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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Cadwallader to Certain


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Cadwallader, Ada Cusey 68-V2
Cadwallader, baby 68-V2
Cadwallader, E. F. 67-V2
Cadwallader, Elgina M. 67-V2
Cadwallader, Nona V. 67-V2
Cadwallader, R. H. 67-V2, 68-V2
Cadwell, Eva 7-V1
Cadwell, Freman C. 7-V1
Cage, Mrs. E. J. 570-V3
Cage, Robert 571-V3
Cahill, Andrew L. 5-V2
Cahill, Martin 109-V3
Cahill, Mary A. 109-V3
Cahman, Emma 29-V1
Cahman, Frieda 26-V1
Cahman, Friedrich J. 29-V1
Cahman, John F. 29-V1, 254-V3
Cahman, Rika F. 32-V1
Cahman, Theresa B. 254-V3
Cahman, Wilhelm R. 27-V1
Calahan, Carrie E. 123-V3
Calahan, Willis E. 123-V3
Calder, Elizabeth I. 145-V2
Caldwell, Charles R. 590-V3
Caldwell, Clyde 541-V3
Caldwell, Dovie 590-V3
Caldwell, Edith 43-V3
Caldwell, George R. 541-V3
Caldwell, Jesse 578-V3
Caldwell, Maggie A. 499-V3
Caldwell, Nancy Jane 55-V3
Caldwell, Ruby 573-V3
Caldwell, Scott 42-V3
Caldwell, Sybil A. 75-V2
Caldwell, William Leon (Lee) 194-V2
Caldwell, Zachariah 437-V3
Cale, Austin B. 296-V3
Cale, Elfie O. 296-V3
Calkin, Freeman cemetery reading
Calkin, Laura cemetery reading
Calkins, Eula 609-V3
Calkins, Frank M. 609-V3
Calkins, Sarah 609-V3
Calkins, Walter Lee 678-V3
Calkins, Walter U. 609-V3
Call, Christina 182-V3
Call, Verne W. 182-V3
Callaway, Jacob 435-V3
Calovich, Helen Louise 651-V3
Calovich, William Dean 651-V3
Calusen, Katherine I. 33-V1
Calvert, Catherine 129-V2
Calvert, Cecil 605-V3
Calvert, E. M. 74-V1
Calvert, Ely 74-V1
Calvert, George 129-V2
Calvert, Laura Ann 74-V1
Calvin, Thelma A. 268-V3
Calvin, W. E. (Bill) 268-V3
Cameron, C. H. 423-V3
Cameron, H. F. 423-V3
Cameron, James 178-V1
Cameron, James A. 178-V1
Cameron, Lloyd L. 590-V3
Cameron, Mary 178-V1
Cameron, Pearl M. 423-V3
Cameron, Wm. 178-V1, 179-V1
Camp, Edith M. 16-V2
Camp, Jesse D. 16-V2
Campbell, A. S. 24-V2
Campbell, Alice C. 181-V3
Campbell, Alice E. 181-V3
Campbell, Archibald 393-V3
Campbell, baby 593-V3
Campbell, Ben G. 519-V3
Campbell, Benjamin F. 95-V2
Campbell, Carlton 165-V1
Campbell, Caroline 44-V2
Campbell, Charles H. 118-V2
Campbell, Charles W. 521-V3
Campbell, Charles, Jr. 521-V3
Campbell, Claire 519-V3
Campbell, Colin 429-V3
Campbell, D. M. 180-V1
Campbell, Don 538-V3
Campbell, Donald 429-V3
Campbell, Edgar W. 181-V3
Campbell, Elizabeth 165-V1
Campbell, Ellen Dillard 538-V3
Campbell, Frank B. 519-V3
Campbell, Frank H. 165-V1
Campbell, Freddie L. 24-V2
Campbell, G. G. 24-V2
Campbell, George H. 165-V1
Campbell, George W. 8-V3
Campbell, Gertrude 8-V3
Campbell, Goldie Nabb 50-V2
Campbell, H. S. 429-V3
Campbell, Hannah A. 95-V2
Campbell, Harold T. 69-V3
Campbell, Harvey 165-V1
Campbell, Hugh W. 182-V3
Campbell, Jane 296-V3
Campbell, Jesse 429-V3
Campbell, Jesse W. 678-V3
Campbell, Jessie 429-V3, 609-V3
Campbell, Jessie M. 521-V3
Campbell, M. A. 180-V1
Campbell, Major J. 60-V1
Campbell, Mamie A. 15-V2
Campbell, Marcus 609-V3
Campbell, Marcus W. 609-V3
Campbell, Marcus William 678-V3
Campbell, Margaret B. 429-V3
Campbell, Matthew Michael 296-V3
Campbell, Michael 296-V3
Campbell, Mildred 51-V2
Campbell, Nat 60-V1
Campbell, Nina 29-V2
Campbell, Phoebe 393-V3
Campbell, Prudence C. 521-V3
Campbell, Rebecca 609-V3
Campbell, Robert A. 203-V3
Campbell, Roena B. 203-V3
Campbell, Roy 51-V2
Campbell, Sarah 609-V3
Campbell, Sarah E. 95-V2
Campbell, son 180-V1
Campbell, Susie 609-V3
Campbell, Thomas J. 393-V3
Campbell, William H. 181-V3
Canfield, Charles Henry 381-V3
Canfield, Elisha C. 409-V3
Canfield, Elmer 164-V1
Canfield, F. D. 522-V3, 523-V3
Canfield, Fannie 129-V2
Canfield, Fannie E. 381-V3
Canfield, Frank D. 521-V3
Canfield, infant son 523-V3
Canfield, J. M. 129-V2
Canfield, Katie 522-V3
Canfield, M. M. 523-V3
Canfield, Mary Jane 381-V3
Canfield, Mary M. 521-V3, 522-V3
Canfield, Minerva 409-V3
Canfield, Ollie A. 521-V3
Canklin, Marttia E.cemetery reading
Cannedy, Bernice J. 581-V3
Cannedy, Bernice Josephine 467-V3
Cannedy, Harriet J. 467-V3
Cannon, Annie 247-V1
Cannon, baby 16-V1
Cannon, Clark 247-V1
Cannon, E. L. 247-V1
Cannon, Ernest R. 51-V2
Cannon, Freddie B. 247-V1
Cannon, Henry 504-V3
Cannon, J. W. 247-V1
Cannon, Loretta M. 138-V1
Cannon, Louisa 247-V1
Cannon, Lucretia 505-V3
Cannon, Lydia 247-V1
Cannon, Minnie 247-V1
Cannon, Thelma C. 51-V2
Cannon, Thelma C. 663-V3
Cannon, W. T. 247-V1
Cantrall, Wyott 203-V1
Capehart, Effie L. 105-V1
Capehart, George D. 105-V1
Caples, Laura 458-V3
Caples, William P. 458-V3
Capper, Albertine 108-V2
Capper, Althea S. 87-V2
Capper, Buddy 110-V2
Capper, Carrie L. 157-V2
Capper, Clara B. 156-V2
Capper, D. I. 87-V2
Capper, Daniel C. 76-V2
Capper, E. A. 87-V2
Capper, Edgar 108-V2
Capper, Emily J. 108-V2
Capper, Emma G. 76-V2
Capper, Frank 156-V2
Capper, Gloyd M. 110-V2
Capper, Harold R. 110-V2
Capper, Ina W. 76-V2
Capper, Iville F. 156-V2
Capper, J. M. 111-V2
Capper, J. V. 78-V2
Capper, James W. 157-V2
Capper, John Robert 558-V3
Capper, John T. 108-V2
Capper, Joseph A. 110-V2
Capper, Martha J. 156-V2, 669-V3
Capper, Mary 156-V2
Capper, Nellie B. 558-V3
Capper, Nora B. 111-V2
Capper, Rebecca E. 78-V2
Capper, Robert M. 156-V2
Capper, Wardie E. 87-V2
Capper, William 156-V2, 669-V3
Capper, William L. 78-V2
Capper, Willie T. 156-V2
Caprenter, Ward J. 321-V3
Cara(e?)y, son 187-V2
Caraway, Cecil F. 23-V1
Caraway, John R. 17-V1
Caraway, Mildred I. 17-V1
Caraway, Ted L. 22-V1
Caray, Florence 181-V2
Caray, Infant
new record, missed in orginal inventory
Caray, Leo T. 181-V2
Caray, Thomas W
new record 1997
Carbaugh, Jacob 407-V3
Carder, Ada M. 14-V2
Carder, John W. 14-V2
Carey, Amos Franklin 1-V2
Carey, Blanche M. 147-V1
Carey, Dora C.240-V1 Carey, E. Nadene 590-V3
Carey, Elsie M. 245-V1
Carey, G. Leona 240-V1
Carey, Homer A. 147-V1
Carey, Ina B. 1-V2
Carey, infant 336-V3
Carey, James Henry 240-V1
Carey, John W. 240-V1
Carey, Otto 229-V1
Carey, Robert M. 240-V1
Carey, Sarah A. 240-V1
Carkhuff, Emma L. 299-V3
Carkhuff, John D. 277-V3
Carkhuff, Judson 299-V3
Carkhuff, Mary 277-V3
Carkhuff, Roy 298-V3
Carlile, Anne E. 86-V1
Carlile, George P. 195-V2
Carlile, George R. 86-V1
Carlile, Lucy C. 195-V2
Carlin, Dwight P. 105-V2
Carlin, Helen 105-V2
Carlin, Paradine B. 105-V2
Carlin, Stephen 105-V2
Carlson, Alva Earl 2-V2
Carlson, C. W. 192-V3
Carlson, Fred T. 10-V2
Carlson, Jennie P. 10-V2
Carlson, Leone Shields 2-V2
Carlson, Mary E. 324-V3
Carlson, Ronald Lee 3-V2
Carlton, Mount 425-V3
Carmean, Euphema 149-V2
Carmean, Pearson 149-V2
Carmichael, Bessie Myers 182-V1
Carmichael, Cecil L. 219-V3
Carmichael, Ida 609-V3
Carmichael, Mildred F. 219-V3
Carmichael, W. H. 609-V3
Carmin, Samantha Cory 151-V2
Carnagey, Jane 217-V1
Carnagey, Thomas F. 217-V1
Carnes, Caroline 6-V2
Carnes, Emerson Earl 384-V3
Carnes, Harriett M. 560-V3
Carnes, Jasper Allen 560-V3
Carnes, May Belle 384-V3
Carnes, Nellie May 4-V2
Carnes, Nellie Myrtle 384-V3
Carnes, Roy A. 4-V2
Carnes, William H. 4-V2
Carnett, Margueate A. 253-V1
Carp, Carrie 610-V3
Carp, W. D. 610-V3
Carpenter, Alonzo 134-V2
Carpenter, Amanda 49-V1
Carpenter, Charles S. 134-V2
Carpenter, Clara D. 317-V3
Carpenter, Dan 610-V3
Carpenter, Delbert P. 49-V1
Carpenter, Dora 115-V2
Carpenter, Dorcas 134-V2
Carpenter, Elizabeth 610-V3
Carpenter, Elsa M. 191-V3
Carpenter, Florence L. 116-V2
Carpenter, Frank C. 166-V1
Carpenter, George T. 115-V2
Carpenter, Glen E. 191-V3
Carpenter, Guy 322-V3
Carpenter, Harold 305-V3
Carpenter, J. M. 166-V1
Carpenter, John 115-V2
Carpenter, John B. 317-V3
Carpenter, John Robert 53-V3
Carpenter, Kathy Diane 174-V3
Carpenter, Kenneth L. 191-V3
Carpenter, Lily 107-V2
Carpenter, Mamie 52-V1
Carpenter, Marguerite Gilmore 29-V3
Carpenter, Marie 343-V3
Carpenter, Martha 107-V2
Carpenter, Martha Ann 321-V3
Carpenter, Mary A. 166-V1
Carpenter, Mary E. 322-V3
Carpenter, Mary H. 134-V2
Carpenter, Nancy Sayers (2 entries) 107-V2
Carpenter, Nellie 321-V3
Carpenter, Robert 207-V3
Carpenter, Sherman 134-V2
Carpenter, Thelma 115-V2
Carpenter, W. S. 343-V3
Carpenter, William H. 107-V2, 53-V3
Carpenter, Wilma R. 312-V3
Carpenter, Wyla H. 116-V2
Carpernter, Sterling O. 312-V3
Carr, Charles W. 578-V3
Carr, Frank 679-V3
Carr, James L. 610-V3
Carr, John 145-V3, cemetery reading
Carr, LaRue 194-V3
Carr, Mary L. 194-V3
Carr, Mr. 679-V3
Carr, Mrs. 679-V3
Carr, Ronald 610-V3
Carr, Rose 610-V3
Carr, Sarah 145-V3, cemetery reading
Carrelton, Joanna 574-V3
Carrico, Charles Henry 38-V3
Carrico, Charles L. 530-V3
Carrico, Ethel 39-V3
Carrico, Frances 579-V3
Carrico, George W. 531-V3
Carrico, Harriet Lucretia 38-V3
Carrico, Mary I. 531-V3
Carrie, Clanton 566-V3
Carroll, Addie 449-V3
Carroll, baby 447-V3
Carroll, Chas. M. 486-V3
Carroll, Ella Wright 486-V3
Carroll, Flossie F. 108-V1, 658-V3
Carroll, Frank 450-V3
Carroll, infant 568-V3
Carroll, Jennie 449-V3
Carroll, John 568-V3
Carroll, Joseph D. 108-V1
Carroll, Julia S. 525-V3
Carroll, L. 568-V3
Carroll, Marion Burnley 449-V3
Carroll, Mary Childress 448-V3
Carroll, Thomas Maxwell 449-V3
Carroll, Thomas Maxwell, Jr. 447-V3
Carson, Fannie Catherine 268-V3
Carson, infant 575-V3
Carson, John M. 100-V1
Carson, Leah 100-V1
Carson, Mary (2 entries) 100-V1
Carson, Mary Jane 100-V1
Carson, Robert K. (Bob) 268-V3
Carson, Wade H. 138-V3
Carter, Albert E. 101-V2
Carter, Alberta 575-V3
Carter, Allen F. 329-V3
Carter, Annie 238-V3
Carter, Annie M. 322-V3
Carter, Annie Pyle 195-V2
Carter, Anthony 263-V3
Carter, B. F. 24-V2
Carter, Barbara Ellen Carmen 84-V1
Carter, Barbara Nell 610-V3
Carter, Benjamin Floyd 195-V2
Carter, Bertha 113-V2
Carter, Bertha May 337-V3
Carter, Bettie 574-V3
Carter, Clarence W. 81-V2
Carter, Clyde 113-V2
Carter, Corine 574-V3
Carter, E. C. 102-V1
Carter, Earl Stephen 195-V2
Carter, Edelyn 575-V3
Carter, Elcana 610-V3
Carter, Elizabeth E. 81-V2
Carter, Eugene Lacy 679-V3
Carter, Frances J. 610-V3
Carter, Frazier 610-V3
Carter, Frank 575-V3
Carter, Henry 84-V1
Carter, J. H. 572-V3, 641-V3
Carter, Jennie June Needham 195-V2
Carter, Jesse E. 679-V3
Carter, Joe 610-V3
Carter, John 575-V3
Carter, John C. 148-V2
Carter, John M. L. 84-V1
Carter, Joseph A. 322-V3
Carter, Joseph E. 148-V2
Carter, Jottisb 102-V1
Carter, Leonard M. 263-V3
Carter, Lewis 492-V3
Carter, Lillian 129-V2
Carter, Loris E new record 1997
Carter, Lucille P. 239-V1
Carter, Lucinda 577-V3
Carter, Lucy M. 263-V3
Carter, Luvenia 491-V3
Carter, Martha F. 81-V2
Carter, Martha V. 641-V3
Carter, Mary 492-V3
Carter, Mary E. 129-V2
Carter, Mary Frances new record 2000
Carter, Mary Jean new record 2003
Carter, Mason 112-V2
Carter, Matthew 81-V2
Carter, Mattie Bastin 24-V2
Carter, Melvina 148-V2
Carter, Mildred C. 184-V3
Carter, Ollie L. 329-V3
Carter, Orvis Eldon 336-V3
Carter, Paul Albert 293-V3
Carter, Pauline E. 575-V3
Carter, R. Henry 239-V1
Carter, Rebecca G. 148-V3
Carter, Rebecca G. Chestnut 149-V3
Carter, Rhoda J. 293-V3
Carter, Rolley 492-V3
Carter, Rollo C. 491-V3
Carter, Rosina K. 679-V3
Carter, Sallie 112-V2
Carter, Snada 166-V3
Carter, Thomas Williams 492-V3
Carter, Uvera 50-V2
Carter, Vera 575-V3
Carter, W. T. 102-V1
Carter, Wayne F. 81-V2
Carter, William 558-V3, 577-V3
Carter, Wm. B. 148-V3
Carter, Zelma Mae 679-V3
Cartwright, A. C. 516-V3
Cartwright, Adam C. 517-V3
Cartwright, Alice A. 413-V3
Cartwright, Arthur A. 38-V3, 39-V3
Cartwright, baby 564-V3
Cartwright, Beulah B. 40-V3
Cartwright, Buford G. 38-V3
Cartwright, Daisy A. 39-V3
Cartwright, E. E. 516-V3
Cartwright, Elvie R. 162-V1
Cartwright, Ernest L. 162-V1
Cartwright, Harry B. 39-V3
Cartwright, J. Riley 162-V1
Cartwright, Johnnie 516-V3
Cartwright, Joyce Ann 538-V3
Cartwright, Lena M. 38-V3
Cartwright, Marcella A. 645-V3
Cartwright, Maude E. 80-V1
Cartwright, O. S. 413-V3
Cartwright, Othur L. 38-V3
Cartwright, Russell S. 645-V3
Cartwright, T. Ivan 80-V1
Cartzdafner, C. E. 210-V2
Cartzdafner, Gracie F. 210-V2
Cartzdafner, J. M. 210-V2
Cartzdafner, Rosa V. 210-V2
Carvalley, Fred 567-V3
Carvalley, Louie 567-V3
Carver, B. J. 226-V3
Carver, Berkeley 297-V3
Carver, Eva 26-V2
Carver, John 412-V3
Carver, Julia 412-V3
Carver, Margaret 412-V3
Carver, Maud S. 297-V3
Case, Candace M. 79-V1
Case, Clifford William 558-V3
Case, Effie D. Parker 117-V2
Case, F. W. 69-V3
Case, Isabel 69-V3
Case, J. M. 69-V3
Case, John L. 79-V1
Case, Maude A. 558-V3
Casebeer, George 93-V2
Casebeer, Harold D. 269-V3
Casebeer, Minnie L. 269-V3
Casebeer, Sarah 93-V2
Casey, Alida B. 64-V3
Casey, C. P. 33-V3
Casey, Helen Louise 181-V2
Casey, John P. 64-V3
Casey, Maurice M. 181-V2
Cash, James L. 598-V3
Cashatt, Joseph 81-V3
Cashman, Ellen 68-V2
Cashman, Harry 68-V2
Cashman, Hester 67-V2
Cashman, John 68-V2
Cashman, Samuel 67-V2
Casida, Angeline 249-V1
Casida, Bessie B. 210-V3
Casida, Charles (Ed) 197-V3
Casida, D. 247-V1
Casida, Fred 341-V3
Casida, Gilmore 414-V3
Casida, Hattie E. 341-V3
Casida, Helena T. 197-V3
Casida, Isaac F. 530-V3
Casida, James W. 247-V1
Casida, John T. 15-V1
Casida, John William 499-V3
Casida, Margaret E. 15-V1
Casida, Mary E. 247-V1
Casida, Mary T. 558-V3
Casida, Mattie F. 249-V1
Casida, Nancy J. 530-V3
Casida, Susan Armilda 499-V3
Casida, Thomas 249-V1
Casida, Warren D. 210-V3
Casper, Althea 97-V3
Casper, Clara R. 97-V3
Casper, J. L. 97-V3
Casper, Montgomery 67-V1
Casper, Robert 159-V3
Casper, Roger L. 97-V3
Cassada, Elijah M. 154-V1
Cassada, Grace L. 154-V1
Cassada, Jacob C. 154-V1
Cassada, L. Henry 154-V1
Cassada, Nora May 154-V1
Cassida, Anna B. Ward 101-V3
Cassida, Anna M. 198-V3
Cassida, Bessie M. 253-V3
Cassida, E. Marie 253-V3
Cassida, Edward Ray 197-V3
Cassida, Ethel Ann 253-V3
Cassida, Harold B. 253-V3
Cassida, Ivan D. 253-V3
Cassida, Ivan D., Jr. 253-V3
Cassida, John E. 101-V3
Cassida, John E. D. 253-V3
Cassida, Veril Stella 197-V3
Cassida, Walter V. 198-V3
Cassidy, John Robert 164-V2
Casteel, Charlie 106-V2
Casteel, Douglas 40-V1
Casteel, Frankie 106-V2
Casteel, Jennie 106-V2
Casteel, Nancy 40-V1
Casteel, W. D. 106-V2
Casteel, William 40-V1
Castleberry, Alva H. 229-V3
Castleberry, Beulah M. 195-V2
Castleberry, Brenda 211-V3
Castleberry, Carl 195-V2
Castleberry, Clarence 195-V2
Castleberry, Eileen 211-V3
Castleberry, Geraldine Louise 229-V3
Castleberry, John R. 190-V3
Castleberry, Joise L. 190-V3
Castleberry, Kenneth 211-V3
Castleberry, Mildred E. 230-V3
Castleberry, Richard 211-V3
Casto, Charle H. 181-V3
Casto, Daniel 45-V3
Casto, Ellen 45-V3
Casto, Everett C. 44-V3
Casto, Hiram E. 54-V3
Casto, Nellie 44-V3
Casto, Octavia Katherine 78-V2
Casto, Roman 181-V3
Castor, Eldora A. 174-V2
Castor, Elza 174-V2
Castor, Everett E. 106-V2
Castor, Jaunita 106-V2
Castor, Juanita 666-V3
Castor, Walter S. 174-V2
Castro, Yo dro 578-V3
Caswell, Jack 78-V2
Caswell, Roy Raymond 120-V3
Catchpole, Fannie M. 473-V3
Cates, Charlotte G. 214-V3
Cathey, David M. cemetery reading
Cathey, Dora Jane 62-V2
Cathey, Effie E. 62-V2
Cathey, Jacob B. 137-V3
Cathey, Jane 137-V3
Cathey, John 105-V1
Cathey, John W. 16-V3
Cathey, Lottie E. 62-V2
Cathey, Marshall B. 16-V3
Cathey, Robert R. 105-V1
Cathey, Samuel M. 62-V2
Cathey, W. B.
cemetery reading
Cato, Cornelia 492-V3
Cato, Lennie 575-V3
Cato, Linnie 492-V3
Cato, W. C. 492-V3
Cato, Walter LeRoy 575-V3
Caton, Betty (Elizabeth Ann) 178-V3
Caton, Elza W. 172-V3
Caton, Eva A. 523-V3
Caton, Frank D. 317-V3
Caton, George 524-V3
Caton, Grace E. 317-V3
Caton, Helen Snyder 178-V3
Caton, J. Ida Hymer 537-V3
Caton, James 541-V3
Caton, James E. 537-V3
Caton, John H. 178-V3
Caton, Julia A. 541-V3
Caton, Mary 102-V2
Caton, Robert D. 178-V3
Catron, Clara A. 373-V3
Catron, Delmar E. 373-V3
Catron, Harry V. 373-V3
Catterson, Grace L. 244-V1
Catterson, L. Claude 244-V1
Caulkin, Martha E. cemetery reading
Cavanagh, Margaret E. 305-V3
Cavanaugh, John B. 124-V3
Cavaness, Beulah E. 321-V3
Cavaness, C. T. 173-V2
Cavaness, James Dwight 173-V2
Cavaness, Mary A. 173-V2
Cavaness, Ralph E. 321-V3
Cave, Arthur Raymond 168-V1
Cave, Gertrude D. 180-V2
Cave, H. C. (Clint) 180-V2
Cave, Lorene E. 183-V2
Cave, Nellie A. 168-V1
Cave, Ruth G. 183-V2
Cave, W. Collins 168-V1
Cave, William L. 183-V2
Cavinee, Burton B. 645-V3
Cavinee, Burtton B. 13-V1
Cavinee, Charles H. 8-V1, 644-V3
Cavinee, Chas. E. 644-V3
Cavinee, Chas. H. 7-V1
Cavinee, Clifford 8-V1
Cavinee, Elsie 8-V1
Cavinee, Florence 13-V1
Cavinee, Florence B. 23-V1
Cavinee, Florence Belle 645-V3
Cavinee, Gertie 8-V1
Cavinee, Glendora 21-V1, 647-V3
Cavinee, Harry O. 21-V1, 647-V3
Cavinee, James H. 8-V1
Cavinee, Maurine G. Beal 648-V3
Cavinee, Minnie 8-V1
Cavinee, Nona M. 8-V1
Cavinee, Robetta E. 644-V3
Cavinee, Wallie 8-V1
Cavinee, Will 8-V1
Cawby, Andrew M. 66-V1
Cawby, Andrew, Jr. 66-V1
Cawby, Betty 66-V1
Cawby, Etta 651-V3
Cawby, Francis M. 54-V1
Cawby, J. M. 651-V3
Cawby, Sally M. 651-V3
Cawby, Susan Kay 651-V3
Caylor, Alice B. 256-V3
Caylor, Alta M. 239-V1
Caylor, Altha M. 259-V3
Caylor, Beatrice 243-V1
Caylor, Bert L. 234-V1
Caylor, Biddie H. 244-V1
Caylor, C. Howard 239-V1
Caylor, Charles 214-V1
Caylor, Charles C. 220-V1
Caylor, Clarence E. 239-V1
Caylor, Clarence H. 239-V1
Caylor, Clifford A. 256-V3
Caylor, Corina B. 239-V1
Caylor, E. Pauline 207-V3
Caylor, Elmer L. 259-V3
Caylor, Etta Shreves 234-V1
Caylor, Everett H. 243-V1
Caylor, Francis N. 207-V3
Caylor, Harrison 243-V1
Caylor, Helen Arline 256-V3
Caylor, infant 239-V1
Caylor, J. O. 222-V1
Caylor, James H. 220-V1
Caylor, Joseph E. (2 entries) 239-V1
Caylor, Leland S. 244-V1
Caylor, Lenna 220-V1
Caylor, Lineol Lorenzo 234-V1
Caylor, Lucille P. 239-V1
Caylor, Lulu B. 239-V1
Caylor, Merle (Doc) 257-V3
Caylor, Mike E. 357-V3
Caylor, Mildred M. 239-V1
Caylor, Mildren Marie 239-V1
Caylor, Nettie 243-V1
Caylor, Olive 214-V1
Caylor, Otis L. 259-V3
Caylor, Peter H. 220-V1
Caylor, Robert W. 249-V3
Caylor, Stella M. 256-V3
Caylor, Susan M. 220-V1
Caylor, Tracy Day 214-V1
Caylor, William S. 256-V3
Cayot, C. H. 573-V3
Cayot, Daisy 573-V3
Cayot, infant 573-V3
Cecil, Irene 610-V3
Cecil, Robert A. 610-V3
Ceranich, John 19-V3
Certain, A. L. 495-V3
Certain, infant son 495-V3
Certain, Rose 495-V3

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