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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Briant to Byrns


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Briant, B. E. 225-V1
Briant, Margaret 225-V1
Briant, Thomas O. 225-V1
Bridges, C. C. 440-V3
Bridges, Catherine 441-V3
Bridges, Christopher C. 441-V3
Bridges, Frank 441-V3
Bridges, Homer 441-V3
Bridges, Hugh 56-V3
Bridges, John 487-V3
Bridges, Leona 490-V3
Bridges, Lorene E. 487-V3
Bridges, Solomon 441-V3
Briggs, Alfred 576-V3
Briggs, Cora M. 501-V3
Briggs, Frank M. 13-V3
Briggs, Franklin M., Jr. 12-V3
Briggs, H. J. 501-V3
Briggs, Jane 84-V1
Briggs, Nathaniel Dean 208-V2
Briggs, Viola E. 13-V3
Bright, Ben M. 313-V3
Bright, Carrie F. 313-V3
Bright, Edna Greagoff 50-V2
Bright, George A. 125-V3
Bright, J. Henry 131-V2
Bright, Knowles A. 608-V3
Brill, Edna M. 115-V2
Brill, John W. 115-V2
Brillhart, Jesse A. 218-V3
Brillhart, Pearl M. 217-V3
Brim, James 269-V3
Brimer, Henry Adelbert new record 1992
Brink, A. T. 552-V3
Brink, W. L. 423-V3
Brinker, Mary Marcella 588-V3
Brinker, Mary Matthias 587-V3
Brinson, Fannie T. 89-V2
Bristow, Harvey 435-V3
Bristow, Leo J. 331-V3
Bristow, Violet E. 331-V3
Britnell, Arrie J. 593-V3
Britnell, William E. 593-V3
Britt, Thomas Oscar 118-V2
Brittain, Margaret A. 119-V1
Brittain, Otis L. 119-V1
Britten, Georgia M. 111-V2
Brittingham, Betty Caroline 559-V3
Brittingham, C. C. 573-V3
Brittingham, Chester L. 307-V3
Brittingham, Dora Barnes 307-V3
Brittingham, infant 573-V3
Brittingham, Nellie M. 153-V2
Britton, Ida 118-V1
Britton, infant 118-V1
Britton, Lee 102-V2
Britton, Manford 102-V2
Britton, Raymond 118-V1
Brizendene, Mable Stults 183-V1
Broadhurst, Anna E. 678-V3
Broadhurst, Clifton 608-V3
Broadhurst, George W. 608-V3
Broadhurst, J. Rush 608-V3
Broadhurst, James H. 608-V3
Broadhurst, L. Harvey 608-V3
Broadhurst, Mary E. 608-V3
Broadhurst, Mollie J. 609-V3
Broadhurst, Ollie B. 609-V3
Broadhurst, Ora N. 609-V3
Brocaw, Calyborn L. 75-V1
Brocaw, Clayborn L. 655-V3
Brockaw, Lou Illa 68-V2
Brocker, Albert F. 197-V3
Brocker, August 372-V3
Brocker, August 88-V1
Brocker, August W., Jr. 372-V3
Brocker, Barney 118-V3
Brocker, Caroline B. 115-V2
Brocker, Caroline Wilhelm 91-V1
Brocker, Dora W. 197-V3
Brocker, Edmond 87-V1
Brocker, Elsie 117-V3
Brocker, Emma E. 321-V3
Brocker, Ernest G. 106-V2
Brocker, Ernest Lee 106-V2
Brocker, Evelyn 88-V1
Brocker, Evelyn M. 326-V3
Brocker, Fred 87-V1
Brocker, Frieda 326-V3
Brocker, Friedrich 89-V1
Brocker, Fritz 90-V1
Brocker, George H. 46-V1
Brocker, Gilbert L. 115-V2
Brocker, Harry H. 89-V1
Brocker, Hazel B. 322-V3
Brocker, Helen M. 372-V3
Brocker, Homer C. 311-V3
Brocker, Jacob B. 115-V2
Brocker, Janet Ann 322-V3
Brocker, Kate M. 46-V1
Brocker, Kenneth Ray 321-V3
Brocker, Konrad George 88-V1
Brocker, Lillie Agnes 87-V1
Brocker, Louise 328-V3
Brocker, Maria Carolina 90-V1
Brocker, Marie K. 88-V1, 372-V3
Brocker, Mary M. 509-V3
Brocker, Minnie 91-V1
Brocker, Naomi Jane 335-V3
Brocker, Orpha 115-V2
Brocker, Peter 91-V1
Brocker, Peter A. 321-V3
Brocker, Philip 335-V3
Brocker, Phillip 509-V3, 580-V3
Brocker, Raymond G. 321-V3
Brocker, Rinehart 326-V3
Brocker, Roy Frank 372-V3
Brocker, Roy P. 322-V3
Brocker, Rudolph 88-V1
Brocker, Wilhelmina 89-V1
Brocker, William 328-V3
Brockett, Royal B., Sr. 173-V3
Brockett, Virginia Sue 173-V3
Brockman, A. Fannie 401-V3
Brockman, Bertha J. 235-V3
Brockman, Elizabeth 401-V3
Brockman, Everett A. 235-V3
Brockman, George M. 561-V3
Brockman, Ida May 401-V3
Brockman, James S. 401-V3
Brockman, Jimmie 401-V3
Brockman, N. E. 401-V3
Brockman, W. D. 561-V3
Brockus, Anna May Alexander 194-V2
Brockus, Eli 194-V2
Broker, Carl 88-V1
Broker, Elizabeth 24-V1
Broker, Louise 88-V1
Broker, Wilhelmine 24-V1
Bromell, Bessie P. 2-V1
Bromell, Edna L. 268-V3
Bromell, Eliza 2-V1
Bromell, Emer R. 2-V1
Bromell, Emory A. 2-V1
Bromley/Bloomley, Sarah 678-V3
Bronson, H. 187-V1
Brooking, Evelayn 578-V3
Brooking, Silas L. 517-V3
Brooks, A. M. 134-V3
Brooks, Aletha 234-V3
Brooks, Alma Stroud 553-V3
Brooks, Arrie O. 490-V3
Brooks, Azama 384-V3
Brooks, C. W. 553-V3
Brooks, Charles H. 384-V3
Brooks, Charlie. 68-V1
Brooks, Clarence O. 187-V1
Brooks, Emley C. 2-V2
Brooks, Fern Ellison 544-V3
Brooks, Gladys T. 490-V3
Brooks, Goldie Fay 134-V3
Brooks, L. S. 134-V3
Brooks, Maude S. 187-V1
Brooks, Sarah 399-V3
Brooks, Susan 68-V1
Brooks, T. 106-V1
Brooks, W. F. (Bill) 258-V3
Brooks, William 2-V2, 234-V3
Brookshier, A. James 43-V2
Brookshier, Alma D. 43-V2
Brophy, Carrie O. 144-V2
Brown, Alex P. 76-V1
Brown, Alice K. 118-V2
Brown, Allyn P. C. 147-V1
Brown, Andrea R. 120-V3
Brown, Anna B. 60-V2
Brown, Anthony Melvin 301-V3
Brown, Archie W. 172-V2
Brown, Aurelia 151-V3, additional record
Brown, Bedford 74-V2
Brown, Bert D. 180-V2
Brown, Bessie 572-V3
Brown, Calvin 678-V3
Brown, Catherine 572-V3
Brown, Cecil M. 678-V3
Brown, Charles L. 60-V2
Brown, Charles Lee 60-V1
Brown, Clement Glen 678-V3
Brown, Cora D. 678-V3
Brown, Cora E.
Brown, D. M. 609-V3
Brown, David Glen 558-V3
Brown, Delmont J. 81-V1
Brown, Dora C. 217-V3
Brown, Dora S. 532-V3
Brown, E. 128-V1
Brown, E. B. 77-V2
Brown, E. H. 60-V3
Brown, E. S. 77-V2
Brown, Edith May 678-V3
Brown, Edward H. 10-V2
Brown, Eldon M. 236-V3
Brown, Eleanor A. 123-V3
Brown, Elizabeth 572-V3
Brown, Elizabeth A. 527-V3
Brown, Elizabeth Ellis 402-V3
Brown, Ella 76-V1
Brown, Elmer J. 256-V3
Brown, Elsie M. 55-V2
Brown, Emma 572-V3
Brown, Emmett Bernard 65-V3
Brown, Esta M. 81-V1
Brown, Eugene B. 146-V1
Brown, Ezekiel 75-V2
Brown, F. C. 421-V3
Brown, Frank 76-V1, 581-V3
Brown, Franklin J., Jr. 169-V3
Brown, Fred L. 18-V3
Brown, Gary W. 190-V2
Brown, George 581-V3
Brown, George Wesley 146-V1
Brown, Glen H. 60-V3
Brown, Glenn O. 123-V3
Brown, Harold
new record 1991
Brown, Harold Eugene 34-V2
Brown, Harry G. 11-V3, 151-V3
Brown, Harry L. 60-V3
Brown, Harry Leslie 60-V2
Brown, Hattie 52-V1
Brown, Hazel 60-V1
Brown, Helen 10-V2
Brown, Helen G. 172-V2
Brown, Henry 56-V2
Brown, Henry O. 576-V3
Brown, Howard L. 217-V3
Brown, I. A. 296-V3
Brown, Ina 128-V1
Brown, Inetha Mae 169-V3
Brown, Isaac 527-V3
Brown, J. A. 526-V3
Brown, J. W. 526-V3
Brown, Jacob 533-V3
Brown, James A. 532-V3
Brown, James H. 55-V2
Brown, James M. 182-V3
Brown, James Wilson 95-V2
Brown, Jesse 34-V2
Brown, Jesse L. 60-V1
Brown, Jessie 34-V2
Brown, Jessie J. 52-V2
Brown, Jessie M. 52-V2
Brown, Jessie Marie 609-V3
Brown, Jode 34-V2
Brown, John 76-V1
Brown, John F. 465-V3
Brown, John H. 80-V3
Brown, John M. 598-V3
Brown, Juanita F. 609-V3
Brown, Julia M. 147-V1
Brown, Katerine H. 156-V2
Brown, L. T. 72-V2
Brown, Labon 52-V1
Brown, Lacy George, Jr. 678-V3
Brown, Lee L. 14-V3
Brown, Lillian C. 609-V3
Brown, Lillian Christ. 678-V3
Brown, Louise 75-V2
Brown, Lucy A. 151-V3
Brown, Lyle F. 210-V3
Brown, M. Louise 301-V3
Brown, Margaret M. 256-V3
Brown, Marie 609-V3
Brown, Martha 72-V2
Brown, Mary E. 148-V1
Brown, Mary Elizabeth 74-V2
Brown, Mary J. 526-V3
Brown, Mary M. 11-V3
Brown, Mary S. 10-V2
Brown, Master Cecile 34-V2
Brown, Matha A. 465-V3
Brown, Maude E. 43-V2
Brown, May E. 128-V1
Brown, May L. 146-V1
Brown, Melvin A. 301-V3
Brown, Mildred M. 146-V1
Brown, Myrtle M. 576-V3
Brown, N. H. 572-V3
Brown, Nancy J. 62-V3
Brown, Nellie Shelton 545-V3
Brown, Nora H. 180-V2
Brown, Ova Elnora 296-V3
Brown, Owen . 561-V3
Brown, Phillip H. 148-V1
Brown, R. G. 228-V3
Brown, Rachel P. 533-V3
Brown, Rita new record 2002
Brown, Robert E. 156-V2
Brown, Ronald R. 118-V2
Brown, Rosa B. 254-V3
Brown, Ruth 10-V2
Brown, S. E. 128-V1, 43-V2
Brown, Sadie C. 678-V3
Brown, Sarah 76-V1, 101-V2
Brown, son 34-V2, 95-V2
Brown, T. Dwight 62-V3
Brown, Theda Faye 210-V3
Brown, Thomas F. 43-V2
Brown, Thomas V. 62-V3
Brown, Troy F. 222-V3
Brown, Vera V. 268-V3
Brown, Viola E. 188-V3
Brown, W. H. 77-V2
Brown, W. W. 151-V3, 532-V3, additional record
Brown, William 10-V2
Brown, William J. B. 158-V3
Brown, Wylie Ellis 60-V2
Brownback, J. Lawrence 209-V3
Brownback, Sylvia E. 209-V3
Brownell, Lester Fred 171-V1
Brownell, Maud Lucille 171-V1
Brownfield, Leslie 590-V3
Brownfield, Mary 590-V3
Browning, Blanche 201-V3
Browning, Bob J. 275-V3
Browning, Claude E. 239-V3
Browning, Dorothy N. 257-V3
Browning, Eleanor I. 239-V3
Browning, Elizabeth 257-V3
Browning, Kenneth Claude 269-V3
Browning, Mary C. 232-V1
Browning, Ray Arnold 257-V3
Browning, Robert R. 257-V3
Browning, Thelma Pearl 239-V3
Browning, William H. 232-V1
Browning, Wilma L. 275-V3
Brownlee, Bula Boling 194-V2
Brownlee, Edwin F. 194-V2
Brownlee, Finley 194-V2
Brownlee, Glenna Maxine 194-V2
Brownlee, Harriette Needham 194-V2
Brownlee, John C. 590-V3
Brownlee, John F. 194-V2
Brownlee, Matilda Staniford 194-V2
Bruce, Charlene 18-V1
Bruce, Elizabeth 360-V3
Bruce, Eugene W. 359-V3
Bruce, Florence 562-V3
Bruce, George W. 360-V3
Bruce, James M. 360-V3
Bruce, Loyd V. 18-V1
Bruch, Kathy Pemberton 307-V3
Brueck, Dorothy M. 97-V3
Brueck, Janice Marie 97-V3
Brueck, Karl A. (two entries) 97-V3
Brueck, Katherine A. 97-V3
Brueck, Leslie A. 97-V3
Brueck, Regina F. 97-V3
Brueck, Walter J. 97-V3
Brueck, William B. 97-V3
Brueck, William T. 97-V3
Bruin, Louisa 572-V3
Brullman, Charles A. 70-V2
Brullman, Clarence 70-V2
Brullman, Dora 70-V2
Brullman, Frankie 70-V2
Brullman, John W. 70-V2
Brullman, Lester 70-V2
Brullman, Lydia 86-V2
Brumit, Leonard F. 387-V3
Brumit, Mamie 387-V3
Brumitt, John 551-V3
Brumitt, Lutie 551-V3
Brumley, Delmar 121-V2
Brumley, Luther J. 175-V3
Brumley, Maudean 121-V2
Brummett, Elizabeth 609-V3
Brummett, Susie O. 609-V3
Brummett, W. C. 609-V3
Brune, Mildred G. 126-V3
Brune, Raymond W. 126-V3
Bruner, Albert B. 421-V3
Bruner, Daisy 421-V3
Bruner, Elizabeth A. 421-V3
Bruner, F. L. 58-V1
Bruner, J. H. 654-V3
Bruner, Kizzie 58-V1
Bruner, Louanna 421-V3
Bruner, M. A. 654-V3
Bruner, Martha 654-V3
Bruner, Susana 654-V3
Bruner, Timmy 476-V3
Brungardt, John A. 98-V3
Brungardt, Marianna Schaffer 98-V3
Brunker, Ethel 601-V3
Brunner, Grandma 39-V3
Bruns, Friedrich 24-V1
Bruns, Ludwig 24-V1
Brunts, Caroline W. 166-V3
Brunts, Earl A. 166-V3
Bruntz, Albert Wm. 186-V3
Bruntz, Atlanta 186-V3
Bruntz, Reuben 560-V3
Bruwington, (first name unknown) 56-V1
Bryan, A. Raymond 244-V1
Bryan, Anderson B. 547-V3
Bryan, Anna R. 553-V3
Bryan, Anna S. 547-V3
Bryan, Annie 555-V3
Bryan, Annie E. 554-V3
Bryan, Archie 578-V3
Bryan, Archie A. 315-V3
Bryan, C. 150-V2
Bryan, Charles 10-V1
Bryan, Charles L. 12-V1, 645-V3
Bryan, Chas. W. 136-V1
Bryan, Clara A. 367-V3
Bryan, Clara D. 149-V2
Bryan, Clara Norton 390-V3
Bryan, Cora May 149-V2
Bryan, D. 134-V1
Bryan, D. D. 150-V2
Bryan, Dorothy J. 173-V2
Bryan, Dudley D. 367-V3
Bryan, Dwight D. 366-V3
Bryan, Edna 548-V3
Bryan, Eliza J. 556-V3
Bryan, Elsie Fern 207-V1
Bryan, Essie V. 149-V2
Bryan, Eva 555-V3
Bryan, Evelyn 366-V3
Bryan, Floy 578-V3
Bryan, Floy C. 315-V3
Bryan, George D. 23-V1
Bryan, George O. 646-V3
Bryan, Guy 134-V1
Bryan, H. L. 553-V3
Bryan, Harrison 386-V3
Bryan, infant 573-V3, 578-V3
Bryan, Ira 555-V3
Bryan, J. D. 74-V2
Bryan, J. E. 149-V2
Bryan, J. W. 149-V2, 554-V3
Bryan, James 555-V3
Bryan, James Kenneth 173-V2
Bryan, James M. 554-V3
Bryan, Jerome 315-V3
Bryan, Jerome Benton 315-V3
Bryan, John Gilbert 402-V3
Bryan, John M. 149-V2
Bryan, John, Jr. 402-V3
Bryan, Joseph M 556-V3
Bryan, Juanita 244-V1
Bryan, Juanita F. 196-V3
Bryan, Julia E. 554-V3
Bryan, Kenneth 366-V3
Bryan, L. 195-V1
Bryan, L. C. 536-V3
Bryan, Larry James 366-V3
Bryan, Laura A. 403-V3
Bryan, Laurence M. Roy 12-V1
Bryan, Lawrence T. 12-V1
Bryan, Leslie D. 12-V1
Bryan, Leslie L. 207-V1
Bryan, Lilla 536-V3
Bryan, Louisa 10-V1
Bryan, M. 195-V1
Bryan, Maggie 195-V1
Bryan, Martha 136-V1
Bryan, Mary 136-V1
Bryan, Mary E. 12-V1
Bryan, Mattie 548-V3 Bryan, Nancy 134-V1
Bryan, Nancy A. 149-V2
Bryan, Nellie 55-V1
Bryan, Olive M. 150-V2
Bryan, Sadie E. 366-V3
Bryan, Sarah A. 74-V2
Bryan, Sarah J. 10-V1
Bryan, son 149-V2, 150-V2
Bryan, Velma B. 12-V1
Bryan, Walter E. 81-V1
Bryan, Warren 10-V1
Bryant, Andy 579-V3
Bryant, Anna R. 312-V3, 558-V3
Bryant, B. E. 234-V1
Bryant, Clara Frazier 63-V2
Bryant, Cleo 63-V2
Bryant, Elijah Foster 63-V2
Bryant, Fred C. 59-V1
Bryant, George 42-V2
Bryant, Hannah 42-V2
Bryant, Harry F. 63-V2
Bryant, Harry Foster 49-V2
Bryant, Henry C. 312-V3
Bryant, Lotchen Mae 261-V3
Bryant, M. 234-V1
Bryant, Margaret 609-V3
Bryant, Margaret Irene 161-V2
Bryant, Margaret S. 609-V3
Bryant, Matilda 42-V2
Bryant, McCurdy L. 261-V3
Bryant, Nellie 59-V1
Bryant, Ollie Viola 91-V2
Bryant, Reuben 609-V3
Bryant, Robert L. 91-V2
Bryant, Ruth E. 609-V3
Bryant, Sciota May 234-V1
Bryant, Shane David 334-V3
Bryson, Bertha 132-V2
Bryson, H. A. 132-V2
Bryson, Harold 135-V3
Bryson, Martha 132-V2
Bryson, Rachel Jane 135-V3
Bryson, William G. 135-V3
Bucey, Charles 182-V1
Bucey, Henry W. 609-V3
Bucey, Ida 609-V3
Bucey, J. K. 609-V3
Bucey, Nancy A. 609-V3
Bucey, W. C. 185-V1
Buchanan, A. O. 215-V1
Buchanan, Alice E. 166-V3
Buchanan, Andrew 71-V1
Buchanan, C. R. 255-V3
Buchanan, Caroline 215-V1
Buchanan, daughter 215-V1
Buchanan, Delia H. 536-V3
Buchanan, Edgar 186-V3
Buchanan, Elbert 536-V3
Buchanan, Elisha 215-V1
Buchanan, Elmer G. 360-V3
Buchanan, Grafton G. 361-V3
Buchanan, Jessie P. 174-V3
Buchanan, John H. 187-V3
Buchanan, John W. 187-V3
Buchanan, L. 59-V3
Buchanan, Lester A. 535-V3
Buchanan, Mary E. 361-V3
Buchanan, Minnie 187-V3
Buchanan, Muriel S. 535-V3
Buchanan, Robert H. 166-V3
Buchanan, Simpson 248-V1
Buchanan, Stella J. 255-V3
Buchanan, Viva G. 167-V3
Buchanan, W. J. 48-V1, 71-V1
Buchanan, Waldo 536-V3
Buchman, Joseph D. 99-V3
Buchman, Margaret R. 99-V3
Buchman, Mary L. 98-V3
Buchman, Theresa Ann 98-V3
Buchman, Thomas L. 98-V3
Buck, Ella 365-V3
Buck, Ernest 476-V3
Buck, Frances Emily 476-V3
Buck, I. Newton 416-V3
Buck, Joseph A. 650-V3
Buck, Mary E. 416-V3
Buck, Myron 476-V3
Buck, Roy 484-V3
Buck, Sophia 483-V3
Buck, Vie 483-V3
Buck, W. R. 365-V3
Buck, Willmeth 650-V3
Buckely, Jacob C. 340-V3
Buckles, Martha 654-V3
Buckles, Martha 67-V1
Bucklew, John H. 332-V3
Bucklew, Leander 149-V2
Bucklew, Mary E. 149-V2
Bucklew, Nan E. 332-V3
Buckley, Charles M new record 1992
Buckley, Virginia Mayer new record 1995
Buckley, Bertie McLeish 340-V3
Buckley, Martha E. 340-V3
Buckman, Lawrence S. 245-V3
Buddemeyer, Frank H. 365-V3
Buddemeyer, Marie Lamson 365-V3
Budden, baby daughter 515-V3
Budden, Charles 515-V3
Budden, Charles E. 163-V3
Budden, Nelle 515-V3
Budden, Nellie E. 163-V3
Buddenhagen, Augusta M. 228-V3
Buddenhagen, Lula Ray 227-V3
Buddenhagen, William C. 228-V3
Buegel, John T. 29-V1
Buegel, Mary 28-V1
Buell, Eddie M. 76-V2
Buell, Elizabeth D. 76-V2
Buell, Thomas J. 76-V2
Buettgenbach, Ivy Vivian Johnson new record 1989
Buettgenbach, John Fletcher 15-V2
Bugg, Ada Hopps 202-V3
Bugg, G. Franklin 202-V3
Buhrman, Clarence 53-V1
Buhrman, Henry 53-V1
Buhrman, Louisa 53-V1
Buhrman, Mary A. 278-V3
Buhrman, Walter F. 53-V1, 652-V3
Buis, Elizabeth Beatty 609-V3
Bulis, Hal (Harry) 577-V3
Bulis, Hal 567-V3
Bulis, Harry S. (Hal) 78-V3
Bulis, infant 567-V3
Bulis, Lewis Osborne 577-V3
Bulis, Minnie L. 577-V3
Bulis, Rachel 567-V3
Bulis, Rosemary 78-V3
Bulis, Stephen Ira 542-V3
Bullis, Carrie E. 13-V2
Bullis, Charles A. 13-V2
Bullock, Harriett E. 18-V3
Bullock, Opal 609-V3
Bullock, W. W. 18-V3
Bumbarner, John W. 245-V3
Bumbarner, Mary I. 224-V3
Bumgardner, John W. 232-V3
Bumgardner, Pauline 232-V3
Bumgarner, Anna F. 422-V3
Bumgarner, Bessie Alta 572-V3
Bumgarner, Charles E. 422-V3
Bumgarner, David A. 572-V3
Bumgarner, Mattie 572-V3
Bumgarner, Millie Hughs 572-V3
Bumgarner, Rebecca 572-V3
Bumgarner, Samuel 572-V3
Bump, A. G. 159-V3
Bump, C. J. 159-V3
Bump, Charles E. 194-V2
Bump, Edgar 159-V3
Bump, Estella F. Coulter 194-V2
Bump, Harriet 194-V2
Bump, Henry Edward 194-V2
Bump, Talcut Eugene 194-V2
Bundy, B. C. 678-V3
Bundy, David Horn 152-V3
Bundy, Donald 47-V3
Bundy, Ernest Eugene 47-V3
Bundy, Flora M. 48-V3
Bundy, Hannah 50-V3, 152-V3152-V3
Bundy, Harold 50-V3
Bundy, Henry 50-V3, 152-V3
Bundy, Henry, Jr. 50-V3
Bundy, Mary Ann 152-V3
Bundy, Mary Edith 678-V3
Bundy, Milford Wayne 47-V3
Bundy, Ruth E. 152-V3
Bundy, Wayne 50-V3
Bundy, Wesley Latin 152-V3
Bundy, Zelpha 47-V3
Bunger, Anna M. Dedrick 140-V1
Burbank, John H. 20-V3
Burbank, Minnie E.[Beaty] 20-V3
Burbank, Sarah M. 20-V3
Burbuck, Harry 581-V3
Burcham, George 41-V3
Burcham, Maggie 41-V3
Bures, Josef 252-V3
Bures, Nellie M. 252-V3
Burgess, Dorothea I. Gott 260-V3
Burgess, Jack William 260-V3
Burgess, Tommy Lee 260-V3
Burgin, Frank R. 55-V1
Burgin, Rosa A. Bolen 55-V1
Burgoon, Arthur Lee (2 entries) 236-V1
Burgoon, Brett 236-V1
Burgoon, Bud 3-V1
Burgoon, Clarence R., Jr. 224-V3
Burgoon, Clarence R., Sr. 269-V3
Burgoon, Florence 3-V1
Burgoon, Helen Louise 234-V1
Burgoon, Isaac Jacob 236-V1
Burgoon, Jane Ann 222-V3
Burgoon, Jennie E. 269-V3
Burgoon, Mary M. 224-V3
Burgoon, Nettie M. 236-V1
Burgoon, Ora E. 222-V3
Burgoon, Ruby L. 222-V3
Burhop, Cecil 292-V3
Burhop, Fred W. 292-V3
Burhop, Nancy V. 292-V3
Burk, Eloise new record
Burk, Mildred 21-V2
Burk, Ray L new record 2005
Burk, Ronald Leon new record 2006
Burk, Rosemary Stuteville new record 1998
Burk, Virgil F. 21-V2
Burkdoll, Alice E. Martin 194-V2
Burkdoll, Garie W. 194-V2
Burkdoll, William M. 194-V2
Burke, Sharon Lea new record 1992
Burkey, Alvin E. 202-V1
Burkey, Marticia E. 202-V1
Burkey, W. H. 202-V1
Burkhart, T. Jean 123-V3
Burkhart, Walter E. 123-V3
Burks, Clara L. 246-V3
Burks, D. B. 246-V3
Burks, E. 205-V1
Burks, Elizabeth 207-V1
Burks, Elmer W. 246-V3
Burks, George F. 205-V1
Burks, J. A. 205-V1
Burks, James A. 207-V1
Burks, Lucy Ellen 207-V1
Burks, Mertie H. 377-V3
Burks, Warner Davis 207-V1
Burks, William F. 377-V3
Burner, C. F. 194-V2
Burnett, Charles E. 194-V2
Burnett, Clarence (Slim) 194-V2
Burnett, Clarence James 194-V2
Burnett, Donald L. 16-V1
Burnett, Frank 239-V1
Burnett, Glenn Edward 221-V3
Burnett, Guy E. 194-V2
Burnett, Helen 194-V2
Burnett, J. E. 397-V3
Burnett, Kathryn L. 221-V3
Burnett, Leonard 397-V3
Burnett, Lottie F. Banks 194-V2
Burnett, S. G. 397-V3
Burnett, Sylvia Jane 194-V2
Burnett, Tom 16-V1
Burney, Ada 244-V1
Burney, Alexander 227-V1
Burney, Alexander A. 225-V1
Burney, Almira 227-V1
Burney, Almira E. 225-V1
Burney, Clarence A. 227-V1
Burney, Edwin A. 226-V1
Burney, F. C. 228-V1
Burney, Julia 228-V1
Burney, Viola Lou 226-V1
Burnham, Rosemary Grady 84-V3
Burns, Caleb 98-V1
Burns, Charles W. 166-V3
Burns, Chris C. 2-V1
Burns, Christopher C. 643-V3
Burns, Della E. 98-V1
Burns, Edward J. 114-V2
Burns, Elizabeth 161-V2
Burns, Estella H. 114-V2
Burns, Ester T. 643-V3
Burns, Flora E. 98-V1
Burns, Frank 98-V1
Burns, Gertrude M. 114-V2
Burns, Henry 194-V2
Burns, Homer Edward 114-V2
Burns, Ida B. 166-V3
Burns, Lucy Ann 387-V3
Burns, Mary 166-V2, 194-V2
Burns, Mary E. 165-V2
Burns, Morgan V. 98-V1
Burns, Opal Christie 128-V2
Burns, Raymond H. 114-V2
Burns, Susan M. 98-V1
Burns, Thomas Henry 220-V3
Burns, William 161-V2, 165-V2
Burns, William S. 114-V2
Burnsides, Emaline 581-V3
Burnsides, Mrs. 569-V3
Burnworth, Esley A. 183-V1
Burnworth, Myrtle E. 183-V1
Burnworth, Wm. 183-V1
Burrell, Elizabeth Rhine 530-V3
Burrell, John F. 530-V3
Burress, A. M. 436-V3
Burris, Donald D. 124-V2
Burris, Edith Ellen 124-V2
Burriss, A. M. 569-V3
Burriss, Alice 569-V3
Burriss, infant 569-V3
Burrous, Alvin 657-V3
Burrous, Arvil L. 104-V1
Burrous, Homer 104-V1
Burrous, Leonard R. 657-V3
Burrous, Mabel 657-V3
Burrous, Martha J. 216-V1
Burrous, Paul L. 104-V1
Burrowes, Charles Omer 193-V3
Burrowes, Minnie Lee 193-V3
Burson, Charles A. 162-V1
Burson, Drusilla 162-V1
Burson, Evelyn R. 16-V2
Burson, Fred H. 324-V3
Burson, James C. 162-V1
Burson, Jessie 186-V1
Burson, Mary Eliza 162-V1
Burson, Rachel 609-V3
Burson, Sarah Jane 215-V1
Burson, W. E. 186-V1
Burson, William 162-V1
Burson, William DeWitt 495-V3
Burson, Willie E. 16-V2
Burt, Bessie 447-V3
Burt, Jessie May 362-V3
Burton, Alice 576-V3
Burton, Alice M. 531-V3
Burton, Allie 573-V3
Burton, Amanda J. 85-V2
Burton, Charles 573-V3
Burton, Charles O. 328-V3
Burton, Clarence E. 85-V2
Burton, Dewey 576-V3
Burton, E. E. 90-V2
Burton, Elizabeth Emily 328-V3
Burton, Emma 85-V2
Burton, Eva 576-V3
Burton, G. W. 85-V2
Burton, Gus B. 362-V3
Burton, Harritt 131-V2
Burton, Harry 362-V3
Burton, Inez York 108-V2
Burton, infant 573-V3, 576-V3
Burton, J. H. 90-V2
Burton, James A. 108-V2
Burton, James D. 531-V3, 576-V3
Burton, L. D. 85-V2
Burton, Louie 90-V2
Burton, Marguerite 159-V2
Burton, Marguerite M. 669-V3
Burton, Ora M. 535-V3
Burton, Orval V. 159-V2
Burton, son 85-V2
Burton, Thomas 131-V2
Burton, William Henry 558-V3
Burwell, A. S. 50-V3
Burwell, Jessie M. 50-V3
Burwell, M. J. 50-V3
Buscher, Joseph 19-V2
Bush, Bertha T. 239-V3
Bush, Emma J. 609-V3
Bush, Leon 574-V3
Bush, Martin S. 199-V1
Bush, Matilda S. 609-V3
Bush, Norwood D. 239-V3
Bush, Susan M. 199-V1
Bush, Velma 609-V3
Bushnell, David J. 157-V1, 276-V3
Bushnell, Lelah M. 276-V3
Bushnell, Minnie A. 157-V1
Busic, Lewis F. 51-V2
Busic, Ora 51-V2
Buska, Ralph Carl 171-V3
Buss, Henry W. 547-V3
Buss, Meemke G. 547-V3
Bussel, Eunice M. 51-V1
Bussel, Julia 253-V1
Bussell, Alice (Mallory) 176-V3
Bussell, Amelia Kellogg 206-V3
Bussell, Carl M. 206-V3
Bussell, Clyde V. 229-V3
Bussell, Evelyn 3-V1
Bussell, Harold Day 239-V3
Bussell, James W. 17-V3
Bussell, Jasper M. 176-V3
Bussell, Josephine 229-V3
Bussell, Larkin L. 176-V3
Bussell, Lillian M. (Ish) 176-V3
Bussell, Lola J. 231-V3
Bussell, Marcia L. 231-V3
Bussell, Mary C. 17-V3
Bussell, Maud 176-V3
Bussell, Olive 229-V3
Bussell, Ray 231-V3
Bussell, Rosalie 231-V3
Bussell, S. O. (Ollie) 252-V3
Bussell, Vern E. 231-V3
Bussert, Elmira 11-V3
Bussert, Jack 11-V3
Bussert, James T. 249-V1
Bussert, Rilda M. 249-V1
Butel, Charles A. 102-V3
Butel, Charles D. 96-V3
Butel, Evelyn R. 102-V3
Butel, Gertrude M. 96-V3
Butel, Hank 81-V3
Butel, Lucille L. 81-V3
Butler, Augusta M. 209-V3
Butler, Beatrice Cooper 514-V3
Butler, Ben 309-V3
Butler, Christopher 134-V1
Butler, E. 134-V1
Butler, Elisha 253-V1
Butler, Frank 609-V3
Butler, Frank L. 678-V3
Butler, Franklin 134-V1
Butler, Gladys 609-V3
Butler, Hattie V. 678-V3
Butler, Jesse 134-V1
Butler, John T. 134-V1
Butler, Rena Windler 33-V1
Butler, Susie D. 609-V3
Butler, Susie Doreen 678-V3
Butler, Thomas Perry 678-V3
Butler, Tom 609-V3
Butler, W. 134-V1
Butler, William Russell, Sr. 209-V3
Butterfield, John W. 184-V3
Butterfield, Martha M. 184-V3
Butterfield, Prentice Sims 360-V3
Butterfield, Wilula 19-V3
Buttomer, Eugene 13-V2
Buttomer, Virginia Jane 13-V2
Butts, Benjamin C. 581-V3
Butts, D. E. 392-V3
Butts, Maggie 581-V3
Butts, Stella Barnes 167-V2
Butts, Theodocia Wagner 392-V3
Buxton, baby 467-V3
Buxton, Bertha 467-V3
Buxton, J. F. 467-V3
Byer, John 134-V1
Byers, Burt 487-V3
Byers, Garay Leon 487-V3
Byrd, Claude 194-V2
Byrd, Hazel W. 119-V2
Byrd, J. M. 194-V2
Byrd, John 497-V3
Byrd, Martha E. 194-V2
Byrns, Stella 96-V2
Byrns, William W. 96-V2

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