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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Black to Brewster


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Black, Alfred J. 174-V1
Black, Alice E. 607-V3
Black, Anna J. 150-V1
Black, Blanche 531-V3
Black, Charles N. 150-V1
Black, Clyde E. 251-V3
Black, Dale C. 150-V1
Black, Edith 678-V3
Black, Eula I. 150-V1
Black, Gladys Lorine 150-V1
Black, Harold 208-V2
Black, Harry 186-V3
Black, Hugh B. 229-V3
Black, James G. 172-V1
Black, James H. 174-V1
Black, James Lester 150-V1
Black, Lillie 186-V3
Black, Marian Gwin 208-V2
Black, Marjorie 251-V3
Black, Mary 132-V2
Black, Mary Irene 150-V1
Black, Minnie S. 607-V3
Black, Opal 229-V3
Black, Phoebe A. 172-V1
Black, W. J. 607-V3
Black, William R. 172-V1
Blackburn, Cletes 59-V2
Blackburn, Dolly M. 49-V2
Blackburn, Earl 49-V2
Blackburn, Mabel 59-V2
Blackburn, Nina M. 49-V2
Blackburn, Ollie C. 179-V3
Blackburn, Robert 317-V3
Blackburn, Royce L. 317-V3
Blackburn, Tricia Ann 56-V2
Blackmer, Ell Nathan 149-V3
Blackmer, Jasper N. 69-V3
Blackmer, Josephine 69-V3
Blackmore, Frank L. 17-V2
Blackmore, James B. 106-V2
Blackmore, Sophrona G. 106-V2
Blackwell, Onnie J. 243-V3
Blair, August H. 167-V2
Blair, Celia A. 39-V1
Blair, Diantha Marie 190-V1
Blair, Fred Noble 157-V2
Blair, Georgia L. 167-V2
Blair, Golda L. 167-V2
Blair, Hazel Jane 157-V2
Blair, W. P. 39-V1
Blaisdell, Edith M. 364-V3
Blaisdell, Helen M. 364-V3
Blaisdell, John W. 365-V3
Blaisdell, Margaret S. 365-V3
Blake, (first name unknown) wife of E. S. 608-V3
Blake, Abigale 607-V3
Blake, Clifton A. 608-V3
Blake, Daisy A. 608-V3
Blake, E. S. 608-V3
Blake, Earl 608-V3
Blake, Eliza S. 608-V3
Blake, Flossie A. 608-V3
Blake, George R. 608-V3
Blake, Harlan 608-V3
Blake, Harold L. 678-V3
Blake, I. A. 678-V3
Blake, infant son (two entries) 608-V3
Blake, J. H. 608-V3
Blake, John R. 608-V3
Blake, L. A. 608-V3
Blake, L. B. 608-V3
Blake, Manford D. 246-V3
Blake, Mary Anna 340-V3
Blake, Melvin 246-V3
Blake, Nancy 608-V3
Blake, Nannie A. 608-V3
Blake, Pearlie E. 608-V3
Blake, Roy 558-V3
Blake, T. Arthur 608-V3
Blake, T. D. 608-V3
Blake, Thomas 608-V3
Blakely, John 28-V2
Blakeman, Patricia Diane 121-V2
Blakeway, Mrs. 565-V3
Blanchard, John A. 121-V2
Blanchard, Sarah Helen 121-V2
Blanchon, Agnes L new record 1994
Blanchon, John B new record 2002
Blankenship, B. B. 579-V3
Blankenship, Homer F. 581-V3
Blanton, Keith E. 678-V3
Blaser, Etha M. 46-V2
Blaser, W. S. Dorn 46-V2
Blau, Christian 444-V3
Blauvelt, Ada May 253-V3
Blauvelt, Chester E. 253-V3
Blauvelt, Franklin C. 253-V3
Bledsoe, Claude Hampton 43-V3
Bledsoe, Elsie V. 236-V3
Bledsoe, Hatilda Young 43-V3
Bledsoe, James W. 211-V1
Bledsoe, James, Jr. 211-V1
Bledsoe, John Q. 236-V3
Bledsoe, Lewis E. 33-V3
Bleier, Anna 163-V2
Bleier, Edward A. 166-V2
Bleier, Frank 168-V2
Bleier, George 166-V2
Bleier, George E. 166-V2
Bleier, J. E. 166-V2
Bleier, Rosa Elizabeth 168-V2
Bleier, Theresia 166-V2
Blevins, Earl B. 590-V3
Blevins, Hazel D. 590-V3
Block, Alma M. 127-V3
Block, Anna 29-V1
Block, Anna M. 32-V1
Block, Dale 34-V1
Block, Dietrich (2 entries) 26-V1
Block, Dora 288-V3
Block, Fritz M. 27-V1
Block, Gesche 27-V1, 29-V1
Block, Henry 31-V1
Block, Herman 30-V1
Block, Ida Maria 32-V1
Block, Jerry Keith 33-V1
Block, John 288-V3
Block, Joseph D. 127-V3
Block, Margaret 31-V1
Block, Mearl 34-V1
Block, Robert E. 127-V3
Block, Wilbur H. 127-V3
Block, William D. 33-V1
Bloom, C. L. 239-V1
Bloom, Rosa B. 239-V1
Bloom, son 239-V1
Bloomer, Juanita 344-V3
Bloomington, Mary E. Mildred 558-V3
Bloomley, Sarah Mae Shingleton 608-V3
Bloss, Chancy H. 128-V2
Bloss, Rhoda A. 128-V2
Bloustine, Helen L. 168-V2
Bloustine, Herman 168-V2
Bloxam, Dorothy M. Parker 117-V2
Bloxam, Edward Grant 117-V2
Blubaugh, Betty 103-V3
Blubaugh, Britni Meghan 103-V3
Blubaugh, Sam 103-V3
Blunk, Beatice 53-V2
Blunk, Ham 53-V2
Boaz, E. C. 40-V2
Boaz, Mary E. 40-V2
Bodenhamer, Bertha Wilke 658-V3
Bodenhamer, Bessie M. 126-V1
Bodenhamer, C. A. 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Charles A. 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Dale F. 126-V1
Bodenhamer, Damon 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Dora 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Dora E. 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Dorothy J. 678-V3
Bodenhamer, Edward 240-V3
Bodenhamer, Emma Wood 38-V1
Bodenhamer, Florence 129-V1
Bodenhamer, George H. 80-V2
Bodenhamer, Henry T. 658-V3
Bodenhamer, Iretta J. 80-V2
Bodenhamer, John W. 81-V2
Bodenhamer, Kenneth L. 678-V3
Bodenhamer, La Vaun 678-V3
Bodenhamer, Martha M. 80-V2
Bodenhamer, Mettie M. 81-V2
Bodenhamer, Mildred 240-V3
Bodenhamer, Ola 38-V1
Bodenhamer, P. N. 129-V1
Bodenhamer, Ruby Pearl 80-V2
Bodenhamer, Sarah 129-V1
Bodenhamer, W. C. 127-V1
Bodenhamer, Wesley Henry 129-V1
Bodenhammer, C. Ola 78-V2
Bodenhammer, Ernest R. 189-V1
Bodenhammer, Ira I. 608-V3
Bodenhammer, Jessie F. 189-V1
Bodenhammer, N. 78-V2
Bodine, R. Eli 332-V3
Boeger, Dorothy 600-V3
Boeger, Edward H. 600-V3
Boeger, Louise P. 600-V3
Boehm, Frank 77-V3
Boehm, Lloyd 82-V3
Boehm, Mae Caenen 77-V3
Boehm, Marjorie 82-V3
Boehm, Mary E. 79-V3
Boehm, Mayme T. 82-V3
Boehm, Mike 81-V3
Boehm, Remi F. 82-V3
Boehm, Rose 81-V3
Boehm, Roy R. 78-V3
Bogardus, Pauline 43-V3
Boggs, Alvis 593-V3
Boggs, Augustus M. 593-V3
Boggs, Charles R. 608-V3
Boggs, Charlie 678-V3
Boggs, Ella V. 593-V3
Boggs, Ethel T. 593-V3
Boggs, Hula May 25-V3
Boggs, Mack 16-V3
Boggs, Walter E. 593-V3
Bogle, Ethel 79-V3
Bogle, Joseph W. 126-V1
Bogle, Margaret A. 126-V1
Bogle, Mary 79-V3
Bogle, Regenia 79-V3
Bogle, Samuel 126-V1
Bogle, William 123-V1
Bogue, Wayne 678-V3
Boher, Frank 560-V3
Bohrer, James W. 194-V3
Bohrer, John Alvis 194-V3
Bohrer, Maude E. 194-V3
Bohrer, Wanda Carol 678-V3
Boicourt, Edith 576-V3
Boicourt, infant 576-V3
Boicourt, W. A. 576-V3
Boisvert, Chas. Francis 62-V3
Boisvert, Daisy D. 62-V3
Boisvert, Daisy Maxine 62-V3
Boisvert, Ethel 62-V3
Boisvert, Hannah Elizabeth 62-V3
Boisvert, W. G. 62-V3
Bokelman, baby 191-V1
Bokelman, Fred W. 16-V2
Bokelman, Ruth H. 16-V2
Bolen, Calvin M. 55-V1
Bolen, Cora E. 73-V1
Bolen, Delphia 193-V3
Bolen, Marion C. 193-V3
Boling, Elizabeth 218-V1
Boling, Harry H. 187-V3
Boling, John 218-V1
Boling, Lena E. 187-V3
Bolling, Otis A. 235-V3
Bolling, William Henry 235-V3
Bollinger, Orpha 277-V3
Bollinger, Roy F. 277-V3
Bond, Elizabeth Stewart 281-V3
Bond, Kenneth Raymond 676-V3
Bond, Lee Roy 290-V3
Bond, Levi Orton 194-V2
Bond, Mabel E. 311-V3
Bond, Orlen Lee 664-V3
Bond. Thomas J. 311-V3
Bone, Albert Quincy 129-V2
Bone, Charles J. 129-V2
Bone, Effie M. 129-V2
Bone, Glenn C. 129-V2
Bone, Mildred Lavisa 129-V2
Bonebrake, C. C. 92-V2
Bonebrake, Fredrick Walter 92-V2
Bonebrake, L. 92-V2
Bones, Dessie R.
Bones, Frank A. 36-V3
Bones, John C. A. 201-V1
Bones, Joseph 208-V1
Bones, Joseph L. 36-V3
Bones, Nettie 208-V1
Bones, Sarah J. 208-V1
Bones, Susan 208-V1
Bones, Z. H. 208-V1
Bonner, Eddie M. 211-V3
Bonner, Lela V. 211-V3
Booe, Clara Mae 101-V3
Booker, Isaiah 25-V2
Booker, Jean 208-V2
Booker, Oscar E. 577-V3
Boolin, R. B. 537-V3
Boon, J. T. 423-V3
Boone, Mae M. 217-V3
Boone, Mariha 450-V3
Boone, Mary A. 450-V3
Boone, Maude 450-V3
Boone, Samuel 450-V3
Boone, Samuel, Jr. 450-V3
Boone, Wilda 449-V3
Boone, William R. 217-V3
Booth, Charles E. 333-V3
Booth, Evelyn O. 333-V3
Borden, Emmitt M. 266-V3
Borden, Irvan R. John 231-V3
Borden, Jeanettie 266-V3
Borden, Ruth N. Bryant 231-V3
Borders, Anderson 68-V2
Borders, Archibald 86-V2
Borders, Benjamin A. 17-V1
Borders, Carl W. 17-V1
Borders, Dareld N. 194-V2
Borders, Floyd A. 96-V2
Borders, Floyd, Jr. 96-V2
Borders, George W. 95-V2
Borders, Glenn W. 95-V2
Borders, Hattie S. 95-V2
Borders, Hugh 92-V2
Borders, Ida 68-V2
Borders, Mabel 92-V2
Borders, Maggie 92-V2
Borders, Maggie M. 17-V1
Borders, Mattie 92-V2
Borders, Mother 86-V2
Borders, Myrtle F. 96-V2
Borders, Norval J. 187-V3
Borders, Robert 559-V3
Borders, Rose S. 187-V3
Borders, William M. 92-V2
Bordon, Esther Flora 62-V1
Bordon, George 62-V1
Boren, B. F. B. 35-V1
Boren, Bennett 35-V1
Boren, Floyd E. 95-V1
Boren, Joseph 310-V3
Boren, Katherine E. 310-V3
Boren, Susan 35-V1
Boring, Amanda A. 78-V2
Born, Bert H. 202-V3
Born, Doris L. 202-V3
Borquin, Maurice 180-V2
Borquin, Wilma Nadine 180-V2
Borton, Alcibedies N. 194-V2
Borton, Celia R. Edwards 194-V2
Borton, Claude 194-V2
Borvicka, Albert 274-V3
Borvicka, Mary E. 294-V3
Borvicka, Pauline 274-V3
Borvicka, Ray 294-V3
Boscow, Ellen 593-V3
Bosen, Mary 570-V3
Bosetti, Joseph F. 18-V3
Boslaugh, Esther 50-V2
Boslaugh, Guy R. 50-V2
Bosley, Ellen T. 105-V3
Bosley, John A. 105-V3
Bost, Cuma Elma 254-V3
Bost, Daniel Oscar 254-V3
Bostic, Elsie L. 282-V3
Bostic, Wilmer H. 282-V3
Bostick, Eva L. 667-V3
Bostick, Frank J. 120-V2
Bostwick, Mary A. 159-V3
Bosworth, C. A. 380-V3
Bosworth, Elsie Lamira 380-V3
Bosworth, William Price 380-V3
Bottens, Clarence 258-V3
Bottens, Edna 258-V3
Bottens, Lucy A. Cundiff 239-V3
Boucher, Sonny C. 590-V3
Bouchez, Myrtle Hunt 167-V3
Bound, A. E. 69-V1
Bound, Fannie 69-V1
Bound, Johney J. 69-V1
Bound, Marie Crumly 69-V1
Bound, W. J. 69-V1
Bounds, Martin Scott 327-V3
Bounds, Pearl May 327-V3
Bourland, Ethel M. 283-V3
Bourland, Hardin H. 283-V3
Bourquin, Maurice June 671-V3
Bourquin, Wilma Nadine 671-V3
Bouser, Lola R. 488-V3
Bouslaugh, Howard 57-V2
Bouslaugh, Maude A. 57-V2
Bouslaugh, Newt N. 57-V2
Bowden, Elliott Pearre 194-V2
Bowden, Ila F. 12-V3
Bowden, Joshua W. 136-V2
Bowden, Parthena 194-V2
Bowen, A. L. 434-V3
Bowen, Albert 149-V3
Bowen, Ann Louisa 509-V3
Bowen, Clara 520-V3
Bowen, D. W. 544-V3
Bowen, Daniel 576-V3
Bowen, Edward 434-V3
Bowen, Emma Elmarea 11-V3
Bowen, Fannie 201-V1
Bowen, Frank A. 374-V3
Bowen, Freddie 520-V3
Bowen, Henry H. 119-V1
Bowen, Julia A. 374-V3
Bowen, Lloyd W. 245-V1
Bowen, Mary A. 119-V1
Bowen, Mary E. 544-V3
Bowen, Mary F. 201-V1
Bowen, Nancy Stephens 535-V3
Bowen, Preston 223-V1
Bowen, T. H. 520-V3
Bowen, W. P. 509-V3
Bowen, Wm. P. 434-V3
Bower, Wm. W. 44-V2
Bowers, A. L. 156-V2
Bowers, Ann A. 169-V3
Bowers, Cornelius 476-V3
Bowers, Dan 118-V2
Bowers, Dean 37-V3
Bowers, Floyd 53-V2
Bowers, Floyd, Jr. 53-V2
Bowers, Franklin Mark 258-V3
Bowers, J. M. 156-V2
Bowers, Jacob S. 364-V3
Bowers, John W. 53-V2
Bowers, Margaret L. 61-V2
Bowers, Mary E. 53-V2
Bowers, Maude Elizabeth 259-V3
Bowers, Pearl 53-V2, 663-V3
Bowers, R. S. 37-V3
Bowers, Raymond S. 259-V3
Bowers, Samuel 568-V3
Bowers, Susan O. 364-V3
Bowers, Sylvia M. 204-V3
Bowers, Tina 156-V2
Bowers, William H. 425-V3
Bowes, Bertha Pearl 107-V2
Bowes, C. E. 166-V2
Bowes, Charlie E. 598-V3
Bowes, Florence M. 166-V2
Bowes, Frank 19-V2
Bowes, Jonnie A. 600-V3
Bowes, Karl F. 119-V2
Bowes, Kenneth I. 597-V3
Bowes, L. A. 166-V2
Bowes, Lawrence A. 165-V2
Bowes, M. E. 166-V2
Bowes, Margaret 119-V2
Bowes, Mary E. 597-V3
Bowes, Mary L. 165-V2
Bowes, R. Emmett 597-V3
Bowes, son G. (C.?) 165-V2
Bowes, Thelma L. 597-V3
Bowes, Thomas Burke 107-V2
Bowes, Vera L. 597-V3
Bowes, Waunita 597-V3
Bowles, David E. 211-V1
Bowles, Mary F. 211-V1
Bowman, Chester M. 83-V3
Bowman, Clara B. 156-V2
Bowman, Eugene C. 156-V2
Bowman, Hallie Lee 156-V2
Bowman, Harold L. 334-V3
Bowman, Helen Irene 334-V3
Bowman, Iryne K. 83-V3
Bowman, Jennie M. 156-V2
Bowman, Jesse 33-V2
Bowman, Katie 33-V2
Bowman, Lila Marie 156-V2
Bowman, Margaret E. 314-V3
Bowman, Mary R. 391-V3
Bowman, Sadie 608-V3
Bowman, Thelma Hulgan 194-V3
Bowman, Willard C. 314-V3
Boyd(?), Martha 94-V1
Boyd, Allen 194-V2
Boyd, babies 209-V2
Boyd, Carrye 176-V2
Boyd, Charles D. 84-V2
Boyd, Dave E. 308-V3
Boyd, Edwin S. 448-V3
Boyd, Ella M. 391-V3
Boyd, Elvah A. 95-V1
Boyd, Florence Belle Elliott 208-V2
Boyd, George 176-V2
Boyd, Hannah 205-V3
Boyd, J. B. 94-V1
Boyd, John E. 208-V2
Boyd, Joshua D. 425-V3
Boyd, Lottie I. 528-V3
Boyd, Lucinda J. 392-V3
Boyd, Lydia A. 94-V1
Boyd, Margaret E. 94-V1
Boyd, Nellie 194-V2
Boyd, Ralph Bernard 95-V1
Boyd, S. P. 568-V3
Boyd, S. T. 392-V3
Boyd, Sadie A. 448-V3
Boyd, Sarah I. 528-V3
Boyd, Velma Wineland B. 140-V1
Boyd, Viola 581-V3
Boyd, W. J. 95-V1
Boyd, W. L. 94-V1
Boydston, Maxine 217-V3
Boyer (Boyle?), Della L. 78-V2
Boyer (Boyle?), Nathaniel K. 79-V2
Boyer, Alta H. 500-V3
Boyer, David N. 301-V3
Boyer, Hazel G. 302-V3
Boyer, Kathleen 537-V3
Boyer, Marie Ida 159-V3
Boyer, Martha 500-V3
Boyer, Mattie B. 301-V3
Boyington, C. S. 49-V3
Boyington, L. J. 49-V3
Boyington, Linnie S. 49-V3
Boyle, Annie Farnham 70-V2
Boyle, Elizabeth W. 70-V2
Boyle, George A. 70-V2
Boyle, Marie Wallace 70-V2
Boyle, William A. 70-V2
Boyle, William G. 70-V2
Boyles, Bynum 46-V3
Boyles, Emmett F. 45-V3, 46-V3
Boyles, Harry 46-V3
Boyles, Harry B. 46-V3
Boyles, Sadie C. 45-V3, 46-V3
Bracken, September Lynn 329-V3
Bradbury, Andrew J. 608-V3
Bradbury, Bertha E. 608-V3
Bradbury, F. W. 463-V3
Bradbury, L. 464-V3
Bradbury, Lee A. 608-V3
Bradbury, Leonard 608-V3
Bradbury, Mary A. 608-V3
Bradbury, Nancy A. 608-V3
Bradbury, Ollie 600-V3
Bradbury, Ray F. 600-V3
Braden, Cora 608-V3
Braden, Garland E. 678-V3
Braden, Helen Irene 97-V2
Braden, James R. 97-V2
Braden, John H. 608-V3
Bradey, Preston P. 65-V3
Bradford, James E. 488-V3
Bradford, Lucille M. 678-V3
Bradford, Minnie B. 488-V3
Bradford, William 103-V1
Bradin, Homer R new record 1998
Bradin, Martha new record 2005
Bradley, Addie 183-V1
Bradley, Albert Warren 194-V3
Bradley, Bernice S. 376-V3
Bradley, Buelah N. 600-V3
Bradley, Carl David 194-V3
Bradley, Catherine 593-V3
Bradley, Donald W., Jr. 195-V3
Bradley, Dota 183-V1
Bradley, Harold E. 600-V3
Bradley, Isaham 593-V3
Bradley, J. W. 183-V1
Bradley, James 235-V1
Bradley, John A. 593-V3
Bradley, Joshua W. 376-V3
Bradley, Laura 180-V1
Bradley, Lena W. 183-V1
Bradley, Mary Ann 608-V3
Bradley, Mary Ann 678-V3
Bradley, Mildred Emma 194-V3
Bradley, Sarah A. 593-V3
Bradley, Susan A. 376-V3
Bradley, Tom 608-V3
Bradley, Virgil H. (two entries) 376-V3
Bradley, Virginia T. 593-V3
Bradshaw, Aimee E. 101-V3
Bradshaw, Anna Ford 138-V1
Bradshaw, Earl 79-V2
Bradshaw, Fellin A. 138-V1
Bradshaw, Grant G. 239-V3
Bradshaw, Harry Wm. H. 139-V1
Bradshaw, Inez M 138-V1
Bradshaw, John W. 138-V1
Bradshaw, Louise (Babe) 239-V3
Bradshaw, Ruth C. 78-V2
Bradshaw, Susan 139-V1
Bradshaw, William H. 139-V1
Bradwhaw, Feeling 137-V1
Brady, Alice 498-V3
Brady, Anna Rose 78-V3
Brady, Asa C. 581-V3
Brady, Bridget T. 78-V3
Brady, Carrie D. 543-V3
Brady, Catheryn 543-V3
Brady, D. Lamont 139-V3
Brady, Donald E. 543-V3
Brady, Earl J. 543-V3
Brady, Elias 99-V1
Brady, Elizabeth C. 65-V3
Brady, George 581-V3
Brady, Harold L. 124-V3
Brady, infant 579-V3
Brady, Irene I. 497-V3
Brady, John 99-V1, 100-V1
Brady, John C. 138-V3
Brady, Kathleen L. 215-V3
Brady, Leland B. 498-V3
Brady, Linville M. 543-V3
Brady, Mary Shipman 138-V3
Brady, Minnie L. 9-V3
Brady, Mona 543-V3
Brady, Patrick 78-V3
Brady, Richard 139-V3
Brady, Sarah 581-V3
Brady, Sheridan 99-V1
Brady, Stephan Bernard 576-V3
Brady, Vance H. T. 497-V3
Brady, Velma H. 139-V3
Brady, Vera D. 497-V3
Brady, Vianna 99-V1
Brady, Virginia L. 124-V3
Brady, Wanda J. 543-V3
Brady, Willis 579-V3
Brady, Willis L. 498-V3
Branch, Minnie 194-V2
Brand, baby 561-V3
Brand, Charles L. 14-V1
Brand, Clara 17-V1, 18-V1
Brand, Earl Gene 118-V2
Brand, Elsie L. 21-V1
Brand, Fern Evelyn Barrett 647-V3
Brand, Fred Louis 647-V3
Brand, Fred or Ferne (?) 21-V1
Brand, John W. 21-V1
Brand, Lawrence 17-V1
Brand, Louis B. 14-V1
Brand, Rosella(?) 118-V2
Brandeberry, A. Ezra 89-V2
Brandeberry, Bert 89-V2
Brandeberry, Mother 89-V2
Brandon, Helen A. 337-V3
Brandon, James F. 337-V3
Brandt, Alvina Geuy 304-V3
Brandt, August F. 118-V3
Brandt, Beulah B. 113-V3
Brandt, Cecil F. 124-V2
Brandt, child (two entries) 26-V1
Brandt, Christy Lue 373-V3
Brandt, Dick 338-V3
Brandt, Gert 310-V3
Brandt, Henry 69-V1
Brandt, John (two entries) 26-V1, 28-V1
Brandt, John Dick 30-V1
Brandt, Kathrina L. Alwina 26-V1
Brandt, L. Marie 118-V3
Brandt, Lena 310-V3
Brandt, Leonard Duwayne 28-V1
Brandt, Loyce Birdie 113-V3
Brandt, Meta 31-V1
Brandt, Nellie 69-V1
Brandt, Robert John 113-V3
Brandt, Robert LeRoy 373-V3
Brandt, Robert S. 113-V3
Brannan, George T. 41-V3
Branninger, Johney A. 5-V2
Brannon, Dorothy 168-V2
Branstetter, Martha Erwin Walrod 234-V3
Brant, (first name unknown) 558-V3
Branter, John W. 494-V3
Branter, Mary E. 494-V3
Brantingham, Dora C. Carey 240-V1
Branum, Ben H. 78-V2
Branum, Martha 78-V2
Branum, Virginia Cully 331-V3
Branum, William 78-V2
Branum, William T. 331-V3
Brasfield, Benton 61-V1
Brasfield, Mary H. 652-V3
Brassfield, Annie 7-V2
Brassfield, Carl 7-V2
Brassfield, Christina E. 4-V2
Brassfield, Dan 3-V2
Brassfield, Daniel R. 211-V3
Brassfield, Elsie A. 8-V2
Brassfield, George F. 4-V2
Brassfield, Grace LaVern 4-V2
Brassfield, Joseph H. 8-V2
Brassfield, Lloyd Lavelle 3-V2
Brassfield, Pearl 3-V2
Brassfield, Pearl M. 211-V3
Brassfield, T. A. 8-V2
Brassier, Mary Teresa 588-V3
Bratton, Carl A. 91-V2
Bratton, Clarence W. 104-V2
Bratton, Clyde 73-V2
Bratton, Cora Ada 104-V2
Bratton, Dale E. 21-V2
Bratton, Dwight E. 105-V2
Bratton, Edgar 105-V2
Bratton, Edward 87-V2
Bratton, Ella O. 73-V2
Bratton, Harold L. 21-V2
Bratton, Harvey 12-V1
Bratton, Harvey Ray 645-V3
Bratton, Ilda M. 105-V2
Bratton, Inez 105-V2
Bratton, Marguerite 21-V2
Bratton, Marion M. 21-V2
Bratton, Mary C. 87-V2
Bratton, Nadine Frern 105-V2
Bratton, Pearl G. 16-V1
Bratton, Richard A. 16-V1
Bratton, W. J. 87-V2
Bratton, Walter 14-V1
Braun, E Elaine Beckers new record, old grave missing from original inventory
Braun, John 106-V2
Braun, Mary A. Blackmore 106-V2
Bray, Charles 13-V3
Bray, H. J. 13-V3
Bray, I. E. 6-V3
Bray, J. A. 13-V3
Bray, Mattie C. 86-V1
Bray, Maud 210-V3
Bray, Sarah M. 6-V3
Bray, Thomas B. 6-V3
Brayman, Hannah E. 509-V3, 510-V3
Brayman, W. B. 509-V3
Brecht, Pauline E. 244-V1
Breckenridge, Alta 71-V2
Breckenridge, Artie Maude 93-V2
Breckenridge, Geo. B. 71-V2
Breckenridge, Hazel J. 73-V2
Breckenridge, James Edwin 93-V2
Breckenridge, Kenyon L. 73-V2
Breckenridge, Lucretia 71-V2
Breckenridge, Mary 104-V2
Breckenridge, Thomas W. 71-V2
Breckenridge, William Thomas 73-V2, 93-V2
Breedlove, Doris M. 678-V3
Breen(?), Georgie 157-V2
Breen, Fannie A. 157-V2
Breen, Fred H. 157-V2
Breen, Jun. 157-V2
Bremerkamp, J. Herbert 179-V2
Bremerkamp, Vada M. 179-V2
Breneman, Clarence D. 146-V3
Breneman, Claude 146-V3
Breneman, D. 146-V3
Breneman, Daniel 146-V3
Breneman, Margaret Ladora 146-V3
Breneman, Mary E. 146-V3
Brenton, Ralph A. 18-V1, 647-V3
Brewer, Adelaide 72-V2
Brewer, Arthur 678-V3
Brewer, Bert 608-V3
Brewer, Cecil 158-V2
Brewer, Cora A. M. 82-V2
Brewer, Donald D new record 2003
Brewer, Edward 72-V2
Brewer, Ethel Q. V. 77-V2
Brewer, Frankie Adelia 72-V2
Brewer, Gloria Jean new record 1993
Brewer, Herbert F new record 1997
Brewer, H. W. 72-V2
Brewer, Helen E. 306-V3
Brewer, infant (two entries) 608-V3
Brewer, James W. (Truhe) 109-V2
Brewer, John 280-V3
Brewer, Johnny Lee 280-V3
Brewer, Junior W. 77-V2
Brewer, Martha 95-V2
Brewer, Mary Jane 373-V3
Brewer, Phyllis I new record, death not recorded
Brewer, Richard Russell 77-V2
Brewer, Rickie 557-V3
Brewer, Theresa Lynn 678-V3
Brewer, Viola J. 158-V2
Brewer, Wallace 95-V2
Brewington, Elijah J. 130-V2
Brewster, James (Ollie) 678-V3
Brewster, Michiel 608-V3
Brewster, Pearl 678-V3
Brewster, Roy K. 678-V3
Brewster, Walter 678-V3

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