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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Chadwick to Compton


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Chadwick, Edwin B. 138-V1
Chadwick, Luther 138-V1
Chadwick, Nancy 138-V1
Chadwick, Sadie 581-V3
Chaffin, Anna L. 590-V3
Chaffin, James B. 590-V3
Chalender, Clarence E. 140-V2
Chalender, Evan 140-V2
Chalender, Geo. W. 142-V2
Chalender, infant 140-V2
Chalender, James 142-V2
Chalender, Jane 142-V2
Chalender, Sarah E. 140-V2
Chalmers, Amy L. 144-V3
Chalmers, Ellen 195-V2
Chalmers, Geo
cemetery reading
Chalmers, George W. 195-V2
Chalmers, Helen cemetery reading
Chalmers, T. J. 144-V3
Chamberlain, A. (Abijah?) 12-V3
Chamberlain, Ella Slayman 197-V3
Chamberlain, Florence Peck 76-V3
Chamberlain, G. L. 76-V3
Chamberlain, James 520-V3
Chamberlain, Lucy 111-V2
Chamberlain, Lulu Hoffman 520-V3
Chamberlain, Lydia 12-V3
Chamberlain, Norman 76-V3
Chamberlain, Sarah 76-V3
Chamberlin, Catherine 91-V3
Chamberlin, Emma 90-V3
Chamberlin, Emma C. 97-V3
Chamberlin, Helen 101-V3
Chamberlin, J. 90-V3
Chamberlin, J. H. 91-V3
Chamberlin, John 184-V3
Chamberlin, John C. 97-V3
Chamberlin, Lydia 90-V3
Chamberlin, Richard W. 83-V1
Chamberlin, Robert 101-V3
Chamberlin, William H. 83-V1
Chamberlin, William J. 98-V3
Chambers, Addie B. 195-V1
Chambers, Addie McCaula 74-V2
Chambers, Andrew B. 206-V1
Chambers, Andrew H. 195-V2
Chambers, Andrew L. 154-V3
Chambers, B. B. 610-V3
Chambers, Benjimum B. 610-V3
Chambers, Charles Earl 195-V1
Chambers, Clara S. 255-V3
Chambers, Clarence H. 195-V2
Chambers, D. F. 610-V3
Chambers, Donald E. 545-V3
Chambers, Dorothy Dunaway 9-V3
Chambers, Eliza 610-V3
Chambers, Eva 188-V3
Chambers, G. 206-V1
Chambers, Georgia A. 545-V3
Chambers, Glen E. 545-V3
Chambers, Iva E. 208-V3
Chambers, Jerry 195-V1
Chambers, Jesse Lee 208-V3
Chambers, Jessie G. 133-V2
Chambers, John A. 414-V3
Chambers, John L. 9-V3
Chambers, Katherine Ann 133-V2
Chambers, Lisle W. 255-V3
Chambers, Lucinda 580-V3
Chambers, M. E. 198-V1
Chambers, Mary E. 54-V3
Chambers, Mother 198-V1
Chambers, N. B. 198-V1
Chambers, Nathaniel B. 54-V3
Chambers, Nellie B. 198-V1
Chambers, Nellie M. 195-V2
Chambers, Samuel 610-V3
Chambers, Sarah C. Veatch 195-V2
Chambers, Stella M. 133-V2
Chambers, Susan 154-V3
Chancellor, Bessie C. 496-V3
Chancellor, C. S. 496-V3
Chancellor, Charles L. 262-V3
Chancellor, Charley W. 261-V3
Chancellor, Effie Jane 261-V3
Chancellor, Lucille M. 262-V3
Chancellor, May 497-V3
Chandler(?), George 414-V3
Chandler, Andrew B. 204-V3
Chandler, baby 565-V3
Chandler, Benjamin F. 252-V1
Chandler, Catharine 252-V1
Chandler, Charles W. 480-V3
Chandler, Charlie 252-V1
Chandler, E. Irene 81-V1
Chandler, Emily J. 429-V3
Chandler, Emma A. 429-V3
Chandler, Ervin J. 81-V1
Chandler, F. M. 499-V3
Chandler, Frances D. 204-V3
Chandler, Geo. W. 185-V1
Chandler, Ida E. 413-V3
Chandler, infant 569-V3
Chandler, J. F. 252-V1, 429-V3
Chandler, J. L. J. 413-V3
Chandler, J. L. T. 413-V3
Chandler, James R. 598-V3
Chandler, Jonathan 429-V3
Chandler, Lyde Lockhart 252-V1
Chandler, Margaret 499-V3
Chandler, Mary 252-V1
Chandler, Mary A. 413-V3
Chandler, Mary E. P. M. 252-V1
Chandler, Mattie T. 480-V3
Chandler, Nancy B. 429-V3
Chandler, T. J. 252-V1
Chandler, Timothy 252-V1
Chane, A. J. 44-V2
Chane, Jane 44-V2
Chane, W. A. 44-V2
Chaney, Charles G. 122-V2
Chaney, Estil Thurman 109-V2
Chaney, Flossie E. 345-V3
Chaney, Lewella M. 122-V2
Chaney, Naomi 109-V2
Chaney, Raymond H. 345-V3
Channel, Billy G. 610-V3
Channel, James Lee 679-V3
Channel, Permelia 63-V3
Channel, Tena 63-V3
Channel, William E. 63-V3
Chapelear, C. H. 610-V3
Chapelear, Maude 610-V3
Chapin, A. S. 146-V3
Chaplin, Harriett E. 102-V2
Chaplin, S. E. 102-V2
Chaplin, W.(?) Lewis(?) 102-V2
Chaplin, William R. 102-V2
Chapman, David 484-V3
Chapman, Ethel G. 110-V2
Chapman, Everett M. 110-V2
Chapman, Ida L. 39-V3
Chapman, Jane 101-V2
Chapman, John B. 38-V3
Chapman, Joseph W. 390-V3
Chapman, Lloyd 165-V1
Chapman, Loyd M. 39-V3
Chapman, Missouri Ann 38-V3
Chapman, Sarah J. 484-V3
Chapman, Virgil D., Sr. 253-V3
Chapman, W. H. 432-V3
Chappell, Addie 128-V2
Chappell, George L. 128-V2
Chappell, Ralph A. 326-V3
Charland, John B. 83-V3
Charland, Marie Louise Hamel 83-V3
Chase, Elva Fern 197-V3
Chase, Robert E. (Bob) 123-V3
Chase, Sylvia Q. 123-V3
Chase, Victor W. 610-V3
Chaudoins, Eliza (Elizabeth) 87-V2
Chaudoins, Sarah 87-V2
Che Swa Wa 441-V3
Cheaqui, Sarami 664-V3
Cheasbro, Abagail A. 446-V3
Cheasbro, Arthur 446-V3
Cheasbro, Clarence C. 446-V3
Cheasbro, Cora 446-V3
Cheasbro, Della 275-V3
Cheasbro, E. L. 446-V3
Cheasbro, Edward E. 447-V3
Cheasbro, Ernest J. (two entries) 275-V3
Cheasbro, Herman 446-V3
Cheasbro, Susie B. 53-V2
Cheasbro, Vernon B. 53-V2
Cheba, Etta 308-V3
Cherry, Delbert E. 120-V2
Cherry, Edna M. 120-V2
Cherry, Emma F. 150-V2
Cherry, John H. 150-V2
Cherry, Marie S. 207-V3
Cherry, Rex E. 207-V3
Chesbro, Albert Lee 561-V3
Chesbro, Cyrus M. 44-V2
Chesley, Margaret 567-V3
Chesney, Carl E. 53-V2
Chesney, Lillian P. 53-V2
Chester, Alberta 311-V3
Chester, Delores Virginia 265-V3
Chester, Helen A. 312-V3
Chester, J. L. 481-V3
Chester, Lee P. 312-V3
Chestnut, Carrie J. 149-V3
Chestnut, Ellen 149-V3
Chestnut, Emma Sackett 149-V3
Chestnut, Flora V. 131-V3, 143-V3
Chestnut, Ida C. 534-V3
Chestnut, John G. 149-V3
Chestnut, Mary Barbour 149-V3
Chestnut, Rebecca Stark 149-V3
Chestnut, William 149-V3
Chew, Marion 660-V3
Chew, N. M. 660-V3
Childers, Daniel M. 210-V2
Childers, Issac B. 210-V2
Childres [Childers], Harriett 36-V1 obituary
Childres [Childers], Nathan H. 36-V1 obituary
Childress, A. J. 563-V3
Childress, Anna Marie 449-V3
Childress, Charles E. (two entries) 448-V3
Childress, Jammi 563-V3
Childress, Mary S. 448-V3
Childs, Daniel 443-V3
Childs, Ethan O. 321-V3
Childs, Jemima E. 143-V3
Childs, Jessie M. 320-V3
Childs, John 443-V3
Childs, Malvina 443-V3
Childs, Philander 143-V3
Childs, Sally C. 442-V3
Childs, Sarah B. 443-V3
Chiles, L. Flora 57-V2
Chiles, William E. 57-V2
Chinn, Marcia Joyce 679-V3
Chinn, Michael 610-V3
Chism, Carrie 238-V3
Chism, Hezikiah 238-V3
Chisney, Arthur 559-V3
Chitwood, Andrea L. 124-V3
Chitwood, Conard E. 195-V2
Chitwood, John M. 195-V2
Chitwood, Lillie M. Ellis 195-V2
Chitwood, M. Ruth Anderson 195-V2
Chitwood, Max D. 235-V3
Chitwood, Norma Lea 195-V2
Choat, Mrs. 195-V2
Chrisjohn, Eugene Scott 177-V3
Chrisjohn, G. B. 154-V3
Chrisjohn, George B. 16-V3
Chrisjohn, Katherine 76-V3
Chrisjohn, Leroy B. 76-V3
Chrisjohn, M. E. 154-V3
Chrisjohn, Mary E. 16-V3
Chrisjohn, Milda 154-V3
Chrisjohn, Sylvester P. 177-V3
Chrisjohn, Viola B. 177-V3
Chrisjohn, Walter Ray 208-V2
Chrisman, V. W. 94-V1
Christensen, Edna 195-V2
Christensen, Einer 195-V2
Christensen, Mae Marie 578-V3
Christian, Cheryl Lynn 127-V3
Christian, Evah 253-V1
Christian, Fanchon C. Palmer 195-V2
Christian, Joseph William 195-V2
Christian, Mary Alice 195-V2
Christian, William Martin, Jr. 195-V2
Christiansen, Marie new record 2004
Christie, Adora J. 218-V1
Christie, Claude E. 310-V3
Christie, Cora 218-V1
Christie, E. W. 218-V1
Christie, Edna May 128-V2
Christie, Frank 218-V1
Christie, G. Lucile 310-V3
Christie, Grace M. 128-V2, 667-V3
Christie, Israel 218-V1 obituary
Christie, Sarah Ann 218-V1
Christie, son 218-V1
Christie, Thomas N. 128-V2
Christie, V. R. 218-V1
Christie, Veda Irene 218-V1
Christie, William P. 667-V3
Christopher, A. J. 351-V3
Christopher, Allen Junior 351-V3
Christopher, Allie J. 374-V3
Christopher, Snodie J. 374-V3
Christy, Anna M. 96-V3
Christy, Charles D. 5-V2
Christy, Ivan H. 96-V3
Christy, Vinita H. 5-V2
Chronister, Brenda Leigh 332-V3
Chronister, Jane 332-V3
Chronister, Rick 332-V3
Church, Francis A. 579-V3
Church, James A. 579-V3
Church, Lilah Harlan 35-V3
Church, Margaret Clarke 10-V3
Church, Ralph Forrest 35-V3
Churchill, James W. 95-V3
Churchill, John 95-V3, 207-V3
Churchill, Joseph E. 95-V3
Churchill, Louisa 207-V3
Churchill, Marie 192-V3
Churchill, Mary A. 95-V3
Churchill, Mary E. 248-V3
Churchill, Mary Jane 95-V3
Churchill, Matt 192-V3
Churchill, Michael F. 248-V3
Clagg, Charlie A. 5-V2
Clagg, G. W. 5-V2
Clagg, James Edward 5-V2
Clagg, M. D. 5-V2
Claphan, Della V. Lambe 195-V2
Claphan, Joseph C. 195-V2
Clapp, C. C. 138-V1
Clapp, C. W. 138-V1
Clapp, Mary J. 138-V1
Clapper, Calvin Keith 54-V1
Clapper, Cleata Francis 214-V1
Clapper, Thomas Calvin 54-V1
Clarey, Ida 111-V3
Clarey, James 112-V3
Clarey, John 111-V3
Clarey, Mary 112-V3
Clarey, Michael 111-V3
Clarey, Patrick 112-V3
Clarey, William 111-V3
Clark, Alice 85-V3
Clark, Anna 610-V3
Clark, Arnettie 76-V2
Clark, B. K. 173-V2
Clark, Belle 375-V3
Clark, Bernard G. 100-V3
Clark, Charles W. 371-V3
Clark, Clarence A. 213-V3
Clark, Clarence R. 28-V3
Clark, D. B. 559-V3
Clark, D. P. 243-V1
Clark, Dannie 485-V3
Clark, Dora M. 139-V1
Clark, Edna E. 110-V3, 111-V3
Clark, Eliza J. 148-V2
Clark, Elizabeth Wagoner 139-V1
Clark, Ernest Jay 76-V2
Clark, Francis 139-V1
Clark, Geo. P. 111-V3
Clark, George P. 110-V3
Clark, Hendricks 141-V2
Clark, Howard M. 593-V3
Clark, infant daughter 559-V3
Clark, Irvin Charles 278-V3, 676-V3
Clark, Izora 243-V1
Clark, J. H. 485-V3
Clark, J. J. 155-V1
Clark, James Everett 558-V3
Clark, James Everett 569-V3
Clark, John W. 43-V3
Clark, Julia M. 202-V3
Clark, Lana R. 173-V2
Clark, Lewis A. 139-V1
Clark, Lois M. 103-V3
Clark, Lucinda 457-V3
Clark, Marcella 85-V3
Clark, Martin R. 101-V3
Clark, Melissa 76-V2
Clark, Morris Ernest 78-V3
Clark, Myrtle E. 610-V3
Clark, Paul T. 103-V3
Clark, Rachel 28-V3
Clark, Ralph 202-V3
Clark, Richard 76-V2, 85-V3, 449-V3
Clark, Ruth M. 666-V3
Clark, Sadie R. 213-V3
Clark, Sarah 89-V3
Clark, Sarah E. 122-V1
Clark, W. J. 457-V3
Clark, W. R. 29-V3
Clark, Walter M. 610-V3
Clark, Wanda I. 676-V3
Clark, William H. 375-V3
Clark, Wm. Jerome 111-V3
Clark, Wm. R. 155-V1
Clark, Woodson E. 122-V1
Clarke, Ann 84-V3
Clarke, Edwin Herbert 10-V3
Clarke, Elizabeth 85-V3
Clarke, Eugene 111-V3
Clarke, J. Don 100-V3
Clarke, James B. 84-V3
Clarke, Lillie B. 84-V3
Clarke, Mary Ann 10-V3
Clarke, Maxine L. 100-V3
Clarke, Sherry Lee 111-V3
Clarke, Wanda 111-V3
Clarke, William D. 84-V3
Clary, Cornelius L. 168-V3
Clary, J. W. 641-V3
Clary, John 21-V3
Clary, John B. 21-V3
Clary, Olive 261-V3
Clary, Opal A. 169-V3
Clary, Roscoe H. 169-V3
Clary, Roy 261-V3
Clary, Sarah Ann 641-V3
Clary, Solomon B. 21-V3
Clary, Thomas H. 21-V3
Classen, John 229-V3
Classen, Mabel O. 229-V3
Clatworthy, Mary 103-V1
Clausen, Dietrich H. 26-V1
Clausen, Dorthea E. 29-V1
Clausen, Friedrich 24-V1
Clausen, Henirich F. H. 24-V1
Clausen, Herman 34-V1
Clawson, Allie E. 192-V3
Clawson, Alma L. 192-V3
Clawson, Charles G. 192-V3
Clawson, Ellis P. 192-V3
Clawson, Harry H. 498-V3
Clawson, LaJune 25-V3
Clawson, Mary Johann 498-V3
Clawson, William J. 498-V3
Claxton, Siotha 103-V2
Claxton, William C. 103-V2
Clay, Emma 493-V3
Clayborn, Elton 679-V3
Clayton, Juanita 152-V1
Clearwater, John W. 178-V3
Clearwater, Lester 195-V2
Clearwater, Nettie H. 178-V3
Clemans, Celestia 11-V1
Clemans, Erastus B. 11-V1
Clemens, Charles L. 594-V3
Clemens, Charles L. J. 594-V3
Clemens, Elizabeth 136-V1
Clemens, Emma 136-V1
Clemens, Francis M. 136-V1
Clemens, James 593-V3
Clemens, Jennie 593-V3
Clemens, Lucy 136-V1
Clemens, Michael B. 100-V3
Clemens, Virginia 594-V3
Clemmons, Dexter P. 594-V3
Clemmons, Mary E. 594-V3
Clerico, Alice 187-V3
Clerico, C. J. 187-V3
Clerico, Dorothy Bird 559-V3
Clerico, Lela Alice 187-V3
Clerico, Mary Alice 187-V3
Cleveland, Dwayne 208-V2
Cleveland, Emma 188-V1
Cleveland, Marshall L. 155-V3
Cleveland, Myrtle 188-V1
Cleveland, Otis 188-V1
Clevenger, C. C. 44-V3
Clevenger, Lois A. 44-V3
Clift, Fredonia M. 242-V3
Clift, Luther V. 242-V3
Clifton, Amanda Wall 524-V3
Clifton, Artie B. 610-V3
Clifton, John M. 241-V3
Clifton, Katherine 241-V3
Clifton, Margaret 610-V3
Clifton, T. K. 524-V3
Clifton, William C. 679-V3
Clifton, Wm. 610-V3
Clime, Irvin Randall 679-V3
Cline, Annie E. 143-V1
Cline, C. S. 65-V3
Cline, Don 22-V1, 646-V3
Cline, E. F. C. 143-V1
Cline, Elsie May 363-V3
Cline, Francis 143-V1
Cline, Frank P. 143-V1
Cline, Frankie L. 136-V3
Cline, Gladys 65-V3
Cline, LeEtta Doudna 651-V3
Cline, Mary 22-V1, 248-V1
Cline, Mary 646-V3
Cline, Nellie 143-V1
Cline, Olive 158-V3
Clinton, Arthur H. 129-V3
Clinton, Cindy 307-V3
Clinton, D. D. 406-V3
Clinton, David D. 36-V2
Clinton, Eliza 406-V3
Clinton, Elizabeth 407-V3
Clinton, Ermina 407-V3
Clinton, infant 581-V3
Clinton, J. G. 407-V3
Clinton, James 407-V3
Clinton, Jeremy D. 679-V3
Clinton, Lula Stevenson 36-V2
Clinton, M. 406-V3
Clinton, Mabel C. 129-V3
Clinton, Malvina 36-V2
Clinton, Marshal F. 36-V2
Clinton, Mary 406-V3
Clinton, Murlin 36-V2
Clinton, Olive L. 406-V3
Clinton, Ollie, Jr. 562-V3
Clinton, Oriville L., Sr. 129-V3
Clinton, S. cemetery reading
Clinton, Susie M. 562-V3
Close, Ila J. 163-V2
Clough, Mrs. C. T. 567-V3
Clover, Beth 413-V3
Clover, Elizabeth A. 413-V3
Clover, Seth 564-V3
Cobb, Charles W. 92-V2
Cobb, Frankyl 65-V1
Cobb, Julia A. 92-V2
Cobb, Ransom L. 65-V1, 653-V3
Coburn, B. F. 59-V2
Coburn, B. Frank 56-V2
Coburn, Frank C. 198-V3
Coburn, Mabel R. 198-V3
Coburn, Minnie 56-V2, 664-V3
Coburn, Sophia 59-V2
Cochran, Emma 109-V1
Cochran, Mary Ellen 190-V2
Cockern, (first name unknown) 7-V1
Cockran, G. Clayton 238-V3
Cockran, Hilda J. 256-V3
Cockran, Mildred A. 238-V3
Cockran, Therman Roy 256-V3
Cockrell, Eleanor W. 48-V3
Cockrill, (Pat) J. H. 215-V3
Cockrill, Nona S. 215-V3
Coddington, Ernest D. 227-V3
Coddington, Lois V. 227-V3
Coddington, Richard Frank (Dick) 227-V3
Cody, Anna E. 187-V3
Cody, Fannie M. 186-V3
Cody, Michael J. 186-V3
Coe, A. O. 537-V3
Coe, Dale 537-V3
Coe, S. T. 537-V3
Coen, Lincoln 137-V1
Coen, Mary J. 137-V1
Cofey, Marie 123-V2
Coffee, Nannie 590-V3
Coffee, Nannie A. 598-V3
Coffeen, Opal P. 189-V3
Coffel, Edna May 657-V3
Coffel, Jesse Lee 108-V1
Coffel, Margaret 108-V1
Coffel, W. J. 108-V1
Coffelt, Basil B. 168-V3
Coffelt, Bessie M. 168-V3
Coffelt, Clinton C. 213-V3
Coffelt, Elvin E. 187-V3
Coffelt, Pauline F. 231-V3
Coffelt, Virgil N. 231-V3
Coffey, Ida M. Chambers 195-V2
Coffia, Charles J. 580-V3
Coffia, Nancy 522-V3
Coffia, Tom 524-V3
Coffia, Vernon 524-V3
Coffman, Ellen 581-V3
Coffman, Harriett 72-V1
Coffman, Mathias 72-V1, 654-V3
Coffman, Parker 581-V3
Cohoon, Alletta 126-V3
Cohoon, Dale S. 126-V3
Coker, Cora L. 83-V1
Coker, Ella 179-V2
Coker, Floyd G. 255-V3
Coker, Frank 179-V2
Coker, Ida M. 255-V3
Coker, James Allen 21-V2
Coker, Jessie M. 255-V3
Coker, John W. 164-V3
Coker, Joseph 83-V1
Coker, Mary E new record 1996
Coker, Patty Dee 202-V3
Coker, Ruth 164-V3
Colbert, F. Kevin 222-V3
Colbert, Francis R. 179-V3
Colbert, Francis Robert, Jr. 179-V3
Colbert, Lawrence 180-V3
Colbert, Marguerite A. 162-V3, 179-V3
Colbert, Robert (Bob), Jr. 179-V3
Colbert, Robert 573-V3
Colbert, Robert F. 162-V3, 179-V3
Coldsmith, Cynthia 297-V3
Coldsmith, Eleanor 297-V3
Coldsmith, Gordon W. 553-V3
Cole, A. M. 13-V3
Cole, Abel R. 14-V3
Cole, Archie L. 96-V2
Cole, Arlene T. 222-V3
Cole, baby infant 537-V3
Cole, baby/infants 580-V3
Cole, Bessie S. 96-V2
Cole, Charles A. 96-V2
Cole, Charley C. 377-V3
Cole, Charley W. (two entries) 277-V3
Cole, Clara A. 501-V3
Cole, D. M. 16-V3
Cole, Della 16-V3
Cole, Delle Grimshaw 409-V3
Cole, Dorotha N. 109-V2
Cole, Edward 500-V3
Cole, Emma N. 96-V3
Cole, Eunice 17-V3
Cole, Frank B. 409-V3
Cole, Frank N. 278-V3
Cole, Freda E. 247-V3
Cole, G. W. cemetery reading
Cole, Gayford 377-V3
Cole, Geneva May 377-V3
Cole, George 560-V3
Cole, George Luther 13-V3
Cole, George W. 382-V3
Cole, Gertrude L. 377-V3
Cole, Gladys Irene 193-V1
Cole, Gladys Virginia 580-V3
Cole, Golda M. 278-V3
Cole, Helen D. Edwards 195-V2
Cole, Henry 93-V2
Cole, Ida Bell 382-V3
Cole, Inez L. 7-V1
Cole, James David 246-V3
Cole, Janice Marie 220-V3
Cole, John A. 195-V2
Cole, John F. 96-V3
Cole, John Francis 220-V3
Cole, John W. 210-V1, 17-V3
Cole, Joseph E. 17-V3
Cole, Karl E. 247-V3
Cole, Laura Lee 96-V2
Cole, Lawrence 501-V3
Cole, Leyford H. 377-V3
Cole, Lois A. (two entries) 277-V3
Cole, Mae 16-V3
Cole, Marion Shirley 377-V3
Cole, Mary C. 109-V2
Cole, Mary E. 501-V3
Cole, Mary Edna 220-V3
Cole, Mary M. 210-V1
Cole, Merle E. 195-V2
Cole, Minnie Mae 377-V3
Cole, Nora Paddeck 109-V2
Cole, Oliver 580-V3
Cole, Ollie A. 377-V3
Cole, Oswald F. 377-V3
Cole, Pete G. 501-V3
Cole, Robert Burley 302-V3
Cole, Ronald Dean 377-V3
Cole, Sadie 537-V3
Cole, Sadie Opal 222-V3
Cole, Sarah E. 13-V3, 500-V3
Cole, Sherman 537-V3
Cole, Sherman R. 222-V3, 580-V3
Cole, Vera E. 195-V2
Cole, Vernon Chalres 302-V3
Cole, Wayne L. 109-V2
Cole, William F. 109-V2
Cole, William L. 644-V3
Cole, Willie 193-V1
Cole, Wilma Ellen 377-V3
Cole, Wm. L. 7-V1
Cole, Zella M. 169-V3
Coleman, Charles T. 610-V3
Coleman, Everett E. 213-V3
Coleman, Geneva B. 610-V3
Coleman, Helen I. 7-V2
Coleman, Herbert 610-V3
Coleman, infant 610-V3
Coleman, J. (James) Vernon 7-V2
Coleman, James 113-V1, 581-V3
Coleman, James H. 7-V2
Coleman, John W. 610-V3
Coleman, Lee W. 610-V3
Coleman, Louisa F. 610-V3
Coleman, M. Florence 679-V3
Coleman, Martha E. 7-V2
Coleman, R. A. 610-V3
Coleman, R. V. 610-V3
Coleman, Richard W. 610-V3
Coleman, Rolla 610-V3
Coleman, Roy C. 679-V3
Coleman, Ruth 610-V3
Coleman, Vina Marie 213-V3
Coler, Albert B. 57-V2
Coler, Belle 157-V2
Coler, Carrie W. 157-V2
Coler, Gladys Alice 159-V2
Coler, Ralph E. 159-V2
Colgan, Lawton J. 208-V3
Colgan, Mary A. 208-V3
Collier, Bessie M. 302-V3
Collier, Steve C. 302-V3
Collingwood, Lucy J. 371-V3
Collins, (Dick?) 163-V2
Collins, Aaron C. 143-V2
Collins, Almeda S. 103-V2
Collins, Alsetta 29-V3
Collins, Andrew 162-V2
Collins, Andrew J., II 162-V2
Collins, Anna Leona 140-V2
Collins, Bridget 162-V2
Collins, Charles W. 140-V2
Collins, Clarence L. 199-V1
Collins, Edith Fern 4-V2
Collins, Emilie Vogue 86-V3
Collins, Eusatace R., Jr. 268-V3
Collins, Eustace R. 268-V3
Collins, Fern 9-V2
Collins, Flora 581-V3
Collins, Florence E. 239-V3
Collins, Frank M. 512-V3
Collins, Gertrude G. 653-V3
Collins, H. W. 199-V1
Collins, Harriet M. 140-V2
Collins, Helen L. 268-V3
Collins, Isaac 143-V2
Collins, Isaac M. 143-V2
Collins, J. 143-V2
Collins, J. J. 201-V1
Collins, James 184-V3
Collins, John 9-V2
Collins, John A. 103-V2
Collins, John C. 512-V3
Collins, John M. 303-V3
Collins, John Melvin 4-V2
Collins, John W. 103-V2
Collins, Juletta 199-V1
Collins, Layne D. 263-V3
Collins, Mabel L. 303-V3
Collins, Maggie 184-V3
Collins, Margie K. 263-V3
Collins, Marion F. 184-V3
Collins, Martha 143-V2
Collins, Mary Ann 162-V2
Collins, Mary J. Simonon 512-V3
Collins, Maude M. 558-V3
Collins, Myrtle Bivins 145-V2
Collins, Nancy 143-V2
Collins, Richard 86-V3
Collins, Sherman W. 512-V3
Collins, son (Melvin?) 9-V2
Collins, Susan 611-V3
Collins, Susana 201-V1
Collins, W. F. 611-V3
Collins, W. M. 611-V3
Collins, W. T. 29-V3
Collins, William E. 61-V1
Colron, infant 581-V3
Colron, Sarah 581-V3
Colroth(?) , Sarah May (?) 8-V2
Colson, Charles 189-V2
Colson, Daniel Lee new record 2004
Colson, Dolpha L. 183-V2
Colson, Elmer L.180-V2
Colson, Margaret J. 180-V2
Colson, Mary Allison new record
Colson, Nellie L. 183-V2
Colson, Wynema 189-V2
Colton, G. A. 443-V3
Colton, Gussie 443-V3
Colton, Kenneth Crowder 443-V3
Colton, Lyman 443-V3
Coltrin, John C. 107-V2
Coltrin, Margery O. 107-V2
Coltrin, Ted J. 107-V2
Colver, Edythe H. 227-V3
Colver, Edythe H. 228-V3
Colver, George A. 228-V3
Colvin, Alceste Stanley 63-V3
Colvin, Hilda Jo Koontz 211-V1
Colvin, John William 211-V1
Colwell, Callie E. 525-V3
Colwell, Charles 525-V3
Colwell, Eliza 107-V1
Colwell, Ira 107-V1
Colwell, Wm. 107-V1
Comb, Newton 594-V3
Combs, D. D. 204-V1
Combs, E. 204-V1
Combs, George E. 204-V1
Combs, Iris M. 195-V2
Combs, Lee N. 420-V3
Combs, Louis S. 195-V2
Combs, Mary C. 160-V2
Combs, Wm. 160-V2
Comerford, John B. 679-V3
Commeree, Dorothy L. 128-V2
Commeree, Joseph N. 128-V2
Compton, Willie 16-V3

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