Index of Names Transcribed from the 1900 Census for Miami Co, KS

Prepared by Sean Furniss, revised 2 January 2007

This is part of an alphabetical index to names listed in the 1900 United States Census for Miami County, Kansas. Each name is followed by the frame number in the roll of microfilm and the line where the name was shown on the census page.

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Horn, David fr 105b ln 89
Horn, Lizzy fr 105b ln 90
Horn, Nellie fr 105b ln 93
Horn, Rilda fr 105b ln 92
Horn, Silas fr 105b ln 94
Horn, Traber fr 105b ln 91
Hornbacker, Maggie fr 47a ln 13
Hornbaker, William fr 47a ln 12
Hornbuckle, Bessie M fr 21a ln 46
Hornbuckle, Effie D fr 21a ln 49
Hornbuckle, George E fr 21a ln 44
Hornbuckle, Margaret M fr 21a ln 50
Hornbuckle, Mary L fr 21a ln 43
Hornbuckle, Mary L fr 21a ln 47
Hornbuckle, Price fr 21a ln 42
Hornbuckle, Sterling P fr 21a ln 48
Hornbuckle, Willie H fr 21a ln 45
Hornecker, Lenora fr 113b ln 59
Horton, Celius(?) fr 115b ln 89
Hough, Jack(?) fr 100b ln 99
House, Charles fr 144b ln 71
Houser, Asa fr 23b ln 78
Houser, Asa fr 23b ln 83
Houser, August fr 48a ln 33
Houser, Dora A fr 23b ln 80
Houser, Frank J fr 23b ln 81
Houser, Mabel fr 23b ln 82
Houser, Magdalena fr 48a ln 34
Houser, Mary A fr 23b ln 79
Houston, Alice fr 113b ln 76
Houston, Ethel fr 52a ln 24
Houston, Fred fr 52a ln 20
Houston, Harold fr 52a ln 25
Houston, Lillie fr 52a ln 21
Houston, Mable fr 52a ln 26
Houston, Ralph fr 52a ln 22
Houston, Walter fr 52a ln 23
Houston, William fr 52a ln 27
Houts, C[unreadable] fr 90b ln 51
Houts, George fr 90b ln 55
Houts, Jopha(?) J fr 90b ln 52
Houts, Lillie fr 90b ln 56
Houts, Mable fr 90b ln 53
Houts, Roy fr 90b ln 54
Hovey(?), Frank fr 110b ln 92
Hovey(?), Minnie fr 110b ln 93
Hovey(?), Rachel fr 126b ln 88
Howard, Albert fr 109b ln 91
Howard, Catherine fr 101b ln 64
Howard, Crs(?) fr 28b ln 53
Howard, Eliza fr 100a ln 20
Howard, Elizabeth fr 28b ln 54
Howard, Ernest E fr 147a ln 35
Howard, Frankie fr 100a ln 23
Howard, George fr 147a ln 33
Howard, Harold fr 79b ln 55
Howard, Harry fr 100a ln 22
Howard, Harry fr 109b ln 94
Howard, Hattie fr 109b ln 95
Howard, Hugh fr 28b ln 56
Howard, Isabell fr 79b ln 56
Howard, Juletta E fr 109b ln 92
Howard, Lotta B fr 101b ln 65
Howard, Luella fr 109b ln 93
Howard, Malinda fr 147a ln 34
Howard, Minnie fr 28b ln 55
Howard, Ollie F fr 147a ln 36
Howard, Robert fr 101b ln 63
Howard, William fr 100a ln 19
Howard, William Jr fr 100a ln 21
Howell, William fr 120a ln 42
Howerton, Ellen fr 115a ln 35
Howland, Hirman fr 55b ln 59
Howland, Jennie fr 117a ln 7
Howland, William H fr 55b ln 58
Howsarman(?), Adolph fr 120a ln 46
Hoyes, George F fr 30a ln 41
Hubbard, Frece H fr 119b ln 79
Huber, Amelia fr 62a ln 43
Huber, Bertha fr 40b ln 95
Huber, Catherine J fr 62a ln 44
Huber, Charles fr 62a ln 42
Huber, Christana fr 40b ln 90
Huber, Clara I fr 62a ln 47
Huber, Clarence C fr 62a ln 49
Huber, Ernest fr 40b ln 91
Huber, Frank fr 40b ln 94
Huber, Harry H fr 62a ln 50
Huber, Herman fr 40b ln 92
Huber, Jacob H fr 62a ln 48
Huber, Jane E fr 62a ln 39
Huber, John C fr 62a ln 38
Huber, John W fr 62a ln 46
Huber, Mabel G fr 62a ln 45
Huber, Mike fr 40b ln 89
Huber, Nena fr 40b ln 93
Huck, Eliza J fr 132a ln 9
Huck, James A fr 132a ln 10
Huck, John J fr 132a ln 8
Huck, Joseph fr 132a ln 11
Huff, Fredrick N fr 79a ln 23
Huff, Irene fr 75b ln 66
Huff, John fr 75b ln 64
Huff, John fr 79a ln 20
Huff, Laura fr 79a ln 21
Huff, Russell F fr 79a ln 22
Huff, Susanna fr 75b ln 65
Huffine, E. T. fr 117a ln 24
Huffman, Alice fr 41a ln 13
Huffman, Elmer fr 41a ln 11
Huffman, Francis fr 41a ln 12
Huffman, Jessie fr 41a ln 14
Huffman, Lucie fr 43a ln 41
Huffman, Ollie fr 41a ln 16
Huffman, Otto fr 41a ln 15
Huffman, William fr 43a ln 40
Hughes, John fr 120b ln 53
Hughes, John fr 144a ln 49
Hughes, Luella(?) fr 112b ln 64
Hughes, Mary A fr 130b ln 61
Hughley, Clara S fr 153a ln 24
Hughley, Martha A fr 153a ln 23
Hughley, Thomas M fr 153a ln 25
Hughs, Jesse fr 119b ln 85
Hull, Bill fr 88a ln 25
Hull, James fr 88a ln 24
Humbart(?), Elias(?) fr 126b ln 84
Humbart(?), Florence fr 126b ln 85
Humble, Mamie fr 78a ln 25
Humble, Matie fr 78a ln 24
Humble, Sigmon fr 78a ln 23
Hume, Clara fr 59b ln 88
Hume, Edgar fr 128b ln 93
Hume, Frank fr 128b ln 92
Hume, Frederick M fr 59b ln 90
Hume, George H fr 128b ln 90
Hume, Laura D fr 59b ln 99
Hume, Martha fr 128b ln 94
Hume, Mary S fr 59b ln 91
Hume, Ralph L fr 59b ln 89
Hume, Rebecka fr 128b ln 91
Hume, Thomas fr 59b ln 87
Humeston, Flora fr 141b ln 52
Hunenston, [unreadable] fr 72a ln 22
Hunenston, Fred fr 72a ln 25
Hunenston, George fr 72a ln 24
Hunenston, Hattie fr 72a ln 23
Hungesford, Louisa fr 113b ln 83
Hunlay, Rebecca fr 118a ln 9
Hunsperger, George fr 48a ln 14
Hunsperger, Mary fr 48a ln 13
Hunsperger, Owen fr 48a ln 12
Hunsperger, Rosa fr 48a ln 15
Hunt, Ada fr 108b ln 52
Hunt, Asa fr 127b ln 59
Hunt, Asid(?) fr 127b ln 60
Hunt, Cara E fr 155b ln 74
Hunt, Charley D fr 155b ln 73
Hunt, Donald fr 127b ln 61
Hunt, Elmer(?) fr 108b ln 51
Hunt, Emory fr 61a ln 42
Hunt, John fr 155b ln 71
Hunt, Mary E fr 155b ln 72
Hunt, Mary J fr 102b ln 80
Hunt, Nathan fr 120b ln 54
Hunt, Sady fr 102b ln 81
Hunt, Stella fr 102b ln 82
Hunt, Thomas fr 78a ln 47
Hunt, William fr 127b ln 58
Hunt, William C fr 155b ln 75
Hunter, Anie E fr 143a ln 5
Hunter, Anna M fr 56b ln 74
Hunter, Benjamin fr 56b ln 73
Hunter, California fr 116a ln 33
Hunter, Catha fr 106a ln 37
Hunter, Catherine fr 56b ln 78
Hunter, Charles A fr 106a ln 35
Hunter, Clarence fr 56b ln 77
Hunter, Cyrus fr 143a ln 4
Hunter, Daisy F fr 56b ln 75
Hunter, Daniel B fr 143a ln 6
Hunter, Eber fr 61b ln 57
Hunter, Ervin fr 106a ln 36
Hunter, Estelle U fr 56b ln 76
Hunter, Hattie L fr 106a ln 33
Hunter, Irven P fr 143a ln 7
Hunter, James fr 56a ln 29
Hunter, Manda fr 25b ln 94
Hunter, Martha E fr 56a ln 30
Hunter, Myrtle fr 106a ln 34
Hunter, Nelson(?) fr 25b ln 93
Hunter, Thomas fr 106a ln 32
Hunter, Wm H fr 61b ln 56
Hurd, Elen B fr 138b ln 61
Hurd, Fred fr 138b ln 65
Hurd, George fr 138b ln 59
Hurd, George W fr 138b ln 64
Hurd, James A fr 138b ln 63
Hurd, Mary B fr 138b ln 62
Hurd, Nancy F fr 138b ln 60
Hurst, Charoles fr 153b ln 84
Hurst, Myrtle C fr 153b ln 85
Hurst, William fr 119b ln 86
Hurt, Della(?) fr 140a ln 21
Hurt, John fr 135b ln 52
Huss, Julia fr 127a ln 39
Huss, Thomas fr 127a ln 38
Hussey, Avis Bell fr 68a ln 42
Hussey, Bethel P fr 68a ln 44
Hussey, Birdie fr 68a ln 45
Hussey, Jenny fr 68a ln 41
Hussey, Norman C fr 68a ln 40
Hussey, Richard S fr 68a ln 38
Hussey, Richard S fr 68a ln 39
Hussey, Stella fr 68a ln 43
Hussey, Thomas fr 143a ln 44
Hussie, Alice fr 94a ln 2
Hussie, George C fr 94a ln 3
Hussie, Hazell fr 94a ln 4
Hussie, John fr 94a ln 1
Hussie, May Francis fr 94a ln 5
Hussy, Clara fr 153b ln 70
Hussy, Katie fr 153b ln 69
Hutchins(?), Francis fr 130a ln 13
Hutchins(?), Frank fr 130a ln 12
Hutchins(?), Mary J fr 130a ln 11
Hutchins(?), Thomas(?) fr 130a ln 10
Hutchins, Ernest G fr 67a ln 23
Hutchins, Floyd T fr 63b ln 89
Hutchins, Ira(?) D fr 67a ln 20
Hutchins, John fr 67a ln 16
Hutchins, John A fr 67a ln 21
Hutchins, Martha T fr 67a ln 17
Hutchins, Minnie B fr 67a ln 19
Hutchins, Sylva M fr 67a ln 22
Hutchins, Walter G fr 67a ln 18
Hutchinson, Charles fr 87b ln 66
Hutchinson, Delia fr 87b ln 67
Hutson, Eva C fr 137b ln 70
Hutson, Nancy C fr 137b ln 69
Hutson, Ruth G fr 137b ln 71
Hutson, Thomas fr 137b ln 68
Hyde, Harley fr 80b ln 65
Hyde, James fr 80b ln 62
Hyde, Jules V fr 80b ln 64
Hyde, Lena fr 80b ln 63
Hymett, George fr 120b ln 51
Hysom, Artamisea fr 38a ln 19
Hysom, Benjamin fr 38a ln 22
Hysom, Bertie E fr 38a ln 23
Hysom, Johny G fr 152a ln 31
Hysom, Laura fr 152a ln 30
Hysom, May fr 38a ln 20
Hysom, Rufus fr 152a ln 29
Hysom, Samuel D fr 38a ln 18
Hysom, William M fr 38a ln 21
Idings, Sarah C fr 115a ln 2
Ileff(?), Julia E fr 112b ln 62
Iler, Jacob fr 127b ln 72
Iler, Mary fr 127b ln 73
Imes, John A fr 62b ln 96
Imes, Minerva J fr 62b ln 97
Iness, John H fr 119b ln 94
Ingraham, James fr 48a ln 11
Ingram, Mary fr 116b ln 59
Ireland, Darius fr 70b ln 77
Ireland, Harvey fr 74a ln 45
Ireland, Sallie fr 70b ln 78
Ireman(?), Emma fr 151a ln 27
Ireman(?), Ester M fr 151a ln 28
Ireman(?), Harvey fr 151a ln 26
Irvin, Ralph fr 120b ln 57
Irwin, Byrd(?) fr 97b ln 61
Irwin, Calvin L fr 97b ln 62
Irwin, Charles fr 97b ln 60
Irwin, Charles F fr 97b ln 63
Irwin, Ethel fr 97b ln 66
Irwin, James fr 97b ln 64
Irwin, Jessie fr 97b ln 65
Isarel, Henry R fr 120b ln 56
Isenhart, Frank fr 88a ln 21
Isenhart, Lena fr 88a ln 22
Islen, Caroline G fr 93a ln 33
Islen, Edgar E fr 93a ln 32
Islen, Hellen C fr 93a ln 31
Islen, Stephen B fr 93a ln 30
Israel(?), Charles fr 86a ln 46
Israel(?), Maud fr 86a ln 47
J[unreadable], Richard fr 104b ln 52
J[unreadable], William fr 87b ln 99
Ja[unreadable], Albert fr 127b ln 71
Jacbs, Izabella fr 118a ln 1
Jackenback(?), Catherine fr 69b ln 80
Jackson, [unreadable] fr 132b ln 93
Jackson, Annie fr 132b ln 95
Jackson, Charity fr 89a ln 42
Jackson, Doc fr 91a ln 38
Jackson, Edward fr 136b ln 85
Jackson, Effie fr 40b ln 68
Jackson, Fred fr 104b ln 79
Jackson, George fr 132b ln 94
Jackson, Hazel fr 136b ln 88
Jackson, Ira fr 141b ln 54
Jackson, Isac fr 36a ln 31
Jackson, Leah fr 104b ln 81
Jackson, Lewis(?) fr 132b ln 92
Jackson, Maggie fr 136b ln 86
Jackson, Maud fr 40b ln 70
Jackson, Minerva fr 40b ln 67
Jackson, Ollie fr 36a ln 32
Jackson, Pearl fr 104b ln 80
Jackson, Peter fr 40b ln 66
Jackson, Peter F fr 40b ln 69
Jackson, Robert fr 89a ln 41
Jackson, Ruth fr 136b ln 87
Jackson, Viola fr 132b ln 96
Jackson, Walter fr 112a ln 22
Jackson, William fr 36a ln 30
Jackson, Winfield E fr 41a ln 1
Jacobs, Anna fr 94b ln 67
Jacobs, Arthur B fr 94b ln 69
Jacobs, Harriet fr 144a ln 7
Jacobs, Jessie fr 144a ln 6
Jacobs, LLewellen fr 94b ln 66
Jacobs, Llewellen Jr fr 94b ln 68
James, Alice fr 133a ln 21
James, Bessie fr 133a ln 23
James, Ceicl(?) fr 34a ln 11
James, Clark fr 133a ln 24
James, Cliford fr 87b ln 64
James, Frank(?) fr 87b ln 65
James, Gard fr 133a ln 25
James, George fr 133a ln 20
James, James fr 34a ln 8
James, Laura fr 133a ln 22
James, Lucy fr 34a ln 10
James, Minnie fr 34a ln 9
James, Minnie E fr 87b ln 62
James, William fr 87b ln 61
James, Yevett(?) fr 87b ln 63
Jameson, Edward fr 130b ln 81
Jameson, John fr 130b ln 82
Jameson, Joseph fr 130b ln 78
Jameson, Mary fr 130b ln 79
Jameson, Virgil fr 130b ln 80
Jamison(?), [unreadable] fr 97b ln 98
Jamison(?), G[unreadable] fr 97b ln 96
Jamison(?), Mary E fr 97b ln 99
Jamison(?), Minnie fr 97b ln 97
Jamison, Edna F fr 58b ln 63
Jamison, Mary A fr 58b ln 62
Jamison, Milton fr 58b ln 61
Jane(?), Hanah fr 85b ln 91
Jankins, Anna E fr 25a ln 28
Jankins, Fred fr 25a ln 31
Jankins, Robert fr 25a ln 30
Jankins, Terry fr 106a ln 48
Jankins, Velma E fr 25a ln 29
Jankins, William B fr 25a ln 27
January(?), Dick A fr 107b ln 98
Jay, Jennie fr 108a ln 42
Jay, Marshal fr 108a ln 41
Jedrick, Jacob M fr 129a ln 18
Jedrick, John J fr 129a ln 16
Jedrick, John T fr 129a ln 19
Jedrick, Margaret fr 129a ln 17
Jeffries, Arthur fr 29b ln 53
Jenkins, Albert fr 50b ln 51
Jenkins, Alice fr 117b ln 91
Jenkins, Carrie fr 128a ln 1
Jenkins, John fr 126b ln 98
Jenkins, Kathy fr 126b ln 99
Jenkins, Leroy fr 126b ln 100
Jenkins, Ralph fr 128a ln 2
Jenkins, Sarah fr 50b ln 52
Jenning, Henreatta fr 23b ln 54
Jenning, Julia M [as written] fr 23b ln 55
Jenning, Vine fr 23b ln 53
Jennings, Dirk(?) fr 26b ln 71
Jennings, Edd fr 26b ln 60
Jennings, Fisher fr 26b ln 74
Jennings, Forest fr 26b ln 62
Jennings, Forest E fr 26b ln 72
Jennings, George fr 25a ln 10
Jennings, Ida fr 26b ln 61
Jennings, Joe fr 26b ln 63
Jennings, Margaret fr 117a ln 26
Jennings, Richard fr 26b ln 73
Jennings, Tempest P fr 26b ln 64
Jennison, Lillie fr 93a ln 19
Jennison, Samuel fr 93a ln 18
Jepson, Mary fr 117b ln 90
Jett, Lucy fr 115b ln 94
Jewell, Carrie fr 94a ln 41
Jewell, Clayton fr 94a ln 40
Jewell, Earle fr 94a ln 42
Jewell, Edward fr 126b ln 57
Jewell, Howard fr 94a ln 43
Jeweth, Sarah fr 115b ln 87
Jewett, Amos(?) fr 101a ln 37
Jewett, Anna E fr 101a ln 45
Jewett, Bertha E fr 101a ln 44
Jewett, Edward E fr 101a ln 41
Jewett, Franklin fr 101a ln 43
Jewett, Fredrick fr 101a ln 40
Jewett, Mary E fr 101a ln 38
Jewett, Mary E fr 101a ln 42
Jewett, William E fr 101a ln 39
Jhondreth(?), Alvin fr 43a ln 22
Jhondreth(?), Benjamin fr 43a ln 21
Jhondreth(?), Dexter fr 43a ln 19
Jhondreth(?), Gertrude fr 43a ln 20
Jhondreth(?), James fr 43a ln 16
Jhondreth(?), James E fr 43a ln 18
Jhondreth(?), Luisa fr 43a ln 17
Jhondreth(?), Luisa fr 43a ln 24
Jhondreth(?), Ted fr 43a ln 23
Jinkins, Bertha fr 107a ln 10
Jinkins, Francis(?) H fr 107a ln 7
Jinkins, Libbie fr 107a ln 8
Jinkins, Stella fr 107a ln 9
Jinky(?), Charles fr 127a ln 10
Jinky(?), Edward fr 127a ln 6
Jinky(?), Lena fr 127a ln 9
Jinky(?), Mollie fr 127a ln 7
Jinky(?), Willie fr 127a ln 8
Jobe(/), Marie fr 93b ln 81
Jobe(?), Cornielia(?) fr 93b ln 78
Jobe(?), La Theo(?) fr 93b ln 77
Jobe(?), Paul fr 93b ln 80
Jobe(?), Theo fr 93b ln 79
Johann, Bettie fr 52a ln 40
Johann, Catherine fr 52a ln 37
Johann, Dick J fr 52a ln 39
Johann, Ella fr 52a ln 43
Johann, John fr 52a ln 38
Johann, Mathias fr 52a ln 36
Johann, Peter fr 52a ln 41
Johann, Sarah fr 52a ln 42
Johnson(?), ----- fr 70b ln 97
Johnson(?), Gilbert(?) fr 70b ln 96
Johnson, Agnes fr 130a ln 35
Johnson, Andy fr 93a ln 15
Johnson, Anna S fr 117b ln 79
Johnson, Anne Mary fr 128b ln 57
Johnson, Bertha fr 103a ln 20
Johnson, Bessie V fr 86a ln 11
Johnson, Blanche fr 50b ln 70
Johnson, Carrie fr 86a ln 2
Johnson, Carrie fr 50b ln 69
Johnson, Carrie fr 50b ln 72
Johnson, Carrie fr 99a ln 34
Johnson, Carrie fr 99a ln 36
Johnson, Carrie E fr 82b ln 59
Johnson, Celia fr 115a ln 1
Johnson, Charles E fr 99a ln 38
Johnson, Charles F fr 54b ln 84
Johnson, Charlotte fr 115a ln 3
Johnson, Clara fr 50b ln 71
Johnson, Clarance fr 86a ln 3
Johnson, Clem fr 56a ln 8
Johnson, Cora fr 54b ln 81
Johnson, Cordia fr 96b ln 70
Johnson, David H fr 154a ln 40
Johnson, David H fr 154a ln 41
Johnson, Delphia fr 154a ln 42
Johnson, Ea[unreadable] fr 110b ln 55
Johnson, Edgar E fr 154a ln 37
Johnson, Edith J fr 86a ln 4
Johnson, Edward fr 119b ln 95
Johnson, Edward fr 128b ln 55
Johnson, Ellen fr 24a ln 21
Johnson, Ermine A fr 54b ln 82
Johnson, Ethel L fr 99a ln 33
Johnson, Eugene(?) fr 89b ln 86
Johnson, Fred C fr 130a ln 14
Johnson, George fr 82b ln 60
Johnson, George fr 89b ln 66
Johnson, George fr 96b ln 73
Johnson, George fr 99a ln 32
Johnson, George fr 130a ln 34
Johnson, Glennia fr 99a ln 35
Johnson, H[unreadable] fr 89b ln 64
Johnson, Hulit(?) fr 24a ln 20
Johnson, Ida fr 56a ln 6
Johnson, Ira fr 26b ln 78
Johnson, Ira fr 56a ln 9
Johnson, Isaac fr 86a ln 1
Johnson, Jabry(?) fr 86a ln 13
Johnson, James fr 82b ln 58
Johnson, James fr 111b ln 63
Johnson, Jennie(?) fr 130a ln 36
Johnson, Jessie fr 89b ln 88
Johnson, Josihua fr 81b ln 60
Johnson, Judson fr 89b ln 68
Johnson, Kate fr 54b ln 79
Johnson, Kitty E fr 54b ln 80
Johnson, Lealah fr 154a ln 39
Johnson, Lena fr 93a ln 16
Johnson, Lester fr 96b ln 72
Johnson, Lewis fr 96b ln 69
Johnson, Lillard fr 81b ln 62
Johnson, Lillian fr 103a ln 21
Johnson, Lucinda fr 81a ln 30
Johnson, Lulu fr 128b ln 59
Johnson, Mable fr 93a ln 17
Johnson, Mary fr 91a ln 24
Johnson, Mary E fr 99a ln 40
Johnson, Mattie D fr 89b ln 67
Johnson, Maud fr 96b ln 71
Johnson, McGee fr 56a ln 7
Johnson, Melvin fr 24a ln 24
Johnson, Mina M fr 56a ln 10
Johnson, Minnie fr 128b ln 56
Johnson, Minnie M fr 81b ln 61
Johnson, Nelley fr 86a ln 14
Johnson, Nellie fr 110b ln 56
Johnson, Nettie fr 130a ln 15
Johnson, Nichols(?) fr 86a ln 10
Johnson, Oliver fr 50b ln 73
Johnson, Orlin fr 99a ln 37
Johnson, Oscar fr 24a ln 23
Johnson, Pearly fr 86a ln 12
Johnson, Peter fr 120b ln 61
Johnson, Richard fr 103a ln 19
Johnson, Roxanna L G fr 115a ln 16
Johnson, Ruby fr 54b ln 83
Johnson, Rufus fr 120b ln 58
Johnson, Samuel A fr 54b ln 78
Johnson, Sarah R fr 154a ln 38
Johnson, Thomas fr 50b ln 68
Johnson, Thomas fr 120b ln 62
Johnson, Walter fr 111b ln 93
Johnson, Walter fr 128b ln 58
Johnson, William fr 56a ln 5
Johnson, William fr 81a ln 29
Johnson, William fr 99a ln 39
Johnson, William fr 119b ln 96
Johnson, William fr 119b ln 97
Johnston, Alice fr 39a ln 23
Johnston, Alva fr 37a ln 13
Johnston, Beatrice fr 39a ln 24
Johnston, Clarence fr 41b ln 100
Johnston, Henry fr 39a ln 19
Johnston, Jane fr 39a ln 25
Johnston, John fr 37a ln 12
Johnston, Joseph B fr 39a ln 21
Johnston, Leona fr 39a ln 20
Johnston, Maud fr 39a ln 22
Johnston, Nancy S fr 153b ln 93
Johnston, William N fr 151b ln 68
Johsnon, Luella fr 86a ln 15
Joice, Carrie fr 22b ln 56
Joice, William fr 22b ln 55
Jolley, Allison fr 99a ln 21
Jolley, Alonzo fr 99a ln 16
Jolley, Bell fr 99a ln 18
Jolley, Buell fr 99a ln 20
Jolley, Clarance fr 99a ln 22
Jolley, Hattie fr 99a ln 17
Jolley, Ida fr 99a ln 24
Jolley, Josie fr 99a ln 19
Jolley, Lodema fr 99a ln 23
Jolly, M Mary fr 71a ln 33
Jolly, William fr 120b ln 60
Jones, Almira fr 41a ln 32
Jones, Andrew fr 135a ln 43
Jones, Anna fr 85a ln 12
Jones, Anna(?) fr 135a ln 44
Jones, Bert D fr 112a ln 6
Jones, Bishop A fr 34a ln 42
Jones, Bonnie fr 34a ln 43
Jones, C Arthur fr 112a ln 14
Jones, Charles fr 152a ln 33
Jones, Clara fr 65a ln 6
Jones, Clara A fr 34a ln 39
Jones, Clarance fr 96b ln 83
Jones, Clarance fr 96b ln 85
Jones, Clarkson D fr 120b ln 63
Jones, Clyde fr 102a ln 46
Jones, Clyde fr 96b ln 86
Jones, Daniel fr 76b ln 60
Jones, Effie fr 117b ln 54
Jones, Ellen C fr 33b ln 59
Jones, Elliner fr 41a ln 31
Jones, Elsie fr 65a ln 8
Jones, Ettie fr 96b ln 84
Jones, Fred fr 65a ln 7
Jones, George fr 100a ln 16
Jones, Gertrude L fr 152a ln 34
Jones, Harry fr 135a ln 45
Jones, Henry fr 33b ln 58
Jones, Henry fr 34a ln 40
Jones, Henry fr 42b ln 78
Jones, Henry C fr 151b ln 67
Jones, Ida fr 102a ln 45
Jones, Jesse fr 152a ln 36
Jones, John F fr 152a ln 35
Jones, Katie fr 33b ln 60
Jones, Laura fr 48b ln 77
Jones, Leander fr 65a ln 4
Jones, Leucie(?) fr 41a ln 33
Jones, Lilie fr 65a ln 5
Jones, Louis fr 41a ln 30
Jones, Love B fr 48b ln 79
Jones, Lula fr 100a ln 17
Jones, Paul fr 102a ln 47
Jones, Robert fr 34a ln 38
Jones, Samuel fr 102a ln 44
Jones, Samuel fr 48b ln 76
Jones, Sarah fr 91a ln 22
Jones, Sylvester S fr 119b ln 98
Jones, Thomas K fr 34a ln 41
Jones, Wilbur fr 48b ln 78
Jones, William fr 42b ln 79
Jones, Willis fr 41a ln 34
Jordan, Rosa fr 87b ln 77
Jordon(?), Mattie fr 154a ln 2
Jorner, Ida fr 95a ln 24
Jorner, Mary E fr 95a ln 23
Jorner, Moses fr 95a ln 22
Journs(?), Hahson(?) fr 120b ln 59
Joyce, Andrew fr 157a ln 9
Joyce, William fr 134b ln 64
Judd, Rosa fr 115a ln 15
Juit(?), Nathan fr 140a ln 45
Jung, Albert fr 51b ln 99
Jung, Bertha fr 51b ln 98
Jung, Clara fr 52a ln 2
Jung, Ephrim fr 52a ln 1
Jung, John fr 51b ln 97
Jung, Lilian I fr 52a ln 3
Jung, Louisa fr 51b ln 100
Justice, Hattie fr 149b ln 95
Justice, John fr 149b ln 94
Justice, Joisa(?) fr 149b ln 96
K[unreadable] fr 41a ln 35
K[unreadable], Dan fr 41a ln 37
K[unreadable], George fr 41a ln 40
K[unreadable], Henry E fr 41a ln 41
K[unreadable], Maime fr 41a ln 38
K[unreadable], Mary fr 41a ln 36
K[unreadable], Opha L fr 41a ln 39
Kally, Cdarine(?) fr 141a ln 17
Kally, Hazel fr 141a ln 18
Kally, Thomas fr 141a ln 16
Kane, Alfred fr 147a ln 8
Kane, Arnold fr 108a ln 9
Kane, Charles fr 108a ln 8
Kane, Dillia fr 108a ln 7
Kane, Eliza fr 108a ln 6
Kane, Genni(?) fr 147a ln 12
Kane, James fr 130b ln 83
Kane, John F fr 147a ln 9
Kane, John H fr 147a ln 6
Kane, Kirk fr 108a ln 12
Kane, Lorene fr 108a ln 13
Kane, Louisa fr 130b ln 84
Kane, Martin(?) fr 108a ln 5
Kane, Merrel fr 108a ln 11
Kane, Olive fr 108a ln 10
Kane, Pearl S fr 147a ln 10
Kane, Viola J fr 147a ln 11
Kane, Viola J fr 147a ln 7
Kann, Anna fr 116b ln 97
Kanney, B[unreadable] fr 152b ln 51
Kanney, Bess fr 152b ln 54
Kanney, Edmond J fr 152b ln 55
Kanney, Frances fr 152b ln 52
Kanney, Ruth fr 152b ln 53
Karl, John fr 128a ln 37
Karr, Cashes fr 38b ln 61
Karr, George fr 38b ln 56
Karr, Hampton fr 38b ln 60
Karr, Harry fr 38b ln 59
Karr, Henry fr 38b ln 58
Karr, Matitia fr 38b ln 57
Kasner, Mollie fr 75a ln 22
Kassner, Anna fr 75a ln 20
Kassner, Oscar fr 75a ln 21
Kauffman, Clara fr 100b ln 73
Kauffman, Eliza fr 100b ln 72
Kauffman, James(?) fr 100b ln 71
Kauffman, Joseph fr 56a ln 19
Kauffman, Magie fr 100b ln 74
Kauffman, Margaret fr 56a ln 21
Kauffman, Mary fr 56a ln 22
Kauffman, Mary F fr 56a ln 20
Kaun, Emma fr 44a ln 9
Kaun, Harmen fr 44a ln 10
Kaun, Julius fr 44a ln 13
Kaun, Julius fr 44a ln 8
Kaun, Ma[unreadable] fr 44a ln 12
Kaun, Mary fr 44a ln 11
Kaun, Rosa fr 44a ln 14
Keating, Cafire(?) fr 111b ln 62
Keating, Mary fr 112b ln 80
Kech, Agnes fr 135b ln 79
Keefauber, Charles fr 134b ln 66
Keefauver, Agnes E fr 157a ln 27
Keefauver, Bertha fr 157a ln 29
Keefauver, Clate L fr 157a ln 25
Keefauver, Della M fr 157a ln 31
Keefauver, Edith L fr 157a ln 23
Keefauver, Elizabeth M fr 156b ln 72
Keefauver, George M fr 157a ln 26
Keefauver, Harry M fr 157a ln 30
Keefauver, Leebright M fr 157a ln 21
Keefauver, Lewis H fr 156b ln 71
Keefauver, Lillie C fr 157a ln 22
Keefauver, Maud E fr 157a ln 24
Keefauver, Thelma V fr 157a ln 32
Keefauver, William C fr 157a ln 28
Keegy, M fr 116a ln 6
Keeler(?), Albert fr 22a ln 31
Keeler(?), Charlie fr 22a ln 34
Keeler(?), Evart fr 22a ln 33
Keeler(?), Mary fr 22a ln 32
Keeler, Vain fr 22a ln 35
Keeley(?), John M fr 144b ln 81
Keevil, Charles fr 35b ln 82
Keevil, Eliza fr 35b ln 83
Kehn, Mike fr 51a ln 47
Keitel, Blanch fr 79a ln 30
Keitel, Burl fr 79a ln 33
Keitel, Jennie fr 79a ln 32
Keitel, Loren fr 79a ln 31
Keitel, William fr 79a ln 29
Keith, Edward fr 41b ln 74
Keith, Eliza A fr 39a ln 12
Keith, Forney(?) fr 39b ln 58
Keith, John H fr 39a ln 11
Keith, Josephine fr 113b ln 92
Keith, Louisa fr 49a ln 28
Keith, Meda fr 39b ln 59
Keith, Willis M fr 49a ln 27
Kella, W D fr 122a ln 7
Kelley, Ann fr 113b ln 96
Kelley, Charles fr 131b ln 74
Kelley, David fr 131b ln 75
Kelley, Dilbie fr 91a ln 7
Kelley, Earl fr 131b ln 72
Kelley, Etta fr 91a ln 6
Kelley, Frank A fr 92b ln 89
Kelley, George fr 131b ln 76
Kelley, Howard fr 91a ln 25
Kelley, Leslie fr 131b ln 73
Kelley, Maud fr 131b ln 71
Kelley, Osborn fr 91a ln 8
Kelley, Roland fr 131b ln 69
Kelley, Sarah fr 131b ln 70
Kelly, Aggie fr 35a ln 19
Kelly, Alfred fr 141a ln 47
Kelly, Bell fr 141a ln 48
Kelly, Blanch fr 127b ln 65
Kelly, Clyde fr 35a ln 21
Kelly, Dennis fr 120b ln 66
Kelly, Edward fr 127b ln 62
Kelly, Elroy H fr 141a ln 49
Kelly, Emma fr 127b ln 63
Kelly, Ernest fr 28b ln 95
Kelly, Francis fr 127b ln 83
Kelly, Hazel fr 28b ln 97
Kelly, Hazel fr 127b ln 64
Kelly, Lake fr 35a ln 22
Kelly, Ora fr 35a ln 20
Kelly, Raymond W fr 141a ln 50
Kelly, Rhachel fr 35a ln 18
Kelly, Rhoda(?) fr 127b ln 66
Kelly, Viola fr 28b ln 96
Kelly, William fr 77a ln 23

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