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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Beach to Bixby

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Beach, Charles 579-V3
Beach, Charles E. 471-V3
Beach, Christie Anna 473-V3
Beach, Darrell E. 298-V3
Beach, Edith 471-V3
Beach, Frank W. 121-V2
Beach, Grace M. 471-V3
Beach, infant 579-V3
Beach, Levi Walker 473-V3
Beach, Nan Peiker 553-V3
Beach, Peggy D. 298-V3
Beagle, Mary E. 79-V1
Beagle, Shirley R. 79-V1
Beal, Maurine 21-V1
Beal, Maurine G. Cavinee 23-V1
Beals, Jesse 207-V1
Beals, Mary A. 207-V1
Beam, John H. 593-V3
Beam, Mary E. 593-V3
Beam, Mary T. 607-V3
Beam, Perry K. 607-V3
Beam, R. T. 593-V3
Beam, W. D. 423-V3
Beam, William 593-V3
Beamer, Alexander 113-V2
Beamer, Lucinda 113-V2
Beamon, Anna Eliza 484-V3
Beamon, Carter M. 483-V3
Beamon, Pearl E. 484-V3
Beamon, Pearl E. 573-V3
Bear, infant 561-V3
Beard, Camelle Roy 551-V3
Beard, Cecil C. 551-V3
Beard, Dassa Bruner 455-V3
Beard, Elmer W. 120-V2
Beard, Elmira 539-V3
Beard, Harry 540-V3
Beard, James T. 593-V3
Beard, John 540-V3, 551-V3
Beard, John L. 551-V3
Beard, Leona Blake 551-V3
Beard, Margaret 593-V3
Beard, Mary G. 120-V2
Bearly, Clara M. 328-V3
Bearly, Edith E. 202-V3
Bearly, Elwin 328-V3
Bearly, Jay L. 202-V3
Bearly, Jean Elizabeth 202-V3
Bearly, Lucille E. 261-V3
Bearly, Minnie 328-V3
Bearly, Samuel D. 202-V3
Bearly, Warren L. 328-V3
Beasley, Earl B. 255-V3
Beasley, Grace E. 128-V2
Beasley, H. Walter 128-V2
Beasley, Henry W. 667-V3
Beatty, Abegail 607-V3
Beatty, Charles 579-V3
Beatty, David E. 49-V3
Beatty, Elizabeth 607-V3
Beatty, Georgia F. 366-V3
Beatty, Homer 607-V3
Beatty, Ida 581-V3
Beatty, J. Bray 607-V3
Beatty, Jemima D. 49-V3
Beatty, Stanley B. 366-V3
Beaty, A. M. 117-V1
Beaty, C. E. 20-V3
Beaty, Charles W. 117-V1
Beaty, J. D. 20-V3
Beaty, James B. 678-V3
Beaty, John 24-V2
Beaty, John W. 460-V3
Beaty, M. C. 117-V1
Beaty, Sarah A. 460-V3
Beaty, W. V. 117-V1
Beaver, Clarence E. 358-V3
Beaver, Daniel 222-V1
Beaver, Jacob 461-V3
Beaver, Jane D. 461-V3
Beaver, Jane M. Darlington 461-V3
Beaver, M. E. Ward 222-V1
Beaver, Mary Ann 222-V1
Beaver, Mary V. 358-V3
Beck, A. V. (Virgil) 196-V3
Beck, Alice 57-V1
Beck, Anna L. 51-V1
Beck, baby daughter 51-V1
Beck, Branson H. 258-V3
Beck, Charles D. 651-V3
Beck, Chester A. 650-V3
Beck, Clarinda 69-V1
Beck, Cleda M. 196-V3
Beck, Elaine E. 650-V3
Beck, Elizabeth 57-V1
Beck, Ester 74-V1
Beck, F. J. 68-V1
Beck, Fannie 69-V1
Beck, G. Hayes 37-V3
Beck, George A. 51-V1
Beck, Grace 312-V3
Beck, Guy M. 46-V1
Beck, Harley 312-V3
Beck, Henry D. 57-V1
Beck, Herman 51-V1
Beck, Howard 51-V1
Beck, Jessie M. 51-V1
Beck, Kenneth 650-V3
Beck, Lera E. 258-V3
Beck, Lillie M. 651-V3
Beck, Louise J. 650-V3
Beck, Margaret E. 68-V1
Beck, Marian E. 46-V1
Beck, Mary E. 258-V3
Beck, Nathaniel 37-V3
Beck, Norvil 667-V3
Beck, Norvin 121-V2
Beck, R. E. 57-V1
Beck, Sara Agnes 37-V3
Beck, Velma U. 121-V2
Beck, Vera Inez 121-V2
Beck, W. T. 69-V1
Beck, William Floyd 121-V2
Beckenridge, Vivian 115-V2
Becker, Augusta 98-V3
Becker, Charles Edgar 100-V2
Becker, Dora E. 227-V3
Becker, Ed 100-V2
Beckley, Alice M. Gray 141-V3
Beckley, Daniel
Beckley, Edw. Clinton 13-V1
Beckley, Fred 141-V3
Beckley, Hazel D. 249-V3
Beckley, James 141-V3
Beckley, Jessie L. 141-V3
Beckley, Katherin Long 141-V3
Beckley, Leonard Roy 13-V1, 646-V3
Beckley, Margaret 203-V1
Beckley, Margaret Sophia 13-V1
Beckley, Ralph Dan 249-V3
Beckley, Sherman 141-V3
Beckley, Wesley 203-V1
Beckman, Bernard Leo 152-V1
Beckman, Carrie Elizabeth 607-V3
Beckman, Charles 151-V1
Beckman, Charles A. 152-V1
Beckman, Ella N. 48-V1
Beckman, Elmer A. 152-V1
Beckman, Emma L. 146-V1
Beckman, Fred W. 328-V3
Beckman, Henry 57-V1
Beckman, Ida L. 27-V1
Beckman, James T. 152-V1
Beckman, Jim 607-V3
Beckman, Johanne 24-V1
Beckman, Lisle 146-V1
Beckman, Lisle Eugene 152-V1
Beckman, Louis 24-V1
Beckman, Maggie D. 57-V1
Beckman, Martha 328-V3
Beckman, Neeva J. 152-V1
Beckman, Rebecca 24-V1
Beckman, Sharon 607-V3
Beckmann, Anna 30-V1
Beckmann, Dietrich 30-V1
Beckmann, John Henry 26-V1
Beckwith, Carrie H. 91-V2
Bedell, Barabara C. 48-V3
Bedell, Daisy B. 159-V3
Bedell, Ella 138-V3
Bedell, Robert M. 138-V3
Bedell, Theodore W. 138-V3
Bedell, W. A. 138-V3
Bedenbaugh, Harriet 148-V2
Bedenbaugh, J. W. 148-V2
Bedenbaugh, John W. 148-V2
Bedford, Edwin V. 205-V3
Bedford, Sue E. 205-V3
Bedgood, Myrtle F. 214-V3
Bedwell, Anderson 6-V2
Bedwell, Billie 1-V2
Bedwell, D. B. 6-V2
Bedwell, Drusilla 1-V2
Bedwell, Elizabeth 6-V2
Bedwell, J. C. 6-V2
Bedwell, Muriel 1-V2
Bedwell, son 6-V2
Beebe, Ada May 186-V3
Beebe, Frances A. 186-V3
Beebe, H. H. 143-V3
Beebe, Hiram 144-V3
Beebe, Ira B. 143-V3
Beebe, Ira E. 267-V3
Beebe, John H 186-V3
Beebe, Leah 144-V3
Beebe, Loraine B. 136-V2
Beebe, Margaret Elizabeth 143-V3
Beebe, Pearl 143-V3
Beebe, Samuel 144-V3
Beebe, Sarah 143-V3
Beebe, Sarah A. 267-V3
Beebe, Virgil Whitney 136-V2
Beebe, William L. 186-V3
Beeghly, A. W. 172-V2
Beeghly, Lizzie A. 172-V2
Beeghly, Sophia 534-V3
Beeghly, Urias J. 534-V3
Beeman, Dale (Frog) 678-V3
Beeson, A. A. 100-V1
Beeson, C. A. 100-V1
Beeson, Charles H. 597-V3
Beeson, Dora A. 469-V3
Beeson, Dorinda Parrott 567-V3
Beeson, Edna Edith 281-V3
Beeson, Ellen G. 470-V3
Beeson, Emma 100-V1
Beeson, Emma J. 357-V3
Beeson, Glendora 471-V3
Beeson, Herman V. 470-V3
Beeson, Jesse 465-V3
Beeson, Jesse Dore 469-V3
Beeson, John S. 469-V3, 470-V3
Beeson, Kate Smith 140-V3
Beeson, Margarette 597-V3
Beeson, Mrs. J. S. [Dora ?] 469-V3, 470-V3
Beeson, Orlando 140-V3
Beeson, Rachel A. 470-V3
Beeson, Richard H. 470-V3
Beeson, T. 100-V1
Beeson, Volney W. 559-V3
Beeson, Zoluka 465-V3
Beets, Alfred 55-V2
Beets, baby 55-V2
Beets, Betty M. 61-V2
Beets, Clara E. 55-V2
Beets, Claude D. 128-V2
Beets, Clyde J. 129-V2
Beets, daughter 129-V2
Beets, Duard Duke 55-V2
Beets, Elizabeth 61-V2
Beets, Elsie 47-V2
Beets, Ezra 27-V2
Beets, Fred 55-V2
Beets, H. P. 26-V2, 47-V2
Beets, Hazel E. 128-V2
Beets, Hazel R. 47-V2
Beets, Hazel Tisdale 62-V2
Beets, Homer 26-V2, 47-V2
Beets, Jennie 129-V2
Beets, Jess 371-V3
Beets, John 48-V2
Beets, Joseph 47-V2
Beets, Kenneth D. 60-V2
Beets, Kenneth D. 664-V3
Beets, L. 26-V2
Beets, Leota 55-V2
Beets, Lide 47-V2
Beets, Lillie M. 129-V2
Beets, Louisa D. 47-V2
Beets, Mary 48-V2
Beets, Mary M. 60-V2
Beets, Max V., Sr. 61-V2
Beets, Michael D. 59-V2
Beets, Nellie H. 289-V3
Beets, P. L. 129-V2
Beets, Ralph 47-V2
Beets, Raymond W. 371-V3
Beets, Rex K. 62-V2
Beets, Salena 371-V3
Beets, Tillie J. 129-V2
Beets, Vivian 129-V2
Beets, William F. 289-V3
Beets, William K. 47-V2
Begshaw, Anna K. 335-V3
Begshaw, Chauncey R. 376-V3
Begshaw, Dennis A. 288-V3
Begshaw, Ethel B. 376-V3
Begshaw, Grandma (Sarah Elizabeth) 336-V3
Begshaw, Grandpa (Theodore) 336-V3
Begshaw, L. A. 336-V3
Begshaw, Leslie M. 335-V3
Begshaw, Leslie R. 311-V3
Begshaw, Sarah Dessa 288-V3
Belcher, John W. 121-V3
Belcher, Joseph 53-V1
Belcher, M. Pearl 53-V1
Belcher, Margueritte I. 121-V3
Bell, Arthur A. 590-V3
Bell, Betrice 579-V3
Bell, C. F. 143-V2
Bell, Catharine 91-V2
Bell, Celia O. 2-V1
Bell, Cenia Anna Kilgore 98-V2
Bell, Clarence 143-V2
Bell, Cora M. 88-V2
Bell, D. G. 607-V3
Bell, Donald K. 590-V3
Bell, Edna E. 277-V3
Bell, Edward D. 88-V2
Bell, Elta Kate McDowell 98-V2
Bell, Emma 439-V3
Bell, Emma E. 67-V2
Bell, Fanny Gossett 352-V3
Bell, Floyd 607-V3
Bell, Frank M. 97-V1
Bell, Grace B. 590-V3
Bell, H. A. 176-V1
Bell, Harvey A. 352-V3
Bell, Henrietta 176-V1
Bell, Henry A. 91-V2
Bell, Henry Roy 277-V3
Bell, Homer L. 111-V2
Bell, Horace 98-V2
Bell, Ida May 73-V2
Bell, Inez May 140-V3
Bell, J. E. 97-V1
Bell, James 126-V1
Bell, James H. 564-V3
Bell, Jane F. 126-V1
Bell, Jennie 97-V1
Bell, Jessie 186-V2
Bell, Joann 590-V3
Bell, John A. 2-V1
Bell, John Charles 73-V2
Bell, L. 176-V1
Bell, Leland E. 74-V2
Bell, Lola M. 140-V3
Bell, Louisa 91-V2
Bell, Lyda Bell Harnsberger 2-V1
Bell, M. A. 97-V1
Bell, Mary Evelyn 164-V2
Bell, Mary F. 111-V2
Bell, Mathias 98-V2
Bell, May 97-V1
Bell, Minnie A. 143-V2
Bell, Ollie B. 607-V3
Bell, Samuel Leroy 74-V2
Bell, Sarah J. 97-V1
Bell, T. B. 67-V2
Bell, Vivian G. 74-V2
Bell, W. S. 140-V3
Belleman, Elmer E. 124-V3
Bellew, Allen E. (Bud) 157-V2
Bellew, Grace M. 157-V2
Bellew, Lavone Grace 157-V2
Bellew, Ora Frances 157-V2
Bellew, Stella V. 157-V2
Bellman, Sue V. 124-V3
Belshe, Gordon E. 213-V3
Belshe, Joel Otis 244-V3
Belshe, Maudie B. 213-V3
Belt, Beverly J. 205-V3
Belt, Dana Fielding 194-V2
Belt, Dorothy (Dolly) Needham 194-V2
Belt, Dorothy 194-V2
Belt, Emma Walls 194-V2
Belt, Fielding H. 194-V2
Belt, George R. 194-V2
Belt, Henley C. 205-V3
Belt, Jennie L. 205-V3
Belt, Robert J. 205-V3
Bemisdarfer(?), James R. 3-V2
Bemisdarfer(?), Lizzie (S. E.?) 3-V2
Bemisdarfer, Maggie J. 4-V2
Bemish, Edward 70-V3
Bemish, Sadie 70-V3
Benbrook, Dennis J. 590-V3
Benbrook, William C. 590-V3
Bendorf, Albert 70-V2, 80-V2
Bendorf, Alice 336-V3
Bendorf, Allie M. 53-V2
Bendorf, Annie 80-V2
Bendorf, Bellma L. 305-V3
Bendorf, Charlie 336-V3
Bendorf, Cora V. 57-V2
Bendorf, daughter 88-V2
Bendorf, Floyd R. 305-V3
Bendorf, Francis 57-V2
Bendorf, Frederick 53-V2
Bendorf, Harold J. 70-V2
Bendorf, infant 75-V2
Bendorf, Jacob 70-V2
Bendorf, Jimmie 86-V1
Bendorf, Margaret 70-V2
Bendorf, Martha 70-V2
Bendorf, Ralph 334-V3
Bendorf, Ruth Irene 80-V2
Benedict, Annabelle 97-V2
Benedict, Charles B. 97-V2
Benedict, Esther May 263-V3
Benedict, Jacob M. 218-V3
Benedict, Jesse Wesley 263-V3
Benedict, Mary A. 97-V2
Benedict, Rex Leroy 28-V1
Benedict, Timmy L. 217-V3
Benedict, Verna 97-V2
Benjamin, Alan K. 655-V3
Benne, Clarence E. 664-V3
Benner, Dorothy L. (two entries) 325-V3
Benner, infant son 558-V3
Benner, Thomas J. 325-V3
Bennett, Anna Harriett 576-V3
Bennett, Arthur W. 7-V3
Bennett, Claradel 171-V2
Bennett, Dorothy M. 275-V3
Bennett, Edgar P. 31-V3
Bennett, Eliza J. 7-V3
Bennett, Eugene 542-V3
Bennett, Eva Falls 122-V2
Bennett, Henry C. 226-V3
Bennett, Jeanne 576-V3
Bennett, John W., Sr. 506-V3
Bennett, Lucy Viola Hancock 171-V2
Bennett, Margaret 506-V3
Bennett, Nancy G. 31-V3
Bennett, Rose M. 226-V3
Bennett, Ruth M. 506-V3
Bennett, S. M. 171-V2
Bennett, William N. 275-V3
Bennett, William S. 7-V3
Benning, Adolphus 233-V1
Benning, Albrow 231-V1
Benning, Elizabeth J. 231-V1
Benning, Grace 231-V1
Benning, John Lessly 231-V1
Benning, John T. 231-V1
Benning, Mable 231-V1
Benning, Mary Ann 231-V1
Benning, Mary Jane DeVore 233-V1
Benning, Roy 231-V1
Benning, Thomas E. 231-V1
Bennings, Arthur C. 571-V3
Bennings, Ed 571-V3
Bennings, Elizabeth 571-V3
Bennings, Gertrude 571-V3
Bennings, Harry 571-V3
Bennings, Hugh 571-V3
Bennings, John 571-V3
Bennings, Lizzie 571-V3
Bennings, Otto 571-V3
Bennings, Pearl 571-V3
Bennings, Spencer 571-V3
Benson, Alfred W. 395-V3
Benson, Anna Bell 105-V1
Benson, Cecil V. 105-V1
Benson, Edwin 105-V1
Benson, James 188-V1
Benson, John F. 105-V1
Benson, Mary A. 105-V1
Benson, Ora B. 395-V3
Benton, Hattie 159-V3
Benz, Henry 607-V3
Benz, William 407-V3
Berberich, Mattie Ensle 241-V3
Bergen, Easem 581-V3
Bergen, Nancy 581-V3
Bergen, Raleigh 581-V3
Bergman, Brother Henry 354-V3
Bergman, Christina 26-V1
Bergman, Edward 321-V3
Bergman, Emilie 321-V3
Bergman, Herman H. 559-V3
Bergman, Herman J. 24-V1
Bergman, Karl 27-V1
Bergman, Louis 26-V1
Bergman, Louis H. 354-V3
Bergman, Margarathe 354-V3
Bergman, Martin 354-V3
Bergman, Mary 109-V1
Bergman, Mrs. Henry 109-V1
Bergman, Sister Anna 354-V3
Berkey, Chareles C. 600-V3
Berkey, Charles A. 600-V3
Berkey, Harriet E. 600-V3
Berkey, Harriet N. 600-V3
Berkey, Lula A. 4-V1
Berkey, Mary E. 600-V3
Bernard, Lewis 33-V3
Berneking, Effie M. 114-V2
Berneking, Henry 114-V2
Berner, Charley 1-V2
Berner, Johnny 1-V2
Berry, Agnes 92-V3
Berry, Amanda E. 579-V3
Berry, Amulda B. 607-V3
Berry, Anna 607-V3
Berry, Carl 573-V3
Berry, Frank R. 607-V3
Berry, infant 607-V3, 678-V3
Berry, James Wardell 18-V3
Berry, Jesse 18-V3
Berry, Margaret J. 18-V3
Berryman, George 122-V3
Berryman, George W. 341-V3
Berryman, Mercy J. 341-V3
Berryman, Rose B. 122-V3
Besore, Charles A. 663-V3
Besore, Clarence A. 56-V2
Besore, Ida B. 56-V2
Best, Arthur 600-V3
Best, Claude 607-V3
Best, Elizah H. 600-V3
Best, Glenn I. 600-V3
Best, John H. 210-V2
Best, Mary E. 600-V3
Best, Nettie May 210-V2
Best, Tyresa W. Kirkham 210-V2
Bethel, Carey 559-V3
Bethurum, Clifford L. 128-V2
Bethurum, Cora M. 128-V2
Bethurum, Harold A. 128-V2
Bethurum, Lola E. 128-V2
Bethurum, Sarah Irene 128-V2
Bethurum, Virl 128-V2
Bethurum, William Frank 128-V2
Bett, Arthur H. 13-V3
Bettis, Ann E. 536-V3
Bettis, Charles F. 535-V3
Bettis, Damon R. 506-V3
Bettis, Daniel R. 371-V3
Bettis, Fred O. 506-V3
Bettis, George William 534-V3
Bettis, infant 506-V3
Bettis, Mary Louise 371-V3
Bettis, Nicholas Oscar 507-V3
Bettis, Sarah Elizabeth 507-V3
Bettis, W. F. 536-V3
Betz, Florence Needham 194-V2
Betz, Frank H. 194-V2
Beugel, Carolina 27-V1
Beuschel, Alfred M. 657-V3
Beuschel, Mary L. 657-V3
Beuter, N. L. 413-V3
Bevan, Guanilda A. 678-V3
Bevill, Anna Bell 256-V3
Bevill, John Harry 257-V3
Bevill, Mabel Corinne 257-V3
Bevill, Myrt M. 256-V3
Bevis, Beryl 183-V3
Bevis, N. Lula 183-V3
Bevis, William A. 183-V3
Bibb, Adeline 254-V3
Bibb, Argarette J. Wise 324-V3
Bibb, Charles C. 254-V3
Bibb, Josephine E. 254-V3
Bibb, Robert E. 254-V3
Bibens, Elijah T. 1-V2, 7-V2
Bibens, Harry T. 7-V2
Bibens, Jeremiah 7-V2
Bibens, Lillian I. 7-V2
Bibens, Linda Jane 7-V2
Bibens, Mary Jane 7-V2
Bibens, Roy Melvin 61-V2
Bibens, Ruby Chesbro 61-V2
Bibens, Ruby Fay 7-V2
Bibens, William E. 7-V2
Bibens, William F. 7-V2
Bibens, William Walter 7-V2
Bicknell, Paul 607-V3
Bidderman, Hattie V. 185-V1
Bidderman, Vera 185-V1
Bigelow(?), Olive E. 425-V3
Bigelow, Geo. L. 38-V1
Bigelow, Glenn E. 249-V3
Bigelow, Marietta 425-V3
Bigelow, Martha C. 425-V3
Bigelow, Noel David 249-V3
Bigelow, Seth G. 425-V3
Bigelow, Seth G., Jr. 425-V3
Bigelow, Wylamene H. 249-V3
Biggerstaff, Elda H. 176-V3
Biggerstaff, Howard 176-V3
Biggerstaff, Iona M. 176-V3
Biggs, Flora J. 157-V1
Biggs, James M. 157-V1
Bigham, Ancil D. 50-V1
Bigham, Barbara 56-V1
Bigham, Clara 54-V1
Bigham, Cynthia M. 56-V1
Bigham, Emery H. 357-V3
Bigham, Fred 56-V1
Bigham, George S. 56-V1
Bigham, Georgia 63-V1
Bigham, James 61-V1
Bigham, Joshua 54-V1
Bigham, Julia Ann 54-V1
Bigham, Maudie J. 50-V1
Bigham, William Frank 61-V1
Bigley, Earl 72-V1
Billam, Beulah E. 32-V2
Billam, Charles C. 529-V3
Billam, Geo. T. 32-V2
Billam, George T. 31-V2
Billam, Johanna F. 529-V3
Billam, Joseph 529-V3
Billam, Joseph D. 32-V2
Billam, Libbie 530-V3
Billam, Mary 529-V3
Billhimer, Gusta A. 250-V3
Billings, Anna O. 139-V3
Billings, Columbus W. 97-V1
Billings, Ernest 139-V3
Billings, Frank 139-V3
Billings, John T. 139-V3
Billings, Margaret 139-V3
Billings, Nancy Link 190-V2
Billings, Tennie 97-V1
Billingslea, Keri 270-V3
Billingslea, Sheri 270-V3
Billingslea, Sue 270-V3
Billingslea, Ted 270-V3
Billingslea, Terren Ray 270-V3
Bilski, Ima T. Fairchild 248-V3
Bilyeu, Carl S. 123-V2
Bilyeu, Lucille 123-V2
Bingaman, Rilda I. 643-V3
Bingaman, William L. 643-V3
Bingham, Bessie 27-V2
Bingham, D. L. 30-V2
Bingham, Dona 590-V3
Bingham, Eli 27-V2
Bingham, Henry P. 590-V3
Bingham, John W. 678-V3
Bingham, Julia 678-V3
Bingham, Nannie 27-V2
Binkley, A. J. 178-V1
Binkley, Albert E. 183-V1
Binkley, Bertie 183-V1
Binkley, Edith LaNiece 110-V1
Binkley, Elizabeth 178-V1
Binkley, Emma 180-V1
Binkley, Irvin Asbury 110-V1
Binkley, J. A. 183-V1
Binkley, James A. 180-V1
Binkley, Martha 178-V1
Binkley, S. E 183-V1
Binkley, Sarah A. 183-V1
Binkley, Sarah E. 180-V1
Binkley, Wm. G. 183-V1
Binkley, Wm. R. 178-V1
Binns, Luna L. 262-V3
Binns, Richard G. 262-V3
Birchard, Edyth M. 180-V3
Birchard, Eva M. 180-V3
Birchard, George W. 145-V3
Birchard, Martha A. 145-V3
Birchard, Mary E. 145-V3
Birchard, Sylvie 145-V3
Birchard, William W. 180-V3
Birchard, Willis W. 180-V3
Bird, baby 579-V3
Bird, Floryce Cora 221-V3
Bird, Fred 325-V3, 579-V3
Bird, Nancy 325-V3
Birney, Laura E. 227-V1
Birney, Wm. Leonard 227-V1
Biser, Ellsworth G. 267-V3
Bishop, Alva 678-V3
Bishop, Arthur 678-V3
Bishop, Charles E. 249-V3
Bishop, Charley P. 607-V3
Bishop, Dorothy I. 249-V3
Bishop, Emily C. 156-V3
Bishop, Ernest 678-V3
Bishop, Fred 678-V3
Bishop, Hazel 678-V3
Bishop, J. W. 575-V3
Bishop, James 607-V3
Bishop, James W. 607-V3
Bishop, John W. 116-V2, 607-V3
Bishop, L. Perry 364-V3
Bishop, Louise new record 2005
Bishop, Mary J. 607-V3
Bishop, Mary T. 607-V3
Bishop, Maude 607-V3
Bishop, Melvin R new record 1991
Bishop, Norma 678-V3
Bishop, Opal Helen 116-V2
Bishop, Oscar 607-V3
Bishop, P. C. 156-V3
Bishop, Ray 607-V3
Bishop, Rebecca 607-V3
Bishop, Ronald Lee 194-V2
Bishop, Verna 678-V3
Bishop, Walter 678-V3
Bishop, William J. 607-V3
Bittner, Margaret 85-V3
Bittner, Mary A. 85-V3
Bittner, Paul 85-V3
Bittner, Robert 85-V3
Bivins, Cora 144-V2
Bivins, Emily 145-V2
Bivins, Ernest E. 140-V2
Bivins, Ethel 144-V2
Bivins, F. J. 144-V2
Bivins, Joseph F. 141-V2
Bivins, Louisa 144-V2
Bivins, Maggie M. 140-V2
Bivins, Margaret 141-V2
Bivins, Walter 145-V2
Bixby, Charles S. 58-V1, 143-V3
Bixby, Fannie 58-V1
Bixby, Laura Jane 652-V3
Bixby, William S. 58-V1

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