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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Conboy to Critter

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Conboy, Agnes Mary 182-V2
Conboy, Andrew J. 185-V2
Conboy, Anna 182-V2
Conboy, Arthur E. 182-V2
Conboy, Arthur P. 182-V2
Conboy, Bertha E. 185-V2
Conboy, Frances 183-V2
Conboy, Katherine 182-V2
Conboy, Margaret Theresa 182-V2
Conboy, Peter 186-V2, 672-V3
Conboy, Philip (2 entries) 186-V2, 672-V3
Conboy, Phillip Lawrence 182-V2
Conboy, Sarah 186-V2
Conboy, Thomas W. 183-V2
Condiff, Estella C. 27-V3
Condiff, James G. 27-V3
Condit, E. 4-V1
Condit, Emeline 4-V1
Condit, Verna D. 4-V1
Condon, Elizabeth 406-V3
Condon, Harry W. 406-V3
Condon, Hattie A. Phelps 406-V3
Condon, infant 562-V3
Condon, S. D. 405-V3, 406-V3
Cone, Lola Hill 316-V3
Conger, David 24-V2
Conger, Sarah E. 24-V2
Conine, Edna O. 290-V3
Conine, Elmer B. 359-V3
Conine, John A. 290-V3
Conine, Nellie L. 359-V3
Conine, Nellie M. 533-V3
Conklin, Ann 225-V1
Conklin, Anna 250-V1
Conklin, Anna M. 472-V3
Conklin, Bertha L. 199-V3
Conklin, Bertha Ricketts 235-V1
Conklin, Caroline 472-V3
Conklin, Charley 225-V1
Conklin, Dale 235-V1
Conklin, Daniel 472-V3
Conklin, Dorothy Jean 205-V3
Conklin, Eff L. 205-V3
Conklin, Eva 61-V1
Conklin, Foster H. 227-V3
Conklin, Fred F. 199-V3
Conklin, Geo. Mike 225-V1
Conklin, Ida F. (Worley, Ida F. Conklin) 472-V3
Conklin, Jesse D. 228-V3
Conklin, Jeter 473-V3
Conklin, Maggie W. 57-V3
Conklin, Maude A. 227-V3
Conklin, Michael 225-V1
Conklin, Minta 80-V2
Conklin, Nancy A. 228-V3
Conklin, Nannei M. 57-V3
Conklin, Raymond Foster 227-V3
Conklin, Riley 57-V3
Conklin, Vern 235-V1
Conklin, Verno M. 305-V3
Conklin, W. D. 57-V3
Conkling, P. W. 57-V2
Conley, Ed 305-V3
Conley, Floyd A. 244-V3
Conley, Mabel 305-V3
Conley, Nina M. 244-V3
Connaughy, Clement W. 106-V3
Connaughy, Elsie E. 107-V3
Connaughy, J. Wilbur 107-V3
Connaughy, M. Emmett 107-V3
Connaughy, Mary Jane 106-V3
Connaughy, V. Evelyn 107-V3
Connell, Estelle Caton 172-V3 Connell, H. H. 554-V3
Connell, Sarah 611-V3
Connell, W. P. 611-V3
Connell, W. R. S. 554-V3
Connely, J. R. 414-V3
Connely, S. E. 414-V3
Connely, William G. 414-V3
Conner, Agnes B. 94-V3
Conner, Albert B. 530-V3
Conner, Alice 94-V3
Conner, Berenice E. 407-V3
Conner, Bertha 503-V3
Conner, Charles 509-V3
Conner, Charles A. 508-V3
Conner, Charles F. 94-V3
Conner, Edward S. 346-V3
Conner, Elizabeth 165-V1
Conner, Ella 510-V3
Conner, Ellen 509-V3
Conner, Frank 165-V1
Conner, Frank 503-V3
Conner, Holly Ann 679-V3
Conner, James 93-V3
Conner, James E. 679-V3
Conner, James J. 611-V3
Conner, Jerry D. 679-V3
Conner, John 93-V3, 94-V3
Conner, John R. 407-V3
Conner, Junior 284-V3
Conner, Katherine Fort 329-V3
Conner, Lawrence B. 167-V2
Conner, Lottie P. 508-V3
Conner, Louise 284-V3
Conner, M. Josephine Hornbach 93-V3
Conner, Rena 503-V3
Conner, Ronnie Lee 329-V3
Conner, Roy 510-V3
Conner, S. E. 165-V1
Conner, Samuel E. 503-V3
Connery, Mary Evans 398-V3
Connolly, Anne J. 82-V3
Connolly, Cornelius, Jr. 676-V3
Connolly, Henry M. 179-V2
Connolly, John T. 82-V3
Connolly, Margaret U. (V?) 179-V2
Connolly, Rhea 676-V3
Connor, Agnes C. 167-V2
Connor, Michael J. 167-V2
Conrad, B. D. 325-V3
Conrad, Deanna 325-V3
Conrad, Lafe E. 263-V3
Conrad, Roy Lee 252-V3
Conrad, Thelma 325-V3
Conrad, Theresa E. 243-V3
Conrey, Helon 67-V1
Conrey, L. C. 67-V1
Conrey, Martha 67-V1
Converse C. 85-V2
Converse, C. M. 85-V2
Converse, Cynthia C. 84-V2
Converse, daughter 84-V2
Converse, Emmor K. 522-V3
Converse, George W. 85-V2
Converse, Joe 522-V3
Converse, M. A. 85-V2
Converse, Melvin 84-V2
Converse, Wallace P. 85-V2
Cook, (first name unknown) 667-V3
Cook, (first name unkown) 22-V3
Cook, A. 568-V3
Cook, Albert D. 77-V2
Cook, Andrew J. 193-V3
Cook, Annabell 109-V2
Cook, Arthur J. 611-V3
Cook, B. F. 473-V3
Cook, baby 150-V3, 601-V3
Cook, baby daughter 601-V3
Cook, Baker H. 407-V3, 408-V3
Cook, Ben W. 77-V2
Cook, Benjamin Franklin 472-V3
Cook, Bertha 472-V3
Cook, Beulah 407-V3
Cook, Brad William 222-V3
Cook, Bryan Keith 307-V3
Cook, C. Williard 183-V3
Cook, Calvin C., Jr. 201-V3
Cook, Carl W. 212-V3
Cook, Carrie Leora (two entries) 472-V3
Cook, Catherine S. 472-V3
Cook, Charles E., Sr. 122-V2
Cook, Charles Warren 183-V3
Cook, Clarence D. 38-V3
Cook, Claron R. 18-V3
Cook, D. 76-V2
Cook, D. W. 408-V3
Cook, daughter 76-V2
Cook, Della 197-V1
Cook, Dianna 472-V3
Cook, Dollie 118-V2
Cook, Dora 241-V3, 407-V3, 611-V3
Cook, E. E. 76-V2
Cook, E. J. 611-V3
Cook, E. Jesse 611-V3
Cook, Edgar 145-V2
Cook, Edith 333-V3
Cook, Edna 197-V1
Cook, Eleanor Fern 15-V1
Cook, Elizabeth 197-V1
Cook, Emaline 386-V3
Cook, Erma 61-V3
Cook, Ernest 15-V1
Cook, Estelle Bivins 144-V2
Cook, Ezra 118-V2
Cook, Fern 122-V2
Cook, Floyd 241-V3
Cook, Frank 197-V1, 150-V3
Cook, Fred 229-V3
Cook, Frederick Earl 472-V3
Cook, George 76-V2
Cook, George Arnold 76-V2
Cook, H. T. 102-V2, 38-V3
Cook, Harry L. 77-V2
Cook, Harry T. 39-V3
Cook, Howard Lee 679-V3
Cook, infant 78-V2, 18-V3, 568-V3, 611-V3
Cook, Irene J. 231-V3
Cook, J. Frank 231-V3
Cook, J. M. 145-V2
Cook, Jack 601-V3
Cook, James Richard 119-V2
Cook, Jean 18-V3
Cook, Jennie M. 107-V2
Cook, Jesse E. 174-V3
Cook, Jesse L. 174-V3
Cook, John H. 154-V3
Cook, John M. 107-V2
Cook, John W. 70-V3
Cook, Josephine R. 611-V3
Cook, Judeth 408-V3
Cook, Junior Edwin 107-V2
Cook, Katie 102-V2
Cook, Keith L. 109-V2
Cook, Kenneth E. 193-V3
Cook, Lawrence S. (Vess) 181-V3
Cook, Leah H. 611-V3
Cook, Leland R. 144-V2
Cook, Lola C. 663-V3
Cook, Louisa 204-V1
Cook, Lucinda Ann 109-V2
Cook, M. E. 76-V2
Cook, M. I. 145-V2
Cook, M. O. 63-V1
Cook, Mable 197-V1
Cook, Mack A. 109-V2
Cook, Malisa J. 203-V1
Cook, Mamie B. 174-V3
Cook, Margaret B. 119-V2
Cook, Margaret Brady 183-V3
Cook, Marguerite Peck 183-V3
Cook, Mary Ann 181-V3
Cook, Mary Beeson 183-V3
Cook, Mary Elizabeth 105-V2
Cook, Mary L. 38-V3
Cook, Maude M. 193-V3
Cook, Maudie 76-V2
Cook, Meril A. 179-V3
Cook, Minnie L. 107-V2
Cook, Minnie S. 611-V3
Cook, Minnie Urmine 679-V3
Cook, Oona M. 76-V2
Cook, R. 568-V3
Cook, R. D. 76-V2, 107-V2
Cook, Ralph 76-V2
Cook, Ray 197-V1
Cook, Ronald Eugene 118-V2
Cook, Ronald H. 663-V3
Cook, Ruth M. 212-V3
Cook, S. M. 76-V2
Cook, Samuel M. 105-V2
Cook, Sarah A. 205-V3
Cook, Sarah C. 70-V3
Cook, Sewell W. 198-V3
Cook, Stewart O. 107-V2
Cook, Theodore M. 119-V2
Cook, Thomas F. 61-V3
Cook, Thomas F., Jr. 60-V3
Cook, Trissie R. 198-V3
Cook, Velma 601-V3
Cook, W. Dwight 119-V2
Cook, Walter 107-V2
Cook, William 205-V3
Cook, William C. 77-V2
Cook, William W. 76-V2
Cook, Witt 407-V3
Cook, Wm. R. 203-V1
Cook, Z. 472-V3
Cook, Zelda 76-V2
Cookasame, Santi 140-V1
Cooke, J. H. 605-V3
Cooke, Lucretia C. 605-V3
Cookran, Ruth N. Pennock 163-V3
Cooksey, A. Luella 95-V2
Cooksey, James Finley 95-V2
Cooksey, John W. 95-V2
Cooksey, Vivian O. 95-V2
Cooley, Mary 54-V1
Coombs, D. D. 75-V1
Coombs, Elizabeth 75-V1
Coombs, Mildred R. 667-V3
Coon, Dewey A. 307-V3
Coon, Fred M. 307-V3
Coonfair, Rosa A. 142-V2
Coonrad, Mary M. 486-V3
Coonradt, C. E. 498-V3
Coonradt, D. 498-V3
Coop, Samuel 553-V3
Cooper, A. Blanche 71-V1
Cooper, Alva C. 490-V3
Cooper, Amanda 439-V3
Cooper, Anna Lucile 427-V3
Cooper, Anna M. 177-V3
Cooper, Annie Laura 87-V2
Cooper, Arnold E, Jr. new record 2001,BR> Cooper, Asa M. 89-V2
Cooper, Benjamin T. 490-V3
Cooper, Betty 490-V3
Cooper, Blanche E. 497-V3
Cooper, Caroline Robinson 32-V3
Cooper, Charles Ifland 71-V1
Cooper, Charlotte L. 177-V3
Cooper, Cintha 436-V3
Cooper, Clara 60-V1, 652-V3
Cooper, Clarence E. 594-V3
Cooper, Cora M. 204-V3
Cooper, David 71-V1
Cooper, David B. 85-V1
Cooper, Dick 439-V3
Cooper, Dick 491-V3
Cooper, E. O. 427-V3
Cooper, Earl 71-V1
Cooper, Earl I. 242-V3
Cooper, Edward 60-V1, 652-V3
Cooper, Edward Lee 574-V3
Cooper, Edwin R. 15-V2
Cooper, Elsie 598-V3
Cooper, Emma 571-V3
Cooper, Eva F. 178-V1
Cooper, Frances E. 167-V3
Cooper, Francis 475-V3, 476-V3
Cooper, Frank 320-V3, 581-V3
Cooper, G. E. 475-V3
Cooper, Garfield A. 167-V3
Cooper, George E. 475-V3
Cooper, Gertrude O. 15-V2
Cooper, H. A. 427-V3
Cooper, Harriet 71-V1
Cooper, Howard H. 86-V2
Cooper, Ila Rowene 57-V2
Cooper, infant 581-V3
Cooper, infant daughter 475-V3
Cooper, J. E. 87-V2
Cooper, James D. 86-V2
Cooper, James Jacob 109-V2
Cooper, Jennie May 439-V3
Cooper, John F., Jr. 598-V3
Cooper, John F., Sr. 598-V3
Cooper, Joseph H. 514-V3
Cooper, Kennith new record 1998
Cooper, Leonard N. 204-V3
Cooper, Leslie 581-V3
Cooper, Levi 581-V3
Cooper, Lewis G. 204-V3
Cooper, Lois L. 497-V3
Cooper, Lucretia 488-V3
Cooper, Mabel 15-V2
Cooper, Marcella 320-V3
Cooper, Marjorie M. Ricketts Young 373-V3
Cooper, Mary 475-V3, 476-V3
Cooper, Mary A. 41-V3
Cooper, Mary C. 109-V2
Cooper, Mary E. 87-V2, 89-V2
Cooper, May 264-V3, 475-V3
Cooper, Melissa S. 473-V3
Cooper, Memord S. 348-V3
Cooper, Michael 41-V3
Cooper, Miles 581-V3
Cooper, Nora 522-V3, 581-V3
Cooper, Pauline 348-V3
Cooper, Pearl N. 242-V3
Cooper, Posey 491-V3
Cooper, Rachel A. 86-V2
Cooper, Robert 146-V3
Cooper, Roy F. 475-V3
Cooper, Sarah 581-V3
Cooper, Sarepta 491-V3
Cooper, Surrepta 439-V3
Cooper, Velma 473-V3
Cooper, Walter 581-V3
Cooper, Willard E. 373-V3
Cooper, William 32-V3, 473-V3
Cooper, William Gideon 32-V3
Cooper, Willie 476-V3, 581-V3
Cooper, Wilmer Arthur 490-V3
Copeland, Anna F. 103-V2
Copeland, C. E. 458-V3
Copeland, Christina E. 458-V3
Copeland, Cynthia 103-V2
Copeland, John D. 101-V2
Copeland, Katherine 103-V2
Copeland, Rose M. 458-V3
Copeland, W. K. 458-V3
Copley, Almon G. 475-V3
Copley, E. Flora 475-V3
Copley, E. W. 475-V3
Copley, Emma O. 258-V3
Copley, infant 568-V3
Copley, L. A. 475-V3
Coplin, George M. 383-V3
Coplin, infant 573-V3
Coplin, Margaret 384-V3
Coplin, Margaret A. Teachout 383-V3
Coplin, Myrtle 384-V3, 573-V3
Coplin, W. G. 384-V3, 573-V3
Coplin, William George 384-V3
Copper, Viola 573-V3
Copple, Elizabeth 6-V3, 8-V3
Copple, John H. 8-V3
Copple, Sarah A. 8-V3
Copple, Walter 6-V3
Copple, Walter H. 8-V3
Coradiz, Dominico 581-V3
Corbin, A. E. 611-V3
Corbin, Arthur 611-V3
Corbin, Bert 81-V2
Corbin, Fanny 611-V3
Corbin, Gloyd R. 105-V2
Corbin, Henry T. 75-V2
Corbin, James W. 390-V3
Corbin, Jim 75-V2
Corbin, John W. 611-V3
Corbin, L. D. 611-V3
Corbin, L. S. 611-V3
Corbin, Louise 679-V3
Corbin, Mae 105-V2
Corbin, Mary A. 105-V2, 611-V3
Corbin, Mary E. 75-V2
Corbin, Mary L. 105-V2
Corbin, Mollie 611-V3
Corbin, Molly A. 611-V3
Corbin, Nancy 611-V3
Corbin, Nettie M. 81-V2
Corbin, Richard 611-V3
Corbin, Richie L. 611-V3
Corbin, Thomas 611-V3
Corbin, W. D. 611-V3
Corbin, William D. 105-V2
Corbin, William Earl 105-V2
Corder, Elvira H. 601-V3
Corder, Emma T. 107-V1
Corder, James S. 601-V3
Corder, Mary 159-V3
Corder, Minnie P. 590-V3
Corder, Paul K. 107-V1
Core, Charles N. 611-V3
Core, Curta 611-V3
Core, Gertrude Woodman 130-V1
Core, H. B. 130-V1
Core, Ida N. 611-V3
Core, infant 611-V3
Core, James R. 611-V3
Core, Luster 679-V3
Core, Nancy 611-V3
Corey, Claude M. 75-V2
Corey, Mable B. 75-V2
Corlew, Albert M. 142-V3
Corlew, Alonzo 142-V3
Corlew, Carrie M. 142-V3
Corlew, Lula Roberts 142-V3, 143-V3, cemetery reading
Corlew, Munice 142-V3, cemetery reading
Corn, William 69-V2
Cornelius, A. W. 195-V2
Cornelius, Addie M. 195-V2
Cornelius, Charlie C. 195-V2
Cornelius, Emerline 195-V2
Cornelius, Essie C. West 195-V2
Cornelius, Isiah J. 195-V2
Cornelius, J. B. 195-V2, 209-V2
Cornelius, Lee E. 309-V3
Cornelius, Pearl M. 309-V3
Cornelius, Richard T. 195-V2
Corner, David James 236-V3
Corner, David S. 236-V3
Corner, Grace 236-V3
Cornett, David 3-V1
Cornett, Delbert J. (Pete) 3-V1
Cornett, Essie 572-V3
Cornett, Gerald 650-V3
Cornett, John 3-V1
Cornett, John E. (Louie) 650-V3
Cornett, Viola 3-V1
Cornett, Viola A. 643-V3
Cornette, Julius L. 260-V3
Cornwell, Clara F. 134-V3
Cornwell, Dodd 547-V3
Cornwell, Dorothy 547-V3
Cornwell, Floyd 542-V3
Cornwell, Gay 335-V3
Cornwell, J. C. 134-V3
Cornwell, J. E. 542-V3
Cornwell, James 199-V1
Cornwell, John Loyd 542-V3
Cornwell, Julia 542-V3
Cornwell, Julia A. 52-V2
Cornwell, L. 542-V3
Cornwell, V. 134-V3
Cornwell, Winifred 547-V3
Corre (Taylor?), Donald L. 138-V1
Corry, (first name unknown) 195-V2
Corry, baby 209-V2
Cortelyou, Mary Ann 454-V3
Cortelyou, P. A. 454-V3
Cortner, Hazel I. 257-V3
Cortner, Henderson E. 72-V2
Cortner, J. Buford 224-V3
Cortner, John F. 257-V3
Cortner, Joseph A. 176-V3
Cortner, Marie D. 224-V3
Cortner, Minnie E. 176-V3
Cortner, Roy D. 6-V3
Corum, Olive 60-V1
Cory, Anna Clementine 29-V2
Cory, Celia 611-V3
Cory, Emile 679-V3
Cory, Frances A. 611-V3
Cory, Frank 611-V3
Cory, G. E. 151-V2
Cory, G. W. 85-V2
Cory, I. F. 611-V3
Cory, John W. 679-V3
Cory, Laura H. 29-V2
Cory, Mary Alice 85-V2
Cory, Maudie 151-V2
Cory, S. 151-V2
Cory, Stella 611-V3
Cory, Stella Blance 679-V3
Cory, Ted F. 591-V3
Cory, Vail 611-V3
Cory, William D. 29-V2
Cory, William H. 151-V2
Cory, William W. 611-V3
Cott (Dajenet?), J. A. C. 41-V1
Cott (Dajenet?), N. C. 41-V1
Cott, E. 41-V1
Cott, J. 41-V1
Cott, J. E. 41-V1
Cott, James A. 41-V1
Cott, R. S. 41-V1
Cott, W. S. 41-V1
Cotten, J. 186-V1
Cotten, Ruby D. 186-V1
Cotten, Walter 186-V1
Cotteral, Ellen 413-V3
Cotteral, William H. 413-V3
Cottle, Glen L. 334-V3
Cottle, M. Elizabeth 97-V2
Cottle, Mary 334-V3
Cotton, Estella M. 195-V3
Cotton, Irving A. 195-V3
Cotton, James 114-V3
Cottrell, baby 77-V1
Cottrell, Clarence 242-V3
Cottrell, Clarence R. 241-V3
Cottrell, D. Ena 108-V2
Cottrell, Grant Joseph 108-V2
Cottrell, Sarah Ellen 242-V3
Couch, Earl W. 262-V3
Couch, Nellie J. 262-V3
Coughenour, John 132-V2
Coughenour, Margaret 679-V3
Coughenour, Nellie A. 132-V2
Coughlin, Damon 91-V3
Coughlin, Florence Jane 512-V3
Coughlin, Jerry M. 92-V3
Coughlin, John J. 512-V3
Coughlin, Johnnie 512-V3
Coughlin, Johnnie 92-V3
Coughlin, Julia Mae 156-V1
Coughlin, Lillian 92-V3
Coughlin, Mary Agnes 92-V3
Coughlin, Mary Ann 91-V3
Coughlin, Paul 91-V3
Coughlin, Paul S. 235-V3
Coughlin, Thomas J. 107-V3
Coughlin, Vera 91-V3
Coughlin, Vera L. 235-V3
Couk, A. 101-V2
Couk, Charles A. 101-V2
Couk, R. T. 101-V2
Coulston, Joe 122-V2
Coulter, Alma G. 611-V3
Coulter, David M. 611-V3
Coulter, Emily 611-V3
Coulter, Frances E. 195-V2
Coulter, James 611-V3
Coulter, John B. 611-V3
Coulter, Joseph F. 611-V3
Coulter, Louella 611-V3
Coulter, Mary A. 611-V3
Coulter, Ray 611-V3
Coulter, Rebecca J. 611-V3
Coulter, Rippley R. 195-V2
Coulter, Sarah A. 611-V3
Coulter, Ward E. 195-V2
Courson, James 85-V1
Courter, Adam 390-V3
Courter, baby 390-V3
Courter, Cleo 313-V3
Courter, Fannie L. Middlemass 549-V3
Courter, Fred E. 302-V3
Courter, Mary 302-V3
Courter, May 390-V3
Courter, Millie Frank 318-V3
Courter, Natham E. 313-V3
Courter, Nathan E. 313-V3
Courter, Ola Esther 86-V2
Courter, Otis A. 86-V2
Courter, Pearl E. 390-V3
Courter, Sarah Elizabeth 390-V3
Courtney, Chloe E. 83-V2
Courtney, Clarence William 121-V2
Courtney, Dennis Eugene 269-V3
Courtney, Ethel L. 121-V3
Courtney, Iva Mae 121-V2
Courtney, Joe I. 83-V2
Courtney, John R., Sr. 121-V3
Courtney, N. L. 612-V3
Courtney, Nancy 184-V1
Courtney, Nelle V. 181-V3
Courtney, Oscar H. 181-V3
Courtney, P. M. 612-V3
Courtney, Prentice 612-V3
Courtney, Sarah E. 82-V2
Courtney, William J. 82-V2
Courtney, Winnie 612-V3
Courtright, B. L. 192-V3
Coutoure, Fannie M. 208-V3
Coutoure, W. Peter 208-V3
Cove, A. 140-V3
Cove, Ella 140-V3
Cove, M. A. 140-V3
Covell, Geo. W. 194-V1
Covell, Lueina 194-V1
Cowan, Elsie E. 591-V3
Cowan, Harry W. 594-V3
Cowan, Purley A. 591-V3
Cowart, Mary Lee 308-V3
Cowden, Birdie Williams 251-V3
Cowden, J. P. 251-V3
Cowden, Jessie L. 251-V3
Cowden, Nelson S. 251-V3
Cowden, Sarah Shaw 45-V3
Cowden, William P. 45-V3
Cowell, Altha 581-V3
Cowell, C. E. 524-V3
Cowell, Charles E. 525-V3
Cowell, Charles Edwin 524-V3
Cowell, G. E. 524-V3
Cowell, Mary A. 525-V3
Cowell, S. B. 525-V3
Cowen, Claude N. 115-V2
Cowen, H. 86-V2
Cowen, Henry A. 115-V2
Cowen, Mary 86-V2
Cowen, Morton E. 86-V2
Cowen, Squire H. 86-V2
Cowens, Jimmie H. 176-V2
Cowens, Ruby A. 176-V2
Cowens, Ruby A. 670-V3
Cox, Albert J. 612-V3
Cox, Amelia 112-V1
Cox, Ann 111-V1
Cox, Ann P. new record 1990
Cox, Anna Lou 612-V3
Cox, Berniece I. 591-V3
Cox, Bessie Shrake 163-V1
Cox, C. C. 34-V2
Cox, Carme Allard 52-V3
Cox, Caroline 112-V1
Cox, Carrie Lee 405-V3
Cox, Charles E. 265-V3
Cox, Claude 113-V1
Cox, Daniel 111-V1
Cox, Delila 612-V3
Cox, Ethel M. 175-V3
Cox, Ethel S. 216-V3
Cox, Fanny cemetery reading
Cox, Fred 111-V1
Cox, Fred D. 113-V1
Cox, Fred L. 657-V3
Cox, Giles R. 612-V3
Cox, Harold C. 657-V3
Cox, Hart H. 34-V2
Cox, Helen L. 657-V3
Cox, infant 612-V3, 679-V3
Cox, James B. 612-V3
Cox, Jefferson 154-V3
Cox, Jimmie 52-V3
Cox, John 154-V3
Cox, Judith Kay 175-V3
Cox, Levi A. 612-V3
Cox, Lydia M. 34-V2
Cox, Mary 154-V3
Cox, Minnie D. 113-V1
Cox, Percy L. 175-V3
Cox, Reuben 112-V1
Cox, Robert Roy 52-V3
Cox, Tammy Raye 265-V3
Cox, Walter I. new record 2003
Cox, Wiley J. 52-V3
Cox, William 112-V1
Cox, William T. 216-V3
Cox, Wilson, B. 591-V3
Cox, Woodrow J. 679-V3
Craft, Della B. 202-V3
Craft, Lee 202-V3
Craft, Nora E. 202-V3
Craft, Orval E. 202-V3, 218-V3
Cragg, Alfred O. 54-V3
Cragg, Charles A. 245-V3
Cragg, Elford E. 244-V3
Cragg, Eugene 54-V3
Cragg, Lida M. 54-V3
Cragg, Mary L. 244-V3
Cragg, Winnie B. 54-V3
Crago, Adam 91-V2
Crago, Malissa 91-V2
Craig, Bob W. 340-V3
Craig, Callie 17-V2
Craig, Clelia M. 221-V3
Craig, Donald 18-V1, 20-V1
Craig, Elda 19-V1, 21-V1, 648-V3
Craig, Elda Mae 23-V1
Craig, Elizabeth 82-V2
Craig, Grace R. 340-V3
Craig, Janice M. 18-V1, 20-V1
Craig, John W. 340-V3
Craig, Lawrence John 19-V1, 648-V3
Craig, Lee 17-V2
Craig, Nancy E. 340-V3
Craig, Robert 82-V2
Craig, William R. 221-V3
Crain, baby 210-V2
Crain, Laura B. 210-V2
Cram, baby 386-V3
Cram, Horace E. 387-V3
Cram, J. Herbert 387-V3
Cramer, Almira 309-V3
Cramer, Almira J. 310-V3
Cramer, Anasvilla 161-V1
Cramer, Anna 141-V2
Cramer, baby son 515-V3
Cramer, Bessie 160-V1
Cramer, Bessie M. 112-V2
Cramer, Catherine 161-V1
Cramer, Charles L. 515-V3
Cramer, Charlie 160-V1
Cramer, Claud 160-V1
Cramer, Clyde 160-V1
Cramer, Edna M. 310-V3
Cramer, Elcena A. 394-V3
Cramer, Emma S. 519-V3
Cramer, F. P. 161-V1
Cramer, George W. 394-V3
Cramer, Hattie B. 144-V2
Cramer, Herbert M. 310-V3
Cramer, Jacob 161-V1
Cramer, John 144-V2
Cramer, John B. 143-V2
Cramer, John Hugh 143-V2
Cramer, Lucy Deane 143-V2
Cramer, Lucy Jane 144-V2
Cramer, Mamie 531-V3
Cramer, Maria 144-V2
Cramer, Marie 160-V1
Cramer, Mary A. 160-V1
Cramer, Phonnie 515-V3
Cramer, Roxy 143-V2
Cramer, Samuel 160-V1
Cramer, Warren B. 310-V3
Cramer, William A. 112-V2
Cramer, Wm. M. 143-V2
Crane, Arthur B. 117-V2
Crane, Charles 167-V1
Crane, Ellen 167-V1
Crane, Harry W. 598-V3
Crane, Hazel 598-V3
Crane, J. A. 167-V1
Crane, Mary A. 57-V1
Crane, Minnie M. 117-V2
Craven, Claude H. 56-V2
Craven, Dorman 63-V2
Craven, Elizabeth 50-V2
Craven, Elmor E. 56-V2
Craven, Evelyn 325-V3
Craven, Frank H. 56-V2
Craven, Ida 47-V2
Craven, Ida May 56-V2
Craven, J. W. 43-V2
Craven, James P. 325-V3
Craven, Jesse 48-V2
Craven, Kenneth 50-V2
Craven, Laura May 43-V2
Craven, Minerva 48-V2
Craven, Muriel 63-V2
Craven, Ruth M. 56-V2
Craven, Sarah E. 43-V2
Craven, Walter C. 56-V2
Craven, William B. 43-V2
Cravens, Belle 48-V2
Cravens, Dorse O. 48-V2
Cravens, Freemond 48-V2
Cravens, Hallie 45-V2
Cravens, M. E. 45-V2
Cravens, Raymond 45-V2
Cravens, W. B. 45-V2
Crawford(?), infant daughter 529-V3
Crawford(?), infant son 529-V3
Crawford, Albert 159-V2
Crawford, Albert Lee 172-V2
Crawford, Alice Virginia 172-V2
Crawford, August G. 176-V2
Crawford, Bertie E. 612-V3
Crawford, Blain 612-V3
Crawford, Carol Lee 172-V2
Crawford, Catherine 527-V3
Crawford, Charles 357-V3, 442-V3
Crawford, Charles 585-V3
Crawford, David Parkhill 528-V3
Crawford, Della S. 176-V2
Crawford, Edward Blaney 528-V3
Crawford, Elizabeth 612-V3
Crawford, Elizabeth Maud Miller 442-V3
Crawford, Ellen T. 89-V2
Crawford, Ethel M. 159-V2
Crawford, Fern E. 324-V3
Crawford, Gilbert 528-V3
Crawford, Harold Lee 172-V2
Crawford, Hazel Maurine 172-V2
Crawford, Hazel Parker 526-V3
Crawford, infant 527-V3, 612-V3
Crawford, J. M. 89-V2
Crawford, Kate Luella 172-V2
Crawford, Lori Ann 61-V2
Crawford, Louella 159-V2
Crawford, Madge Ellen 172-V2
Crawford, Margaret Parkhill 529-V3
Crawford, Margaret Pugh 527-V3
Crawford, R. Irwin 176-V2
Crawford, Rhoda 543-V3
Crawford, Richard R. 527-V3
Crawford, Rollo Madison 527-V3
Crawford, Roy R. 176-V2
Crawford, Ruth I. 176-V2
Crawford, Sadie T. 89-V2
Crawford, Theodore D. 324-V3
Crawford, Thomas 529-V3
Crawford, Thomas Ralph 526-V3
Crawford, Urah (?) 594-V3
Crawfrod, Beatrice E. 35-V3
Craycraft, Sanford M. 601-V3
Crayton, Vesta Spears 253-V3
Creager, Alonzo Leroy 208-V2
Creager, Anna 612-V3
Creager, April Love 161-V1
Creager, Betty M. 594-V3
Creager, E. Margie 83-V2
Creager, Earl 612-V3
Creager, Eugene 612-V3
Creager, John T. 612-V3
Creager, Lizzie 612-V3
Creager, Lloyd M. 612-V3
Creager, Lon L. 598-V3
Creager, Louis L. 598-V3
Creager, Mabel C. 598-V3
Creager, Roy L. 679-V3
Creager, William C. 161-V1
Creamer, boy 190-V2
Creamer, Hazel A. new record
Creamer, Robert G. new record 1992
Cree, Johanna 388-V3
Cree, Lorain J. 388-V3
Cree, Lucile M. 388-V3
Creemens, Margaret 55-V1
Crees, Anna 157-V3
Crees, Cecil C. 391-V3
Crees, Charles W. 391-V3
Crees, David Caleb 558-V3
Crees, Ellen 157-V3
Crees, Fannie May 353-V3
Crees, Jacob 157-V3
Crees, Louis H. 391-V3
Crees, Louis Truman 108-V3
Crees, Mary Catherine 345-V3
Crees, Twiliah M. 391-V3
Crees, William Ezra 353-V3
Creighton see also Creythan
Creighton, Boyd 159-V3
Creighton, James B. 263-V3
Creighton, Leoti M. 263-V3
Creighton, Mary Ann 159-V3
Creighton, Richard Leroy 263-V3
Crellin, Clara E. 241-V3
Crellin, Olin R. 241-V3
Cresse, C. M. 8-V3
Cresse, Goldie Roberts 337-V3
Cresse, Hattie F. 8-V3
Cresse, Laverne 8-V3
Creythan see also Crieghton
Creythan, Boyd 159-V3
Crider, H. 562-V3
Crider, Lillie 562-V3
Criss, Paul 56-V1
Crist, Bobby Lee 152-V2
Crist, Charles C. 152-V2
Crist, Damon E. 5-V2, 661-V3
Crist, Minnie E. 152-V2
Cristler, Alta 5-V2
Cristler, Alta L. Fruit 661-V3
Cristler, Eugene L. 5-V2
Cristler, Karen Sue 5-V2
Cristler, Lester 661-V3
Criswell, Ethel A. 244-V3
Criswell, William H. 244-V3
Crites, Edith Ebrecht 208-V2
Crittenden, Anna 563-V3
Crittenden, infant 563-V3
Crittenden, L. C. 456-V3
Critter, Bridget new record, missed in first inventory
Critter, John new record, missed in first inventory
Critter, William new record, missed in first inventory

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