
Dickson(?), Dora fr 113a ln 48
Dieh, Louisa fr 83b ln 55
Diehl, John fr 83b ln 54
Diehm(?), Iona fr 63a ln 40
Diehm(?), James fr 63a ln 38
Diehm(?), Rosa fr 63a ln 39
Diehm, Albert fr 65a ln 12
Diehm, Annie K fr 65a ln 27
Diehm, Annie M fr 65a ln 28
Diehm, Cecil R fr 65a ln 15
Diehm, Corien O fr 65a ln 37
Diehm, Delphia fr 65a ln 36
Diehm, Edward fr 65a ln 34
Diehm, Ella fr 65a ln 13
Diehm, Fred M fr 65a ln 17
Diehm, Gilbert fr 65a ln 29
Diehm, Jacob fr 68a ln 29
Diehm, John fr 38a ln 36
Diehm, John fr 65a ln 26
Diehm, Leon A fr 65a ln 16
Diehm, Mary A fr 68a ln 30
Diehm, Mary B fr 65a ln 35
Diehm, Minnie M fr 65a ln 14
Digney, George fr 118b ln 66
Dillam, Allon R fr 49a ln 49
Dillam, Annie fr 49b ln 52
Dillam, Annie L fr 49b ln 51
Dillam, Frank fr 49a ln 47
Dillam, James B fr 49a ln 48
Dillam, Mary E fr 49a ln 50
Dillard, Annie fr 140a ln 42
Dillard, Beulah fr 135b ln 69
Dillard, Charley fr 135b ln 70
Dillard, Cora fr 135b ln 65
Dillard, Ellen fr 135b ln 63
Dillard, Freddie fr 140a ln 43
Dillard, Gertie fr 135b ln 68
Dillard, Henry fr 140a ln 37
Dillard, John fr 135b ln 61
Dillard, Joshua fr 135b ln 67
Dillard, Lillian E fr 140a ln 41
Dillard, Llinnie fr 140a ln 39
Dillard, Mack fr 135b ln 66
Dillard, Mamie fr 140a ln 38
Dillard, Nelie fr 135b ln 62
Dillard, Samuel fr 140a ln 40
Dillard, Willie fr 135b ln 64
Dillehunt(?), Catharine H fr 113a ln 37
Dillon, Cora fr 31b ln 80
Dillon, Edward fr 110b ln 72
Dillon, Ernest fr 31b ln 82
Dillon, Grace fr 31b ln 81
Dillon, Homer fr 110b ln 76
Dillon, Irvin fr 33b ln 66
Dillon, James fr 33b ln 64
Dillon, John W fr 95b ln 81
Dillon, Katie fr 33b ln 65
Dillon, Leo fr 110b ln 75
Dillon, Mary fr 110b ln 73
Dillon, Robt fr 31b ln 79
Dillon, Stella fr 33b ln 67
Dillon, Thomas fr 110b ln 77
Dillon, Violet fr 110b ln 74
Dillon, Wilbur fr 33b ln 68
Dimond, Clarence fr 118b ln 69
Dira, Charles fr 40b ln 59
Ditonson(?), Charles(?) fr 74b ln 71
Ditonson(?), Christine fr 74b ln 76
Ditonson(?), Clarra fr 74b ln 72
Ditonson(?), Emertine(?) fr 74b ln 75
Ditonson(?), Kettie fr 74b ln 73
Ditonson(?), Maud fr 74b ln 74
Divers, Marinda fr 150b ln 56
Dives(?), Charles fr 132a ln 4
Dives(?), Eva M fr 132a ln 5
Doan, Enos A fr 119a ln 38
Doane, Edith M fr 52a ln 46
Doane, Franklin fr 118b ln 62
Doane, Julia A fr 52a ln 45
Doane, William fr 52a ln 44
Doby(?), Ada fr 113a ln 49
Dockendoff, Frances fr 116a ln 32
Dockrell, Louisa fr 113b ln 51
Dodd, Bessie I fr 146a ln 21
Dodd, Clarance fr 67b ln 92
Dodd, Clement L fr 67b ln 94
Dodd, Eliza J fr 77a ln 20
Dodd, Ennis fr 146a ln 18
Dodd, Jennie fr 77a ln 21
Dodd, Jesse H fr 65b ln 91
Dodd, John T fr 77a ln 19
Dodd, Lela N fr 146a ln 22
Dodd, Lyda fr 146a ln 19
Dodd, Nettie A fr 67b ln 93
Dodd, Warren F fr 146a ln 20
Dodds, Augustus E fr 47a ln 35
Dodds, William H fr 95b ln 95
Dodson, Elizabeth fr 71b ln 88
Doe, John fr 118b ln 67
Doe, John fr 119a ln 45
Dolar, Henry fr 138a ln 7
Dolar, Lizzie fr 138a ln 8
Dolby, Minerva fr 114a ln 17
Doleshall, John fr 119a ln 36
Dolphin, Amy fr 107b ln 56
Dolphin, Jenny fr 107b ln 55
Dolphin, Mary fr 107b ln 53
Dolphin, May fr 107b ln 54
Doman, Gula fr 62b ln 75
Doman, Jessie fr 62b ln 77
Doman, Mack A fr 62b ln 78
Doman, Newton fr 62b ln 74
Doman, Zaday fr 62b ln 76
Donahoe, John F fr 151b ln 66
Donahue, Anna M fr 77b ln 76
Donahue, Catharine fr 135a ln 42
Donahue, Daniel C fr 77b ln 75
Donahue, John fr 77b ln 71
Donahue, John fr 77b ln 73
Donahue, Maize fr 77b ln 74
Donahue, Margaret fr 77b ln 72
Doniers, A fr 118b ln 61
Donohue, Cornelis fr 78b ln 72
Donovan, Charley fr 147b ln 82
Donovan, Ellen fr 147b ln 81
Donovan, George W fr 147b ln 83
Donovan, Jerome(?) fr 147b ln 80
Donovan, John fr 118b ln 68
Donovan, Mattie M fr 147b ln 84
Doplhin, James fr 119a ln 43
Dorbson(?), Carrie fr 112a ln 39
Dore, Edmond J fr 55a ln 1
Dore, Johannah C fr 55a ln 5
Dore, John F fr 55a ln 2
Dore, Margaret A fr 54b ln 99
Dore, Maurice T fr 54b ln 100
Dore, Micheal A fr 55a ln 4
Dore, Minnie E fr 54b ln 97
Dore, Morris fr 55a ln 42
Dore, Nellie M fr 54b ln 98
Dore, Patrick fr 54b ln 96
Dore, William P fr 55a ln 3
Dorethat, C Ernest fr 69a ln 4
Dorethat, David fr 69a ln 10
Dorethat, J Sarah fr 69a ln 5
Dorethat, Jessie fr 69a ln 7
Dorethat, Joe(?) fr 69a ln 8
Dorethat, Richard fr 69a ln 6
Dorethat, Will fr 69a ln 9
Dorman, Cecil fr 108b ln 72
Dorman, Edison fr 108b ln 70
Dorman, Emma fr 108b ln 71
Dorman, Grandie fr 108b ln 73
Doudnay, Elizabeth fr 76a ln 46
Doudnay, Jesse fr 76a ln 44
Doudnay, John fr 76a ln 43
Doudnay, Lewis fr 76a ln 45
Doudnay, Manual(?) fr 76a ln 41
Doudnay, Oliver fr 76a ln 48
Doudnay, Synthia fr 76a ln 42
Doudnay, William fr 76a ln 47
Dougherty, Bridger fr 113b ln 53
Douglas, Edith fr 146a ln 37
Douglass, Gosda(?) fr 143b ln 75
Douglass, Harlie(?) R fr 143b ln 76
Douglass, Joseph fr 143b ln 74
Downs, Blaine fr 57b ln 64
Downs, Elizabeth fr 57b ln 57
Downs, Ethel fr 57b ln 61
Downs, Goldie E fr 57b ln 62
Downs, Helen fr 57b ln 63
Downs, Mamie fr 57b ln 59
Downs, Myrtle fr 57b ln 60
Downs, Tevis C fr 57b ln 58
Downs, William fr 57b ln 56
Doyle, Bridget fr 155b ln 89
Doyle, Mary fr 116b ln 62
Draper, Angeline fr 104b ln 87
Draper, James fr 104b ln 86
Driscoll, John fr 23b ln 92
Driskill, Henry fr 119a ln 44
Drown, Charley fr 58b ln 64
Drown, Maud fr 58b ln 65
Drown, Nellie M fr 58b ln 66
Drum, Erwin fr 119a ln 49
Drumhiller(?), Salince(?) fr 116a ln 20
Drummond, Annie fr 148a ln 31
Dryden, Charles fr 131a ln 9
Dryden, Isaac fr 131a ln 6
Dryden, L[unreadable] fr 93b ln 100
Dryden, Maggie fr 93b ln 99
Dryden, Marcus(?) fr 93b ln 96
Dryden, Marea fr 131a ln 7
Dryden, Mariah fr 93b ln 98
Dryden, Nettie fr 131a ln 8
Dryden, Pinkie fr 93b ln 97
Duane(?), Joseph fr 103a ln 49
Ducan, Madison fr 108b ln 66
Ducan, Maggie fr 108b ln 63
Ducan, Mattie fr 108b ln 65
Ducan, Sarah fr 108b ln 64
Dudley, Ira fr 118b ln 93
Dugan, Daniel fr 52a ln 18
Dugan, Florence fr 30b ln 51
Dugan, Joe fr 30b ln 52
Dugan, John fr 142a ln 20
Dugan, Lucy E fr 30a ln 50
Dugan, Mary fr 30a ln 47
Dugan, Mary J fr 142a ln 21
Dugan, Maude fr 52a ln 17
Dugan, Nicholas fr 52a ln 19
Dugan, Peter B fr 30a ln 46
Dugan, Tomy(?) fr 30a ln 49
Dugan, Wilder fr 30a ln 48
Dugan, William fr 142a ln 22
Dugger, Augustus fr 119b ln 51
Dukes, George fr 68a ln 22
Dukes, Gertie fr 68a ln 23
Dukes, John W fr 68a ln 21
Dukes, Susan J fr 68a ln 20
Dukes, William fr 68a ln 19
Duman, Eva fr 67a ln 45
Dunaway, Charles fr 90a ln 10
Dunaway, Dana fr 90a ln 12
Dunaway, Dorothy fr 90a ln 13
Dunaway, Frank fr 34b ln 72
Dunaway, Hazel M fr 34b ln 74
Dunaway, Margreth fr 94b ln 82
Dunaway, Mary J fr 90a ln 9
Dunaway, Mertis(?) fr 90a ln 11
Dunaway, Myrtle C fr 34b ln 73
Dunaway, Vernon W fr 34b ln 75
Dunaway, William fr 90a ln 8
Dunbar, Bell fr 99b ln 52
Dunbar, Hattie fr 99b ln 53
Dunbar, John fr 99b ln 51
Dunbar, Johny fr 99b ln 55
Dunbar, William fr 128b ln 54
Dunbar, Willis(?) fr 99b ln 54
Duncan, Blaine F fr 61a ln 3
Duncan, Curtis fr 62b ln 90
Duncan, Curtis fr 149b ln 100
Duncan, Daisy D fr 62b ln 69
Duncan, Doctor R fr 88b ln 85
Duncan, Fanny fr 61a ln 2
Duncan, Hattie fr 88b ln 86
Duncan, John fr 61a ln 1
Duncan, John fr 88b ln 88
Duncan, Julia fr 88b ln 84
Duncan, Lester(?) fr 128a ln 38
Duncan, Lola fr 128a ln 42
Duncan, Margaret fr 128a ln 39
Duncan, Milline(?) fr 128a ln 23
Duncan, Morison fr 111b ln 54
Duncan, Nathan fr 128a ln 40
Duncan, Oliver fr 128b ln 87
Duncan, Ralph fr 88b ln 89
Duncan, Richard fr 88b ln 83
Duncan, Sarah A fr 128b ln 86
Duncan, Stella fr 128a ln 41
Duncan, Thomas fr 132a ln 50
Duncan, Wallis fr 88b ln 87
Duncan, Zack fr 128a ln 22
Dundee, Henrietta fr 150a ln 37
Dundee, Jacob fr 150a ln 38
Dunham, Almira fr 117b ln 98
Dunham, Bert fr 44a ln 41
Dunham, Corem(?) fr 31b ln 74
Dunham, Ella fr 44a ln 42
Dunham, Fay fr 44a ln 45
Dunham, Hattie fr 31b ln 73
Dunham, Homer fr 44a ln 43
Dunham, Minnie fr 44a ln 44
Dunham, Ruby fr 31b ln 75
Dunham, Will-- fr 31b ln 72
Dunhan, Esamie fr 43b ln 91
Dunhan, James fr 43b ln 90
Dunkin, Earl(?) fr 104b ln 88
Dunkin, Ethel fr 104b ln 89
Dunland, Inez J fr 157a ln 13
Dunland, Louisa P fr 157a ln 11
Dunland, Oscar M fr 157a ln 12
Dunland, Ralph(?) fr 157a ln 10
Dunlap, Benjamin fr 108a ln 27
Dunlap, Harriet fr 108a ln 28
Dunlap, John fr 106b ln 53
Dunlap, John L fr 108a ln 31
Dunlap, Mason D fr 108a ln 29
Dunlap, Virginna S fr 106b ln 54
Dunlap, William B fr 108a ln 30

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