Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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Frank, Gertrude D fr 82b ln 54
Frank, Henry fr 82b ln 52
Frank, Jannis(?) M fr 82b ln 53
Frank, Leo F fr 82b ln 55
Frank, Lura fr 82b ln 56
Frank, Orval C fr 82b ln 57
Franklin, Anna M fr 90a ln 17
Franklin, Clyde F fr 56b ln 79
Franklin, Edward(?) fr 90a ln 14
Franklin, Elisa F fr 90a ln 15
Franklin, Ella C fr 90a ln 16
Franklin, Mary fr 41b ln 91
Franklin, Mary E fr 41b ln 90
Franklin, Robert fr 32b ln 83
Franklin, Virlou(?) fr 41b ln 92
Franklin, William fr 41b ln 89
Frazee, [unreadable] fr 154b ln 78
Frazee, Daisy fr 154b ln 81
Frazee, John fr 154b ln 76
Frazee, Kittie fr 154b ln 82
Frazee, Maggie fr 154b ln 80
Frazee, Pettie fr 154b ln 77
Frazee, Walter fr 154b ln 79
Frazer, Albert fr 136b ln 57
Frazer, Earl fr 136b ln 58
Frazer, Henry fr 136b ln 55
Frazer, Lewis fr 136b ln 59
Frazer, Mary fr 136b ln 56
Frazier, Chas fr 35b ln 58
Frazier, Earle fr 29a ln 10
Frazier, Eva L fr 27b ln 72
Frazier, Fred fr 24a ln 28
Frazier, Hattie fr 28a ln 29
Frazier, Hazel fr 35b ln 61
Frazier, Ida fr 35b ln 59
Frazier, Leah G fr 35b ln 60
Frazier, Mattie fr 27b ln 71
Frazier, Peter fr 27b ln 70
Frazier, Thomas fr 28a ln 28
Frebaug(?), Jennie fr 101b ln 93
Fredricks, Sarah fr 117b ln 51
Freeland, George fr 70a ln 46
Freeland, Thornton(?) fr 70a ln 45
Freeman, Edgar E fr 143a ln 25
Freeman, Eugene fr 143a ln 23
Freeman, Herbert J fr 143a ln 27
Freeman, Louisa fr 143a ln 24
Freeman, Nellie H fr 143a ln 26
Freeyer(?), Anna fr 115b ln 98
French, Delia fr 99b ln 66
French, William fr 99b ln 65
Frewert(?), John fr 74a ln 43
Frey, Cepher(?) fr 107a ln 36
Frey, Ida fr 94b ln 84
Frey, Iler fr 107a ln 37
Frey, James fr 94b ln 83
Frey, Mabel fr 94b ln 85
Frey, Minnie fr 107a ln 35
Frey, Samuel fr 107a ln 34
Friedrich, August fr 50a ln 13
Friedrich, Julia A fr 50a ln 12
Friend, R H fr 119b ln 63
Friese(?), Frederick(?) fr 89b ln 100
Fritchen, Catherine fr 78b ln 98
Fritz, Annie fr 114a ln 4
Frome(?), Eunice fr 112a ln 33
Frost, Avin L fr 43b ln 59
Frost, Isreal fr 43b ln 57
Frost, Leona V fr 43b ln 60
Frost, Margaret fr 139a ln 42
Frost, Suella fr 43b ln 58
Frost, Valentine fr 139a ln 41
Fry, Mary fr 116b ln 93
Fuel, Charles fr 105b ln 60
Fuel, Jane fr 105b ln 57
Fuel, Jay fr 105b ln 59
Fuel, Nannie fr 105b ln 58
Fuel, Pearl fr 105b ln 61
Fulerton, Franklin A fr 86b ln 89
Fulerton, Helen E fr 86b ln 90
Fulkerson, Albert fr 146b ln 78
Fulkerson, Clara E fr 146b ln 81
Fulkerson, Martin M fr 146b ln 80
Fulkerson, Mary F fr 146b ln 82
Fulkerson, Nannie fr 146b ln 79
Fuller, Fanny fr 69b ln 91
Fuller, Fred fr 62a ln 41
Fulton, Mary fr 117a ln 6
Funk, Sarah fr 114a ln 9
Funky, Henry fr 119b ln 68
Furniss, Charles fr 85a ln 41
Furniss, Erason(?) fr 91a ln 39
Furniss, Frank fr 85a ln 39
Furniss, John fr 90a ln 47
Furniss, Kate fr 85a ln 40
Furniss, Mariah fr 91a ln 40
Furniss, Nancy(?) fr 90a ln 48
G[unreadable], Cecil fr 87a ln 44
G[unreadable], Emma fr 116a ln 47
G[unreadable], Frank fr 87a ln 43
G[unreadable], Grace fr 87a ln 45
Gaffenny(?), Adela fr 103a ln 35
Gaffenny(?), Julia E fr 103a ln 37
Gaffenny(?), M[unreadable] fr 103a ln 34
Gaffenny(?), Theresa fr 103a ln 36
Gager, Jessie M fr 154a ln 50
Gager, John fr 154a ln 49
Gakerson(?), Rupert fr 74a ln 42
Galbreath, Rorey fr 136b ln 61
Gale, Charles M fr 87b ln 54
Gale, Lucy M fr 87b ln 55
Gall, Beulah fr 32a ln 13
Gall, Damon fr 134b ln 98
Gall, Gladis fr 32a ln 14
Gall, Howard fr 32a ln 12
Gall, James fr 33b ln 92
Gall, John fr 134b ln 91
Gall, John B fr 134b ln 94
Gall, Lena O fr 134b ln 97
Gall, Luray, F fr 134b ln 96
Gall, Mary E fr 134b ln 93
Gall, Ollie fr 134b ln 92
Gall, Vida B fr 134b ln 95
Gall, William fr 33b ln 69
Galloway, Bert fr 82b ln 81
Galloway, Margaret E fr 82b ln 80
Galloway, Oscar fr 82b ln 79
Gamble, Celia fr 116a ln 42
Gand(?), Bruce fr 151a ln 25
Gand(?), Harris(?) C fr 151a ln 23
Gand(?), Mattie L fr 151a ln 24
Gangle, Barbara fr 56a ln 12
Gangle, Joseph fr 56a ln 11
Gangle, Joseph fr 56a ln 13
Gangle, Louis fr 56a ln 14
Gannaway, A fr 144a ln 30
Gannaway, Charlie W fr 144a ln 33
Gannaway, Nellie fr 144a ln 31
Gannaway, Owen fr 144a ln 32
Gard, Charles P fr 133a ln 4
Gard, Pheobe fr 133a ln 3
Gard, William R fr 133a ln 2
Gardiner, Arther fr 129b ln 93
Gardiner, Jeniffer fr 129b ln 95
Gardiner, Lucy fr 129b ln 92
Gardiner, Millo(?) fr 129b ln 91
Gardiner, Orrin fr 129b ln 96
Gardiner, Pearl fr 129b ln 97
Gardiner, Thomas S fr 129b ln 98
Gardiner, William fr 129b ln 94
Gardner, Anna fr 90b ln 83
Gardner, Eliza fr 90b ln 82
Garnett, Elizabeth fr 90a ln 42
Garnett, Harold(?) fr 90a ln 41
Garret, Martha fr 116b ln 81
Garrett, Beulah fr 55a ln 33
Garrett, Carl W fr 55a ln 34
Garrett, Charley L fr 51a ln 20
Garrett, Clara fr 51a ln 18
Garrett, Cora fr 51a ln 19
Garrett, Edith fr 51a ln 22
Garrett, Elisha fr 55a ln 29
Garrett, Elmer E fr 55a ln 32
Garrett, Emma fr 55a ln 30
Garrett, Fanny M fr 55a ln 31
Garrett, Louis fr 51a ln 17
Garrett, Nellie fr 51a ln 21
Gartley, Alexander fr 98a ln 31
Gartley, Dorsey A fr 98a ln 32
Gartley, Harry fr 98a ln 36
Gartley, Lesley fr 98a ln 35
Gartley, Lorrie C fr 98a ln 33
Gartley, Louis fr 98a ln 34
Gatlin, David [sic] E fr 155a ln 48
Gatlin, Dortha M fr 155a ln 49
Gatlin, Henry C fr 155a ln 47
Gatlin, Joseph fr 59b ln 82
Gatlin, Lizzie E fr 155a ln 46
Gatlin, Mildred M fr 155b ln 51
Gatlin, Nancy J fr 59b ln 83
Gatlin, William H fr 155a ln 45
Gatlin, William H fr 155a ln 50
Gaylord, Harry fr 151a ln 21
Gaylord, Lizzy(?) E fr 151a ln 19
Gaylord, Nellie fr 151a ln 20
Gear, Andrew fr 120a ln 20
Geatz, [unreadable] fr 131a ln 50
Geatz, Bessie fr 131b ln 55
Geatz, Frank fr 131b ln 51
Geatz, Fred fr 131b ln 54
Geatz, Fredie fr 131b ln 56
Geatz, Jacob fr 131a ln 49
Geatz, Jacob fr 131b ln 52
Geatz, Lena fr 131b ln 53
G----eby, Corra fr 94b ln 53
G----eby, Irene fr 94b ln 52
G----eby,Thomas fr 94b ln 51
Gentz, C fr 116b ln 53
George, Austin fr 27a ln 25
George, Caivin fr 23a ln 15
George, Edmonia fr 152a ln 13
George, Emma fr 23a ln 14
George, Fredrik fr 120a ln 22
George, John fr 152a ln 12
George, King fr 23a ln 17
George, Lay fr 82a ln 15
George, Lora fr 154b ln 72
George, Melvin fr 23a ln 16
George, Myrtle fr 27a ln 27
George, Nellie fr 27a ln 26
George, Sol fr 23a ln 13
Geren, Charles fr 63a ln 35
Geren, Frank M fr 63a ln 33
Geren, George fr 63a ln 37
Geren, Ida fr 63a ln 34
Geren, Marion fr 63a ln 36
Gerke, Adolph fr 50a ln 45
Gerke, Annie fr 50a ln 41
Gerke, Charley fr 50a ln 44
Gerke, Henry fr 50a ln 39
Gerke, Henry fr 50a ln 43
Gerke, Minnie fr 50a ln 40
Gerke, Otto fr 50a ln 42
Geroge, Gl[unreadable] fr 154b ln 71
Geyar, Vivan(?) J fr 111b ln 86
Gibson(?), Phebe fr 135b ln 85
Gibson, Emma fr 116b ln 78
Gibson, John fr 102a ln 3
Gibson, Thomas fr 120a ln 25
Gifford, Maggie fr 115a ln 20
Gigax(?), Amel C fr 42a ln 37
Gigax(?), Gideon fr 42a ln 40
Gigax(?), Loanda fr 42a ln 39
Gigax(?), Stella fr 42a ln 38
Gigax, Agness J fr 21b ln 57
Gigax, Catharine fr 21b ln 53
Gigax, Godfery fr 21b ln 52
Gigax, Joseph fr 21b ln 54
Gigax, Martha M fr 21b ln 56
Gigax, Mary A fr 21b ln 55
Gigax, Minnie fr 21b ln 59
Gigax, Rose C fr 21b ln 58
Gigax, Walter C fr 21b ln 60
Gilbert, [unreadable] fr 73b ln 89
Gilbert, Bertha fr 73b ln 95
Gilbert, Caroline fr 73b ln 90
Gilbert, Edward fr 73b ln 93
Gilbert, Harry fr 73b ln 94
Gilbert, Ida fr 73b ln 91
Gilbert, James fr 73b ln 96
Gilbert, Jay fr 51b ln 80
Gilbert, Marian fr 73b ln 92
Gilderhouse, John fr 79b ln 76
Gilderhouse, Mary fr 79b ln 77
Giles, Charles fr 124a ln 35
Gill, Anna R fr 151b ln 96
Gill, Bertha D fr 151b ln 94
Gill, Bessie E fr 151b ln 95
Gill, David fr 58a ln 33
Gill, Dell fr 143b ln 79
Gillenwater, Anna fr 51a ln 11
Gillenwater, Charley fr 51a ln 9
Gillenwater, Earl fr 51a ln 13
Gillenwater, El---- fr 51a ln 10
Gillenwater, Frank fr 51a ln 15
Gillenwater, Grace fr 51a ln 14
Gillenwater, John W fr 21a ln 29
Gillenwater, Pearl fr 51a ln 12
Gillenwater, Teddie fr 51a ln 16
Gillespie, Oma fr 42a ln 1
Gillett, Comodore fr 119b ln 73
Gillett, Sarah fr 116a ln 1
Gillis, George fr 129a ln 28
Gillis, Ida fr 30a ln 33
Gillis, Omar fr 129a ln 30
Gillis, Rosa fr 129a ln 29
Gillis, William fr 30a ln 32
Gillispie(?), Edna fr 97a ln 44
Gillogly, Isa J fr 138a ln 23
Gillogly, Mary R fr 138a ln 17
Gillstroh, George W fr 119b ln 74
Gilmore, Ada fr 47b ln 85
Gilmore, Fredrica fr 47b ln 84
Gilmore, Ida fr 152a ln 11
Gilmore, Lyman fr 143a ln 28
Gilmore, Maud fr 143a ln 29
Gilmore, Roy fr 152a ln 10
Gilmore, William fr 47b ln 83
Glade, Grace fr 116b ln 99
Glandenning, Clara M fr 56a ln 24
Glandenning, George fr 56a ln 23
Glandenning, George M fr 56a ln 27
Glandenning, Grace E fr 56a ln 26
Glandenning, Perry W fr 56a ln 25
Glass, Emma fr 117b ln 53
Glendenning, Bertha fr 56a ln 45
Glendenning, Catherine fr 57a ln 9
Glendenning, George fr 57a ln 8
Glendenning, Murile fr 56a ln 46
Glendenning, Ralph fr 56a ln 44
Glendenning, William H fr 57a ln 10
Glenn, Guy C fr 44b ln 89
Glenn, Janet fr 44b ln 87
Glenn, Joe(?) fr 44b ln 83
Glenn, Mamie fr 44b ln 85
Glenn, Margret fr 44b ln 84
Glenn, Olive fr 44b ln 88
Glenn, Rania R fr 44b ln 86
Glison, Abie L fr 106a ln 11
Glison, Clarance fr 106a ln 14
Glison, flora E fr 106a ln 12
Glison, Mary E fr 106a ln 10
Glison, Olie V fr 106a ln 15
Glison, Orle fr 106a ln 9
Glison, Sherman fr 106a ln 13
Goay, Souie(?) fr 112b ln 70
Goebel, Joseph fr 56b ln 54
Goebel, Sophia fr 56b ln 55
Goff(?), Roy(?) fr 95b ln 100
Goff, Amanda fr 114b ln 63
Goimis(?), Bertha fr 81b ln 64
Goimis(?), James fr 81b ln 63
Golman, David R fr 49a ln 33
Gomag, Wallace fr 120a ln 26
Good, Charles F fr 58a ln 31
Good, Florence fr 58a ln 30
Good, George fr 58a ln 37
Good, Hannah L fr 58a ln 38
Good, Isabelle fr 58a ln 29
Good, John B fr 112a ln 12
Good, John M fr 58a ln 28
Good, John M fr 58a ln 39
Good, Margaret A fr 58a ln 32
Goodale, Emily fr 43a ln 15
Goodale, William fr 43a ln 14
Goodall, Ellen fr 47a ln 9
Goodall, James fr 47a ln 10
Goodall, John fr 47a ln 8
Goodall, Nellie fr 47a ln 11
Goodeon, Anna fr 74b ln 90
Goodeon, Henry fr 74b ln 92
Goodeon, Herman fr 74b ln 96
Goodeon, John fr 74b ln 91
Goodeon, Lewis fr 74b ln 93
Goodeon, Lewis fr 75a ln 18
Goodeon, Mary fr 75a ln 17
Goodeon, Michael(?) fr 74b ln 89
Goodeon, Rosa fr 74b ln 95
Goodeon, William fr 75a ln 16
Goodeon, Willie fr 74b ln 94
Goodwell, John fr 120a ln 23
Goodyear, Gus fr 71b ln 79
Gordneal(?), R E fr 119b ln 77
Gordon, [unreadable] fr 71a ln 12
Gordon, Addie fr 71b ln 100
Gordon, Alva fr 39b ln 51
Gordon, Anna fr 69a ln 12
Gordon, Anna fr 72a ln 2
Gordon, Beedie fr 149b ln 78
Gordon, Catherine fr 39b ln 53
Gordon, Clinton fr 149b ln 76
Gordon, Dollie fr 149b ln 77
Gordon, Elizabeth fr 75b ln 82
Gordon, Eunice fr 72a ln 3
Gordon, Fanny fr 149b ln 75
Gordon, Francis fr 75b ln 83
Gordon, G Winnie fr 71a ln 10
Gordon, George fr 72a ln 1
Gordon, Gertrude fr 75b ln 84
Gordon, Grafton fr 39b ln 52
Gordon, Hazel fr 69a ln 14
Gordon, Henry fr 71b ln 99
Gordon, Herbert F fr 111b ln 51
Gordon, Jane fr 149b ln 74
Gordon, Jesse fr 72a ln 4
Gordon, Joseph fr 59a ln 12
Gordon, L Etta fr 71a ln 11
Gordon, L Lovie fr 71a ln 9
Gordon, M Charles fr 71a ln 8
Gordon, Malisa fr 72a ln 6
Gordon, Marty fr 75b ln 85
Gordon, Mary E fr 59a ln 13
Gordon, Ora fr 69a ln 13
Gordon, Rufus fr 75b ln 81
Gordon, Verdie fr 72a ln 5
Gordon, William fr 69a ln 11
Gordon, William fr 149b ln 73
Gorelock, George R fr 138a ln 22
Gorelock, Nancy fr 138a ln 16
Gorelock, Nannie I fr 138a ln 20
Gorelock, Olive B fr 138a ln 19
Gorelock, Samuel fr 138a ln 15
Gorelock, Sydna fr 138a ln 21
Gorelock, William H fr 138a ln 18
Gorman, Andrew fr 120a ln 19
Gorman, Mary L fr 114a ln 7
Gossett, Frank fr 144b ln 53
Gotshall, Augustus fr 119b ln 71
Goudie, Agness fr 96a ln 20
Goudie, George fr 64a ln 16
Goudie, George fr 96a ln 21
Goudie, Grant fr 64a ln 7
Goudie, James fr 96a ln 19
Goudie, Janet fr 64a ln 15
Goudie, John fr 64a ln 5
Goudie, Margeret fr 64a ln 14
Goudie, Rosella fr 64a ln 6
Goudie, William fr 64a ln 13
Goudie, William fr 96a ln 22
Gove, Alonzo fr 104b ln 76
Gove, Cordelia fr 104b ln 77
Gowing, Eva fr 80a ln 22
Gowing, William fr 80a ln 21
Gr[unreadable], Emily fr 84b ln 92
Graber, Charles fr 120a ln 27
Grady, Alice M fr 103b ln 98
Grady, David(?) fr 103b ln 96
Grady, Eva fr 72a ln 43
Grady, Harry S fr 72a ln 46
Grady, Jesse fr 72a ln 45
Grady, Jimmie fr 72a ln 44
Grady, John fr 72a ln 42
Grady, Mary fr 103b ln 97
Graff, Anna V fr 156b ln 59
Graff, Earnest fr 136a ln 15
Graff, George E fr 156b ln 58
Graff, Lizzie fr 136a ln 16
Graff, Peter fr 156b ln 55
Graff, Roaina C fr 156b ln 56
Graff, William P fr 156b ln 57
Graft, Bird E fr 106b ln 52
Graft, John fr 106b ln 51
Graham, Georg fr 71b ln 62
Graham, Ida fr 144a ln 47
Graham, Luisa fr 71b ln 61
Graham, W Joseph fr 71b ln 60
Gran(?), Aaron fr 21b ln 93
Gran(?), Addie(?) fr 21b ln 91
Gran(?), Fany fr 21b ln 90
Gran(?), Frank fr 21b ln 92
Gran(?), Joe fr 21b ln 89
Grant, Ada L fr 67b ln 100
Grant, Arnold fr 132b ln 60
Grant, Bernice H fr 64a ln 28
Grant, Carrie L fr 40b ln 57
Grant, Charles fr 64b ln 98
Grant, Clarance W fr 64a ln 27
Grant, Cletis fr 65a ln 2
Grant, Clifford D fr 64a ln 25
Grant, Dora fr 64b ln 87
Grant, Earl fr 64b ln 89
Grant, Edith H fr 68a ln 3
Grant, Elmo fr 64b ln 100
Grant, Elva fr 64b ln 88
Grant, Ernest W fr 68a ln 1
Grant, Eva fr 64b ln 99
Grant, George fr 64a ln 22
Grant, Guy E fr 64a ln 24
Grant, Henry H fr 67b ln 98
Grant, Henry H fr 143b ln 77
Grant, Ida M fr 65b ln 76
Grant, John fr 64b ln 53
Grant, John fr 64b ln 86
Grant, Lillie G fr 40b ln 58
Grant, Louisa fr 65a ln 3
Grant, Mary fr 64b ln 52
Grant, Mary E fr 67b ln 99
Grant, Maryetta fr 40b ln 53
Grant, Mildred L fr 68a ln 2
Grant, Minnie B fr 40b ln 55
Grant, Mirlie fr 64a ln 23
Grant, Nellie fr 57a ln 11
Grant, Oscar fr 65b ln 77
Grant, Pearl fr 64b ln 54
Grant, Peter fr 65b ln 75
Grant, Ralph fr 65b ln 78
Grant, Ro------- R fr 40b ln 52
Grant, Roy fr 94b ln 100
Grant, Stella E fr 64a ln 26
Grant, Viola fr 65a ln 1
Grant, Webster fr 40b ln 56
Grant, William H fr 40b ln 54
Gratendike(?), Clyde fr 95b ln 59
Gratley(?), Samuel fr 120a ln 21
Graves Ceicle fr 27a ln 49
Graves, Bertha fr 27a ln 47
Graves, Edd fr 27a ln 46
Graves, Ora A fr 27a ln 48
Graves, William fr 70b ln 94
Gray, Frank fr 135a ln 1
Gray, Josephine fr 135a ln 2
Gray, Marian fr 135a ln 3
Gray, Maud fr 136a ln 46
Gray, Thomas fr 136a ln 45
Gray, Thomas fr 136a ln 47
Graybeal, George W fr 56a ln 28
Grear, Rhoda(?) fr 154b ln 89
Greason, Charles fr 143a ln 18
Greason, Mary A fr 143a ln 19
Greason, Mary(?) fr 143a ln 16
Greason, William fr 143a ln 17
Green, Albert fr 28a ln 30
Green, Anna B fr 85a ln 18
Green, Della fr 25b ln 58
Green, Elmer L fr 120a ln 24
Green, Garret fr 25b ln 56
Green, Garret fr 25b ln 60
Green, Hadie fr 115a ln 21
Green, Isaac fr 149b ln 61
Green, Jacob fr 149b ln 64
Green, Joseph fr 85a ln 17
Green, Langford M fr 28a ln 32
Green, Lena M fr 28a ln 31
Green, Lester fr 25b ln 63
Green, Mahala fr 116b ln 64
Green, Margaret fr 149b ln 62
Green, Mary fr 25b ln 61
Green, Mimie fr 25b ln 57
Green, Pearl fr 149b ln 66
Green, Phannie(?) fr 149b ln 63
Green, Press fr 149b ln 65
Green, Ray S fr 85a ln 19
Green, Susie fr 25b ln 59
Green, Vallen fr 25b ln 62
Greene, George fr 108b ln 90
Greene, George fr 108b ln 94
Greene, James H fr 108b ln 93
Greene, Kate fr 108b ln 91
Greene, Ruth fr 108b ln 92
Greenlee, Mary A fr 113b ln 94
Greenman, Cowin fr 119b ln 76
Greeup(?), Cora fr 126a ln 45
Greeup(?), Francis fr 126a ln 47
Greeup(?), Francis S fr 126a ln 43
Greeup(?), Meuray(?) fr 126a ln 46
Greeup(?), Nina fr 126a ln 44
Greeup(?), William fr 126a ln 42
Gregg, Aaron fr 129a ln 41
Gregg, Abbie fr 110a ln 8
Gregg, Adelaid fr 130b ln 86
Gregg, Alta R fr 55a ln 28
Gregg, Andrew fr 110a ln 7
Gregg, Clarence fr 130b ln 87
Gregg, Grace F fr 55a ln 27
Gregg, Ida fr 130b ln 90
Gregg, James fr 130b ln 85
Gregg, L[unreadable] fr 129a ln 43
Gregg, Lilly P fr 55a ln 26
Gregg, Mary fr 55a ln 25
Gregg, Mary fr 68a ln 24
Gregg, Myrtle fr 129a ln 42
Gregg, Perry fr 55a ln 24
Gregg, Sarah fr 130b ln 89
Gregg, William fr 130b ln 88
Griffen, R F fr 119b ln 72
Griffith, C W fr 119b ln 75
Griffith, Edith fr 77a ln 31
Griffith, Gilmore fr 77a ln 30
Griffith, Ina M fr 77a ln 32
Griffith, Lillian M fr 77a ln 33
Griffith, Lola N fr 77a ln 36
Griffith, Perry M fr 77a ln 34
Griffith, Robert R fr 77a ln 35
Griffith, Wesley W fr 80b ln 85
Grimes, Charles fr 64a ln 17
Grimes, Frank fr 119b ln 70
Grimes, Franklin fr 120a ln 28
Grimshaw, E C fr 134b ln 86
Grother, Eliza fr 45a ln 40
Grother, Ernest J fr 45a ln 45
Grother, Henry fr 45a ln 39
Grother, Henry D fr 45a ln 44
Grother, Joe fr 45a ln 41
Grother, John fr 45a ln 42
Grother, Lena fr 45a ln 43
Grotts, Mary fr 116b ln 88
Grotz, Elizabeth fr 115a ln 23
Grouver, Bl---- fr 26a ln 3
Grover, Allie fr 62a ln 34
Grover, Ephra fr 62a ln 31
Grover, Farris fr 62a ln 32
Grover, Lizzie fr 62a ln 33
Grover, Mary fr 62a ln 35
Grover, Thomas fr 62a ln 30
Groves, Henry fr 33b ln 93
Grundisch, Clarence H fr 144a ln 12
Grundisch, Fred R fr 144a ln 10
Grundisch, John fr 144a ln 8
Grundisch, Maud fr 144a ln 9
Grundisch, Treva V fr 144a ln 11
Grunle(?), Harry fr 91b ln 63
Grunle(?), Mary fr 91b ln 62
Grunle(?), Sam(?) fr 91b ln 61
Gruver, Alethia fr 31a ln 38
Gruver, Alex fr 28b ln 83
Gruver, Charlie fr 31a ln 34
Gruver, Edia fr 31a ln 35
Gruver, Glennie B fr 28b ln 86
Gruver, Homer fr 31a ln 37
Gruver, Isac fr 31a ln 32
Gruver, Jimmie fr 31a ln 36
Gruver, John fr 27a ln 39
Gruver, Lizzie fr 27b ln 93
Gruver, Lou-- fr 27b ln 91
Gruver, Margaret fr 27b ln 92
Gruver, Martha fr 31a ln 33
Gruver, Pery fr 31a ln 7
Gruver, Susan fr 28b ln 84
Gruver, Temple D fr 28b ln 87
Guthery, Alice fr 108a ln 26
Guthery, Frank fr 108a ln 25
Guthrie, Isabel fr 71b ln 90
Guthrie, Pearl fr 71b ln 91
Guthrie, William fr 71b ln 89
Guy, [unreadable] fr 74b ln 97
Guy, Anna fr 76a ln 36
Guy, Clarra fr 76a ln 39
Guy, Doris fr 76a ln 35
Guy, Edward fr 76a ln 37
Guy, Harman fr 76a ln 38
Guy, James fr 76a ln 34
Guy, Sarah fr 74b ln 98
H[unreadable], Adolph fr 41a ln 45
H[unreadable], Catherine fr 108a ln 35
H[unreadable], Ernest fr 41a ln 47
H[unreadable], Gertrude fr 41a ln 46
H[unreadable], Harry fr 120a ln 50
Hadga(?), Andrew fr 132a ln 21
Hadga(?), Elizabeth fr 132a ln 22
Hadley, Uretta fr 116b ln 82
Hadley, Will fr 24a ln 22
Hagget(?), Henry fr 39b ln 60
Hagget(?), Lucie A fr 39b ln 61
Hahnfeld, Deantha fr 45b ln 72
Hahnfeld, Fred fr 45a ln 46
Hahnfeld, Henry fr 45a ln 48
Hahnfeld, Henry fr 45b ln 71
Hahnfeld, Margret fr 45a ln 47
Haiglen, Helen fr 127a ln 31
Haiglen, John fr 127a ln 30
Hains, Enoch L fr 22a ln 1
Hains, Harver J fr 22a ln 3
Hains, Nancie E fr 22a ln 2
Halberle, Carl fr 77b ln 97
Halberle, Frederick fr 77b ln 98
Halberle, Mary fr 77b ln 96
Halberle, William fr 77b ln 95
Hale, Lettie fr 92b ln 59
Haley, Eddie fr 130a ln 46
Haley, Ida fr 130a ln 47
Haley, Lois fr 135a ln 25
Haley, Louis(?) fr 130a ln 43
Haley, May fr 130a ln 45
Haley, Mollie fr 130a ln 44
Haley, Thomas(?) fr 135a ln 24
Haley, William A fr 120a ln 31
Halff(?), Frances A fr 149a ln 25
Halff(?), Isaac E fr 149a ln 24
Halin(?), Anna fr 109a ln 45
Hall(?), Annie(?) M fr 112a ln 49
Hall(?), Bernie(?) fr 88a ln 49
Hall(?), Charles fr 88a ln 46
Hall(?), Earl S fr 88a ln 48
Hall(?), Emma A fr 88a ln 47
Hall, Agacha R fr 82a ln 5
Hall, Alice fr 95b ln 79
Hall, Genta(?) H fr 145b ln 51
Hallett, Jennie E fr 104b ln 69
Hallett, John fr 104b ln 68
Hallett, Lester L fr 104b ln 70
Halliburton, Arthur D fr 49a ln 40
Halliburton, Ben fr 49a ln 38
Halliburton, Mary fr 49a ln 39
Halliscks, Laura fr 113b ln 85
Hallman(?), W James fr 70a ln 18
Hamilton, Earl fr 88b ln 56
Hamilton, Hattie fr 88b ln 55
Hamilton, Judd fr 88b ln 54
Hamlet, Charles fr 83a ln 31
Hamlet, Frank fr 83a ln 36
Hamlet, Lelola fr 83a ln 35
Hamlet, Mable fr 83a ln 33
Hamlet, Mary A fr 83a ln 32
Hamlet, W[unreadable] fr 83a ln 34
Hamlin Nina B fr 145a ln 45
Hamlin, Alexander fr 145a ln 22
Hamlin, Bertha B fr 145a ln 26
Hamlin, Catharine fr 145a ln 47
Hamlin, Clara B fr 42a ln 7
Hamlin, Earl fr 41b ln 86
Hamlin, Estella A fr 42a ln 8
Hamlin, Fannie B fr 42a ln 9
Hamlin, Flora B fr 41b ln 84
Hamlin, George A fr 145a ln 46
Hamlin, George L fr 42a ln 6
Hamlin, Harvy fr 41b ln 83
Hamlin, Hazel fr 41b ln 88
Hamlin, Isaac fr 42a ln 2
Hamlin, Isaac fr 145a ln 43
Hamlin, Julie fr 42a ln 3
Hamlin, Maggie A fr 145a ln 24
Hamlin, Mary A fr 145a ln 44
Hamlin, Mary V fr 145a ln 23
Hamlin, Orville fr 42a ln 4
Hamlin, Owen fr 41b ln 87
Hamlin, Ralph fr 41b ln 85
Hamlin, Walter A fr 145a ln 25
Hamlin, William T fr 42a ln 5
Hamm, Blanch fr 83b ln 73
Hamm, Christie fr 83b ln 74
Hamm, George fr 83b ln 70
Hamm, Minnie fr 83b ln 72
Hamm, Sarah J fr 83b ln 71
Hammond (?), Emil fr 101b ln 81
Hammond (?), Emmett fr 101b ln 80
Hammond(?), [unreadable] fr 101b ln 76
Hammond(?), Beatrice fr 101b ln 79
Hammond(?), Lloyd fr 101b ln 78
Hammond(?), Nellie fr 101b ln 77
Hammond, [unreadable] fr 102b ln 96
Hammond, Alice fr 102b ln 97
Hammond, Annie A fr 49a ln 30
Hammond, Frank(?) fr 102b ln 99
Hammond, Geo M fr 119b ln 88
Hammond, John fr 49a ln 29
Hammond, Wiley fr 102b ln 98
Hampson, Addie L fr 24b ln 54
Hampson, Alice fr 28b ln 65
Hampson, Fred W fr 24a ln 48
Hampson, Georgena fr 24a ln 47
Hampson, Lena fr 24b ln 53
Hampson, Nellie fr 24a ln 49
Hampson, Richard fr 28b ln 63
Hampson, Sarah fr 28b ln 64
Hampson, William fr 24b ln 52
Hampson, William S fr 24a ln 46
Hampson, William V fr 24b ln 55
Hampton, Mary C fr 45b ln 82
Hand, Arthur J fr 68a ln 31
Hand, Dovie fr 77a ln 25
Hand, Edward fr 77a ln 24
Hand, Francis E fr 65a ln 25
Hand, Harvey fr 65a ln 23
Hand, Karry fr 77a ln 28
Hand, Katy fr 77a ln 27
Hand, Maud E fr 77a ln 26
Hand, Opha E fr 68a ln 32
Hand, Robert L fr 65a ln 24
Hand, Roy fr 77a ln 29
Haney, Anna fr 40a ln 11
Haney, Benjamen fr 127b ln 51
Haney, Edward fr 40a ln 1
Haney, Fred fr 127b ln 52
Haney, Jacob fr 40a ln 6
Haney, Josephine fr 40a ln 9
Haney, July fr 40a ln 4
Haney, Katie fr 40a ln 8
Haney, Margret fr 40a ln 3
Haney, Martha fr 40a ln 7
Haney, Mollie fr 127a ln 49
Haney, Nellie fr 40a ln 5
Haney, Olive fr 127b ln 53
Haney, Pearlie fr 127a ln 50
Haney, Robert fr 127a ln 48
Haney, Thomas fr 40a ln 10
Haney, Wyznie fr 40a ln 2
Hanghn, Arthur B fr 52a ln 16
Hanghn, Maggie fr 52a ln 15
Hanghn, Nichols fr 52a ln 14
Hanley, John fr 108b ln 59
Hanley, Mary T fr 108b ln 60
Hanlow(?), Alice fr 129a ln 37
Hanlow(?), Charles fr 129a ln 38
Hanlow(?), Ernest fr 129a ln 39
Hanlow(?), Fred fr 129a ln 36
Hanlow(?), George fr 129a ln 35
Hanlow(?), George fr 129a ln 40
Hannon, Kate fr 115b ln 88
Hanover, Eddie fr 23a ln 6
Hanover, George fr 23a ln 4
Hanover, Loyd fr 23a ln 7
Hanover, Nettie A fr 23a ln 5
Hanover, Russel fr 23a ln 8
Hansen, Laura fr 113b ln 81
Hanshew(?), Leslie(?) fr 155a ln 25
Hanshew(?), Lillie A fr 155a ln 26
Hanshew(?), Miles S fr 155a ln 27
Hansmann, Conrad fr 134a ln 1
Hansmann, Henrietta fr 134a ln 2

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