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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Croan to Day


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Croan(?), Joseph Z. 220-V1
Croan(?), Lora M. 220-V1
Croan, Beulah E. 289-V3
Croan, Charles D. 232-V1
Croan, Clara E. 340-V3
Croan, Earl F. 289-V3
Croan, Edna A. 277-V3
Croan, Fanny W. 220-V1
Croan, George E. 340-V3
Croan, Hugh LaVerne 232-V1
Croan, Ida M. 231-V3
Croan, J. O. 41-V3
Croan, James M. 232-V1
Croan, John W. 220-V1
Croan, Linnie A. 232-V1
Croan, Mary M. 340-V3
Croan, Maxine Francis 41-V3
Croan, Nina M. 41-V3
Croan, Oren H. 231-V3
Croan, Ralph E. 277-V3
Croan, son 220-V1
Croan, Staman E. 340-V3
Crochett, Hester B. 77-V2
Crochett, Luther W. 77-V2
Crockett, Lucille 172-V3
Crockett, William A. 172-V3
Crogan, Sophia 107-V1
Croghan, Aquilla A. 159-V1
Croghan, Sarah 159-V1
Croker, S. J. 11-V3
Cromer, Ida J. 240-V1
Cromer, J. B. 240-V1
Cromley, Arthur G. 246-V3
Cromwell, Edward F. 157-V3
Cromwell, Elver
Cromwell, Mary

Cromwell, Phebe H.

Crone, Phyllis R. 111-V3
Cronin, M. Agnes 90-V3
Cronin, Maggie 90-V3
Cronin, Thomas 90-V3
Cronmiller, George W. 78-V2
Cronmiller, Mary Louise 147-V2
Crook, Barbara S. 601-V3
Crook, Ivan B. 601-V3
Crook, Louis T. 601-V3
Crook, Sarah N. 601-V3
Crook, Susie 601-V3
Crooks, Samuel 192-V3
Cropp, Elizabeth 574-V3
Crosby, Ida E. 64-V3
Crosby, Louis 64-V3
Crosby, Willowby
Crose, Albert 81-V2
Crose, Chester 81-V2
Crose, F. Marie 81-V2
Crose, Fred L. 81-V2
Crose, Hulda 81-V2
Crose, John 81-V2
Crose, Joseph Albert 81-V2
Crose, Mary Ellien 81-V2
Crose, Termin 81-V2
Crosley, Charles Guy 69-V2
Crosley, Della M. 69-V2
Croson, C. Greeley 612-V3
Croson, Carrie E. 679-V3
Croson, George Allan 679-V3
Croson, George Wm. 679-V3
Croson, Ida E. 612-V3
Cross, Cleatis 591-V3
Cross, George L. 590-V3
Cross, Marcella J. 591-V3
Cross, Margaret A. 591-V3
Crossan, Edwin 399-V3
Crossan, Homer B. 399-V3
Crossan, Lucy E. 399-V3
Crossan, W. B. 399-V3
Crosson, Valerie 125-V1
Crotchett, Albert 101-V2
Crotchett, baby 594-V3
Crotchett, Betty Jean 72-V2
Crotchett, Delores 81-V2
Crotchett, Elizabeth C. 84-V2
Crotchett, Fred B. 102-V2
Crotchett, G. B. 102-V2
Crotchett, J. W. 101-V2
Crotchett, John 102-V2
Crotchett, Leila 102-V2
Crotchett, Leon 102-V2
Crotchett, Lola D. 119-V2
Crotchett, Lorenzo D. 84-V2
Crotchett, Martha A. 594-V3
Crotchett, Mary J. 594-V3
Crotchett, Mary K. 84-V2
Crotchett, Olin W. 124-V2
Crotchett, S. E. 101-V2
Crotchett, T. J. 102-V2
Crotchett, Walter T. 84-V2
Crotchett, Wendell M. 119-V2
Crotchett, William H. 594-V3
Crotchett, William Hagy 72-V2
Crotchett, William Howard 81-V2
Crotty, Mary F. 71-V3
Crouch, Cecil 208-V2
Crouch, George A. 20-V1
Crouch, Harold 208-V2
Crouch, Ida Bell 514-V3
Crouch, J. W. 514-V3
Crouch, John W. 351-V3
Crouch, Mary A. 20-V1
Crouch, Sarah Amanda 514-V3
Crouch, Walter 581-V3
Crow, A. E. 90-V2
Crow, Clarence W. 90-V2
Crow, daughter 205-V1
Crow, F. M. 205-V1, 195-V2
Crow, J. Herschel 61-V2
Crow, Jane 101-V2
Crow, M. F. 205-V1
Crow, Mary 101-V2
Crow, S. 90-V2
Crowe, A. Frank 106-V2
Crowe, Ada G. 345-V3
Crowe, Clarence W. 106-V2
Crowe, Earl H. 201-V3
Crowe, Emma F. 201-V3
Crowe, George Henry 201-V3
Crowe, Henry 345-V3
Crowe, James 201-V3
Crowe, Jennie F. 201-V3
Crowe, Laura E. 454-V3
Crowe, Susanna 106-V2
Crowe, William H. 201-V3
Crowell, Albert 471-V3
Crowell, E. V. 469-V3, 471-V3
Crowell, Lulu 469-V3
Crowell, William 469-V3, 471-V3
Crowely, M. E. 57-V3
Crowl, Carl T. 209-V1
Crowl, Dora E. 66-V3
Crowl, Edna 196-V2
Crowl, Elmer 196-V2
Crowl, Jesse F. 196-V2
Crowl, Lyle E. 196-V2
Crowl, Mabel E. 196-V2
Crowl, T. H. 66-V3
Crowl, Veda May 196-V2
Crowl, Zada Irene Doman 196-V2
Crowley, babe 57-V3
Crowley, Eddie 57-V3
Crowley, Jack 57-V3
Crowley, Mettie C. 57-V3
Crowley, W. A. 57-V3
Crowley, W. F. 57-V3
Croxton, George W. 126-V3
Croxton, Pauline B. 126-V3
Crozier, Clifford R. 209-V3
Crozier, Dale C. 227-V3
Crozier, Danny B. 227-V3
Crozier, Doris F. 209-V3
Crozier, Frances E. 227-V3
Cruey, baby 208-V2
Cruey, Henry 196-V2
Cruey, Henry F. 196-V2
Cruey, Joseph 196-V2, 208-V2
Cruey, Oliver H. 268-V3
Cruey, Paul N. 227-V3
Cruey, Pearl R. 268-V3
Cruey, Rosa 196-V2
Cruey, Roy J. 227-V3
Crum, Charles M. 16-V1, 646-V3
Crum, Frank 52-V2
Crum, George 59-V1
Crum, Grace M. 16-V1, 646-V3
Crum, Isabel 59-V1
Crum, Pearl 52-V2
Crume, Duane Lothaw 566-V3
Crume, Ethel Lowe 416-V3
Crume, Ruth Marilee 566-V3
Crumley, C. W. 612-V3
Crumley, Emmitt W. 679-V3
Crumley, Minnie 612-V3
Crumpley, Horace 262-V3
Crumpley, Margaret R. 262-V3
Crutcher, Caroline M. 612-V3
Crutcher, Don 612-V3
Crutcher, Don E. 612-V3
Crutcher, Ed L. 612-V3
Crutcher, James R. 612-V3
Crutcher, Tillie 679-V3
Cubbison, John A. 188-V3
Cubbison, John G. 188-V3
Cuddy, Catherine E. 233-V3
Cuddy, Marvin W. 233-V3
Cuddy, William C. 233-V3
Culberson, Andrew 135-V1
Culberson, Bruda 135-V1
Culberson, Frank 646-V3
Culberson, H. 135-V1
Culberson, Henrietta 136-V1
Culberson, Larkin B. 135-V1
Culberson, Martha T. 135-V1
Culberson, Orlin 135-V1
Culberson, W. P. 135-V1, 136-V1
Culberson, William 135-V1
Culbertson, Amanda B. 474-V3
Culbertson, Carl D. 118-V3
Culbertson, Douglas Wayne 217-V3
Culbertson, Elizabeth V. 533-V3
Culbertson, Frank 14-V1
Culbertson, Garce Ballou 101-V2
Culbertson, Goldie M. 118-V3
Culbertson, infant 567-V3
Culbertson, Leland, Sr. 219-V3
Culbertson, W. W. 533-V3
Culbertson, Wellington Lee 101-V2
Cullahan, W. H. 66-V1
Cullison, Mae I. 268-V3
Cully, Chilton L. (two entries) 331-V3
Cully, Dorothy V. 331-V3
Cully, Virginia 331-V3
Culpepper, Allie Maud 194-V3
Culver, Daisy D. 104-V2
Culver, David H. 87-V2
Culver, Estella J. 87-V2
Culver, H. C. 87-V2
Culver, Harriet 87-V2
Culver, John E. 104-V2
Cumber, James 408-V3
Cumber, John C. 196-V2
Cumber, Louisa 576-V3
Cumber, Mary Helen 196-V2
Cumber, Nona 408-V3
Cumford, John 612-V3
Cummings, Anna Myrtle 378-V3
Cummings, Dennis Allen 590-V3
Cummings, Edmund 35-V2
Cummings, Elizabeth A. 546-V3
Cummings, Elizabeth Ann 546-V3
Cummings, Emma E. 196-V2
Cummings, Eva Marie 546-V3
Cummings, F. V. 196-V2
Cummings, Florence Caray new record
Cummings, Frank M. 560-V3
Cummings, Homer Arthur 196-V2
Cummings, J. B. 35-V2
Cummings, Lucian S. 196-V2
Cummings, M. C. 196-V2
Cummings, Maurice O. new record 2006
Cummings, Millie J. 36-V2
Cummings, T. J. 431-V3
Cummings, Thomas J. 546-V3
Cummings, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. 546-V3
Cummings, William 572-V3
Cummings, William J. 35-V2
Cummins, boy 209-V2
Cummins, George I. 405-V3
Cummins, Luella 407-V3
Cummins, M. M. 406-V3
Cummins, Mable 405-V3
Cummins, Rolland A. B. 406-V3
Cummins, W. F. 407-V3
Cundiff, Clarence F. 278-V3
Cundiff, Eleanor L. 278-V3
Cundiff, Hiram S. 239-V3
Cundiff, Jim D. 278-V3
Cunningham, Anna R. 112-V3
Cunningham, baby 577-V3
Cunningham, D. B. cemetery reading
Cunningham, E. M. 52-V3
Cunningham, Edward 123-V2
Cunningham, Elizabeth 181-V2
Cunningham, Elizabeth Eder 671-V3
Cunningham, Frank P. 112-V3
Cunningham, George 80-V3
Cunningham, Hannah 80-V3
Cunningham, J. F. 88-V3
Cunningham, Jeffrey L. 185-V2
Cunningham, Joe S. 89-V3
Cunningham, Leon 202-V3
Cunningham, Lucille 123-V2
Cunningham, Margaret B. 22-V3
Cunningham, Mary 89-V3
Cunningham, Mary Collins 90-V3
Cunningham, Michael 89-V3
Cunningham, Minerva E. 594-V3
Cunningham, Morris 90-V3
Cunningham, Nellie Langan 91-V3
Cunningham, Norah 248-V1
Cunningham, O. B. 52-V3
Cunningham, Sarah 248-V1
Cunningham, Thomas I. 89-V3
Cunningham, W. H. 91-V3
Cupp, Nancy M. Rodgers 334-V3
Cupp, William Robert 334-V3
Cure, Betty J. 223-V3
Cure, Leo V. 223-V3
Curran, Andrew J. 217-V3
Curran, Loretta A. 217-V3
Currie, Elizabeth 50-V1
Currie, Robert 50-V1
Curry, Eliza H. 196-V2
Curtis, A. B. 577-V3
Curtis, A. Berton 295-V3
Curtis, Arthur 204-V1
Curtis, baby 177-V3
Curtis, Bill (Randy) 22-V1
Curtis, Clifford B. 294-V3
Curtis, D. G. 577-V3
Curtis, Daisy D. 295-V3
Curtis, Emma J. 204-V1
Curtis, Harry A. 296-V3
Curtis, Irene 296-V3
Curtis, Lenora 520-V3
Curtis, Mary Freeby Harvey 359-V3
Curtis, Millard E. 294-V3
Curtis, Stephen 519-V3
Curtis, W. E. cemetery reading
Curtright, Leslie Oden 120-V2
Curtright, Wilma Jean 120-V2
Cusey, Catherine 81-V2
Cusey, F. Grace 68-V2
Cusey, Hazel N. 14-V2
Cusey, J. C. 68-V2
Cusey, J. W. 81-V2
Cusey, James Clemens 68-V2
Cusey, Mary 68-V2
Cusey, Owen V. 14-V2
Cusey, Sadie S. (J.?) 81-V2
Cuthberson, Millard F. 189-V3
Cuthberson, Stella V. 189-V3
Cuthbertson, Bernice E. 113-V3
Cuthbertson, Delbert Roy 113-V3
Cuthbertson, G. E. (Ernie) 208-V3
Cuthbertson, Lena M. 208-V3
Cutler, Chester C. 594-V3
Cutler, Hattie B. 594-V3
Cutler, James C. 598-V3
Cutler, Leslie S. 594-V3
Cutler, Martha A. 598-V3
Cutler, Mattie M. 594-V3
Cutshaw, Betty 679-V3
Cutshaw, James S. Robert 101-V2
Cutshaw, Lydia 612-V3
Cutshaw, Sam L. 612-V3
Cutshaw, Thomas 679-V3
Cutting, Elizabeth E. 612-V3
Cutting, Eugene W. 612-V3
Cutting, Virice Tomlinson 384-V3
Dabbs, Edith 121-V1
Dabbs, Florence M. 121-V1
Dade, infant 118-V2
Dageforde, Albert A. 33-V1
Dageforde, Anna 24-V1
Dageforde, Anna Marie 24-V1
Dageforde, Doris 26-V1
Dageforde, Edward 648-V3
Dageforde, Elizabeth 30-V1
Dageforde, Elsie 120-V3
Dageforde, Ernest Henry 32-V1
Dageforde, George 120-V3
Dageforde, Henry 31-V1
Dageforde, John F. 32-V1
Dageforde, Katherine 29-V1, 32-V1
Dageforde, Marie 45-V1
Dageforde, William 29-V1
Dagenett, Edward R. 41-V1
Dagenett, Frances E. 41-V1
Dagenett, Frances L. 41-V1
Dagenett, infant 41-V1
Dagenett, John B. 61-V2
Dagenett, Kittie A. 559-V3
Dagenett, Laura B. 61-V2
Dagenett, Mary E. 49-V2
Dagenett, Noel 41-V1, 166-V2
Dagenett, Robert E. 41-V1
Dagenett, Sarah J. 41-V1
Dagenett, Victor 49-V2
Dagenette, Charlie 118-V2
Dagenette, Della L. 115-V2
Dagenette, Donald 60-V2
Dagenette, Minnie 60-V2
Dagenette, Robert E. 115-V2
Dagenetts, S. J. 35-V1
Dagnett, C. D. 40-V1
Dagnett, Christmas B. 40-V1
Dagnett, Edward Tecumsah 40-V1
Dagnett, Elizabeth 40-V1
Dagnett, John D. 40-V1
Dagnett, Mary F. 40-V1
Dailey, C. 139-V1
Dailey, Clarice F. 37-V3
Dailey, Ernest F. 37-V3
Dailey, John W., Sr. 21-V2
Dailey, Nedra A. new record
Dailey, Samuel G. new record 2000
Dain, Cecil T. 23-V3
Dain, Emery A., I 24-V3
Dain, Emery A., II 22-V3
Dain, Nettie F. 12-V3
Dajenet, Christmas 41-V1
Dajenet, M. E. C. 41-V1
Dajenet, Mary E. 41-V1
Dajenet, W. C. 41-V1
Dake, Lawrence 560-V3
Dake, W. H. 560-V3
Dakin, Cassie 185-V1
Dakin, John 185-V1, 188-V1
Dakin, Myrtle 188-V1
Dakin, Nancy C. 188-V1
Dakin, Neva L. 188-V1
Dakin, William 184-V1
Dakin, William W. 188-V1
Dale, Alice V. 133-V2
Dale, Bona 405-V3
Dale, child 562-V3
Dale, Douglas 598-V3
Dale, Elizabeth C. 377-V3
Dale, Ernest C. 116-V2
Dale, Etta L. 116-V2
Dale, Eva A. 132-V2
Dale, George F. 377-V3
Dale, Jennie C. 405-V3
Dale, John L. 133-V2
Dale, John W. 577-V3
Dale, Maggie L. 539-V3
Dale, Marion 601-V3
Dale, Mary J. 598-V3
Dale, Napoleon 562-V3
Dale, Robert E. 133-V2
Dale, Sarah J. 598-V3
Dale, Stanley R. 132-V2
Dale, Tighlman 598-V3
Dalrymple, Abbie B. 139-V1
Dalrymple, Alma M. 122-V1
Dalrymple, Alta 70-V1
Dalrymple, Carl W. 122-V1
Dalrymple, Charles S. 70-V1
Dalrymple, Clara Sayers 69-V2
Dalrymple, Donald 159-V2
Dalrymple, Eldora B. 70-V1
Dalrymple, Ethel M. Fort 159-V2
Dalrymple, Geraldine 159-V2
Dalrymple, Homer 70-V1
Dalrymple, Howard 139-V3
Dalrymple, John 69-V2
Dalrymple, Mable M. 54-V1
Dalrymple, Margaret 139-V3
Dalrymple, Marion F. 159-V2
Dalrymple, Mary A. 69-V2
Dalrymple, Merrell M. 652-V3
Dalrymple, Paula Jane 159-V2
Dalrymple, Perry 48-V3
Dalrymple, Ralph 139-V3
Dalrymple, Waneata 48-V3
Dalton, Alma L. 61-V2
Dalton, Charles 109-V3
Dalton, Charly A. 601-V3
Dalton, Christina 90-V3
Dalton, Daniel 91-V3
Dalton, Donald G. 601-V3
Dalton, Effie M. 109-V3, 601-V3
Dalton, Glen O. 601-V3
Dalton, James 90-V3
Dalton, James F. 196-V2
Dalton, Jennie 91-V3
Dalton, Johanna 91-V3
Dalton, Joseph 91-V3
Dalton, Joseph P. 110-V3
Dalton, Lizzie 91-V3
Dalton, Mary 91-V3
Dalton, Maurice 91-V3
Dalton, Mike 90-V3
Dalton, Norma Jean 26-V3
Dalton, Orion G. 196-V2
Dalton, Sarah 90-V3
Dalton, Theresa M. Stifter 196-V2
Dalton, Tillie A. Staniford 196-V2
Daly, Felix 297-V3
Daly, Maud S. 297-V3
Dalzell, E. H. 54-V2
Dalzell, Lida M. 54-V2
Danahy, Wm. M. 141-V2
Dancaster, Ada 40-V3
Dancaster, H. J. 39-V3
Dancaster, Harley C. 40-V3
Dancaster, Henry 39-V3
Dancaster, Irene 39-V3
Dancaster, Lulu Ann 39-V3
Dancaster, Mary 39-V3
Danes, Carrie 26-V3
Danes, Charles E. 25-V3
Daniel, Carrie E. 225-V1
Daniel, Hartwell 225-V1
Daniel, James 225-V1
Daniel, Mary 92-V2
Daniels, Amanda A. 169-V3
Daniels, baby 568-V3
Daniels, C. F. 428-V3
Daniels, Ellen 196-V2
Daniels, H. B. 568-V3
Daniels, Jacqueline 82-V3
Daniels, John A. 23-V3
Daniels, Maude 568-V3
Danneck, J. S. 350-V3
Dansikle, (first name unknown) 581-V3
Darke, Gladys 166-V3
Darling, Alpha Marie 215-V1
Darling, Buel 679-V3
Darling, Donald D. 215-V1
Darling, Mary E. 72-V2
Darling, W. H. 72-V2
Darlington, George Wilson 560-V3
Darlington, Martha 405-V3
Darlington, T. S. 564-V3
Darnell, Helen Woods 182-V3
Darnell, Linda Lou 182-V3
Darner, Austin 552-V3
Darner, Blance W. 54-V2
Darner, Defloris 526-V3
Darner, Lauren F. 54-V2
Darner, Lowell Ray 306-V3
Darner, Mattie R. 31-V2
Darner, Minerva Jane 306-V3
Darner, Mitchell E. 552-V3
Darner, Susanna C. 560-V3
Darst, Frankie 234-V1
Darst, May Belle 234-V1
Daugherty, Ellen 75-V2
Daugherty, John 119-V3
Daulton, Donnie P. 287-V3
Daulton, Theodore R. 557-V3
Dausch, E. T. 22-V3
Dausch, Margaret 22-V3
Dausch, Y. M. 22-V3
Dautel, Grant 105-V1
Dautel, Jane 105-V1
Dauwe, Florence A. 161-V2
Dauwe, Joseph E. 161-V2
Dauwe, Mark Edward 161-V2
Dauwe, Pauline E. 161-V2
Davee, Flora W. 357-V3
Davee, Grace L. 358-V3
Davee, John W. 358-V3
Davee, Oren L. 358-V3
Davenport, Anna 581-V3
Davenport, Lucinda 581-V3
Davenport, Minnie 581-V3
Davenport, William 191-V3
Davey, Dorothy M. 306-V3
Davey, Timothy E. 306-V3
Davidson, Charles W. 612-V3
Davidson, Diana Huff 332-V3
Davidson, Eliza Grace Mudd 612-V3
Davidson, Estel 612-V3
Davidson, Estella 612-V3
Davidson, Francis A. 49-V2
Davidson, Geo. W. 612-V3
Davidson, J. Melvin 612-V3
Davidson, James B. 612-V3
Davidson, Leonard R. 252-V3
Davidson, Loren Albert 279-V3
Davidson, Margaret 612-V3
Davidson, Mary B. 612-V3
Davidson, Mary Margaret 612-V3
Davidson, Theresa I. 252-V3
Davidson, Viola Knoche 279-V3
Davies, Ethel E. 283-V3
Davies, H. Dean 233-V3
Davies, Harold 283-V3
Davies, Helen J. 232-V3
Davies, Howard 232-V3
Davies, William I. 613-V3
Davis, (first name unknown) 156-V2
Davis, Alfred 558-V3
Davis, Alonzo T. 613-V3
Davis, Annie 78-V3
Davis, Arthur M. 224-V3
Davis, Bertha M. 72-V1
Davis, Beryl I. 119-V3
Davis, Betty Ruth 46-V1
Davis, Blanch S. 613-V3
Davis, C. E. 537-V3
Davis, Capp 679-V3
Davis, Carol Lenora 262-V3
Davis, Carrol 329-V3
Davis, Carrol W. 370-V3
Davis, Charles 20-V3
Davis, Charley 261-V3
Davis, Chet 315-V3
Davis, Clara 660-V3
Davis, Clara E. 191-V1
Davis, Clara M. 370-V3
Davis, Clarence 204-V1
Davis, Cynthia Dickinson 224-V3
Davis, Dave 209-V2, 168-V3
Davis, David 204-V1, 196-V2
Davis, Diliah L. cemetery reading
Davis, Dorabell E. 42-V3
Davis, Dorothy 581-V3
Davis, E. C. 179-V1
Davis, Eddie C. 54-V3
Davis, Edward Eugene 46-V1
Davis, Elias 613-V3
Davis, Elmer 62-V1
Davis, Farris S. 119-V3
Davis, George Abel 15-V3
Davis, George H. 213-V3
Davis, Glenn Wesley 78-V2
Davis, Grace Beatrice 206-V3
Davis, H. M. 488-V3
Davis, Harold F. 212-V3
Davis, Harry Bryan 206-V3
Davis, Homer 613-V3
Davis, I. J. 173-V1
Davis, Ida 54-V3
Davis, Inez J. 212-V3
Davis, Ira Carter 146-V1
Davis, Iva Maude 213-V3
Davis, J. B. 78-V3
Davis, J. Henry 613-V3
Davis, James Lester 384-V3
Davis, Jess D. 262-V3
Davis, John 660-V3
Davis, John A. 267-V3
Davis, John E. 191-V1
Davis, John Whiting 319-V3
Davis, Jurisha 613-V3
Davis, K. P. (Butch) 192-V3
Davis, Kevin E. 646-V3
Davis, Laura G. 653-V3
Davis, Lawrence A. 251-V3
Davis, Leonard B. 213-V3
Davis, Leroy 146-V1
Davis, Lillie 25-V2
Davis, Loretta Ann 262-V3
Davis, Lucy B. 156-V3
Davis, Lydia Beals 196-V2
Davis, Margaret G. 43-V3
Davis, Martha 25-V2
Davis, Mary E. 159-V3
Davis, Mary J. 224-V3
Davis, Maude C. 137-V1
Davis, Maude M. 72-V1
Davis, Myrtle 54-V3
Davis, Nancy 315-V3, 613-V3
Davis, Opal E. 262-V3
Davis, Orpha 139-V3
Davis, Paralee 160-V3
Davis, Phebe 261-V3
Davis, Reuben 196-V2
Davis, Rita Nadine 329-V3
Davis, Rufus Henry 24-V3
Davis, S. J. 384-V3
Davis, Sam 23-V3
Davis, Samuel 54-V3
Davis, Sarah 560-V3
Davis, Sarah F. 251-V3
Davis, Sarah H. 44-V2
Davis, Scott 481-V3
Davis, Spencer 25-V2
Davis, Susannah 204-V1
Davis, Susannah Beals 196-V2
Davis, Sylvanua 108-V1
Davis, T. B. 180-V1
Davis, Thomas W. 137-V1
Davis, Vicki Jo 63-V2
Davis, Violet 72-V1
Davis, W. J. 156-V1
Davis, William M. 72-V1
Davis, William Murl 262-V3
Davis, Wm. H. 384-V3
Davison, James W. 327-V3
Davison, Nancy N. 327-V3
Davison, Raymon J. 327-V3
Davisson, Julia B. 53-V3
Dawson, Anna 679-V3
Dawson, Bessie 613-V3, 679-V3
Dawson, Bliss 679-V3
Dawson, C. M. 577-V3
Dawson, Carl 613-V3
Dawson, Donald D. 679-V3
Dawson, E. 577-V3
Dawson, Edmond 37-V1, 613-V3
Dawson, Elizabeth 127-V1
Dawson, Frances D. 591-V3
Dawson, Frank L. 613-V3
Dawson, Homer F. 613-V3
Dawson, infant 577-V3, 613-V3
Dawson, Irene 561-V3
Dawson, John Floyd 679-V3
Dawson, Laura 613-V3
Dawson, Lee 239-V3
Dawson, Leonard 679-V3
Dawson, Lula 613-V3
Dawson, Martha 37-V1, 613-V3
Dawson, Merl 613-V3
Dawson, Merle 679-V3
Dawson, N. Jasper 679-V3
Dawson, Rebecca 613-V3, 679-V3
Dawson, Richard E. 37-V1
Dawson, Robert E. 613-V3, 679-V3
Dawson, Rose M. 613-V3
Dawson, Ruth 239-V3
Dawson, Sam 561-V3
Dawson, T. R. 127-V1
Dawson, W. Glenn 613-V3, 679-V3
Dawson, Walter R. 613-V3
Dawson, William 37-V1
Dawson, Winton, G. 613-V3
Day, Albert M. (Milo?) 141-V1
Day, Alberta 659-V3
Day, Alice 230-V1
Day, Alice Belle Rouse 219-V1
Day, Anna M. 247-V3
Day, Annie 357-V3
Day, Annie M. 357-V3
Day, Arthur 220-V3
Day, Barbara Jean 338-V3
Day, Beersheba 229-V1
Day, Bert O. 247-V3
Day, Berthel O. 172-V3
Day, Betty J. 679-V3
Day, Bruce 7-V1
Day, Caddie B. 342-V3
Day, Candie Lee 81-V1
Day, Carl M. 246-V3
Day, Carolee 185-V3
Day, Charles H. 214-V1, 133-V2
Day, Charles Leo, Sr. 219-V3
Day, Charles Oscar 214-V1
Day, Charles Scoffield 644-V3
Day, Charles Wayland 133-V2
Day, Clarence H. 338-V3
Day, Claribel 13-V3
Day, Clifford L. 11-V3
Day, Clyde 19-V1, 647-V3
Day, Cora 230-V1
Day, Damond H. 346-V3
Day, Dathula 200-V3
Day, E. Adele 246-V3
Day, E. Maud 132-V2
Day, Ella R. 129-V2
Day, Elmira 229-V1, 230-V1
Day, Ethel A. 108-V1
Day, Ferrel R. 172-V3
Day, Florence E. 133-V2
Day, Genevieve Beets 346-V3
Day, Gertie 19-V1, 647-V3
Day, Gladys M. 338-V3
Day, Grace Paine 179-V1
Day, H. C. 13-V3
Day, Harley, H. 200-V3
Day, Henry 230-V1
Day, Horace H. 233-V1
Day, infant son 13-V3
Day, Ivan 357-V3
Day, J. F. 357-V3
Day, J. M. 136-V1
Day, James F. 357-V3
Day, James W. 11-V3
Day, Jay M. 229-V1
Day, John 229-V1
Day, John D. 230-V1
Day, John F. 129-V2
Day, Johnnie 19-V1, 647-V3
Day, Joseph 102-V2
Day, Josephine 10-V3
Day, Kenneth William 246-V3
Day, L. 225-V1
Day, Leroy E. 135-V2
Day, Lewis Albert 9-V3
Day, Lewis Edwin 342-V3
Day, Lorana 230-V1
Day, Louisa 134-V2
Day, Lucy M. 233-V1
Day, Margarite M. 233-V1
Day, Mary A. 233-V1
Day, Mary M. 7-V1, 135-V2
Day, Mattie 142-V3
Day, Mildred 19-V1, 647-V3
Day, Milo 659-V3
Day, Morris C. 137-V1
Day, Morris, Jr. 137-V1
Day, Nancy Elizabeth 102-V2
Day, Nicole C. 183-V2, 672-V3
Day, Olive 214-V1
Day, Orson 233-V1
Day, Owen 108-V1
Day, Pansy 137-V1
Day, R. Andrew 132-V2
Day, R. C. 225-V1
Day, Ralph B. 225-V1
Day, Rebecca 346-V3
Day, Robert L. 185-V3
Day, Ruth Evelyn 185-V3
Day, Sandie Lynn 81-V1
Day, Sarah F. 200-V3
Day, Sarah L. 136-V1
Day, Stella 643-V3
Day, T. J. 134-V2
Day, Verne H. 214-V1
Day, William A. 200-V3
Day, William D. 172-V3
Day, William E. 346-V3
Day, Wm. Avery 219-V1

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