Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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Dunn(?), Cosby fr 116a ln 26
Dunn, Ada fr 34a ln 25
Dunn, Anna fr 32b ln 79
Dunn, Caroline fr 157a ln 8
Dunn, Charles W fr 32b ln 88
Dunn, Clara E fr 147b ln 72
Dunn, Cora N fr 147b ln 69
Dunn, David fr 34a ln 19
Dunn, David F fr 155b ln 82
Dunn, Dollie fr 32b ln 57
Dunn, Elizabeth L fr 32b ln 85
Dunn, Ella fr 32b ln 78
Dunn, Ernest F fr 32b ln 58
Dunn, Eunice fr 85a ln 36
Dunn, Eva A fr 32b ln 91
Dunn, Fanny fr 155b ln 81
Dunn, Frank P fr 85a ln 38
Dunn, Geog A fr 32b ln 90
Dunn, George fr 34a ln 23
Dunn, Gertrude fr 155b ln 80
Dunn, Harold fr 85a ln 37
Dunn, Hattie R fr 32b ln 87
Dunn, James D fr 32b ln 81
Dunn, Jennie M fr 33a ln 44
Dunn, Jim fr 34a ln 22
Dunn, John H fr 157a ln 7
Dunn, John L fr 32b ln 80
Dunn, Lena fr 32b ln 94
Dunn, Lizzie fr 34a ln 20
Dunn, Lola H fr 147b ln 74
Dunn, Lottie fr 34a ln 24
Dunn, Mahala fr 147b ln 68
Dunn, Marcella fr 155b ln 83
Dunn, Margaret fr 33a ln 41
Dunn, Noah fr 32b ln 92
Dunn, Pearl E fr 147b ln 73
Dunn, Perry fr 147b ln 67
Dunn, Rachel fr 33a ln 42
Dunn, Robert fr 155b ln 79
Dunn, Robt fr 33a ln 40
Dunn, Ruth fr 32b ln 95
Dunn, Sarah B fr 32b ln 89
Dunn, Sarah B fr 33a ln 43
Dunn, Sheridan A fr 112a ln 7
Dunn, Susie fr 32b ln 93
Dunn, Thomas fr 32b ln 56
Dunn, Thomas fr 32b ln 84
Dunn, Tillie fr 34a ln 21
Dunn, Vernon C fr 147b ln 71
Dunn, William fr 34a ln 26
Dunn, William fr 85a ln 35
Dunn, William P fr 147b ln 70
Dunn, Willie H fr 32b ln 86
Dunnavon, Annie G fr 100a ln 25
Dunnavon, Catharine L fr 100a ln 27
Dunnavon, Emmit R fr 100a ln 28
Dunnavon, Grace A fr 100a ln 26
Dunnavon, John fr 100a ln 24
Dunnavon, Walter H fr 100a ln 29
Dunnington, Henry fr 55b ln 75
Dunnington, Lucian fr 55b ln 77
Dunnington, Mary A fr 55b ln 76
Durfee, Albert fr 108a ln 14
Durfee, Clarance fr 108a ln 16
Durfee, Laura fr 108a ln 15
Durfee, lela fr 108a ln 17
Dusenberry, Nancy fr 100b ln 60
Dusenberry, Thomas fr 100b ln 59
Dusenberry, Thomas fr 100b ln 61
Dwinell(?), Alice fr 111a ln 32
Dwinell(?), Belle fr 111a ln 30
Dwinell(?), Erma fr 111a ln 31
Dwinell(?), George fr 111a ln 29
Dwyer, Charles fr 98a ln 10
Dwyer, Kate fr 114a ln 8
Dye, Elizabeth fr 114a ln 16
Dysart, Alma fr 151a ln 13
Dysart, Hannah fr 60a ln 25
Dysart, Robert fr 151a ln 12
Dysart, William T fr 151a ln 11
E[unreadable], Henry fr 87a ln 48
E[unreadable], Ida fr 87a ln 47
E[unreadable], John fr 87a ln 46
Eagan, Bell fr 23b ln 94
Eagan, Finis M fr 23b ln 95
Eagan, Hazel fr 23b ln 96
Eagan, Mark(?) fr 23b ln 93
Eagan, May fr 28b ln 62
Eagan, Robert fr 28b ln 61
Eahel, William L fr 119b ln 53
Eaken, Ethel fr 97a ln 30
Eaken, Frank fr 97a ln 28
Eaken, Fred fr 97a ln 31
Eaken, Lola fr 97a ln 32
Eaken, Magie fr 97a ln 33
Eaken, Norah(?) fr 97a ln 29
Easley(?), Elena(?) A fr 90a ln 43
Eastman, Allice fr 79b ln 66
Eastman, Caroln fr 21a ln 13
Eastman, Carry fr 79b ln 68
Eastman, Ernest fr 79b ln 69
Eastman, Ethel fr 79b ln 67
Eastman, Hellen fr 79b ln 72
Eastman, Hiram fr 79b ln 65
Eastman, Leon fr 21a ln 12
Eastman, Leon fr 79b ln 73
Eastman, Marion fr 79b ln 71
Eastman, Robert fr 79b ln 70
Eastwood, Abraham fr 72b ln 52
Eastwood, Caroline fr 72b ln 53
Eastwood, Henry fr 72b ln 54
Eastwood, Ida fr 72b ln 55
Eatheron, Lydia(?) fr 88b ln 51
Eaton, Charlie fr 27b ln 54
Eaton, Luisa fr 27b ln 53
Eaton, Phineas(?) fr 27b ln 52
Ebbert, Earnest T fr 52a ln 12
Ebbert, Elsie E fr 52a ln 13
Ebbert, Freddie C fr 52a ln 10
Ebbert, Gussie E fr 52a ln 11
Ebbert, Ida E fr 52a ln 9
Ebbert, Louis fr 52a ln 8
Eby, Amelia fr 99b ln 73
Eby, Amelia F fr 99b ln 78
Eby, Eva E fr 99b ln 76
Eby, Harry H fr 99b ln 77
Eby, Joel B fr 99b ln 72
Eby, John E fr 99b ln 75
Eby, Mable M fr 99b ln 74
Echart, Abbie A fr 109b ln 52
Echart, Edward fr 109b ln 51
Echart, Florance A fr 109b ln 53
Echart, Foster W fr 109b ln 54
Ecord, Benjamin fr 109b ln 79
Ecord, Bessie fr 98b ln 55
Ecord, Estell fr 109b ln 81
Ecord, Estella fr 109b ln 80
Ecord, John fr 98b ln 51
Ecord, Lizzy fr 98b ln 52
Ecord, Sarah fr 98b ln 53
Ecord, William S fr 98b ln 54
Eddy, Daisey fr 85b ln 54
Eddy, Franklin fr 132b ln 64
Eddy, Herman fr 85b ln 53
Eddy, Lola fr 85b ln 55
Eddy, Lulu fr 132b ln 62
Eddy, Walter(?) fr 132b ln 63
Eddy, William fr 132b ln 61
Edmiston(?), Jennie fr 101b ln 94
Edwards, Ada fr 124b ln 65
Edwards, Anna fr 77a ln 38
Edwards, Bert fr 77a ln 40
Edwards, Carie fr 26b ln 77
Edwards, Charlie fr 77a ln 39
Edwards, Charlie G fr 61b ln 88
Edwards, Clara D fr 45b ln 90
Edwards, Clarance fr 95a ln 33
Edwards, David W fr 45b ln 89
Edwards, Gray fr 61b ln 89
Edwards, John fr 124b ln 63
Edwards, Leo fr 95a ln 31
Edwards, Louise M fr 95a ln 30
Edwards, Lydia J fr 61b ln 87
Edwards, Mary fr 124b ln 64
Edwards, Ottis fr 95a ln 32
Edwards, Susan F fr 45b ln 88
Edwards, Turner(?) fr 45b ln 87
Edwards, William fr 77a ln 37
Edwards, William fr 95a ln 29
Edwards, William I fr 119b ln 58
Ege, Laura fr 113b ln 99
Egeleton, Rubert fr 38a ln 1
Eggear(?), Robert fr 119b ln 55
Eggleston, Blanche fr 48a ln 41
Egioins(?), Laura fr 113b ln 71
Eichhorn, Charles H fr 83a ln 19
Eichhorn, Flora L fr 83a ln 16
Eichhorn, George fr 83a ln 15
Eichhorn, Robert C fr 83a ln 18
Eichhorn, Walter W fr 83a ln 17
Elam, Charles fr 119b ln 54
Elam, E L fr 133a ln 18
Elam, Eliza A fr 133a ln 19
Elden, Chester fr 98a ln 30
Elden, Ira fr 98a ln 28
Elden, Maud fr 98a ln 29
Elden, Minnerva fr 98a ln 27
Elden, Nick fr 98a ln 26
Elder, Bertha S fr 81a ln 12
Elder, Faye M fr 81a ln 13
Elder, Ora fr 81a ln 11
Eliason, Agustus fr 119b ln 59
Elkins, Belle fr 49b ln 59
Elkins, James fr 49b ln 58
Elkins, James fr 49b ln 60
Elkinton, Albert fr 39b ln 67
Elkinton, Clarance fr 39b ln 69
Elkinton, Ethel fr 39b ln 71
Elkinton, Ivan fr 39b ln 70
Elkinton, Lidig M fr 39b ln 68
Elkintor, Edith M fr 38b ln 64
Elkintor, James H fr 38b ln 62
Elkintor, Leroy fr 38b ln 65
Elkintor, Lester fr 38b ln 66
Elkintor, Mary J fr 38b ln 63
Elkintor, Nora E fr 38b ln 67
Elliot, Adam J fr 42a ln 28
Elliot, Anna fr 41b ln 95
Elliot, Anna fr 41b ln 97
Elliot, Anna fr 117a ln 22
Elliot, Charlie fr 41b ln 96
Elliot, Frank fr 41b ln 98
Elliot, Frank fr 42a ln 29
Elliot, John fr 41b ln 94
Elliot, John R fr 42a ln 30
Elliot, Levi fr 120a ln 3
Elliot, Mary fr 42a ln 27
Elliot, Thomas fr 42a ln 26
Elliott, Beaunice(?) fr 104a ln 27
Elliott, Bell fr 104a ln 26
Elliott, Curtis fr 104a ln 30
Elliott, George fr 104a ln 25
Elliott, Grace fr 88a ln 27
Elliott, Harriett fr 152a ln 40
Elliott, Joseph fr 88a ln 26
Elliott, Lola fr 104a ln 31
Elliott, Luke(?) fr 104a ln 28
Elliott, Martha M fr 149b ln 51
Elliott, Mary E fr 149a ln 50
Elliott, Preston L fr 149b ln 52
Elliott, Raymond fr 104a ln 29
Elliott, William fr 149a ln 49
Ellis, Abigill M fr 63a ln 10
Ellis, Adda G fr 63a ln 13
Ellis, August fr 120a ln 5
Ellis, Bart(?) fr 128a ln 47
Ellis, Benjamin fr 41a ln 22
Ellis, Charles A fr 63a ln 9
Ellis, Clark fr 63a ln 17
Ellis, Claud A fr 63a ln 11
Ellis, Cora fr 41a ln 19
Ellis, Cornelia fr 41a ln 17
Ellis, Effie fr 63a ln 15
Ellis, Eliza fr 32b ln 97
Ellis, Elizabeth fr 41a ln 20
Ellis, Ethel fr 134a ln 29
Ellis, Ethel S fr 37a ln 37
Ellis, Fred fr 41a ln 21
Ellis, Harriet fr 63a ln 14
Ellis, Hattie S fr 37a ln 38
Ellis, Hazel(?) fr 128a ln 49
Ellis, Jesse O fr 63a ln 18
Ellis, John fr 32b ln 96
Ellis, John B fr 37a ln 36
Ellis, John F fr 63a ln 12
Ellis, Lesley G fr 37a ln 35
Ellis, Lucy W fr 63a ln 16
Ellis, Mary E fr 37a ln 39
Ellis, Mason fr 41a ln 18
Ellis, Medora C fr 37a ln 34
Ellis, Melvin fr 44a ln 17
Ellis, Milorra fr 113b ln 98
Ellis, Myrtle O fr 37a ln 40
Ellis, Olive E fr 44a ln 18
Ellis, Robt fr 32b ln 98
Ellis, Rosa fr 128a ln 48
Ellis, Sarah fr 134a ln 28
Ellis, Thad fr 128a ln 50
Ellis, William fr 134a ln 27
Ellis, William H fr 37a ln 33
Ellison, [unreadable] T fr 151a ln 1
Ellison, Alexander fr 151a ln 6
Ellison, Caroline fr 151a ln 2
Ellison, Fannie fr 151a ln 7
Ellison, Gertie fr 151a ln 4
Ellison, Jean fr 151a ln 8
Ellison, Magnus fr 119b ln 56
Ellison, Mossie L fr 151a ln 3
Ellison, Olva fr 151a ln 5
Elnrach(?), George W fr 151b ln 59
Elnrach(?), Halbert fr 151b ln 61
Elnrach(?), Stella fr 151b ln 60
Elrod, Edwin T fr 54a ln 33
Elrod, James fr 54a ln 29
Elrod, Lucy A fr 54a ln 31
Elrod, Lydia L fr 54a ln 37
Elrod, Rosa A fr 54a ln 30
Elrod, Thomas W fr 54a ln 32
Elsworth, Clarence fr 74a ln 17
Elsworth, Henry fr 74a ln 15
Elsworth, Lana fr 74a ln 18
Elsworth, Mattie fr 74a ln 16
Elwell, Abraham(?) fr 100b ln 82
Elwell, Clifford fr 100b ln 87
Elwell, Dean fr 100b ln 84
Elwell, Harmon fr 100b ln 85
Elwell, Lee fr 100b ln 86
Elwell, Marian fr 100b ln 83
Elza, Anie fr 142b ln 61
Elza, Henry fr 142b ln 60
Embree, Fan fr 109a ln 6
Embree, Katie fr 109a ln 5
Embree, William fr 109a ln 4
Emery, Clarance fr 51a ln 37
Emery, Clarence fr 145b ln 74
Emery, Francis fr 145b ln 75
Emery, Martha fr 51a ln 38
Emmart, Eddie fr 148b ln 65
Emmart, John fr 148b ln 63
Emmart, Nellie fr 148b ln 64
Emmerett, Jacob fr 120a ln 1
Emmons, Celia R fr 89a ln 29
Emmons, Charles fr 89a ln 28
Emmons, Cleon fr 89a ln 30
Emmons, Jessie fr 136b ln 98
Emmons, Mollie fr 136b ln 96
Emmons, Neal fr 136b ln 95
Emmons, Ralph fr 136b ln 100
Emmons, Walter fr 136b ln 99
Emmons, Willie fr 136b ln 97
Englehart, Harmon(?) fr 36a ln 5
English, Anthony fr 134a ln 23
English, C Tin--- fr 69b ln 89
English, Duprey(?) fr 140a ln 50
English, Ella fr 134a ln 24
English, Elmer fr 134a ln 26
English, Ernestine fr 139b ln 100
English, Estella fr 139b ln 95
English, Georgia fr 134a ln 25
English, Getes(?) fr 139b ln 93
English, Hattie fr 139b ln 94
English, Howard B fr 139b ln 99
English, Jane fr 136b ln 60
English, Othello J fr 139b ln 98
English, Ozie O fr 139b ln 96
English, Sarah fr 69b ln 90
English, Vallie F fr 139b ln 97
English, William fr 80a ln 23
Ensle, Florance fr 62a ln 10
Ensle, Gottlieb fr 62a ln 5
Ensle, Gottlieb F fr 62a ln 9
Ensle, Jacob W fr 62a ln 7
Ensle, Mary fr 62a ln 6
Ensle, Mary M fr 62a ln 8
Epp, John M fr 119b ln 60
Epple, Arthur J fr 97b ln 54
Epple, Edward fr 97b ln 53
Epple, Joseph fr 97b ln 51
Epple, Mary A fr 97b ln 52
Erginslight(?), [unreadable] fr 98a ln 1
Erginslight(?), Mable fr 98a ln 2
Erginslight(?), Margretta fr 98a ln 3
Erickson, A E fr 120a ln 6
Erickson, Alfred fr 120a ln 4
Erickson, Kate fr 113b ln 72
Erickson, Margaret fr 116b ln 61
Erickson, Mary fr 113b ln 70
Ericson, Ole D fr 119b ln 61
Ernest(?), Caroline(?) fr 113b ln 100
Error fr 135a ln 33
Erwin, George W fr 112b ln 85
Erwin, Ida A fr 112b ln 86
Etter, Walter fr 119b ln 57
Eubank, Ella fr 21a ln 41
Eubank, G---- E fr 21a ln 38
Eubank, John W fr 21a ln 37
Eubank, Mabel fr 21a ln 39
Eubank, Maryan fr 21a ln 36
Eubank, Thomas fr 21a ln 35
Eubank, Thomas fr 21a ln 40
Evans, Ethel fr 74b ln 52
Evans, Frank O fr 136b ln 52
Evans, Grace fr 74b ln 54
Evans, James M fr 111b ln 56
Evans, John fr 136b ln 51
Evans, John fr 136b ln 54
Evans, Lena fr 136b ln 53
Evans, Mollie fr 74a ln 50
Evans, Nellie fr 74b ln 53
Evans, Samuel fr 74a ln 49
Evans, Sophia fr 74b ln 51
Evens, Arbillada fr 105b ln 74
Evens, Charles fr 105b ln 75
Evens, Earl fr 105b ln 78
Evens, George fr 105b ln 73
Evens, Hattie fr 105b ln 77
Evens, Jessie fr 105b ln 76
Evens, Ray fr 105b ln 79
Everett, Elizabeth fr 130b ln 64
Everett, Louis fr 130b ln 62
Everett, Olive fr 130b ln 63
Everett, Robert fr 130b ln 60
Everhart, George fr 77a ln 13
Everhart, Harry fr 77a ln 14
Everhart, Lewis fr 77a ln 15
Everhart, Mary E fr 77a ln 18
Everhart, Silas W fr 77a ln 17
Everhart, Theodore T fr 77a ln 16
Evert, August fr 45b ln 73
Evert, Joe fr 45b ln 76
Evert, Maggie fr 45b ln 74
Evert, Paul fr 45b ln 77
Evert, Tracy fr 45b ln 75
Evins, Aeronetta(?) fr 85b ln 81
Evins, Carrie V fr 85b ln 86
Evins, Fletcher M fr 85b ln 83
Evins, Frank J fr 85b ln 88
Evins, James fr 85b ln 80
Evins, James G fr 85b ln 87
Evins, Jessie A fr 85b ln 85
Evins, Rosa A fr 85b ln 84
Evins, Westley V fr 85b ln 82
Ewing, [unreadable] fr 81b ln 98
Ewing, [unreadable] fr 81b ln 99
Ewing, Adda fr 112b ln 66
Ewing, Calvin fr 81b ln 100
Ewing, Catherine fr 99a ln 26
Ewing, Emma R fr 67b ln 74
Ewing, Francia fr 99a ln 28
Ewing, George fr 57b ln 51
Ewing, Hugh fr 81b ln 97
Ewing, Hugh N fr 67b ln 72
Ewing, John fr 120a ln 2
Ewing, John H fr 111b ln 57
Ewing, Josephine fr 99a ln 27
Ewing, Maggie M fr 67b ln 76
Ewing, Mary(?) fr 99a ln 25
Ewing, Ruth A fr 67b ln 73
Ewing, Walter R fr 67b ln 75
F[unreadable], Carrie fr 111a ln 39
Faass, Elizabeth fr 113b ln 90
Fader, Anna(?) fr 82a ln 18
Fader, Herbert fr 82a ln 19
Fader, Nellie fr 82a ln 20
Fagan, Jefferson fr 119b ln 67
Fairchild, Nellie fr 114a ln 2
Fairdenthall(?), Francis fr 113b ln 95
Faith, Louis fr 120a ln 7
Famptin, Daisy D fr 115b ln 53
Fanney, George fr 119b ln 65
Fara(?), Sarah fr 114a ln 6
Farb, Anne E fr 129a ln 2
Farb, James fr 129a ln 4
Farb, John W B fr 129a ln 1
Farb, Morrision(?) fr 129a ln 5
Farb, William fr 129a ln 3
Farley, Joseph fr 120a ln 9
Farmin, Elizabeth fr 113b ln 89
Farner, Cora fr 59b ln 71
Farner, Jasper fr 59b ln 68
Farner, John fr 59b ln 66
Farner, Mary fr 59b ln 70
Farner, Mary E fr 59b ln 67
Farner, Millie fr 112a ln 32
Farner, Sarah A fr 59b ln 69
Farnsworth, Alexander fr 70b ln 83
Farnsworth, Alexander fr 79b ln 75
Farnsworth, Margaret fr 79b ln 74
Farquer, Jack fr 42b ln 64
Fay(?), Florance fr 99a ln 50
Fay(?), Nellie fr 99a ln 49
Fay(?), Thomas(?) fr 99a ln 48
Featherstone, [unreadable] fr 103a ln 38
Featherstone, Arther fr 103a ln 40
Featherstone, Elizibeth fr 103a ln 39
Featherstone, Eva fr 103a ln 41
Feebeck, Clara M fr 95a ln 42
Feebeck, Floyed R fr 95a ln 39
Feebeck, Henry C fr 95a ln 41
Feebeck, Miranda(?) E fr 95a ln 40
Feebeck, Nannie fr 95a ln 38
Feebeck, William fr 95a ln 37
Feilds(?), Robert J fr 127a ln 29
Feldman, Ada fr 45a ln 25
Feldman, August fr 45a ln 21
Feldman, Clara fr 45a ln 23
Feldman, Emma fr 45a ln 20
Feldman, George fr 45a ln 19
Feldman, Louisa fr 45a ln 22
Feldman, Oto fr 45a ln 24
Feltenberger, Benjamin fr 120a ln 16
Felton, Henry fr 74a ln 47
Fencieghter(?), Charlotte fr 130a ln 27
Fencieghter(?), John fr 130a ln 26
Fennell(?), Thomas fr 120a ln 10
Fennell, Carl H fr 92a ln 28
Fennell, Cecil R fr 92a ln 30
Fennell, Claud E fr 92a ln 31
Fennell, Pearl E fr 92a ln 32
Fennell, Rosa A fr 92a ln 29
Fenton, Keziah fr 117b ln 69
Fergison, Albigal fr 106b ln 72
Fergison, Alfred J fr 106b ln 73
Fergison, James fr 106b ln 70
Fergison, Mary H fr 106b ln 71
Ferguson, Amy M fr 82b ln 78
Ferguson, Claude fr 127b ln 90
Ferguson, Ellen fr 47a ln 48
Ferguson, Emma fr 82b ln 77
Ferguson, Floyd fr 47a ln 50
Ferguson, Fredrick K fr 153a ln 13
Ferguson, George fr 47a ln 47
Ferguson, George fr 145a ln 32
Ferguson, George fr 153a ln 11
Ferguson, Henrietta P fr 153a ln 12
Ferguson, Istis J fr 47a ln 49
Ferguson, John fr 127b ln 87
Ferguson, John fr 127b ln 92
Ferguson, Joseph fr 82b ln 76
Ferguson, Lenore fr 47b ln 53
Ferguson, Lizzie fr 117b ln 100
Ferguson, Margaret fr 47b ln 51
Ferguson, Mary fr 114a ln 5
Ferguson, Mary fr 127b ln 88
Ferguson, Mary L fr 47b ln 52
Ferguson, Samuel fr 119b ln 66
Ferguson, Sidney(?) fr 127b ln 89
Ferguson, Tina fr 127b ln 91
Ferguson, Willie fr 127b ln 93
Ferhnar(?), Cora fr 141a ln 23
Ferhnar(?), Elia fr 141a ln 22
Fermon(?), Lou M fr 112a ln 30
Fessenden, Bessie fr 60a ln 42
Fessenden, Harry fr 60a ln 41
Fessenden, Henrietta fr 60a ln 40
Fessenden, Solomon fr 60a ln 39
Fick, Gertie fr 115b ln 70
Fickel, Clarence fr 49b ln 75
Fickel, Leola fr 49b ln 76
Fickel, Nelson fr 49b ln 72
Fickel, Olivia fr 49b ln 73
Fickel, Pearl fr 49b ln 77
Field, Andrew fr 91a ln 43
Fielders, Samuel fr 47a ln 22
Fielders, Sarah fr 47a ln 23
Fielders, Willie fr 47a ln 24
Fields, Alva fr 131b ln 79
Fields, Charles M fr 86a ln 21
Fields, Cynthia fr 131b ln 82
Fields, Edith fr 129b ln 52
Fields, Elmer fr 131b ln 80
Fields, Emma fr 131b ln 78
Fields, Everett fr 129b ln 54
Fields, Hiram fr 86a ln 19
Fields, Ivy fr 131b ln 83
Fields, Jessie fr 131b ln 81
Fields, John fr 129b ln 51
Fields, Lilian fr 129b ln 53
Fields, Mary fr 131b ln 91
Fields, Milo fr 129b ln 55
Fields, Minnerva fr 86a ln 20
Fields, Ocar(?) fr 86a ln 22
Fields, Rebecca fr 131b ln 84
Fields, William fr 131b ln 77
Fields, Zacharia(?) fr 131b ln 90
Fightnes, Auther fr 71b ln 85
Fightnes, Elvira fr 71b ln 84
Fightnes, Jake(?) fr 71b ln 83
Fightnes, Minnie fr 71b ln 86
Fightnes, Rosella fr 71b ln 87
Filley, Joseph fr 62a ln 40
Filley, Joseph fr 62a ln 40
Finch, Dora E fr 147b ln 97
Finch, George fr 147b ln 96
Finch, George N fr 147b ln 98
Finch, Louise D fr 147b ln 99
Fink, Joseph G fr 155b ln 86
Finnell, Emma fr 92a ln 15
Finnell, Russel(?) fr 92a ln 14
Finton, Georgie A fr 42a ln 12
Finton, Mike fr 42a ln 11
Finton, Ralph fr 42a ln 13
First, Alma fr 96a ln 25
First, Fern A fr 96a ln 27
First, Francis R fr 96a ln 26
First, George fr 96a ln 24
First, George A fr 96a ln 28
Fisher, Alpins fr 29a ln 43
Fisher, Angenette fr 152b ln 72
Fisher, Burr(?) fr 152b ln 71
Fisher, Carl M fr 65b ln 69
Fisher, Charles A fr 66b ln 77
Fisher, Elizabeth fr 66b ln 76
Fisher, Elmer J fr 66b ln 78
Fisher, Ernest P fr 81a ln 37
Fisher, Frank fr 29a ln 45
Fisher, George fr 29a ln 46
Fisher, George W fr 65b ln 67
Fisher, James B fr 81a ln 35
Fisher, Katy fr 66b ln 79
Fisher, Lizzie fr 29a ln 44
Fisher, Louisa fr 143b ln 51
Fisher, Martha A fr 65b ln 68
Fisher, Minie I fr 81a ln 36
Fisher, Nora fr 66b ln 80
Fittell, Blanche fr 87b ln 86
Fittell, Eva fr 87b ln 81
Fittell, Fredreck fr 87b ln 83
Fittell, John fr 87b ln 78
Fittell, Marie fr 87b ln 84
Fittell, Mary fr 87b ln 79
Fittell, Rena(?) fr 87b ln 82
Fittell, Ruby(?) fr 87b ln 85
Fittell, Sady fr 87b ln 80
Fitzgerald, Frank fr 95a ln 25
Fitzgerald, Frank fr 95a ln 26
Fitzgerald, Mary fr 114a ln 1
Fitzgerrald, J B fr 120a ln 15
Fitzgerrald, Patrick fr 120a ln 14
Flaharty, Elva fr 40a ln 45
Flaharty, Maud fr 40a ln 46
Flaharty, Melvin fr 40a ln 44
Flannelly, Nellie fr 117a ln 4
Fleetwood, Carrie fr 32a ln 2
Fleetwood, Harry fr 32a ln 1
Fleharty, Bertha fr 39b ln 77
Fleharty, Carrie fr 39b ln 75
Fleharty, Charles M fr 39b ln 76
Fleharty, Clara fr 39b ln 73
Fleharty, John H fr 39b ln 74
Fleharty, William fr 39b ln 72
Fleming, Ada fr 154a ln 35
Fleming, Ada M fr 131a ln 34
Fleming, Addie fr 131a ln 32
Fleming, Elmer S fr 53a ln 35
Fleming, George fr 131a ln 33
Fleming, Gracie E fr 53a ln 36
Fleming, Harriett L fr 53a ln 38
Fleming, Harve fr 44b ln 62
Fleming, Harvey J fr 53a ln 33
Fleming, James fr 53a ln 31
Fleming, Jane fr 154a ln 34
Fleming, Janet M fr 44b ln 79
Fleming, Jesse V fr 53a ln 34
Fleming, John fr 53a ln 37
Fleming, Manda fr 53a ln 32
Fleming, Mary L fr 116b ln 60
Fleming, Ray L fr 53a ln 39
Fleming, Stella M fr 44b ln 80
Fleming, Susie K fr 154a ln 36
Fleming, Thomas M fr 44b ln 78
Fleming, Virgil fr 44b ln 63
Fleming, Wilfred W fr 154a ln 33
Fletcher, Benjamin fr 22a ln 36
Fletcher, Elizabeth I fr 22a ln 39
Fletcher, Margaret fr 22a ln 37
Fletcher, Robbie fr 22a ln 38
Flick, Grant fr 120a ln 13
Flickinger, Earl fr 146b ln 99
Flickinger, Minnie fr 146b ln 97
Flickinger, Orv--- fr 146b ln 96
Flickinger, Paul fr 146b ln 100
Flickinger, Vioce(?) fr 146b ln 98
Flock, Lulu fr 115b ln 97
Flook, [unreadable] fr 72b ln 89
Flook, David fr 72b ln 70
Flook, Emma fr 72b ln 69
Flook, Fred fr 72b ln 88
Flook, Grace fr 72b ln 67
Flook, Joshua fr 72b ln 65
Flook, Joshua fr 72b ln 68
Flook, Malinva(?) fr 72b ln 90
Flook, Margaret fr 72b ln 66
Flora, Susan fr 117b ln 52
Floyd, [unreadable] fr 135a ln 17
Floyd, Alie(?) fr 135a ln 11
Floyd, Elmer fr 135a ln 16
Floyd, Gussie fr 135a ln 13
Floyd, Jessie fr 135a ln 14
Floyd, Lizzie fr 135a ln 12
Floyd, Rosetta fr 115b ln 61
Floyd, William fr 135a ln 15
Flynn, Thomas fr 120a ln 11
Foley, Jerry fr 119b ln 62
Folks, Alfred fr 79a ln 24
Folks, Allice fr 79a ln 27
Folks, Clide fr 79a ln 26
Folks, Gearald(?) fr 85b ln 74
Folks, Jane fr 79a ln 35
Folks, Jesse E fr 79a ln 36
Folks, Jessie J fr 79a ln 37
Folks, John fr 79a ln 34
Folks, Mattie H fr 85b ln 75
Folks, Sarah E fr 79a ln 25
follett, Halson fr 119b ln 64
Fontz, Maree fr 128b ln 63
Fontz, Mary fr 128b ln 62
Fontz, William fr 128b ln 61
Foor(?), David L fr 134a ln 3
Foor(?), Ella fr 134a ln 4
Foot, Harry fr 120a ln 18
Force, A L fr 119b ln 69
Force, George S fr 112b ln 84
Ford, Bertha fr 107a ln 29
Ford, James fr 34b ln 71
Ford, John fr 120a ln 8
Ford, Myrtle fr 156a ln 39
Ford, Sherman fr 107a ln 28
Fordyce, Fanny S fr 153b ln 91
Fordyce, George L fr 142a ln 7
Fordyce, John R fr 153b ln 92
Fordyce, Okel R fr 142a ln 4
Fordyce, Tacy fr 142a ln 3
Fordyce, William fr 142a ln 2
Fordyce, Willie E fr 142a ln 5
Foreman, A Jesse fr 69a ln 15
Foreman, A Permelia fr 69a ln 16
Foreman, Odessa fr 69a ln 17
Foresman, Elizabeth fr 146b ln 83
Foresman, Minnie B fr 146b ln 84
Forester, John fr 106b ln 84
Forester, Mary fr 113b ln 93
Forester, Myrtle E fr 106b ln 85
Forester, No Name fr 106b ln 86
Forner, Agnes F fr 156b ln 69
Forner, Charles W fr 156b ln 70
Forner, Frank fr 134b ln 67
Forner, Julia fr 151a ln 45
Forner, William fr 151a ln 44
Forner, William H fr 156b ln 68
Forsyth, Alonzo A fr 84b ln 88
Forsyth, Nancy fr 84b ln 87
Fort, Albert fr 52a ln 28
Fort, Anna fr 52a ln 33
Fort, Arthur fr 48b ln 99
Fort, Bertha fr 49a ln 1
Fort, Clarence fr 52a ln 30
Fort, Enstene fr 52a ln 29
Fort, Harvey fr 48b ln 97
Fort, Johnnie fr 52a ln 32
Fort, Laura fr 52a ln 31
Fort, Rosa fr 48b ln 98
Fort, Walter fr 48b ln 100
Forthmyaer, Anna fr 51b ln 90
Forthmyaer, Bertha fr 51b ln 91
Forthmyaer, Frank J fr 51b ln 93
Forthmyaer, Jasper fr 51b ln 89
Forthmyaer, Joe J fr 51b ln 95
Forthmyaer, Sophia M fr 51b ln 94
Forthmyaer, Treasa B fr 51b ln 92
Forthmyaer, Willie V fr 51b ln 96
Fortner, George fr 120a ln 12
Fosdick, Jenny fr 94a ln 28
Foster, Daniel P fr 120a ln 17
Foster, George fr 140a ln 22
Foster, Hattie fr 135a ln 36
Foster, Mary F fr 142a ln 33
Foster, Ralph H fr 135a ln 37
Foster, Sophrena fr 135a ln 35
Foster, William fr 135a ln 34
Foultz(?), Fred fr 101b ln 66
Foultz(?), Georgia fr 101b ln 67
Fowler, Alice fr 96a ln 45
Fowler, Ethel(?) fr 96a ln 49
Fowler, George fr 96a ln 47
Fowler, Jessie fr 96a ln 48
Fowler, Joseph fr 96a ln 44
Fowler, Luanna fr 91a ln 32
Fowler, Maris(?) fr 96a ln 50
Fowler, Maud fr 96a ln 46
Fox, Aaron fr 56b ln 65
Fox, Charles fr 139b ln 71
Fox, Ida fr 27b ln 98
Fox, Jane fr 56b ln 64
Fox, Sarah fr 139b ln 70
Fox, Sarrah fr 27b ln 95
Fox, Sylvia fr 27b ln 96
Fox, Tommy fr 27b ln 97
Fox, Walter fr 27b ln 94

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