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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

This index is an alphabetical listing to over 33,000 names listed in Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volumes I, II and III.

The cemeteries included in Vol. I are Beagle, Block, Cashman, Chandler, Dagenett, Debrick, Fontana, Frank, Green Valley, Herman, Highland, Hodges, Indianapolis, Jingo, Lessenden, Lockhart, Mannen, Miami, Miami Co. Poor Farm, Mound Creek, Mount Nebo, New Hope, New Lancaster, Reed, Rockville, Settle, Spring Grove, Stanton, Whiteford and Wilson-Raymer. All the cemeteries are in Miami County.

The cemeteries included in Vol. II are Antioch, Ayres, Bucyrus, Fisher, Old Marysville, old and new Hillsdale, old and new Louisburg, Pleasant Valley, Rock Creek, Scott's Valley, Somerset, St. Mary's, Wagstaff, and Wea Holy Rosary in Miami County, plus Lane and Shively cemeteries which are located in Franklin County.

The cemeteries included in Vol. III are Brown, Elmdale, Holy Cross, Miami Memorial Gardens, Oakwood, Osawatomie, Paola and Ursuline in Miami County, plus Glendwild, Sharon and South Fork Cemeteries, two records for Fairview Cemetery and the Cook gravesite from Cass County, Missouri. Vol. III also includes additions and corrections to Volumes I and II. A reference to the cemetery at Osawatomie State Hospital is included but to obtain information about individuals buried there, you must write to the Miami Co. Genealogy Society.

Not all the names listed represent burial records. The index references include cross reference made to the lot owners, and related family (parents, brothers, sister, spouses). In some case, the only information may be the name of the individual without any additional data.

The number shown is the page number followed by the volume number (i.e., 1-V1, page one, volume one). In most cases additional information about the individual may be found by consulting Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas. Volume I, II and III.

These books are available for purchase from the Miami County Historical Society and Genealogy Society. Phone: (913) 294-4940, E-Mail: info@thinkmiamicountyhistory.com. These books may also be available via interlibrary loan.

You may wish to contact the Miami Co. Genealogy Society directly and ask about the specific individuals you are seeking. They do charge a fee for their assistance.

You can search the index by using the links below. Using the name index lets you focus on just Miami Co. names. Using the library server will let you find all records of the name no matter where it is located but will show references to names outside of Miami Co.

Any errors made in transcribing the names are the responsibility of the compiler, who requests that such errors be brought to his attention.

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