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Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS

Fladung to Garvin

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Fladung, Diane Margaret 169-V2
Fladung, Dorothea Schroer 168-V2
Fladung, Eugene Francis 168-V2
Fladung, Eugene Francis, Jr. 168-V2, 169-V2
Fladung, Francis 168-V2
Fladung, James Charles 169-V2
Fladung, Linda Marie 169-V2
Fladung, Ruth Jean O'Laughlin 168-V2
Flaigle, Delores Maxine new record 1999
Flake, Anna Oberheide 34-V1
Flake, Gottlieb August 32-V1
Flake, John 43-V1, 649-V3
Flake, Louis J. 304-V3
Flake, Louise 304-V3
Flamm, (first name unknown) 196-V1
Flanagan, Alice 450-V3
Flanagan, Dillie C. 450-V3
Flanagan, Elizabeth 135-V3
Flanagan, Jennie 135-V3
Flanagan, John 135-V3
Flanagan, John H. 135-V3
Flanagan, John, Sr. 135-V3
Flanagan, L. 450-V3
Flanary, Ellen C. 680-V3
Flanary, Mac M. 598-V3
Flanary, Morgan 598-V3
Flanders, Annie E. 396-V3
Flanders, Arden W. 395-V3
Flanders, Charles 396-V3
Flanders, Charles S. 316-V3, 317-V3
Flanders, Clatta H. 317-V3
Flanders, Eunice 17-V2
Flanders, Flossie 62-V2
Flanders, J. D. 2-V1
Flanders, Jacob 17-V2
Flanders, Leroy 62-V2
Flanders, Lydia M. 62-V2
Flanders, R. O. 62-V2
Flanders, Stella 2-V1
Flanner, Harry B. 131-V2
Flanner, Jessie T. 131-V2
Flannery, Lee C. 615-V3
Flannigan, Alice 449-V3
Flannigan, Anna M. 244-V3
Flannigan, Earl 615-V3
Flannigan, James W. 244-V3
Flatley, John A. new record 2002
Flatley, Sara K. new record
Fleharty, Bennet E. 170-V1
Fleharty, C. S. 170-V1
Fleharty, Celias 170-V1
Fleharty, Charlotte N. 170-V1
Fleharty, Ida C. 170-V1
Fleharty, W. M. 170-V1
Fleharty, Wm. 170-V1
Fleming, A. M. 456-V3
Fleming, Amanda M. 128-V1
Fleming, Bridget A. 74-V3
Fleming, Effie 128-V1
Fleming, Effie M. 128-V1
Fleming, Elmore S. 128-V1
Fleming, Fannie Dunn 512-V3
Fleming, Frances McFee 399-V3
Fleming, Grace T. 391-V3
Fleming, Harriet L. 128-V1
Fleming, James A. 128-V1
Fleming, James H. 128-V1
Fleming, James Leon 456-V3
Fleming, James R. 456-V3
Fleming, James Weldon 658-V3
Fleming, Jane S. 514-V3, 576-V3
Fleming, Janet M. 391-V3
Fleming, John 571-V3
Fleming, John C. 128-V1
Fleming, John F. 74-V3
Fleming, Joseph W. 399-V3
Fleming, Katie 563-V3
Fleming, Lizzie 594-V3
Fleming, Lucinda 571-V3
Fleming, Margaret B. 318-V3
Fleming, Maria 456-V3
Fleming, Mary N. 390-V3
Fleming, Raymond F. 390-V3
Fleming, Sarah 128-V1
Fleming, Thomas M. 390-V3
Fleming, Violet 566-V3
Fleming, Virginia E. 658-V3
Fleming, W. A. 566-V3
Fleming, W. W. 469-V3
Fleming, Walter 128-V1
Fleming, William J. 318-V3
Fleming, Willie 128-V1
Fleming, Willie J. 211-V3
Flemings, Charlea Rae 335-V3
Flesher, Cecilia 110-V3
Flesher, Hobart R. 110-V3
Fletcher, Benjamin 461-V3
Fletcher, Benjamin F. 460-V3
Fletcher, Charles H. 390-V3
Fletcher, child 564-V3
Fletcher, Elizabeth 461-V3
Fletcher, Elizabeth J. 460-V3
Fletcher, G. R. (Ray) 238-V3
Fletcher, J. V. 390-V3
Fletcher, L. V. 390-V3
Fletcher, Margaret 461-V3
Fletcher, Margaret E. 460-V3
Fletcher, Norma L. 238-V3
Fletcher, Robert L. 460-V3, 461-V3
Fletcher, William E. 460-V3, 461-V3
Flickinger, Jessie E. 289-V3
Flindt, Ella M. 338-V3
Flindt, Joel L. 338-V3
Flint, A. H. 391-V3
Flint, Emma 197-V3
Flint, Hazel L. 286-V3
Flint, Hollis C. 286-V3
Flint, Luey D. 197-V3
Flint, Relepha 411-V3
Flint, Samuel 411-V3
Flippin, James A. 312-V3
Flippin, John B. 56-V2
Flippin, Theresa M. 312-V3
Flippin, V. Pauline 56-V2
Floerke, Wilhelmine 44-V1
Flook, John H. 56-V1
Flook, Joshua 52-V1
Flook, Margret 52-V1
Florance, Lois 680-V3
Flowers, Floyd 397-V3
Floyd, Allie 581-V3
Floyd, Arthur 581-V3
Floyd, Cornelia 460-V3
Floyd, D. 582-V3
Floyd, E. W. 460-V3
Floyd, Edward A. 460-V3
Floyd, Emma 573-V3
Floyd, Frances 459-V3
Floyd, Francis G. 500-V3
Floyd, Gers 582-V3
Floyd, H. A. 459-V3
Floyd, Hallie 581-V3
Floyd, Hazel 15-V3
Floyd, infant 581-V3
Floyd, Jessie 494-V3
Floyd, Lizzie 582-V3
Floyd, Marie E. 459-V3
Floyd, Nellie 460-V3
Floyd, Susan 460-V3
Flynn, Grace Marie 197-V2
Flynn, Patrick J. 15-V3
Foh Ringer, Mary Rita 588-V3
Foland, Alphenia E. 280-V3
Foland, Bertha O. 132-V2
Foland, Daniel 8-V2
Foland, Emily 8-V2
Foland, Gertrude 5-V2
Foland, Harley 280-V3, 281-V3
Foland, Mack 8-V2
Foland, Walter 5-V2
Foley, Bridget 162-V2
Folks(?), Charles E. 248-V1
Folks(?), Fannie 248-V1
Folks(?), Henry 248-V1
Folks(?), John 248-V1
Folks(?), Mary 248-V1
Folks, A. 250-V1
Folks, Alfred John 249-V1
Folks, Carol Sue 59-V1
Folks, Charles R. 250-V1
Folks, Clyde W. 52-V1
Folks, Ethel E. 250-V1
Folks, Flossie M. 250-V1
Folks, Geo. F. 250-V1
Folks, Hattie H. 52-V1
Folks, Ida 258-V3
Folks, Jane 250-V1
Folks, John 250-V1
Folks, Mary Ann 250-V1
Folks, S. E. 250-V1
Folks, Sarah E. "Lillie" 249-V1
Folks, Victor Renson 250-V1
Folks, Walter 250-V1
Folks, William 250-V1
Folsom, Lucy F. 403-V3
Folsom, Mary Burroughs 403-V3
Folsom, Mary E. 403-V3
Folsom, Mason F. 403-V3
Foote, Dorothy 189-V2, new record 2004
Foote, Earl 179-V2, 189-V2
Foote, Gail Allison new record
Foote, James T. 189-V2
Foote, Max E. 285-V3
Foote, Robert Earl new record
Ford, (B)Furley (Otho) 76-V2
Ford, Carrie B. 16-V1
Ford, Cletis Eugene 219-V3
Ford, Dollie E. 211-V1
Ford, Dortha A. 152-V2
Ford, F. E. 152-V2
Ford, infant 582-V3
Ford, J. A. 16-V1
Ford, James W. 211-V1
Ford, Layman 211-V1
Ford, Neomia Lucille 76-V2
Ford, Richard Dale 76-V2
Ford, William H. 16-V1
Fordyce, Dovie A. 536-V3
Fordyce, Evie 450-V3
Fordyce, Fannie S. 508-V3
Fordyce, George F. 535-V3
Fordyce, George L. 506-V3
Fordyce, Hazel 505-V3
Fordyce, J. R. 450-V3
Fordyce, John R. 508-V3
Fordyce, Mabel 505-V3
Fordyce, Mary F. 536-V3
Fordyce, Okel 505-V3
Fordyce, Tacy 505-V3
Fordyce, Thomas A. 536-V3
Fordyce, William Ross 536-V3
Fordyce, William S. 505-V3
Foreman, Jess A. 57-V1
Foreman, John A. 57-V1
Foresman, Cathy D. 341-V3
Foresman, Elizabeth J. 553-V3
Foresman, James B. 553-V3
Foresman, Laura Jeanette 96-V1
Foresman, Luther J. 355-V3
Foresman, Lydia B. 355-V3
Foresman, Nellie 131-V2
Foresman, R. P. 553-V3
Forgery, Peggy Jane 558-V3
Forman, Bertha 151-V1
Forman, E. Emile 151-V1
Forner, Frank A. 482-V3
Forner, infant 481-V3
Forner, Kate 481-V3
Forner, Musie P. 482-V3
Forner, Viola 560-V3
Forner, William H. 481-V3
Forner, William H., Jr. 482-V3
Forrest, Eleanor B. 299-V3
Forrester, Minnie 141-V1
Forsberg, Aaron 106-V1
Forsberg, Carl G. 657-V3
Forsberg, Emily M. 106-V1
Forsberg, Oscere 106-V1
Forsberg, Pearl 657-V3
Forslund, Carl J. 70-V3
Forster, Agnes M. 98-V3
Forster, Anthony J. (two entries) 98-V3
Forsythe, J. V. 142-V3
Forsythe, Nancy A. 142-V3
Fort, A. E. 202-V1
Fort, Anna 125-V1 obituary
Fort, Anna E. 197-V2
Fort, Arthur C. 371-V3
Fort, Bertha 155-V2
Fort, Clement A. 371-V3
Fort, Emma G. 371-V3
Fort, Enstena W. 317-V3
Fort, Eva M. (W.?) 277-V3
Fort, Evelyn M. 101-V3
Fort, Fern 371-V3
Fort, George R. 101-V3
Fort, Harvey 155-V2, 371-V3
Fort, Harvey LeRoy 333-V3
Fort, Helen M. 278-V3
Fort, infant son 371-V3
Fort, John 34-V1, 125-V1
Fort, John M. B. 197-V2
Fort, John Washington 202-V1
Fort, M. E. 202-V1
Fort, Merton C. 277-V3
Fort, Mildred 156-V2
Fort, Oliver 156-V2
Fort, Ora P. 293-V3
Fort, Rosetta 155-V2
Fort, Theresa Ann 329-V3
Fort, Vernie M. 316-V3
Fort, Walter R. 278-V3, 293-V3
Fort, William A. 317-V3
Fort, William T. 197-V2
Forte, Hazel E. Wright 198-V2
Forte, James M. 198-V2
Forte, Jessie J. 198-V2
Forte, Laura B. Staniford 198-V2
Forth, Alfred E. 281-V3
Forth, Edith B. 281-V3
Fortmeyer, Ivan L. 217-V3
Fortmeyer, Marnell M. 217-V3
Fortner, Charles E. 8-V2
Fortner, David A. 8-V2
Fortner, Elsie M. 244-V1
Forward, Charlotte 563-V3
Foster, Andrew Q. 235-V3
Foster, Annetta 242-V1
Foster, Carie Allie 556-V3
Foster, Carl 224-V1, 242-V1
Foster, Cecil 224-V1, 242-V1
Foster, Delmar F. 286-V3
Foster, Dorothy 680-V3
Foster, Elsie E. 245-V1
Foster, Fay 242-V1
Foster, Floyd 242-V1
Foster, Hugh 581-V3
Foster, Ida M. 98-V2
Foster, John 198-V2
Foster, John E. 237-V1
Foster, John K. 556-V3
Foster, Julia A. 237-V1
Foster, L. C. 109-V1
Foster, M. A. 79-V3
Foster, M. Vinton 242-V1
Foster, Maggie 198-V2
Foster, Malcom 224-V1
Foster, Matilda 109-V1
Foster, Matilda Jane 85-V1
Foster, Mattie L. 508-V3
Foster, McColm 242-V1
Foster, Nathaniel H. 570-V3
Foster, Otis 242-V1
Foster, Otis K. 245-V1
Foster, Ralph H. 508-V3
Foster, Ray 242-V1
Foster, Suphrona 508-V3
Foster, Vinton 242-V1
Foster, W. H. 508-V3
Foster, William H. 98-V2
Fountain, Arthur 124-V1
Fountain, Myrtle 124-V1
Fountain, Wylda Joyce 123-V3
Fourinier, August 187-V2
Fouts, Charles P. 225-V3
Fouts, Clarence B. 204-V3
Fouts, David Henry 253-V1
Fouts, Dorothy B. 225-V3
Fouts, Elmer H. 166-V3
Fouts, Mary F. 199-V3
Fouts, Matilda 250-V1
Fouts, Melissa Monroe 198-V2
Fouts, Newton A. 199-V3
Fowler, Alice 64-V3
Fowler, Belle 547-V3
Fowler, Eleazar Talbot 547-V3
Fowler, Ellen Sloan 169-V2
Fowler, George 65-V3
Fowler, Hannah A. 485-V3
Fowler, J. Carter 547-V3
Fowler, Jesse 64-V3
Fowler, Joseph 64-V3, 547-V3
Fowler, Leatha 64-V3
Fowler, Margaret Eliza 547-V3
Fowler, P. P. 485-V3
Fowler, Sallie M. 547-V3
Fowler, Vera Maude 542-V3
Fox, A. B. 112-V2
Fox, A. David 112-V2
Fox, E. E. 27-V2
Fox, Fines 474-V3
Fox, Jane A. 112-V2
Fox, Little Ernie 27-V2
Fox, Margaret D. 251-V3
Fox, Minnie 474-V3
Fox, Ruth L. 112-V2
Fox, S. E. 27-V2
Fox, Wagoner L. 251-V3
Fraizer, C. A. 40-V2
Fraizer, M. A. 40-V2
Frakes, Clyde 1-V2
Frakes, Eben 598-V3
Frakes, Edwin W. 550-V3
Frakes, Eliza Stanton 95-V1
Frakes, F. J. 549-V3
Frakes, Gerald S. 598-V3
Frakes, infant son 549-V3
Frakes, Jackson 95-V1
Frakes, M. Ethel 598-V3
Frakes, Nettie 549-V3
Frakes, Ollie L. 550-V3
Frakes, Robert 1-V2
Frakes, Sterling P. 550-V3
Frances, Ethel 372-V3
Francis, John 372-V3
Frank, Anna 78-V1
Frank, August 319-V3
Frank, baby 78-V1
Frank, Clarence Robert new record 1991
Frank, Elizabeth Broker 318-V3
Frank, Eunace 344-V3
Frank, Francis J. 161-V2
Frank, Fred 78-V1,344-V3
Frank, John H. 319-V3
Frank, John, Sr. 77-V1
Frank, Mattie V. 615-V3
Frank, Minnie 319-V3
Frank, Mrs. 78-V1
Frank, Ralph W. 318-V3
Frank, Susanna E. 161-V2
Frank, William A. 318-V3
Frank, Wilmina 77-V1
Frankenfield, Amber Renee 334-V3
Frankenfield, James 334-V3
Frankenfield, Ronda 334-V3
Franklin, Flora A. 14-V1
Franklin, Horace 14-V1
Franklin, Horace G. 16-V1, 646-V3
Franklin, M. E. 123-V1
Franklin, Mattie M. Keithley 16-V1, 646-V3
Franklin, Robert 35-V3
Franklin, Velma 123-V1
Franklin, Volney 14-V1
Franklin, W. H. 123-V1
Fraser, James H. 40-V2
Fraser, Jessie 40-V2
Fraser, Lottie E. 40-V2
Fraser, Roy 40-V2
Fraser, Wm. 40-V2
Frazee, Aaron 561-V3
Frazee, Beulah M. 598-V3
Frazee, D. B. 181-V2
Frazee, Emma M. 277-V3
Frazee, Everett L. 280-V3
Frazee, Fred 290-V3
Frazee, Heman J. 290-V3
Frazee, Ira 561-V3
Frazee, John M. 598-V3
Frazee, John W. 290-V3
Frazee, Joseph 446-V3
Frazee, Mark L. 123-V2
Frazee, Mattie 290-V3
Frazee, Mildred A. 561-V3
Frazee, Minnie E. 558-V3
Frazee, Nannie H. 290-V3
Frazee, Ruth C. 290-V3
Frazee, Sarah 446-V3
Frazee, Thelma B. 280-V3
Frazee, Walter J. 277-V3, 446-V3
Frazee, Walter L. 309-V3
Frazier Charley A. 60-V2
Frazier, Alta 574-V3
Frazier, Brazeal 493-V3
Frazier, Celia 615-V3, 680-V3
Frazier, Earl F. 493-V3
Frazier, Edward 615-V3, 680-V3
Frazier, Edward Kelly 96-V3
Frazier, Eve 40-V2
Frazier, Hattie A. 30-V2
Frazier, J. L. 60-V2
Frazier, Jenie L. 680-V3
Frazier, John Ed 680-V3
Frazier, Kittie E. 493-V3
Frazier, Lewis 40-V2
Frazier, Louis 492-V3
Frazier, Marguerite 60-V2
Frazier, Martha J. 60-V2
Frazier, Mary C. 493-V3
Frazier, Nellie 492-V3
Frazier, O. W. (Doc) 207-V3
Frazier, Paul 40-V2
Frazier, Pete 60-V2
Frazier, Robert D. 615-V3
Frazier, Sherman C. 50-V2
Frazier, Thomas J. 30-V2
Frazier, Victor Dale 263-V3
Frazier,William S. 680-V3
Fredelake, Elva G. 188-V2, 673-V3
Fredelake, Floyd J.
188-V2, 673-V3
Freeberg, Josephine 219-V3
Freeberg, Solomon 219-V3
Freeland, Ethel 431-V3
Freeland, Merton 432-V3
Freeland, Rhoda Long 430-V3
Freeland, W. Merton 430-V3
Freeland, Wesley 430-V3
Freeman, Alice 235-V1
Freeman, Anice 237-V1
Freeman, Bessie Pearl 131-V2
Freeman, Cecil 575-V3
Freeman, E. 534-V3
Freeman, Elisha (two entries)131-V2
Freeman, Elizabeth 235-V1, 615-V3
Freeman, Emil R
new record 1991
Freeman, Eunice 235-V1
Freeman, Frank E. 295-V3
Freeman, Genta 615-V3
Freeman, Harry D. 534-V3
Freeman, Hazel 235-V1
Freeman, J. Herbert 532-V3
Freeman, James (2 entries) 235-V1
Freeman, Jeremiah 497-V3
Freeman, Leda D. 130-V2
Freeman, Leslie M. 131-V2
Freeman, Lillian 131-V2
Freeman, Lillie M. 317-V3, 534-V3
Freeman, Louisa A. 534-V3
Freeman, M. B. 235-V1
Freeman, Matthew 237-V1
Freeman, Miles A. 131-V2
Freeman, Ray D. 294-V3
Freeman, Richard H. 235-V1
Freeman, Robert E. 361-V3
Freeman, Ross H. 130-V2
Freeman, Sindi Lou 180-V3
Freeman, Stella 532-V3
Freeman, W. R. 235-V1
Freeman, William Riley 237-V1
Freeze, Mary J. 46-V2
Freeze, W. M. 46-V2
French, America 570-V3
French, Georgia 210-V3
French, John 210-V3
French, Lucy Ann 267-V3
French, Mason 481-V3
French, Robert Lee 267-V3
French/Finch, George? 581-V3
Freund, Mary L. 538-V3
Frey, Arthur P. 275-V3
Frey, E. Bertha 288-V3
Frey, Edna Hoyle 275-V3
Frey, John 29-V1
Frick, Jerome L. new record 1996
Frick, Leo P. 179-V2
Frick, Robert L. new record 2002
Frick, Ruth C. 179-V2
Friend, baby 568-V3
Fristo, Harriet 577-V3
Fristo, Henry 544-V3
Fritchen, Catherine 571-V3
Fritchen, Peter 571-V3
Fritter, Clifton E. 601-V3
Fritz, Mary L. 86-V3
Fritz, Wm. 86-V3
Frost, Allen A. 100-V2
Frost, Belle A. 100-V2
Frost, Gladys 105-V2
Frost, Harry 105-V2
Frost, Mable 105-V2
Frost, Margret 105-V2
Frost, Suella C. 165-V1
Frost, Thomas J. 165-V1
Frost, Valentine 105-V2
Fruit, Addie Everett 6-V2
Fruit, Edith 1-V2
Fruit, Edwin H. 6-V2
Fruit, Frank 1-V2
Fruit, Harrington 6-V2
Fruit, Lora J. Bidwell 6-V2
Fruit, Randall Everett 6-V2
Fry, Alene Elsie 578-V3
Fry, Elsie J. 77-V3
Fry, Hazel Annis 578-V3
Fry, Ida Maybelle 45-V3
Fry, James A. 45-V3
Fry, Minnie 13-V3
Fry, S. G. 13-V3
Fry, Stanley L. 66-V3
Frye, Clara A. 277-V3
Frye, Elizabeth 118-V2
Frye, Jerome (Jerry) L. 118-V2
Frye, Robert E. 277-V3
Fughs, Cannie 582-V3
Fulkerson, Albert C. 506-V3
Fulkerson, George 422-V3
Fulkerson, Maryette N. 121-V1
Fulkerson, Nannie 506-V3
Fulks, Ada M. 131-V2
Fulks, Robert W. 131-V2
Fuller, Anna R. 198-V2
Fuller, Charles 198-V2
Fuller, Emmet W. 58-V1
Fuller, James H. 198-V2
Fuller, Joel Lincoln 339-V3
Fuller, John A. 198-V2
Fuller, Katherine Garrison 198-V2
Fuller, Mary E. Coker 198-V2
Fuller, Samuel P. 577-V3
Fuller, Sydna Murdock 339-V3
Fuller, Walter J. 141-V2
Fultz, Amy L. 24-V3
Fultz, Guy (Red) 24-V3
Fulzenloger, Almar Marie Cole 17-V3
Fulzenloger, Will M. 75-V2
Funk, Dorothy M. 53-V3
Funk, E. Beryl 71-V1
Funk, Ernest L. 50-V1
Funk, Harry E. 53-V3
Funk, Harry Edwin, Jr. 53-V3
Funk, Johnie L. 258-V3
Funk, Laura J. 50-V1
Funk, Lloyd W. 71-V1
Funk, Zella 53-V3
Furgason, Beal B. 15-V2
Furgason, Charles E. 14-V2
Furgason, Clarinda 14-V2
Furgason, Edgar C. 18-V2
Furgason, Edna L. 15-V2
Furgason, Lydia 18-V2
Furgason, Maude 14-V2
Furgason, Samuel P. 14-V2
Furness, Eva B. 228-V1
Furness, F. L. 44-V3
Furness, Henry A. 228-V1
Furness, Julia 217-V1
Furness, Kate 44-V3
Furness, Olondo A. 217-V1
Furniss, E. 49-V3
Furniss, Hugh 49-V3
Furniss, J. M. 49-V3
Furniss, Margaret 49-V3
Furniss, Maria E. 49-V3
Furniss, Nora 49-V3
Furr, Willie L. 118-V2
Furrell, Warner Lee 661-V3
Furry, Alice 186-V3
Furry, Lee 186-V3
Furthmyre, A. 16-V2
Furthmyre, Bertha B. 164-V2
Furthmyre, Earl 164-V2
Furthmyre, Frank J. 162-V2
Furthmyre, Jasper 165-V2
Furthmyre, Sarah A. 16-V2
Furthmyre, William 165-V2
Fury, Charles J. 376-V3
Fury, Corbett J. 376-V3
Fury, Emma Jane 127-V3
Fury, John A. 376-V3
Fury, Lena Rose 376-V3
Fussell, baby 573-V3
Fussell, Marion 573-V3
Gabauer, Joseph B., Jr. 662-V3
Gainer, Christopher A. 190-V2
Gaines, (first name unknown) 149-V2
Gaines, Pearl 574-V3
Galaher, William 68-V1
Galbraith, Benjamin F. 189-V3
Galbraith, C. E. 88-V2
Galbraith, Frankie 88-V2
Galbraith, H. C. 88-V2
Galbraith, John R. 88-V2
Galbraith, Pearl 189-V3
Galbraith, Rozetta H. 88-V2
Gale, Chas. W. 131-V3
Galey, H. 30-V2
Galey, M. F. 30-V2
Galey, Margery M. 30-V2
Gall, Beulah V. 54-V2
Gall, Daisy D. 62-V2
Gall, Harry M. 312-V3
Gall, Howard M. 54-V2
Gall, Jessie S. 53-V2
Gall, William H. 62-V2
Gall, Wm. Ivan 62-V2
Gallagher, Anna A. 81-V3
Gallagher, Catherine Bernadette 91-V3
Gallagher, Cecelia A. 81-V3
Gallagher, Cecelia Bernadine 91-V3
Gallagher, Charles Edwin 81-V3
Gallagher, E. Maxine 103-V3
Gallagher, Edwin Peter 91-V3
Gallagher, Elmor P. 103-V3
Gallagher, Florina Haefele 75-V3
Gallagher, Leo J. 81-V3
Gallagher, Leonard G. 103-V3
Gallagher, Pauline M. 103-V3
Gallagher, Scott E. 103-V3
Gallagher, Wilburn M. 80-V3
Gallion, Mrs. 582-V3
Galloway, Archibald T. 139-V3
Galloway, Baby 139-V3
Galloway, Effie T. 139-V3
Galloway, Margaret E. 139-V3
Galloway, Wavy H. 264-V3
Galloway, William Shannon (shown as Shannon, William in cemetery reading) 139-V3
Gamard, John 201-V1
Gambreal, Mrs. William 615-V3
Gambreal, Phebe J. 680-V3
Gammon, Calvin L. 680-V3
Gangel, C. Agnes 165-V2
Gangel, Charles 161-V2
Gangel, Herman J. 165-V2, 669-V3
Gangel, John A. 161-V2
Gangel, Joseph 162-V2
Gangel, Mary J. 161-V2
Gangel, Theresa 162-V2
Gano, Henry C. 522-V3
Gano, L. W. 524-V3
Gano, Mary E. 524-V3
Gano, Wm. 524-V3
Gantklix, Katty 437-V3
Garbor, Helen M. 22-V3
Gard, John S. 390-V3
Gard, Martha J. 390-V3
Gard, W. P. 84-V1
Gardener, Dorothy F. 67-V2
Gardener, Mark L. 67-V2
Gardiner, Cecil A. 591-V3
Gardner, Adah 151-V2
Gardner, Alexander 151-V3
Gardner, Alice O. 68-V2
Gardner, Anna E. cemetery reading
Gardner, Edna B. 67-V2
Gardner, Edna Carol 91-V2
Gardner, Eliza 151-V2
Gardner, Elizabeth Bowen 151-V3
Gardner, Elva L. 30-V3
Gardner, Esther 68-V2
Gardner, Fred B. 30-V3
Gardner, Frederick A. 67-V2
Gardner, Julie Kay 125-V3
Gardner, Lavinia Howe 92-V2
Gardner, Lester Leroy 68-V2
Gardner, Lewis R. 135-V2
Gardner, Lucy A. 148-V3, cemetery reading
Gardner, Marie Grace 68-V2
Gardner, Mary V. 135-V2
Gardner, O. L. 68-V2
Gardner, Ollie F. 269-V3
Gardner, Ollie L. 269-V3
Gardner, Oscar 92-V2
Gardner, Oscar Deane 91-V2
Gardner, P. D. 464-V3
Gardner, Perry L. 67-V2
Gardner, Vera D. 67-V2
Garfield, Beulah Lorraine 120-V2
Garfield, Warren Leonard 120-V2
Gariety, Fred Roman 348-V3
Gariety, Joseph F. 164-V3
Gariety, Katie G. 348-V3
Gariety, Melinda 348-V3
Garland, Fannie Crittenden 563-V3
Garland, George D. 563-V3
Garland, Mrs. J. Etta 572-V3
Garling, Jacob J. 119-V1
Garling, John 119-V1
Garling, Mary 119-V1
Garman, Helen R. 550-V3
Garman, Lillie R. 552-V3
Garman, William Z. 552-V3
Garner, Caroline E. 615-V3
Garner, Dorothy I. 615-V3
Garner, Leonard 615-V3
Garner, Paul H. 680-V3
Garner, Phillip E. 680-V3
Garner, U. G. 615-V3
Garner, Wanda M. 680-V3
Garoutte, Leonard, Jr. 6-V1
Garoutte, Lucy Lucille 6-V1
Garren, Golden D. 39-V3
Garren, M. 39-V3
Garren, Nancy 39-V3
Garren, Norah M. 60-V3
Garret, (first name unknown) 156-V2
Garrett, Bernadeen, T. 259-V3
Garrett, Bert 129-V2
Garrett, Bertha 501-V3
Garrett, E. A. 123-V1
Garrett, Florence H. 257-V3
Garrett, Frances 66-V1
Garrett, Grace M. 128-V2, 668-V3
Garrett, Harland 135-V2
Garrett, John E. 128-V2
Garrett, John W. 135-V2
Garrett, Joseph L. 615-V3
Garrett, Kristine F. 127-V2
Garrett, Loyd 501-V3
Garrett, Lucy A. 135-V2
Garrett, Martha Ann 123-V1
Garrett, Mary Jane 615-V3
Garrett, Orville D. 128-V2
Garrett, Sarah 127-V1
Garrett, W. B. 127-V1
Garriott, Allie May 344-V3
Garriott, Cleo E. 344-V3
Garriott, Newton 344-V3
Garrison, Adam Thomas 158-V2
Garrison, Billy 158-V2
Garrison, Freda 239-V3
Garrison, Katherine Sue 122-V3
Garrison, Paula Wilson 158-V2
Garrison, Wayne Dean 122-V3
Garver, Evelyn J. 81-V2
Garver, Leroy E. 81-V2
Garvey, Elden Ray 260-V3
Garvey, George F. 99-V2
Garvey, Lois Evelyn 99-V2
Garvey, Rosetta 99-V2
Garvin, Nancy 185-V1
Garvin, Wm. J. 184-V1

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